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Jul 29, 2021

Never has New Zealand been so divided as of now - not since the ‘racially selected’ white South African rugby tour of NZ of 1981.

This was when thousands of very courageous New Zealanders, especially the young, in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s donned crash helmets, padded clothing and made wooden shields and went into battle for the black and coloured South African’s.

Who could never vote or represent their country. These principled NZers went against the Conservative ‘National’ Government of the time and were prepared to blockade rugby stadiums around the country. This was a battle for justice and the right for self determination due to people being judged by the colour of one's skin.

With this week’s show Tim started off with greeting all breathers out there across Auckland's greater region and further out within the teaming biosphere of our sacred planet - where he mentions that all animals, trees, plankton and humans  - share the one breath - as of this moment.

Stating that we are immersed in momentous times - all of us - and we are unknowing of the outcome … 

Saying  - that he sincerely wishes you all well as we revitalise ourselves for the future that we didn’t plan on - but intuitively many knew could come to us - in one way or another.

We are the 5% of this planet's awakening population that could be far more than 7% or even 10% of people engaged in this Great Awakening.

With 7.8 billion souls sharing the invisible breath during this time - he said we must remember that we have been given a free body in which to live and he trusts - prosper and experience moments of joy - which is our birthright.

As you very well know we as a humanity are realising that we have to come together in ‘unity consciousness’ to create a new way of breaking out of the hypnosis that MainStream Media has used to capture our mind, close down our heart and in some clever ways - control our very thought process.

We are surrounded in possibilities 

The imperative for us at this moment on this magnificent planet - we call home - is to realise that we are all surrounded in possibilities, and that we must start with our inner self and make sure that every thought and every word stated and each action we take is going to make us - at heart - a more honest, courageous and forthright human being that at soul level resonates with service to the greater good. 

Service to self in these times is not an option. Yes, many of us are even challenged by our family members - so if you find yourself at odds with your family - still keep your love strong for them and our neighbours in the neighbourhood and community that we live in.

Becoming Aware ASAP

Education and sharing of empowering knowledge is more than important - it is imperative - if we are to gain a foothold in the narrative that has been censored by MSM and has kept our citizens in the dark 

Note that there is a chance that GreenplanetFM could find itself de platformed and taken down - like the hundreds of thousands overseas - due to the controlling hitech corporates in Silicon valley and beyond - wanting to interrupt our narrative that questions not only their ethics and motives - but also why are they stifling free speech?.

New Zealand’s Birthright is Free Speech 

Fortunately coming from New Zealand where free speech is a foundation stone of our country and as long as it is not slanderous and obscene or extolls acts of violence - will always be able to broadcast - even as in the case of an interview with Lynda Wharton, a natural healer here in Auckland being taken down and deleted by YouTube - we trust that we will continue to freely express ourselves as we work to emancipate humanity from the malaise that has fallen over a large percentage of our world.

Planetary Power Struggle of Freedom and democracy - versus Control

However - Tim draws our attention as we explore the deeper implications of losing the importance of our freedoms and he reiterates that there’s a planetary power struggle happening that has been going 24/7 - silently in the back ground - as certain power players wield their influence over an unsuspecting humanity -  we, who have been doing our best to survive, have a family, work to finance ourselves and have time off for rest and recreation and learn what it is to be human.

This too was covered to a degree in last week's excellent interview on - of Joe Rifici - who talked about many of these main points.

Saying that his power game is known by those like myself who have been quietly researching the ‘pyramid of power’ for 45 years  - a structure that basically the elite occupy - and at all levels of power - from the apex at the top to virtually the bottom of this pyramid. I give you one guess as to where we are, in this structure. Yes, the great mass of humanity, the 90% plus - we ordinary citizens - are at the bottom, holding up this multi layered bloated structure that we are financially indebted to … and that syphons off money from us to feed them all - further up the system.

However - their corrupted system is coming apart - it can no longer sustain them for much longer - because we have come to a limit of growth - we have reached multiple tipping points be it environmental, economic and societal. 

Plus, ‘we are waking to their game …’

As you very well intuit our whole way of life within the biosphere is now under threat and I ask you what country on earth has a government of integrity and is loved by its people? This is where we have come to - as a humanity. 

Our elected representatives of all political parties have run away with their own agenda and in many ways - not listening to us - have gone rogue. 

With a global population of 7.8 billion souls, yes souls - we have become too many for them to control - and … wait for it - there are too many of us awakening at the same time as more and more conscious researchers and activists are calling out truthfully - that - Covid has been deployed - yes that’s right - deployed to take down the global public to more manageable numbers. The horror is - that we are learning that there is a depopulation agenda being actively pushed. Why are the Governments especially in the Western Hemisphere in lockstep in wanting all of us, including children to be vaccinated before the year is out? Where on this planet are children going down with Covid? The stats say that all children have a 99.99% recovery rate. 

Yet - the vaccination is actually the greater problem by far - because it is not a vaccination - but an injection.

Tim then states - Now as you listen to me dear listeners I am communicating to you today - from my heart - there is no anger being transmitted - Please note this.

What I am asking New Zealanders is this - how many babies have had covid? How many infants, children, teenagers and twenty somethings? These apparently are not vulnerable groups and have never been. The vulnerable people are those my age in their 70s, 80s and 90’s - who have immune systems that are tired, due to possibly eating factory or industrial food, and drinking chlorinated and quite possibly fluoridated water, with little sunshine and little to not enough exercise.Are lonely and lack social support and love.  No wonder the elderly are susceptible. 

Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc - Work

But to get to the point - it’s a straight out fact that ivermectin is a proven safe alternative that is exceptionally cheap - as it is not Patented and cannot be turned into a cash cow for any corporations. Note that in the Dominican Republic just recently - 6,000 people were treated with Ivermectin — but as MSM does not know where the Dominican Republic is - they ignore this struggling but resourceful island nation in the Caribbean.

Most remarkable is this statistic on Ivermectin used as prophylaxis. In a randomised, controlled trial of prophylaxis in hospital staff in Argentina, it yielded a 100% protection against covid19.

If ivermectin was taken, no one developed the illness.

Don’t you agree it should be made available immediately??

Please share this with everyone you know.

It’s without question one of the ways to end this absurd tyranny.

Dr Mike Yeadon 

Ps: ivermectin has been used in over 3,000,000,000 (3 billion) doses all  over the world & it has a remarkable safety profile. It’s on the WHO’s list of Essential Medicines. Not to use this is corrupt.

However - there is also hydroxy chloroquine and zinc as well - that the NZ government for some unknown reason stopped it being sold on the 24th of March 2020 - just 4 days before our country wide lockdown - what a coincidence … Note that it is often difficult to find these links again on the web.

Note that Pharmac does its best to not want to know how good hydroxychloriquine and zinc is.

Do you see how we are being constantly duped?      

However we are having courageous doctors of conscience from many, many countries coming together and speaking out about this Covid narrative and even here in NZ stout hearted ‘conscious’ doctors around 60 of them - have put out an SOS to the Government and people calling for an immediate halt to all injections - they have contacted our Government to cease this injection roll out - but have been ignored. 

Tell me listeners - would 60 doctors know far more about human health than opportunist career politicians? 

Do you hear this call by these astute and brave doctors? - we have to stop these injections - because it is not a vaccine - as vaccines are supposed to have part of the disease in it that we are inoculating for. Note that as of today, Covid has not even been isolated. I repeat not even isolated - so what we have in the injection is mRNA and other adjuvants - that due to secrecy and patents that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have locked away  - we are not allowed to know. 

So here we have a so-called global pandemic that could wipe out hundreds of millions if not more and the US Government has given multiple billions of dollars to Big PHARMA corporations to manufacture vaccines and on top of this allowing these corporations to ride the pigs back and make many billions more.

Tell me the name of a compassionate corporation … there is none - they do not exist - they are here to extract anything out of everything - with virtually zero social conscience.

However, because American taxpayers paid for this vaccine why should it be patented? - but the secret is - that the corporations do not want humanity to know what’s in the injection  - that in fact there is graphene oxide in it - plus other adjuvants - what is an adjuvant? Note that honest doctors will see that the contents of this injection is a poison… and this was found when in Spain researchers were able to obtain a good number of phials and using high powered microscopes were able to ascertain that the contents were Graphene Oxide - a known poison. 

Meanwhile MSM went into full gear practicing damage control, and did their dastardly best to smother the story …

Here in New Zealand  - MEDSAFE a Governmental Department - has previously asked Pfizer - 58 questions  - even to what is in this so-called vaccine? That the injection is still in its trial period - it usually takes about 7 years to establish safety.  - and now Medsafe has rolled over - even though the FDA Food and Drug Administration in the US has not given the all clear as to the safety of this insertion of molecules - of what we know nothing about - into the sacredness of our bodies.  

So dear reader, it is regrettable those who have believed the big Pharma propaganda - that’s been amplified by mainstream media with Politicians singing in chorus - that those who have taken the ‘shot’ are now an experiment. A walking and sleeping - experiment, that no one on this planet knows what will be the outcome.

Video Audio Played

Tim then plays  an interview of a South African doctor Dr Charles Hoffe who has been practicing medicine for 28 years in the small, rural town of Lytton in British Columbia, Canada and he has administered about 900 doses of the Moderna experimental mRNA injection and is now coming forward to warn as many people as he can about the severe reactions he’s observed in his patients, including death. This resulted in his being fired from his job at the local hospital. Naturally as any doctor who follows the Hippocratic oath would do - he stopped and realised too late what he had done and is now exposing what he has found out because he cares and has a conscience.

The Interviewer was Laura Lynn starts with:

Dr Charles Hoffe has been practicing medicine for 28 years in the small, rural town of Lytton in British Columbia, Canada and he has administered about 900 doses of the Moderna experimental mRNA injection and is now coming forward to warn about the severe reactions he’s observed in his patients, including death. This resulted in his being fired from his job at the local hospital.

He tells host Laura Lynne that the core problem he’s seeing among these patients is microscopic clots in his patients’ tiniest capillaries, of which Clif High has commented, “Blood clots occurring at a capillary level. This has never before been seen. This is not a rare disease. This is an absolutely new phenomenon.”

Dr Hoffe explains that these micro-clots are too small to show up on CT scans, MRI, etc and can only be detected using the D-dimer test, of which 62% of his own patients injected with an mRNA shot are positive.

“We now know that only 25% of the ‘vaccine’ injected into a person’s arm actually stays in your arm. The other 75% is collected by your lymphatic system and literally fed into your circulation so these little packages of messenger RNA, and by the way in a single dose of Moderna ‘vaccine’ there are literally 40 trillion mRNA molecules. These packages are designed to be absorbed into your cells. But the only place they can be absorbed is around your blood vessels and the place where they are absorbed is the capillary networks – the tiniest blood vessels where the blood flow slows right down and where the genes are released. Your body then gets to work reading and then manufacturing trillions and trillions of these spike proteins. Each gene can produce many, many spike proteins. The body then recognises these are foreign bodies so it makes antibodies against it so you are then protected against COVID. That’s the idea.

“But here’s where the problem comes. In a coronavirus, that spike protein becomes part of the viral capsule. In other words it becomes part of the cell wall around the virus. But it is not in a virus. It is in your cells. So it becomes part of the cell wall of your vascular endothelium. This means that these cells which line your blood vessels, which are supposed to be smooth so that your blood flows smoothly now have these little spikey bits sticking out…

“So it is absolutely inevitable that blood clots will form because your blood platelets circulate round your blood vessels, and the purpose of blood platelets is to identify damaged vessels and stop bleeding. So, when the platelet comes through the capillary it suddenly hits all these COVID spikes and it becomes absolutely inevitable that blood clots will form to block that vessel.

“Therefore, these spike proteins can predictably cause blood clots. They are in your blood vessels (if mRNA ‘vaccinated’) so it is guaranteed. Dr Bahrdi then said to me that the way to prove this is to do a blood test called a D-dimer blood test.

“The blood clots we hear about which the media claim are very rare are the big blood clots which are the ones that cause strokes and show up on CT scans, MRI, etc. The clots I’m talking about are microscopic and too small to find on any scan. They can thus only be detected using the D-dimer test…

“The most alarming part of this is that there are some parts of the body like the brain, spinal cord, heart and lungs which cannot regenerate. When those tissues are damaged by blood clots they are permanently damaged.”

The result, says Dr Hoffe, is that these patients have what is termed Reduced Effort Tolerance (RET) which means they get out of breath much more easily than they used to. It is because the blood vessels in their lungs are now blocked up. In turn, this causes the heart to need to work harder to try to keep up against a much greater resistance trying to get the blood through your lungs.

This is called pulmonary artery hypertension – high blood pressure in the lungs because the blood simply cannot get through effectively. People with this condition usually die of heart failure within a few short years.

Dr Hoffe warns sadly, “These shots are causing huge damage and the worst is yet to come.”

Note that this interview does not include Graphene Oxide - which Spanish researches age they found, in numerous Covid Vaccine phials that they managed to purloin.

 See Dr Jane Ruby on -

Tim furthers his critique of what is going on.

You see we must be brutally clear - Corporations are ruling the world. They have no conscience … Tell me of a kind one?

They due to their enormity are controlling more and more Government’s globally at the behest of an agenda higher up the pyramid.. The USA once seen as the bastion of life, liberty and freedom has been on the ropes for many decades now.  This is due to insidious corruption, infiltration, blackmail and wars - however, it has always been dabbling in changes of Government even before the Second World War, especially in its control of South America - but there has always been corruption there.

Note, that president John Kennedy could not stop this and has since been taken over by both Neo cons and more recently by an insidious infiltration of dark money, bribery, blackmail and extortion. See the movie Eyes Wide Shut, that got the producer Stanley Kubrick eliminated for the exposure of how the dark does its capture of innocent but financially well healed prominent people.

You can also see the Will Smith, John Voigt movies Enemy of the State that is 25 years old now that will show what they were able to do then - and where they are today - who knows?  But if you love your kids you had better get your gluteus maximus up and into action.

Just recently we witnessed the latest version of shadow corruption by elite blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein of certain elements of the elite and his notorious aircraft the Lolita express to Orgy Island in the Caribbean - and how he was quietly delivered out of prison and his deeds of his deceitful sleazy business ventures, hidden and swept from the headlines of news papers, TV and radio media. All aided and abetted by what we have found out is the crooked Department of Justice in the USA and by ‘gate keeping’ Alphabet agencies like the CIA and FBI that control all the nodal points in Washington and indeed have insiders in the 5 Eyes intercept and listening outpost that NZ has found itself enmeshed and embedded in. 

So we are seeing ourselves in an extremely corrupted world.         

Tim read out this letter by the NZ doctors to the NZ public and Government 

This below is a public letter penned by Ethical and honest Doctors to the NZ Government and the Health Department to halt the injection into the unsuspecting NZ public - which as of today Thursday, 5th August there have been over 60 people die shortly after taking that injection. 

Deaf to the Deaths

Jul 22, 2021

Fellow Kiwis, this is a post that we have worried we would need to write, once the evidence of death and serious injury from ‘the Pfizer’ became clear enough, and we could receive confirmation from various sources.

That time is now. Everything that follows is the truth, as best as we can uncover it in these sinister times, from reports made to us and from our own investigations. Many concerned, passionate and courageous “ordinary heroes” who are exhausted yet tireless, scared yet redoubtable, and furious yet focused are DETERMINED to rescue our beautiful country and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts. Like us at NZDSOS they probably never imagined in a million years they would be cast into this situation. Perhaps Solzhenitsyn’s Gulag Archipelago should have been required reading at our schools.

Thankfully, many Kiwis do talk to each other when bad things happen, and they are talking to us now.

Get ready for the tragic consensus.

We believe the toll of dead and injured is at least an order of magnitude greater than we are being told. Yes that’s 10x more, so rather than the couple of dead people the gov grudgingly tells  might just be related, out of the dozen or so death reports only the government claims to have received,  we say that at least 40 human beings have died already, often suddenly and unexpectedly, suspiciously close to their vaccination. We know of another 80 ‘probables and possibles’ where there is not yet enough information on timing etc.  Most of these cases are close enough that a proper investigation MUST be carried out, as befits the clinical trial that all recipients are part of.

However, some uncertainties exist of course, not least due to the  forces apparently pre-aligned against  proper reporting. Absolutely, some of these cases could turn out to be unrelated, but we know that few will be investigated properly, if at all,  and not least because ACC could be bankrupt overnight if the truth emerged, and the streets would be seething. Utes blocking our cities? You ain’t seen nothing.

Many of the injured feel fobbed-off but angry and are shooting videos and photos. What has really struck us in following up these reports is the climate of fear of speaking up amongst the shocked and bereaved, and this is present in society generally. We would never disclose private details unless asked of course, and many reports are made by concerned friends and family without the knowledge of close relatives.  This is unsurprising given the control and suppression of social and intellectual discourse these days in favour of a single narrative. Social media has been so weaponised that bereaved parents might even continue to recommend vaccination, out of  the dread of losing their last remaining links to their support groups and a desperate need for their sacrifice to the greater good to be validated. All this whilst at their most vulnerable and raw. Human psychology laid painfully bare… 

Based on the huge numbers of post vaccine deaths reported in the US, EU and UK (now over 30,000), it is frankly ridiculous to imagine that our ‘vaccine trial team of 5 million’ would not have to offer up it’s own casualties to Pfizer et al, so by extrapolation we would have expected at least 20 deaths so far, and have been warning the media, government and all MPs of this from the start. In fact, as we write this a lawsuit has been filed against the CDC by an insider who claims a dramatic suppression of the true number, more likely 45,000, this in the US alone. If accurate, and Hipkins has his way, then several hundreds of dead Kiwis – and thousands of seriously harmed – will give lie to the words safe and effective.

Remember we are doctors and have taken oaths, we have not made this stuff up. You couldn’t anyway.

It appears that the unwillingness and inability to investigate any deaths was baked into this rotten cake months ago. From the get-go, the CDC in the US knew that serious harms and deaths would result, and so Medsafe would have been aware. Tenders to software companies by the UK government before their roll-out PROVED that it was expecting an avalanche of serious effects that would cause existing on-line systems to collapse. This is all now public domain information.

In fact our politicians and ‘vaccinologists’, with zero training in forensic pathology but expertise only in cheerleading this particular vaccine come hell or high water, and with apparent superpowers of foresight and X-Ray vision, are stating that deaths are unrelated, sometimes after only a few unseemly days. Their apparent certainty is nauseating and extremely offensive. They are like a truculent child who screws its eyes shut to deny to itself that the milk is even spilt.

It is doubtful that enough timely post mortems can happen to inform rapid inquests to prove absolute causation and call a halt, given the very convenient shortage of pathologists and coroners. We have been told, and directly experienced, that our monitoring systems are overwhelmed and underfunded. The  Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring (CARM)  is overloaded, and Healthline has written urgently to MOH to report the  unanticipated volume of reactions being reported. No reply so far, but this is our experience too of the Ministry of the Only Source of Truth.

What to do with this death and injury info? Well, if the media was in any way our proper fourth estate, they would be educating and informing, and demanding accountability. But, it no longer ‘leads if it bleeds’ – or clots either. Sadly, even recently sympathetic commercial radio has been brought back into line. Our lawyers confirm we are absolutely entitled and  morally compelled to raise an alarm so that those paid to respond may feel obligated to investigate, or dismiss the information at least. This is hard factual data that requires the time of day from our bureaucrats and professionals.

The morally corrupt and deniers will cry “Conjecture, innuendo, smears, half truths!”; perhaps we are trying to scupper the imminent super-vaxer stadium event in Auckland, of up to 15, 000 of our young, or the inaugural schools roll-out intended for Whanganui, to greet them next week after their holiday.

How many of these kids will be first  told that the vaccine has killed over 30 000 people around the world, but true numbers will never be known. That the vaccine does not stay in the arm, as our leaders lied ridiculously, but concentrates in the ovaries, brain, heart, bone marrow etc. This may mean nothing, or a very nasty something. We just don’t know, THERE IS NO DATA but we have our suspicions.

As do the government have their suspicions….

…. that paramedics may need to follow up or report vaccine injuries, so are prevented from doing so

…. that hospital docs might need to access the vaccine record database to deal with blood clots or other  cases, so this is made difficult for them

…. that there are conscientious concerned hospital workers, so should be dobbed in on a confidential phone line

….. that people may ask doctors if their stroke, heart attack or other illness, or their loved one’s death is related, so the Medical Council commands that we parrot the “Safe and Effective “ mantra, hoping we will get in behind, abandon informed consent, look away, and not function as society’s early warning system for this experimental gene therapy.

….and finally that doctors may be compelled to speak out.  So we are, and by sending confidential messages and speaking to us directly, so are many others. We are grateful to them, and to the public, the paramedics, nurses, allied health and admin staff in the health system, and emergency and frontline and military workers who are all bearing witness.

Shame on everyone involved in pushing this illegal, unethical, experimental and frankly lethal injection, with some seeming bizarre and undisclosed properties, especially into children and pregnant women! Doctors, start thinking for yourselves again, are you in a trance? But the usual mantra is that the hypnotised do not do things that contravene an important moral principle. Maybe that is crap?

So come on Hipkins, and the rest of you also behaving like unreconstructed power-drunk autocrats, instead of threatening us all, like the line you crossed on July 10 2021, with forced injections, “by any means necessary”, like some Stalinist or Nazi jackbooted thug, please do the job we pay you for, open your eyes and look around, and reject the orders that have already killed some of us, no matter what the inducements offered to you or threats made..

And if you don’t, along with your attack dogs in the media and the apocryphal ‘good people standing by doing nothing’, may you look into your childrens’ eyes and never have a restful night’s sleep again.

Come on Kiwis. Bloody wake up.

 Oh, and please check out International Ivermectin Day online on July 24 to learn how we can get our old lives back if authorities were actually serious about ending this situation.

So there we have it - the 60 or so NZ doctors who follow the hippocratic oat - first do not harm.

So there we have it - if anyone has a medical emergency - you would beg any one of these medical doctors take over and save your loved ones - but when you have politicians doing the bidding of their overlords Big Pharma and the  drug, note drug corporations - our do as you are told politicians tow the party line - bowing to pressure all the politicians  our rogue servants kowtow to their bosses of their respective party machines.

Then Tim talks about our country cousins in the rural regions and sectors.

Especially, with regard to what is rolling out across the rural areas of NZ and what will impact them and eventually end up in all villages, towns and cities of Aotearoa, New Zealand. This is, the unheralded and for most - the secretive deployment into the rural sector (because few have fast internet speeds) - the United Nations Agenda21 and 2030. 

If you go to  (Agricultural Action Group) and go to the link and download the fine print of what that Agenda actually is - and it's a 352 page document - that covers every aspect of our lives - healthcare, education  - that stock takes every single living being and resource and mineral on the planet - so that they can control it.

You start to get the picture, because we have not been consulted or involved. 

That they, the top of the Pyramid of power - want to eradicate that which is not sustainable - and that is - the private ownership of land. i.e farming - private ownership of motor vehicles, roading, irrigation, ski fields, golf courses - even the family unit - in their eyes is listed as unsustainable. That this is something that they want to eradicate. So once we read the fine print we become aware of where our Government is taking us - she says that the insane legislation that is crippling our agricultural sector - starts to make sense.

The Deputy Prime Minister showed his colours and dug himself into a hole of his own making earlier this year. 

In this interview, we also hear that no politician in NZ's Parliament is mentioning Agenda21 and Agenda2030 - or the Great Reset - Why? Because they are gagged from breaking ranks - (Mum's the word). 

When in February of this year we had the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance walk out of a radio interview on radio Magics Talk Show - with well known national TV news reader and sports host Peter Williams. on: 

Then this very well known broadcaster Peter Williams was accused of being a conspiracy theorist ¦ Listen ¦ 

Follow this link and you will find that the Deputy PM has created for himself an untenable situation. Because he actually went to the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos in Switzerland, with the Prime Minister in 2019. Follow this link to the World Economic Forum and you hear Prince Charles being used to front a 2 minute video focusing on the degradation of the global environment. The same environment that sustains us all and that all the corporations of the world have either contributed to destroying or let happen on their watch.  

The World Economic Forum and their financially powerful media machine are now using this cloak off respectability of telling us how they are going to save us all - they want to punish humanity for the situation we are now in, by imposing (a much needed clean up operation) - but have factored humanity out of being helpers and educated participants™ in this equation). They are now going it alone with their top down ideological plan.

What comes through in this radio discourse is that our politicians lie and because they have a compliant and obedient mainstream media, (who - according to Heather Meri - have been paid off with a $125 million grant)  Have closed ranks and do not criticise the NZ Government anymore. Therefore a great percentage of NZ citizens do not hear or read of these lies. Note - if a country of 5 million people can have their communications system paid off with $125 million.        VIDEO   The great reset - 4 minutes        1 minute 

Plus, this planned addition of the Great Reset that the World Economic Forum from Davos in Switzerland is going to superimpose over our planet and civilisation. Is real and it is coming soon with no fan fare from our Government where in Wellington.

This new economic model will cover every survival contingency regarding the well being of the 7.8 billion souls on this planet, including all biota within the biosphere. 

In closing this very important interview - I wish to emphasise that we as an individual, a family, community, region and as a country can rise to the occasion - as a heart felt unifying spirit of cooperating people.

 We are now starkly realising that there is a stealthy global control game being enacted  - to lock us as a humanity down. 

Over the last few decades we have been gradually dumbed down by the media - and an education system that teaches us not to question - or to be curious and to wonder!  All you have to do is listen to the inane news every hour on all the talkback and music stations NZ wide to hear - 3 minutes of drivel as the saying goes.

This can be noticed with Mains Stream Media - with the younger generation not reading a newspaper - be it local or national - or watching the news with TVNZ and TV3 parroting virtually the same continuous rhetoric. We have found ourselves drowning in the semi - censored swamp of sameness. With a media that takes in feeds from overseas that are all multinational corporations pushing the same lockstep agenda. 

The churches have failed us too - Christianity has taken a major hit in this country just like other western countries, because they virtually bore people to death, with leaders who appear so disconnected to Christ. By failing to call a halt on corrupt practices and stand up for justice. Sadly, you can see this today with near vacant churches across the country.

Yet from most religious accounts - we are spiritual beings having an earth experience - that we are far more than we ever thought possible. Huge numbers of people globally have had 'out of the body' or 'near death experiences' - where they have found themselves outside their body looking down on it - in many cases seeing doctors frantically working to keep their body alive. - has done a number of interviews based on this and what is the soul?

There was much more information divulged in this radio show.

Best have a listen - and note that this was a one 72 year old man show that ended at 2am in the morning when the radio station shut down all its computers and Tim had to go home - without listening to the final edit.

Note:  has been taken down - this is censorship.  This is a go to web site   - excellent 

NZ Websites:    NZ Doctors 

Note that if there was a pandemic - all the homeless would be dying. Note in America no homeless are going down with Covid and there are many of them especially in Democrat cities.

Please checkout and

Kia kaha and Aroha 

Stand strong and Love


Jul 22, 2021

NZ Farmers are pushing back against bureaucratic Government and Local Council regulators (especially land grabs) due to no open communication, or open meetings and sharing of information and genuine consultation.

Rob sees the farming sector throughout rural NZ being challenged like never before. Yes, there is water pollution, chemicals on the land, (huge stocking numbers - Corporate farms) and health issues that need to be continually addressed. However, what farmers have been experiencing though is escalating Governmental regulations, plus local Council intrusions into their lives by a hive of unknown bureaucrat regulators pushing an agenda, that in many ways is - one size fits all. 

The United Nations Agenda21 and Agenda2030. 

This adds to the recent - interview of Heather Meri Pennycook - where we cover many of the same issues - but worded differently, especially the expanding nation wide push back that continues to grow, via Groundswell, but with a very defined focus.   

Yet, what’s getting under the ‘farming sectors’ skin is the extreme lack of face to face consultation and communication. especially the sharing of information at local gatherings, town hall meetings and villages. For the farmers it’s just more paperwork, and compliance. Like the Emperors of the past exacting tribute from the peasants  and having an intermediary, the Governor collects taxes and that one follow ‘dictats’ - without human contact and open discussions.

This has resulted in the Groundswell uprising and farm tractors descending on villages, towns and cities across NZ with a follow up statement that this will occur again mid August if the Govt and local Councils do not front up.

Yes, it’s about the pace of change - on the back of climate change - increasing storms, encroaching sea levels and weather*events but it’s being run by bureaucrats - who have no skin in the game - with  no financial risk involved making demands on a map somewhere. Plus, most bureaucrats have never been out in stormy cold weather - in the wind and the rain, helping cows calve or sheep stuck in a drain, or dealing with a flood, fallen trees etc etc.

Yet it’s about SNA’s. What is an SNA? SNA stands for Significant Natural Area and they are becoming  important whichever way you look at them. Forest and Bird says they are "New Zealand's most important remnants of native habitat - places where rare or threatened plants or animals are still found". However  after the signing of the United Nations Rio’ Agreement in 1992 - NZ committed to Agenda 21 and more lately, Agenda2030 - so as to impel environmental and ecological change by 2030. Hence the ’so-called’ hurry’.  

However the fine print and the detail is all hidden in plain sight. 

Like the 17 United Nations sustainability development goals - they look and sound wonderful - we are going to eradicate poverty and have equality - have a sustainable future and look after our environment.  

But, if you go to  - and download the fine print of what that Agenda actually is - and it’s a 352 page document - it virtually covers every aspect of our lives - healthcare, education  - and a stock take every single living being and resource and mineral on the planet - so that ‘they’ can ‘stock take’ everything thing - eventually right across our country - and more and more are saying - control it.

From your reading you will see that the Agenda wants to eradicate that which is not sustainable - and that is - the private ownership of land. i.e. farming - private ownership of motor vehicles, roading, irrigation, ski fields, golf courses - even the family unit - in their eyes is listed as unsustainable. That this is something that ‘bureaucrats’ want to eradicate. So once we read the fine print we become aware of where our Government is taking us, Be it National or Labour (Greens) - that due to no consultation that this ‘unconscious’ legislation is crippling our agricultural sector - starts to make sense.

That everyone has to do their own research - bypassing Google and using because if you are not aware of what’s in the fine print - and you learn this for the very first time - it will sound quite bazaar - so the imperative is for all NZers to see what is being planned for our future - and if you are a parent - your children’s future. (and that you have been cut out of the dialogue with zero say).

Note, that anyone who criticises the Govt narrative is deemed by the Govt as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ - however when you read the fine print you realise that this is ‘not theory.’

On the web site you can see the video for yourself of the NZ Prime Minister stating that this Labour Government is going to carry out all the contingencies of the Agenda2030. Plus the link to the UN Agenda document.

Many NZ farmers, contrary to common belief, are not farming for the money - it’s the lifestyle they love and they wish to hand their farm on to their children and future family generations. However certain contingencies within the UN Agenda2030 - make their plans basically unobtainable. 

Now - this has never even been a serious discussion with NZ farmers. 

This is a far ranging plan that in essence wants to do a full stock take on all biota within the biosphere and all inanimate things as well. For example, on the microcosm - a corporation completes an annual ‘stock take’ of everything that corporation incorporates. 

For example: Land - buildings, automobiles, trucks, bulldozers, (aeroplanes, ships) office equipment stationary, stock - be it live stock, (animals) and product (wheat, soy, maize - iron ore, oil, etc) and what monies they have in the bank, stocks, shares, gold, silver, bitcoin, IOU’s, sureties etc.

What the Agenda2030 does - is stocktaking of everything in every country so that countries assets are known by the bureaucrats in a UN building somewhere and they then command how a farm shall be run and governed on a planetary scale. 

Yet, that bureaucrat may not know squat about farming and the culture - and especially the prevailing weather, climate etc of that particular farming region. 

It is this macro managing from afar that is disturbing. Just have a look at how the WHO - the World Health Organisation acted over the last 18 months to see how their edicts are given out.       

This is where Agenda21 is leading us. So that those ‘who make the decisions’ can see what is happening on our whole planet at any time, but with a limited understanding of how farmers may live.

To them they do not want to distinguish countries as such - but see just ‘trading blocks’ - North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Europe etc. At this moment they are still piecing together how these so-called Trading blocks will fit. Or at least make it public.

Though National Party Leader Jim Bolger signed the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Agenda2, it was John Key who signed Agenda2030 - so for the farmers of NZ - they have to realise that a huge percentage of them voted for the National political party run by these two Prime Ministers. - that in many ways is aiding and abetting the  silent, stealthy and hidden program that is being rolled out now.

This is where there is a gigantic gap between the Agriculture Action Group and Groundswell - have a huge chasm to cross. see the global clamp coming on fast whilst the Groundswell supporters basically think that getting rid of the Labour Party will save them.

This is where they have been hoodwinked by National Party politicians not telling the truth or saying that the UN Agendas are conspiracy theories - when in fact - National are basically as donkey deep into the take over of NZ as Labour and the rest of the political apparatus.

There were a number of National Political Party representatives in the crowd at the NZ wide Friday Groundswell event - who remained quiet, keeping their head down - because they do not want a discussion around Agenda21 or Agenda2030 - because then the farmers would become wise to the fact that Labour and National are just different wings of the same pterodactyl.  

The Paris Climate Treaty was signed by National Party Ministers Paula Bennet and Simon Bridges at the end of 2015. The Zero Carbon Act was passed with unanimous support from National in 2019 which makes the legal changes required from the Paris Climate Treaty previously signed. So Groundswell farmers and rural people have to see that this change that is being enforced - is beyond NZ politics.

Just 2  months ago, one of the largest protests seen in the Far North saw Māori converge on the Far North District Council offices, opposing the council's plans to declare large swathes of land as SNAs – significant natural areas.

Māori saw it as a breach of their rights as landowners and were upset at a lack of consultation, but it wasn't just Māori who were part of the hīkoi. They were joined by significant numbers of Pākehā farmers and property owners, a fact veteran activist Hone Harawira remarked upon.

The Great Reset

Now as an adjunct to the United Nations Agendas - we now have from - stage left the emergence of the World Economic Forum out of Davos, Switzerland. You will have read snippets and heard sound bites of the super rich and celebrities, flying there in private jets taking up runway parking space at the airport as they descend on their annual glittering conferences to engage in ‘how we are going to solve world problems.’  - 4 IMPORTANT minutes 

This is the showcase event of the likes of political figures, business leaders and cultural leaders …. under the heading of various vernacular like …Successful Global Corporate CEO and Entrepreneur or internationally acclaimed actor, fashion icon and mental health ambassador - all to win the younger unknowing, wannabes over etc.  Or Global Shapers, Young Global Leaders, and Social Entrepreneurs - Thought Leaders etc  - all among the Elite - rubbing shoulders - ‘being friendly’  do you remember when rock musicians like Bob Geldof and the lead singer from U2  and a stream of film stars hobnobbed at these type of events.

Be it Tony Blair, Prince Charles, Leonardo Di Caprio, Bill Gates, go do a - search and watch the WEF videos - you will see them ‘conveniently’ placed in the videos - to get your ‘buy in’ and convince you that what frontman Klaus Schwab is doing - is going to be good for you, the rest of humanity and the planet as a whole.  But they never speak of one's heart, of love, of soul, spirit - it is a Godless organisation. Some would say that communists like it very much - specifically for that very reason.  

