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Dec 19, 2012

Arden Anderson, Ph.D. D.O. holds a Bachelor’s degree in agricultural education, a Ph.D in biophysics and a D.O. in medicine. He currently works in general preventative and nutritional medicine, while still consulting for some of the largest and most progressive farming operations in the world relating to biological agriculture.

His keywords are: holistic farming, sustainability, healthy bacteria in the human gut and in the soil of the earth.  Plus the correlation between personal human health and planetary health.

He has visited NZ numerous times and has a growing following within the farming and horticultural sector here.

When young his father let his cows out of the barn to graze the pasture, so as to eat herbs and what we would term weeds and as a result they became more healthy and produced a healthier milk.

That any health or animal disease has to be correlated to soil science and the quality of the make up of the soil, its balance and the microorganisms and the nutrition in that soil.

He studied under Dr Phil Callahan the author of 'Tuning into Nature' that showed that insects only attach sick plants, which was blasphemy to the chemical industry as that conflicted with their addiction to selling chemicals.

Arden Andersen, said he went to university to understand soil, its nutritional value, balance, then to animals and health, finally to humans and our health. Which he calls biological and holistic medicine and that everything is connected within the web of life.

We learn that manufactured urea and ammonia nitrate does produce at first, fantastic results when it comes to growing grass BUT, the actual dissolved solids and the tangible feed value goes down. You gain on the swings but lose on the round-abouts.

Some salient points from this interview:

Calcium is the foundation for a healthy pasture and the biology in that pasture and environment as well.

Fontera is NZ's largest buyer of micronized calcium carbonate, and they are adding this to the milk as our NZ cow herds are not obtaining it from the feedstock they eat. It is a deficiency in the soil.

In the USA cows live to only 18 months old - and then 'burnt out' sent off to the abattoir, where once they lived for up to 12 years of milking and giving birth to calves.

He emphasizes that we must look at our human gut microflora, if we use anti biotics we will kill off all the good guys, so it is with what we do on the farm with our soil. Heavy fertilizer usage is unbalancing the land - all the way to the cow manure, that does not break down fast, due in many cases, to the use of antibiotics!

Listen to how organic dairy farms in the USA survive without chemicals and antibiotics and are one of the fastest growing areas in the milk industry in America. Organic Valley Coop

That in America there is now between 4% and 6% of all milk being organic.

It is important for people working with the land producing crops and grass to take brix readings. These tell you quickly how healthy your plants are.

Also, Arden is very up to date with GE and GMO's. He categorically states that GE is not needed, and that to have GE crops to save the world from starvation is an absolute lie.

Non GE crops resists droughts in the USA far better as in the huge drought of last year when GE crops failed for need of far more water to grow. Also, yields of GE crops are nowhere near as good.

Dec 12, 2012

Why has Graeme Sait not been recognised by the Nobel Committee in both Sweden and Norway? His knowingness could revolutionise farming globally and reclaim back our biosphere.

The Philosophy of Farming and Our Intimate Relationships with the Land and Biota. One day we will realise that our life has to embrace the 'Ecology of Commerce' and this will be one of the greatest break throughs in consciousness.  

Can one man make a difference?  Is it possible that one persons knowledge and enthusiasm can produce a counter tipping point to farming and land management into a new upcycle, where in a few short years, soil across our whole country can be revitalized, rivers, lakes and aquifers cleaned up, less live stock, (cows) needed but enabling far higher productivity? More Co2 from the atmosphere being sequested by the microflora, the mega trillions of bacteria and fungi that live and comprise the soil? Resulting in more sustainability across the ecosphere?

Why? Because science is belatedly realising that the answer is found in the soil - healthy soil.

Correlate this with the gut flora that we have in our colon and intestines, where 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion) microorganisms breakdown the food we ingest.

We’ve only recently begun to understand the extent of the gut flora’s role in human health and disease. Among other things, the gut flora promotes normal gastrointestinal function, provides protection from infection, regulates metabolism and comprises more than 75% of our immune system.

Dysregulated gut flora has been linked to diseases ranging from autism and depression to autoimmune conditions like Hashimoto’s, inflammatory bowel disease and type 1 diabetes.

When we tie these two relationships of the microorganisms of the soil of our planet and the our gut microflora in our intestines, we note that both are becoming more acidic as a result of the 'input's we use. We are using too many chemicals and other ingredients, thus both are becoming infected with declining health.

When we treat the land and our body temple with the respect and reverence they are due, gigantic changes can happen that benefits the whole, and that change can happen fast!

Yes, there is another game changer coming through, at a grass root level and its called biological farming, which is bringing a holistic perspective of balance, to how we relate to all aspects of bringing forth the earths bounty. Resulting in healthier more vibrant pastures, vegetables and fruit, which in turn when eaten as food, a far more healthier body, be it an animal or human - results.

This is based on recognizing all the biota above and below the soil and its dynamic balance and how all the many cycles of nature interrelate. That being a holistic perspective of the web of life.

Listen to a revolutionary land management system that is being taken seriously by thousands of South African farmers, Woolworths throughout South Africa and Dole Corporation in the USA. With the uptake of millions of acres in Australia and now more NZ farmers awakening to its profitability and potential in this country, this method opens the door to a more organic world view.

Including new ways for humans to eat and drink locally grown sustenance that can help us lose weight, become more vital, add years to our life and grow young again.

Graeme Sait ex New Zealander, Australia's Key Note Speaker on Holistic Health, soil, animal and human nutrition.

Dec 5, 2012

GreenplanetFM listeners this week have a rare opportunity to get their heads around carbon trading.  Is it just a bullshit scheme carefully designed by left and right western governments to get corporate polluters off the hook?  Or ought we to give the market approach a fair go?  Or have we waited too many years already waiting for carbon trading to improve the climate??

Dennis Frank interviews someone with a career history as both a carbon trader and analyst doing carbon accounting of biomass processing systems in many countries.  Ruy Korscha Anaya de la Rosa has been one of the people performing the measurements and calculations of carbon emissions in a variety of environmental contexts.

Ruy has worked as project manager of a number of greenhouse gas emission reduction projects in developing countries.  He graduated MSc in Sustainable Energy Technology from a university in the Netherlands.  He's currently a PhD candidate at Massey University in Wellington, researching the global-warming mitigation potential of biochar systems and the implications of biochar in carbon markets.  He has lived in this country 3.5 years.

Carbon markets include both carbon-offsetting and cap-and-trade.  The Kyoto Protocol produced a carbon-trading system based on carbon-equivalence polluting rights, rather than the original pollution-fines system agreed by the G77.  The change was made to secure the agreement of the USA.  Ruy says carbon-offsetting is vulnerable to fraud & speculation.  Cap-and-trade was designed to permit business as usual under the guise of greening industry.

We must differentiate global-warming from climate-change.  Climate-change is natural and it occurs gradually all the time.  Currently however, it is being forced by global-warming that is the result of greenhouse gases being pumped into the atmosphere – primarily by polluting industries. 

The inherent resilience of Gaia as a biosphere in dynamic equilibrium is consequently endangered.  The inexorable trend of global-warming is driving the planetary system towards tipping points which we are now likely to encounter within our life-time.  The global climate will then tip away from the stable state that has existed since the last ice age ended about 12,000 years ago, bringing an end to agriculture that we rely on to feed us.

