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Dec 11, 2013

Though environment health and consciousness runs through the program, we discuss the basic life needs of air, water and earth - soil & food.

Starting with air and the particulates of matter in cities such as Auckland and that due to the smallness of both the NZ population and the country, the wind is our default air conditioner in this country. That we are indeed very fortunate in this situation (some would say lazy).

However, we cannot avoid, deny or run away from what is perculating (some would say belching) out of Fukushima in Japan, and that is air born and water carried radiation from the defunct nuclear reactors that main stream media have been told to keep out of the headlines and out of the news.

The fact that Japan and the nuclear industry are joined at the nucleated hip and that the countries that surround the Pacific ocean are complicit in not taking the Japanese to the World Court is a travesty.

We move on to cover MSM (main stream media) and how it spins information and that our drinking water is being sanitised by chlorine (which also has a downside effect on our health) as well as we being mass medicated by fluoride. That Hamilton city ratepayers and citizens recently elected to come back into the 'fold of unknowningness' and continue to add fluoride once again to their water supply is yet another farce. So much so as to curtail their children from becoming more intellectually savvy than their parents, due to them not wanting to do any research on this subject what so ever. See Prof Paul Connett's startling fluoride research.

Aspartame and its dangers in Zero Coke and sugarless drinks, the NZ All Blacks rugby team involved in its promotion.

We move on to GE and GMO’s and that NZ still remains a GE Free Nation, but that Govt and Big Business are lock stepped in wanting NZ to become a GE contaminated nation as well as sabotaging our leadership role in being steadfast in the face of ethically bankrupt biotech corporations.

Note that to many other small countries, NZ is, despite the current Govt, a moral force for good in the world, and by remaining resolute in not surrendering our soverienty, we give strength to other countries to stand up to corporate dominance. Thus the TPPA the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement is not in the best interest of NZ citizens at all.(it never was!) It's only consolidating power for Global Corporate dominance.

We also talk about other ways to use grass roots media, to bypass main stream media and the addiction of people wanting to hear that their government and their corporate sponsors will take care of us … all we have to do is acquiesce and let them get on with it.

That every letter you write, every email you send, every meeting you attend that you act and speak strategically –REMEMBER; we are taking care of today’s and tomorrows children, on a planet that has increased its population by nearly another billion people since the advent of GreenplanetFM just 10 years ago. That is the equivlent of another 700 Aucklands side by side. Imagine this!

We both concurred fully with doing away with political parties – vote for the person and that Lisa initiated is offering unique and insightful ways of self governance that is inclusive and dynamic.

Also, that around 67 NZ finance companies crashed from around 2006 to around 2011. With the loss of $9 billion in savings disappearing. Yes, that's 9 billion NZ dollars from about 70,000 peoples life savings - just vanishing - and know one talks about it or even really investigates it?

We also cover cycles of our great mother planet, our magnificent life support system and sustainer and I hint that within the wheels within wheels and invisible cyclic systems that it would be worthwhile reflecting on the recycling of the soul in an evolutionary context of understanding our incarnation. Many of the major religions and philosophies over time have embedded this in their cosmology however, both Christianity and Islam have shied away from the natural world of spirals and cyclic knowingness. Yet, unbeknown some Jewish sects include reincarnation into their understanding.

However, this goes beyond the intellect into our intuition and more subtle frontiers of the mind and we now need to be understanding of the frequency that we oscilate too and how we can align with it.

All in All, a lovely chat with Lisa, that could have gone on for many hours, but as usual we were constrained by time.

Lisa Er & Tim Lynch


Prana New Year Festival And Join with Maya,

You are invited for a 5 Day celebration and the 21st Anniversary of an inspiring & delightful Family Friendly, Music, Workshop, and Art & Dance Festival!

An event that hosts approx.1200 people on pristine land & access to remote and untouched Opoutere Beach, whilst keeping an intimate atmosphere with plenty of entertainment for young and old with this year's theme revolving around the 'Mystery of Life'.....

Come and celebrate connection, unity consciousness, mediation natural food, juices and teas and living deeply in concord with the land and ocean shore. Prana Eco Retreat is based at Opoutere/Ohui, alongside a 5km long pristine piece of Eastern Coromandel coastline.

They are a family run venue for the New Year Festival, smaller summer events, weddings, group workshops and personal retreats.

Prana land is a peaceful sanctuary where people naturally move towards transformational healing, personally and universally. A place that empowers a strong sense of 'connectedness' to something great: A gathering place for kindred souls!

Tickets are still available for early birds.

Dec 4, 2013

A discussion between John Coombs and Vivienne Berry on Holistic Health and the new work Vivienne is doing on multiple brain therapies.

They discuss simple and practical solutions to help people through life, to manage relationships well and to have more effective input into the community and workspace.

If we are to grow healthy communities and guardian the environment well we need a body of healthy people, with awareness of health and wellbeing both for individuals and society.

Achieving this is the work and life goal of John and Vivienne.



Practical programs for a healthy body, mind and emotions.
Managing healthy lifestyle systems for individuals and groups.

For appointments please go to

5 Anzac St Takapuna 0622   North Shore City - Auckland

l. 09 4880208 f. 09 4880215 c. 02102462021

skype   globalhealthclinics

Nov 27, 2013

In today's globalized economy, most of the everyday products we buy, wear, and eat are produced with labour from the developing world.

But do we ever think of the story behind the products that we buy? Who planted the seed for our cotton clothing and sheets? Where did the seed come from? Was it a genetically engineered seed? What fertilisers, herbicides, and pesticides were used on the cotton? How did those affect the health of the farmer workers. How old were the workers? Who removed the seeds from the cotton boll and who processed them, wove them and made them into garments? Were they paid adequately for their labours? This is the story of the cotton trail.

Theresa Grantham a haute-couture, or high fashion consultant and business woman in New Zealand, knew at a certain level there was a better way to service the fashion industry with a clear conscience.  After a profound visit to India, she set out to change the karma of clothing and ended up launching a fashion brand that acts as a laboratory for social innovation and transformation.

The result is Atma Vichara.  Atma Vichara was born of an idea that simultaneously developed in the minds of a group of people dispersed across four corners of the globe. This diverse group of individuals was inspired by a notion of another way to do business; of a way to value the people who are working to make products that each and every one of us are surrounded by.

Atma means consciousness or awareness or the unfathomable intelligence. Vichara means inquiry into. So Atma Vichara means inquiry into consciousness itself.

So Theresa and her partners are working to create conscious vibrational clothing, to bring morality into business. She prefers the word morality to ethics and says the business model is beyond ethics, sustainability and profit. They are creating a culture of positive storytelling, education, and transparency.

Theresa tells us of Value Chain Development. That is finding reliable ethical manufacturers and facilitating stakeholder interaction and engagement.

Then there is Supplier Development which involves rural outreach: and design interventions to improve lives of farmers and artisans. It also reviews existing supplier support programmes.

Business Model Development involves concept development, using fashion language to tell the story behind the label;  business model design, and strategy and philosophy.

Translating ideals and ethics into company vision and mission is part of Organisational Development. There needs to be strengthening around core values; team building and value alignment.  Self-inquiry is a basis for organisational learning.

All these contribute to creating a new way to do business, and from which others can learn and be advised.

You can find more on the web site:
The sales arm of the organisation is

To find out more about the cotton industry and why we need to be concerned, see the movie:

This programme was sponsored by:

New Zealanders working towards a new dynamic-community, democracy and goodwill.

Nov 20, 2013

Ranging over a wide variety of topics, that include complimentary and alternative health, the problems with chlorinated and fluoridated water. Biological agriculture as against chemical agriculture. Corporate control of chemicals and drugs, plus the galloping increase of corporate farming.

Our unhealthy common salt intake, lack of iodine is translating to global thyroid problems.

That five US corporations have virtually taken control of the world food chain, and use the WTO and the TPPA as mechanisms to tighten their grip.

He concludes with an overview of the USA and UK's astrological challenges that he says will become very evident over the next 18 months and how the US military appears only to go on the offensive when certain astrological configurations occur.

I asked Glen at the start of this interview to hit a number of balls out of the park and possibly he went one further and hit one, possibly two into near earth orbit ...

Glen's premise:
Using bio-dyamics and agricultural impulses first introduced by Rudolf Steiner and the basic thesis of as above, so below - as per the tree of life, leaves and branches above and perennial roots and feeder roots under ground.

Questioning how can we revolutionize and add to Biodynamics, because there are so many offshoots of the near religious connotations to it, that in many ways is not applicable to farmers for cultivation of the land and growing food, be it vegetable or animals. However, it is very much a science, once people learn to decipher the language of 1920's German to equate it to todays current vernacular.

With Glen's impute, this translates to plants being able to be warmed up to have a 3 degree frost protection capacity that has been tested by NZ's Horticultural Research Centre as well as increase photosynthesis by 20% and an ability to stop fruit splitting.

These are just a few of the new understandings of biodynamics, including highly potentized humus preparation of cow manure stored in cow horns under ground and silica sprays as well as preparations made of quartz crystals and dandelion, stinging nettle, yarrow, oak bark and chamomile, which we hear and know nothing about!

This process deals in minute quantities, down to parts per million and it leads into homeopathics, which again science has huge problems with getting their head around. The reason being most tinctures are so diluted that the particles are virtually non existence, and that only the wave-form exists, (such as the ghost in the machine).

Yet, we only have to look at the British Royal family, their robust health and long life and the Royal physicians who are steeped in homeopathic knowledge. Which is really a peoples medicine as it is also very cheap to produce.

In an ideal world, Glen would like to have as your healers Homeopaths and Naturopaths working together, as well as other secondary modalities (like acupuncture, iridology, chiropractic and osteopathy) along with a host of other natural remedial practices.