This is very sophisticated propaganda - to swing the youth - especially in the tech, smart phone, chat world to ‘ready them to transition to a world that as the World Economic Forum stated and then quickly withdrew - that ‘by 2030 we will own nothing and we will be happy’. 

NZer’s across this country have to become very alert and savvy to this global marketing machine and ’thought adjuster’ - as its agenda is total world control with a mandate from the United Nations.   

Bood security is possibly the only single issue on which all New Zealanders can agree...and as you see the breakdown of supply chains around the world - especially America  it could very well create famine and unbeknown to most - food shortages are a significant part of the "Great Reset".  

Strategy Going Forward.

Wisdom is finding the weakest point in the global media strategy and focusing all available energy on …exposing the truth - that means , the many groups with grievances against this seemingly corrupt government would be wise to (1) shun attempts to "politicise" their issues and (2) put put some of their good activist energy into supporting the farmers.  Without a doubt, ALL issues confronting us are critical to our survival: 5G, the so-called "vaccine", climate (manipulated by geo-engineering), chemicals in food, water, soil etc.  This is hidden warfare, directed against US. Humans.  

To win, we need everyone on board.  

The Word Economic Forum have now silently made their move under cover of Covid - and are exposed and people are seeing their moves to use the lockdowns to take control of the world economy - They have all the world's great banks on board as well as all the world's media BBC, CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, ABC NBC, - all the way down to the AUSTRALIAN, TvOne and TV3 to a greater extent Radio NZ, Talkback etc   and the status Quo are now moving as fast as they can to capture us all before we wake up en-mass and see what they have planned for us.

Hence the importance of getting to farmers before they become co-opted by the National Party and be hoodwinked and sidelined to not see the real issue - losing NZ’s sovereignty and their farms as well. 

When we talk about an awakening happening across NZ people are realising that even though we thought we were free - that in actual fact - NZ is a Corporation of the City of London and though you may not beleive this - each person born here is a chattel of the City fo London and even migrants - they in return become a chattel too - see previous interview of Jacques Windell  

This is a taster - but you dear reader have to take this further.

Snippets from this interview 

SNA’s Significant Natural Areas are taking this away from the farmers. With no compensation.

It’s destroying the economic viability of those properties …

The need for binding Citizens Initiated Referendums As in the Cantons of Switzerland. 

Blockchain technology integrated with this method of voting  - to make secure so it can not be corrupted and tampered with.

NZ needing a Written Constitution

Instead of google use for searches -

Note that the World Economic Forum never mentions …heart, love, soul etc - it is Godless

Check out …   This is a go to web site

NZ Websites:

Note that suburban and rural news papers are around 60% owned by one entity. 

Vitamin C & D3 is very important for us to take to keep our immune system robust.

Eat as much organic food as possible. Drink unsanitised water. Fresh air and daily walks for exercise are an imperative.

That NZ is a Corporation of the City of London - this has shocked many unknowing people - 

That no matter what, we are entering a new paradigm and we have to educate and learn that we are free beings and retain our sovereignty - yet on a planet of 7.8 billion beings - we meditate on a ‘planet of peace’ and in ‘unity consciousness’ - that we are an emerging global family.

Everything is connected - we are in the 4th industrial revolution - which is AI - artificial intelligence driven plus has dictionary computers and surveillance over the internet.

You have the Waihopai 5 Eyes listening system at Blenheim with its dictionary computers - listening for key words and automatically tracking and recording … 

5G wireless radiation - and towers - turning off wifi at schools and kindergarten and hard wiring all devices in school rooms - especially around infants.

Dirty power in buildings - rooms wired with electricity that are unhealthy - it's like living under overhead high power lines.

Fairfax bought Rupert Murdoch’s localised NZ newspapers about 60 in number across all the cities and rural areas - they only produce editorial and advertising - That media is not ally reworking to pull the strings of community together.  There is Neighbourly - but it is tightly hemmed in. It is not really open at the level of awakening NZ. 

Rob Wilson is an excellent communicator.

Apologies for the rushed job at this write up. One person can only do so much. :)

Ps - I was shocked at how many of the farmers had taken the ‘shot’. 

Turn your TV off - turn your radio off. I have, 25 years ago.

Use alternative media above. Please.

Jul 15, 2021

None of us would have thought that humanity - especially in the Western World would be cowered and on the back foot as we are today. Disunity across Nations. Particularly, Australia, Canada, the disunited Kingdom and the Un-united States and here in NZ as well.

That has finally caused farmers to descend on our towns and cities. There is an underlying unrest and social/psychological turmoil.

What we have found ourselves in - is a hybrid version of a non-physical civil war of the spirit - between those who question virtually everything - versus those who obey the Government narrative - parroted verbatim by subservient 'bought and paid for' - MSM - tools of the Globalists at the apex of the pyramid of power.  

Great Reset - World Economic Forum.      

The global elitist and their political puppets 'have made their move on humanity' and the method is based on the Great Reset out of Davos, the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. It will be a cashless society where everyone will be surveilled and with your name attached to a number. It is not coming, it is here - having been enacted by gradualism and progressive - little by little, bit by bit - movements. It could be a matter of months - or by Christmas and into 2022 - but it will be 5 years earlier than (Agenda) 2030.

Joe, when going to university in the USA saw the US Govt toppling elected governments in South America and Central America and also the invasion of Vietnam and says that corruption has been in the USA - since the virtual beginning. But, in the last 60 years it’s accelerated and he says it's coming to the culmination of what we witness today. Secrecy and Covert operations and ‘black’ operations and false flag operations have been the hallmark for the last 60 years. Saying that if people are not aware of this history and the Assassination of John F Kennedy and his brother Robert as well as 911 in New York etc etc, – they are not getting the picture. Particularly of what we are seeing today and that it is actually happening.

So besides intelligence operations, the military industrial complex has been instrumental – furthering their own interests and the money to be made with war and invasions etc. But more so - the development of technology – and essentially in the US, technology starts with the military.  

The US takes public tax money and funds and then does the research and development of most technologies – and in this interview – microwave technology – which they started – and digital technology as well. They have been doing this at the public expense – and eventually they will commercialise what they want to make money from and after the Research and Development has been completed will release these technologies for military applications  and the rest into the consumer market. Like microwave ovens for example. and sonar for war ships and fish finders for recreational fishermen etc.

This is where we are at today 

Mass Media – Tyranny

Which has been totally taken over – by the Corporate world - ‘and captured’ – so today we have just a handful of networks in large countries controlling all of the media – newspapers, television, radio etc. Plus much of the internet  - so again, it’s a centralisation of power and a total takeover of communications – news and media. 

Again by a handful of corporate networks. This has never happened in history before. There have been over this time some journalists and journals endeavouring to get to the truth – and were instrumental in stopping the Vietnam war – and if it was not for courageous journalists that war would have carried on for who knows when?

Pharmaceutical – Medical Tyranny

This has come about in many ways by people becoming disempowered and the abnegation of personal responsibility for their own health. That humans have gradually - and slowly over time, abrogated responsibility to take care of their ‘sovereignty of their body’ and all that entails. They gave themselves away – lock stock and barrel to a medical establishment that is part of the Pharmaceutical medical industrial complex and just 'believe in that authority and science and medicine to the point that it has become the new religion.' It has become a church. (but it can’t heal cancer, baldness or the common cold).    

The High Sacraments of that church today is - vaccines

The other is the Digital High Tech Corporations – Silicon Valley – who control all of the internet – media – social media – it’s  totally controlled once again by Alphabet – Google – YouTube – Facebook – Twitter etc. etc. Just a handful of people who are controlling the narrative and censoring everything outside the Government and Corporate interests. Where we now have the Covid and ‘Quaccine’ with 5G wireless as the end game. 

This is Joe’s viewpoint, based on decades of research and looking at where this end game would come to a culmination point. You must listen.

Stating that we now have a multi-pronged full spectrum asymmetrical covert war. Happening as you reread this - NOW. 

Its biological, its chemical – by meaning chemical he says fluoride and chemtrails – radiological – Fukushima Japan and the collapsing of the Northern Mid Pacific ocean ecosystems and all of the ionising radiation that is being leaked into the environment.

Including energy weaponry – dews and propaganda used as weaponised propaganda. 

We are in an end game that is inconceivable if we have not been following what has been happening over the last 60 years.      

Joe states it’s not a judgement and it is not to blame - (yet it is to a certain extent) because you have your old maxim such as: 

‘Democracy means you have to be eternally vigilant.’

Joe then goes on to talk about freedoms and the discipline that is needed when we as free beings living in a democracy need to be aware of.

That the United Nations Agenda21 and 2030 must be seen for what they are. 

That it is a top down agenda that has never been taken to the people of any country and discussed openly – and talked through and agreed to – but is being applied across the board by Councils in secrecy and it is this secrecy that is eroding our cherished democratic process.

Joe mentions that the land that the United Nations building is situated comes from the Rockefeller family –  this as the story unfolds - being part of an elite plan for One World Government, or more latterly – the New World Order.

The Rockefellers are the ones who control Big Pharma globally and all that it represents. (Note – That both John D Rockefeller died at 97 and David Rockefeller died in 2017 at 101 – that their choice of medication was homeopathy)

Parts of the UN’s plan is around Agenda21 and Agenda2030 having sustainability goals that have never been debated, discussed, argued or agreed upon and these are to be integrated into the NWO – the 'New World Order.' 


See  - interview of Heather Meri Pennycook of 'Significant Natural Areas' - of significance, SNA's - land being locked away over the objections of landowners.

The Agenda on Sustainable Development has been rolled out globally to local governments – they have 'infiltrated' every Local Government (Remember – Infiltration as against Invasion)  - as a strategy.

This all comes from the power elite at the top of the pyramid of power – from the World Economic Forum, in Davos Switzerland – the Bilderberg’s, the Council of Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Club of Rome, Codex Alementarious -  all these Clubs – they are all involved – they are the 0.1% of the 1%  - and it’s all coming into focus in what we are facing - now.


Finally, Joe states that he will be blunt that what we are facing now with 5G and Covid and the injection' regime is depopulation.

Notice the horrendous numbers of injuries and deaths across NZ and especially Europe and America of people who have had the Covid - injection, as it is not a vaccine. The NZ St Johns Ambulance system is under increasing pressure due to many people suffering from side effects of this injection.  This has all been censored and when the people find out the numbers - the push back against the Governments will be immense.

Smart Cities is our next destination?

That the people who survive this depopulation will be installed and shunted into ‘smart cities’ - driven by omnipresent (invisible) 5G technology and the yet hidden 'benefits' of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. People will have no access to the wilderness and the expansive beauty of nature – as that will be reserved for the power elite and to a lesser degree their political minions, etc.

With 5G that has not been given a 'clean bill of health' - we must remember it is invisible - it will encompass a huge spectrum that carries enormous amounts of data – they will have a fully deployed intelligence system plus total control and surveillance of vitally oil every move. 

The next step is to deploy the 'Social Credit system' that’s in China. Thus, the metropolitan smart cities dwellers will be living in a dystopian sci-fi controlled situation as never ever conceived of by all previous sci fi writers or film producers. 

How we can wrestle power back into a Free Civil Society 

This interview then opens up – to the capacity of the human individual to recognise that we are beings of incredible capabilities that we can awaken our wonderment as a human living on a planet. That our curiosity in the infinite and eternal universe can challenge us to witness both the macrocosm on a starry night vista as well as delve into the microcosm of the subatomic world that we are intimately connected to. Which is our continuous breathing of the invisible atmosphere around us and recognising the magnificence that is nature and of the world that we have incarnated into.

This is the time of ‘a great awakening’ we as a species have come to the limits of a world that has been denuded and poisoned and we are co-evolving and co-creating our way to a new reality – and in many ways we are birthing ourselves into a new understanding of existence. A new paradigm if you wish and we are in the birth canal and we are meeting some major contractions – yet it is also bringing us all together. Yes, a birthing process is painful and messy and yet we as 7.8 billion souls know that the promise of a better world is on its way.

Because at heart we know deeply within ‘that we are spiritual beings having an earth experience.’ 

We cannot be stopped now we have passed the critical mass of 7.7 billions beings and the primal urge to become ‘sovereign beings’ in a greater realm - is now unstoppable. So we work as a team of unified beings to welcome in a time of profound renewal and goodness - and it’s coming. Shared inspiration and working diligently for the greater good is our catch cry and the youth and the young ones who have not been closed down by their mobile screens - are also energetically supporting us ….and can healthily support us and this  notion is also being shared by the elders my age group - who having been fortunate to enjoy their cake and eat it - realise that their children and grandchildren must be able to experience the beauty and joy that so many of them have had the privilege to encounter. 

Challenges Aplenty - in a world of Denial.

That the current science of technology is the new religion and has become loaded with atheists or agnostics, who have lost their connection to their feelings and empathy towards their neighbours - and in deed - all biota. 

Doctors, academics and intellectuals – Locked in their heads - refuse to look at ‘near death’ and ‘out of the body experiences’ Note that they REFUSE to acknowledge this phenomena so please look at shows and research for yourself. – We are ‘energy fields oscillating in time and space’ - as cellular organisms animated by the soul. That every baby born into this realm is an energy bundle of exponential potential and love – and that we are eternal. Do not let the inverse storyline of the ‘establishment’ hypnotise you any more …

Melting back into Mother Nature

Get back to nature … everything is connected – be in nature - barefooted – earth-ing – feel the pulse of the great mother beneath the soles of your feet – share in the holy breath that invisibly keeps all biota alive – from ocean plankton to elephants to eagles and cetaceans – we are all connected … by the one invisible breath.

Wonder deeply on a clear warm night when you lie looking up into the magnificent galactic vault coiling with suns through deep dimensions of time.

We are free thinking beings inhabiting a body for a precious moment of time.  Joy awaits us … if we do the ‘inner work’ and let go of our shadow.

Note of caution! Joe states we will not overcome this assault on us – by playing into the elites game plan. By reacting to their means and their weaponry  - they with their technical resources have us covered on so many levels.

So don’t play into ‘their Plan.’

We instead can employ the human spirit – employ music, dance, joy, laughter, nature and play. Including self empowerment – basically fearlessness.

Also, it’s our service to the greater whole – ‘they’ - the 1% of the 1%  cannot conceive selfless acts of goodwill and Love - it's inconceivable to them - of the goodness of the ‘real human spirit’  - these are all blind spots to them - that they are unable to fathom and even plan for.


Also realise ...

That nearly every country is becoming more totalitarian and they are all doing it simultaneously and you dear readers of this - have noticed this - have you not?

Conscious NZ Doctors Push back against Government and Health Department overreach.

New Zealand Doctors SOS - speaking out – 50 doctors see the transgressions … ‘First do no harm’ and they are witnessing the injections being deployed against everything Covid – especially telling everyone they must ‘take the shot.’

You DO NOT HAVE TO take the shot as of this moment - 20/July 2021.

Note that with censorship by youtube, that is owned by Google and that you can check out many good doctors interviews on, and  - do future research on this platform.  Using

A new Nuremberg Trial case is coming forward. Note that after the Second World War the Victorious Allies put on trial of the German and Nazi high command, plus media and doctors. Those who were found guilty of 'war crimes' and 'crimes against humanity' were put to death.

The Nuremberg Trials then set the standard for the rest of the world and you will see this progress over the coming days and weeks into Septemer where there is going to be a trial of many people implicated in Covid 19 as well as the so called quaxcccine program.   

The Covid Disaster is in fact a Trojan Horse and those at the higher levels of the Pyramid of Power are complicit and the NZ media are aiding and abetting the propaganda of fear across Aotearoa - this nation of New Zealand.  



What is happening is that the Status Quo and the elite are all working together in the locking down of humanity. 

Joe states they will not win this totalitarian move. (Tim concurs)   

They think that what they are doing - is to save the planet – using depopulation

They lack, heart and love – 

This takeover will fail 

Joe mentioned in his previous interview - the word Yuga -   a 26,000 year time cycle.

The Kali Yuga, in Hinduism, is the fourth and worst of the four yugas (world ages) in a Yuga Cycle, preceded by Dvapara Yuga and followed by the next cycle's Krita (Satya) Yuga. It is believed to be the present age, which is full of conflict and sin.

The "Kali" of Kali Yuga means "strife", "discord", "quarrel" or "contention" and Kali Yuga is associated with the demon Kali (not to be confused with the goddess Kālī)

It means "the age of Kali (demon)", "the age of darkness", "the age of vice and misery", or "the age of quarrel and hypocrisy". Kali Yuga is described in the Mahabharata, Manusmriti, Surya Siddhanta, Vishnu Smriti, and various Puranas.

As you can see - across virtually all countries there is a lack of leadership and compassion. There are so many levels of corruption.  Kali Yuga can be seen ‘when matter becomes its ‘most densest’ and that this is the time ‘when the shadow gets its chance to dance.’

Hence the total freefall into decay and decadence that we are witnessing today. 

This was an excellent interview of Joe Rifici 

The 2 Prongs – 5G and the Vaccine – they are very much connected … This is the gist of this interview - you will have to make the effort to listen - just as I made the effort to record this interview, edit and write this up. - look through this US web site

Irregular hybrid, full spectrum multi faceted -  This is a SILENT WAR - being ‘run’ by high tech communications systems and AI. 

We’ve been infiltrated by Communist Chinese and Globalists, an alliance that was sealed in the early ’70s and has been progressing ever since. They’ve come in through the institutions, they’ve captured Congress, and Parliaments - they’ve captured the courts through blackmail, bribery or extortion. 

NOTE: Wokians – are slaves that have been programmed.

It's called infiltration as against invasion.

See how the Kali Yuga has taken over the USA - where no politician is ever indicted for crimes as of the 20/07/ 2021

In Britain, Canada, Australia & NZ it’s the same too. Lies go unpunished.

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.”

Chris Hedges ex New York Times and Pulitzer Prize winner. 

Becoming educated and involved.

NZ Websites:


Jul 8, 2021

What people may not know is that the current roll out of the 5G telecommunications network, is a massive undertaking being coordinated around the world and pushed by the corporate elite.

Engulfing the entire planet via 100 thousand satellites, millions of telecommunication towers, small cells and billions of 5G connected devices flooding the world with invisible electro smog pollution in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

The 5G rollout will increase man-made electromagnetic radiation at unprecedented levels with little to no concern for the safety and wellbeing of the humans who will be exposed to it.

In Australia concerned citizens have formed a political Party called the ‘NO 5G Party’ - that will be in every state across Australia.  Ray is the president of it at the moment and they have a thousand members and at the next General Election they will be running candidates in every State, specifically on electro magnetic radiation issues. Also, its a Party to educate people that there has been a unprecedented upgrading and building of Mobile telephone towers and ‘small cells’ for 5G across Australia - saying it has been happening here in NZ and that most people have no idea that this is happening as we read to this.

That in Australia all the Telcos are eagerly waiting the Australian Govt’s 5G 26 Gigahertz frequency sale. We know that the 26 Gigahertz band is a frequency that is billions of times higher than the frequencies that we have been exposed up to now. Thus is very problematic health wise. The will come to NZ too.

This will mean that 26 Gigahertz Non ionising electro magnetic radiation penetrates our bodies.

26 Gigahertz Non ionising electro magnetic radiation penetrates our bodies. Through both skin and tissue at 26 billion pulses per second. 

Compared with only 50 pulses per second as found in the 50 hertz frequency - as irradiated by many of the electrical appliances around the home.

Vodafone in this interview admits that the radio wave penetrates the skin - listen. And Ray says that he is sure that people do not consent to that.

Some frequencies penetrate the skin to a depth of 8.1 millimetres. - the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency  - listen toabout Dr Ken Karipidis - is an expert on jopw tradition affects the human body.

What this has come os that humanity is being assaulted  

These wireless frequencies are an assault on the human body.  This is where the battle lines are.

The Crimes Act in NZ 1961 - Under Section 2 - gives an interpretation - An assault means the act of intentionally applying or attempting to apply force to the person of another - directly or indirectly  or threatening by any act or gesture to apply such force to the person of another.

Electro magnetic radiation is a force and if you do not consent to it - then who ever is touching you or penetrating you - must stop. Otherwise it is an offence under the Crimes Act 1961.

Listen to this interview: Of Dr Bruce Hocking’s research with children in Australia in 1996   - irradiated from 3 broadcast towers in Sydney NSW.  LISTEN - he found that there was a 60%  increase in childhood deaths from childhood lymphatic leukaemia in the immediate vicinity of those towers. His was a time when the frequencies were far lower than todays frequencies.

Listen to 19 children dying with lymphatic leukaemia in Rome Italy when the Italian supreme court found them guilty due to them living in to closer proximity to the Vatican radio station.

An Italian court has found a Roman Catholic cardinal and a director of Vatican Radio guilty of polluting the atmosphere with powerful electromagnetic waves from a radio transmission station.

Note that today - Leukaemia is now the most common cancer in Australian Children 

Mobile phones were introduce in 1981 and the sharp increase in childhood leukaemia is no coincidence. Have a listen.

Ray also mentions that a sleeping virus that is dormant in a human body can be reactivated when exposed to non ionising radiation .  This is important information.

Healthy Heavens Trust in Australia  

This is about regarding Satellites in low geo stationary orbit. Ray’s team have filed against Elon Musk and other satellite providers in exposing Australians to electromagnetic radiation from satellites - because they do not know what degree of exposure Australians will be exposed too.

Bodily Affects.

Synapses and nerves are affected as well as cardiac muscles. There appears to be no cure for exposure to non ionising radiation.

Ray says that the new wireless towers are pumping out very powerful radiation - have a listen.

Stopping this radiation in Australia is schools is becoming very concerning in schools - a duty of care issue - if wifi is throughout schools - they are technically assaulting the children. 

Thousands of Satellites in Low Earth Orbit.

100,000 SpaceX lanced satellites will be up above our head in the next 5 years - plus high altitude platform stations. (see previous interview of Ray) mostly launched from Australian soil - at Wyndham launched into the stratosphere - they are like a giant drones that can stay up there for months.

Get this! - Each Orbiting Platform is going to be the equivalent to 1,800 base stations, each … they will circulate in a 200 kilometres circumference and they will have a seamless connection to earth base stations. They are designed to connect to high altitude satellites as well as our basic telephone towers,

There is another  reason why this is all happening - your mobile phone will be able to be charged from these flying platforms and you will never have to plug your mobile phone into the wall to get it charged - ever again . Note, there is no mention of the health effects from all the electrical charges and frequencies that we find ourselves immersed in. 

No health affects have been factored in. The flying wing will via wireless electricity charge your phone from then on.

Ray further says that it’s planned that all your appliances in your home will be powered this way -  TV - radio, toaster you name it.  Even your electric car is supposedly planned to be automatically charged (what a fantasy). Wireless power transfer has been around for a long time. Nikola Tesla was planning to do this over a hundred years ago and had completed the preliminary testing and it worked. But, in those days, there was no way to ‘monitor it’ and ‘charge for it’. So JB Morgan, Tesla’s financier not wanting people to have free transport and pulled the plug on Tesla. The battery powered Tesla cars of today - are a compromise.

Listen to Ray, mention that in Australia they have the worlds largest database on health affects. That the scientific consensus states that there is ‘wireless’ data that states 68% of all studies - show adverse health affects. Only 24% of all studies show no effect. I did not ask him about the other 8% 

Even high voltage powerlines - have affected the birthing rate of cows and Ray on behalf of some pastoralists - have taken the Power companies to court and won - Have a listen.

Tell the Telcos that you do not consent to being touched by wireless radiation - and then communicate with these and other Telcos about it - and to stop.


OTHER Subjects Covered.

Electro magnetic hypersensitivity is on the increase globally - especially in cities -  known as EHS it’s an established medical condition.

We briefly cover the Nuremberg II Trial that is coming up up in September - supposedly on the Isle of Man near England. to counter all the lies being Propagated by MSM and big PHARMA - lock-stepped with the political process in the Western World    

That chemists and nurses are now giving jabs - not doctors - begs the question is this professional conduct in relationship to informed consent?  Remember the hippocratic Oath - First di not harm.

Rocket Lab here in NZ and putting satellites up across  NZ and around the Southern Hemisphere.  Legal liabilities from space debris.

Becoming educated and involved.

NZ Websites:


Jul 1, 2021

This is a whopper of an interview, I can see why people in the rural sector of NZ are flocking to hear Heather Meri (and Rob Wilson) lay out the UN Agenda 21 and 2030. Plus, the planned addition of the ‘Great Reset’ that the World Economic Forum from Davos in Switzerland is going to superimpose over our planet and civilisation.

This new economic model will cover every survival contingency regarding the well being of the 7.8 billion souls on this planet, including all biota within the biosphere. 

Heather Meri says that there is more legislation coming out of Parliament that is going to affect us. However she has addressed about 80 meetings around the country over the past 6 or 7 months - 37 in the North Island. Encouraging groups to form so has to assist in educating their community, but in particular, to do their own research. Some weeks ago she had about 250 people show up to a talk in the Nelson area of Moutere - because people are waking up to what is being planned for them. That there are SNA’s being ‘Significant Natural Areas’  - and the local Council has just sent out letters to people who have land holdings with circles around huge areas of their land saying that this area is going to be designated an SNA a ‘significant natural area’. This may or may not include natural bush or anything that you recognise needing protection - some people had an area of gorse … but what Heather Meri says - it's a blatant land grab …  that once this land is designated an SNA you still pay rates on it - but you have to fence it off - you have to do the weed control, but you are not allowed to put animals on it or to use it.

Land owners are aware of the need to protect special areas in NZ, and people that Heather Meri knows, are already availing themselves of Queen Elisabeth 2 Covenants and Riparian planting - and fencing off native bush. People are proud to take care of our environment here in NZ - she says there may be a very, very, small minority of people who are not playing by the rules and this needs to be addressed - but you don’t blanket legislate the entire country and treat everybody like a criminal and cripple their viability on their farm. 

People are losing between 30 to 90% of their land use.

This is shocking … in Kaeo in Northland, we have heard at a people's meeting that 42% of the land in Northland has been claimed as a SNA - that there were a number of people at that meeting who said their entire land holding was designated SNA other than where their house presently stood and with only one meter from the house. Everything else had been designated SNA.  ( in a later text to Heather Meri, I said have them photograph that letter and share it with - and build up a file.

Sometime this July, legislation is coming on a National Policy Statement on Indigenous Biodiversity - and in this the Government is going to take the criteria for allocating SNA’s - and make it even more wide spread. Heather Meri says now they are including mobile fauna - for example the native falcon - if a native falcon flies over your property and decides to nest in your pine forest - the authorities are going to put a circle around your pine plantation and make it an SNA.

So once you can’t use it or harvest it or plant or run livestock on it - most of the time you are destroying the viability of one's farm.

To the layman this makes no sense - but when you look at the big picture and ask where this is coming from? It’s further up the pyramid of power. You get a crystal clear understanding.

In August 2019 the Prime Minister of NZ was the keynote speaker at the Goal Keepers Conference in New York - a Bill and Melinda Gates initiative where our PM stood up and told the audience how NZ was achieving the goals of implementing Agenda 21 and 2030. Saying that these agendas had already been integrated into our legislation. Though this has been enacted through Parliament basically no-one - meaning ordinary NZers has any idea of what this is all about. It’s - Hidden in plain sight.

Like the 17 sustainability development goals - they look and sound wonderful - we are going to eradicate poverty and have equality - have a sustainable future and look after our environment.  

But, if you go to  (Agricultural Action Group) and go to the link and download the fine print of what that Agenda actually is - and it's a 352 page document - that covers every aspect of our lives - healthcare, education  - that stock takes every single living being and resource and mineral on the planet - so that ‘they’ can control it.

You start to get the picture, because we have not been consulted or involved. 

That ‘they’ want to eradicate that which is not sustainable - and that is - the private ownership of land. i.e farming - private ownership of motor vehicles, roading, irrigation, ski fields, golf courses - even the family unit - in their eyes is listed as unsustainable. That this is something that they want to eradicate. So once we read the fine print we become aware of where our Government is taking us - she says that the insane legislation that is crippling our agricultural sector - starts to make sense.

Heather Meri says that everyone has to do their own research - because if you are not aware of what’s in the fine print - and you hear her for the very first time - it will sound quite bizarre and crazy - so the imperative is for all NZers is to see what is being planned for your future - and if you a parent - your children’s future. (and you have been cut out of the dialogue, with zero input).

She says that anyone who today criticises the Government narrative is deemed by the Government to be ‘a conspiracy theorist’ - however when you read the fine print you realise that this is ‘not theory.’

Saying that on the web site you can see the video for yourself of the NZ Prime Minister stating just what you have read. Plus the link to the UN Agenda document.

The World Economic Forum of Klaus Schwab from Davos in Switzerland and the ‘Great Reset’ - is coming - and Heather Meri says once you destroy the agriculture industry in NZ our economy crashes and then the World Economic Forum will step in.

Listen - dear reader if you do not click and listen to this interview - and grok what is being explained - you will be forever struggling to understand what is being planned for you. Because this is too much of an effort for me to convey the contents of this interview.  ( I too have to have good sleep and a life - Tim)

We hear that Agenda 21 is based on the Communist Chinese model - per David Rockefeller - Per the Rothschilds. Do you connect the dots?  We are moving towards the State controlling everything … coming down from the top of the global pyramid of power. 

We also hear in this interview:

There is supposed to be a new Act (or an addendum coming before NZ’s Parliament  - called the Domestic Terrorism Act - which is going to come into force very soon and it will give NZ Police unprecedented powers equal to those that were seen in Nazi Germany, or by the Stasi in Communist East Germany.  Facism and Communism joined at the hip.

That our police (who are compelled to obey orders) can come around to our house - without a warrant, do a search, take anything that they want and arrest you on suspicion that you are going to be anti Government or, say something to the NZ public that would be detrimental to the Government narrative. Who we have been told “that, they are the only source of truth.” (Shades of Orwells 1984 ) Because, YOU are now wanting to become a - 'whistleblower or a truth teller.’

Like checking your facebook or youtube comments - checking your emails (note if you have a Google email address or a hotmail Microsoft email address - these emails will pass through a dictionary lens and will be read and catalogued. This is how we were sucked into their game plan) and thinking that you ‘may’ be a danger to national security, report you to someone higher up. It gets serious now. That you could be ‘done in and reported’ via an 0800 number - i.e pimped on - then arrested whilst in the street for being who you are and that once arrested, no representation and possibly with no time length on your incarceration. This could be NZ’s future - not that ordinary NZers would ever want this - but this is what could be forced on this nation - under the New World Order. 

The Deputy Prime Minister showed his colours and dug himself into a hole of his own making earlier this year. 

In this interview, we also hear that no politician in NZ’s Parliament is mentioning Agenda21 and Agenda2030 - or the Great Reset - Why? Because they are gagged from breaking ranks - (‘Mum’s the word’) 

When in February of this year we had the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance walk out of a radio interview on radio’s Magic Talk Show - with well known national TV news reader and sports host Peter Williams. on: 

When this very well known broadcaster Peter Williams was accused of being a ‘conspiracy theorist’ … Listen … Follow this link and you will find that the Deputy PM has dug himself into an untenable situation. Because he actually went to the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos in Switzerland, with the Prime Minister in 2019. Follow this link to the World Economic Forum and you hear Prince Charles being used to front a 2 minute video focusing on the degradation of the global environment that all the corporations of the world have either contributed or let happen on their watch - and now they want to punish humanity for the situation we are now in, by imposing (a much needed clean up operation) - but have factored humanity out of being ‘helpers and educated participants’ in this equation). They are now going it alone with their top down ideological plan.

What comes through in this interview is that our politicians lie and because they have a compliant and obedient mainstream media, (who - according to Heather Meri - have been paid off with a $125 million grant)  Have closed ranks and do not criticise the Government anymore. Therefore a great percentage of NZ citizens do not hear or read of these lies. Note - if a country of 5 million people can have their communications system ‘paid off’ with $125 million.

5 million people = $125 million

10 million people = $250 million   (2 X 125 million) 

100 million people = $2.5 billion (10 X 250 million)

300 million as in America = $7.5 billion   (3 X 2.5 billion)

But, the US has 330 million people = another $750 million (3 X 250 million) Plus 7.5 Bn = $8.25 Billion

This amount in the US media hands 24/7 would traumatise the US population to death! 

Heads Up. In this interview we hear that the word ‘Sovereignty’ or ‘personal sovereignty’ is going to be included under the Terrorism Act. That is if we NZers invoke the usage of this word in regard to our own ‘inner sovereignty’ (being our relationship with God) we could be tried in a Court of Law for being a … terrorist. This is NZ post Covid 28.03.2020. 

We also hear in this interview: 

Regarding the land grab, SNA’s - of ‘significant natural areas’ - refuse authority to allow ‘them’ to come onto your land to do surveys of areas that they are going to map and then take. So say NO.

Plus refuse to fill out the survey form they send you. Or even respond.

Being aware of unknowingly ‘entering a contract’.

If the Council posts you a survey map of your land - often with incorrect boundaries - asking you to respond - if you do - then you have entered a contract with them and as the Government is a ‘Corporation’ of  the City of London - by engaging with them - (so the story goes) you then ‘re-contract’ with them, again.

Heather Meri gives a quick run down on NZ being a Corporation - including the Police, Work & Income NZ, the Justice Department, the Court system - all the Govt Agencies are extensions of the City of London. 

She says they have a New website called  - go up and have a long look - these people are organised.

You must listen to this interview - as Heather Meri says - once we see why we have been hoodwinked into being part of a Corporate Agenda - you amy have a momentary head explosion  - but sitting still and sitting through all that it leads to - frees you up into being a ‘free being’ - In time and space. (We just have to clean up what’s been shackling us for so long.) Especially how we have been tricked into contracting with the Government entity - time and time again.

Other issues talked about

The Government  centralising water - controlling it, plus adding fluoride (a neurotoxin) into all town and suburban water.
(see the many interviews on this )

Including chlorinating even spring water  - as well as rainwater collected from roofs - the Government wants to control this too. 

Trust and the NZ Government.

The NZ Government, who for generations we trusted with our lives - are not what they were once - this is a great shock to most people who after looking behind the curtain realise that there are agendas that creep down from the pyramid of power. - (but do not feel disheartened - we are the 99% and we have righteous indignation on our side plus all the other virtues of honesty, right action and goodwill.   Interview of  Dane Wigington on  - the cause of drought in the USA etc etc 

Look up   - Heather Meri says the UN is going to open many more offices across NZ - why?

There is a huge amount of data being shared in this interview that has not been mentioned. - please listen, share and research for your self - using -

In closing this very important interview - I wish to emphasise that we as an individual, a family, community, region and as a country can rise to the occasion - as a heart felt unifying spirit of cooperating people.

We are now starkly realising that there is a stealthy global control game being enacted  - to lock us as a humanity down. 

That over the last few decades we have been dumbed down by the media - and an education system that teaches us not to question - or to be curious and to wonder … all you have to do is listen to the inane news every hour on all the talkback and music stations - 3 minutes of drivel as the saying goes.