Ruy says the Kyoto Protocol Clean Development Mechanism website provides different methods to account for carbon emissions (presumably depending on technology & environmental situation), that provide the operational instructions for carbon accountants.  But most of the CDM methodologies were designed to just measure combustion, so he has progressed to the LCA framework. 

LCA stands for life cycle assessment, which is the technical methodology used to evaluate environmental impacts of products (goods and services) along their whole supply chain, from "cradle to grave".  Thus it is a more holistic perspective, Ruy says.  What's more, it is the true cost accounting that the greens have been advocating since the 1980s.

His career path as a professional insider has made this accomplished young man wise for his years, and he tells us of serious concerns he now has about the way things are going.  He says his field is still too young to have experts.  It lacks transparency and paper standards are not being put into practice. 

To those of us familiar with United Nations chronic bureaucratic dysfunction, this is no surprise.  He has also arrived at our long-standing view that addiction to economic growth is the real source of the greenhouse gas problem.

He comments on James Hansen's alternative solution to that problem:  fee & dividend, which is similar to what Al Gore has proposed.  He identifies a flaw in Hansen's design.  Dennis & Ruy discuss Hansen's critique of cap-and-trade.  The floor of that market seems to be designed to ensure perpetual pumping of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere at the amount fixed to equal current production when the Kyoto Protocol was adopted.

Ruy tells us that reading Hansen's book influenced his thinking, as did his climate change concerns for his 3 year old daughter.

Ruy is part of Transition Towns Wellington & the Wellington Time Bank, 350 Aotearoa and Generation Zero.

Nov 28, 2012

Lynda Wharton, Acupuncturist and Naturopath, talks on holistic health with a special focus on women’s health (that guys need to hear too!!) interviewed by Lisa Er.

Without our health, life is not as exciting and fun as it is when we are healthy and active.

How many people have health challenges and what are the reasons behind these challenges? Are we eating well, or are we subjected to pesticides and chemicals, and genetically engineered ingredients in processed food; or are our immune systems hammered by the cumulative effects of life as we live it?

Often the choices we have to make in healing ourselves concern lifestyle and diet. First however there is the choice as to whether to visit complimentary therapists or allopathic doctors and practitioners.

It appears at times as if there is all out war between the two systems. Many allopathic doctors and their supporters are quick to label both old traditional cures and new treatments as quackery, especially if they are not ‘peer reviewed’.

Supporters of holistic health might accuse western medicine of only treating one part of the body, and not the body and mind as a whole.  Opinion is that many pharmaceutical medicines have side effects that are more harmful than the disease itself and are designed to make money for the pharmaceutical corporations, suppressing dis-ease rather than curing it. One in four New Zealanders have visited a complimentary practitioner at some time, however.

Dr Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief (and GreenplanetFM supporter) writes about how what we think and our underlying beliefs have a significant role in our health. He says “Stunning new scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning show that all cells of your body are affected by your thoughts”. This gives a seriously new meaning to the phrase think positive, and creates a scientific link between holistic and allopathic treatments.

Looking at the cause of a dis-ease, and finding the right solution for each individual person may be time consuming and can even cost more than we want to pay, but without looking at the cause how can we be sure to have overcome the illness that we may have inadvertently created for ourselves. And isn’t life so precious that it is worth all we have to be both physically well and emotionally happy?

Lynda Wharton explains that her aim is to uncover the cause of disease, and through education, lifestyle modification and non-invasive natural therapies, remove any obstacles to cure. Through harnessing the body's innate self-healing potential, to restore optimum health and vitality, she has had much success. She talks of the commonalities that she sees in the clinic and of the informative book that she has written: “Wellbeing - An essential guide to vibrant good health for women".

Many of Lynda’s patients are women and she speaks of the Super Woman Syndrome that is prevalent in western society. She describes the lifestyle, talks of the results of this, and suggests some preventatives.

Lynda also is very informative about breast cancer, and as one in 7 women in New Zealand experience some sort of breast cancer, this is an important interview to hear.

Lynda’s web site is

Nov 21, 2012

Dr Mike Joy, NZ 100% Pure!  The challenges of truth telling in a commercially driven world.

Note: Since the Key National Government came to power, the word 'sustainable' has been deleted from governmental and departmental vocabulary.

Meanwhile ...

New Zealand is currently running at 162nd in our environmental performance out of 180 countries globally.

It is extremely difficult to access data on water quality in this country as it is 'locked away' from public scrutiny, even the Ministry for the Environment does not write it up for public consumption.

Researchers have to spend hours and days searching out any little snippet of information that is buried in Regional Council reports, because these reports too, are filed away from community analysis.

The reason for this impediment is because there is no Agency in this country that deals with such basic and important factual statistics and information and if this accumulated data was in the public domain, the Ministers involved would look so bad that the charade of 'Clean Green NZ' would be coherently shredded.

Yet, the latest statistics that are available for public information still go back to a 2004 report. Even though the 300 areas that are tested and sampled 'to this day' remain hidden from public view, and can not be accessed by scientists like Dr Mike Joy.

This vital information is being 'censored by omission' and the Ministry for the Environment and the 16 District Councils, only issue 'feel good' information on the better sites, (the upper high country where there is no population or industry) never the true story in the low land areas of farming, industry and population density. In essence, making a silk purse from a sows ear!

New Zealand has pristine highland lakes and rivers, which the tourist brochures revel in, but it is the low land lakes and rivers that are horrendously degraded in this country.

And it has been only in the last 20 years with the intensification of dairy herds that our water has really lost its purity.  This due to the addition of far too many cows, as the population continues to increase.

11 humans are equal to one cow in their capacity to ingest and excrete. A conservative estimate is equal to 66 million people inhabiting NZ, the same population as the UK.

With the intensity of increasing cow numbers huge amounts of urine ends up in paddocks and in the process is changing the soil chemistry and seeping down into the water and into the greater catchment area, and this is not being factored into the pollution equation.

Adding to this, commercially manufactured urea is being spread on the land from urea plants as well as the use of more phosphorous to speed up plant growth, however a by-product of super phosphate is cadmium.  NZ is now dangerously close to toxifying its soils, plant life and live stock with excess cadmium that ends up stored in the kidneys and liver of live stock, that if the animals are over 18 months of age - it is illegal to sell kidneys and liver for eating. (This is news to me!)

NOTE: New Zealand children are already exceeding the European levels of cadmium from our food chain

Scientists here in NZ like their counterparts worldwide are reluctant or prohibited from speaking out on environment or health concerns, for fear of losing their funding, or losing their job. They are under the hammer to keep their mouth firmly shut!  Such is the power of the commercial imperative!

Treasury, which is the tail that wags the dog in this country is bloated with economists and Mike posits the idea that if we could have another department alongside it full of ecologists, we would strike a dynamic balance.

Mike says that what is happening in nature is that the fauna are now acting as the canary in the coal mine.

The tiny white bait (inanga) in our streams are being seen as the indicators of the health of our water ways and they are all being threatened, 4 out of 5 are now on the endangered list, same for fresh water crayfish and our eels, and the eel story Mike tells is near on bizzare in the extreme.