Note, that it is very difficult to make money out of homeopathy. Not like the multi billions that are channelled into pharmaceutical drugs where colossal patents and costs claw back their investment and ... then some!

Then Glen reminds us that at the beginning of the 20th century the call was for 'Government for the people by the people' - the 21st century is - 'Government by the corporations for the corporations' - the manipulating 1%.

With biological agriculture making inroads into dairy but even more so in the sheep and beef industry there is a rapidly increasing up-take that is two fold in nature, healthy non chemicalised soils is translating to healthy produce that is enabling a very healthy gut and alimentary canal in the human body, and a win win for all of us who are coming more conscious of holistic choices.

Now in Australia, the two largest controlling supermarkets have bought up a huge number of service stations including alcohol outlets and now due to depressed pricing, they are reportedly forcing many farmers into bankruptcy and buying their land, which means corporate control, and thus control of the food supply of middle Australia.

Then learn from a friend of Glen's that works at the United Nations that the worlds food supply is basically controlled by five United States corporations. Through the WTO, World Trade Organisation and now the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, the secretive TPPA.

Hence the call for grass roots organizations to get savvy and organize ourselves into small dynamic cells to address these issues.

From the chlorination and fluoridation of water and the direct relationship with our iodine metabolism which knocks out our thyroid gland which stuffs up our metabolism, and then as the chlorine in our water gets to our gut it sterilizes that too, hence the beneficial microbes in our intestines are under constant assault.

If you are on metropolitan water … leading to the current explosion of uncertain, leaky gut and cancer of the bowel. Evidently, not too long ago 'they' increased the chlorine levels in NZ so as to sterilize the water to a greater degree …

Covering liquids that we drink, Glen asks the question; how can we have a bottle of fizzy drink cheaper than a bottle of water?

Then there is common salt and the lack of iodine, and that common salt is basically devoid of goodness, and that high sodium levels are supposedly replacing lithium in the brain and is causing bi polar disorders.

What the latest holistic research is saying is that ailments such as cancer, bi polar, diabetes and obesity are seen to be stemming out of our excessive use of common table salt.

Glens covers astrology as well, how the planetary elite use it for their own purposes, that Hitler used it, Ronald Reagan, and (the Royal Family) however the upper echelons of society do it in secret whilst publicly ridiculing it saying it is worthless rubbish. Glen mentions the physics of it, the geometry and that we live in an electro magnetic universe and that our bodies are also electro magnetic - we are energy fields oscillating in a universal energy field.

Glen then covers 20 minutes on certain astrological situations that I will leave for anyone who wants to follow this up to listen to this information filled interview.

A clue is that the USA and UK have major challenges for 2014 and into 2015, because of their astrological make up. USA being a Cancer country 4th of July and the UK being a Capricorn country based in the 1st of January 1801.

This is a packed out information rich interview, where Glen covers the information gamut in our localized universe and basically runs short of time.

Web site:     and

Nov 13, 2013

Independent researcher in spiritual science and metaphysics Tom Brown questions our world view and looks at how it is sometimes based on historically inaccurate science.

Have we created our society from a faulty model? Have Newton, Darwin, and others, made incorrect assumptions that science is still based on today?

How do our belief systems play into this, and why do we need a paradigm shift to correct this? Is our collective unconscious actually creating the reality that we experience? Is life as the quantum physicists describe to us, or have they got it wrong as well?

Referring often to Rudolf Steiner’s Etheric Sciences, Tom talks about man’s descent into matter, and how people are living in an illusion. Just to challenge us he asserts that not only is the earth going around the sun, the sun is going around the earth.

This interview will not only provoke you, but will stimulate you to question everything you thought you ever knew.

Before coming to New Zealand Tom worked as director & chief editor at Borderland Sciences Research Foundation in California. He also organised a global network of researchers and was publisher on numerous cutting edge projects.

In  New Zealand in the late nineties he was the Founding Director of the New Zealand Hemp Industries Association.

He has written four books:

  • The People Before, with Gary Cook
  • Loom of the Future  - The Weather Engineering Work of Trevor Constable
  • The Lakhovsky Multiple Wave Oscilllator Handbook
  • The L. E. Eeman Report— The Pioneering Years of Biocircuitry

Created videos:


  • Journal of Borderland Research 1985-1995 (50 issues)
  • Metal Power - Soul Life of the Planets by Alison Davidson
  • The Cosmic Pulse of Life – The Revolutionary Biological Power Behind UFOs by Trevor Constable
  • Lithium and Lithium Crystals by Haroldine


In the talk Tom refers to a movie by Ben Stuart, ‘Esotetic Agenda'

This programme is sponsored by


Both Lisa and Tim have already submitted

Keep GE and GMO'S out of Auckland and Northland.

We need your help! PLEASE WRITE A SUBMISSION. See below.
We need massive numbers of submissions to Auckland Council.
Auckland's proposed Unitary Plan includes good statements to protect the community against release of GMOs.

However, could you take a minute or two to write in support of this - preferably using your own words - and adding any points you want including from the 'background' section further down

Your message of support is needed NOW - before the government changes the RMA to block councils having a role in protecting against GM risks, and before Federated Farmers and others write to oppose the Precautionary Principle in the plan.

Including your Contact details you could write something like:

"I write to support the policy of precaution on GMOs contained in the Auckland proposed Unitary Plan.

The Unitary Plan's precautionary GE objective, and methods & policies to achieve that objective, are important to the community.

I support local protection against GMO risks, which have been recommended by the Northland /Auckland "Inter Council Working Party on GMO Risk Evaluation & management Options"

I support a precautionary approach by council providing an additional tier of protection against risks of outdoor use of GMOs which central government has not addressed through the EPA."

Include whether you wish to speak to your submission and whether you would like to receive further information.

Email your submission to:

Please email now.
Submissions close 28 February 2014 but please send your submission now, before The Minister for the Environment changes the law to stop any precautionary/ prohibitive GE content in the Auckland Council proposed Unitary Plan.  NOW you can see what we are dealing with. The Government moving the goal posts, so that NZ may not become the only ark on earth for uncontaminated organic seeds.

Councils in Northland, Auckland, Bay of Plenty, and Hawke's Bay have responded wisely to concerns about GMOs by investigating the risks posed by GMOs in the environment, and how they can best minimize these risks.

In Auckland we must write in support of the draft Unitary Plan sections prohibiting GMO release. Auckland Council has worked with other local councils to control GMOs because of gaps in the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (HSNO) Act.

The Plans includes:
• ensuring GM operators are financially accountable for the full costs of contamination, clean-up, monitoring and remediation
• adopting a precautionary approach to manage potential risks (economic, environmental, social and cultural) from outdoor use of GMOs
• protecting marketing advantages associated with a “GE free” status
• addressing community and cultural concerns of mana whenua.


Keep Monsanto out!!
Thank you
Lisa Er

Nov 6, 2013

This extraordinary New Zealand migratory bird flies each autumn just before the cold and dark of winter all the way from NZ in the Southern hemisphere up via China and Korea to the Alaskan warmth and light of spring and the coming summer in the Northern hemisphere.

However, after laying their eggs and bringing up their young, the godwits then fly nonstop back around the curve of our planet - to NZ … a distance of 11,500 kilometers – without stopping, and for the ‘new born’s’ this is an astonishingly long distance voyage … and to an unknown destination too.

Now …. Imagine you are up in Alaska and autumn foreshadows the coming cold and darkness of winter and the godwits along the shorelines prepare for their epic journey south as they sense the prevailing winds and conditions and ready themselves for take off.

Finally lifting off to fly continuously hour after hour, the sun overhead will appear to track from east to west and after 12 or so hours the sun will set and darkness sets in - yet flying all night, up to an altitude of 2 or 3 kilometers above the earths surface, with starlight above them and the planet still turning on its axis, they will witness the sun rising in the east the next morning as they continue there arduous journey.

And with our planet still turning they will persist all day, all night flying without sleep or rest in a southerly direction – across the expansive Pacific ocean - continuously for another 6 days and nights ...

To finally swoop down into Miranda on the Firth of Thames in NZ, and safely land.

Having traversed 11,500 kilometes.

What an enormous ‘flight of passage!’

How can the godwit, a very small bird with a frail appearance accomplish such a gigantic feat and every time find its way 'home'?

When we look at the human species and look at our capabilities …

If a bird brain can find its way home, how come the human species has not realized that it’s 'our planet' that is our collective home, and the urgent need to take care of it, for as you may very well know, birds do not soil their own nest, so how come the human species manages to accomplish this act without even thinking?

This 52 minute interview covers some of the mysterious elements of physiology, such as the godwits ability to reshuffle proteins in their bodies before they set out flying and that this allows them to reduce the size of their food-processing organs.

Navigation; How do they know where to go and what time to fly? Introducing Rupert Sheldrake's ideas on 'morphic resonance' and other phenomenon beyond the visible.

Loss of habitat and decline of population and Fukushima radiation, and could Godwits be the 'Canary in the Nuclear coal mine?

Godwits - Long Haul Champions by Keith Woodley  from Penguin Books.

The Ornithological Society of New Zealand:

Bird Migration is the one truly unifying natural phenomenon in the world, stitching the continents together in a way that even the great weather systems, which roar out of the poles, but fizzle at the equator, fail to do. It is an enormously complex subject, perhaps the most compelling drama in all natural history. ~  Scott Weidensaul.

Nov 3, 2013

Dr. Paul Connett, PhD, Emeritus Professor from St. Lawrence University USA.  He is an, executive director of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) and its parent organization, the American Environmental Health Studies Project.

For years health experts have been unable to agree on whether fluoride in the drinking water may be toxic to the developing human brain. Extremely high levels of fluoride are known to cause neurotoxicity in adults, and negative impacts on memory and learning have been reported in rodent studies, but little is known about the substance’s impact on children’s neurodevelopment.