This can be seen with Mains Stream Media - with the younger generation not reading a newspaper - be it local or national - or watching the news that TVNZ and TV3 parrot virtually the same continuous rhetoric. We have found ourselves drowning in the semi - censored swamp of sameness. With a media that takes in ‘feeds’ from overseas that are all multinational corporations pushing the same agenda. 

The churches have failed us too - Christianity has taken a hit in this country just like other western countries, because they virtually bore people to death, and failed to call a halt on corruption practices and stand up for justice. Sadly, you can see this today with near vacant churches across the country. 

Yet from most religious accounts - ‘we are spiritual beings having an earth experience’ - that we are far more than we ever thought possible. Huge numbers of people globally have had ‘out of the body or near death experiences’ - where they have found themselves outside their body looking down on it - in many cases seeing doctors frantically working to keep their body alive. - has done a number of interviews based on this and what is the soul? 

Note that over the last 70 years universities and educational institutes have been swayed to believe that the universe is a fluke of existence that God does not exist, nor does the soul and consequently they have done away with anything metaphysical or spiritual.

Yet there are more and more people having mystical experiences and there is a fast growing body of evidence realising that we live after death and that our body is in fact a temple - which we need to cherish with fresh air, pure water and an organic food chain. Plus experience love, laughter and joy    

For another NZ based news web site sharing knowledge for people:

Jun 24, 2021

Mother, Author, Researcher ‘What is happening behind the curtain?’ The UN Agendas, the World Economic Forum - Your Future?

Giving a wider understanding of the issues facing us today, both in NZ and globally. Worth your while to listen to the whole interview.

Author of ‘We are Revolting’ and her new book just out ‘Under the Shadow’, Antoinette lays the groundwork of her research as to what is happening on a global scale. She says she is a big picture person. 

The fact that over the years, our NZ Governments, both left and right have signed us on to the United Nations Agenda21 and Agenda23 that have slipped through without there being a public discourse or debate and education of ‘we the people’ as to what does this all translate into. Why the silence and why have our elected representatives not mentioned this to their constituents? Especially as this all started back in 1992.

Then there is the question of what’s the game plan being acted out under cover of the Covid crisis? Where and where does the World Economic Forum from Davos in Switzerland put the ‘Great Reset’ in place. Where the cashless society comes into being, that by 2030 ‘we will own nothing and we will be happy’ - how about - full of Joy!  Note, that both our Prime Minister and our Deputy Prime Minister have attended the World Economic Forum in Switzerland. Yet a quietened NZ MSM, ‘soothed with ample funding’ from our Government discreetly looks the other way.   

This is what happened - the Fourth Estate (your Media) have remained silent and tight lipped.  

With a new book just out:

UNDER THE SHADOW: Agenda 21 in New Zealand

New Zealand National and Labour governments have collaborated in binding the country to UN goals.

National Prime Minister Jim Bolger signed Agenda 21 in 1992,

without democratic debate!

Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark rolled-out NCEA underpinned with UN Common Core Curriculum goals in the early 2000s,

without democratic debate!

National Prime Minister John Key signed Agenda 2030 in 2015,

without democratic debate!

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern authored New Zealand’s first Voluntary National Review 2019: An audit of the country’s progress and commitment to UN 2030 dictatorship, without democratic debate!

Every New Zealander’s life is going to change for the worse.

UNDER THE SHADOW is a 314-page exposé of Agenda 21/2030 outcomes and projections in New Zealand. This publication has over 300 quotes and citations from many documents, publications, speeches and statements.

Under the Shadow gives the Agenda backstory, names the architects, explains the ideology and exposes the elites main driving force.

Copies of UNDER THE SHADOW can be purchased on AMAZON or for New Zealand postal addresses, directly from the author - $35 plus P&P

Having presented this info at many public meetings last year, I found the tree metaphor became an easy way to untangle while putting a handle on the very historic and complicated UN tiptoe to Agenda 2030. 

This is the contents to give you a feel to what is covered -


Life Under the Shadow of Agenda 21..................………..15

                      Religious Roots…………………....……….21


                     One World Religion………………….…......36

Grafting of Agenda 21………………………………...........39


                              Arthur Balfour……………………...…...39

                              Alger Hiss………………………..….…..40

                              Successive Popes………….….……….....40

                              Alice Bailey……………………..…..…....43

                              David Spangler……………………....…..45

                              Maurice Strong…………………....……..46

                              Benjamin Crème………………..……......50

                              Robert Muller…………………..……......51

                              Pierre Teilhard Chardin……………....….52

                              U Thant………………………………....54

                              House of Rothschild….……………...….55

                              House of Rockefeller……………...…….58

                     Hothouse effect………………...…….….….....65

                              UN prayer Room………………....……..65

                              Ark of Hope……………………....…….65

                              Earth Charter………………...……….....67

                              Gaia and the Temple of Understanding....70

                              Burning Bush………………………..….71


Different Pots Same Plant…..….……….…….………....…..76

                      League of Nations……………..……………..76

                      United Nations………………………………78

                      Rio Earth Summit…………………..………..84

Agenda 21 Metaphor….................….….….……...….....….....89

                     The Roots….……………………..……..........90

                             Of manipulation…………………….…..90

                             Of indoctrination…………………...........91

                             Of propaganda…………………………..91

                             Of coercion…………………..………….92               

                      The Trunk……..……………....………….…111

                             Social Justice……………………….…...116

                             Economic Justice…………………….…119

                             Environmental Justice……………….….120

                      The Branches………….……….……..……..126

                             Earth Charter……………………….…..126



                      The Fruit………......……….………..….........136

                              NZ Voluntary National Review………..137

                              Ardern, Goal Keepers Address………...139

                              Sustainable Development Goals……….143

                              SDG 1………………………...…….…144

                              SDG 2…………………………...….…146

                              SDG 3………………………….….…..151

                              SDG 4………………………….…..….152

                              SDG 5……………………………..…..157

                              SDG 6……………………………....…159

                              SDG 7…………………………..….….164

                              SDG 8………………………………....172

                              SDG 9………………………………....181

                              SDG 10…………………………….….185

                              SDG 11………………………………..189

                              SDG 12………………………………..194

                              SDG 13………………………………..198

                              SDG 14………………………………..205

                              SDG 15…………………………....…...209

                              SDG 16………………………………..215

                              SDG 17………………………………..220

                              SDG 18 kept secret……………………224

                              Kiwi Fruit…………………………..….230

                              Waikato Initiative…………………..…..230


                               Urban property grab…………….……241

                               Smart Growth……………….………..249

                               Significant Nature Areas……....……….250


                                Think Globally………………...….…..254

                                 Millennium Declaration……….……..254

                                 Publicprivate Partnerships…….….….256


                             Hegelian Dialectic…………….……..…260

                             Delphi Technique…………….…..…….261


                             Precautionary Principle………..……......266



                             Protestant Christianity…………..……..272




Time to fortify the Pa……………………………………..279

Axe to the Root: TIMBER!........................................................293


Final Word………………………………………………..303

Of course COVID, WEF, AI all fit into the jigsaw puzzle of secrecy and word trickery.

I am a "big picture" commentator. Understanding the big picture makes it easier to understand the incremental steps by our gov and councils to ultimate end-game of communism that will best be described as a 'technocratic oligarchical scientific dictatorship'.

Antoinette has also written another book in 2019 called WE ARE REVOLTING: ‘A Red Pill Read’  Paperback – January 4, 2019 · Kindle $14.99 Read with Our Free App · Paperback $35.26. 

Antoinette states that in 2019 the Prime Minister of NZ wrote NZ’s First Voluntary National Review to the United Nations - which is basically an audit of NZ and saying to the UN bosses where we are at, as a country. She says that it has all the basic feel good language - but behind that are ‘word definitions’ - and that there is a lot of word trickery going on.

Shared Responsibility and Public Private  - what do these words really mean?

That key words are frequently placed in this Agenda’s schedule - words that give us the ‘feel good vibe’ such as ‘wellbeing’ and the question is posited what does the word ‘wellbeing’ translate to for the elite at the top of the UN, plus bankers and movers and shakers? What does ‘wellbeing’ mean to the elite at the top of the pyramid of power?

Have a listen - because what Antoinette says is very important for us all to take in.

From Tims point of view as the interviewer  - I did not want to get in and argue points - I was instead offering a platform that is based on Freedom of Expression - and I know that we are being limited as time passes. Whereas as Antionette says, as a Christian that we need to be taking care of human life. That we are sacred beings - (Tim believes we are souls inhabiting bodies - (see his previous interviews about souls and near death and out of the body  experiences.) Note that in most cases Atheists refuse to debate this).

Antoinette states that we are in the decade of eco restoration and that is a very good thing in Tims estimation - however it’s all about how the top of the ‘pyramid of power’ is going about doing this.

So this is a very important point to understand - we need both - but how the Agenda’s are being promulgated is that the Governments are making no effort to educate the public. There is no use of the Fourth Estate to educate humanity of what is the issue and what is at stake here.

There is a balance … we have to take in the precautionary principle in situations - like the non growing of Genetically Engineered  food in NZ  - But, when it comes to Covid the authorities are not following this themselves. Because in NZ for example, the Pfizer injection has not been passed as safe by the FDA and that it is still in an ‘experimental phase’ as per Med Safe here in NZ. so there is a huge in-congruence with how our elected servants are governing us - some will say ‘ruling us’.

The current Government’s understanding of Agenda21 according to Antoinette is that their adherence to Agenda21 is to the restoration of the environment as it was before man walked on our planet. This is seen as going too far - too fast - especially with 7.8 billion beings that need water, feeding, housing, health and education - etc.

Antoinette mentions Rosa Koire on NZer Vinny Eastwoods show. link   

In this interview Antoinette also mentions: 

Bill and Melinda Gates - at the Goal Keepers Conference 2019 - where our Prime Minister commits NZ to the Agenda21 Goals.  

That at present NZ is now locking away significant natural areas … But, this is not being done with open transparent, local, and district participation of the land owners and the farming or agricultural community. It is being imposed.

This interview talks about top down control coming across NZ’s rural sector - South Waikato for instance has been given a plan to control its water - (and we need plans to clean up our water) - however rural people are not being kept in the loop and the authorities are forcing the issue by initiating local bylaws etc without having open discussions with the locals. 

This is coming from the top down. This is not localised democracy.

Antoinette - stresses that Local Government is not doing the work around having meetings with local rural residents or local town hall meetings and giving people a heads up on what it would like to do or what is actually going on. It all appears to - being put in place and that everyone in the community just has to comply. Like - it’s being forced upon the people.

The rural sector is about to be managed … where previously in a localised community district or region - ‘we the people’ governed ourselves by democratic principles. However this does not appear to be happening. 

What we hear in this interview is that we are being ‘Ruled by an elite’ - that sees us in many ways as useless eaters and that we do not have a soul … this is why management of the future is being set up - because in many ways we as a society have not been alert and have let our local democratic system deteriorate, by not voting - to such a degree that ‘others’ have stepped in and in many ways subtly hijacked the process. 

This Interview includes:

The Fabian Society and the connection to the Royal Society … Article 61 and the Nuremberg code 

He Whakaputanga. The flying of the 1835 Flag, when 34 Maori Chiefs came together to re-emphasise that they were independent.

 Antoinette says she raises this flag at her home.

This interview covers a vast number of issues that have not been given any coverage or discourse in NZ. Once we in this country were very keen on participating in our young democracy. However, you can see how the voter turnout at local government elections has fallen dramatically over the last 50 years and it is at this level that change is being forced upon us, because there are fewer checks and balances. 

Antoinette as a mother and someone who has witnessed the decline in all areas of family, education, health and community life over the decades has decided to make a stand. She has to be acknowledged and empowered for standing up to a system that has lost its way and or been infiltrated.

Well worth grappling with the subject matter she brings to us all. Because we are in the grips of and irregular warfare.

Mentioned in this interview is the link between 5G and Covid.

Also, that there is in place a new Nuremberg Trial coming due to the unlawful acts of Government and Health officials around Covid.     Dr Reiner Fuellmich    - 4 minute videos to get the point across.

There is an axiom that states - The means justifies the ends, not the ends justifies the means. 

You will find that both Facists and Communists will go with ‘the ends justifying the end’ - whilst those who believe in virtue and principled morality - will always go with - ‘the means justifying the end.’     Vox  2014   Police State Contagion:



Tim mentions that in 1992 at the Rio UN Conference in Brazil, that 192 Nations signed up to Agenda 21 - Under the auspices of George Herbert Bush - who as the Head of the CIA spent 12 years in the Whitehouse - 8 years as Vice President and 4 years as President. With his son George W Bush having another 8 years as President in the Whitehouse.

What were these insiders doing during this time?

Jun 17, 2021

New Zealand with the fourth largest economic zone on earth is facing a major dilemma with its vast fisheries.  Being now essentially run by a handful of fishing families. That as an industrial fishing machine it still controls the narrative regarding fishing in NZ waters. There is a dimension of Maoridom who are responsible for managing Treaty of Waitangi Settlement assets, but regrettably the NZ Government's Ministry of Primary Industries - 'is captured' due to their inability to manage for example red snapper in NZ. But the whole much lauded 'Quota Management system, is a major failure. 

Scott clearly states that for change to really happen - is that we need a crisis. This will then pull us all together to solve this huge out of control quota management system and all its attendant challenges. Quoting Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize winner in Economics 1976 - who declared - "Only a crisis - actual or perceived - produces real change."

He said that though the recreational fishing lobby took the establishment to the HighC, the Appeals Court, the Supreme Court winning each time - and being awarded costs and yet 'there was still no apparent change.'

He said that the recreational fisherfolk were learners in how to deal with the well financed fishing lobby - that it was just a battle!  

In this interview we learn that fishing rights are now 'property rights', they are eternal.

Those who did the most damage to the fisheries - got the most reward. 

This is totally incongruent with a democracy. NZers are being sold a lie. 

Fishing companies are today getting poor economic returns. Poor returns for whanau and Maori Families.

No businesses have been established for Maori to be engaged in, since 1992 when the treaty settlement was signed. Only a handful of Maori businesses have come out of this - actually the system has gone about disestablishing small businesses and small scale anything. 

This Scott says is the problem of this Neo liberal circus that is happening.

Scott encourages us to see YouTube - price of fish video - it's only 15 minutes - very important.

Precautionary approach to NZ fish stock is imperative 

He states that we must now take on the precautionary principle in relation to fish stocks and that we can not go below 50% of the fish species that are being fished. Meaning 50% of the unfished biomass. That future generations are depending on the fidelity of the fishermen of today, be it Government, commercial or recreational.  

He says that what is happening is that we 'manage' our fisheries - the 4th largest area on Earth and that it is based on computer models and on maximum sustainable yields. He says it's a fantasy and an illusion. (listen) - He says that as a country we have to find a way to replace these destructive fishing methods and management systems, as 'they' have had 40 years of opportunity (plunder) - but their days are over - they have taken the best that was and they have left the fisheries in a very sorry state. - listen.

Respect for all of nature

He further states - it is time now for us to have respect for these animals, respect for the environment, respect for our communities, we have to have employment in our regional areas, yet we need to have commercial fishing - but not in the senseless way is is exploiting the fisheries, the ocean and our collective future. Scott gives the two main supermarkets chains here in NZ a towelling for selling fish that is dead, ageing and devoid of life force. That we in NZ fool ourselves into thinking that we are eating fresh vibrant food from the marine environment.

Aquaculture - not necessarily a burgeoning industry.

It is not saving wild fish - but quite the reverse ... listen he will school you yet again. It's very polluting and the food the caged salmon is not wild, but processed food from man - with a smattering of wild fish thrown in to make it sound more legit. Green lip mussels in Scotts opinion is a very good choice - even though under the mussel farms there is a lot of excretions from the mussels on the seafloor.

Bottom trawling comes in for a hammering as well. 

Tarikihi, Gurnard, and John Dory in the North island waters have been basically fished out and are no longer available to recreational fisher folk. - essentially gone ...

But snapper are a tough customer - they also spawn for months - they will eat anything - even themselves. They are fast, strong and robust.  Scott says that fishermen often go out and if they catch 7 snapper - they are happy with that - but there are no other species - so if you are snapper centric - there are still a lot of them about - but that is it - only snapper - what's down beneath is very sparse when it comes to the other species ... where once had a wide variety of tasty fish.

No champions in the Government or Councils for the future of fish?

His question is - where  have all the other fin fish assemblages gone?  How come? They are definitely in trouble - and where are the defenders of all these disappearing fish. They too have gone? They are not in the Auckland Council ...

Where is our trevally?  This story is a farce - they are 'dumping' hundreds and hundreds of tonnes of trevally into Saudi Arabia, France and the UK at $3.00 a kilo whole - and until recently the return was $2.00 a kilo. All (in Tim's opinion) under the auspices of an inept Department of Primary Industries aided and abetted by an unconscious Parliamentary process. That though they are our paid servants they have run away with their own Agenda ... (now what could that be?).

Cameras on trawlers ... is basically a non starter - the situation is not clear - poor focus - (have a listen). Observed behaviour is modified behaviour -   but with no cameras they steam out of port over the horizon and they are a law unto themselves.

The Lobbying and power of the industrial fishing machine reaches deep down into NZ's Parliament and nullifies the idea of cameras and what we call - decent behaviour.

Daniel Pawley - from Canada and his offering - "the sea around us" - found that trawler skippers were not telling the truth and that catches were 3 times or 2.5 times more that were reported.

Scott calls for a total closure of the intertidal zone - between high and low tide. A total Closure ...DO NOT TAKE A SINGLE LIVING ORGANISM in the area. That means nothing off the rocks or out of the sand for at least 5 years ...

The protection of the fragility and vulnerability of the intertidal zone requires some real leadership.

A rahui is the only way we can stop the killing of any sea animal in this zone!

Rahui is only a stop gap measure though. 

Scott says he has far more faith in mana whenua and community working in cooperation than in any Governmental intervention.   Means the indigenous people (Māori) who have historic and territorial rights over the land. It refers to iwi and hapū (Māori tribal groups) 

This will have the full backing of the recreational fishing lobby, the NZ Angling and Casting Association, is 65 years old  The NZ Underwater Association - 68 years old  - Yachting NZ - Spearfishing NZ this is larger than one would think. With the NZ Sport Fishing Council there are 57 clubs with 37,000 members - is embedded in all of this. - where unwanted fish parts after they have been caught. Left over heads and frames that are healthy and edible and then finding a home for them where other people can cook and eat them so that no part of the fish will go to waste.  See last interview.

So far 150,000 kilos over the last 5 years have found their way freely to welcome homes and families to eat. = no waste.

Moana Fishing company - - shares their off cuts of fish to the under-resourced and now Sanfords is coming on board ...  -  in Henderson is helping too. (Listen to the interview).   

Stopping Slave labour on overseas trawlers - is mentioned.
Auckland University Business School. Thank you Christine Stringer, Nigel Howarth, Hugh Whittaker and Glen Simmonds, for exposing this unsavoury practice. do a search using the heading of ‘Fisheries Management’ - and you will get all of Scott’s interviews and also do one from Michael Field, who tells what has been happening in the Pacific and the layers of lies and distortions.

An excellent interview of Scott Macindoe - hitting home runs every few minutes.

Jun 10, 2021

This interview of Meg’s has in turn brought her into focusing on Constitutional Lawful Processes.  That she says is the baby of the movement - in that we are just realising that we have been had.

That this is all new to us. It’s like we have finally pulled back the curtain and found out that we have been manipulated for all this time. All of us - though the Establishment will never admit it, nor will the politicians that run this country 

They are just not aware that they too are a chattels of the City of London - this is what we are all finding out.  As I said … we have been had and this is just another example of why the world is in such an inharmonious mess.  Because at heart we can not understand why we the people, have virtually no say - whilst banks create money out of thin air by adding extra zeros whilst at the same time they and Wall St for example are riding high on the hog on bloated salaries, share offerings and socialised losses.

This is why people from all walks of life are saying enough. 

20,000 years ago when a human being woke up in the morning - they were a 'free being.' They had free air, free unpolluted rain and river water and a free food chain. They could wander hunt, fish and gather at will

Cut to today and we find that we are controlled like never before - passports, licenses, passwords, ID  Iris Analysis -
Plus  Surveillance and Tracking.

This interview with Meg, also backs into Common Law and goes back to using an ancient Law process, called the Magna Carta. This came about in England in 1215 - With  Article 61, that some people call Clause 61.  

"We are using the oldest and highest law Article 61 to protect us, break all birth certificate scams and stand as we the People of New Zealand (and the Commonwealth) united in saying we will not comply with the tyranny that is upon us!"

It is about Personal Sovereignty - 

 and also the need for - 'informed consent.’                                   

Sovereign or Slave? - Universal Sovereign 

The Magna Carta is when the Barons, who were Nobles and land owners and overseers for the King of England (who was off the rails) demanded that King Henry who was ‘out of alignment’ - be reigned in. 

The Barons were  supported by the Peasants and Serfs - as they were under the auspices of the Barons. That because of the King’s excesses they petitioned 25 Barons to approach the King asking for a more humane deal, because the King was becoming a slave driver and the peasants were being overly exploited … listen ...

The Magna Carta has never been repealed and has been invoked 5 times since and the last time in 2001. Against Queen Elisabeth II. See Treaty of Nice. 

Have a listen … Meg will explain it more clearly. 

FACEBOOK search - PLD International New Zealand. Practical Lawful Dissent

Yes, this is in so many ways - an ‘exposé.'   

See Dan Hermansen as well as Jacques Windell


Megs’ Story.

Up until Covid - Meg was living a good life with her family, however when the Covid lock down kicked in on the 28 March 2020 - she as a health professional started looking at some of the inequities that were happening. Like why do we lock down a healthy population when it is usual to cordon off the people who are sick. There were anomalies and things that just did not seem right - so she started researching and it led her to the ‘sovereignty movement’ - that is starting to spring up all over NZ.  

In doing so …she came upon articles on: 

Practical lawful dissent - which is a movement which uses ‘lawful constitutional’ processes and it helps you if you remove yourself from the propaganda of the Govt, educational institutions and the media and you relearn your ‘common law.’

This gave her an understanding about the Covid Vaccination campaign as a mother of two pre teens - she did not want them to be vaccinated when the Pfizer vaccination has not been proven as safe and that she did not want her children to be experimented on. 

She says that she as a loving mother has determined that none of her children will fall fowl of these medical treatments. Because they are not actually vaccines - see Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Joseph Mercola, Dr Christine Northrop. etc

But more so, that NZers need to be aware that we always have choice and that we have sovereignty over our own body. Therefore we can choose to have a vaccine or not. She also has concerns that our Prime Minister has not allowed this to happen in certain areas especially the Ministry of Defence as well as for specific MIQ - Managed Isolation & Quarantine staff. 

So Meg says it’s about using an ancient Law process, the Magna Carta from 1215 - in Particular Article 61, that some people call Clause 61.   

That as NZ is an extension of the British Empire/Commonwealth, it’s the highest law standing and that this is our security clause -  saying it is providing us with a Lawful remedy against tyrannical Governments - and at the time it would/could have been used against tyrannical heads of state.

This in turn brought her into focusing on Constitutional Lawful Processes.  This Meg says is the baby of the movement - in that we are just realising that we have been had … That this is all new to us. It’s like we have finally pulled back the curtain and found out that we have been manipulated for all this time. All of us - though the Establishment will never admit it nor will the politicians that run this country 

They are just not aware that they too are a chattel of the City of London - this is what we are all finding out. As I said … we have been had and this is just another example of why the world is in such an inharmonious mess.  Because at heart we can not understand why we the people have virtually no say - whilst banks create money out of thin air by adding extra zeros whilst at the same time they and Wall St for example are riding high on the hog on bloated salaries share offerings … and socialising all the losses that we the people pick up ‘as the Banks are too big to fall.’

This is why people from all walks of life are saying enough.

We have to remember that the diamond market has been rigged for generations, gold is rigged (see Libor) silver is rigged - everything is rigged whilst ordinary humanity are struggling just to make ends meet.

Meg says that we need to know that there are some very well educated and learned people across NZ and beyond who are gradually decoding and putting the jigsaw together. They (we) are understanding as to how we as a humanity and a nation were hoodwinked by an elite based in the City of London. This was done hundreds of years ago - way back in time, and that they are essentially pirates - and the Far East India Company - was their pioneer system - that got 30,000,000 Chinese hooked on opium 170 years ago. The lies and crookedness go deep.

Meg talks about a mentor of hers Jacqui Phoenix a Canadian now living in the UK - because both the Canadians and the British people are endeavouring to work out why those two countries are Corporations of the City of London - (the Aussies too) as the British Empire assimilated what ever country and people that could be assimilated. Very much like the Borg in Star Trek - but on a softer scale.

Meg asked Jacqui why are the sovereignty movement’s having so much difficulty in uniting? Why not unify under one umbrella - and she said it comes down to the same old situation - ‘some people are into service of self’ - ‘whilst others are into service to the greater good.’ That this is a time of a higher calling - that we humans now have to step up.  Because what we have coming is the World Economic Forum from Davos in Switzerland and their Great Reset. 

We are now in their cross hairs of an undemocratic takeover by the global elite and we - being everyone of us - have not been educated beforehand, by our Governments (our elected servants) or MSM as to what this all translates too. Some of their YouTube videos do not constitute a learning/educating situation. Thus by default, we cannot trust an imposed economic order that says - by 2030 we will not own anything and ‘we will be happy.’ 

But, will the elite be in this situation with us themselves? Or will they be like in George Orwells ‘Animal Farm’ - Some animals will be more equal than others. Note the pigs were at the top of that pyramid, very much in control. 

That these people have multi millions and billions behind them - they will not go short of all luxury items … and you?  How will you be faring? 

It’s a loose affiliation of millionaires and billionaires … As Paul Simon sang in Boy in the bubble - listen  - but now they are consolidating ... 

She mentioned that Jaqui Phoenix remarked that NZ’s facebook page is very slow in getting what is truly happening and that we have to get it together particularly under Article  61 and redress the current situation or else we will be finding ourselves well behind the 8 ball.

PLD International New Zealand - facebook page     There are people from UK, Ireland, Australia, Canada, South Africa and NZ.

Listen please.

Taking an Oath

Meg says that there is an oath taken - to signal that you are a free being.


That this all stems from the MAGNA CARTA in 1215 where the Barons realised King Henry was off the rails and the peasants and serfs who were under the auspices of the Barons - petitioned them, wanting them to approach the King asking for a more humane deal because the King was a slave driver and the peasants were being exploited …listen

The Magna Carta has never been repealed and has been invoked 5 times and then last time in 2001. This was against Queen Elisabeth II. See Treaty of Nice. Well this is big - due to the Queen's refusal to take action - she to certain people had betrayed the People that she represents. Their narrative goes that she must resign, and … all the Governments that come under her ‘jurisdiction’ - that they too resign.  Have a listen … Meg will explain it more clearly 

David Robinson - the founder of the Sovereignty in the UK stated that we are dealing with imposter’s Governments and imposter Heads of States - that the Magna Carta has not been repealed since 2001 - so … watch this space and get researching - Note Google will hide lots.

May 28, 2021

This excellent interview from a very adept communicator of the challenges facing we NZers due to obscuration of the truth about the make-up of the Pfizer vaccination.

Lynda, a Naturopath, Acupuncturist and holistic healer for over 35 years is finding herself working up to 50 hours a week following the Covid vaccination narrative both locally and globally. What she is learning is shocking her daily. Day after day, week after week, month after month she is realising how 'unsettled' the science is.

Statements made a couple of weeks ago that were seen as conspiracy - yet after a short time - these so called conspiracies become far more factual. She gives some hard data to reveal her point and all the way through this compelling interview - we hear time and again of major distortions coming from both the Government, the CDC and MSM 'mainstream media'.  Echoing the 'storyline' that is being promulgated by Pfizer and all the other big vaccines corporations - all in ‘lockstep’ with Big Tech, and Governments - especially those in the Western hemisphere. 

Adverse Bodily Reactions
For example, there are now untold numbers of women globally who have had the vaccination and that straight afterwards, their menstrual cycles become completely deranged and unfathomable. That this is happening very shortly after their vaccination takes place.

These are the most painful periods they've ever experienced and are exceptionally heavy periods. Menopausal and post menopausal women are even having periods after years without a period and all these thousands of women are sharing this over social media - and the MSM and the CDC, plus 'science voices' - immediately stating that it was all bunkum and denying it all.

But, just last week the CDC and MedScape in the US, have now admitted that they do not know exactly what the vax may be doing. Yet, they do concede that they are recording problems with women and their menstrual cycles. 

The Vaccine is still an Experiment
The ‘warp’ speed plan in America to produce a Covid vaccine - especially by Pfizer as one of the vaccine makers - is still an experiment as they only tested it for a number of months. Yet Pfizer has been able to pressure the NZ Govt into not making them responsible if any NZer has any health issues after being vaccinated. This has to be construed as totally immoral.

Because most vaccines take 10 to 12 years to test - this is a huge gamble by all concerned with this 'injection'. This was basically a 2 month trial, and NZ has willingly embraced it - as they have in other countries.

Red Flags
So as the community data comes in from ordinary people throughout the greater community - more red flags are being raised ... red flags of side effects.

(Note: An acute allergic reaction to an antigen (e.g. a bee sting) is one in which the body has become hypersensitive). 

So in NZ we are seeing an anaphylactic reaction in about 1 in every 4,200 people. Whereas in the USA their stats are seeing about one in about every one point, eight million doses administered.

So when we look at NZ's stats, to Lynda's understanding - this is a massive red flag! When we were told in NZ we could expect about one in a million, but now it's 1 in every 4,200 people. One in 4,200 people is not a rare side effect!

MEDSAFE and the Unanswered Questions that Pfizer have not yet answered.
The 58 questions that NZ MEDSAFE have asked Pfizer have still not been answered yet over 60,000 NZers have been injected. When we find out that Pfizer was only given a provisional consent approval, by MEDSAFE. A provisional consent only!

Listen to how Linda tells of the ongoing trial with this vaccine and its effect on animals - This will get you sitting up and paying attention!

That the NZ Government continues to state that this vaccine is OK for pregnant women. 

There are now over a thousand reports of stillbirths and miscarriages being reported in the US and elsewhere (listen to this interview for more info).  However many people are not reporting their adverse effects for many differing reasons. 

Note there is insurance cover - no recourse to chase up Pfizer - and this is global - the vaccine corporations are calling the shots. They are controlling the game plan and riding the fear wave.

Hear  how in America the reporting of any accidents from vaccines is so very low - that it could be as low as only 1% of parents communicating with the US authorities about vaccine related injuries - why? (listen ...

But with this vaccine roll out in the USA - they have received 862,000 reports of adverse events with 5,900 deaths - she said that we also have to acknowledge that these may have a lot of other contingencies attached - so until this can all be verified - just watch this space.

Dr Jessica Rose ... from Canada - 

Says there are about 500 deaths each week in America due to this vaccine. - Best listen to hear what Lynda is saying about this. 

This is serious especially for women. 

Massive vaccine doses of injury has not been processed - there are millions of people who have been vaccinated but the data is missing on adverse reactions due to not enough health officials to record this data.  Here in NZ we are having the same problem.

CDC & VAERS Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System

Linda says do your own research - go to grass roots level health workers on social media as this is the only way ordinary people can actually get the information out. etc. Join groups studying the health effects of vaccines - this is where you will learn at the coal face.

Do not go to any 'science or medical' journal or even hospitals - because they are censoring all the information. These establishments are just that - ‘the establishment’ and they are all ‘hard nosed’ and lock-stepped together pushing out the same untruths and distortions. 

When you research yourself of the adverse health effects, you will read so many astounding stories and really feel these visceral narratives of people who are deeply pained and troubled by what is happening ...

In Israel nearly all have been vaccinated - and reports of suffering due to the media silence - is very problematic. Plus they have a vaccination passport now - You can not enter public spaces without your vaccine passport. (This may be 'momentarily' put on hold) - however this is deemed to be a ploy that the Israeli Government will deliberately go back on. Watch this space.

For NZers Experiencing Adverse Effects.

Such as blood clots, heart attacks and strokes ...brain bleeds - neurological disorders, paralysis - plus - sudden unexpected guests in the 2 to 3 weeks - post vaccine 

She says it is imperative that you do your report - because this is still an experimental vaccine - it's a novel technology - everyone who has the injection becomes an experiment - and no one knows the short term or long term trajectory of this. No report means that you will have a zero chance of any support in the future. So please make a conscious decision to report any adverse effect.

The term 'shedding' is mentioned and this was originally not going to be spoken about. As, it's all over Vaccine social media and has heads turning all around the planet. Have a listen as this will instil a sense of seriousness.     Dr Sherri Tenpenny

Senator Mr Robert Lee Hall of Texas - tells us all the true factual numbers from VAERS for the Covid Vaccine     4 minute video

There is so much more in this interview and the imperative for you dear reader is to listen and then - share, Share, SHARE.

Having known Lynda for over 15 years I know that she is a devoted mother as well as a healer who has dedicated her life to a healthy existence for all of us.

Thank you,

Is this young woman still alive? - Is anyone following up on her? this?

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.”  Christopher Hitchens - Pulitzer Prize Winner and ex New York Times Writer.

May 20, 2021

Peter Daley, a researcher from Australia, tells us of the shocking revelation that the North Pacific Ocean is having its ecosystems collapse due to the radiation that poured out of Fukushima in 2011. 

We are also having to deal with the blatant fact that the Tepco nuclear plant wants to release over a million tons of radiation water that has been collected and stored up until now - so as to not flow into the Pacific ocean. The storage tanks are poorly engineered and are already leaking.              

Now the Japanese Govt wants to release this tritium water into an ocean that is already becoming an environmental catastrophe. Meanwhile the MSM ‘mainstream media’ censor it all - along with all the marine biology departments of West Coast Universities on the other side of the Pacific as well as in Japan. 

This is a crime against humanity as well as all biological life in the Pacific basin.

May 13, 2021

Alia Bee, of Voices for Freedom here in NZ, is a volunteer group headed by three women and now a rapidly growing number of volunteers across the country. 

The reason for their concerns are escalating due to the incessant questionable media programing of the New Zealand population.  

Learn how they came about, to having around 10,000 members and growing - and would like to increase their membership ten fold and then some.

They came about by wanting to set up groups across the country to assist those people who had felt lonely and left out when the lockdown across NZ happened. Because the feedback that they had received was that many people felt unsupported - especially not being able to have visitors and family come to them. To do this they used social media to build up a network of courageous volunteers and now there are 47 neighbourhoods and communities already. 

They are also running introductory meetings NZ wide so that people with concerns and also wanting to get to the truth as to what is 'really' happening regarding the Covid 'injection' rollout and in particular MEDSAFE’S 58 questions that Pfizer 'have yet to furnish' for the NZ Government.

These meetings are creating the space for people to discuss in a more open forum - and most halls where meetings are taking place are in many cases - packed out. 