KPMG, one of the largest professional services companies on our planet, states in a new report that New Zealand has 5 years to clean up our clean green image, or we will lose it!

Dr Mike Joy: The true story of New Zealand's ecological status. 

Nov 14, 2012

To initiate positive community change a number of people have come together as part of a larger cell or organism, to language the possibility of how individuals acting in accord as a small group can consciously reach agreement so as to shape our unfolding future here in our suburbs in Auckland and as New Zealanders.

How do we as community find innovative ways that influences and enhances our daily lives for the common good, through insight, dialogue, strategies and novelty?

How can they encourage others that they most definitely as a group of individuals can make a difference to the way we live, because it is becoming increasingly evident that we can not depend on our national government to lead.

Nor the nations media, be it radio, TV or newsprint. The internet is our only savior at present. Lets keep it that way.

As you at a deeper level already know, we are intuitively aware of the challenges coming to meet us … from both a local and global context and they are increasingly impinging on our daily life as we endeavor to sustain ourselves and family through obtaining work and jobs, schooling and healthy bodies and the pressure for many is becoming greater as we also collectively put our environment  under greater pressure … whilst the words of the great American Indian … Chief Seattle, who so astutely stated 200 years ago ring even louder today that … - 'what ever happens to the web of life, also happens to us.'

And Albert Einstein, whose insights into the human condition are scattered throughout the length of the 20th century so aptly said, 'that we can not solve a problem with the same consciousness that caused it in the first place.'

The imperative is we have to become more conscious …

This is what individually we can do, find like minded people and form a little nucleus that can connect with other nucleus's and start to claim your area sovereignty back. e.g stopping chemical road side spraying, No GE in NZ, a just two issues.

Its interesting 2400 years ago the Greek philosopher Plato mentioned that the downside of not involving yourself in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

No wonder he is still famous - he can read the future too!

Have you ever written a submission? For we urgently need submissions to be forwarded to government, and as the GE debate has come back into prominence, NZ could be on the threshold of giving away its Clean Green image to a corporate scam to make NZ a genetically engineered experiment. This is coming from the Monsanto's of the world and that a few scientists here in NZ are pushing it and are refusing to follow the precautionary principle. This is not the NZ we want for our children!

NOTE, our NZ weather forecasters, the scientists behind our weather consistently get their forecasting wrong, can we afford to have just one mistake with GE, not like the weekly misleading forecasts from our high tech weather office gives out?

So take some time to listen to this group of people articulate what they are doing to awaken the community to the opportunities and challenges and ... that we most definitely can make a difference.

By advising our elected servants in Wellington of your needs it will assist in keeping the integrity of NZ's sovereignty in this fast changing world.  For as the people in America are finding out, they are continuously losing their freedoms and as Steven Spielberg despairingly said on TV some years ago, 'Americans are losing their freedoms and are voluntarily giving them away' and so are we, and we are doing it by leaving it to someone else to do the hard work, to take care of all children's future and very few are showing up and making the effort.

Yes we have to become more conscious and thus more proactive if we want the truly clean green freedom loving country that is our home.

Oct 31, 2012

Dennis Frank interviews Kiwi biochar advocates Graham Smith (an Aucklander) and Trevor Richards (who lives in Kuala Lumpur).

Biochar is a carbon-negative soil improvement technology that takes at least 25% of organic carbon out of the cycle and converts it into solid mineral carbon that remains stable in soil for thousands of years.

It increases soil fertility and raises agricultural productivity, reducing the need for synthetic fertilizers.  It slows evaporation by helping soil retain moisture, which reduces nutrient-leaching and the need for irrigation.

Decomposing biomass adds large amounts of methane and carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and so does traditional wood-burning and composting.  Burying biochar instead reduces the flow of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Sequestering carbon in the ground is now a sensible way to mitigate global warming, according to prominent scientists such as James Hansen, head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and James Lovelock, creator of the Gaia hypothesis.

Biochar acts like a coral reef for microbes and fungi that are beneficial to soil and plants, enhancing root growth.

Just as coral reefs are the richest ecosystems in the ocean for biodiversity, so biochar in the soil likewise provides a base on which soil biodiversity develops, creating a more resilient ecosystem.  Building soil biodiversity restores degraded soils & improves soil structure, reducing the need for pesticides by producing healthier plants.

Charcoal is a high-carbon, fine-grained residue produced by pyrolysis of biomass.  If you heat almost any biological material to a certain temperature, and restrict or exclude oxygen, pyrolysis occurs instead of normal combustion. 

Pyrolysis is the direct thermal decomposition of biomass in the absence of oxygen to obtain an array of solid (biochar), liquid (bio-oil) and gas (syngas) products. The specific yield depends on the design of the process - it can be optimised to prioritise either energy or biochar yield. 

The gas can be used similarly to other fuels, to generate electricity, either by backyard mechanics or by sustainable energy entrepreneurs.  The United Nations Global Clean Stove Initiative is providing 100 million clean biomass cook-stoves for the developing world.

Green technologies that convert waste to energy often produce biochar as a byproduct, and most processes that produce it use efficient renewable energy sources.  Industry and communities can apply them to sustainably exploit waste biomass resources. 

In Auckland Graham hopes to help set up a process using the proposed curbside collection of foodscraps as compost in combination with pyrolised greenwaste.  Construction and demolition timber can be diverted from landfills, sawdust from sawmills and the output from chippers & shredders can be used. 

Biochar further advances the green cause when used as a filter:  not only to purify water but also to absorb nutrient run-off from farms, and to clean and regenerate rivers and lakes.

Current forestry uses tree trunks only, leaving the branches and leaves to rot & re-enter the atmosphere as greenhouse gases - so it makes sense to turn that into biochar instead. 

Just consider the difference for reforestation of the Amazon: slash and burn leaves only 3% of the carbon from the organic material in the soil, whereas slash and char can sequester up to 50% of the carbon in a highly stable form!  That's from biochar's Wikipedia page.

Dr. Tim Flannery is Professor of Environmental Sustainability at Macquarie University in Sydney, chairman of the Copenhagen Climate Council, and head of the Climate Commission in Australia.  His 1994 book “The Future Eaters” is an ecological history of Australasia, and his 2005 book about global warming “The Weather Makers” made the New York Times best-seller list. 

In his Amazon review of "The Biochar Revolution", he points out that biochar-making techniques are readily accessible to everyone - all of us, in our own gardens and communities, can contribute and make a genuine difference now without having to wait for our governments and institutions. 

If enough people do so, the collective effort will generate sustainable benefits for everyone.  He reckons that biochar may now be the most important initiative for the future of humanity!

Graham and Trevor are part of a group currently facilitating the formation of the "NZ Biochar Interest Group", which will be affiliated to the International Biochar Initiative.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact: biocharnz [at]

Oct 24, 2012

Maire Leadbeater has been at the forefront of political and social activism in New Zealand for much of her life. Such dedication is rare. Daughter of activist and writer Elsie Locke, and sister to retired Green MP Keith Locke, it is not surprising that Maire has been both encouraging of them, and inspirational herself.