In a meta-analysis, researchers from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and China Medical University in Shenyang for the first time combined 27 studies and found strong indications that fluoride may adversely affect cognitive development in children.

Based on the findings, the authors say that this risk should not be ignored, and that more research on fluoride’s impact on the developing brain is warranted.

Yet New Zealand Authorities are challenging Councils that want to keep being fluoride free or remove fluoride from the water supply.

And isn’t it a basic human right NOT to be mass medicated, even if some might think they are doing us a favour?
When the fluoridation of water began, there was little evidence for its long term safety (as for GMOs) and since then little attempt has been made to monitor its health effects systematically.

Because there are so many unanswered health questions, fluoridation of water must be considered an ongoing experimental procedure, and as such it is a violation of the Nuremberg Code, which forbids experimentation on humans without their informed consent. In Europe, nearly all countries have either never fluoridated their water or have ceased doing so.

Yet the incidence of tooth decay has declined just as much as in those countries that practice fluoridation. This fascinating interview with Dr Paul Connett, will raise alarm bells about many aspects of the mass medication of the population by fluoride and he challenges us to do something about it.

NOTE: This may be a repeat, but it has a NEW INTRODUCTION, covering what has happened in Hamilton over the last few months and why Hamiltonians would collectively vote to mass medicate themselves with chemicals that slowly over time actually alter the bodies chemistry and make up.
To get involved in opposing fluoride and for an overview of which towns are fluoridated in New Zealand go to FANNZ website;

For 50 reasons to oppose fluoride – go here;

Oct 24, 2013

Steffan Browning, Green Party Member of Parliament. Spokesperson on:

Organics, GE and GMO's, Fisheries,  Agriculture, Bio-security and Forestry.  PLUS, The Grand Daddy of them All: Security and Intelligence.

Steffan has been at the forefront of the New Zealand organics movement for more than twenty years. His aim is to have genuinely sustainable organics in New Zealand's food, fibre, forestry and fishing industries - which he states, needs to be integrated from a holistic perspective and 'also makes good business sense'.

Listen as Steffan divulges the challenges that organics face, on the front lines of GE untruths, agribusiness and the unknowingness of government of both holistic systems and sustainability.

Hear the most powerful and potent statement in NZ's Parliament for decades as Steffan covers the descent on Wellington of multiple layers of the global security apparatus that coincided with the 1st Reading of the GCSB Bill, it's knock-on effect and connecting the dots as to how NZ is cavorting with loss of its sovereignty, enabling the matrix to hover over, and hoover our fast losing innocence as a global moral compass - defender of democracy and citizen rights.

Covering the the machinations of the SECURITY & INTELLIGENCE BILL - THE GCSB BILL.

Steffan Browning on the GCSB and Related Legislation Amendment Bill
21 Aug 2013 | Speech | Steffan Browning Green MP 

"I implore one of the 61 MPs who has previously supported this legislation to change at this vote and allow a full inquiry first. The Government has failed to provide a real justification for this fundamental attack on our democratic rights and freedoms, and the legislation facilitates the legal establishment of a surveillance State in New Zealand".

This too is mentioned: NZ's increasing involvement with global military alliances, when we need to be an Advocate for Peace and Conflict Resolution.

FOOD    GE FREE   Organic 2020

The fight with Government inaction on GE in our imported fodder for cattle! GE Free New Zealand and our courageous volunteers battling big interests as of this moment.

Government inaction again regarding Food Labeling.

That we still have very poor food labeling in NZ as GE and GMO labeling is only voluntary where it needs to be mandatory across the board.

That 'Country of Origin' needs also to be clearly stated on the package, can, bottle as to where ingredients are grown/sourced etc.


Pig Farmers and Bee keepers to combine to keep strong bio-security in place. Due to lax importation controls.

Huge challenges here for NZ. Nearly 50% of our pork is imported (why?) and there are 'sars' related global health problems that could easily come in to NZ in raw cuts of pork.

Border controls need to be strengthened far more stringently with more financial backing as shipping containers swamp the authorities and more lax controls are applied.

More unknown diseases, viruses are entering NZ at present.


Current rorts in Carbon Credits around deforestation and dairying replacing trees.

The adoption of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standard shows that a national environmental standard is possible and the Government should advance one urgently.

That 11 humans are equal to one cow in their capacity to ingest and excrete.  A conservative estimate is the number of dairy cows in NZ at present are equal to 66 million people inhabiting NZ, the same population as the UK.


Salmon, huge problems with Salmon farms, each ones 'waste' is the equivalent to a town of 40,000 people.

Growing problems with sustainable fisheries in NZ due to vested interests and having to patrol our vast fishing grounds.

1080 arial poison represents an ever-growing threat to New Zealand's 'clean, green' image, according to the New Zealand Deerstalkers' Association.  How do the Greens position themselves to this when they are officially wanting an organic world? Steffan's answer to the vexing problem of possums.

And much, more.

Steffan Browning Green MP - Organic Sustainable NZ. This post needs to be seen by far more NZers - especially when we see where all of this is leading.  If we do nothing, the children of the future, will not be angry, they will be enraged!

Oct 17, 2013

Dr Jim Salinger: Global Warming, his new book, 'Living in a Warmer World' covering NZ Rainfall, Sea Levels, Glaciers, Fisheries, Soils and Crops etc

Ex head of NIWA NZ's National Institute of Water and Atmosphere as well as a member of, IPCC, and UN Climate Recipient for the Nobel Peace Prize 2007.

This interview also stretches the boundaries of Government action and inaction, Media and denial, having a holistic view point, including questions of geo engineering and chemtrails.

NOTE: Expression of predisposition. I do believe that our planet is warming, and in fever, as per the auditory Gaian introduction to this particular program. (Tim).

This interview is a critical overview of most of the challenges coming to face the 7 billion plus of humanity including the mega trillions of biota in our biosphere.

Our planet Gaia's, fever at present is such that she is shivering and icing up again at the North and South Poles, but towards both the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn our planet is increasingly suffering from heat with both Europe, the USA and Australia breaking record temperatures. And when 'she sweats' with flash flooding - it's also wrecking havoc across her surface.

Just like we breathe in and out and the tides ebb and flow, Jim says that the icing at the Poles are a temporary phase, more so in the Arctic and we will see more melting, in particular other extremes, but not necessarily as fast as originally anticipated.

This was one of the 'significant factors' that I wanted to cover in this interview. Statements that could be classified as alarmist, especially in the short term.

Starting with my last radio interview with Jim back in November 2009 … on the same day of the email hacking and leaking (his included) around Professor Phil Jones of East Anglia University in UK - The emails showed they had problems with the fact that global warming temperatures were not increasingly rising … like a wall chart graph for sales of a very exceptional company.

That though continuous increases of Co2 were being produced, this was not translating as 'startling' temperature rises across the board, but instead the Co2 was being absorbed into the upper atmosphere and deeper into the oceans - and this seems to be one of the challenges still prevalent today. Slower rises in global temperatures.

Also, the science is still young and compared with 40 years ago, there were very few scientists studying our planet as a whole, James Lovelock, the Father of the Gaia Hypothesis, now a Theory was one of the first scientists to do this. He was seen as a poly math, one who is adept in many scientific disciplines and integrating them into a holistic web of relationships. i.e Geophysiology.

So we discuss the number of scientists engaged with climate change and in particular global warming.  What institutions and research centers. Are they paid to do this?  What percentage of them are?  Who calls the shots as to how they are paid? Corporations putting money into universities?

The good news is that more scientists are finally engaging in holistic ways of seeing our planet as a whole super system. This being the next evolutionary step in our planetary world view.

For example, this would include Geology such as mineralogy, petrology & pedology,  Hydrology, covering oceanology, limnology including glaciology & the cryosphere.  Then the Atmospheric sciences of meteorology, climatology, atmospheric chemistry, and atmospheric physics. As well as disciplines in magnetic and gravity fields. These are but a very few of the many differing (and growing) disciplines that compile the 'earth sciences.'

I then 'pushed the river' in a number of instances because many of the dire warnings about rapid ice loss and more hurricanes that Al Gore many years ago warned us was coming and have not happened - and I said that this plays into the hands of the denialists.

For example in 2007, Al Gore predicted no Arctic ice In 2013 -  stating US Navy calculations and that I watched him say this on Utube last night. Then I mentioned James Lovelock who fearing the worst in writing his last two books "The Revenge of Gaia ". and The Fading face of Gaia - he too says that he was alarmist ….   He said that Australian Tim Flannery and Al Gore were also.

So what was the story?

That the melting and global heating was not as rapid as they first 'thought.'

Then I asked Jim why the New Zealand Royal Society was not out there actively supporting calls to halt the warming of our planet? Because they mention very little about global warming on their web site.  Last posted article: 23 Sep 2010. That was three years ago. They covered acidic oceans … but that was over 4 years ago. In my estimation they seem to be a cozy little club …. and defer to the rest of the world.

Then I jumped over to NZ media especially Leighton Smith on News Talk ZB who brazenly ridicules global warming and has a quarter of a million listeners nationwide and he would be Jim's greatest nemesis on NZ's airwaves. Jim jumps in here and makes some strong points!  And then there is Ian Wishart of Investigate Magazine, who has sold huge number of books in his large seller 'Air Con. If it is so important ... WHY ARE NZ SCIENTISTS NOT ADDRESSING THESE PEOPLE?

And that few New Zealanders are championing climate change. To the degree that the present NZ government is pushing for the extraction of oil, and gas by fracking as well as coal mining?  Why are the Scientific community not calling the government to account?

Why is the NZ Government laughing behind the back of the global warming scientific fraternity whilst the Act party, who have been supported by NZ's richest men laughs openly at global warming as a total joke?

Brian Fallow, one of the very few aware NZ journalists said in this last month, that the Government's refusal to do much of anything to curb New Zealand's emissions is as economically myopic as it is morally contemptible.