10,000 on email database - they have FB, Instagram and Telegram and at present Gab is getting ready. They are also wanting more people to mirror their content around NZ to build up a greater resonance - thus to have a wide variety of platforms before they get 'booted' off some of these platforms as Alia said - they are rattling a few chains at present.

They also have over 500 volunteers willing and waiting to go - however it creates another problem as they need to be all vetted (this is very important) and after that placed in certain areas of expertise and areas of trust - so this in itself is a huge logistical challenge. Because, if you get the right conscious person in the best situation - you can get a huge uptick in the way the organisation flows outwards to the community and in turn receives back as well.

Listen to their poster campaign - against the government’s constructed dialogue - by doubling the Government's print run and printing 2 million flyers and raising this money in 48 hours ... 

Front Line Workers Taking the Jab and Suffering Ill Effects. 

It’s imperative to comprehend this - to what is secretly being shared with Voices for Freedom from 'front line responders' and border officials - some are being secreted into hospitals and then quietly transported to somewhere else.

Soldiers too are suffering - and Voices are calling out for whistleblowers - because they have uncovered a silencing of the media including officialdom about people who have been vaccinated then suffering from major ailments - listen to this interview and make your own mind up. This is very serious.

Also with large screen TV’s taking pride of place in living rooms and lounges in NZ - children, after over a year of constant barrage - are experiencing terrible anxiety - infants getting a sneeze and even instances when this happens - kiddies saying that they 'must get tested'.  

Note that pregnant women have been ‘told it is safe’ for them to have a vaccine ...

I did not get round to talking about shedding -  :(
It gets interesting around 18 minutes in. Note though, that the ‘circular economy’ deals with recycling and especially with pollution and is being very much misunderstood here.

For serious subject matter research use 

More Later ...

May 6, 2021 - the Agriculture Action Group has been founded across New Zealand to push back and question Government intrusion, especially when it has not been announced in the Governments manifestos.

This is all about the lack of consultation and enforced regulations and fees at a localised level - via NZ Councils on how we use our land.

 These requirements are now being foisted on an unsuspecting NZ public. This has all been arranged and 'agreed upon’ with the United Nations and is known as 

 Agenda21 & Agenda 2030.

In addition to the above is the inclusion from Davos in Switzerland, of the World Economic Forum’s

 'Great Reset’

  'Where we are told 'that by 2030 we will own nothing and we'll all be happy!'

That together these two models are going to be superimposed over all nations that will lead to the long planned for


These words were uttered by US President George Herbert Bush when he first mentioned them back in September, 1990.  

Now, today, there is an urgent need to ask, why are these two critical global ecological and economical initiatives being inserted into everyday life especially in the Western World and here in NZ. Note that recent NZ governments have made no effort at all to announce this in their political manifestos or brought any of this to the NZ public's notice via MainStream Media.

Now farmers in particular are finding that they are  being regulated and having to fulfil certain conditions having had no local community input from Councils or Central Government - prior to what is happening today.

Where once ‘we the people’ elected servants to act on our behalf. There was always open dialogue and consultation, with meetings and written submissions. Resulting in questions being answered so that the  electorate were ‘ kept in the loop, but in this interview we hear that farmers, essentially the backbone of the economy of our vast rural sector, have been sidelined. Instead they have found themselves controlled by bylaws and legislation that has been enacted with no consultation or their knowing.  

What we are learning is that there has been a huge level of secrecy in relation to how these ‘programs' have been developed and deployed. Though, certain astutely placed ‘buzz’ words have been used to soften the story line, when finally put under the microscope we learn that, ‘we' are being told what to do and what's to happen and that we must ... comply.

Agenda21 & Agenda2030 along with the Great Reset are a 'top down game plan' for planet earth. However, there is an urgent necessity to have 'grass roots' input from communities on the ground that takes localised situations and conditions into consideration and be acknowledged. Not a ‘one size fits all’. 

But, this has not happened. 

Yes, we are very aware of all the many serious environmental challenges within the biosphere that have to be acknowledged and dealt with. As well as the completely unsustainable failing 'casino economic system' that we are ensnared in - that is essentially corrupt to the core.  

But, if we as a democratic country based on the Rule of Law - believe in an honest system of Government, are not allowed to have a country wide discussion with local town hall meetings and full media coverage - especially at 6 pm ‘ every' night - we will realise that our long held cherished freedoms - have been hijacked. This we can not allow. 

Question; did you give permission to our Prime Minister to make this decision that she made in New York in 2019?   See video below

The Interview:

Listen, this is critical information …  too much to write here.    The Agriculture Action Group.

What is happening or about to happen is all an extension of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - an omnipresent  computerised wireless world - where we are immersed in escalating oscillating frequencies 24/7. 

This wireless radiation coming from both ground towers and the 40,000 plus 5G satellites that Elon Musk and SpaceX are deploying as of now. These technologies will be overlaying and bombarding all of nature and every square millimetre of the biospheres surface.     

Notice with spokesman Klaus Schwab of the Great Reset who oversees the World Economic Forum’s  videos - that no ‘love' is mentioned in them - that there is a lack of heart in the narrative. Yes, they point out what the problems are - however all the answers to our planetary problems are coming from the top of the pyramid of power. That they are not coming up from the grass roots, from you and I at a localised level. What we want to hear and see is that we are included in this narrative and that there is heart in this equation. 

Question …  is there any warm joy in what the Great Reset is going to do for you? 

Time to mobilise - share this ….

Some Talking Points of the Great Reset:

A global omnipresent digital society with zero cash.

The absence of small business owners - only Corporations. 

Living in Smart Cities totally connected to overhead satellites.

Unable to save organic seeds, or rainwater off one's own roof.

Decreasing access to the great outdoors.

24/7 Surveillance and zero privacy.

Breathing questionable air.

Drinking fluoridated and chlorinated water. 

Eating Factory and Industrial Food - non organic - no life force.

Submitting to edicts around health requirements - e.g Covid. 

Sourcing information via search engines that censor.

Enforced ‘Gag' Orders when employed by the system.

The lack of Love and connection within the Community. 

These above statements need to be addressed ASAP. 

More to come.

Apr 29, 2021

(For example I, Tim - wanted to have this as the heading for this interview:) 

Katherine Smith: Covid - the truth about vaccines that Pfizer & the NZ Govt are deliberately hiding.

However, in deferring to her as the founding Editor of The Real News - you can recognise her measured response to be a serious voice of reason - in the midst of the current moral malaise of the local and global Fourth Estate.

The Interview:

Listen This is critical information … 

New data coming out is that Covid19 is in some respects a vitamin D deficiency disease. However there has been startling alternative results that are being totally censored by MSM and Governments. (Same old - same old).

MEDSAFE NZ has asked Pfizer 58 questions relating to the vaccine - especially what is in it - and Pfizer are falling back on confidentiality due to it being their intellectual property. So on one hand they say we are in a global crisis and on the other hand tell us to pay now - money up front.  Corporations - we know what drives you.

The trials for the research and data on this particular Pfizer vaccine do not end until 2023 - and yet the NZ Government are herding NZers like sheep into pens ready to vaccinate them all.

Thus we here have become an experiment .... with no guarantees or insurance cover of any kind. None Zilch Zero compensation.

Plus Pfizer is immune to any liability whatsoever. 

They have a free pass and our Government has capitulated to them ... this is compounded madness and insanity - whilst Mainstream Media do what they do best - by changing the subject and pretending that we are not to be concerned.

 Listen to the Government myth that vaccines are safe for pregnant women. LISTEN - because there have been no tests on pregnant women.

What is also in this vaccine is PEG polyethylene glycol - and if you have heard these words before you will find them in a bottle of antifreeze for your car - when used in sub zero weather related conditions.

As previously stated MedSafe here in NZ has asked Pfizer to answer 58 questions - regarding this vaccine and yet the answers have not been forthcoming.

The 2nd Edition has now been published as print - but not yet in digital form. However click and gather other important information in the meantime. 

Kia Kaha & Aroha

Apr 22, 2021

They are calling out the lies emanating from our Government lock stepped with big PHARMA’s Agenda.

Now, with the statement - “No jab - No job!” - in a democracy such as NZ’s, this for many - is a step too far.

Janice Priest has been a natural clinician for over 50 years and has witnessed the continuous transition from a more personal and natural healing realm to that of ‘a chemical drug for all ailments’ regime as propagated by big Pharma. Which has in turn morphed alongside the WHO + to now a vaccination for every human.

As a very experienced naturopath and clinician this interview leads with how to take care of our body naturally, by preventative measures that you can readily access from your garden or local grocer. From 15 minutes in though - Janice talks about the larger picture in dealing with the Covid narrative, the untruths of media with Government coordination and as in the heading - outrageous fear mongering by our elected representatives in an endeavour to control the vernacular of spin.

We cover basic health challenges but more so to have us superbly healthy as we go into winter.

A glass of water when you wake up.
Vitamin C - our ancestors were strategic and stored up for early winter change of weather - honey, lemon, garlic and apple cider vinegar - plus fish oils, omega 3’s - organic olive oils
Extra virgin flax oil as oils make you flexible - dry lips means your body is short of oil. Remember high quality oils, in green tinted bottles - not golden oil that you can see in rows in the supermarket. Keep away from them. Cider vinegar a dash in water - or warm cider vinegar and honey.

If you lack oil your throat can become hoarse and your body may get stiff bones - plus you are more susceptible to colds and flu. Even hemp oil is very good, but only for short bursts - not month after month as hemp oil is a calmative …so it is ideal if you want to calm somebody down … because it has a certain relaxant in it. So it is best to have vitamin A oils - being fish oil.
Parents 60 years ago gave cod liver oil or halibut oil once a week to children.

Also 60 years ago when you entered a NZ hospital - Cod liver oil was one of the first things you were given.

You can make garlic oil - that soothes the mouth and kills bacteria on its way into the throat. Check out methods on the net.

Parsley comes in as an excellent herb to have in your garden or at your doorstep. So important to have this herb as it's rich in iron. Many homes used to have a lemon or even a grapefruit tree in the garden - until the medical profession stated that grapefruit was interfering with their medication - but lemon trees are excellent as a preventative action, as lemons are such a great neutraliser of acidity in our body.

Janice also encourages cinnamon and nutmeg - as they are great immune supporters - and they are so cheap to purchase from the grocery store and you only need a tiny amount. Be it in your drink or on your food.

Eucalyptus oil is still very important and you just rub it into your chest - it’s a great preventive against a hostile environment.

Babies need to wear a hat or bonnet when going out into the cold and especially the evening. Plus prams - these days are built having the baby look forward - where once all prams had the baby looking at its mother. Because, car exhausts and fumes at pram level come directly into that baby's presence and they breath these particulates in, than their taller adult parents. So please, get a pram that allows the baby to always look at its Mum or Dad.

Natural clothing - babies today are not being clothed in wool undergarments or even cotton nappies - they are being dressed and covered in fabric derived from oil and unnatural synthetic products. For children today - they need wool underlay and they need their wool hats over their ears due to the weather changes here in NZ - because babies being so small have difficulty in retaining their body heat. So being wrapped in natural fibre is a plus. Remember, alway have a pram facing the pusher - because of the eye contact and flowing supportive love.

Previously in NZ - patients when entering hospitals would be gently strapped in wool - if suffering from shock or trauma and-or severe flu, colds etc - Including having hot showers - then wrapped in wool garments so as to sweat ‘it’ out.

Once NZ hospitals used to have their own gardens - so that they could supply fresh food for their patients - and even trade with local farmers for fresh food, fruit and vegetables daily.

But today with a controlling sanitised medical and health system - they instead have taken the easy way out by buying in factory and industrial food which has very little life force in the food. This food is usually over cooked by unconscious cooks who have had no training in both dietary understanding and healthy food preparation. So we continue to have hospital staff feeding this ‘life-less stuff’ to people who are in hospital to actually become healthy and well once again.

Note that patients were always wheeled outside each day for some sun, for a good 30 minutes to an hour every day to take in vitamin D and some sunlight colour therapy …there was none of this covering them up so that they don’t get sunshine.

That Matrons and Sisters oversaw our hospitals making poultices - herbal tonics and what have we today? Big PHARMA and the Medical Association instead - wanting to prescribe - drugs.

We learn from Janice who trained in the 1960’s that Doctors were not necessarily brought into the hospital, unless it was an emergency. In those days Sisters and Matrons had more authority and they made decisions that stabilised the patient. Listen Janice tells it as it was. - it’s very interesting - especially when compared to the ‘cooler’ more distant like treatment metered out today. There was an actual duty of care - one reason being that the community in those days was smaller and that with a lower population there was more contact. Many people who found themselves going to hospital knew the nurses. They were not overrun by a huge influx of immigrants in those days - and most families were closer due to a mother and father being present as well as brothers and sisters plus grandparents etc.

Janice said that way back then - the nursing Sisters and Matrons stated that -
‘we will rue the day that we brought all these drugs into the health system.’

She said that she witnessed some terrible arguments around how to care for a patient due to new doctors with their new drug training …

Yet, she also states there are drugs that are very, very helpful - especially in accident and emergency …

Her message - get back to basics - don’t complicate your digestive system Very insightful regarding today's Covid challenge.

COVID - & Sue Grey Lawyer - putting the NZ Govt on notice!
We refer to our heading where Janice talks about the outrageous claims that our NZ Government are making (as the sole source of information that we ‘should be’ following - per statements from our Prime Minister) Listen from about 15 minutes into the interview … this has given cause to NZ lawyer Sue Grey to ‘put the Government on notice’ - that has at one level stopped them in their tracks - but only until they can wriggle around the law and proceed to follow the Agenda that is coming to them from other external entities.

Sue and the Government -

Janice says this push back by we the people against our elected servants is snowballing and only gathering momentum.

Yet saying we need to wash’s our hands all the time - which she says was the best thing our Government has done - same for Plunket - - (In New Zealand the Plunket philosophy became 'parenting lore' and within three decades New Zealand had the lowest infant mortality rate in the world.

They have been saying wash your hands for decades too.

Wash hands before you go out.
Wash hands when you come home.
Wash hands before you eat.

If we follow this regimen - we can halt the spread of this very potent virulent - non-virus. Saying - that this is going to shock people. Saying once we do our research - that once a virus is exposed to the air - from 60 seconds to 2 minutes - it dissipates - it's gone. It’s the air that dissipates it. On the other hand bacteria are contagious. That there are so many anomalies in this whole vaccine saga and she as an experienced naturopath makes a statement prefaced by please - don’t take this vaccine - wait it out and observe what is happening with others who have especially had their 2nd shot. Saying that it does not bother her that the authorities come and growl at her at her age as she has been threatened by all sorts of people over the decades … for pushing natural health remedies and medicine and her book ‘Ocean of Drugs.’

Saying this vaccine is a change of your DNA. It is genetically engineered - a GMO - and it will go in and change out DNA structure and she says she knows of no natural remedies that will be able to undo the damage that this vaccine may do, especially if you come down with any altered state.

So with the previous natural preventative as mentioned, olive leaf and Swedish bitters are important if you feel you are coming down with something … she even mentions that the old people used to use whisky if they felt a cold coming on, as it kills bacteria.

The fact that the NZ Pilots Association have questioned the vaccine and a good percentage of them do not want to be forced to take it and even some Police are of the same mind.

What we clearly learn from this interview is that the vaccine cannot be forced on any one or made mandatory. The Law states that it can not be compulsory!

This has been tried and tested in International Courts and as it is a medicine - it can not be forced on anyone.

Janice cautions - that if you take this vaccine - YOU WILL HAVE NO HEALTH INSURANCE COVER.

No ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation - because it is a clinical trial .

If you have a reaction to a proper - double blind tested registered medicine - then you have ACC cover. But, you don’t in this particular circumstance. You are left out on a limb.

And to suggest that you might lose your job if you don’t take the jab has certainly got the trade unions up in arms.

The Covid was/is a flu variant - it was nasty one - that hit people in the chest … deep into peoples lungs … saying is is some ways like a tuberculosis so she says if we get flu like symptoms - go and get a herbal lung elixir - run eucalyptus on your chest and look at all things as chest colds.

But the extreme manner in which this Government is handling this situation is just turning people off.

You must listen to how the Government is forcing their will over the NZ electorate and we are awakening to what they are doing with - for example, the fluoridation of all municipal water in NZ and also the chlorination of all country water and even water drawn from wells and collected rainwater off roofs. They are also wanting people who put in submissions to have credentials or else they will not accept one's submission.

These are our elected servants that are telling us that we can do and cannot do.

Is this not an inverse democracy that we see happening here in NZ?

Here below is a letter that Janice wrote in response to a Governmental Minister of Seniors who is also the Associate Minister of Health.

She submitted a friendly letter to the Minister of Seniors, whose also Associate Minister of Health Dr Ayasha Varreli and that she had contravened the Medicines and Advertising Acts by making claims in her article in the senior citizens newsletter. Her office replied asp. She sent it on to Hon Chris Hipkins, Covoid Response minister. When we looked up his credentials; he has a BA in Art and Criminology.

Here’s what she sent.
SuperGoldcard Newsletter.

Thank you for your editorial in this, the latest SuperSeniors newsletter.
I have been pondering on your notes, which was all about the latest vaccine.

The people you have addressed have been through depression, pandemics, several epidemics, global recessions, petrol hikes, personal losses, fought for the right to freedom of speech, fought in wars, lost families in wars, experienced high interest rates, different government policies, GE threats, rise in junk food, rise in technology, were brought up on homegrown foods, lived on tight budgets, recycled items and raised families.
To address these people in the manner of a ‘vaccine’ to save their lives is inappropriate.

In researching this vaccine, our generation would never take or use untested goods without guarantees, you have, in your article, underestimated our practical common sense. Why on earth would we want such a vaccine when there isn’t any pandemic, except the one the media are pushing, nor has this vaccine had any standard
double-blind vaccine trials. Besides, I spent 28 years in the media as an international magazine publisher and I can spot a corporation bender a mile off.

In all cases of flu, NZ’ers in our practical way use sanitizers, wash hands, after all it kills most bacteria and the latest research shows antiseptic nasal sprays work well to kill this flu.
Besides as an ex-staff nurse we know masks don’t last long as a deterrent to bacteria and pushing a untrialed vaccine is risky.

This flu the Government is pushing is not a virus based one. For those who haven’t done any research, viruses don’t last more than 60second outside the human body, so viruses are not contagious, bacteria is. Common flu variants are. In the meantime we are watching families lose their business, their jobs, their mortgages, their homes,
some have had to watch families die from a distance, couldn’t come home, attend funerals, while politicians just spent more and more money on a falsehood pandemic.
and your government says it saves lives. No income, no homes, suicide increases, separated from loved ones - is that the price of pushing a flu variant, genetically engineered vaccine?. Especially when vaccines are not compulsory by law.

We spent decades fighting to keep GE food crops out of the country and the Govt wants to inject this GE vaccine into our bodies?
Sure, we need to take flu epidemics seriously, the 'stay at home, wash hands' was sensible, like all flu’s we were raised to respect.

The extreme media focus over this subject is now having repercussions, there are legal actions taking place right now against the Government and several Ministers for allowing such falsehoods and making advertising claims which contravene our Medicines Act and Advertising laws. Even you made false claims in your article.

May I suggest, in your next newsletter you address us in a more even balanced manner, after all we know all about life and death.


"People believe I'm sending a political message when I use the word "experimental" in talking about the vaccine. That is not the case. All the vaccines are in investigational stages only. The trials will not be complete until October 27th, 2022, for Moderna and January 21st, 2023, for Pfizer. You need to be informed it is experimental, and it needs to be your choice!" -Dr. Gold
American Frontline Doctors

Apr 15, 2021

Where it has been tried by the Romans, Attila the Hun to Hitler but they never achieved a truly global conquest. Well, today this is the latest ambition of globalists: the 0.001% and they have technologies that reach deep into peoples homes and by using psychological means are able to monitor all differing contingencies within the soul of all nations. Not only that, they have a level of centralisation of wealth and power - and corruption that has enabled an unprecedented attempt to destroy freedoms and rights - globally.

The pretext for this 'has been in the works' for quite a long time - this has been a result of decades of 24/7 (well paid) think tanks and strategies and planning. (e.g. supercomputer scenarios). What we are seeing now is a culmination of the most ambitious tyrannical project to be conceived by human aspirants to totalitarianism. And the pretext for this is which is the perfect pretext - basically it’s so much better than the terrorism bogeyman or some nation as a bogeyman - it's a microbe

Joe says that it is pathetic - that fear has been unleashed on the global population and that it has been ramped up to such a degree it is causing psychological havoc among the human population. That they are giving up their rights and freedoms and that using as the pretext - germs as a disease on the human race.  So as to be cowered at this moment to be controlled and become servile and allow the removal of democratic freedoms and human rights. It is so easy - especially when you have the total corruption of ‘mainstream corporate mass media’ - and he says let's face it - they are the linchpin -  saying that none of this would be possible if we had a shred of real journalism left in widespread mass media.

Robert F Kennedy Jnr is mentioned as a world beacon to sanity 

Del Bigtree on the highlife 

Dr Andrew Kaufman 

Dr Judy Microvitz 

Rasheed Buttah

The World Doctors Alliance 

Joe says that when you see a famous figure who is being savagely attacked and being discredited by the establishment especially by MSM - that alone is a signpost that - that person is 'over the target' and is standing up for truth. That they have everything to lose and nothing to gain - so why would they be saying it as opposed to those ‘shills’ who are on the payroll and are in the establishment ladder of promotion and perks and grants etc - which are attacking them.

Tim asks for bravery at this moment of time - asking for New Zealanders to stand up and have the spine to be the 5 million to take the time to research and see what is really happening and Joe says that he feels that in NZ there is a lot of possibility for us to come through this - due to the fact that the Health Department is not going to be deploying the full force of the vaccine program for some months into the future. This gives us a very unique situation because we can assess what is happening globally. Especially we can see what is happening in the UK as around half their population have been injected and also in Israel it is the same. Facebook still has some very compelling stories about what is happening in these countries.  We can also look at NZ as things are really heating up with the death of Pauline Hanna of Remuera on the day of her (supposedly) second Pfizer jab and the NZ media taking her off the front page and censoring all information relating to this. 

This is like the smoking gun - it proves totally what Joe is conveying about our sell out media marching to the beat of a (very) different drum. 

NZ Border and Health Workers to Take the Injection? 

Also, the NZ government, attempting to force border workers and other public (health) servants to take the vax  with a ”No Jab, no job” policy.  

(Tim, we can not have our border security officials and personnel being used as guinea pigs - same for our soldiers who are here to protect the integrity and sovereignty of our borders. We have to protect our protectors. If they all become unwell - who will then take their place? Plus, who would want to?) 

Once enough people become aware - rapid ‘conscious change’ can happen.

Joe intimates that when enough people become more knowing and receive more uncensored but ‘truthful’ information, there will eventually be a flip and change will rapidly unfold. Citing the fall of the Berlin Wall virtually over night and the fall of the Soviet Iron Curtain - (and even Apartheid in South Africa) - that seem to fall instantly - and rapid change can happen when the people are ready for a more transparent paradigm.

Saying this change has been building incrementally over time - until it reaches a critical mass - and he thinks it is just a matter of time - be it globally or in each country in their own time - but certainly in NZ we have been blessed in NZ with some extra time. So as to get a better handle of the dynamics and lies relating to covid and the vaccine rollout.

You can see patients in the US in hospital beds, on FB and Telegram - in one case a Johnson & Johnson injection one day - blood clots, seizures and aneurysms in the brain the next day - and our government has all New Zealanders lined up for this - and we are being herded somewhat like down a cattle chute to a destination no one ever in their wildest nightmares would believe - especially what a 'kind' government would do!  What is the blatant hurry - when we have contained whatever it is?

Let's wait and see what is happening world wide and check up on the people who have been injected and see how they respond over the next 6 months or so. At present we in NZ are still able to export food, and yes, we are not producing to the amount that we would like - however when it comes to the health of our citizens - can we not wait this out?

REMEMBER - not one baby, or infant, child, teenager or twenty something has died in NZ from Covid. So let us wait for a little longer.

We must be aware that NZ’s indigenous people the Maori have already been overridden at so many levels by British colonial power and if they are coerced into having their physical sovereignty breached by injection they may very well rebel - (this is what some Maori are muttering)  and anyone in the know - realise that for the last 60 years plus, many Maori have been trained as soldiers and are still wise in the ways as to how military operations are deployed.  Therefore if ‘ordinary’ Maori are neglected in the decision making process and decide to ‘not comply’ in mandatory vaccinations this could very well overflow and instil courage in the young into how to resist being vaccinated.

Also mentioned, is the elderly - many who have lived long enough to have witnessed enough lies and betrayals in the political arena over their lifetime and have seen tyranny before and they will not be so easily led as more ‘concerning’ information comes to public knowledge due to social media skirting MSM programming. Plus, a lot of immigrants have seen tyrannical regimes far more than any New Zealanders - so they too will be on edge. So 'taking out' those most dangerous groups first would be an obvious campaign strategy.

Joe also says that where we have found ourselves today, is in essence a result of us allowing the system to roll on without any direct participation. Voting every 3 years is not participative democracy. We have in so many ways just stood by for decades and watched our governments and the elites, the wealthy and powerful corporations run away with their own game plan. From the larger context, virtually abuse and disempower Third world countries, taking over and playing power games over them. See Latin America, South East Asia and Africa, especially the Middle East - we the Western countries have interfered for too long.

Joe goes on to repeat what happened in Germany in and around 1933.

Remember These Famous Words. 

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me. 

That we today are culpable at this point because we became complacent, lazy, distracted and eventually thoughtless ... like acquiescent and apathetic  .. and by us not involving ourselves we have eventually come to this point.

And it takes what it takes to wake us up!

So he says it is all perfect - we are now in a situation where we can re-right the ship of state - we now have an opportunity to involve ourselves and to even take another meme from America - drain the swamp!

That by involving ourselves we have to take the high ground and surmount what is being diabolically projected on us and take the required legal action. By cooperating together we can take the required action to stop this adulterated evil that has the world in a tightening vice like grip.  So we have to rise to the occasion or we submit to being a casualty and that is precisely what is lined up for us.

NOTE: the noble path is that 'the means justifies the end' - whereas the darkened shadow side goes by 'the ends justifies the means.'  Both Fascist and Communist will adhere to this power play.  This is what the burning of the Reichstad in Germany in 1933 or the 911 'Inside Job' in America - evil never believes in goodwill, honesty, truth, principle - basically power comes out of the barrel of a gun that will be used on you - at will.

We in NZ have been far to spoilt and complacent and now that we in our oversight mode - we can see that the Government is being prodded by unseen powers and vaccine manufacturers - and are herding us down a cattle chute and there is becoming less and less wriggle room and as we put our head up and look further down to where the authorities have set up an injection station - we see the writing on the wall - and we realise that we never ever read the small print - we have let 'eternal' vigilance fade away ... so ... what is it to be? 

Joe says now ... everyone will face a line in the sand.   Listen - Subrogation or your Sovereignty - your choice - LISTEN 

A defining moment and a very necessary moment.

Joe mentions this in the first few moments of the interview and didn’t elaborate - and I omitted to have him explain about the Kali Yuga. It is about the Hindu calendar, telling of the 26,000 years cycle and we are in the darkest of this cycle at present. ‘Where the shadow gets its chance to dance and matter becomes its densest.

Taking the Children’s Attention Away

We are having to see our children mesmerised and hypnotised with screens and super edgy everything on devices.

He questions subliminal activities on the screens and events happening below conscious eye level with frequencies that are unseen. Thus going on beyond their overt propaganda as to what is really happening via these screens;.

Joe has lived in NZ since1985 and when first here he saw a certain depth of thinking and general awareness of average New Zealanders - today 2021 - he sees a deep deep sleep and a lack of common sense or willingness to put 2 and 2 together - or willing to see the obvious when put right in front of one's eyes. So he is very suspicious of the ‘screen age’ especially since the year 2000 technological prowess has created this sensation, leading to virtually all children by 10 having access to a phone,ipad or tablet of sorts 

Controlling Mechanisms Being Deployed in Plane Sight.

Our Natural Support Systems 

This includes our air, water and food and chemtrails and the full spectrum attack on body, mind and spirit and blocking the pineal gland with substances such as fluoride - that this is all basically the most evil attempt he has ever been to prevent human evolution - the spiritual evolution of humanity. 

Bill Gates is mentioned - the billionaire and the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreign Relations and the Club of Rome and all the elite secret organisations that have been planning depopulation for a very long time - see the Georgia Standing Stones. 


Unbeknown we are to be surrounded by frequency assaults - millimeter waves within the 5G spectrum - beyond just mobile phones - because they are criminally insane. 

World Economic Forum and the Great Reset

For example, Klaus Schwab - the Davos - World Economic Forum - a Rothschild Agenda - and they are 'programming us with the thought that in the near future we will not own anything and we will be happy! 

Joe says that the government no matter what party - are servants to other masters and he says that they actually know it. They are not really our servants any more ... such is the way all governments around the world are today - they have all been infiltrated and are not really answerable to their constituents any more - hence wanting to fluoridate all NZ water that affect children's intelligence negatively and that also calcifies the pineal gland - (something thing that mainsstream health professionals don't really know about anything of its existence). 

That ‘they’ - especially in little recent New Zealand - are now corralled and are in ‘way over their heads.’ Especially small countries like NZ - They are in essence - being pushed around and if things go 'south' - and Government collapses due to an awakened electorate and society - they will be classified like the French Vichy collaborators of Germany in the 2nd World War.

A POSITIVE OUTCOME FOR NEW Zealand and the future of Children.

Joe sees NZ as being a land of opportunity and innovation and creating a new bio harmonic holistic society. That NZ can still be the emerging microcosm for the planetary macrocosm - because we have basically good infrastructure in place and a wealths of knowledge from the past as well.

New Zealand has so many Superb things going for it as a Country

We here are still not commercially growing genetically engineered food - BUT the higher ‘monetarist’ echelons want to dilute our natural seed and crops with GE and GMO’s and if they can sneakily weasel their way through NZ’s biosecurity, they will do it.  That we are also still a Nuclear Free Country and no super power can bring a ship with nuclear weapons on board or be nuclear propelled - into our territorial waters - especially our harbours, is a position of both sanity and a better future for children.

Joe calls on the movie Lord of the Rings to learn from its message.

An Extension of Lord of the Rings

NZ can become a beacon and a light for the rest of the world. 

That Joe draws from left field the fact that the movie trilogy Lord of the Rings was filmed in NZ - and that Tolkin the author was a special human who understood many aspects and qualities of human nature. But more so, that Joe had a reaction to this trilogy because it was left out of the film. Hence the heading.

This Joe thinks is a tragedy because the ‘Scouring of the Shire’ was not included by NZ director PeterJackson - (I agree) - because it is all about cleansing and the rebuild - the flowering of their civilisation once again to bring all people together - to be free, and honest and experience joy and allow life to flourish - and they they lived happily ever after ...

What happened in this deleted part is very analogous to what is actually happening now - that we need to roll up our sleeves and bring about a new NZ and with entrepreneurial vigour and team spirit and save the day. The pity that this segment of the book being left out by Peter Jackson sadly did not show us this mirror that could have empowered New Zealanders to co-operate more and come together as a dynamic and synergistic, holistic, family of creative beings. Supra Hobbits :)  

Joe states that this was one of the most important and satisfying chapters in the book !! And a very important closure of the whole book.

Because the small team of Hobbits came back to the Shire to see that Sauron’s minions had taken over the Shire and essentially sucked the life force and light out of it. Trees were being cut down and factories were replacing them - but upon their return - they were so empowered and had transcended fear, that when they entered the deeper part of the Shire their courage and shear brilliance in being, inspired the Shire Hobbits to overthrow these empty pretenders and then the the Shire became free once again - but even more so. 

Joe says that it was a major pity that this was missed out of the book - because it was a metaphor for NOW - it was such a critical juncture in the history of the Hobbits and the Shire - the success of this, had it been filmed would have put Nuclear Free NZ and (nearly) GE FREE NZ  blazingly out these on the world map - but ... you can think your response here ....


Kudos to Sue Grey and her growing team and the High Court case against the Medicines Act - and that what the Government is doing is essentially against the Law.

Joe is confident that critical mass is already encroaching and that NZ will be one of the first to turn the illegal vaccinating of NZs - around.

We have to be patient  and only empowered - the system is unwieldy - because it is driven by ideology and not love - especially for the human species 

Joe says though he wants to help and he does - ‘we can not be our brother’s keeper’ and that we can be too attached to results -  knowing we are all on our own journey. Everyone has their own karma - everyone has their own lessons to learn and we can not judge lessons that might be for someone else. That we have compassion but also a certain level of detachment.


There’s a serious pandemic sweeping the globe. It’s called the Propaganda Virus. It’s affecting billions of people around the planet every day.

The Propaganda Virus is a neurolinguistic pathogen created by humans as a biological weapon for mind control. It is comprised of language, cultural symbols, and memes designed to manipulate the masses toward a particular point of view in order to control opinions and behavior. The virus is transmitted through all forms of media communication and is particularly prevalent during political season.

The Propaganda Virus spreads by getting others to accept a proposition without challenge on logical, factual, or judicial grounds and to act in service of those false beliefs, side-stepping critical response in favor of emotional reaction. Repetition of suggestion and/or insinuation is one of the most effective means the virus uses to infect the masses.

Those affected may experience loss of personal agency and/or rational, independent thought which can lead to hatred, delusional thinking, severe depression, extreme emotional volatility, and in some cases deadly aggression toward self and others. Since the advent of the internet and social media, the Propaganda Virus can now spread like wildfire through the airwaves to the entire global community in real time.

The Propaganda Virus is highly contagious and can survive undetected in the human brain disguised as personal conviction. Protect your immune system through a build up of critical thinking skills. Do not consume and share media from biased sources with an agenda, and be sure to cleanse your brain daily with meditation while cultivating a positive mental attitude as negativity, fear, worry, and stress is a breeding ground for infection.

If you believe you’ve been infected by the Propaganda Virus then stop ingesting mass media immediately, pet a dog or cat, and consume a healthy dose of Nature until fear subsides and rational clarity is restored. All is well. 100% of those reading this will probably die anyway, eventually. In the meantime, it is advised that you live happily and spread love instead of fear.

Thank you! "Donna Trousdale, M.A. Linguistic Psychology

Apr 8, 2021

European trees are being targeted as a part of ‘cancel culture’ - whilst nature takes the hit.

Meanwhile this is all being sidelined by our elected representatives both at a national level as well as locally. The fact that exotic trees are being cut down because they were introduced by early European settlers appears to be part of the ‘cancel-culture’ that can even be conceived as a cultural marxist agenda. That is, to take down the past and eradicate it. The fact that deep ecology is being ignored and that the flora and fauna are under attack, defies common sense - especially when there is an actual program in Auckland to plant 1 million additional trees goes against common wisdom.      