As a peace and human rights activist, and a former social worker, Maire was also the media spokesperson for the campaign for nuclear disarmament on the 1980s and early 1990s.

She tells us of the blossoming nuclear free movement of that time, and how the flotilla of boats went out to obstruct nuclear war ships as they came into port, and how a small scale protest became a popular movement.

It is inspiring that New Zealand, the mouse that roared, found the political will to stand up to world powers and say NO to foreign nuclear war ships and to nuclear weapons. We do not appear to have had such courage since.

East Timor, for example is a country that New Zealand let down by turning a blind eye to the atrocities that occurred there, that were perpetrated by the Indonesian government after its invasion of the country in 1975. These atrocities continued until 1999.

Thirty seven years ago five journalists, the Balibo five, were killed while reporting there. Gary Cunningham, a New Zealander, was one of those five and yet our government never requested an investigation of his murder.

Maire is author of ‘Negligent Neighbour’-  a book on the plight of East Timor following the Indonesian annexation in 1975, which was published in 2007.

Continuing to be active in the Auckland East Timor Independence Committee until 2000 Maire now represents The Indonesia Human Rights Committee as spokesperson. Their web site is

Another of our neighbours that the New Zealand Government has failed is West Papua.

West Papua is striving for self determination and is under the Indonesian Government’s rule. Maire has written many articles on West Papua and the New Zealand government’s foreign policy.

It is disappointing to find that in 2009 New Zealand’s Super fund invested around $8m in the Freeport McMoran mining company there, which has the world’s biggest gold mine and the third largest copper mine in the world. The profits do not trickle down to the West Papuan people however. Instead the indigenous people are displaced and the environment is being seriously polluted.

New Zealand has been a political leader, influencing the world on the subject of nuclear war, and yet sadly it has descended into following the big boys and ignoring the plight and struggles of our poorer neighbours.

Maire’s current favourite song is performed here by West Papuan George Telek Freedom

Maire Leadbeater, shows that working for change can make a difference, as she joins others in raising awareness of human rights abuses and injustices, and is vigilant in following them through to their conclusion, as in the Nuclear free movement and East Timor.

*** Listen and be inspired by her dedication. ***

Oct 18, 2012

A New Zealander now domiciled in Qld Australia and founder of Nutri-Tech Solutions is an internationally acclaimed author and educator with a most compelling solution!

There's a grass roots revolution taking place as we read and its emergent principles are so profound that it is ushering in sweeping, positive changes to land use, farming and gardening practices to our beleaguered planet, Mother Earth.

This most refreshing and insightful interview covers minerals, soil bacteria, fungi to plant health, that extends to vegetation, animal and ultimately to human health. Not quite organic, it however, leads us back into the organic world.

His inspirational vision for agriculture and human health has been documented in over 300 published articles and he is currently completing three new books, covering this vast subject. A much sought after, entertaining and informative speaker, Graeme has inspired audiences all over the world.

Global warming emissions and acidification of the oceans can be mitigated by conscious use of soil bacteria, soil carbon and humous and if we use appropriate knowhow found in biological agriculture … astounding possibilities not mentioned in mainstream media will give the youth (and all people of our planet) a much needed boost in morale and optimism.

In South Africa, the uptake of biological agriculture is expanding at near exponential rates as farmers witness the viability and in particular the yields from healthy soil of vital healthy produce. Lead byWoolworths 360 supermarkets nationwide, they  only source fresh food from certified Biological farmers and producers.

Listen to the profound biological agricultural changes happening with Dole the world's largest producer and marketer of high-quality fresh fruit on the astounding shifts within this corporation that are happening at this very moment.

And in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, having saturated the land with chemical and toxic agriculture, and the resulting highest percentage of cancers per head of population anywhere, are just now, changing course into biological agriculture.

Having personally witnessed two of Graeme's presentations, you will come away inspired to far better health practices, plus a greater respect for nature and the depth of knowledge this man has regarding physical health and well being.

Covering the cause of the top diseases such as heart, cancer, diabetics, alzheimers and chronic fatigue, to cod liver oil's superb results, as well as coconut oil, the use (or non use) of cooking oils to mineral up-take, dumping your microwave oven, to no tilling of your home garden to the incredible results of rotation of cows grazing on pasture is the big story of the future … the list goes on.

The holy grail is soil health, based on bacteria, fungi, earthworms in concert with nature and reciprocity is the essence of this biological approach to producing healthy food.


Farming over the last 60 years plus, has been based on the mistaken analysis in the 19th century of plant growth and that NPK, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium were basically perceived as all that plants needed to utilize to grow, when in fact there are 74 mineral compounds that are all part in parcel of whole growth, however Western man has been full-on into unbalancing the soil to where we today have unhealthy soil structure, depleted in the other 71 minerals, less soil bacteria and fungi, resulting in unhealthy plants, animals and now humans, all due to factory farming, extractive agriculture and an increasingly toxic chemical ideology.

Fortunately, this is finally changing.

An inspiring interview regarding our collective future.

Previous GreenplanetFM Interview: Microcosm in the Macrocosm

Graeme presented a full day Biological Farming seminar entitled 'Banking on Biology" in Pukekohe on Tuesday 30th October 2012.

A Human Wellness seminar in Ponsonby, Auckland on the evening of Monday 5th November 2012.

For further information, contact Guy Macindoe who is a representative for Nutri-Tech here in NZ - Guy's Email address is or you can call or text him on (021) 931 832

Graeme also spoke at the Healthy Living Show  - Viaduct Events Centre Westhaven Auckland on Friday 2nd November and was a member of a panel discussion on Sunday 4th.

Oct 11, 2012

Horse Sense and Conscious Connection with the Energy of Horses.

A short 150 years ago horses were both a means of transport and beasts of burden in all countries on earth though, the era of the machine age was starting to build up to what it is now.

Horses have been the mainstay of support for much of humanity since possibly 4000 BC, and have been mans companion right up until today.

Steadfast and patient these great beasts have other qualities that we in many ways have lost touch with, especially as we leave the rural sector for urban dwelling and city life.

However, there is much to learn from this potent animal as their raw energy  helps ground us both in the moment and the recognition that nature still retains many secrets. within the animal kingdom.

Rosemary is a facilitator of many equine programs where horses interface with at risk children and adults as well as a therapeutic medium to help draw people out as well as express care and companionship.

The Zen of Horses -

Humans - Can be perceived as left brained dominant verbal - use of language, logical, reasoning, analytical, has identification, ego, feel separate, and have more a sense of me than we.

Horses - On the other hand can be sensed more as right brained, relational, have present moment awareness, non verbal, intuitive, they have the power to remind us silently of the union with all life around us.

The herd as a single thriving entity - its  communal, interconnected and demonstrates unification in action.  The mare leads from the front, and the stallion covers the rear, protecting and moving the herd forward. A grand interplay of patriarchal and matriarchal energies.

Every member has a harmonizing purpose through which both the member and the herd thrive. Horses are our greatest teachers for practicing conscious community (herdlife) and being and creating in the now moment.

There is a NZ-HALO™ - New Zealand’s Horse Assisted Learning Organisation covering many areas of interaction with and for people.