Then we have Rupert Murdoch who runs so much of the global media … he is anti global warming, and recently had a swipe at Al Gore …  The multi billionaires the Koch Brothers who are so loaded with fossil fuel money and support numerous anti warming organizations are getting away with buying media coverage, as well as keeping the pressure on to keep mining and drilling for fossil fuels.


Then there is Exxon Mobil. Doing the same and over the past decade, they have spent US$207 billion to buy back their own shares. This means if they can own or control 51% of their Corporation, they can do exactly whatever they want. Dictatorship of their own entity!

We also covered the challenges for NZ. Increasing sea levels - such as Auckland Metro Magazines January 2008 publication showing a number of frightening pictorial scenarios of Auckland being drowned in various levels of inundation by rising oceans. Note, both Auckland's main motorways are lest than a metre above sea level.

Then we covered fisheries and fish migrating towards the south more and more, then soil and 'biological farming' that Graeme Sait is a champion of as well as Arden Andersen, which Jim was not aware of as a major new initiative to change soil health as well as keep carbon in the soil.


Then livestock and flatulence as well as GE and GMO's (Jim expressed no keenness to run with this)  and other subject matter to finally get to geo engineering.

I asked Jim about geo engineering, and he said that the UN will be putting out a statement next year about this. He said he was reluctant to engage in this method, that nature should be able to work within her own means to sort things out, not by mans tinkering.

Next chemtrails and Jim said that they were ice coming off the wings of aircraft at altitude. However, I stated that then they should dissipate after a short time, why do they remain in the atmosphere for hours on end sometimes stretching nearly from horizon to horizon?

As an ex Air NZ flight crew member myself for 17 years, I felt that I had seen enough aircraft 'vapor trails' over the years to notice how they peter out and disappear after 10 minutes or so, but these stay for several hours and that I had been up in New Mexico in the USA in July this year and photographed them from the backyard of the place I was staying at in Sante Fe.

I cover this more in depth in Earth Files at the end of this write up.

In closing Jim said, that we all have to get educated, and work towards a changing world, that the young Zero Generation , the youth of today is who he has faith in and that we need to become involved in the discussion as our future and children future are most definitely at stake.

EARTHFILES for this week.

That there is an increasingly ardent call by people and groups of citizens especially across America that the atmosphere is being clouded by long stretching aircraft chemtrails from horizon to horizon is gathering momentum.

The question; is a covert operation to curtail global warming, by spraying nano particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect sunlight back into space - happening?  This being an emergency measure to halt overheating? And this is why hurricanes have been minimized and why James Lovelocks computations that global warming was going to be rampant by this time has not occurred, but has been held at bay, or limited by this chemtrail action?

Physicians are also talking about health concerns relating to breathing difficulties around the sudden spike in super fine particles of both aluminum and barium being found in both the environment and increasingly in health tests.

This vexing question is certainly raising more questions than answers and so am giving just one web site that you can scrutinize to peruse for yourself.

Oct 10, 2013

Why are alternative and complimentary currencies on this GreenplanetFM program being constantly emphasized?  The reason is very clear, the global economic system is out of control, with bankers out of New York and London calling the shots (assisted by acquiescing politicians), and are printing money at will, leveraging bonds, hedge funds, derivatives, promissory notes and every sneaky, cunning ploy of chicanery being fostered on the unknowing public.

These snake oil banksters and hucksters are out to CON everyone who is unknowing, implying that everything is REALLY OK, that it is all under control, nothing to worry about - just keep buying.  It's called keeping the status quo alive in an unsustainable consumptive and dishonest economy.

And you will never hear a squeak out of the Government, or any Government. Mums the word!  (Shakespeare's Henry VI, Part 2, Act 1, Scene 2:' Seal up your lips and give no words but mum.'?

However, if things do slide and quickly and funds become scarce and money is in short supply, we have PLAN B, another method that is grass roots in intent and can be easily put in place. This simple 'Living Economies Educational Trust' could save communities across the country a lot of angst, frustration and even despair, enabling them to communicate with each other and at least put food on the table and also into the soil and assist in pulling the strings of community together towards an outcome of peace.

This erudite interview covers the problems, (being endemic and global) the challenges - (power structures) and the solutions - possibilities and empowerment at a localised community level.

That we need to learn what is going on and move quickly to solutions.

That growth for its own sake is the ideology of the cancer cell.

Phil deconstructs growth ideology on a finite planet, to the degree that we extract and take more and more resources especially from the environment, at the same time pollute and contaminate more and more until we run out of everything except our pollution that basically poisons and contaminates us - in our own waste.

That we have found ourselves in a debt economy that is really a pyramid scheme that has been running for a few hundred years and that it needs constant growth (and a growing population) to exist, if not it will implode, which it is having to face as of this very moment.

The problems of environmental degradation, resource over use, of pollution of inequality of social injustice, poverty, despair, wars all stem from a monetary system that requires continued growth to keep the momentum exponentially growing to keep paying the interest.

Which basically is an eternal ponzi scheme, with the central banks all acting in concert to keep propping up this house of cards with huge injections of capital - printed money!

The present high tech web related system slushes funds at light speed around the global casino and in the process syphoning more and more money off the 99% into the hands of the 1%.

Smart approach is the holistic one, the grass roots one with the community utilizing these parallel systems of localized currencies as well as the current traditional monetary system. Bringing together a strengthened neighborhood, more resilient economies and localized involvement that respects nature as being integral to the process of community livelihood.

The system, allows for the extension of credit and issues IOUs and assist you in finding needs or wants - and sell what you wish, and a buyer can also be found, all without using NZ dollars - where you can also purchase software to run your localized green dollar system and time bank.

Time Banks value everybody's time equally. One hour of an accountant is equals to one hour of mowing lawns = very egalitarian.  A lot of tie-in with voluntary organizations that good deeds and work can be accounted for and be rewarded.  Time Banks can act as a central coordinating location for all exchanges to take place. The community when allied to voluntary organizations end up assisting and looking after one another.

So successful was Lyttleton's Time Bank in the Christchurch earthquakes that NZ Civil Defense calls it a great model for connecting community that they are encouraging time banks across the nation via the Civil Defense organization.

Savings Pools. Based on trust, are both very simple and interesting, because they can trump the banks by not having you pay any interest. Working in localized groups you pay into a common pool and over time build up a substantial kitty and by utilizing the 'reciprocity indicator' it uniquely calculates the divvying up of the cash that is in the collective pool, and is then ready for loaning out.

Urgent need to form a new grass roots economy across the nation, because due to escalating interest rates the NZ current account is in a more dire predicament than the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister will ever let on as they do not want to spook both 'their' voters or the market! Meanwhile, the Labour Party still continues to slumber and sleep at the wheel. Once the interest we pay overseas entities leaves NZ it never comes back! The big one for NZ is our growing private debt.

A very informative and empowering interview that Phil in his closing statement calls for a powerful renaissance within NZ communities to extend into more 'conscious connection' to acknowledge the 'commons' and the choices we make.  That we actively commit to understanding and participating in alternative and complimentary currencies, as our future may very well depend on it!

Oct 3, 2013

With Mother Earth under increasing assault from Corporate-Machine-Mind-Man, we are witnessing 'business as usual' being increasingly ramped up to the doorway of the Beehive as unconscious miners, drillers, extractors and takers - beat their way to the welcoming mat of the Prime Ministers Office.

Aotearoa is up from grabs at present as hide bound macho-male-men prod, poke and plunder the deep recesses of natures secrets. Nothing now is sacred, other than the god of money and the power that it wields … REALLY?

What happened to ex PM, Helen Clarks emphasis on Sustainability and NZ being a leader in this field?  It was lobotomised by internal memo to all Govt Departments within days of the Clark administration leaving office!

Well, fracking has now come to town in our fair country, as a quick fix for PEAK OIL, and for a few short years, we in NZ will join the Western frenzy of 'keeping collapse at bay' by skimming, sucking and raking off 'minor gains' in fossil fuels, as a breather from what we are leaving our fast coming future and children to deal with - an addicted 7 billion plus oil culture, with a physiological and a psychological dependence - that very soon runs dry … or becomes exorbitantly expensive! (This previous statement is countered by the industry saying it's giving us time for more renewable energy sources to be developed and deployed.)

Meanwhile climate change and our ecological footprint are figments of ones imagination - just whistling into the wind.

The annual $2 billion oil and gas industry of just Taranaki hosts 62% of New Zealand's 638 wells - 470 onshore and 168 offshore - boosting to thousands the number of jobs in the region. However:

So far, there have been 43 wells subject to 69 incidences of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, in Taranaki.

Its a growing business and it's being opened up with unknown consequences.

Fracking is rupturing the inner geology of the ground beneath our feet. Where underground streams of water at differing layers, course silently in many directions filling up aquifers and nourishing in unknown ways the planetary body and ecology as it does with the human body.

What we are doing is we are drilling down deeply into the 'mother' - up to many kilometers down and then many kilometers horizontally,

A mix of water, sand, and various chemicals is pumped into the well at very high pressure in order to create fissures (sometimes small amounts of explosives are used) in the shale through which the gas can escape. Natural gas releases itself through these fissures and is drawn back up the well to the surface, where it is processed, refined, and shipped to market. But, some gas actually escapes up through the ground along the horizontal fissues breaking out at surface level seeping up into the atmosphere.

Also, the mixture of chemicals, that the gas industry uses is kept secret and does not publish and there are up to 700 different chemicals, benzine, diesel fuel, detergents, solvents and stuff like corexit that was sprayed on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, all kinds of carcinogens, things that you don't want in your drinking water, your food or the air you breathe.