Main Points that Wendy Wishes to Convey

Wendy Gray 'chainsaw politics' tree felling Western Springs & Across Auckland

  • Tree blindness is being unable to notice trees in our environment or appreciate their importance for the biosphere and in human affairs.
  • Tupuna – the ancestors. Our trees are considered to be our ancestors by indigenous peoples including Māori. They were here first and created the atmosphere for all oxygen breathing organisms like us. We are the Last Born after our relations the birds, insects and smallest organisms. It is our responsibility to protect our ancestors and not destroy them.
  • Trees manage our climate both locally, regionally and internationally. They communicate through the soils, the wood-wide web, we know about this from Dr Suzanne Simard. They also communicate through pollen and water. There is even a suggestion that they communicate at night in some way. 
  • Trees have ancient knowledge about how to manage the climate of our planet. We do not understand how nature works.
  • New science is challenging the current beliefs about conservation and the environment and how nature works. It Is challenging those who make decisions about our environment. We don’t know how nature works; we only think we know.
  • Trees are integral to nature’s water cycle: with no trees you have less water. The more treeless Auckland becomes the hotter the urban areas will be. 
  • Auckland Council is removing our parks and reserves. It is building apartment buildings boundary-to-boundary without green areas. This habitat loss is devastating Auckland’s biodiversity.
  • When you cut down trees you release the carbon. Auckland Council does not account for this. The future Auckland will be hot, subject to droughts and flooding, concrete covered with surveillance cameras everywhere.
  • The native trees are good and exotic trees are bad issue is a worldwide political agenda. It is an artificial division. It is about colonial guilt from having treated indigenous peoples poorly. We want to make amends by championing native species. But nature does not work like this; plants and animals are always moving around. Nature is constantly working with whatever resources it has available and changing constantly. 
  • Another reason is the creation of prejudice against perceived outsiders – the Americans call this “authoritarian nativism”
  • Our Minister of Conservation is reported to be prejudiced against non-native trees and is not likely to support reinstatement of tree protections. Our Minister for the Environment considers that it is “too expensive” to bring back tree protections. He can only say this if he values our trees and our environment at zero! The current NZ government has no agenda to bring back tree protections.
  • Western springs Native Forest is the only 98-year old regenerating native forest in Central Auckland. It has the tallest trees that are Monterey pine trees. Known to live to over 150 years old in New Zealand. The forest is also a Significant Ecological Area.
  • A forest is a living organism comprised of other living organisms – plants, animals, insects, beetles, funghi, bacteria, as well as trees. It has an overstorey, (the 98-year old pines), an understorey, (a 90-year old closed canopy native forest ) and a functioning forest floor. Western Springs forest has all three components in balance and harmony. 
  • The estimated asset value of this forest is conservatively $4 million. The ecosystem services value is estimated at $2 million annually for the life of the pines. We have not valued the native understory because Council has refused to survey it. The loss of this resource to the people of Auckland is in the many millions of dollars.
  • Overseas forest practice would manage the succession of this forest overstorey from pine to native over 20-30 years. The original Western Springs plan 1995 envisaged this. The community have always wanted Council to do this and in 2018 proposed a partnership with Council to do this. 
  • Council refuse to work with community and have treated them as the enemy since 2018. Council’s proposal has only ever been to do the big expensive project to clear-fell and harvest the 20+ tonne pines. Council’s methodology is not arboricultural best practice. ‘Expert’ reports have been produced to support Council’s methodology. 
  • The health and safety risks of this forest have been talked up by Council. The path through the forest was closed in mid 2018 (not April 2018) because of a branch hanging over the path which had been damaged by the April 2018 Cat 2 storm. Council failed to remove it despite many requests to do so. Council has a zero-risk policy in relation to this forest which is not usual arboricultural practice.
  • This methodology is NOT in the best interests of this forest nor future generations of Auckland residents. Rather, the community believes the driver here is what Auckland Council considers in its best interests.

Tim’s Point of View.

When banker John Key arrived in Wellington and became Prime Minister, the game plan dramatically increased the 'centralisation of power’. This also enabled developers and monetarists to work towards wiping the board as if playing the game Monopoly to one of near, open slather.

Capitalising on ‘tree blindness’ due to a continued failing education system has now enabled Councils to turn a blind eye on nature and the natural world, whilst pretending to care, but in reality abetting 'chainsaw politics' and not really listening. Thus allowing our revered natural, ancient oxygen generators - air conditioning systems and water filtrators to be systematically eradicated by ‘unconscious' dictates of a 'cancel culture’ that in so many ways - wants to eradicate the past. Especially - vestiges of European heritage.

Listen to Wendy Gray as she clearly articulates what is happening in Auckland as she explains that anyone who is an advocate for trees has now been deemed ’the enemy’ and how vested interests lockstep with other Council interests are running another agenda. One that has no consideration for the ecology and environment of today and tomorrow - where building to the boundary is the way to maximise capital, or maunga (mountain) clearing of mature exotic trees eradicates the past. But, what this is doing is basically causing a greater separation especially for children of today or tomorrow - who may never grow up to the sound of bird song, the rustle of leaves or the fragrance of flowering trees.

Today humanity is caught in the crossroads of tumultuous change that's also a full spectrum assault on the senses of the human condition. Add to this Agenda21 and Agenda2030 and overlay this with lockdowns and a city surrounded by orange cones - 5G and CCTV cameras plus infiltrated with fluoridated water and you will grok that the once free spirit of humanity is now under unprecedented siege.

Wendy Gray - on how nature has to be revered and allowed to express its inherent beauty once again.  -  and click on the logo too.

We must always become vigilnet when these words are mentioned by the MSM and Governmental officials - Public Private Partnership ... 

Apr 1, 2021

In this interview of Sue Grey, lawyer from Nelson who has also researched Health issues and has a degree in biochemistry, we learn that things are definitely not as they seem. She has been an activist on the battle front over the last decade endeavouring to bring transparency to so many of the issues that now are bearing down on us and now - totally surround us.

She is also the Co leader of the OutDoors Party - -  and sees clearly that humanity and the ecology of our entire biosphere is at the crossroads of either we come together as a ‘conscious’ caring humanity - and in essence a global family … or continue down the path of becoming victims to corporations in cahoots with captured Government - who themselves are caught up in their own self serving agenda to not truly engage and empower the community from the grass roots up. When did you hear them mention ‘empowering the grass roots?’  To relocalise and work cooperatively with NZ’s communities? 

I start by thanking Sue for her continuous selfless effort to want to educate the NZ people on ‘other’ specific health issues that are being ignored by the Government and Health Boards. As a lawyer, she could have gone into the corporate structure and become very successful, but she knows that we as a planetary civilisation are at the precipice and as a mother she wants a healthy future and planet for her children. 

I wish we had more people both male and female in NZ who are committed as we need more conscious people engaged and activated.

Lock Down - Vaccinate - Reset  

Today, sadly - it appears that Western governments globally are working towards locking down their people. With no apparent let up.   

This is taking away choice -  freedom to choose.   Whereas Freedom is one thing -  but, it’s also a great ‘discipline’ for us as well.  

The issues Sue has been involved in lately is the calling for transparency due to the rapid deployment of 5G - in relation to the lack of research on health and what is the accumulative effect on humans, animals, birds, insects and the vegetable kingdom? 

Now Covid and Water Control have impinged on her valuable time.

These below are some of the questions and answers that came up during this interview. That due to time constraints it has been impossible to transcribe this interview - however I trust that ‘you are able to listen’ as there is much valuable information that you need to know.

Because, if you wish to know the full context of what she conveys - please listen - it is only the memory equivalent of 3 or 4 photographs  

This link below was a very recent presentation to the NZ Parliamentary Health Committee by Sue and Alan Simmons of the Out Doors Party - on  both questioning and stopping the taking of our water rights away from us.

In today's interview, Sue was asked that when she was a candidate in the last election here in NZ, did the Labour Government mention or signal back then that if they remained in power they would fluoridate and chlorinate NZ’s water supplies throughout the nation?  Was this in their manifestos?  She said that as far as she knows - this was never flagged or mentioned. 

This being the case, is this not deceitful of our Government to now set about doing this virtually behind our backs? Because this is a gigantic issue that affects the health of the whole nation. Is this what has become of NZ’s socialist Labour Government ? If David Lange ex PM of the 4th Labour government had been alive today, he would surely call his own party out?

Was it Labour’s intention to always want to Nationalise more private property? 

Tim mentions that when he was a teenager living near Matamata, in a farming community, the big statement then among some farmers and those involved in small business, was that Labour would eventually, one day - want to nationalise all of our farms, because they were socialists. But, for now they are wanting water …

Thus the question, have our elected representatives in Wellington - run away with their own political party agenda and subtly, but very clearly made it known to all party MP’s that they must not go against the party dictate? Even if the electorate that the MP specifically represents have got an alternative view point and want their elected servant to openly debate that alternative.  

‘Toe the party line is the name of the game, especially if you want an interrupted steady income for life.’  

Nationalising all Drinking Water Nationwide?

So now we have Labour moving to nationalise our water - and it appears all other parliamentarians (the opposition) are silent. That the Labour Government wants control of all water taken away from District Councils and have the Government through the Department of Health control this life giving resource - the natural commons. Whereas for generations across NZ the District Councils are elected and are answerable to the local electorate. The people. This current situation means centralising Government power towards a ‘command & control’ economy. Like that of the ex Soviet Union. This is where the Central Government can now dictate what it does to our water such as chlorinate and fluoridate all water that is for drinking. 

Yes, they have their standardised ‘scientific’ viewpoints but there is ample evidence that fluoridation affects children’s intellectual capabilities. See -

Then scroll on down to the bottom of this page and there are three other - links on fluoride. 

Even if it’s rainwater from your roof or a spring somewhere on your land, it will come under Government control. This time to add chlorination. Because the Government Health Department who are not elected officials will do the bidding of the Government in power.  Which is strange - because for years now - multinational corporations have been extracting water out of various rural areas that have ‘water rights’ situated across NZ. This has been happening for many years and all that water has been free of charge other than a minuscule rental fee. Thus ambiguity continues to this day. Here is an interview of this.

The Commons 

Sue mentions the Magna Carta of 1297 in England. - stating that ‘water is in essence a human right’ and that it cannot be taken over as it is an integral part of the web of life and the ‘Global Commons. Listen.  The ‘Commons’ needs to be taught at all levels of the educational curriculum - so that NZers become aware of its importance.

COVID - this was the 2nd part of the interview. 

With regard to the Covid equation Sue mentions that the Government has not complied with the legal requirements to further this Government's agenda it now wants to use lockdowns, when appropriate or needed and to roll out vaccinating the whole country. She has a link on - for you to see more.

As a result of this interview - the following is an opinion piece by Tim   - apologies for the poor grammar and structure - due to time constraints  

Wearing the Public Down

Today rapid change is being forced upon us - usually by corporate expansion and enterprise and abetted by government - especially in the cases of new technologies or land developments etc. These are being continuously deployed or actioned and are forcing change due to their financial power, control and connections. In NZ the Government ‘does its bit’ by asking for submissions from the NZ public. However after decades of being continually ‘on the back foot’ - the concerned and aware public are tired, under resourced and time constrained to have to ‘continually’ complete submissions or sign petitions, that have time constraints on them - that it has become an energy sapping process of continued letter writing, going to meetings, rallies and protests with placards and signs. This is a ‘controlled’ game that the Government carry on because ‘they are all fully paid’ during all these times. As the upper controlling echelons of these political parties always remain in power - for decades.  Whilst the struggling electorate are unpaid and continually volunteer to stand up for the rights of the children of today and future generations - as well as the land and the sacredness of the environment, that sustains our very bodies.

It should be incumbent on those wanting to change the laws or release new technologies  - that they pay for the public costs of submissions. User pays. 

With the Government tying us down in having to write time consuming submissions, attending meetings etc, we have to ask, who really knows anything about the ones who have been chosen (hand picked)  to read or listen to these submissions - who may not necessarily be fair adjudicators or discerning of what is being conveyed, or lack the capabilities of being impartial. Hence more and more people within the community don’t believe these officials will carry their concerns forward, but instead defer to the status quo.

The System is Designed to Wear Us Down.

This is a carefully crafted game-plan devised by powerful interests - corporations/bankers in lockstep with whatever current Government is in power, to continually put the populace on the back foot and ‘wear them down’. 

Because they have the resources and connections to power, big money, lawyers etc they eventually steam roll the little person and the ordinary man into submission. Meanwhile, the politicians draw their salary, smug in the thought that they are above it all, and are still ‘seen to be giving the people a chance’ - to voice their opinion. This is where 21st century politics has descended and no wonder people have become cynical of the political process. 

What is Agenda21 and Agenda2030

We now have Agenda21 and Agenda2030 being sneakily enacted (infiltrated) across the country whilst an unconscious NZ public are totally distracted with countless other issues. Especially with Covid, contact tracing and the population being ‘readied’ for mass vaccinations, (and there may not be any trace of the Covid19 in the vaccine itself). There is so much going on. However the ‘astute’ people within the NZ public have gone around MSM and via Social Media (and it has its pitfalls) - and these people are wising up. Especially now since the Governments open door immigration policies - these many new immigrants are realising that back in their country of birth - the Covid ‘thing’ - is taking many various and strange twists - see what’s happening in Israel, Britain and South Africa but essentially all of Europe and that the farmers of India are not becoming infected!  Check out   - in this case -  

The Wellbeing Budget, though a World First is it a Red Herring? 

At present the current NZ Government has a ‘Wellbeing Budget’ which is touted as a world leading initiative - and it is - it sounds fantastic, warm, and signifies compassion. That it is produced by a Government that cares and is kind - but look behind it and there is another story. It parallels all the ubiquitous orange cones that you constantly see on so many roads and streets throughout NZ. They are training us and conditioning us to ‘stay in line’ and to obey and stop on demand. To slow us down. It’s a program that is deftly applied under the theme of public safety. 

The Wellbeing Budget has some exceptionally good contingencies but it’s a red herring to showcase that the Labour lead government supposedly cares. Yet, if it is truly honest it will show health statistics that are going through the roof - Sugar usage in food and drink increases, cheap unhealthy cooking oils, obesity increases, junk food increases, medication for depression increases, divorce increases, family violence increases, mental health increases, tooth decay - suicides (numbers are now suppressed etc)  Accomodation costs increases, housing increases, immigration to pay for escalating infrastructure increases. It will also show the increased use of Monsanto’s glyphosate to spray complete paddocks ‘orange’ and that much of the Recycling System is being surreptitiously hidden in landfills. Even the continued poison 1080 use and who actually owns this company. The list goes on and the snowball gathers pace, whilst every day Joe Sixpack and Caroline Cardigan - grimly stare into their 72 inch telly, programmed and hypnotised by the 6pm news and worried that the All Blacks rugby team may lose and that their pizza delivery better not be late …   

Here is Dr Ron Colman being interviewed in July 2018 on ‘genuine success indicators’ - this will bring home what it is meant to have transparent government and the challenges in implementing such a far reaching and important policy.

Is the NZ Media Captured by the State? 

New Zealanders who are in their late 60’s, 70’s and 80’s realise from past experience that the NZ media seems to be coming part of the system’ - nearly like Pravda and Izvestia that were the mouthpiece of the failed Soviet Union and the communist agenda. That NZ media appears to be toeing the government line and we have to ask is it daily edging closer towards George Orwell's 1984? They have recently received $50 million from this Government and have tame journalists that will not question any discrepancies that Sue Grey points out in the Covid roll out.  Especially within the acquiescent parliamentary press gallery. This Government has made financial handouts to MSM to keep them silent especially with the 5G health narrative and now with Covid and the planned vaccination of every soul that inhabits Aotearoa. There are more questions than answers that are being ignored.

Phone and book a time and take a delegation to visit your MP at their electoral office, don’t go alone - because unity is strength. Tell them that their vote hinges on ‘this meeting.’  


Doctors here in NZ will not speak out about Covid Vaccines because the NZ Medical Association answers to big Pharma - which is basically based in America but with ties to Britain and other pharmaceutical corporations in Europe. Which in essence is a global control mechanism that goes back to ties to the Rockefeller’s in the USA.  Hence Doctors are too afraid to speak their minds because they are terrified that they will have their license to practice revoked. This is a worldwide phenomenon and Big Pharma is in essence a legalised drug cartel and they are totally against any natural therapies because these cannot be patented. So whenever you see your doctor - he or she is very constrained in what they can say for fear of losing their licence and basically become unemployable.  Note that John D Rockefeller and his son David, who recently died at 104 were ardent uses of homeopathy - just like the British Royal Family. Can you connect some dots here?

Note, hydroxychloroquine was mentioned as a cure for covid especially if you got to the patient within the first 24 hours or so. However Big Pharma instantly came out globally and clamped down on it and actually stopped it being sold here in NZ even though hydroxychloriquine has been on the market here for over 20 years. Remember how Dr Simone Gold and America's Front Line Doctors were excoriated by the US Corporate controlled media, for even mentioning that this was a cure for covid - such is the power of Big Pharma in lockstep with the 6 media conglomerates that control the US and the 7th being the BBC out of Britain. 

A Global Government Coup?

In the interview with Bill Watson 3 weeks ago - he mentioned that we are in the middle of a global coup especially in the West. However controlled MSM does not focus on this at all (Why would they? As they are the communication arm for it) - and in fact do everything to obscure the fact - choosing to give us scattered news items that distract us into a fragmented understanding of the global situation. 

Unbeknown to most, there is a battle going on for the soul of our planet, by those that do not believe in soul, or are anti-soul. Bill intimated for those adept enough to grok the big picture that under the guise of Covid - the plan is that Bill and Melinda Gates are to vaccinate the whole human race with an untested vaccine that more and more independent and courageous doctors are saying - is not even a vaccine. Note that Sue in this Interview says’ that there is no responsibility by the vaccine manufacturers in the case of any health or death issues that may result.’ They get a free pass. Listen to her  share how Grant Robertson our Government Minister brought this in. 

Sue says anyone who takes the vaccine is part of a global experiment. 

The Great Reset

This is also the ‘planned’ time for the Great Reset. This has been touted by the World Economic Forum out of Davos Switzerland - to be put in place across the whole Western world. (and eventually beyond) This being ‘guided’ by Klaus Schwab as the only way forward and this will bring us the digital currency - and the end of the fiat cash regime and that we will not have any cash. ‘That we will eventually not own anything and that we will be (laughably) - happy.’ The end result will be that we will be living in the Fourth Industrial revolution where the Surveillance State will become the Security State all connected in the ubiquitous silent 24/7/365 day silent hum of 5G wireless frequencies that will interfere with our bodies health - but this does not matter because we are also in the midst of a depopulation agenda that Roy Harlow so sadly over the last two weeks expounded on.

When you die before the vaccine - you only die of COVID - when you die after the vaccine - you die by everything but the vaccine …

It’s an Experimental Vaccine 

The Vaccine manufactures have no liability if any injuries or deaths occur.   The vaccine manufactures have it both ways - a free pass, to both riches and no responsibility. 

No responsibility for ongoing daily health

Health - the NZ Government Health Authorities are not telling us how to be healthy - by taking brisk walks in nature  swimming - being barefoot on the grass, breathing fresh air - eating vital organic food, drinking unsanitised ‘vital’ water - Yes it’s expensive - but get innovative and grow food in tubs - take some time out in sunshine and taking vitamin C. It is relatively cheap now. 

Eating Supermarket Factory and Industrial food is not going to bring ultimate health and vitality to your being. 

Use this as your search engine. - for all your searches - far more than Google as it does not censor.

The vaccine was not brought in for COVID - COVID was brought in for the Vaccine - once you understand this - everything makes sense.

Higher discernment .   Always important … so we encourage you to do your own research …   

Also - How much joy do you experience? - Tim and Sue talk health and wellbeing and that we have to take time to regroup internally and that meditation and prayer are important to becoming present. That thankfulness and gratefulness are a daily practice etc 

Sue’s web addresses.

Forget about who the messenger is - just listen to this 2009 message.

Youtube alternatives: - check covid - it is VERY out there - so I encourage higher discernment - in Britain - very good.

In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act - George Orwell. 

Exclusive: Former Pfizer VP to AFLDS: ‘Entirely possible this will be used for massive-scale depopulation’

March 25, 2021 | Comments Offon Exclusive: Former Pfizer VP to AFLDS: ‘Entirely possible this will be used for massive-scale depopulation’

by Mordechai Sones

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) spoke to former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Yeadon about his views on the COVID-19 vaccine, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, the regulatory authorities, and more.

At the outset, Dr. Yeadon said “I’m well aware of the global crimes against humanity being perpetrated against a large proportion of the worlds population.

“I feel great fear, but I’m not deterred from giving expert testimony to multiple groups of able lawyers like Rocco Galati in Canada and Reiner Fuellmich in Germany.

“I have absolutely no doubt that we are in the presence of evil (not a determination I’ve ever made before in a 40-year research career) and dangerous products.

“In the U.K., it’s abundantly clear that the authorities are bent on a course which will result in administering ‘vaccines’ to as many of the population as they can. This is madness, because even if these agents were legitimate, protection is needed only by those at notably elevated risk of death from the virus. In those people, there might even be an argument that the risks are worth bearing. And there definitely are risks which are what I call ‘mechanistic’: inbuilt in the way they work.

“But all the other people, those in good health and younger than 60 years, perhaps a little older, they don’t perish from the virus. In this large group, it’s wholly unethical to administer something novel and for which the potential for unwanted effects after a few months is completely uncharacterized.

“In no other era would it be wise to do what is stated as the intention.

“Since I know this with certainty, and I know those driving it know this too, we have to enquire: What is their motive?

“The good news is that there are multiple choices available: hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, budesonide (inhaled steroid used in asthmatics), and of course oral Vitamin D, zinc, azithromycin etc. These reduce the severity to such an extent that this virus did not need to become a public health crisis.”

Moderna Chief Medical Officer Admits mRNA Alters DNA

by Suzanne Hamner

Several prominent physicians, doctors, Sons of Liberty Media Health and Wellness expert Kate Shemirani, her colleague Dr. Kevin Corbett, and I have postulated that the current experimental mRNA injection for coronavirus, aka COVID-19, could alter one’s genetic code or DNA. Bill Gates stated it, which was included in my video “Human Genome 8 and mRNA Vaccine” on It is one reason the term “experimental human genome altering mRNA injection” has been used to describe the jab being foisted onto the mostly unsuspecting public. 

While many in the media, Dr. Anthony Fauci and his merry band of chronic liars, and “fact checkers” have declared this claim as false, a video of a TEDx Beacon Street talk by Tal Zaks, chief medical officer of Moderna, Inc., one pharmaceutical company manufacturer of the experimental mRNA technology injection, confirms mRNA injection for COVID-19 can change your genetic code or DNA. This TEDx Beacon Street talk occurred in 2017. H/T to YouTube channel Silview Media Backup Channel.

Zaks calls it “hacking the software of life”. In the first minute of the video Zaks states, “we’ve been living this phenomenal digital scientific revolution, and I’m here today to tell you, that we are actually hacking the software of life, and that it’s changing the way we think about prevention and treatment of disease.” [Emphasis mine.]

He even repeats that they (Moderna) think of it like an operating system, which the Moderna website indicates as “Our Operating System”.

At one minute in, Zaks states, “In every cell there’s this thing called messenger RNA or mRNA for short, that transmits the critical information from the DNA in our genes to the protein, which is really the stuff we’re all made out of. This is the critical information that determines what the cell will do. So we think about it as an operating system. …. So if you could actually change that, … if you could introduce a line of code, or change a line of code, it turns out, that has profound implications for everything, from the flu to cancer.” [Emphasis mine.]
When “changing” a line of code or “introducing” a line of code” (referring to DNA), the “code” or DNA is then altered, meaning the individual or “subject” has now had their genome changed to what the “scientists” have coded. The individual or subject is no longer a creation of God but a creation of man, meaning the individual or subject could be the object of a “patent”. He goes on to say, the mRNA would tell the cells to “code” for the protein of the “virus”. This “viral protein” is foreign to the body. The individual’s body is making a foreign protein the immune system is to attack. When the body makes a protein the immune system then attacks, your immune system is attacking a protein your body is making, meaning what is occurring in an “auto-immune response” or “auto-immune disease”.

This has been repeated a number of times by experts, physicians, nurses and countless others. As readers can see, none of us were “whistling Dixie”. Zaks talks about turning this system on; however, there is no way to turn it off. When do the cells know to stop making this “viral protein”? The cells don’t; therefore, this continues for the duration.

In a normal vaccine, the immune system attacks the limited amount of “particles” in the adjuvant to produce antibodies or immune response that the body can recognize at a later time if the individual comes in contact with the same or similar “particle”.

The study Zaks cites at the 3:12 minute mark can be found and read here. The abstract is contained on the NIH Pub Med Library website. In the full test of the study on ResearchGate, the mention of “Luciferase” occurs on page 10.

A crucial piece of information in this study is contained on page 4 – “Ferrets immunized with 200 micrograms and challenged

[exposed to influenza H7N9 via IN (intranasal)] on day 49 had viral loads below the level of detection”. If a viral load was 

“below the level of detection”, two questions emerge: 1) did the ferrets even contract H7N9 through intranasal challenge;

and, 2) if a viral load is below the level of detection, how do you know the animals even had a viral load?

This would bring into question the efficacy of the injection. Moreover, the studies Zaks cites as occurring in humans only lasted approximately 18 months.

At about the 4:00 minute mark, Zaks begins discussing mRNA vaccines for cancer. Immediately following that, Zaks discusses a children’s condition where a gene or “code” is missing that causes production of a certain enzyme critical for metabolism where the current treatment is to transplant an entire organ – in this case, the liver. Zaks proposes to inject mRNA that codes for the missing gene, a gene contained in DNA on the human genome, it would “correct” the genetic defect.

Ask this question: what causes the cells/body to produce needed enzymes/proteins? Zaks answers that by saying the genetic code or DNA. So, mRNA has to alter a genetic code or the DNA for the body to produce the proteins of COVID-19 for the body to mount an immune response.

Out of the words of Tal Zaks of Moderna, mRNA can alter the human genome. Whether by design or “unintended consequences”, this technology is being used to do just that. He calls this “information therapy”; although, some would call it “mad science”. In attempts to “rewrite” genetic code to correct defects, studies have shown there were “cascading failures”. In other words, changing one “defective gene” in one genome caused other genes to “fail” or cause problems. And, it was not just one subsequent gene becoming defective, but many. This is more than likely why there are over 400 adverse events surrounding the experimental mRNA injection.

So, the next time someone claims these “vaccines” do not alter the human genome or DNA, you can refer that individual to Tal Zaks of Moderna, Inc. who claims otherwise. Dr. Fauci should be eating some four and twenty blackbird (crow) pie.

Mar 25, 2021

No sitting back - but being sovereign within one's own being and 'consciously' encouraging all actions and initiatives conducive of right livelihood, neighbourhood support and a fully active localised community as being imperative overarching acts to involve ourselves - 24/7.

Then recognising that this is a planetary event. We the people have to ‘consciously’ take our whole planet back for the betterment of our children’s future and not Corporate dominance with Governments in lockstep towards totalitarian control over humanity.

That Roy's assessment of the present situation was the heading of this weeks interview: Humanity should join the Alliance to separate from the Deep State

We, as we read this, are in an undeclared state of war on the human species and all biota within the planetary biosphere.

When we take in all the elements that make up the web of life that embraces our planet - we witness the decline of air quality, see the ‘global dimming’ video as in - as well as the challenges around drinking water and that both the NZ Govt and the UK Government are pushing for fluoridation of all municipal drinking water in both countries.

But also, the poor state of brooks, creeks, streams, lakes and rivers. Whilst the seas and oceans are continuously under threat. Just listen to the unrelenting silence leaking out of Fukushima into the Sea of Japan and the greater Blue Pacific ocean.

Yet, it is also the sacredness of the land that is taking the brunt of human impact too. The erosion of billions of tonnes of silt and soil that run off our valuable countryside and farmlands globally. Not to mention what is flowing out of the Amazon basin due to unbridled deforestation. Plus other river deltas everywhere.

But to reiterate, that is only another part of it. NZs government is in the grips of wanting to fluoridate all municipal water supplies as they endeavour to take 'authority' away from Local Councils and put this all into the Department of Health's hands. That means Dr Ashley Blomfield who was trained and enabled by the World Health Organisation (the WHO) - which is now virtually and forcibly taking away the democratic rights and governance from we, the NZ people.

Notice that the UK Government is calling for this at this very moment too. Which begs the question is there a global coordination going on under the aegis of Agenda21? Note that by 1984 almost 66% of the Australian population had access to fluoridated drinking water, represented by 850 towns and cities.

Now there is the chlorination of all water being pushed by our NZ Government too. (Note; I was with a Munich official in Germany recently whose was flabbergasted that we in NZ are sanitising our water and wanting to use it as a means of mass medication).  No wonder the dumbing down process is winning the race to the bottom.

It is relentless - look at the chemicalisation of our food system - herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, 1080, now with the extra hidden dangers of 5G wireless frequencies.  No wonder children are suffering from allergies and autoimmune problems as well as anxieties that health researchers talk about comorbidities of different ailments overlapping into one large undiagnosed disease. Because these are all new ailments.

We are presently on the back foot when we need to be on the front foot - that natural, healthy methods have basically got the human race to where we are today over tens of thousands of years. Now we are being subjected to an onslaught of chemical attack with little long term testing. See how long the testing of the latest vaccines have had? We are all guinea pigs now - or are we in Roys estimate - part of a larger plan called ‘depopulation’  

With participatory democracy the only way we can come through this - it is up to us - all of us, to make an effort locally and set up cooperative cells of ‘conscious’ participants and start connecting with other ‘conscious’ cells and continue with this process.  Farmers markets are one of the best places to start this initiative - especially to purchase organic food and get away from factory and industrial food that is in so many ways devoid of ‘life force’ and freshness. 

Then we realise that we are an Alliance of good-hearted beings that can see and separate ourselves from the un-human excesses of the Deep State. That is, the Corporations who have never really been here for the altruistic benefit of humanity - this includes the Alphabet Agencies and the so-called ‘Great Reset’ and the controllers behind them.

The intrusion into our lives of media that through ubiquitous 72 inch TV sets is hypnotising us, especially young and impressionable minds to not think but to obey - this war for the minds of the people of planet earth is being stepped up daily as MSM endeavours to program the very fabric of a society that essentially just wants to love their children, give them a wide education that includes self discipline and allow them to have the freedom to travel and eventually settle down in a healthy home and environment  and experience nature and what it is - to be human.

In this interview, Roy intimates that in response to the imposition of the Great Reset from the World Economic Forum being promulgated by Klaus Schwab the warm and cuddly spokesperson for the World Economic Forum, there is another more caring and conscious way forward.

The WEF is an extension of the Rothschild, Rockefeller clique who are using buzzwords to set their vision of the world of the future by not mentioning the end game which is full immersion into an electronic wireless world of the Fourth industrial revolution. A world devoid of organic nature and the web of life - ‘but its focus on - the means justifies the ends’ - with 24/7 surveillance, ‘no joy’ - factory and industrial food and water - abeyance on multiple levels and though never mentioned - the imposition of computer chip implants and the transhuman agenda - where they will lobotomise us of our spirituality and will shoehorn out of us - all connection to soul.

There is no Love or heart-filled stories coming out of the World Economic Forum - for every child to be brought up in a warm loving family and that all can grow into the light of our own true selves - it’s not factored into their banker driven profit and loss controlled realty.   Have a read …

Yet, whilst the WEF promotes their ‘cool’ agenda there is also another game in play and it is the new quantum banking system that is vying with the WEF. This supposedly is a fairer system and will be more beneficial for the bulk of the human race.

It also is premised on new free energy systems, disclosure of previous civilisations like what they have found in Antarctica recently - as well as they recovered spacecraft and that ‘they’ we have studied the bodies of this craft - per Captain Edgar Mitchell 4th man on the moon.

There is also the possibility of new healing modalities called Med Beds - where softer frequencies and plasma fields can heal our bodies on mental and emotional realms. This is big. 

This is what the Alliance is about. Good ‘conscious’ humans who are devoted to world service and not service to self. This is the emerging story whose time has come - the new awakening of humanity able to finally work towards its full potential as an emergent global family of 7.8 billion beings.

There were many other subjects covered in this interview - so please, when you are at home, cooking or tidying the kitchen - this is a good time to listen.

Internet Connections

Search with  -

Use these below, alongside YouTube. - (check covid) - it is VERY out there - so I encourage ‘higher’ discernment     -  Israeli - medical apartheid interview with Ilana Rachel Daniel

Going Forward Together in Unity Consciousness  

The key to going forward is to find other good people who are questioning everything - and if they are aware that ‘we are spiritual beings having an earth experience experience’ and address this - because as we become more ‘conscious’ we also become more caring in how we relate to others and to nature as well.

Never did we ever think that we would be in this chaotic and tumultuous of times - though many of us inherently knew that we would be seeing major change and shifts in perspectives - it is only when it actually happens - as what we are experiencing now are we realising the seriousness of the transformation that we are in.

Yes, we know we are in an evolutionary stage - which is painful and disturbing for most and we also are aware that there are certain forces who want to control us - especially by electronic surveillance means. However, are these forces compassionate? Do they see us as a community of beings worthy of sharing and receiving goodwill?  Are they promoting participative democracy - are they willing to have open debates and town hall meetings? 

Remember your neighbor's - team up and neighbour up and come together as conscious cells and conscious clusters of cells.

As Roy extolls - we have to connect and bring God back into our lives.

God has never abandoned us - it is we who have abandoned God.

You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves." 
New King James Version

Roy Harlow - 

Mar 18, 2021

Exercising our humanity and protecting the youth and our common future.

There are layers of uncertainty warping across NZ today - people are time-constrained to get to the truth - the Government continues telling us that they are the only source of truth - but 10s of thousands of doctors in their droves have signed the Barrington Declaration for example - stating that the Covid 19 fiasco - has been completely overblown and that the truth is emerging that it is being used to enforce a lockdown strategy of the human race - that we need to be all vaccinated that in Roys words is a depopulation program.

This is the first time in history when the world’s people have been quarantined - because it has always been that the sick people have been quarantined - so this is a reverse standard imposed on us by the governing bodies. Roy says that he does not know if it has worked - because there are a lot of knock-on contingencies that have appeared - that we are not aware of that have happened during the lockdown. Like how many people missed out on having an operation and passed away - or died of anxiety. This has amplified the many suicides that have been, (and kept silent) plus how many divorces, family breakdowns, and businesses have failed. That many people are now unemployed and traumatised - for the downside effects have been far-reaching especially when we look at the statistics of who has died of Vovid19 in a country of 5 million people.

Suspicion is increasing rapidly in the public consciousness.

People are becoming more suspicious - they are seeing things not add up - other information coming from other sources - overseas family and contact  from Britain where anyone who goes to the UK Column -  will see just how profound the lies are. Especially in Germany, who know what a police state does to a nation (more so East Germany who went from Nazism to Communism) are now pushing back on the government and the WHO plus MSM who are totally in lockstep with their Government narrative. More so since the NZ Government has given the MSM media here $50 million to 'smooth the narrative' going forward.