There will be a showcase and Charitable Trust set up meeting - 18 October 1pm -5pm. This includes working with at risk, special needs and young offenders.

NLP courses with horses programme 25 - 28 October &  9 - 12 November A unique quality training for personal and organisational leadership and change.

Plus other special events CLINIC - 27 & 28 December
and a Dune Lakes Lodge Easter Festival 29 March - 1 April


Oct 4, 2012

This week on Green Planet FM we focus on politically correct thinking, and the harm it is doing to the green movement.  Dennis Frank interviews one of the pioneers of conservation in Aotearoa.

Dr Robert Mann was a founding committee member of the New Zealand Foundation for Peace Studies, and co-author of the NZ Govt submission to the World Court for the lawsuit against French nuclear testing in the Pacific.  He's now retired from his career as university lecturer in biochemistry and environmental studies.

Dr Mann has been a scientific advisor to cabinet ministers in our government, serving for 8 years on the Environmental Council Working Party on Energy, and 11 years on the Toxic Substances Board.  As an active conservationist he was a branch chair for Forest & Bird, and was for 12 years a director of the Environmental Defense Society. 

He discusses his contributions to the environmental movement with a focus on the political interface with the power structure at the time, and profiles three ideologies that have used the culture of political correctness to leverage sectarian benefits from our common wealth to the disadvantage of everyone else.

We idealists supported the rainbow coalition of the '70s to rectify historical oppression of minorities according to the principle of natural justice.  Those who came into power in the '80s & '90s as a result have been covertly attempting to defeat democracy by eliminating free speech. Dr Mann informs us of some of his experiences with these people.

The political left and political right pretend to oppose each other but both destroy nature in order to obtain wealth.  That's not the only area of traditional collusion between the left and right.  They both also use state power to impose conformity of belief and behaviour upon the populace and quell dissent.  They appoint people who think like them to positions of authority, so we get political correctness infecting our institutions.
These people do their best to ensure that alternative views and opinions are suppressed.  So wherever you find censorship, you know it emanates from traditional collusion between the left and the right.   It's vital that we not allow public service media to be controlled by people acting against the public interest.

Boys are taught to be heroes via fairy tales, myths, legends and history, from an early age.  For us teenagers of the '60s the warrior archetype was wrong, so we tried to be peaceful warriors and set out to save the world from war-makers, polluters, exploiters and other evil-doers as heroes are meant to do.

If someone spends their life campaigning for these good green causes, we should reward them for such public service as elders who can pass on their wisdom to the young.  Excluding them from public debate is not only morally wrong, it deprives future generations of role models essential to their survival.

Political correctness is a culture poisoning our society.  Since it now emanates primarily from liberal socialists, Dennis Frank advises members and supporters of the Green Party to abandon their deviation to the left.

The green movement is neither right nor left, but in front.  It's political arm will be more effective if it remains attached to it's body, and starts to demonstrate evident connection to it's brain. 

If the Party becomes consistent with the green movement sceptics and swinging voters will be impressed by such emergence of authenticity.

A selection of Dr Mann's writings:
(particularly the 1989 & 1991 articles on PC)

The top sites on gene-tampering:
(incl. a Mann article)

Sep 27, 2012

Where is Sue Kedgley? What is she doing now after 12 years as a Green MP in parliament? Sue is reinventing herself as a freelance writer, columnist and media trainer and consumer advocate.

Having been in parliament, Sue is in a perfect position to comment on the difficulty for back benchers to promote any significant change in the government. She has also listened to people saying that they feel disgusted by the parliamentary process and are completely turned off by the nastiness and hostility in the debating chamber.

The low voter turn-out in last year’s election is likely to be because many people feel alienated from Parliament and the entire political process.

Parliament is fast becoming irrelevant, and participating in the democratic process doesn’t seem to make any difference these days. Sue says that there needs to be a review of every aspect of the way Parliament works, to see how it could be made more effective and relevant.

Lobbying the government is one way to create change and corporate lobbyists spend a lot of their time getting access to Ministers and government officials so they can push their client’s point of view.

Those who can afford to hire paid lobbyists, have more access and influence to Ministers, and therefore more influence on policy and legislation than Jo Blogs. Where is the transparency in political decision making? There is no public scrutiny!

Is the government really listening to the electorate about genetic engineering, food labeling, the Transpacific Partnership Agreement, and the food bill or do the corporations get the say. Find out Sue’s take on these subjects and more.


Sep 20, 2012

Today within the biosphere and the vast web of life, an awakening is taking place as the human species, Gaia’s most recent and gifted offspring is stirring.

With ecological, economic and societal crises exerting increasing pressure on our planet spaceship Earth, how will we as emergent 'conscious-crew' initiate the pressing and urgent changes to bolster and keep the integrity of our Mothership's life support systems intact? Especially in the face of scant support from old paradigm thinking, programing, inertia and unconsciousness!

How will 7 billion inhabitants and a vast majority of disconnected souls survive whilst a malaise settles over a complacent Western world, awash in materialism, distraction and celebrity, whilst under the radar, arming for war?

Though not covered in depth, there an is intelligence embedded in matter and throughout nature, and the inspiring realisation, that every human born on this magnificent planet is an “energy bundle of exponential potential,” leads us to acknowledge that we are in a position of profound opportunity and privilege, to unfold a new heart oriented consciousness from the grass roots and community upward which 'in actuality' we can realise at any moment of our existence.

Tim Lynch originally from Matamata - Hobbiton and of European and Maori ancestry, has studied the Gaia Hypothesis since 1984, and flew as international crew with Air NZ in near earth orbit for 17 years, where he intuitively was able to experience a planetary perspective unique to this age. For whilst flying through Gaia's respiratory system, it also enabled him to visit and study most of the many ancient civilisation sites as well as meet up with leading edge philosophers, thinkers and initiators and stay in many spiritual communities, ashrams and co-operatives.

And … ask the perennial question, how do we mobilize consciousness?

Tim Lynch Host of GreenplanetFM is interviewed on his historical roots, insights, intentions and his reason for communicating, by David Ford.

Sep 13, 2012

We are all cells in a greater global body, and how we participate in the larger body depends on what decisions we make - this translates to choice - conscious choice.

Seeing our world for as it is, yet staying clear and empowered to initiate the much needed changes that will bring people together and inspire them to enact positive and elegant solutions that are sustainable and earth friendly.

Keeping informed and aligned with higher purpose and not let the fear of the programming by mainstream media make one iota of difference to our psychological well being is imperative - resulting in inspired action.

At the same time doing our exceptional best with the knowingness we have to be constantly aware that we are living in the middle of a very, profound and extensive mystery.

Rose explains that by being inner directed and motivated to optimal living and opening up to being vulnerable, she has learnt much, whilst at the same time keeping a clear intent on positive community oriented change for others as well as the whole.

Having interviewed 25 people on love in action and seeding 'a whole new world' their stories tell how they have surmounted adversity to build prototypes for a new way of being, doing and living.

Covering local currencies, green dollars, and the complimentary currency system in Golden Bay in the South Island which is affiliated to the Living Economies trading system here in NZ, to building sustainable housing, growing healthy food through to inner work, health and healing and developing ways to bring community together ... and working with group dynamics especially team spirit and team building inspires us to a higher level of well being and happiness!