Fracking has been banned in France, Quebec in Canada, Pittsburgh, Buffalo in the USA and the Karoo region of South Africa. The EU has proposed a moratorium while investigation is carried out. Moratoria are in place in New South Wales Australia and New York State. The National Toxics Network in Australia has called on state and federal governments to introduce, as a matter of urgency, a moratorium on all drilling and fracking chemicals until they have been examined independently. However: *** This is not even on a discussion paper in NZ.***

Where is the precautionary principle?

This is a far ranging interview from stories of water taps bursting into flame when lit with a match. To the struggle to get media on side - to be heard, lack of finance to fight cashed up corporations, scientists fearful to speak up, lack of political will (NZ for example) when there are jobs being offered in this mix. Long term poisoning of the aquifer, huge amounts of leaking gases out of the ground going into the atmosphere. Cancer clusters, health problems for humans and animals the list goes on.  THE MATHEMATICS
500,000  Active gas wells in the USA X 8 million Gallons of water per fracking X 18 Times a well can be fracked. 72 trillion gallons of water and 360 billion gallons of chemicals needed to run the US current gas wells.

Here's a step-by-step look:

  1. A well is drilled vertically to the desired depth, then turns ninety degrees and continues horizontally for several thousand feet into the shale believed to contain the trapped natural gas.
  2. A mix of water, sand, and various chemicals is pumped into the well at high pressure in order to create fissures in the shale through which the gas can escape.
  3. Natural gas escapes through the fissures and is drawn back up the well to the surface, where it is processed, refined, and shipped to market.
  4. Wastewater (also called "flowback water" or "produced water") returns to the surface after the fracking process is completed. In Michigan, this water is contained in steel tanks until it can be stored long-term by deep injection in oil and gas waste wells. Fracking is fundamentally different than traditional gas extraction methods.
  • Fracking wells go thousands of feet deeper than traditional natural gas wells.
  • Fracking requires between two and five million gallons of local freshwater per well - up to 100 times more than traditional extraction methods.
  • Fracking utilizes "fracking fluid," a mix of water, sand, and a cocktail of toxic chemicals. While companies performing fracking have resisted disclosure of the exact contents of the fracking fluid by claiming that this information is proprietary, studies of fracking waste indicate that the fluid contains: formaldehyde, acetic acids, citric acids, and boric acids, among hundreds of other chemical contaminants.


And earthquakes or swarms of them are problematic too especially in geological unstable parts of NZ.

Land owners in the Taranaki are now offering their land up as 'dump stations' for rock slurry and the chemical discharge of contaminated waste of what has been under the ground and are holding all this in large ponds with berms or bunds but, there are breaches and spills that get into waterways and creeks that do eventually get out to sea. What happens if they have continuous torrential rain?

Also, spreading this slurry over farms to have the sun draw out whatever moisture is in it furthering atmospheric pollution to the extent that Fontera has warned farmers that they will not collect from farms that are doing this process for fear of damaging their 'clean green' branding on milk products. Hooray for Fonterra.

Then there is the control or lack of it from the release of methane from deep under the ground.  A good percentage, some estimate up to 6 or even 10 times as actually produced leaks out and vents straight up into the atmosphere and methane is 10 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than Co2.

Also, in this interview Steve covers the idea that our modern monetary system is a proxy for energy and that those who control the energy, basically control the money - that global trading is intrinsically bound up in oil flows.

Plus, the energy returned on energy invested, once 100 years ago for 1 barrel of oil you could get 100 barrels in return, today it is 1 barrel equivalent for every 10 barrels in return, the fracking ration is now 1 to 7 and basically it's becoming uneconomic at this scale …tar sand 1 to 5 and biofuels as low as 1 to 2 … and we are polluting our planet's water supplies in the meantime too

Again ... Where is the precautionary principle?

Question for readers and listeners?
Why are we being systematically excluded from the process of a say in how we use our natural resources?  The public in NZ are being explicitly denied their voice - in this case of Fracking, only iwi and hapu and local authorities are being consulted (Note the Govt tie up with the Maori party here) and democracy has been suspended as in Environment Cantebury as there is no obligation under the law, as the Crown Mineral Act does not even require the Govt to consult with local authorities!

NZ also has the one of the lowest royalties rates on wealth as we grovel to offshore mining and oil corporates stealing from 'the commons' that's been gifted to humanity from the very beginning.  Why? Because NZ is a 'cheap date' we give ourselves away and in return, get very low royalties as a country.

We need to educate ourselves fast on as many issues as possible and build up our awareness of whats at stake and organize appropriately.

I ask that you on-send this email to your networks and sub networks. Don't keep this to yourself, or be fearful of the consequences. This is a time to be courageous!

Phil Stevens formerly of Arizona now NZ.


Frack Free - Tararua | Facebook
Article by Dell Panny - Convener of the Environment Standing Committee for the National Council of Women, New Zealand

Sep 26, 2013

With Lisa Er, Standing in for Tim Lynch in Mobilising Consciousness

IT IS TIME for us to do more than just talk about problems or propose band-aid solutions.

IT IS TIME for us to stop addressing the symptoms that impede healthy, dynamic, sustainable, equitable, loving connections.

It is time for us to get serious about the transformation of our systems and cultures.

If we do not do this, our impeding patterns will keep us all locked in place.

Increasingly, people, communities, organisations and even political systems are becoming aware of the need to build connection to each other and to the greater whole to address the issues and crises we are facing today.

Paradoxically, while many are becoming more aware, they are also stuck in systems and structures that are dysfunctional, toxic and stressful creating mistrust, alienation and frustration. These negative patterns develop and spread, making it very difficult to affect positive change.

Sharif Abdullah visited New Zealand on his last stop of a global journey to examine the ancient roots of sacred civilization in search of the keys for creating a world that works for all living beings.

In response to the fact that we are collectively killing the planet he says, “The revolution is in CONSCIOUSNESS.  Once you change your consciousness from Breaker to Mender, your actions will change. Trying to change behaviour, without changing the underlying consciousness that causes the behaviour, has always failed to achieve lasting change”.

Sharif Abdullah, J.D., is a consultant, speaker, author and advocate for societal transformation. His mission is to bring currently dysfunctional systems and structures into alignment with our common human and spiritual values, to create a world that works for all living things.

He describes the principles of inclusivity in his books The Power of One: Authentic Leadership in Turbulent Times, the award-winning Creating a World That Works for All, and the visionary Seven Seeds for a New Society.

Often at the invitation of government, business and religious leaders, Sharif has worked with people from over 100 different cultures in over 30 countries on 5 continents. He has received international recognition for his ground-breaking work including the Martin Luther King Lifetime Achievement Award (US), Sarvodaya Vishvamitra/ Universal Friend Award (Sri Lanka) and the Hero of Humanity Award (India).

The Commonway Venture, founded by Sharif and Leslie Hamilton, provides individual, group and organisational development to move beyond traditional pathways to unleash engagement, diversity and resilience.

For more information:


This programme is sponsored by:

Sep 19, 2013

See previous interview when in April 2012 I interviewed Peter Daley and obtained 24,000 hits on this site alone. shima-Radiation-Cloud-over-Australia--NZ.html#00000193                                                                                                                                                                                     With mainstream media still blacking out information it's only the deteriorating situation in the last month, with steam vents escaping being evidence of criticality's in the underground coriums (a lava-like molten mixture of portions of nuclear reactor core), as iodine 131 and xenon detections have now been revealed in cities around Japan as well as in the air in South Korea.

The rising of ground water levels at the nuclear site, show that this water is now highly contaminated equaling billions and trillions of bacquerrells of activity, this due to the Japanese building a dam to stop the contaminated water from flowing into the Pacific ocean. But, this dam has caused the water table to rise and if water rises to ground level, it becomes fatal to workers walking around as well as making the site inoperable. i.e no remediation can ever be done.

As Japan is situated on an active earthquake zone and you have many buildings on top and with ground water rising you get liquefaction and this turns the ground into a liquid mud (as in Christchurch) and this is now under the reactor buildings that have super hot multiple reactor cores stored in 'so called' cooling pools and if these slip away in a minor earth movement, a nuclear fire could engulf the buildings sending radioactivity back up into the atmosphere.

Also, the 1,000 low quality storage tanks, which are storing radioactive water that they are holding to prevent getting into the Pacific ocean are showing signs of breakdown (some are actually leaking already) and could also crack open and spill their radioactive contents all over the site.

Mainstream media are playing this down so we have to wonder if there are any truth tellers out there at all. The few who are doing it are extremely courageous.

But the Pacific Ocean is still constantly having radiated water flow into it. Water columns of radiation - where plankton, fish, salmon and tuna have now bio-accumulated significant amounts of cesium. Health authorities have changed the maximum amount of radiation we can take from 1 milli-sievert now p to 20 milli-sievert and it has all been hushed up.

And there is a huge difference between external dose and internal. Once any radioactive atoms enters our body, radiation can become trapped there. A top Japanese professor resigned over this, due to the distortion of this issue of increasing to 20 milli-sieverts, especially for children, because it was far to high for them.

The greatest danger is breathing in radiation and getting it trapped in our lungs.

The safety of flying in the Northern hemisphere, best to limit it, and not fly at all between North America and Japan 'across the Pacific' and by default to Korea and China too.

Learn how the body distributes radiation, it does not distribute it evenly, but radiation gathers in the bones and the thyroid gland … listen and learn a little about strontium and cesium and plutonium and its effect on the human body.

Regarding the safety of NZ from atmospheric radiation, at present it is estimated that we are getting probably 5 times less than the Northern hemisphere is.

Hear that in the USA, Europe and Japan, government radiation monitoring stations are being turned off when a major 'event' happens and or adjusting their equipment to not actually show up the radiation levels, plus manipulating the data so as not to alarm the public. In Japan, they have been caught out manipulating the data on the screens.

This interview also covers the monitoring of radiation in Australia and NZ by aware honest people, privately doing it. The Government keep this data under wraps.