Roy says that as an outsider from another country now living in NZ he has witnessed that as a small country we have been trained to depend on the Government and we have been trained to accept ‘so called’ authorities - especially in the medical sector as well as our education system which is also training us to obey and these systems are not really 'up to speed' in times of turmoil. 

Remember how slack our border security and biosecurity were - when it was exceptionally porous after 28 March 2020 for many months. It was a major fluke that we were not overrun with Covid. Which most of the alternative press and many medical authorities are still today stating that Covid is a very potent flu virus. That is where the battle lines are formed today right until this moment. We get all the Covid stats but no influenza statistics. The status quo says that's 'because we have all been wearing masks and staying home - but we have not been locked down for all this time and very few have been wearing masks. Look at the furor that continues due to them saying wear two masks now.

Anyone who believes Dr. Faucie these days hasn't looked at his previous history and who he is linked to. A very questionable character.

Same for Bill Gates - listen to what we say about his activities over the last few years         

Also, that medicine is still a pill orientated system - established health authorities are using pharmaceutical drugs whilst at the same time are not understanding that we - the human being are a component living in a seamless vehicle - of body, mind and spirit that has mental and emotional needs as well. We are not just a 3-dimensional machine that can be tinkered with. Yet for millennia and centuries, we have used nature as our healer - Hippocrates stating "let medicine be our food and our food be our medicine." Let nature and diet be the cure. 

Note that John D Rockefeller and his son David who died 18 months ago at 104 years of age - that 'their healing modality of choice' was homeopathy and yet they publicly decried it and instead became the largest corporate dispensary of drugs. Mostly made from oil (which they owned, Standard oil became Exxon).

So the health game globally has been rigged - just like virtually everything else. i.e Diamonds, gold, silver etc etc.

We are being snooped on and censored at various levels.

Roy says that the most important pill to swallow has to be taken and digested. He says that humanity is now caught in a vast depopulation agenda and that we have to do our own research ASAP - because Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets plus all the huge tech corporations from Silicon Valley are in this too - and are censoring us in our tens of thousands - hundreds of thousands and millions - globally by not allowing the general public to access information and knowledge that empowers us. 

Here at - I have noticed the increasing censorship to the degree I can ask a very direct question - questioning a corporation for example and Google will give me sanitised links, where by using - or it will bring up information that Google deliberately hides. There are other web browsers that assist you against prying 'deep state' operators - but we can not guarantee the security that you may require because they all pass through the NSA - military spy base of Waihopai in Blenheim in NZ's South Island - where all texts, faxes, phone calls and web everything is syphoned up and stored and if there is a need to know - looked at over time etc etc blah blah. 


However beyond this - Roy says that the unappetising truth is that there is an active depopulation agenda that is building up and it is increasing at an ever-faster rate, because as was mentioned in last weeks interview - the Great Reset by Klaus Schwabb of the Global Economic Forum says when he and his team of Rothschild bankers - that when they are finished with us we will own nothing and we will all be happy!

This depopulation program is stealthily being applied - and when dot-connecting becomes foremost in one's mind you can see ... how they all connect.

So I am asking you as a reader to mull this over and digest this information if your life depended on it - because in truth ... it does ...

With the present NZ government fast-tracking the chlorination and fluoridation of all water - in our once 'clean green' country - plus allowing farmers to spray whole paddocks with Monsanto’s glyphosate and then allowing cows to come in on the fourth day to eat this 'contaminated' pasture - What is the future of milk products in NZ and overseas? 

To then have 1080 be dropped in thousands of tons across ‘once’ clean and green NZ. It is madness. Whilst the NZ Green Party kowtows to a hidden agenda.

Also, that the NZ Government still refuses to encourage NZers to grow their own organic food and especially to want NZ to be the organic food basket for the Pacific Basin - why? Because they obviously have no interest in human health and wellbeing - the Government's 'Wellbeing' budget though sounding wonderful and world-leading - is not interested in anything natural and organic. 

There is also geoengineering and solar radiation dispersal - using aircraft to 'spray' microparticles at altitude in an extremely risky experiment - of deploying barium, aluminum and strontium into our precious atmosphere and environment. This then returns to earth and has a subtle increasing effect on all biota especially microflora - that the NZ authorities have no inclination and or resources to do any research and check up on what is going on.  - what is happening to our atmosphere - the 'Dimming' - is featured.

Roy gives a list if you would care to listen.

He further states that the old people are being targeted - as they in their 70's 80's and 90's have had the best education of our era. They were trained in critical thinking and problem solving such as being drilled in arithmetic - mathematics. They did not need and depend on calculators These are the people who have not been as deeply programmed to obey. Not only that they have a wealth of knowledge from becoming wise to all the pitfalls of life and they have no one to share this valuable life information with.

Whereas our younger generations over the last 4 decades have been virtually lobotomised from seeing the increasing declines of our environment as well as the ethical and moral malaise that we have found ourselves in - where 'anything goes as long as you do not get caught!'  That ethics, principles and values (even scruples) are seen as laughable - that 'get it whilst it's hot' seems to be the mantra of MSM in all their advertisements. It's a total sham. You will notice that once universities were to study the universe - that is where the root of the word comes from. Now Universities are just training and programming departments to indoctrinate our youth to become a faceless part of a huge global corporate machine - where one works in cubicles as uncreative and obeying consumers - destined to a life of unfulfillment. Hence there are too many people on this planet so let's rid ourselves of all the unconscious people before they twig to what is happening to them and their family.

Yes - Universities do some experimenting and research - however, it is usually at the behest of a corporation that has bequeathed them money and hence the connection. 

We need to teach self-sufficiency in our schools - but the bulk of academics and intellectuals are so disconnected from the environment themselves - they see the environment and trees just as a stage backdrop, to allow them to live out their own drama. They are unaware of how many breaths they take every minute. They are totally unconscious of the web of life in which they are enmeshed in. We now don't know how to be self-sufficient in food, medicine, energy and shelter. We have lost the know-how to live at a localised level. We are now increasingly dependent on a planned obsolescent plastic component from North Asia to solve our apparent dilemma.

If you push someone into a survival situation today they will become close to being traumatised not knowing where to start. Where once we had cubs and scouts where we were taught to be prepared - same for brownies and girl guides - but the hip and casual cool elements of society - discourages this - let’s just leave it to market forces. However - the skill to grow food, source fresh water - make temporary shelter may become very important in our rapidly changing future. Where once the British army after World War Two said of NZers as being 'long lean and ranging' - today if it came to describing the average NZ man as quite possibly - being the inverse of that.

Such is the deliberate dumbing down of the NZ schooling system at the hands of the elite from so called halls of higher education. Note that NZ has become the greatest failure at student maths. Well of course we won the race to the bottom - because very few parents are not interested -  deferring to 'trusting the system' when we can not trust the system.,New%20Zealand's%2013%2Dyear%2Dolds%20have%20recorded%20their%20worst%2D,international%20maths%20and%20science%20test.&text=123RF-,New%20Zealand's%2013%2Dyear%2Dolds%20have%20recorded%20their%20worst%2D,in%20the%20test%20in%202019.

Now if you put an old person into a survival situation - well … they will say no problem. The women can preserve all types of food. Can sew and make clothes and grow food in a garden. The men can build a protective wall around the property, make a fire, build shelter, dig drainage and pipe in water. These skills are still here - but in 10 years' time - they will all nearly be gone.

Global Media Lockstep with Corporations and Governments

The biggest problem and challenge facing us is the deception of the global media - Roy covers this deception that they are engaged in. That the NZ government 'gave' to NZ media radio, TV and Press $50 million (yes I repeat this) so as to give the population of this fair country the information that they need to hear and take on.

The Covid controversy - Contrary information is now coming out world wide that directly opposes the storyline coming from MSM. We have the Great Barrington Declaration

As well as Robert Kennedy Jr - - who are exposing the lies perpetrated by the doctors such as Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College in England who will be seen to be one of the most deceitful scientists of the Covid era - for his shameful predictions that initiated the first global lockdown.

The Agenda

Roy states that the agenda is non human - non productive and especially assisting growth for maturing of the human species. They are stifling that and engaging in reducing the human population - this is a massive attack on humanity and the 7.8 billions souls sharing breath as of this moment. But, it is being done so stealthily that the normies - who are watching TV, the footy or the yachting - who will still eat industrial and factory food and drink and think the Government is doing a good job - are hypnotised into not having to think any more - and the 'authorities' who should know better are keeping their head down and drawing their salary -  letting this Agenda creep up on us as you read this.  

Agenda21 and Agenda2030.

Roy says, Remember Pastor Martin Niemöller of Nazi Germany who is perhaps best known for the quotation:

First, they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out — because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.,I%20did%20not%20speak%20out%E2%80%A6%E2%80%9D

Well in NZ , Australia, America, Europe and elsewhere the ACTIVISTS are speaking out. The Activists are the courageous ones - they are prepared to speak up for the children of today and tomorrow

Who will speak out for them when they are silenced?

Roy then talks about two systems vying for global dominance. 

There is Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset that is coming in under the cover of these Covid Crises - which uses the selling point by 2030 we will own nothing and we will be happy. It includes ‘nice’ buzz words taking care of the environment - well what have they been doing for the last 50 years? Compassion - when have they shown any empathy for anyone?  And transhumanism - the denial of our soul - the denial of the sacred - to become a robot that will become part of the Borg.

Then there is the new Quantum Financial system that 195 countries have signed up to that will be completely gold-backed -  as of now, 23 currencies have been accepted. Because of the use of Gold - the monetary system will become stable and the value of the money won't change. They are eventually going to take out the variations due to the exchange rates ...

This was signed in October 2019 - they are going to allow possible 10 cryptocurrencies - this has not been made public - so this may be new to you. This will initiate the NESARA and GESARA programs and will replenish the public purse ... that has been robbed by the banking system for the last century. Blockchain technologies will be integral within this system.

Note that the Swift system was canceled  on the 1st of November ...

Watch this space.

Back to our neighbourhood and local community.

Sharing food as neighbours - it's so easy - what you have a surplus of - we can share across the fence - however, there is a Law here in NZ that states that it is illegal to share food. It's in the books, the Statutes. I wonder who was the politician who shepherded this bill through Parliament? That they then voted it in too. Under the Food Safety Act - The Govt as yet are not enforcing this Act - but it's on the books and 'a government' clamping down on the nation could enforce it - though it would cause a mother of all back lashes ... kiwi's will be super incensed. So watch this space too. Because what reason would they put this through as it does not recognise neighbourly behaviour - we the people need to research as to why our servants in parliament in Wellington rammed that bill through - totally at odds with human nature! 

But -  we trusted our 'elected servants' and this is what they did behind our backs.

We talked about waking up at around 2.30am or 3am and many people are awake then. Roy in a previous interview raised the question that electronic pulses are sent out at various times across local wireless systems at an in-audible frequency 'something' that penetrates our sleeping minds and wakes us up. As if it is an experiment to keep humanity from falling deeper into sleep where we can become totally rested and enter deeper dream cycles. The following day results in 'brain fog' - can follow.

Tim mentioned that he wears airline eye covers to keep himself in total darkness - due to street lights intruding into the room at night - 

Listen to 5G suburban lighting - the authorities have taken away the golden light - that aids sleep and replaced it with a bluish stark light which is more detrimental to sleep patterns. 

That all analogue power meters have been replaced across the whole country with ‘smart metres’ and they took the analogue meters to the dump - so we can now not go back to the safer older system.

There are heaps for you to learn from this deeply spiritual man - especially the last few moments at the end of this delightfully inspiring interview.

Roy Harlow

Some informative web browsing for you:  -   Dr Vernon Coleman     PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING IN ISRAEL   Senator Scott Jensen Minnesota    THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL - GREEN AND YELLOW BADGES (10 MAR 2021)   World Doctors Speak Out    2 minute clips by 12 medical professionals 

- * Covid-19 mRNA-Not a Vaccine **    Dr. David Martin with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Judy Mikovits  - Synthetic Pathogen 

Kia kaha and Aroha - Keep your inner candle burning strongly

Mar 11, 2021

Kia Ora and good day to you all - I have been away from the radio for a while because of the need to rest and do the usual recharge - but also take in information to build my knowingness as well as rekindle the fire of my innermost interior - you know ... as in keeping my flame healthily glowing.

As you very well know with Covid surrounding us - we now live in a tumultuous world we have found ourselves in. To us living here in Nuclear Free New Zealand - we have never experienced as a whole country such turmoil - though when the Christchurch earthquakes hit 10 years ago, our Christchurch kin - suffered thousands of after-shocks for years that were psychologically traumatising for the people of that city and local surroundings.

Today we are nearing the anniversary of the first Covid lockdown on the 28th of March of last year and then just last week for those on the East Coast and the North of New Zealand - we experienced the real threat of a tsunami shake us out of bed - to rapidly move to higher ground - this has increased the daily psychological pressure on our nation's people - like never before since mobilising hundreds of thousands and sending many off to war back in 1940 to 1945.

So as of this moment countrywide we are on lockdown 1 and with only Auckland City in lockdown two.

And as of 6 March 2021, New Zealand has had a total of 2,398 cases (2,042 confirmed and 356 probable. 26 people have died from the virus, with cases recorded in all twenty district health boards. However, we need to question how did all areas of NZ come into contact with Covid? But there is also a larger question and that of the 26 deaths in a country of less than 5 million - this represents an exceptionally tiny fraction - percentage-wise.

Deaths: .0005% ; cases 0.04945%  AND NO FLU STATS.

Now with Covid, I want to ask - why no babies, no infants, no children, and teenagers dying of covid? - we need to revisit this question as to why are the young ones not as susceptible as the aged? Because, are not babies more vulnerable than most people as they have yet to build up their immune system? Naturally, I trust that in doing so, that healthy Mothers will nurture with their own milk - giving healthy sustenance to their babies. Yes, I also know of the pesticides, herbicides and fungicides that are ubiquitous in our food chain - yes glyphosate too and anxiety medications - but this is another topic for another time ... yet there are so many questions around Covid that need explaining - we are noticing that  ... we can see so many urgent questions and pressure points squeezing our community.

I note that within the NZ Government and Health Department Covid briefings on TV, I have never heard them encourage healthy eating and drinking practices. Like to obtain vitamin D from walks out in the sun and like taking in plenty of Vitamin C tablets every day. And there are excellent prices of $20 for 2 months supply. That to encourage us that citrus and fresh fruit and vegetables need to be eaten - which begs the question why does this government not take off GST from fruit and vegetables - like in Australia. Does not the NZ Government want a healthy, self-reliant and resilient workforce and population in general?    Strange is it not?  

Also, why are the health authorities not encouraging the intake of fresh vital water that has not been sanitised by chlorine or with the addition now of fluoride? Notice that the current Labour government is pushing for chlorination of all water as well as fluoridation - nationwide.

What's the hurry? Especially when it was only recently in Christchurch that the top Canterbury public health official, Dr. Alistair Humphrey has been sacked and is taking legal action against the District Health Board. It was he who fought against chlorinating (sanitising) the city's freshwater supplies. Saying all residents could have been forced to drink treated water, had it not been for him fighting the proposal for blanket chlorination.

He also criticised the Ministry of Health for saying they could not do mass vaccination of Canterbury residents. 

So you can see that there are battles on numerous fronts within local government in New Zealand with regard to the health and wellbeing of our country's inhabitants.

Thus with Covid we have found ourselves engulfed in an asymmetric, hybrid psychological world war - totally foreign to the human condition.

Our planet's people from around early 2020 have been under a sustained mental and physical assault.

That this event that we are in the middle of - meaning the mind virus that is gnawing its way through the airwaves via TV and radio and print media is accentuating the fear factor that has become a hypnotic attack on humanities daily thought practice and process and it's affecting our hearts of both young and old.

Push Back

Plan B

Yet, in contrast to MSM there is at a micro level across NZ - we are hearing various opinions and insights as to how we as an astute and questioning public can consciously repel this Covid attack. With groups such as Plan B -  - who are a team of professionals Doctors and scientists within NZ - who are saying - hold on - wait a minute there are other points of view and we are able to access these different viewpoints from some of the top Universities from around the world.

It is bizarre, as Auckland has just exited the last lockdown, and it was estimated to cost our economy 300 million dollars per week, and as the queues in foodbanks are expected to grow, with the lives of our poorest communities most affected. The mantra of kindness gives cause to question the fallout - around this word.

We also have Voices For Freedom - 

Three young Mothers have pulled a very focused team to gather to question the Government and edit the mainstream narrative.

Voices for Freedom are the NZ communities' response to wanting to do our own research and listen to other doctors, professors, scientists and health professionals to hear their perspective - especially as fake news, lies and untruths are ubiquitous to the world we inhabit.

So the imperative to know is... We are entering a period of mass psychosis ...

And we have to be like lions and go out and research... 

Just to mention a few things - When you look at the slider on - you will see that we have covered a good number of the challenges that are facing us.

But check out our archives on the front page - it's very insightful  - especially last year's interviews.

Looking at the larger picture:

You will also see that it is one continuous battle - this battle is for clean air, clean healthy water be it rivers lakes and oceans as well as healthy plentiful soil, abundant healthy food, preferably organic and healthy land, plus vegetation, and forests and a healthy animal kingdom that is treated mindfully and with compassion.

So we as a human race - all 7.8 billion of us - sharing one breath - are continuously having to become more conscious and alert so as to keep the precious biosphere regenerating and sustainable for the children of today and tomorrow. The key takeaway here is that it has to be sustainable for humans and nature - that the corporate sector and their unbridled desires to 'sustain their consumptive habits' have to be tempered with the need for our planet and nature to regenerate - this to be factored in - we have to protect the global commons, like fish, for example, being extracted and netted at such a rate that the fish are unable to recover and eventually go extinct. Note that biodiversity is collapsing due to unconscious extraction and harvesting. 

Also, that still today in 2021 - Global Corporations who have never been known for showing compassion or empathy towards humanity are in many ways blindly following a dog eat dog - take no prisoners approach and if we humans do not become aware and organise ourselves and reign them in - they will herd us like cattle down a projectory that will lead us to ... well -  you know where. 

Notice that corporations are still making planned obsolescent products that end up in a landfill somewhere. Believe me - here in our country recycling is abysmal. This is unconscious thinking - we have become a throwaway society and we are programming our children to become unconscious consumers - readying us to throw ourselves away as well.

Now I want to be able to address the Covid situation because there are many anomalies that are now being questioned. With Peter Williams New Zealand television presenter and sportswriter who currently hosts the morning talkback programme on Magic Talk, a MediaWorks radio network.

This below from wikipedia: which I am not necessarily a  fan of - but you make up your mind for yourself.

In Early February 2021, Peter Williams asked for opinions on talk back radio (and interviewed professionals such as Dr Simon Thornley an epidemiologist at Auckland University who has mentioned that the Covid Stats do not stack up on many levels).  

Evidently Peter Williams directed listeners to an anti-vaccine site, a NZ website called 'Voices for Freedom' which according to certain pundits, was supposedly spreading COVID-19 misinformation. There's a link to this - So I encourage you to follow up what this touted - misinformation is.

Also in mid-February 2021, Williams questioned the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Grant Robertson about his views on the possible implications of the World Economic Forum's Great Reset for New Zealand, and the related Great Reset Conspiracy Theory. In response, Robertson ended his weekly Magic Talk interviews, stating that he did not want to "shoot down conspiracy theories." 

We will get to the Great Reset further on in the program. 

Now I want to back up a little to give you a little history - to allow you a deeper understanding of why I have involved myself in radio and - which has as its main premise - environment - health and consciousness  - because within the biosphere - if we have a healthy environment and ecology - we have a better opportunity to be healthy ourselves - in body, mind, and spirit and then we have consciousness this includes becoming aware of our place in time and space as a human living on this planet.

So back in the early 1990s, I was active in calling for a global family - and even before that in 1986 I was very much engaged here in NZ being involved in Global Meditations - where we synchronised on a planet round basis to meditate and pray for world peace at a very specific time.

I was helped by Michael Fleck and Gillian Poole in what we thought was a very noble idea - to encourage people through all walks of life to take time out from all the distractions of life and focus on a peaceful world.  

This global peace meditation was centered on 12 noon Greenwich mean time UK on the 31st of December - that translated to 12 midnight on the 31st of December here in New Zealand because we were at 180 degrees on the opposite side of our planet.    

This meditation peace prayer was initiated by John Randolph Price of the Quartus Foundation based in Texas in the US - who with a team across America and elsewhere encouraged humanity and all who were listening to come together for this spiritual event on December 31st of each year. It was called World Healing Day, especially the World Instant of Cooperation, or World Peace Day - a moment of Oneness  - to dissolve the sense of separation and return humankind to Godkind.

Like us being a conduit between heaven and earth.

To me here in NZ we occupied a very significant position being 12 midnight on the 31st of December - being like the first domino or first cab off the rank into the new year  - as we were 12 hours ahead of the United Kingdom at that particular time - because we did not have daylight saving in this country in those days. 

So when everyone else were meditating in 1986 - we in NZ were already meditating in 1987 at 1 minute past 12 midnight - so we wanted to set the tone of this template by already - being anchored in a peaceful future - like the saying - NZ sees tomorrow first - because we are the closest major country to the international date line - which runs down from between Russia and Alaska and is situated just over 100 kilometres off the East Coast NZ City of Gisborne. So being so close to this dateline we wanted to model being a living example of a peaceful country.- and hence the name and the moment   - the World Instant of Cooperation …

We had a good reason for involving ourselves as … on 10 July 1985. During a covert military operation, two French military operatives sank the flagship of the Greenpeace fleet, Rainbow Warrior, here in New Zealand at the Port of Auckland as it was on its way to protest at Mururoa in French Polynesia - where the French had first tested nuclear weapons in the atmosphere and were also conducting tests underground, deep under coral atolls.

Also at that time in 1985 - New Zealand was basking in its position as leader of the pro no-nuclear movement. Then on 10 July, two explosions set by these French Secret Service agents ripped through the hull of the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior, taking the life of one of its crewmen causing an international uproar that was to remain in the headline news for months to come.

Well, to give this story some context both Michael Fleck and I had been on board the Rainbow Warrior 36 hours before it was bombed and we wanted to embrace the high ground and involve ourselves in what we thought was an idea whose time had come. Have NZ be a pioneer for global peace and as we were situated so very close to the International Date Line - this was time for NZ to be a planetary leader once again.

Previous to this we had both been very much involved in taking to the NZ public the new idea at the time - that of the Gaia hypothesis that James Lovelock had brought to the world - you may remember - the ancient Greek idea that our planet is a colossal living superorganism and that basically, we were extensions of our planet because our bodies are made from the air, water and minerals and thus as an awakening conscious being - we could share this notion that we need to take care of both our future and our planet - Thus - by working and being for peace and a prosperous future for humanity and that at that time on earth there were less than 5 billion souls sharing breath and now today we have 7.8 billion  … 

But, more so as another important component we were also integrating Rupert Sheldrake's  Morphic Resonance into the equation. - being that if enough people consciously think, feel and be in peace and if there was enough of us resonating with this heartfelt ideal (state of being) that we could reach a global tipping point and hit a critical mass - and then with say 10 percent or even less of humanity doing it - this would break open into a new realm that would then shift the balance and cascade us all into a new paradigm of consciousness and world peace.  This was also based on the Hundredth Monkey phenomenon - see   

So this is very important - that we need to remember and embrace, because with the madness of what is going on in the world' - we need to take time out, to be with ourselves or friends of like mind and sit still in peace, and thankfulness - especially here in New Zealand - which even today at this very moment possibly the most fortunate country on earth to reside in.

For as you very well know Mainstream Media can not be trusted anymore - Fake News is everywhere including social media so the imperative is to basically follow the money and do one's homework in researching and then cross-reference it. 

So as you can hear - there is a method in all this madness to awaken our connection to the fact that we are a global family - albeit somewhat very disconnected from each other - yet knowing that we all share the same breath on this planet - that of the invisible breath that keeps all of humanity as well as animals and vegetation alive. We are far more connected than we actually realise.

I then interviewed Bill Watson on the phone who was a Professor of Psychology in China and Taiwan and is also an Alternative Health Practitioner specialising in Bio-Energetic Medicine.

Bill attended the recent Voices of Freedom Symposium in Auckland 

Bills Report: The Voices Symposium— was well attended, about 100 people, and well managed; there were six informative presentations, followed by a Q&A session addressed to the panelists.

I found the event to be quite an uplifting experience, even though the topic is seriously depressing…because everyone felt free to express their opinion knowing it was “safe”, that they were in company with open minds that had done some research…so it was wonderful information exchange, and the panel gave clear, factual and inspiring talks about different aspects of the situation we all find ourselves in.  My sense was there was a lot of networking and everyone left on a “high”-- like, something positive is finally happening, and we’re part of it.

The founders of the movement are three mothers whose approach has been sufficiently subtle to attract many Kiwis who might have been put off by the more common "in-your-face" approach, and what I saw at Voices was different from the usual gathering of gold cardholders: there were people of all ages at the meeting expressing concerns and sharing information.  This is incredibly important to me as a father because in the big picture Voices for Freedom IS about reclaiming our core values as humans: freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom of movement. 

 People are starting to wake up to the wider implications of this pandemic and vaccine rollout, to the fact that its devastating impact has been engineered by a cabal: they are doing the research, reading the 2010 Rockefeller Foundation report that spells out the agenda in detail.  They are looking at the videos of the Gates Foundation’s “Agenda 201” meeting—and they are connecting the dots.  They are listening to MDs who are independent, not vaccine-sponsored.

As you mentioned, this is a global mass psychosis: this is resulting from the denial of reality.  Why? it is impossible for many New Zealanders who have faith in their elected representatives to accept the possibility that they are being betrayed on such a massive scale…and so they turn their back on conflicting data, and behave in a rather paranoid manner--- demonise or dob in their neighbours, sometimes friends or family, and polarise the community because they can’t handle the cognitive dissonance. (the mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information; as Nietzche put it sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed).  When you try to talk to the nonverbals they are, my mind’s made up, don’t confuse me with the facts…and the resolution of their mental conflict is typically believing comforting lies, which are easier to live with than unpleasant truths.

And this betrayal, that we experience as attacks on our individual (and national) sovereignty, are coming from three main sources:  social media censorship, manipulative mainstream messaging that aims for thought control, and political correctness designed to force behavioural compliance.

-And what is the source of these lies?  They come from offshore, part of the larger plan known the Great Reset, which encompasses far more than just the lockdown/vaccine agenda; it is also the 5G/ IoT / IoB/ Transhumanist agenda, the Green New Deal (global warming, CO2 agenda), the economic destruction/digital currency/Build Back Better agenda, (all genocidal) and ultimately the New World Order/ UN-driven Communism 3.0 agenda, as explicitly carved into the Georgia guidestones and cleverly built into UN agenda 2030.  

Different agenda items, though all linked together, have been propagandised in order to appeal to different groups/individuals; when you choose to "buy into" (or are bought into) one, you're in them all—sold your soul.  Each item has its own champion, funded by higher-level sponsors: Gates for the first phase, Gore for the next, LaGarde and banksters for the economy, Soros and Guiiterres for the transfer of national sovereignty to the UN.  Schwab oversees the plan and he reports up to the “lower house” of the World Governing Council, which is composed of mainly corporate elite. 

And make no mistake, this IS a coup.  Here is the thing about a coup we need to understand... Once the perpetrators or conspirators take their plan out of the planning stage and put the plan into motion, there is no turning back.  Totally exposed and guilty of treason if they fail, their lives are in great danger and no matter what is said or exposed, they must push forward till they have total control.  

Others have tried and failed using a similar strategy.  It was revealed that Hitler used the same strategy as they are deploying now: he told the German people that Jews were "diseased", which triggered the same level of irrational fear that is currently causing people to line up for injection and get irrationally angry at their vaccine-hesitant friends and neighbours.

What is being carried out is a well-defined psychological tactic because they instill fear in the mass herd of human sheep.  Everyone to some degree has anxiety about catching a virus, you can’t see it and it could be deadly.  (anxiety versus. fear: anxiety is worse because you don’t know how bad it is!  You can calibrate the fear response when you know)

Then they count on obedience to authority to make the population controllable as was the case under communism.  It’s all based on ideology, which is a worldview constructed from theories, beliefs, or philosophies--primarily economic, political, or religious—which has been used for centuries as the oppressive intellectual armoury of a social class.   As Warren Buffett notoriously said: “There’s class warfare, all right, but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.  

You could say that the goal of the “undeclared war” is to eliminate the middle class by the destruction of the economic system, and you wouldn’t be far wrong.  The primary goal seems to be to reduce the population of the planet by more than 80%.  Georgia Guidestones bear witness to that goal.  The intent is to recreate “Haves (nobles), have nots” (serfs), who are dependent and controllable through technocracy and transhumanist technology…and return the planet to its pre-industrial medieval state

Re:  there are battles raging on numerous fronts within local government with regard to the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. IMO This is just the beginning. We’ve already seen it with 5G, and the blowback on vaccines will be massive and ... The death rate worldwide following COVID mRNA vaccinations has been terrible: last week the CDC and FDA reported that in the 10 week period between Dec. 14 and Feb. 19, there were 19,769  Significant Vaccine Adverse Events worldwide, of which 966 died shortly after receiving an mRNA vaccine.  It is all documented; we just don’t hear about it in the mainstream media.   

  • They started the Pfizer-only Vax rollout in Israel mid December; according to my source, who is an Israeli citizen living there, they started with the “religious” I asked what he meant by that and he said the orthodox Jews...28 reported dead from the vaccine, some as young as 25 with no prior health problems: In January 2021 after a month, there were 3,000 records of vaccine adverse events-- 2,900 of them from the mRNA vaccine.  Compared to other years, mortality is 40 times higher, and vaccinations have caused more deaths than the coronavirus would have caused during the same period.  Doctor Herve’ Seligmann challenged the Israeli government in the face of pressure to vaccinate citizens, calling it “..a new Holocaust”.

What is happening in Israel right now with the rollout of the experimental Pfizer mRNA vaccine is what they have purchased and started to roll out here in NZ as well; we should be watching the Israeli statistics carefully.  (and South Aucklanders are the first targeted group.  Surprised?)

Since the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, the draconian measures being applied against Israeli citizens are like the Chinese Communist Party -CCP level - insane.  Israel currently has the highest rate of vaccination in the world and has introduced the “Green Passport” program across the country, which creates a form of apartheid, a Medical Fascist State by discriminating against non-vaccinated citizens to prevent them from going into theatres, gyms, hotels, and other public venues.

This has created a tense, divisive atmosphere; the Israeli government is coercing/ intimidating/ shaming citizens to accept that taking this vaccine is the only way back to normal life.  Non-vaccinated students can’t attend in-person classes and non-vaccinated restaurant patrons are forbidden from entering the building.

MSM Journalists are increasingly having trouble because the facts they are receiving from credible sources are increasingly in conflict with the official narrative.  These are verifiable facts about the huge number of adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine, the tragic effects that lockdowns are having on families and businesses, the lies about masks, the destruction of the global economy and the middle class, and the wider transhumanist agenda. 

If the Great Reset slogans like “you will own nothing and you will be happy” seem to be total madness, consider that every crazy new official report or video is part of their Plan, which will not end with mass vaccinations; it will go on with climate madness, total surveillance, thought control; a totalitarian agenda.  The Virus is just the entry point into a world-wide tyrannical control operation.  

One of their primary goals is to alter our DNA by unending mRNA vaccinations. According to my sources, neither of the mRNA vaccines, Pfizer,  or Moderna, are FDA approved, rather, they have what’s called an EUA (Emergency Use Approval).

In Belgium, a group called doctors for freedom published a link with a worldwide map of registered adverse reactions of the vaccines, and they said

“The first vaccines they are offering us are not vaccines. They are gene therapy products. They…inject a synthetic pathogen, nucleic acids that cause our own cells to produce elements of the virus.”  Essentially, your own cells make you sick, and can indirectly cause numerous diseases.  That’s a Bioweapon!  And this pandemic is biofascism--a war against human beings and the qualities that make us human.  And [as mentioned in a previous podcast] that will have consequences for the human soul.

You asked: Does not the NZ Government want a healthy, self-reliant and resilient work force and population in general?  Based on empirical evidence, the answer would have to be NO.  

Many people have pointed out that there has been no advice coming from mainstream media or government about prophylaxis (preventive measures like vits A, C, D and Zn); the ones who are talking about ways to support immune systems; Fx&I MDs, alternative practitioners only. 

[this is a key point]  Soon there will be many vaccinated people beyond frontline workers.  What I have not heard from any NZ health official is how to prevent the spread of COVID by the vaccinated!  According to a report from a source in Switzerland, they will be contagious and sloughing off the virus for weeks after their injection, so there should be some way to identify them.

This info came from Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, Ph.D. virology, independent seasoned vaccine researcher, who has held key roles with the Bill & Melinda  Gates Foundation and GAVI.  He says the worldwide vaccination campaigns should be halted because there is “…compelling evidence that they will soon dramatically worsen the consequences of the current pandemic.”*  (doco attached)

At this time perhaps one of the most important choices is choosing who to listen to, and where to research vital topics.  Lockdowns, unprecedented mass hysteria and drummed-up fear are the product of ideology, and we are not powerless to defend our vital freedoms against power-hungry politicians, even if we are lacking journalists who are up to the task.

Ok Tim I will try to recreate what I talked about in the last 10 minutes of this interview: we led in with the Fourth  Industrial Revolution; I went into too much detail and you were going to do a wrap when I mentioned a few things that I thought people should consider doing.  Here goes:

  • As parents, we need to realise that our sacred mission is to protect those souls we brought into this darkening world from the cull that has started.
  • This lifetime is a school, start to finish.  Third density reality is about making choices…it is not easy at the best of times because we cannot see the consequences of our actions.  
  • Reality is the leading cause of stress amongst those in touch with it.
  • Educate people on the coming changes: the perfidy, betrayal, sellout of humanity.

People will change their minds.  When they do, welcome them.  Do not chide, but ask—“We have been watching the same movie.  How did we initially arrive at different conclusions?  And what has changed your mind/heart?  And how can we work together?

Your voice makes a difference.  Let’s make it too big to ignore: consider the recent Berlin rally. With guest speaker Robert Kennedy Jr  We are fighting for our lives, our children’s lives.   We do not consent.  This rollout is part of their game—but you don’t have to play

Learn about Common Law.  It is clear that other approaches to governance must be found, a new Magna Carta, a new Social Contract must be written.  

Get educated about alternatives to the official narrative.  Knowledge protects, and we are a vulnerable species.  Knowing others is wisdom; knowing the self is enlightenment.  

  • Here is the link to the former GAVI strategic planning manager’s letter (I think that’s what SPM means in this context)


The 4th Industrial Revolution:

Let's make it a people's revolution.  Back to the land, clean up the place without killing 7 billion humans.  They want to yammer on about CO2 when the elephant in the room is--chemtrails/geoengineering/nanoparticulates poisoning the air, water, soil, crops...and EMF creating health problems via an orbiting satellite - a junkyard - and use of inappropriate bands of the EM spectrum.  It will CRASH because where no love sings, there is only noise...and it is being driven by demons.

Here's the text, use as you see fit.