When we choose to integrate into community it builds up trust with those who belong to it, eventually growing into something like a large extended family where energy and flow and clear intent translate into a very dynamic expression of goodwill in action.

It is also very important to note the possibility of building a complimentary currency system along side the present mainstream monetary system and if this main system hits a hiccup due to global incompetence, we can easily migrate across to the localized community system.

To achieve this cohesiveness, is the importance of deep listening … to really listen and hear what is spoken and said. To make the effort to take in what is being transmitted to us.

This is all leading to the transformation of the self to something far greater, that opens up the metaphysical dimension and a spiritual unfoldment.

IN these changeable times, awakening to our true self in this life time … and being new culture makers and change agents ...

Rose Diamond - An inspiring team player

Sep 6, 2012

With Finn Mackesy & Gary Marshall joining Dennis Frank to tell listeners about their role in developing permaculture in Aotearoa.

Permaculture provides us with a spectrum of techniques and methods for improving our quality of life, and they all work by redesigning our habitat and lifestyle so as to minimise energy use and optimise our resilience.

These practical ways of ensuring our survival enable us to move beyond recycling and nature conservancy into a deeper shade of green.

This week Green Planet FM features a three-way interview, with Finn Mackesy and Gary Marshall joining Dennis Frank to tell listeners about their role in developing permaculture in Aotearoa.

Topics start with various definitions of permaculture, and range through the role of design in our lives, Finn & Gary's personal histories in the field, the community and educational services provided by Auckland Permaculture workshop, and their current expansion plan and strategy.

Wikipedia informs us that permaculture integrates ecological design with sustainable systems thinking and traditional practices proven to have ensured the survival of tribes, families and communities for long time periods without ecosystem destruction in their bioregions. 

It draws from several disciplines including organic farming, integrated farming, agroforestry, sustainable development, and applied ecology.

The primary agenda of the movement has been to assist people to become more self reliant through the design and development of productive and sustainable gardens and farms.  However in more recent years the trend has been towards the greening of cities and towns, to make the urban habitat more livable and satisfying, and more inclusive of nature.

Permaculture design asks these questions in each specific situation:
“Where does this element go? How can it be placed for the maximum benefit of the system?"  To answer this question, the designer must optimise the useful connections between all components of the design so as to generate optimal synergy in the composite system that the design produces. 

This is a good example of applied holism, where the focus is on how the parts configure in the creation of the whole, and catalyse the emergence of new valuable features in the operational system and resilient habitat

Permaculture design therefore seeks to minimize waste, human labor, and energy input by building systems with maximal benefits between design elements to achieve a high level of synergy. 

Permaculture designs evolve over time via these dynamic relationships and elements and can become extremely complex systems that produce a high density of food and materials with minimal input.

How has permaculture transformed traditional gardening?  Designing microclimates into your living environment enables you to grow marginal plants better. 

Find out how to build soil so that it becomes more productive.  Survival skills like this are increasingly important now that we can no longer rely on the global trade of goods.

After the interview there's a report on recent developments in solar power, including this country's first zero-energy and how you can monitor it's performance online. 

Green Planet FM, keeping you up to date with all things green.

* Image courtesy Permaculture Principles

Aug 30, 2012

People have been altering our plants and crops since time immemorial so why is there concern over genetic engineering? What is it about this that is different from selective breeding or hybridization?

Is it ethical to change the DNA of plants and animals for our own use and is it safe? Did Mother Nature get it so wrong when she ‘created’ our world that we need to fix it?

Are the far reaching claims used, as the basis for extensive promotion of genetically engineered crops by the biotech industry, governments, government agencies and proponents of GE technology really true?

400 scientists from 60 countries concluded, back in 2008, that genetic engineering was no solution to food shortages in the developing world.

This research was detailed in the UN’s International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD) report.

The 2008 report concluded that GE raises numerous contentious issues for developing countries, such as gene transfer, contamination of organic  and conventional crops, undermining of local practices, reduced food security and unpredictable or reduced yields.

Add to that the issues of liability and the health effects on both humans and animals that are increasing over time, then there are clearly huge concerns about the future of farming with genetic engineering in the environment.

If GE paints such a bleak picture, then why are huge corporations such as Monsanto bothering to push their products onto the market? Consumers overwhelmingly are voting with their feet so why keep expanding the market? Who is trying to stop the labeling of food to show GE or GE free?

These and other questions will be answered by Jon Carapiet, spokesperson for GE Free NZ and trustee for Physicians and Scientists for Global Responsibility.

Over the last ten years, Jon has been a leading consumer advocate in the area of food safety and consumer rights. He has regularly commented in the media and actively participated in the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification and other regulatory processes through ERMA.

Jon’s advocacy work has centered on the risks of commercial release of genetically engineered organisms to public health, the environment, and to New Zealand’s exports and tourism-based economy.

He has drawn on his professional expertise in marketing, as a senior market researcher, to highlight the necessity to protect “Brand New Zealand” and to pursue an ethical biotechnology strategy that is based on the precautionary principle and respect for community values.

Jon is motivated by his humanitarian concerns for people and the planet that are at risk from those seeking to exploit the world’s supply of food, our animals, and the environment.

Join us to get a real handle on where we are around GE in 2012 and to understand that one of the key ways to oppose GE is to insist on the labelling of our food, right now.

WRITE to The Herald.

Jon Carapiet

Aug 23, 2012

What effect do human emotions have on the environment and beyond? These and other questions are being put to the test in a bold, scientific experiment to measure the impact of both positive and negative thoughts and feelings on the earth's magnetic grid.

Worldwide, project initiated by the Institute of HeartMath LLC, a US based institution focused on bringing positive change to the world is a science-based, co-creative project to unite people in heart-focused care and intention, to facilitate the shift in global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.

It is planned for numerous sensor sites to be strategically place around the world. Three are already in place in California, Saudi Arabia and England with four more funded and soon to be functioning in Canada, New Zealand, Brazil and South Africa. The sensors are funded entirely by charitable donation.

Emotional-intelligence (EQ) Tele summit 2012

EQ abbreviation:
1. (Psychology) emotional quotient, a (notional) measure of a person's adequacy in such areas as self-awareness, empathy, and dealing sensitively with other people.

This unique Summit is being initiated by Kim Knight, Director of the Art of Health, nominated last year for New Zealand Woman of the year for her innovative work in health and science. The summit will feature 26 world experts in the field of human emotion.

Presenters will demonstrate through proven methodologies how developing and using EQ is essential for personal health, healthy relationships, business achievement, successful education and authentic wealth creation. Above and beyond this, they will also share how the use of EQ (as opposed to only IQ) is a pre-requisite for the positive development of the human race and earth, and how the future of the planet may even depend on it.

Luminaries such as Dr Bradley Nelson (US), Richard Moat PhD (NZ), Rob van Overbruggen (NL), Richard Flook (CAN) and Kim Knight (NZ) will be joining the summit to share their revolutionary findings on how emotions have been discovered to be at the core of many chronic illnesses.

Many such illnesses have often been deemed 'incurable' in the prevailing medical paradigm, and presenters will share the dramatic and often instantaneous recoveries thousands of people have experienced using their ground breaking methodologies.