Bio accumulation of radiation accumulates in areas and particular currents - being eaten up the food chain from plankton to larger organisms to fish that end up being eaten by larger fish - up to human consumption and studies show it can increase up to 100,000 times and even a million times in certain circumstances.

North Pacific sea food like tuna and salmon being very questionable, and fish that swim also into the Southern Pacific.

Korea is banning fish from areas in Japan and some in China are calling for the same.

Well worth NZers checking out with our local orthnologists.

Godwits migrating to Alaska/Siberia and Japan could be 'canaries in the global coal mine.'

Mutton Birds (Titi = Shearwater).  Evidently 33% disappeared after summer near Fukushima — Those making it back 'were in a poor condition' says New Zealand Govt researcher. A study near Auckland has found a third [...] failed to return this summer after spending the southern winter in their northern hemisphere base near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Department of Conservation researcher Graeme Taylor says the birds that did return were in a poor condition. April 2012.  Where is 2013 research?

Humpback whales and grey whales what is their health like? And the huge reported die off of seals in Alaska, and salmon, herring, is also a worry.

The multiplier effect …

Studies of radiation point to the North Pacific ocean becoming 10 times more concentrated off the coast of North America than off the coast of Japan, that through wave action and wind this radio activity can become airborne and be blown inland, especially into the large coastal cities on the western seaboard where the people breathe it in.

The weakening of the human immune system, and what we can do to strengthen it. Pneumonia epidemic in Japan last year and a rubella one this year - are they connected to weakened immune systems? There is a reported hypothyroid increase of 28% in North America, is there a connection? Many deaths in the USA straight after the disaster in March 2011, were hushed up and were linked to the highly radioactive iodine clouds that initially came through.

Do your own research!

Food Lab has been organized by Peter in Australia.
He advises us to buy southern hemisphere food. To read the labels (note in NZ the labels say 'local and overseas' content. We have let the NZ Govt get away with this).

It is important to strengthen and reinforce our immune systems. Important to seek medical advise re iodine intake on a regular basis of any form.

Bentonite clay and zeolite … be wary … get expert advice

Ginger, garlic, vitamin c, Lyprinol are important.

Scientists have been silenced …. establishment has locked everything down - info only from private investigators is coming through.

Peters' monitoring equipment of atmosphere is quite sophisticated at recording data every 60 seconds and puts it all together 24/7, 365 days a year.

Sep 12, 2013

Christina Barruel, New Zealand Cool Schools National Manager & Trainer, Donna Hourigan-Johnston  of Mt Roskill Grammar (a peer mediation coordinator) and Del McFarlane-Scott of Ranui Primary (Cool School peer mediation program co ordinator).

In the early 1990s, Yvonne Duncan in association with the NZ Peace Foundation embarked on a innovative World First, to introduce to every school in NZ a skills based method to teach children how to resolve conflict and reconcile differing points of view, be it in the class room, or playground.

With this unique system been introduced to over 2,000 schools throughout the country since its inception, this could be a global game changer, albeit over a number of generations. Building upon relationships towards a Win Win World.

Could New Zealand become a 'world leader' in conflict resolution… and have hundreds if not thousands of trained emissaries skilled in the art of peaceful resolution of conflicts?  These professional peacemakers would get invited to live alongside other peoples, within their cultures, and model in novel, innovative ways, goodwill and peaceful processes in action.

What has come out of this unique program is:

Students are the agents of change if you give them responsibility - their innate genius and creativity comes up with new ideas, (reflected from up to 70 different cultures that can be present in many of NZ's urban schools) as well students voluntarily taking on the mantle as ambassadors of social justice, being positive role models and standing up against bullying and harassment.

Some schools have a very high percentage of students who are trained as peer mediators and they are everywhere within the school grounds. Within these schools this has become a very popular 'service' and with a lot of mana attached to it. At Mt Roskill Grammar, around 250 students apply every year to be trained as it empowers them with a large array of life skills to assist them in negotiating existence, which in the eyes of the trainers is a brilliant service to offer any human being.

Virtually all young people, have at heart the ideal of hope, that things will eventually change and that keeping hope alive will ultimately evolve positive change - plus the sense of belonging (team spirit) for the common vision, inspires us all to involve ourselves.  This knowledge empowers students to take responsibility to make schools a safer, and more peaceful place - where social justice becomes part of the every day atmosphere resulting in good local and global citizens too.

A 5 year old can even learn these skills and take them back to their family and whanau and show the larger family what they have learned at school and how to use these skills in a family setting - about listening and understanding and respecting each other.

Data in schools that have 'this program' is clearly showing that bullying falls away in the play ground. This is important, and there is a need for a champion like the Prime Minister and Parliament to get in and language the benefits of Cool Schools across NZ as often as possible so as to evolve our country into being more 'conscious' as an 'aware society.'

If many of those who are in prison had learnt these skills at school to resolve conflict, they would never have gone before the courts to end up in jail.

Imagine being taught these skills 50 years or more ago, how many more boy friends and grill friends one would have, plus far less divorces and the emotional upset, and financial stress. Think about it ...

This program also keeps students in school, as school become a safe place to be. Students can utilize their skills of being a mediator in a holistic framework to negotiate agreements on a daily basis, wherever they are, which assists them to grow and learn.  Resulting in the preparation of a citizen for the world. Someone who can also cope with change in a fast changing globalized reality. It's prepping children for the future.

And the gift of teaching conflict resolution is that when the teachers of the Cools Schools program meet their students many years later in the outer world the students inevitably come up to them and thank them dearly, for teaching them these skills, as it has helped them across the board to resolve so many challenges that have come their way, like studies, job, family, relationships etc.  A major Win / Win, for both teacher and student and all other 3rd parties.

I urge you to listen to this radio show as it will give your heart a chance to catch up on itself.   You can feel the excitement of this studio gathering that it is actually palatable where the vibe carries forward such an optimistic view of how things can be.

peace,    respect in diversity,   paying it forward,   goodwill in action, random acts of kindness,   planting seeds,   developing empathy, building self esteem,    warm hearted citizens,    character building, community

Sep 5, 2013

Today, about 2 fifths of the global population are classified as peasants and Ross feels moved to help label the collective aspirations of global peasantry, back into a relationship with each other, the land and ecology - where the world really works. This being in so many ways an antidote to the methodical ways of todays corporate machine - the so called 'NeoLiberal Agenda.'

'NeoLiberalism' isolates the poor and it invisiblizes them and so they drop of the bottom and they then turn into a problem for society to deal with, and instead of being an integral part of a cohesive and supportive community they become the rejects of society.

And they are growing in number …

This intriguing and provoking interview covers a very broad subject range:

People = peasants, producing food, on the land for the betterment of their community. Healthy food, from healthy land, produces healthy 'aware' peasants. Ross sees the relationship of food, land and society and how we relate to each other as community, as the 3 main 'interdependent' components that can tie us with a common thread.

Based on finding solutions of how individuals understand what it is to be an 'aware' peasant wanting to work in alignment with nature, while cohabiting in a world of todays fast moving mechanical, chemical, technical, corporatized monolith.

Covering the premise that the world is in great trouble and that we the people are the cause both unconsciously and consciously. This is resulting in the greatest threat to wellbeing and freedom everywhere that can now be laid at the door of 'corporate ambition' and its addiction to unbridled growth and expansion, within the context of our straining biosphere.

However, the greatest threat to this 'corporate ambition' is a well informed public! The challenge yet again is for the 4th estate, our media, to give us the information, truth and wherewithal to make informed decisions so as to act. Fortunately alternative media via the web is growing to fill this void.

Ranging over how we in NZ were 'Programmed' by Treasury & Rogernomics & the Hijacked 4th Labour Govt.

We were told that there was going to be a:

  • Level playing field – never was!
  • Pain before gain – continues even until today!
  • Trickle down – became the syphon-up, to the bankers upstairs!

And middle & working NZ have never recovered from this, especially that NZer's who think they own their own house, are in reality just tenants for the Bank.

The plusses of living as an 'aware' peasant translate to:

  • Sustainability:   Leaving things better than we get them
  • Conscionability:  Having a conscience in everything we do
  • Empathetic sociability:  - Love for the land and having a sensibility to others suffering etc

Urban Farming in the USA, do a web search for growing your own food.  An excellent Australian site to plug you into community.   Very good initiative here in Auckland.

There's a term in Europe called peasantisation, where farmers are going back to simple localised growing and selling and farming as an artist or artisanal farmer.

The Lost Gardens of Heligan
The world-renowned restored productive gardens and pleasure grounds. The pioneering Wildlife Project offers visitors the chance to immerse themselves in how the estates of old were organized.   World best farmer … incredible production per acre.     La Via Campesina : International Peasant Movement

Translates to: The road of the Peasant, is in over 20 countries, with a membership of over 200 million families.

Challenges for Peasants.
The land grab of Africa, where the Europeans and corporations are buying up much of Africa including Goldman Sachs, the UN is in there too 'and on the wrong side of the average African' plus, China taking-over this vast continent!

Search Shock Doctrine by Naomi Cline on South America and the gripping story of how America’s “free market” policies have come to dominate the world.

See Bryan Bruce’s latest brilliant and insightful TV3 documentary:

Ross's YouTube evenings in West Auckland cover subject matter such as Fracking, Smart metros,  cancer, water, and corporate water etc with a discussion afterwards.
** Email

Ross’s question?
What is it that we can do, that will make the world become better?

Organic gardening and mediation and what else?

Getting organised and doing it is the key.
Being a micro high tech peasant is another component too.

Aug 29, 2013

Corporate control of our global food system is not in the interests of people or the environment. Fewer and fewer corporations control more and more of our food chain.

Their interests are in making money, not feeding people good nourishing food. We need to establish a strong food democracy to halt the steady march of corporate agriculture.