This is simultaneously a time of great opportunity and a time of the possibility of massive destruction.

We have started the fourth and final phase of “Industrial Revolutions'', which were each generated by inventions that changed the source and uses of energy. 

The first began in the late 18thC (1765) with the steam engine, which facilitated the mechanization of agriculture and coal extraction. 

The second (1870) began with discoveries of electricity, gas, and oil, which resulted in the creation of the chemical industry, the internal combustion engine, automobiles and airplanes. Simultaneously, new methods of communication--the telegraph and the telephone--were introduced. 

The third revolution (1969) brought peaceful use of nuclear energy and new electronic, telecommunication and computer technologies, all of which supported R&D in biotech, space exploration, robotics and artificial intelligence.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is the concept of blurring the real world with the technological world.  According to the World Economic Forum, the focus will be on “cyber-physical systems”.  We can see this happening already: virtual reality devices, robots and software that work side-by-side with humans, injectable nano-bots, 3D printers, medical diagnostic tools, the internet of things (and bodies) are a few examples.

This merging of technology into every part of our lives is becoming the “new norm”.  It is a dominant feature of the Great Reset, planned for this year. However, it is invasive technology, and this “reset” has the earmarks of a technocracy/transhumanist takeover.  Resistance is growing rapidly, so the impact that the fourth industrial revolution will have, how long it will last, or the direction it will take is not yet known. A wave of technology is now crashing into our personal and professional lives like a ton of bricks, and implementation based on a strategy of medical tyranny has thus far been heavy-handed, even “ham-fisted”, using fear-based tactics.  So the question becomes, will humans embrace or reject this new level of technology when it becomes evident that it comes with a negative impact on personal health, safety and liberty?

Tim, there are profound implications here…

Klaus Schwab - a vertical integration takeover of Humanity - 


COVID facts that gives us cause to question:

This below came in from overseas:

  1. If you really believe there is really a pandemic, why don't you hear the constant wail of ambulance sirens throughout the day and night?
  2. If there really is a pandemic, then why are undertakers saying business is either normal or less than usual? 
  3. If there really is a pandemic, then why don't we see endless queues in cemeteries and crematoriums bearing their loved ones?
  4. If there really is a pandemic, then why are all the statistics stating that the death rate is within normal parameters last year?
  5. If there really is a pandemic, then why have all the normal influenza deaths almost disappeared?
  6. If the first lockdown works, then why are we doing the same thing again?
  7. If the lockdowns did not work, then why are we doing the same thing again?     

     "Expecting a different outcome from the same procedure is a clear sign of insanity" - Albert Einstein

  1. Why is the government listening only to their own panel of experts, but refusing to listen to the vast majority of doctors, nurses, and health experts? [World Doctor's Alliance being one source.]
  2. Why are there scenes on TV of pandemonium in hospitals when in reality they are all empty? Where are all the people? Where is all the pandemonium?
  3. If there really is a pandemic, then why are there thousands of nurses out of work? [BBC News 4/20/20]
  4. If the pandemic started in 2019, then how did all the governments around the world order and deliver Covid 19 PCR test kits the year before in the year 2018?
  5. If used and discarded masks could be highly contagious, then why do we see thousands of them littering the streets and countrysides?
  6. If there really is a worldwide pandemic, then why do we see the rules and regulations differ greatly from city to city and country to country?
  7. If Covid doesn't affect children, then why are the schools shut?
  8. If masks work, then why haven't we been using them every year for the flu?
  9. Why have we never seen people kneeling over and dying in the streets?
  10. If we should avoid crowds and people, then why are the supermarkets, which can hold hundreds of people open, but your corner shop which can only hold three people, shut?
  11. Why is the government calling positive PCR tests "cases" and not just a "positive result?"
  12. Why has the BBC and ALL other media outlets failed to tell you that the World Health Organization (WHO) has published an update stating that the PCR tests are UNRELIABLE and should not be used?
  13. If a cough or sneeze droplet can carry up to 30 feet, then why are we socially distancing only 6 feet? 
  14. Why are you OK with rubbing poison into your skin 10 times a day?
  15. Why do we need an experimental DNH vaccine for a virus with a 99.97 recovery rate?
  16. If the vaccine works, then why can you still catch and transmit the disease after you get the vaccine?
  17. If you get the vaccine, then why do you still have to wear a mask and social distance?
  18. How many people do you personally know that have died solely from Covid? Then compare that number to how many people you know that have vaccine-damaged family members.
  19. OPEN YOUR EYES EVERYONE and look around. Ask yourself, next time you leave your house, "Am I really seeing a deadly pandemic?

If the answer to this last question is yes, then you really need to TURN OFF your television!


"It is much easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." 

--Mark Twain  


Klaus Schwab - a vertical integration takeover of Humanity - 


Resources:     - that Covid is an entry-level ‘event’ into the New World Order. - Signed by, 13,705 medical & public health scientists and  41,445 medical practitioners - The Great Barrington Declaration        Burning Questions -

What is happening on earth at present is a power grab for the human race. It is being actioned without any ‘consultation’ and debate especially with the people of all the countries of the Western World. When were we in NZ consulted about Agenda 21 or Agenda2030? 

However the NZ Prime Minister in addressing the Bill and Melinda Gates Goal Keepers Conference on 26th September 2019 stated that our Government will actively commit to Agenda21 and Agenda2030 - but the video of her address has had that segment deleted. Because these two Agendas are becoming taboo - these have been ‘masked’ by other wording - so as to keep the public hoodwinked.    This is the TVOne version of that Conference that refer to both Agenda’s  - that is conveniently excluded in this clip  - but, it is in the public arena.  I have seen it.

The World Economic Forum at the behest of the banking families and the Rothschilds etc have been planning the Great Reset for generations and have been waiting for the ‘perfect crisis’ and now, under the guise of Covid have set their Great Reset Plan in motion and for them, there is no turning back now. They will relentlessly pursue this course of action until they have a planetary lockdown-control system that is controlled by them. Unless ‘we’ break this spell - there will be no return to the freedoms we once had. Or to even debate them in a public forum. 

Connect with your neighbours and friends at a community level. Build warm connections around food growing and sharing of skills and resources. It’s called relocalisation - supporting each other as small cells connecting with other cells to make contact with other warm-hearted groups and teams. United we stand - divided we fall.

The rapid chaotic change that is upon us is fundamentally a spiritual crisis - the human race has disconnected from their source and enmeshed themselves in the trappings of matter. With 7.8 billions souls on our planet - the absence of love across all races has to be bridged. The global family has to find innovative and creative ways to come together - especially for the sake of all children of today and tomorrow.    

This just came through on Telegram with this message:

🌎World Wide Demonstration🌎

👏🏼 NEW ZEALAND is rising up 👏🏼


On March 20, 2021 New Zealand will protest side by side with other people from all around the world for freedom and peace  ✨✨✨


More details will follow soon.

Please visit the channel:

I originally saw the reference to the
World Freedom Alliance and this coming demonstration here:


REMEMBER: Unity Consciousness - for we are in truth - a Global Family 

Dec 28, 2020

I was scheduled for a final year interview but at the very last minute - it didn't happen, so this is an adlib broadcast which asks us to become mindful of that which surrounds us and to become conscious of the force that sustains our being.

In today's broadcast I remind us that:


A biosphere.
A complex - subtly balanced
Life - support - system.

Et turtur nidum,
Ubi reponat pullos suos
Altaria tua Domine virtutum,
Rex meus, et Deus meus

(You will understand the above when you listen to the broadcast.) 

Greetings to you all, from here in Nuclear Free New Zealand - and nearly GE & GMO Free NZ* - situated little over over 2000, kilometres from Australia in the South West Pacific Ocean and only 2.600 kilometres from the South Pole and the last major country to be colonised as well.

So here we are in many ways isolated from the rest of our global kin.

And what a year it was - and note … There is so much possibility … even in these tumultuous times and believe me - we can initiate conscious change and this opportunity is going to unfold all through this decade starting in early 2021 next year - that we are a global family awakening into being - but I am getting ahead of myself.

So Kia ora and a warm hello to you dear breathers of the one breath that envelops our magnificent biosphere and home planet - mother earth - our great sustainer …

Trusting that I find you warmly inner resourced, that at heart you are able to feel grounded and still. Being able to remain focussed yet fluid in your response to the winds of change buffeting the collective consciousness of the 7.8 billion of humanity - sharing the invisible breath at this moment.

2020 - sure has brought our perspective and vision into focus as humanity dealing with fragmentation and disfunction to realise the imperative that we have to come together as a species and a global family - because looking in at the earth from outer space - that is how we are being seen. We have to raise the platform of our viewpoint like that of the astronauts who journeyed to the moon 50 years ago.

Remember what they said - we live on a floating blue and white pearl surrounded by the so-called emptiness of space. It’s home for us all.

So every morning as our planet turns and the suns rays kiss the faces of us emerging from our sleep to engage in our daily tasks - as Mothers engage in caring for their babies and children and fathers go out working to bring in the cash for another day - (sorry about the stereotype) we must ask that there has to be something better for children for today and tomorrow - as we learn that every breath we take comes from the plankton of our oceans and trees and forests and grasslands of the vegetable kingdom of our biosphere.

We also have to be grateful that it’s our planet that lends us bodies in which to live. This is so profound that Mother earth lends us our body, yes … and it’s our planet that lends us free air to breathe and free rainwater to drink and until recently a free food chain in which to eat and nourish our being …

That we are taking in the three elements of air, water and the earth in the form of minerals - that there is also the 4th element and that is that of fire - and the sun which our planet orbits annually has another name - the Latin word - Sol - so there is an extension of light and fullness that shines 24/7/365 for millennia and eons - thus showing us that there is so much majesty in this world - that we have found ourselves surrounded in literally a garden paradise that to some remind us of a long distant mystery and story that we were once in another garden - one that was absent of anything that was not positive, optimistic of light and love …

So in recognising ourselves - we are one species of many colours, creeds & cultures that for millennia has slowly evolved from tribalism to city states, to nations and empires … and now we are in need of both a change of heart to unity consciousness to jump the divide and realise that we are all intrinsically connected - as a planetary species. However … that to be conditioned and homogenised by the present global institutions (MSM) into the same swamp of sameness is not the answer to a free spirit.

Remember we in Aotearoa NZ we used to have an educational system that encourages us to ask questions, and to be curious, to wonder. This goes back to the earlier times because NZ is an extension of the British education system which in many ways itself was founded on ancient Greek thought and knowledge, and I wish to focus here for a moment as I had the good fortune to go to Greece last year.

Ancient Greece

For such a small gene pool, the Greeks made very important contributions to life, especially philosophy, because Greek philosophers were "seekers and lovers of wisdom". They studied and analyzed the world around them using logic and reason. Although we often think of philosophy as religion or "the meaning of life", the Greek philosophers were also scientists, they studied the makeup of both nature and matter. They were also adept at mathematics and physics; they brought us the word atom - plus geometry, astronomy, and medicine, extending into anatomy, athletics and of course the Olympic Games . ... The Greeks were known for their drama and plays in their amphitheatres as well as sophisticated sculpture and architecture as well. More so, it was the birthplace of Democracy - and yes, they had slaves as well. Possibly one third of the population were slaves. The Greek culture influenced the Roman Empire and many other civilizations, and it continues to influence modern cultures even today. Note that the Greeks did not descend into the Roman darkness of humans killing humans in the Coliseum.

Aotearoan NZ Maori

However one of my main reasons for going to Greece, which was my third time, was that I have been a student of our living planet for 38 years, and it was the early Greeks who understood this - and they called her Gaia, the Earth mother - that’s over two and half thousand years ago and I wanted to see if their understanding, was similar to the Aotearoa New Zealand Maori - who here in this country have a very sacred connection to the earth - calling her - Papatuanuku. Recently, they have successfully engaged and secured the NZ Government to recognise a river, the Whanganui River (awa) as being a living entity that is embedded in the landscape of this country. Having a catchment area of 7,308 square kilometres. Furthermore, Maori have also worked with the New Zealand Government to have them bequeath, due to its geographical isolation Te Urewera of Tuhoi, the regional tribe or iwi - a national park that is essentially all forest that covers 2,127 square kilometres in size. Bestowing on this land to be a legal entity that has the rights, powers, duties and liabilities of a legal person. These are world firsts …

Having lived near on 72 years of my life in New Zealand - hanging out on the underside of the curvature of our planet, and spending 17 years as Air NZ flight crew flying from the Southern Hemisphere up over the equator into the northern Hemisphere - I had also spent time with Dr Elisabet Sahtouris - who is a geo biologist (among many of her other scientific attributes) and she has studied our planet as a super organism - but I have also had the good fortune to interview Dr James Lovelock - a polymath, who through his research with NASA, the US Space Program - gave us a hypothesis that is now a theory - that our planet is a colossal living superorganism. That, in so many ways, has birthed life and as the ancient Greeks say - “from her - all things have issued.”

And so I landed in Athens and set out walking to breathe in the magnificence of this ancient city and see the ordered splendour that they endowed to their civilisation. Yet, with one thing ticking over in my being - how did they come to an understanding that our planet was a living being?

Then it hit me … A cat has kittens, a dog has puppies, a cow has a calf, a sheep has a lamb and a goat has a kid. Also, a bear has a cub and a horse has a foal … and they all come from a Mother.

Then when I looked around me - in the street - I saw all of these people - men, and women, elderly, and teenagers and children - and they too - all came from a mother … so then the Greeks must have looked at their navel and their belly button and remembered that this is where they were connected to their mother, their grandmother and great grandmother …and in their mind traced back through the family tree and finally they must have deduced that in the mists of time - somehow, somewhere - their bodies must have come from mother earth - because - as in the introduction of this program I mentioned that we are made of the 3 main elements with the sun representing fire to show the four forces of nature.

Now when I relate this to the Aotearoan Maori - a great many of them revere Papatuanuku. Quite astounding really - because when in their company all I have to do is mention Papatuanuku in a context of food, water, wind, fish whatever - I manage to get their focussed attention and a wonderful conversation ensues.

And to anyone who understands Maori Lore - the belly button and umbilical cord to them is one of the most sacred connections they have back to source. They call it Whakapapa.

Maori who have an oral language - have another unique way of singing their connection to source and so they sing their lineage - or bloodline to their babies - pe`pi and children, tamariki - that by the time the baby is 4 or 5 they know their lineage perfectly - completely and this takes them back via the 7 canoes, their waka that they sailed a thousand years ago - from Hawaiki - their mystical departure place within the Pacific ocean - (moana) and at a very basic level - they have a greater sense of belonging and a connection to a/the source.

So this was part of my journey into Greece.

I also visited Delphi - where the oracle was a very significant part of how the Greeks divined the future - This is where the rounded temple of Athena sat with the rectangular temple of Apollo. Two very different structures.

Also, Delphi is known as the navel of the world - the navel of Gaia, such were the clairvoyants of that day able to see clearly - and for a certain amount of time - they nearly brought about a golden age - one that talks of Pericles and Athens.

Also over a very small aperture of time so many great beings incarnated into the small Greek landmass that also straddled Western Turkey where the splendour of the 2nd Acropolis only to Athens was built at Pergamon during the Hellenic period and just 170 kilometres further south is the ruins of the once majestic splendour of Ephesus and one of the 7 Wonders of the World - the Temple of Artemis and the Sacred Feminine.

Note the ancients knew about subtle energy. Our planet has energy lines and nodal points just like with acupuncture meridians. The British called them Ley Lines - Stonehenge, Glastonbury, the Great Pyramids of Egypt and many Cathedrals of Europe are situated along these Universal Lines of Invisible Force. They are in all countries, here in NZ too, right in Auckland.

I would like to finish this little Greek, Maori discourse by mentioning Pythagoras one of the more mystical philosophers of ancient times when it is purported that when we sit really still and are in a quiet meditative state - we can hear the music of the spheres and the planets all spinning. For it was he who originally intuited that our planet was round. That some planets are larger than others - and all spin and hum to a series of musical notes - and thus when sitting and listening to all these planets are part of a musical sound system - a symphony if you will … that we still today are not aware of.

We are beings of this planet awakening to a higher consciousness

So here we are today living on our magnificent turning, living world atlas - of 4 seasons - that every 6 months tilts away from the sun until 182 days later - incomprehensibly turn back to another season of warmth and light - all in ordered splendour - whilst below on the planet floor and at sea level, the vegetable, animal and human kingdoms draw sustenance from the 4 elements of earth, water, air and fire that keeps all species proliferating whilst hidden within the web of life, our planet’s mysterious temperature thermostat embed in the atmosphere and connected to countless other physical conditions keeps this giant super organism in stasis - and balance - enabling all life to magnificently stay homeostatically alive in relationship to a tightly coupled sublime - life support system.

So yes … we have to reconfigure our consciousness - our awareness of who we are … for there is a saying that the purpose for existence is to find out the purpose for existence … as to who we are - and that we are spiritual beings having an earth experience - here to fulfill our need to live gracefully as a global family awakening to our unknown potential, whilst in a world that is heaving in anxiety and un-fulfillment.

The Awakening Earth

This is our time and our incarnation to divine who we are and look within - knowing that we are surrounded in all 6 directions by infinity, coiling with suns through deep dimensions of time. It’s also our time to storm the inner self and recognise that we have been like dormant seeds nested under the ground and being like Gods of limitation, awaiting a new metaphor for ascension and to now burst out of our dark cocoon of unknowingness into the sunlight of a totally new day. Even more so - to ignite our innermost expression as embryo Gods and realise that every baby born into this realm is an energy bundle of exponential potential and love.

If there is one thing that we’ve learned from global mainstream media is we’ve been conditioned and desensitised at the same time - being boxed into something like a self-limiting 6 sided cube or more precisely a rectangle - when at soul level we need to increase and extend our aura of consciousness that surrounds us all - to that of the fullness of an expanding sphere and see more degrees of arc and dimensionally as well … with 360 degrees of perspective in every direction, both horizontally and vertically. Pushing out the barriers.

As we simultaneously - look deeply within as well.

Sure - from our first breath in this lifetime we came in full of passion and imagination …

our aim … extend the invisible envelope that surrounds our being … our auric field.


But, that was for many of us during the last century - now we are realising that life for us is potent and full of possibilities …

Now today, with instantaneous connection to nearly every human on earth we are only a moment away from a family smile and of a loved one - we are only a couple of degrees of separation and the way forward is to share the good and to spread that which will empower us as we realise our connection to 7.8 billion other possibilities - all endeavoring to find their way in life, where we can grow into the light of our own true self. 

“Remember - when you were young … you shined like the sun - Shine on you crazy diamond …”
Roger Waters of Pink Floyd when he once happily wrote ‘Wish you were here’

THAT YES, we do need to learn much, more about inner discipline and what that signifies and even more about loving our neighbour. Also, to remember our roots as sovereign beings yet realise that we are all neighbours and that goodwill has to flow over all borders in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration. One planet - one earth - from the grass roots up!

You may wonder why there is no ‘recent’ emphasis on Climate Change and especially the so-called driver Global Warming on the front page of this web site. Well, originally when I started broadcasting in late 2003 I was very keen to be the Global Warming radio program for NZ. Those who remember will be aware that in 2006 icebergs could be seen from the eastern coast of New Zealand's South Island, even from the hills around Christchurch. However, we have had no such increase in icebergs since then. 

Yes - the glaciers in NZ’s Southern Alps are still receding and melting, the waters around the NZ coastline are warming especially in summer and as I always finish my hot shower with a cold shower every time I bathe - I notice especially this year that the water is not really cold but nearly lukewarm, because the water pipes that are in the ground coming to my home are showing that the ground is definitely warming. These three pointers are very serious. However, in this radio program, I call out that there are two other very problematic situations affecting the atmospheric envelope that surrounds our planet.

These are geoengineering that includes solar radiation management, or SRM, ... SRM techniques include stratospheric aerosols, reflective ... composed of metallic aluminum, aluminum oxide and barium titanate and strontium.

The other, is the use of electronic manipulation of the ionosphere by transmitting radio waves up into the atmosphere. It’s also called Weather wars and Frequency wars and also known as HAARP frequencies. The US is definitely doing this so are China and Russia. This is very serious - however you will never get Ecologists and Environmentalists to sit down and go through the science of what is happening with these two terrible technologies that have been forced upon us - the human species. As for academics and intellectuals in our universities - their job seems to come before any other moral or ethical considerations.

These two subjects are covered by this radio program and you can access them by looking at the ’slider’ on the front page. This state of affairs is a very sad and serious indictment by those in power and until ‘the swamp’ in the higher echelons of Governments globally, are collectively ‘drained’ - these deceitful and insidious acts will continue to the detriment of the biosphere, all biota and especially our children of today and tomorrow.

I played this wonderful song:

Lost in a Lost World
The Moody Blues
Seventh Sojourn

I woke up today, I was crying
Lost in a lost world
'Cause so many people are dying
Lost in a lost world
Some of them are living an illusion
Bounded by the darkness of their minds
In their eyes it's nation against nation, against nation
With racial pride sad hearts they hide
Thinking only of themselves
They shun the light (Some of them shun the light)
They think they're right (Some of them think they're right)
Living in their empty shells (Some live in their empty shells)
Oh, can you see their world is crashing? (So many people)
Crashing down around their feet, angry people in the street
Telling them they've had their fill (So many people)
Of politics that wound and kill (So many people)
Grow the seeds of evolution (So many people)
Revolution never won, it's just another form of gun
To do again what they have done (So many people)
With all our brothers' youngest sons (So many people)
Everywhere you go you'll see them searching
Everywhere you turn you'll feel the pain
Everyone is looking for the answer
Well, look again, come on, my friend
Love will find them in the end
Come on, my friend, we've got to bend
On our knees and say a prayer
Oh, can you feel the world is pining? (So many people)
Pining for someone who really cares enough to share his love
With all of us, so we can be an ever loving family (So many people)
Have we forgotten we're all children? (So many people)
Children from a family tree that's longer than a centipede
Started long ago when you and I were only love (So many people)
I woke up today, I was crying
Lost in a lost world
'Cause so many people are dying
Lost in a lost world
Lost in a lost world
(So many people, so many people)
(People) Lost in a lost world
(So many people, so many people)
(People) Lost in a lost world

Songwriters: Michael Pinder


Wishing you a Merry Christmas and an empowering and fulfilling 2021


After this 1st half on the sacredness of our living planet, I then reviewed the last years radio interviews that went to air on

The best quick synopsis of the interviews can be seen here: 

I then went on to mention the important issues that each interview covered, when I realised that if I gave each kernel an in depth insight that was expressed - all these together, would be so staggering for the listener to absorb that I instead ‘pulled my punches’ and - toned it down - so that for the first comer to the program to not be blown out with this information - solely because the ‘diluted’ MSM has not honestly educated the planetary public of the issues and challenges that we face.

I wish to exhort and implore you to take some time out to play this below video. Because, what is happening is that the controllers of the City of London are endeavouring to lock down all of the disunited Kingdom as they see that Trump in America is slowly and methodically taking down the Deep State in Washington DC and it will not be long before he crosses the Atlantic and takes on the England and the EU - and drains the corruption there too.

Check 27 minutes in and 40 minutes as well - but please take your valuable time to become savvy of the distortions that we are living around. 

I finished by calling All Crew of Spaceship Earth to ‘action stations.’ That we have to take care of the ships embedded operating systems like air conditioning, refrigeration, water and food producing facilities and that in the days and years ahead ‘Unity Consciousness’ is the only way we can take care of today and tomorrow.

Meantime we at GreenplanetFM, wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and especially 2021 - because, we will have much to do to freely live as hearted centered beings - navigating time and space.

Dec 9, 2020

This whole story has got the medical world completely at odds with itself. It has not been able to grasp the situation at all.

Eben Alexander, MD, was an academic neurosurgeon for over 25 years, including 15 years at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital, and Harvard Medical School in Boston, - with a passionate interest in physics and cosmology.

He is the author of the New York Times #1 bestseller Proof of Heaven and The Map of Heaven. His third book, co-authored with Karen Newell, Living in a Mindful Universe, was released in October 2017.  

Listen to this latest interview but also do a youtube search and do some binge watching - you will find that he is proof that you can transcend death - but more so - finally recognises that all people who have a NDE and a OBE - are able to remember what they see, hear and experience - even as they look down from the ceiling where they have ‘floated’ - as they see the doctors and surgeons frantically working to stabilise their body and keep it alive - remembering exactly what they say, what they do, even if it is to go out of the theatre, beyond the hospital - everyone and everything is carefully noticed. That when finally they find themselves mysteriously returned to their body again - they recall EVERYTHING that transpired. That their spiritual body - ‘essence’ - call it what you wish - can still remember everything - even without a body.

Scientists like Rupert Sheldrake and others have stated that our memory is not stored in our brain or our body. That our spiritual body that oscillates at a far higher frequency has the capacity to be far more knowing, than what present day science can measure within the limitation of its instruments. This is where the new paranormal science is taking us. This is evolutionary science taking us to the next level - to the unseen.

It is opening the door to the new paradigm that we have been entering for the last 40 years, but have been too reluctant as a Western civilisation to fully embrace it - due to the mind set, or should we say set mind - of the scientific establishment. Who as a body of hard nosed skeptics - emphatically state that the universe and the big bang happened all by fluke or chance. That we are all a pure accident and that somehow lightening and chemistry and water, warmth and light coincidentally brought life into being and we wriggled our way out of the swamp onto horses and carts and up to the moon - that is all somehow held together in ‘a vacuum’ and we are born to reproduce and to die and that’s it - game over …

This is so far from the truth and like the 10 million people in the USA over the last century who have experienced OBE and ND Experiences - and the compelling-ness of all these occurrences that have been at many levels ‘censored’ by the MSM, or if not censored, in many cases made fun of and been put down as hallucinations or delusions. That MSM has been part of an orchestrated campaign to keep the human experience locked down and keep us trapped in our bodies to basically die an ignominious death and be forgotten.

What Dr Eben has done, is parted the veil or even obliterated the silkiest of shrouds beyond death to reveal and uncover the magnificence of the universe (and God) in all its dimensions, dominions, and realms of high frequency colour, sound, geometry and ordered splendour. So unimaginable and profound - that the vastness of existence within the inner planes and realms - is beyond our faculties to comprehend …

He says that right now there is a revolution happening between science and spirit that is occurring and is quickening and we are near a gigantic breakthrough … and the science of consciousness - that in essence, our souls are eternal. That we are Love and are Loved.

His Message:

The message he was given in his journey was … You are deeply loved and cherished forever - you have nothing to fear - you are taken care of … the lessons being, of kindness - compassion and unconditional love … also mercy, acceptance and forgiveness - these deep and profound principles … that are to govern our choices …

Also covered is experiencing our life review - 20% to 50% of people have a life review - where they go back to main events in their life where we harbour residual lessons to be taught and learned … and the interesting thing is when you talk to near death experiencers in this situation - they do not describe about experiencing their life review from their own viewpoint - but from the perspective of those around them who were affected by their actions and even their thoughts.

Listen it is important … especially in understanding karma.

He was told that he would be taught many things … ‘but you will be going back …’

Reincarnation comes up as an important lesson in soul growth - this may shake out those who have had an orthodox upbringing in their own particular Abrahamic religion - however there are so many cycles in life - from the carbon cycle to the nitrogen cycle, the sulphur and the potassium and oxygen cycles including seasonal cycles, moon cycles and cycling constellations to the Galactic Cycle and beyond …. So why not a cycle of the soul? - Plato and Pythagoras were aware of this and it is far more predominant in the Western world than is commonly known.

That our souls come back again and again in a process of refinement -  until we can release ourselves from the ‘wheel of rebirth’ …

Other Topics Covered.

Indra's net = Eastern traditions … reincarnation. 

Listen to Eben mention the power of Prayer …

If you are a skeptic and atheist and a non believer - just take one hour out of your valuable life today and have a listen to this man - as his experience totally flips the medical version of life and confounds the naysayers in science too. Yet, he says he is more of a scientist today than he has ever been.

That his memories have become more complex (detailed) after the coma than they were before …

That memories are not stored in the brain - see and others …

Briefly covered were:
Telepathy, precognition, psychokinesis - the ability to manipulate matter at a distance - distance healing are all mentioned though quickly - and shared death experiences … - University of Virginia - PAST LIFE research with children and reincarnation - Started by Dr Ian Stevenson and he says with reincarnation - this is where the world is heading (I heartily agree - Tim) …. it’s the science of consciousness.

He mentions Captain Edgar Mitchell 6th Man on the moon and 

Eben states that the days of scientists saying that NDE’s are nonsense and don’t occur are over …
Because the only scientists who make such statements are the ones who don’t study or research any of the voluminous evidence that is available - globally.

Eben, says the Elisabeth Kubler-Ross with her lifetime research and 20,000 interviews of NDE and OBE experiences - was absolutely essential in helping him connect the dots in relationship to his experience and he gives her kudos for the mapping of the territory that she did all those years ago.
Now there are 100’s of scientists who are fully onboard following up on consciousness and the invisible realms today. 

He says - is a very good resource …

Meditation is big with him - going within … Karen Newell, co-author with him on his new book.

This is all about Understanding the Destiny of Humanity …

We have to let go of the false sense of separation

We are all in this together - and it is truly all about Love …

He stresses Pierre Teilhard de CHARDIN - and his book The Phenomenon of Man -

(1881–1955), French Jesuit philosopher and palaeontologist. He is best known for his theory, blending science and Christianity, that man is evolving mentally and socially towards a perfect spiritual state. The Roman Catholic Church declared his views were unorthodox and his major works (e.g. The Phenomenon of Man, 1955) were published posthumously. He was basically shunned by the Roman Church. Yet, humanity is converging on the Omega Point and the Cosmic Christ and that humanity is still tracking on Teilhard’s timeline. 

Love and compassion and kindness …

He mentions all the planetary challenges we face within the biosphere - pollution, war, deforestation, climate, avarice - - you name it …

The Golden Rule - treat others like you would like to be treated

Treating animals humanely is important - because they too, have a very rich spiritual existence.

Towards the end of the interview I asked Dr Eben:

“There are no accidents in the universe?” He paused and said in relationship to him - “no, there are no accidents” I then posited - “therefore what happened to you has to be part of the plan to waken up humanity - ‘Gods plan if you will'' - “that what happened to you and how you are today assisting hugely in the awakening of humanity could be seen as a dispensation for humanity? - Or that in fact this was your assignment - this was your mission, to go through this journey and share your profound story that we are all eternal beings …’

I did not get to complete this below piece as we became engaged in talking about the above.

“That you, Eben incarnated into our world - studied the body and brain function, become an expert in this field and that in this age of modern medicine have medical science show on the screens and high tech apparatus that in this ND experience your brain had been predominantly destroyed - that you were basically clinically dead - yet you can have a miraculous recovery - and come back today in full consciousness, sharing joy and goodwill.”

“That this event had to BE” - and that this wonderful interview today could come as an extension of your mission.”

We also briefly mentioned that humanity ‘has to remember their inner candle, and keep it alive.’

This interview is a very important message for all souls on earth that live within the biosphere. That we all share the invisible breath that keeps our sacred bodies alive. That this invisible breath is shared by all biota - humans and all animals and - especially trees, vegetation and plankton that convert our breathed out C02 back to Oxygen in a magnificent loop of connectivity.

Anima mundi - Latin for World Soul



Next week we will have the last interview of the year - one that will interest everyone.

Nov 5, 2020

There are many perspectives on what is soul; it’s like the blind man and the elephant, each has an insight into a larger totality that’s beyond the view of all.  

I think we get closer to the truth when we are able to suspend judgment about these different perspectives in our exploration of the nature of soul. 

Bill said -: back by popular demand - haha.  Before we get into it he says that words cannot express how important the American election has become for the whole world…and it is by no means simply about Trump vs. Biden or Republican vs. Democrat.  It is about freedom vs. the Great Reset. This is a fight for the soul of America. These are surely interesting times!  Fasten your seat belt!

Tim - good to know there are soul fans out there - folks who understand empathy and compassion - so what can we say?

All living beings have souls; some have “group souls”, they only function in a group context: a herd, a hive, a flock; do sheep have choices about shearing, being dipped, going to the works?  Are those moral choices?

Is everything that involves a moral choice a Soul issue for Humans?  

Bill says he thinks do.  Sea Shepherd is a soul issue.  WHY?  The oceans are dying.  The whales, from Orcas and Belugas to Blues, are disappearing.  We fought whalers for them.

5G is a soul issue.  Why?  The biosphere (and us) are dying from different forms of radiation.

Electrohypersensitivity is becoming more common.  Immune systems are weakening.  

We are witnessing a sustained, coordinated attack on—us

It has been subtle and covert for decades, but not any more…  

And what do we see?   Humans are starting to fight back.  Getting arrested, sometimes fined, sometimes beaten up, for unlawful (?) assembly.  For not wearing masks.

As individuated, self-reflective humans, we are a species with individual souls.  Soul is the immortal expression of Humans; from a metaphysical (religious, philosophical) perspective we belong to the “Angelic Soul Group”.  Angelic describes our soul PATH, which is Service to Others.  If we listen to our inner voices, to our Higher Self, our guides, we stay on the path.  It’s the mind that gets us into trouble!  

What’s wrong with mind?

Because the mind offers an illusion of control.  There's nothing more joyful, more painful, more useless, and more powerful than the mind.  The brilliance of your mind will not save you, it will only make you terribly certain.  It took Bill many  years to really understand what Gurdjieff meant when he said, “To be clever is to be stupid.”  Being clever, wily, tricky is the realm of the mind. 

You can turn left by following your intuition and your mind may be giving you a million reasons why it is better to turn right… and they might all make sense.  But the more you follow your instinct, your gut hunch, which is your inner authority, the more you will be making decisions that are correct for you.  It’s important to not let the mind upset you or call the shots about what direction to take in life.

You mentioned guides and higher self.  Do you recall your first contact?

The year before he started kindy. He saw his two guides, he knew their names, names he had never heard before, and he could see and describe them.  One afternoon he opened the front door and let them in, sat them down at a little table in the living room, served them tea and had a conversation with them.  His mother and a friend were sitting on the couch and witnessed this.  Years later his mother told him that they thought he had a great imagination.  He told her that his guests were every bit as real to him as she and her guest were.  Contact with his guides tapered off when he went to school the following year, but he never doubted that they were with him, and still are.

Saying that 3D Earth is a school: it is a world of opposites, of polarities.  Light/Dark, male/female, day/night, inner/outer, harmony/friction, peace/war; peace is a friction-free environment.  Yin/Yang,  push something long enough and hard enough, it turns into its opposite. It’s called the doctrine of reversion. 

We contain the potential for both, and every choice, however small, is a test.  It moves us in one direction or another.  

St Paul how often we know the right, yet do the wrong?

That comes from listening to mind, using mind to make choices.  Better to “go inside”. 

How do we “go inside” when we are faced with important choices?