Other well-respected EQ experts included Joshua Freedman (US), COO of 6 Seconds, who will covering the role of EQ in education, Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton (UK), aka the 'Punk Scientist' best known for her revolutionary findings in the field of quantum physics, and Pat Armitstead, the world's first joyologist.

Other cutting-edge topics include Adriane Hartigan von Strauch's (NZ) seminar on 'Quantum Intimacy', Brittany Watkins' (US) seminar on overcoming emotional obesity and Patricia Evans'seminar on emotional abuse.

The online global event will kick off Mon 3 September (US) with Marvin Oka, co-author with Grant Soosalu of the ground-breaking new book 'mBraining' and the 'mBIT' multiple brain integration technique, who will share how the latest findings in neuro-science show we have three complex and functional brains and how we can harness and integrate these multiple brains for greater success, wisdom and happiness.

The Summit will run for 2 weeks from 3 September until 18 September, with several live and pre-recorded 'virtual' events. Listeners can tune in from anywhere in the world via the internet and phone in for the live events to interact with presenters.

Free listening options are available, although the goal of the paid option is to donate 10% of proceeds from premium ticket sales to the Global Coherence Initiative.

For detailed information and registration see:

For details of the Global Coherence Initiative see

Kim Knight

Aug 16, 2012

In 1983 Gerry started a ginger group, Engineers for Social Responsibility. The president of the New Zealand Institution of Engineers, Sir John Ingram (also chair of NZ Steel) tagged them ‘the lunatic fringe’, but his successor Alec Stirrat was kinder. He called them ‘the conscience of the engineering profession’.

In the early days of ESR, some uninformed IPENZ members expressed their concerns;

“that ESR is an activist group associating with non-engineers known to incite treason".

This was initially concerned with the the possibility of Global Nuclear War and the conservative element in NZ, wanted NZ to remain within the Western Alliances's Nuclear Umbrella.

In association with International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) and Scientists Against Nuclear Arms (SANA), ESR under the Chairmanship of Professor Jack Woodward prepared a series of 17 fact sheets.

These sheets were designed to describe in a concise manner important facts from scientific and medical literature about the dangers of nuclear war in a way which could be easily understood by non-technical people.

The fact sheets were distributed to secondary schools, and libraries in the Auckland area, members of Parliament and other decision makers throughout New Zealand, and to certain embassies and South Pacific heads of state. Users were encouraged to copy and redistribute the sheets. The sheets receive much commendation.

So what of today, how are we as an individual and as a collective to be socially responsible? Especially as we learn daily of the escalating challenges that come to meet us via the local and global media plus earth changes and strange weather patterns.

This interview with Gerry Coates in a more private capacity, looks at the current challenges facing us as both a nation and from a global perspective.

Recent news of the huge melting of ice in the Arctic circle and that between January and July 2012, the United States has broken 40,000 heat temperature records, ramps up the challenge of global warming, even as we have suffered from the opposite swing of the pendulum and experience cold wet snaps here in NZ.

The question of population too is an ever increasing dilemma that is verging on a crisis.

However, due to the overwhelming nature of the predicaments that we are faced with, how do we 'snap' out of our indifference to what is 'lapping up' to the very foundations of our civilization?

Covering diverse subject matter of:
Dealing with business people who think that they can carry on with business as usual, as if there is no concern to exploiting our planet continuously.

Where are our champions for our planet and future?

Mentioning James Lovelock, Al Gore and their drawbacks and the forthright articulations by David Suzuki and previously Teddy Goldsmith and the sad loss of Sir Peter Blake. Plus Tim Flannery who recently stated 'if we want change we have to get people to get the politicians to change.'

In particular we need a business champion with drive, mana and charisma.

Lester Brown, of World Watch …… his new book called World on the Edge covers three ways of instigating the much needed change if we are to bring our civilization back from the very brink of collapse. This will entail huge limits to growth. Limits that we have in many ways already exceeded.

Covering the costing of finite resources and the priorities of expenditure re armaments and that well over a trillion dollars is spent by the global military annually.

Plus, what is the 'true' story regarding the amount of oil we have = peak oil?

All this and more as we as a global family urgently have to come to grips with denial to avoidance to indifference ... to our common future.

As well as this excellent NZ site;

Aug 9, 2012

With your host Lisa Er standing in for Tim Lynch.

Can we make the world a better place? Yes we can!

This is an underlying hope and drive behind all Christine does. While speaking about the unprecedented pressures on the Earth’s resources and growing inequalities, Christine inspires with solutions.

Living her beliefs by acting sustainably, and through her commitment to solving the problems of the coming times, Christine makes an impact on the world.

What are the emerging threats to our way of life? Is there such a thing as sustainable growth, and if not what is the new growth paradigm? Are we failing women, and what is the role for women in this post growth future?

These questions and more are covered in this delightfully frank discussion with Christine.

Acknowledging the awe inspiring beauty of the world, and the resilience and positivity of the human spirit, Christine speaks clearly about the decimation of Maui and Hectors dolphins  - death by set net – in New Zealand.

She describes the tragedy of the commons:“The law locks up the man or woman; who steals the goose from off the common;. But leaves the greater villain loose. The one who steals the commons from off the goose.”

Finally she tells of the belief system behind all that she does, which includes that all important word, LOVE.

Christine served the Rodney area as an elected representative for the 15 years between 1995 and 2010. She was Deputy Mayor of the Rodney District Council, and Deputy Chair of the Auckland Regional Council.

She chaired various committees including the ARC’s Transport Committee and the Regional Land Transport Committee.

Christine has a first class honours degree in political science, and philosophy from Auckland University, where she also taught politics. She has been a supporter of both Greenpeace and Forest and Bird for over 20 years, serving in various governance roles.

Christine has also led significant environmental campaigns, most notably working with the Labour Government to protect Maui and Hector dolphins. She is a strong advocate of sustainable transport for Auckland. Christine was a candidate for the Labour Party in 2011 for the Rodney District.

You can also follow Christine on her blog:

This programme is sponsored by The Awareness Party

Aug 2, 2012

Dennis Frank standing in for Tim Lynch.

Dennis Frank presents 4 different contemporary applications of green technology that provide a substantial contribution to our progress toward a sustainable economy.  He continues his discussion with business consultant psychologist Bill Watson from our broadcast on July the 5th.

Bill illuminates the cultural nuances of our economic relations with China, explaining key concepts that both create and bridge the cultural divide between China and the West.  He describes ancient Chinese beliefs and their relevance in todays world.

When the focus moves to geopolitical relations, Bill anticipates a strategic shift in China as it reacts to the current imbalance in its interdependent power relations with the USA, and its economic relations with the West as a whole.  Is the enormous debt now owed by Americans to China okay?  If so, why is European debt not okay?  Is the game changing??

They discuss how our common interests come into play.  Dennis outlines key features of identity politics.  Since we identify with groups we belong to, group psychodynamics tend to produce identity politics.  Our motivations derive from our sense of personal identity, which emerges from the roles we play in groups.

As we change roles & groups, our self-image and behaviour shifts, so we often end up with various identities each deriving from a particular group context.  Whereas westerners trend toward multi-dimensional identities, people in eastern countries are bound by tradition into unitary identity.