This interview includes Claire Bleakely, president of GE Free New Zealand and speaks about her trip to China where she heard world class scientists at the International Conference on Ethnic Food Cultures and Food Safety, (held in Kunming, China,) present on a broad range of topics from ethnic and cultural values of food, to the evidence of harm caused by genetically engineered (GE) foods.

Claire went as a delegate from New Zealand along with Organics NZ Brendan Hoare, and Professor Jack Heinemann.

Professor Jack Heinemann from Canterbury presented a 50-year comparison of agricultural methods in the US and Europe that shows the introduction of GE plants has impacted negatively on yields, diversity and pesticide use across America.

HOWEVER: Tim Lynch and Lisa Er begin the programme with a discussion about the reasons for the DEMO 4 DEMOcracy this Sunday the 1st of September.

Almost a dozen demonstrations from Keri Keri to Christchurch will be held this coming weekend to protest the continued loss of democracy in New Zealand.

September 1st (the first day of Spring) is DEMO 4 DEMOcracy day, which will see family-friendly rallies throughout the country, inviting people to march under the banner of their choice, but in solidarity against the corporate take-over of our country, and New Zealanders’ blatant loss of sovereignty and democracy. Ten days of activities will continue the nationwide protests until September 11.

This initiative was launched only a month ago by Kiwis Connect For a Positive Future and has already convinced over 760 members and a large following on Facebook that it is time for “Human Need not Corporate Greed.”  Much stress has been placed on the protests being peaceful, but not necessarily quiet: A suggestion to bang pots and pans has arisen following similar successful demonstrations in Argentina, Turkey, Canada and Iceland.

The perception that this country has the least corruption and the most transparency globally, no longer rings true to many people. While voicing concerns to government, numerous issues are not being addressed – from the GCSB and asset sales to oil drilling, mining, the TPPA and GMO’s & GE to low wages. For information on the TPPA (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) go to

Kiwis Connect aims to build awareness amongst the public about these issues and it is intended to keep the Facebook main page even after the event. It is not pushing any political party but is about building awareness of the issues that are damaging this country - and looking at how to correct them.

The organisers hope New Zealanders will be united in integrity and peace, holding a banner for positive change for the good of everyone.

Further information can be found at;

This programme is sponsored by


Please join DEMO 4 DEMOcracy Sept 1st!   at 2pm, across NZ

We are Rallying and Connecting Kiwis, Nation Wide with the issues affecting the future of our communities, such as the corporate control and the erosion of our democratic rights and sovereignty. We stand for the basic principles of democracy, sustainability, social justice, and environmental integrity.

Nearly every sector in NZ is under intense pressure from either Government inaction or its overt and covert collusion with corporate entities, especially its dismissive attitude to a society requiring authentic leadership and statesmanship as well as a level of genuine care and concern.

Our Government is shrewdly laying siege to the NZ environment and people, under the increasingly shrill mantra of 'we have to make more money' by exploiting and extracting anything and everything. The earth our great sustainer as you know is under relentless assault, even as we intuitively realize we are at multiple tipping points within the magnificence of the straining biosphere.

With the state sell off of public assets, insidious security and intelligence breaches, super secret trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, corporate encroachments and lobbying, secret military accords & harmonization of Laws with the USA, we the citizens of NZ are on the back foot.

Low wages for workers, corporate infiltration into city councils, pharmaceutical corporations advertising directly on TV. No labeling of food sources, ingredients & processes, plus additional chemicals in municipal drinking water, failure to keep city air clear, unsafe food (GE and GMO's) unsustainable farming, destructive mining, corporate take-over of education, health and prisons & public services and the TPPA to bind it all in, all have the common theme of locking down our collective future.

And more and more issues are being thrown at 'we the citizens.' Not to mention the Fukushima radiation continuously spewing into the Pacifist ocean, our deep blue Pacific that laps our shores, with every Government acquiescing and remaining extremely silent, including No Nuke groups.

If we do not come together, and intelligently organize and unite the country by calling the government to account, it will only accelerate and get far worse!

We do not need prophetic statements to tell us where this is could all go.

The 1st of September Nationwide rally aims to cover all of the many issues that people see as important concerns and that are both affecting their lives as well as our countries future, especially our kids.

( Downtown Queen St Auckland

New Zealanders Intelligently Committing to Organise for our Common Future

Aug 22, 2013

NZ as one of the worlds pioneering democracies has a long record of engaging in peaceful protest and dialog to bring about inspirational and social change.

Recent revelations made available from Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden have brought the realization that globally and especially to those of us in the West that we are totally immersed in a matrix-like security and intelligence apparatus that has been ticking silently and secretly in the background and over our shoulder. All under the guise of Big Brother - watching us.

Other than the French saboteurs and the Israeli passport spies, we in NZ have fortunately had no terrorist incursions. Thus the premise is put forward that with no external threat to Nuclear Free NZ, that the NZ intelligence community can, and is being used to spy on NZ radicals by the SIS. The Security Intelligence Services.

What is a NZ radical, and what threat if any are they to the State apparatus? Keith Locke who recently was able to view a copy of his NZ security files was spied on by NZ Government agencies since the age of 11 years. Now with invasive electronic means what is the future of NZers going to be like in NZ with the passing of the GCSB Bill? (Government Communications Security Bureau).

Connecting the:      DOTS  … _ _ _ …

In 2011 Kim Dotcom, a German was living in NZ as a new resident (in the Prime Ministers own electorate) and was running his Megaupload Internet company that was alleged to be illegal pirating copyrighted digital media, globally etc.

On information from the US authorities and the FBI, NZ Police made a spectacular raid on Dotcom's home in January 2012 and arrested him.

The NZ courts ruled that the raid was illegal due to the fact that it was unlawful for the GCSB to spy on a NZ resident, especially as correct protocols were not being observed by the police.

The fall out resulted in the director of the GCSB being replaced by a new recruit.

Ian Fletcher was appointed as director of the GCSB in February 2012. Mr Fletcher is a former diplomat. Fletcher was interviewed by the appointment panel after an earlier short-list of four candidates had been rejected by the Prime Minister on the recommendation of the State Services Commissioner. In March 2013, Mr Key admitted he had known Mr Fletcher since they were in school, but denied they were friends.

Answering questions in Parliament about Mr Fletcher's appointment, Key said he hadn't 'seen the guy in a long time' and hadn't mentioned he had made a phone call to Mr Fletcher when the question first came up in Parliament because he had 'forgotten' about it. Former GCSB director Sir Bruce Ferguson said the way Key had intervened in the selection process was 'disturbing'.

In December 2012, the NZ High Court ruled Kim Dotcom could sue the GCSB for damages.

Hence Dotcom is in the forefront of the NZers wanting far more transparency in how the government oversee security and intelligence in this country.

This GCSB Bill is opposed by the opposition Labour and the Green party, the NZ First Party and several left-wing groups, ESPECIALLY the NZ Law Society, and the Human Rights Tribunal, plus NZer of the year Dame Anne Salmond and ex Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer.

As the Prime Minister appoints both the director of the GCSB and the Inspector General. Associate Professor of law at Auckland University, Bill Hodge, says the watchdog should be appointed by Parliament rather than by the Prime Minister. Former prime minister, Sir Geoffrey Palmer agrees: 'There needs to be some separation between the inspector and the agency he overseas'.

With this legislation being put through under urgency, WHY is there such urgency?

Some important clues come through in this interview.

Evidence is also available that if one had too left wing a viewpoint your career would be affected by information collected by the SIS. Promotion would not come and visas may not be forthcoming from the USA for instance.

We learn how innocent people can be affected by spying, that spirals out of control due to a certain mind set of biases and prejudices and the urgency of checks and balances from a judiciary that administer the law of the land in an enlightened manner - is a must!

On another issue, it is important for NZers to also realize that Parliament basically has no say in Treaties. Governments and bureaucrats make treaties, but Members of Parliament basically have no say hence the TPPA the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement if signed of will be done only by Cabinet, who are hand picked by the Prime Minister.

(Authors statement. Personally as a NZer I am not an illegal downloader of copyrighted media and definitely do not make money out of it. I as a person on the sidelines saw Dotcom as milking the system in huge terms and living high on the hog whilst half the world starved.  The macabre in this saga is; from being an outlaw, Dotcom (with his money) has now been cast as the savior of the public good from the oppressive hand of local and global surveillance systems).

Aug 15, 2013

Nearly every sector in NZ is under intense pressure from either Government inaction or its overt and covert collusion with corporate entities, especially its dismissive attitude to a society requiring authentic leadership and statesmanship as well as a level of genuine care and concern.

Our Government is shrewdly laying siege to the NZ environment and people, under the increasingly shrill mantra of, 'we have to make more money' by exploiting and extracting anything and everything. The earth our great sustainer as you know is under relentless assault, even as we intuitively realize we are at multiple tipping points within the magnificence of the straining biosphere.

With the state sell off of public assets, insidious security and intelligence breaches, super secret trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, corporate encroachments and lobbying, secret military accords & harmonization of Laws with the USA, we the citizens of NZ are on the back foot.

Low wages for workers, corporate infiltration into city councils, pharmaceutical corporations advertising directly on TV. No labeling of food sources, ingredients & processes, GE and GMO's, additional chemicals in municipal drinking water, failure to keep city air clear, unsafe food and water, unsustainable farming, destructive mining, corporate take-over of education, health and prisons & public services and the TPPA to bind it all in, all have the common theme of locking down our collective future.

And more and more issues are being thrown at 'we the citizens.'  If we do not come together, and intelligently organize and unite the country by calling the government to account, it will only accelerate and get far worse!  We do not need prophetic statements to tell us where this could all go.

The 1st of September Nationwide rally aims to cover all of the many issues that people see as important concerns and that are both affecting their lives as well as our countries future, especially our kids.