  • Your source of inner authority will determine that, we’re all different.  
  • It’s not a made-up authority, or a philosophical one; it is part of your biological mechanism. It's your wiring, and it doesn't require your mind. It's an authority that allows you to operate correctly as yourself, to navigate confidently and skilfully on this plane of reality.  
  • Sources of authority could be the solar plexus, like mine; or sacral, like yours; or several other possibilities.  Since you and I have different sources of inner authority, when we are “correct” we make decisions in a way different from each other.
  • Tim asks Bill for an example of how our decision process would be different?
  • Wave vs. grunt  Any listener can learn more about this, it is valuable knowledge (and knowledge protects)
  • If really important and “stuck” or “stumped”, Bill Mentions the ancient oracle of China the I Ching.  Some interesting banter between Tim and Bill came up around this ancient Chinese oracle. 

Bill said the Angelic Soul Group’s path is Service to Others ; you can easily spot them, people who are really STO shine with their own light. In reality most folks here in 3D reality are STS ‘Service to Self’ and need a lamp—and that’s OK as long as the core intention is STO.  But there are many that consciously left the path many lifetimes ago, and by choice prefer the dark.  They are totally committed to STS.  They’re primarily materialistic, greedy, corrupt; they may have made a Faustian bargain at some time, a really bad choice, and they usually have psychopathic tendencies which means they have little or no empathy. 

They also have the ability to knowingly do harm. 

They are opportunistic, skillfully dishonest and they seek power. He believes it is a factor of electro-magnetics — they actually are 'magnetized to’ drawn into the wombs they resonate with. Like attracts like. The Bhagavad Gita actually describes that incarnation process “they have been “cast into wombs of similar disposition”.

A good example of this is John D. Rockefeller, who once boasted that he would pay a salary of a million dollars to someone who is " to glide over every moral restraint with almost childlike disregard and has, besides other positive qualities, no scruples whatsoever and be ready to kill thousands of victims--without a murmur."($1MM adjusted to today =$31MM)

And his son David found one!  His name is Henry Kissinger.   

“It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.”

Bill, what was your first awareness that all was not well with the World Soul?

High school in the late 50s.  I was outraged.  800 miles away…crops destroyed, Oct/Nov 1959 (61 years ago) started to do research.  Read Silent Spring in 1962. 

"Is there a soul evolution process?  In which density is our astral existence?"

There are several different models or theories about this, just like no consensus on the transition years from the Baby Boomers to GenX, GenY, Millennials. 

5th density as I understand it is about contemplation. In the chain of densities, one through seven, the souls exist in 1 through 4 and in 6th, actively, and in 5th density passively, so the 5th is said to be where souls go when you leave your physical body in 3rd density. You get to review this life and learn from it, then decide what it is you want to do in your next incarnation.  It is pretty much accepted that the angelic realm, the bardo, the samboghakaya, the 6 lokas, all these “places” including heaven and hell, are all 5th density destinations that cluster not by geography but by thought wave.

Learning is necessary for progress of’s all about lessons.  This is how we build our power center...

What do our souls have to look forward to in a higher density world?

There’s lots of speculation about ascension and what might await us.  We have certainly hit a point in time where things are getting worse on this planet.  Civilisations come and go in waves, and it is looking like the current wave has peaked and will be crashing in about 12 years, and humanity will be going through a dark patch in the near future. The ones that don’t wake up will be doing 3rd density over again.

In third density we live with the illusion is that there is no link between consciousness and matter.   Actually consciousness can be matter.  Light is gravity. Optics are atomic particles, matter is antimatter... just reverse everything to understand the next level... it is all about balance, and the answer must always be zero. And zero is infinity. The illusion is that there is separation. It is the alteration of perception that turns the axis and creates the illusion of distance you can reverse that and understand that there is no distance between us and, say, Alpha Centauri.  If you warp space/time you travel by bringing your destination to you.  In 4D you have the capability without the "mechanical technology."  But even more importantly, you will be able to project into the future and see the consequences of any choice you make in the present.  There won’t be any “If only I had done this, or said that…”  There will be opportunities to work on what you’re passionate about with like-minded people without interference, betrayal, theft of IP or other painful experiences.

Personal story

In 1998 Bill was part of a research team in Taiwan, that was conducting a government-funded study of the effects of flower essences on the emotional patterns of Chinese patients.  

One of his colleagues, whom he had known only briefly, was intensely psychic; she downloaded some information about him.  She said that three lifetimes ago he made a very big discovery, was on the edge of fame and fortune; however, his results were destroyed and he was discredited by the establishment.  This info caused something to crack inside, and it has been under repair ever since, it was a very deep wound that has taken this long to heal.  Saying this was very useful information, it helped reveal a pattern in his life, and aside from experiences in this lifetime why he had a deep-seated fear and distrust of the establishment.  

Bill, can you do a quick recap on the different views of soul?

There’s the Pre-modern Classical Paradigm, the Greek and Roman view was—neither spirit nor body, but an inner impulse.  Soul is a living quality of the body that animates it.

The Greek word for soul is psyche; it is also the word for butterfly, which implies that it is capable of transmutation or metamorphosis.  = reincarnation. (  which will be covered at a later date).

Soul is what moves us; we experience it in music and poetry…it is passion, desire, the peaks and depths of experience.

Tim talks of Muse’s in ancient Greece - being in his understanding, Greek for a ‘mind angel’ - that whispers in the ears of philosopher mystics - stories, poetry etc 

Bill - Says -I correspond with concert cellist in Belgium who writes, “I can feel the change hanging in the air on a g string “

She says, “To be able to listen to music, and let it in, one needs an open heart--

Yet music can also help you open your heart, the vibrations gently massaging the muscles until the Soul is ready to open up and let it in :)

So if we are electro-chemical beings we respond to vibratory resonance, and  Soul is a mystery: it arises from the world of spirit, and expresses itself through the physical body ….

Q: So where do we find it?

It’s not lost, we just don’t realise it’s there.  

The German philosopher Novalis wrote: The seat of the soul is where the inner world and the outer world meet.”

The American poet Auden may have been responding to Novalis when he wrote, “The center that I cannot find is known to my unconscious mind.”   He finishes the stanza with, “I have no reason to despair because I am already there.”

This tallies with what I mentioned in the last talk, Hillman’s notion that soul is what turns events into experience, that those experiences are our stories, and rightly remembered and shared, they give meaning to our lives.

We have the expression “he’s lost the plot.”  It’s about finding meaning, Tim.  It’s what makes sense out of our individual lives.  When people feel despair, often they have given up hope because they have lost the thread, become disoriented, don’t know what to do with their lives.  One of the classics is Victor Frankl’s Man’s search for meaning. He was a WWII holocaust survivor.  

The soul wants meaning and beauty…but we live in a world of more and more information and less and less meaning!

Tim: it’s a compliment to say that someone has “the soul of a poet”.  Why is that?

Poems convey meaning in an elegant, compelling way.  They “move” us to laughter or tears--or wherever the poet wants to take us.  They can express the full range of emotions—the highs and the lows—in a way that others relate to.  

Bill wanted to share this poem that takes us deep into the feeling of being out of harmony with the soul:  

In a dark time, the eye begins to see,

I meet my shadow in the deepening shade;

I hear my echo in the echoing wood--

A lord of nature weeping to a tree.

I live between the heron and the wren,

Beasts of the hill and serpents of the den.

What's madness but nobility of soul

At odds with circumstance? The day's on fire!

I know the purity of pure despair,

My shadow pinned against a sweating wall.

That place among the rocks--is it a cave,

Or winding path?  The edge is what I have.

A steady storm of correspondences!

A night flowing with birds, a ragged moon,

And in broad day the midnight come again!

A man goes far to find out what he is--

Death of the self in a long, tearless night,

All natural shapes blazing unnatural light.

Dark, dark my light, and darker my desire.

My soul, like some heat-maddened summer fly,

Keeps buzzing at the sill.  Which I is I?

A fallen man, I climb out of my fear.

The mind enters itself, and God the mind,

And one is One, free in the tearing wind.

American poet Roethke died at 55, but lived through WWI, the Great Depression, and WWII; he saw…and felt much.  He became manic-depressive after WWII, but was driven to write his best poetry in the last 15 years of his life.  He had a hard ride, as did many men and women who have left behind a great legacy.

Yes, hard times can certainly bring out the best and the worst in humans…

Good times and bad have always come in cycles; I believe we’ve seen the best of times and along with the solar cycle, there’s a downturning with many out of work , businesses closed; what’s starting to look like food shortages worldwide and a coup in progress to crash the global economy…and many are still unaware, there’s’ reason to have deep concern for the future. 

What creates harmony is balance.  We’re ‘way out of balance.  That creates intolerance.  Without tolerance,  freedom of expression is endangered.  The last thing we need in our society is more government-mandated rules and laws that limit our freedom of expression, which is a core New Zealand value.  Policing our speech, censoring our posts and telling us which words we can and cannot use is not the way to achieve a harmonious, tolerant multicultural society.  We hear a lot from the gov’t and from supposedly vulnerable minority groups about the need to embrace diversity, but the one diversity they don’t tolerate is diversity of opinion.

…and the truth shall make you free.”  

Today the truth is censored and many who actually hear it refuse to believe it.  

Here are my assumptions about the future: our planet has become a very troubled place

  • things may get worse before they improve
  • people everywhere are being asked to evolve
  • the coming years will be testing time--of resilience, endurance, patience, grounding, focus, non-attachment, good-heartedness.

Joseph Campbell wrote that the old myths no longer deal with present reality, and we need to come together, listen to each other’s stories, create new ones.   He was the person who had a large influence on George Lucas of Star Wars. 

The soul is the intermediary between the inner and the outer ((body and spirit), between life and consciousness; it represents limitless expansion of the higher self.  I can say with confidence that my life will end, but my soul will go on.

Tim - and hopefully to a more harmonious place ...

Let’s talk about the here and now, and the role of Soul in the science fiction movie that we seem to be living in.

Ah, that could be one of many movies, my choices would be They Live or Bladerunner, the 1982 movie based on Philip K. Dick's 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? where the replicants rebel against their human creator.  It was a very early and accurate portrayal of corporate control and what the modern occult arts can do in the real world.

Soul has been reduced to a physical mechanism by modern science, which is creating a world of machine-like creatures!  And when we look to the behavioural sciences for soul, it’s much the same…

In modern Western culture, Psychology (Greek = knowledge of the soul) treats soul as a mechanism that can be predictably programmed…to sell products or manipulate public opinion. And worse, MK-ULTRA, program killers and erase their memories

On the other hand, Psychotherapy (= soul care) is about increasing self-awareness and enhancing the quality of life of the soul, and there have been huge advances in my lifetime.

In the early 90s Bill taught for several years at ITP in CA, which was founded by Abraham Maslow, one of the founding fathers of Transpersonal Psychology…which recognises a transcendent or spiritual dimension to life—and which offers a wider context to soul development.  Assagioli was also a pioneer; in Psychosynthesis, the Spiritual self is developed as the center of sub-personalities. 

The therapeutic process shines the light of understanding into the dark recesses of the human psyche…and to understand is to forgive…and forgiveness has a liberating effect on the soul. (this is one aspect of the transformative process)  & Ho’oponopono. This term is from Hawaii and extremely profound.

There is a focus on shadow work --reclaiming & integrating disowned elements of our psyche (disowned or unrecognised emotions, attitudes)

The Jungian approach to healing is alchemical—a series of symbolic processes for doing the inner work and transmuting the soul.  It draws on correspondences to archetypes found in the Natural world.  I’ll come back to this alchemical approach. 

I also worked with Stan and Christina Grof for two years in the early 90s as Director of the Spiritual Emergence Network; it was created to help souls in crisis, often a Kundalini awakening, occasionally drug-induced. …Fillmore.

I think it’s important for all of us to make the connection between individual neuroses…and social problems…and to get involved, socially and politically.  

What about Soul and career choices? What happens if we choose something that is out of harmony with what the soul wants. 

There are no “wrong” choices, there are only “lessons”.  Some people know exactly what they want to do with their lives and start training early; they become expert and successful at a young age…and then they are faced with different kinds of choices.  Others may never find work that satisfies the soul, and change jobs many times (either out of dissatisfaction, or because they have many different lessons to learn, as was my case)

Throughout my career I’ve worked with more than 80 orgs in six different countries; in most cases, the goal was to change the company culture in ways that made them more effective.  Effectiveness has two components: efficiency and satisfaction.  Work can be “soul-destroying”, particularly if the focus is just on efficiency; it’s a bit like white bread and sugar, all the goodness has been refined out. 

At one point in his life Roethke (with the soul of a poet) worked as an insurance salesman.  Here’s a poem about what he “saw”:

I have known the inexorable sadness of pencils,

Neat in their boxes, dolor of pad and paper weight,

All the misery of manila folders and mucilage,

Desolation in immaculate public places,

Lonely reception room, lavatory, switchboard,

The unalterable pathos of basin and pitcher,

Ritual of multigraph, paper-clip, comma,

Endless duplication of lives and objects.

And I have seen dust from the walls of institutions,

Finer than flour, alive, more dangerous than silica,

Sift, almost invisible, through long afternoons of tedium,

Dropping a fine film on nails and delicate eyebrows,

Glazing the pale hair, the duplicate grey standard faces.

That poem is called “Dolor”, the word for grief in Latin.  

I was part of a research team in the 70s that investigated “work spirit”.  We interviewed people in “ordinary” low-level jobs e.g. on the factory floor, they had been doing the same job for years. They were singled out by their supervisor because their performance was consistently excellent. We wanted to find out what motivated them.  They were quite extraordinary beings, very peaceful and content within themselves. Examples: (2)

One thing that many HR departments frequently use when they’re hiring is psychometric tests to select the applicant that’s best suited to the job they’re applying for.  I would propose that in the future, all candidates for public office take a battery of tests, things like the 16PF and what’s called the Sorenson Pathology Index—as a measure of their trustworthiness.  This has been a perennial problem and finally we are witnessing the extent of the corruption and I believe we will soon be seeing a collapse of people’s confidence in government, which in a world of global communication is more contagious than a flu virus.

Q:  We are heading toward an evolutionary event horizon at a rate of knots.

What themes are emerging from the collective unconscious?

The modern scientific point of view is that the soul is a strictly physical entity, located in the Pineal Gland, which Descartes called  the “seat of the soul”.  …and we are now at the endgame of the age of enlightenment that began in his lifetime in the 17thC: scientific method, based on analytical thinking, became the foundation of modern civilisation.  That cosmology which was built on the cornerstones laid by Descartes, Bacon and Galileo.   

Those philosophers are responsible for our plight.  

Cosmology describes "the world as (something)—their assumption is, "world as machine," which is a myth…and The world soul is crying: let us out!  We’re not machines!  We want to be free!

We need a new, different, and more promising myth.  I like Hendrik Skolimowski’s point of departure for eco-cosmology, he suggests "world as sanctuary."  (from sanctus, a holy place, consecrated ground). 

We should be having serious concerns about the ethical standards of the scientists engaged in nuclear, genetic, bio-warfare and nano research, to name a few. It is right to challenge and question, for this has become an age where technology is assuming the status of a god, and as we know, the goal of the transhumanists is to overcome death This was foretold. 

We’ve been warned; it’s all been hidden in plain sight.  We all have to assume a share of the responsibility for giving up our power to these high priests without fully comprehending their values and motives

So … WHY is all this happening NOW?

It’s all about cycles.  

We are living through a cycle shift of the World Ages, how that shift correlates to the evolution of both technology and human consciousness, how to live your life in sync with this great cycle change.  An “age” is one sign of the zodiac, 30 degrees; 2160 years, so each degree is  I think a consensus of astrologers would agree that we have fully entered the Aquarian age

Like the preceding age of Pisces, Aquarius is a symbol, and symbols are frequencies; they are used to send us info (for good or otherwise)…and they are being used to manipulate us by sending signals of coming actions through symbols.  The core theory is social engineering, the work of Edward Bernays; it’s about controlling people by manipulating energy and engineering consent.  It is the basis of predatory programming and literally a form of black magic.  It's a form of subliminal mind control,  a shell game of misdirection & distraction.  And they are expert at it.  

They make plans based on AI, Artificial Intelligence - they have the strategy laid out and they are using AI to drive the tactics because the global chess game is now changing rapidly and one of the transhumanist goals is to connect the human mind to AI.  They will be experimenting on profoundly autistic children. 

Of course, the endgame is soul capture or destruction.  They want to control us, and already we are seeing the result of lockdowns all over Europe, and how the press, the police and the politicians have been bought with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation money to enforce them and keep the people in fear.

So this is a critical moment in history: Demands on Humans are becoming unreasonable.  It is no longer about reason and dialogue and finding common ground, it is about power and control.  If they succeed, we can expect total surveillance, predictive programming, UBI Universal Basic Income and worse.  The technocracy and transhumanist agendas are soul-destroying;  If we are to grow out of our adolescent aspiration to play God and control everything, our technological ambition must be scaled down.

How can we compete with all that firepower?  If we spot something, share the information widely.  It will be reviled as conspiracy theory and banned from social media by the tech oligarchs but it shines a spotlight on the way they think and can alter their plans.  I can’t help wondering if any of them are aware that they took a wrong turn somewhere in their past and believe it’s too late to go back.  Like Macbeth at Dunsinane.  Come wind, blow wrack—at least we’ll die with harness on our back.”

Be aware, don’t consent if something doesn’t feel right to you.  Do the right thing, no matter what (and trust your gut—it knows instinctively what the “right thing” is).  There are consequences for ignoring warning signs, also for doing nothing.  

You mentioned that this is a form of black magic. Is it being used for soul capture?

Black magic is the use of occult means to gain power over others.  It is not limited to primitive cultures, there are high-tech versions.  However the methods to counter it and heal it are traditional and time honoured.  That is the realm of the shaman.  

What does that have to do with soul?   

Bill Says says EVERYTHING.  The shaman is a soul healer.  There is growing soul sickness: we see it in people knowing the right, and doing the wrong (in some cases, the “wrong” means doing nothing) 

We see it in spiritual amnesia--forgetting who we are, and what we’re here to do.

There is soul loss…that comes about through sale, barter, trickery (being gullible, loss of critical thinking), alienation…there is a stable full of them in Hollywood.

So let’s briefly explore the shaman’s view of reality.  In virtually all tribal cultures you have a leader, a chief; in Maori culture that’s the kaumatua; you also have a shaman, that’s the tohunga.  They're two different roles; one is a public position and the other is a private position.  One looks after the physical well-being of the tribe, the other is a kind of doctor who heals through access to Spirit: 

Soul is the vehicle for astral travel. For 000s of years, the shamans have been astronauts of inner space…they are people with an 'active third eye' who can see directly into higher dimensions.  The tribal shaman lived apart from the tribe, their life path was developing occult power to gain access to the realm of spirits.  Their primary concern was the relationship of the living to the dead, a relationship intimately associated with the Moon's waxing and waning, so they hung out in the mountains with the Moon Goddess.  

The shaman's unique gift is the power to release the soul from the bodily frame in order to travel between worlds and return unharmed.  In their roles as intermediaries between the living and the dead, between the worlds of the known and the unknown, they were respected and sometimes feared by the common folk.  They could heal sickness and bring special knowledge from the spirit world for the benefit of their community.  In times of serious trouble the tribe would consult with them--Axis mundi, trance, visit spirits (gods, ancestors) & return with information.  

Whenever we suffer physical or emotional trauma, a part of our Soul flees from the body to survive the experience; with every new incident, our essence and vitality grows weaker. This process is called “Soul Loss”; in psychological terms, it’s called dissociation.  It’s a natural protective mechanism that occurs when we become disconnected from our core, the source of our vitality.  It’s the experience of losing touch with your Soul, which is always there in the background of your life, but it’s not always accessible due to the psychological traumas, abuses, and other blockages.  Dissociation is used to survive potentially destructive traumatic events, such as

  1. Any form of abuse, e.g., sexual, emotional, physical or mental
  2. An event of prolonged grief, pain, and fear that made you feel helpless or impotent
  3. Deep-seated addictions e.g., substance dependency, gambling, eating disorders
  4. A near-death or out-of-body experience of NDE
  5. Being forced to act against your morals
  6. An experience of intense rejection or abandonment
  7. Witnessing the unexpected death of someone
  8. A sudden and shocking accident
  9. Entering a relationship without strong personal boundaries (resulting in an unhealthy relationship and losing your personal power)

So how do we regain connection with our Soul? 

Through a process called Soul Retrieval.  In shamanic cultures, Soul loss is understood to be a spiritual illness.  When our Soul fragments, the life force weakens and we open to all kinds of emotional, physical, and mental problems.  Returning to wholeness and health depends on recovering the missing part or parts of the Soul through the practice of inner work,

So for example in Chinese culture, which has shamanic roots, drug, alcohol, gambling and other self-destructive problems are often dealt with by a shaman, not by a psychologist.  

In some shamanic cultures, soul retrieval is treated as an initiatory process. 

That’s correct, says Bill saying he has studied Mayan culture and explored archaeological sites in Mexico’s Yucatan, Chiapas and Guatemala since 1972; He became a Mayan daykeeper in 2004. In the Mayan culture there is a strong oral tradition; everyone sings songs and tells stories.  Children are allowed to experience and express the full range of emotions.  In initiations into adulthood, a young man or woman must wrestle with Death—they go down into the underworld to retrieve their own soul from their romantic feelings – those are feelings that steal the imagination by stealing their heart, which makes them feel hollow inside…

…but before that experience, the elders put them through language training, because in their cultural understanding they believe the greatest weapon against Death is the power of poetic language…that the words themselves have magical properties. 

This might sound strange, but you can't kill death; the Mayans believe you can only beguile* Death, because it loves beautiful words so much it will make a deal with you.  It will say, 'I'll give you back your soul IF on a regular basis you send messages to the Holy."  (The Holy are 13 gods and 13 goddesses of the underworld; they understand and love metaphor--images without the verb 'to be.' When you do not have a verb 'to be' you can't speak unless you use metaphor.  Gurdjieff said, “If there’s an I in one’s presence, then God and the devil are of no account.”

* To deceive by guile or charm:

   To distract the attention of; divert 

   To amuse or charm; delight or fascinate.

So the power of these initiations are that they cause these young people to become something that feeds life beyond themselves. It's not ego involvement or self enlightenment. It's something beyond yourself, for the universe.

Right.  It’s pure Service to Others.  STO. 

Grief is a core emotion, it can be too powerful for the psyche to integrate.  The soul longs to express feelings but holds back out of fear of the depths of pain that will be released.  Shame and depression are considered to be an inability to deal with grief. 

Somewhere deep in the memory of our souls, no matter what our ancestry, a deep understanding and capacity for wonder sits weeping…and waiting…

…and that emotional blockage can render people powerless in difficult times.  

When we feel powerless, we long to be listened to.  The pain is relieved when the story comes out, it frees people…

…and when stories are truly heard, it unblocks subconscious amnesia and transforms it into a liquid grief of remembrance. I have many times witnessed this unblocking, it is a powerfully transformative event.

Grief properly channeled is the source of art. 

A Guatemalan shaman who lived through the CIA atrocities in his country over a 36 year period and saw his village destroyed and many of his friends and relatives killed told Bill something similar to what I (Tim) mentioned in last weeks show about the two wolves fighting:

He said, "You love what you love more than you love your hate.  If what you love is the divine, story, culture, children, then instead of blowing a whistle, you'll strive to keep the seeds alive.”  That’s how he transforms his grief, he considers that the source of his creative power.  Keeping "the seeds alive" can be a means of spiritual survival in turbulent times.

Mayans treat caves and baths as sacred, places where the gods and first peoples were born.  They believe steam baths and sweat lodges cleanse the soul; that was typically done before an important ceremony;

Bill says Tim!! - You and I are carrying a burden on behalf of generations of Humans, here and yet to come.  Easy to be crushed under the weight of knowledge if people won’t hear your stories.  They need to wake up, stand up, tell their stories before it’s too late.

Bill sailed here to NZ on his yacht - he is a sailor, coming to NZ on a waka. (canoe, boat, kayak)  Saying he knows the sky.  WHY, when you can see chemtrails frequently—have they been taboo at climate conferences ever since Rio?

That out of bounds because it is not part of the “agenda”, which is a big fat LIE.  GeoEngineering—Gates—Harvard—American Elements—Rothschild’s PG&E.  Fires.  Hunger.  Massive relocations.  Landgrabs.  Lockdowns.  All pieces of the puzzle.

At the same time an increase in sex, violence, all free-to-view, another soul trap.

Addiction.  Sex & love addicts, perversions made socially acceptable.  What happens to the soul?  Distracted from its mission/purpose/destiny.  By devices.  By artifice.

At this transition point there’s a war going on in an unseen realm.  The Dark Side--Gates, Schwab  been “cast into wombs of similar disposition” — as it says in the Bhagavad Gita. 

Jean Baudrillard, the French social scientist, said “The sad thing about AI is that it lacks artifice and therefore intelligence.”  (= cleverness, crafty, wily)

What to do!

Go with your intuition.

Connect with those who add value, who make right choices

Your emotional state is important, if you keep your vibe up, you become invisible to them; our refuge is in higher states of consciousness. 

I don’t fear death but I fear the consequences of soul entrapment as the result of wrong choices and embracing the dark. 

There are Flower Essences (Covered 2 weeks ago)  for different situations and mental/emotional states, there’s no need to carry a burden.  As Tim says, let your candle burn brightly…so to do that you must be clear of emotional baggage.  This therapy is both effective and relatively inexpensive.

  • *ln the words of H.G. Wells, “Maybe the earliest dawn of human greatness will be the mass realisation of the last 200 years and how terribly out of harmony it is.”

In 1781 there was a mutation that transformed humanity.  Not all at once, but over time…from  seven-centered strategic beings to nine-centered  beings, and no one took much notice.  This mutation  took place in the visual cortex, which had been honed through our binocular vision into a specific focus.  For thousands of years the way in which one scanned the environment was also the way in which one collected information on the inside in terms of the memory system. This mutation in the visual cortex  eliminated the need for our binocular vision to focus specifically, it opened up the potential of peripheral  or receptive vision.  That's very  different from the narrow focused strategic look that relates to left hemisphere dominance.

Saying … There will be another significant mutation in this decade, 2027. This isn’t the time to discuss it, but there are already many signs that it will happen.  It’s all part of the program that we live in, and we are homo sapiens in transitus. 

Egypt was an ancient culture that had lots of rituals that related to Soul and reincarnation, or life after death.  What wisdom have they passed on? 

The Emerald Tablets are said to be written by Thoth, the Atlantean priest who escaped the deluge and is said to have incarnated into a line of Egyptian pharaohs from the earliest dynastic period for more than 2000 years.  Whether that’s true or not, the Emerald Tablets contain some real soul wisdom.  I have a few brief quotes here to illustrate:

Man is only what he believeth, a brother of darkness or a child of the Light.

Darkness fetters the Soul. Only the one who is seeking may ever hope to be free.

The body is nothing.  The Soul is ALL.  Let not your body be a fetter.

Only the Soul is space-free, has life that is really a life.

“When ye as men can learn that nothing but progress of Soul can count in the end, then truly ye are free from all bondage, free to work in a harmony of Law.”

There is much more in this interview - and that crying and tears are both a profound and wonderful way to clear our being of hurt, loss  and trauma - well worth listening - just from a standpoint of knowing you are not alone. -Tim


Next Week’s Interview:

We are still flying by the seat of our pants -

Watch this space. 

Oct 29, 2020

The core idea is that Nature, imaginative by necessity, has already solved many of the problems we today are grappling with: energy, food production, climate control, non-toxic chemistry, transportation, packaging, and a whole lot more.

Animals, plants, and especially microbes are the consummate engineers. They have found what works, what is appropriate, and most importantly, what lasts here on Earth.

However, we humans have only really woken up to this in the last 30 years.

If we could only mobilise our consciousness (and media) at a global level, we would be both amazed and shocked to realize that the answers to our challenges are already embedded in nature, the same living super system that we too are deeply embedded in, except we have disconnected ourselves.

Time to awaken and reconnect, to our great sustainer our planet and recognise that so much of the biota, have over millennia and eons have worked through phases of evolution to innovate the best conditions for life and the common future for this life.  

In nature nothing exists alone.

Rachel Carson

Sam Stier:

Learn more about biomimicry in video:

And print:



What is the Soul?  Part Two

With Bill Watson

Oct 22, 2020

Our Western civilisation essentially goes back to ancient Greece. But yes there is Egypt, Sumeria and Anatolia in Turkey. However, Bill starts with the 'Fates' that were embedded in Greek & Roman Mythology, the three goddesses who preside over the birth and life of humans.

Each person was thought of as a spindle, around which the three Fates (Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos) would spin the thread of human destiny.

We need to remember the word 'psyche', the ancient Greek word for Soul.

This translates to a psychiatrist being, essentially a Soul Doctor - however in Western medicine Soul has been lobotomised out of the medical vernacular. Science does not educate us in the spiritual realm as - if it cannot be measured and quantified, it does not exist.

If we go to Wikipedia - (which sadly is not the resource it could be) there are on earth today 7.8 billion humans of which ‘supposedly’ these numbers below show, that:

2.4 billion are Christian

1.9 billion are Moslem

1.2 billion are Hindu

0.5 billion are Buddhist

.394 Million are China Traditional


1.2 billion  Secular[a]/Nonreligious[b]/Agnostic/Atheist 

So with Christianity and Islam betwen them - there are 3.3 billion adherents who would beleive that they are going to live beyond this mortal life. That in scripture in the first book of the Bible in ‘Genesis’ we learn about ‘soul’.

That Hindu and Buddhist also believe in an afterlife solely because they (like other minor religions and sects) believe in an essence / consciousness that leaves one body and after a time enters the baby of another human body.

So there is a very considerable number of humanity who believe in a soul essence that inhabits the human body. That is most definitely spiritual in nature and that science does not want to utilise the vast number of 25,000 universities planet round to further research this perennial doctrine that has been embedded in all world religions, beliefs and cultures.

Yet, there are now thousands of recordings over the last hundred years of  'Out of the body' and 'Near Death' experiences everywhere on planet earth. Even doctors and professors and hard core atheists have experienced them - however the ‘medical establishment’ only sees the human body as a physical machine made of flesh, bone and organs. So they still refuse to take this step. Science has made up its mind that ‘nothing’ exists.

This subject of ‘out of the body’ and ‘near death experiences’ is one of the more divisive questions on earth.  For there are many who have been brought up to believe that we are only a body that has evolved by chance via Dawinian evolution. This idea consolidated when science  later added on the fluke of the big bang bringing all into existence. Even God was taken out of the equation.

That when we reduce the human body down to its constituent components you will find no evidence whatsoever of a soul or a spirit. The non theist - better known as an atheist will argue and battle this subject out even though people who have OBE and OTB experiences can tell you what their parents were doing,  wearing and saying - even though they lived in another country at that exact time - they will argue vehemently that it is all a hallucination and that these ‘other’ facts don't matter.

For some unknown reason the disbelievers will in most cases not give up until they expire on their last out-breath.

Though we did not cover this in any depth at all, Bill mentioned that C S Lewis said - we don't have a soul - we are a soul - to which I heartily agreed and when looking for this quote on the web, I find that C S Lewis never mentioned it - so we apologise for this. Here is the link: 

Tim mentions that we are being dumbed down as a society and a civilisation and that we are seeing the censorship of information - even that of the distant past is increasing, and it is hidden in plain sight.

For example the Bible which was supposedly first written 3,400 years ago. See at the end of each quote that the word mutates from 'Soul' - to 'Being' - to living ‘Person’ - then to 'Creature.' With such a rapid change in description, will the next iteration become a - 'robot?

I jest - however I trust you get the gist.

  1. › Genesis-2-7
    The Bible "And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul."
  2.  › passage › search=Genesis 2:7
    Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.
  3. Genesis 2:7, KJV: "And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living person."
  4. Genesis 2:7 NKJV - And then the LORD God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature.

Because of time constraints we did not cover anything from both Vedic and Egyptian writings. Though in the Vedas they mention Soul, because Ātman is a Sanskrit word that means inner self, spirit, or soul, being in the Hindu philosophy. 

Shaman and medicine men in indegenous cultures also believe in soul as their whole cosmology is grounded in this notion.

A search for ‘sole’ on the web brings up:

  1. the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.
  2. emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, especially as revealed in a work of art or an artistic performance.

The only Hebrew word traditionally translated "soul" (nephesh) in English language Bibles refers to a living, breathing conscious body, rather than to an immortal soul.  This is interesting, because even Albert Einstein did not speak of the soul, unless it was in generic terms.

What Bill focussed on was, what are the virtues of a soul and Bill talks of James Hillman  - who has much to say on the soul                                               

Have a listen to what he says ...        

However in relating to today reality Bill says that the human species have in so many ways has lost its moral compass. He explains this … listen

Also, Transhumanism comes up - that people who don’t believe in souls and eternal life are doing their best to build computers / robots so as to ‘house their consciousness’ - see Ray Kurzweil of Google to get an understanding.

Bill also mentions that we are in a shift of consciousness that is happening and there is a huge cycle that we are all enmeshed in and that by 2027 we will see changes that we have not planned for.  Listen

There was much in this interview, Bill speaks of the challenges the human race has found itself in and offers up a way for us to heal our being. This healing Bill says is very important if we as a society are going to resolve our differences, and become well.

The words karma and past lives come into this conversation - so I do suggest that you listen - it is only a 20meg download.

What comes across is Bill’s duty of care and concern - he says that Bach Flower remedies are very good ways to heal our emotional realm and bring us back into our true self.

Bach flower remedy tinctures  - 

We also need to constantly remember that “we are spiritual beings having an earth experience”.

There is an old First Nations saying that you can hear of in America - of an old Cherokee teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil – he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.”

He continued, “The other is good – he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you – and inside every other person, too.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

So it is imperative that we have the ‘correct’ thought, right words, and right actions - as we chart our course in life.

Captain Edgar Mitchell, 6th man on the moon had this to say ...

God sleeps in the minerals, awakens in plants and walks in the animal and thinks in man …

And the question is - what do you intuit is man’s next evolutionary-spiritual step?

13 Best Books on Near-Death Experiences 

These books will give you an inkling of a great reality - however the subject of this interview was based on what is SOUL and do we have one?


There is a new movie coming out this November called ‘Soul’ - it's a blend of Soul music that the Black community of America put their heart into when singing and playing music but it also covers another unique side by having a ‘discarnate’ soul floating around telling ‘his’ story that is totally integrated with the soul music of the main black character living in America .

I have not seen it in its entirety - but the three trailers are very interesting. 


Next Week’s Interview:

Stephen Simon

Producer of the film ‘Somewhere in Time’ with Christopher Reeve, Jane Seymour, and Christopher Plummer.

In 1998, he produced ‘What Dreams May Come’ with Robin Williams, Annabella Sciorra, and Cuba Gooding, Jr.

On January 3, 2018, his wife and forever love Lauren suddenly passed away in her sleep. She was only 54.

Six weeks later, Lauren began to communicate with him … and in October 2018, they started writing a book together.

Wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, grandparents, and many others have experienced communication with loved ones who preceded them beyond the veil that separates life and what comes after life. Many of you are having that experience now, and many more will experience it in the future.

You... we... are most definitely not alone.

Love and Aroha coupled with courage are our greatest gift.

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