Dennis then expands his view of why an alternative political movement is now essential, and how it can be designed to be an effective change agent to get us all through the transition in the best possible way.  Are you happy to go with the flow in the collective drift towards the gurgler?  If not, you need to join those who can create the alternative.

Jul 26, 2012

A 75 year old mans relationship with nature and becoming reconnected.

Michael came from the UK and lived in Tasmania in Australia, where he started farming, moving into organics and writing a best seller on organic gardening.

It was when on the land that he experienced a deeper connection with nature by seeing through the eyes of another being, that his life began a dramatic change.

The majority of the human species, especially in the western world are disconnected from nature. At the same time we are living more and more 'sub consciously' as a species, not consciously and we are relying more and more on technology, and not on natural process.

Yet, humanity appears to be hard wired to resist change and in a changing world within a biosphere under intense pressure, plus global societal disfunction, it is imperative that we urgently change and act in the best interests of the human family.

This is by the acknowledgement of whole-brain/heart-soul connection and the conscious use of intelligence. The left brain intellectualizes but the right brain actually experiences 'love'.

So we must get out of the clutter of our heads and into our magnanimous hearts if we are to be serious about being more authentic, present and activating the solutions so urgently needed.

Listen to a exceptionally insightful explanation of how we have become decoupled from existence and that through the realization that we are all energy fields in a greater unified field can we actually create our way out of our present situation as it is today.

Living in the moment is a key to turning it all around and in particular, consciously choosing 'love' a word that we have yet to truly comprehend. For loves grandeur within a universal context is far beyond the emotional limitations we still manage to place on it.

For the worse thing for humanity is to continue more of the same.

A wide ranging discourse, from nature to our inner being, our physical make up, to planetary events, possibilities of 2012, the growing financial crisis, getting out of fear and communicating with nature and being in community.

A very lucid and consistent articulation by a strong and confident energetic man in his prime!

Jul 19, 2012

The 'SECRET' Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, what is it? Do we want it, and who is pushing it?

Is the TPPA a deliberate attempt at integrating the NZ economy to be basically absorbed into the larger American dominated economy?

When signed … the NZ Parliament, the House of Representatives will not be passing the TPPA into law, but only Cabinet … and the Cabinet is picked solely by the Prime Minister.

At the highest level, Cabinet decisions are in reality that of the PM, if the Prime Minister says Yes, then the PM's decision prevails.

Because these negotiations are in secret, no one knows the true agenda, however a recently leaked document showed that only two of the TPPA’s 26 chapters were to do with trade. The rest were focused on new corporate rights, privileges and tools to override local government interests.

Items supposedly covered were about how secretive tribunals in other countries may/will decide on laws of this country. This then puts our NZ sovereignty at risk?

But the Australians are fighting back, especially the Australian Labour Party who need our support!

Find out why the TPPA is about keeping 'democracy out' of the equation.

Listen to an exceptionally erudite and down to earth interview with a highly articulate NZer on how NZ, as a country is giving its power and future away, due to 'we' the electorate, collectively abrogating our responsibility to become informed and act wisely.

A riveting insight to the machinations of trade and economics.

Jul 12, 2012

"We are faced with an impending calamity that threatens to bankrupt the planet. This is one of those times when doing our best is not enough. We must do what is necessary... It comes down to a choice.... Reclaim our race and give our kids a chance for a future that you and I did not have. Let this be the century in which we stood as one and changed the course of humanity." ~ Daniel Rirdan

Calling for a complete change in our economic and political set up. With Corporations as they are owned now to be reconstituted and a new system of business set up. Including viable alternatives to the current banking system.

"Everyone to have a right of passage" for residence and work throughout the planet over a introductory 15 year period, the need for rewilding nature on a continental scale, (allowing gigantic park like areas to regenerate).

Under the agreement of having a 'planetary agency' to coordinate the big issues on behalf of humanity for a 'World Government'!  Yes, this had to come up. But, in what form and who has the say? That, it can not be from the top down. Yet, the need to enable massive mega projects to be brought into being at the same time diminishing National Governments. This is both contentious and interesting.

Even the Rothschild's, Rockefeller's, JP Morgan, the Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, are mentioned as we grapple with the power structure and the need for each adult person having a say in shaping our local to planetary future.

Offering completely new ideas - such as bringing forth a new type of economy, including a footprint credit that each person would receive each month. Without a doubt, the plan is audacious, but Daniel says, it is achievable. It is backed by extensive research and development, a large array of peer-reviewed articles, and discussions with over a hundred world experts in their respective fields.

And population and over population... a thoughtful interview...

Listen to a very innovative method of electing a World Government with Daniel Rirdan, the author of "The Blueprint: Averting Global Collapse" and global strategist in world ecology challenges and solutions.

Jul 5, 2012

With your Host Dennis Frank, standing in for Tim Lynch

Now that we're in transition from business as usual to the sustainable society, how do we work together to ease that transition and what should our priorities be? 

Dennis Frank answers these questions in this week's Green Planet broadcast.

He profiles 7 good news green stories from the past couple of years, then with his guest Bill Watson he discusses an intentional community development plan for a Coromandel site that is being designed to serve as a model for regenerating local economies in rural areas.

He advocates that after a quarter century of talking up the paradigm shift, it's now time to take collective action to make it happen.

He suggests forming a genuinely alternative political movement to drive that process and outlines the design features & principles that such a movement must incorporate in order to be successful.

People see our global situation as threatened by financial collapse, climate change, destruction of ecosystems by the economy, peak oil, corporate control & corruption, etc - which are all part of business as usual.

What's the alternative?  Working together in a better way. 

Tune in to find out how!

Jun 28, 2012

How did Kim Fraser a barrister and lawyer, living a very successful and comfortable life on the Sydney waterfront, suddenly shift her focus towards a meditative life that then propelled her to establishing 10 centers throughout Australia to bring about peaceful change, both within and in the outer world?

Changing her name to Shakti Durga she has become an adept teacher at assisting people and community to grow in the knowing that they can cooperate and assist each other in a frenetic and challenging world.

Utilising many techniques and modalities she has built up a team that assist:

  • People who are challenged with serious illness, divorce, loss of a loved one, retrenchment or trauma as well as experiencing frustration and heartache in relationships leading to stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Alternative therapists wanting to learn another healing modality for a vocation in energetic spiritual healing.
  • People who want to improve their self-esteem, gain self-healing skills and meet like-minded people.
  • And to access who we are as a spiritual being living in a physical body here on earth.

This enjoyable, flowing interview from a strong and warm hearted woman covers a myriad of subjects and questions and shows why there is a need for such centers filling the vacuum in western society today.

Shakti Durga ~

Her team are going to be in Auckland for an intro on the 6th of July at Kawai Pura Pura, Mills Lane off Oteha Valley Road, Albany.

7th and 8th July, 2 day - Ignite Your Spirit Work Shop with Savitur.

To register: or call 027 256 3010

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy at beautiful Kawai Purapura
Fri July 6th: Music and Introduction to the weekend 6:30 pm
July 7th and 8th: Seminar  9:30am - 5:00pm
Bookings essential *offered by donation

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