  • Government –  professional corporate lobbying denies us of our democratic voice
  • The TPPA a vehicle for corporate control of NZ's Sovereignty and Laws
  • Banks and unequal wealth - compound interest - rate fluctuations
  • Media – Censoring by omission  - low level intellectual content - we need the truth!
  • Food, Seeds, and Pesticides, Healthy affordable food : Prefer organic : No GMOs & GE
  • Mining – corporate interest over local interest - no insurance to cover disasters?
  • Climate, fossil fuel pollution,  and environmental issues no dialogue with public
  • Health – Big Pharmaceutical controls, and loss of PHARMAC
  • Fluoride – doesn’t just affect the teeth, effects the thyroid, brain and bones
  • Education – privatising schools – bulk funding  – Charter  – schools
  • Justice and prisons – privatised to overseas corporations
  • Arms Industry promotes war – Strongly keep NZ Nuclear Free
  • Our Countries high level of debt. To Kiwi Saver not being invested within NZ
  • Laws being pushed through under urgency - No boat protests at sea. Warner Bros. GCSB Bill.
  • Fukushima radiation in Japan getting worse - yet all countries remaining deadly silent!
  • And more ... much more …

We peace-loving New Zealanders are challenging the status quo from the outside, and are up against a combination of the existing system and a whole host of full time professional corporate and governmental insiders  - who are hell bent on maintaining their power base, pay packets and superannuation at whatever the cost!

What we ask of you, is can you assist to make this important event happen? Can you with a small nucleus of people help organize your local town or city, or be put in touch with the volunteers already doing their best to make this happen?

This may be the most critical choice and tipping point in NZ of the 21st Century.

As all the issues that concern us are integrated, we have to now take back our country.

Because …

While we are busy watching telly, we're losing the country to outside entities!  With so many people who were able to vote last election, less than 75% of the country actually voted.

YES!, Our future especially our children and grandchildren's is at stake. NZer's have become far too complacent, docile and distracted whilst being self absorbed in 'other things' that we have found that our sovereignty has been eroded and our democracy sabotaged. Yet not only that, every move and utterance is being electronically tracked or recorded, by (an eye at the key hole) a gigantic global security apparatus - that whilst the lights were on, nobody was alert or home.

This is correct, main stream media and worse, the Parliamentary press gallery have been caught with their pants down because they have got too cosy and lazy to do their due diligence.

We have all been conned!

Should the Govt pass the GCSB Bill over the next 10 days this rally could be the best time for us to let the Govt know that they have lost the faith of 'We The People'. We do not want to be spied on!

Aug 8, 2013

Is it possible for a conscious shift to a new localised monetary way of life?

Complimentary currencies, LETS. ‘local exchange trade systems’, mutual credit systems, barter exchange, including time banks and green dollars.

Entailing the decentralisation of money, as well as creating a monetary unit that is democratic, accessible and retains its value?

With a cast that includes Vandana Shiva, Thomas Greco, David Korten, Charles Eisenstein, Jean Huston, Elisabet Sahtouris, Bernard Lietaer, John Perkins, Hazel Henderson and Riane Eisler, this brilliant video needs to be seen by as many people possible - in all countries.

Katie Teague with no experience in the profession of digital media became successful in her art form when she committed, by saying a full YES!

As a therapist Katie noticed people carrying worries and concerns about money, as well as our disconnection from both our selves and the natural world. This as a result of the subtle and not so subtle abuses of how much money controls us, whilst at the same time we exploit the earth and the sacred to gain our riches.

This gave her the impulse to document her findings in relationship to money, its uses, the lack of it, and ways to earn money by means that are outside of mainstream consciousness.

Working four years to put it together with assistance from a Navajo medicine man that inspired the name of her production company ‘storm cloud media’ and who implored her to not start anything that does not end in beauty and for her to commit to giving beauty back to beauty.

In the unfoldment of this interview we hear that John Perkins the author of ‘the confessions of an economic hit man’ described business today as ‘predatory economics that goes with the speed of wild fire around the world’ whilst Hazel Henderson calls it ‘the hoax of the global casino – a giant Ponzi scheme’ and of the anger when people make the effort to find out, or are stung by being on the receiving end of it - a shift in consciousness starts to awaken us.

Basically we know our human nature even in a global context is not malicious, but we have become entwined in a monetary system that is set up to exploit, that is extractive and the collateral damage to families, neighbourhoods, cities and countries under present esculating vulture capitalism, is actually with out end. As exemplified by Wall St and the centralised banking system they are eroding our values plus physical and emotional wellbeing. With unrelenting pressure being put on the biosphere like never before too.

For when we research the system, it is designed ultimately to collapse because it has to feed off continuous growth, which is not achievable on a finite planet. Yet the mainstream of society  is yet to grok this.

With over 7 billion people on our planet today the urgency of finding a better more equitable economic system has never been more critical. This is the question that the grass roots organizations are taking forward at this moment. From the lessons of the Occupy Movement to localized solutions, many people are still looking to evolve and involve themselves to find an answer to this vexing challenge.

This interview talks of the mysterious, of synergy, of an emergent quality that is organic and inclusive of wholeness and of the very possibility of an energy that comes about to self-organise and take us deeper into conscious connection, especially as mother earth groans as her ecosystems take the hit from the extractive corporations who straddle her girth.

Katies excellent inspiring FREE DVD is available to download on I donated $10.00 as I believe in the exchange of energy, but it is FREE.

Jun 27, 2013

With Lisa Er.

Trees have a unique place in our environment. Without them, human life as we know it would not exist. Trees conserve water, make our air breathable, absorb air pollution, support our slopes, provide habitats for birds and animals and form the hub of enormous underground micro-environments that strengthen soil and foster insect life. Mature trees can even treat 16 cubic metres of storm water per tree per year.

So why does the government want to delete tree protection from the RMA (Resource Management Act) and prevent local councils from deciding with their communities whether or not to protect their own trees, and create “Nanny State” control from Wellington?

Trees that do not have formal heritage status and scheduled in a District Plan will now be vulnerable to changes to the RMA which will allow the fellow next door to cut down all the trees on his property without consent.

It seems the new changes to the RMA will smooth the path of economic growth at the expense of our environment. Where is local democracy when lobbying from the Property Council wins out over democratic processes?

Beginning with the trees Dr Mels Barton moves on to speak on urban planning, Auckland’s sprawl and the Unitary (30 year) Plan. She expresses her concerns about the mixed housing zones that could become a sea of concrete with no soil, grass or trees to absorb storm water, and how Auckland’s aging storm water system will not cope with the additional housing required for the one million extra people anticipated in Auckland.

She speaks very clearly on housing, and the social cost of poverty on society.

Dr Mels Barton emigrated to NZ in 1999 and ran her own environmental consultancy for a number of years with her late partner. Mels was a member of the Waitakere Ranges Protection Society executive for ten years until 2011. Since 2010, she has been the Auckland and National Coordinator for the week-long annual event ‘Seaweek’. She is also a trustee for the Weedfree and EcoMatters Environmental Trusts and was elected to the Tree Council Board in 2011. She is the Secretary of the Friends of Regional Parks and Chair of the Titirangi Ratepayers and Residents Association. She works for the Te Atatu MP Phil Twyford as his Issues Assistant and runs her own community newspaper for Glen Eden called The Guardian.

This interview is sponsored by The Awareness Party:

Jun 13, 2013

From Taos in New Mexico USA. A 'wayshower' to energy, food and housing independence.

Designing and building a bio harmonic home out of indigenous materials of rock and soil, but inclusive of old car tires, glass bottles cans etc, can manifest an exceptionally stable and sustainable 'earthship' home. That with the addition of solar heating and water treatment and storage systems, plus garden area can make your home capable of sustaining you and your family in a well lighted spacious setting for months, without you leaving the dwelling.

Earthships are becoming a growing global phenomena due to their use of waste and left overs from current western technologies and economic systems.  With knowledge and skills ordinary people can do extra ordinarily creative things to build an off grid dwelling, that positioned facing the arc of the sun, uses both passive / solar and or windmill energy to power your future with out paying out huge sums to electricity and water utilities. Whilst at the same time keeping the building at a near on constant inner temperature of around 21 degrees all year long.

Originally in the early 1970s in America, Mike responded to the media presenting the future shortage of oil, for heating and cooling, plus electricity for running the home, including future waste and garbage problems with excessive cans and bottles, plus water shortages, sewage disposal and the obtaining of fresh food. So he found an innovative way to incorporate them into building these components into a house, an 'earthship' which he now calls the 6 issues of sustenance on this planet for the people of today.

Using sun and catching rainwater, he includes the physics and biology of our planet's ecology for sewage treatment and food production.

Having stand alone housing systems, allows us not to depend on power utilities, with their higher costs and power outages etc and in the US context, that the power is obtained through detrimental methods, mainly coal and nuclear generation. Wanting softer options he found more bio harmonically benign and self empowering ways to build on the land.

Topics Covered:

His building technique is based around old tires filled with rammed earth that keep the heat thermal mass in and are also very earthquake resilient.  Tires do not out gas.

Regulation - an inhibiting force for independence.

Talks about pockets of freedom where there is less regulation  - where are these areas?

Keeping the middle man out of the cost structure.

In the field of alternative housing and settlement we are evolving too slow on a planetary system that is changing and evolving very fast. We need to engage in regulatory change.

The need now is to take charge of our lives and being responsible for all our actions. This is inclusive of incorporating holistic systems showing everything overlapping and working together.

Listen to Mike as he succinctly relates to our house as if it is our body, with energy and water in and waste and water out, totally integrated inside and yet nestled and functioning with natural forces of the outside world.

Speaking in Auckland:

Evening seminars on Friday 5th and Sat 6th July
300 Sir Neil Waters Building @ Massey University, Albany, North Shore.

Also a screening of his new flick "New Solutions" on Waiheke along with a meet and greet Q & A session.

Booking information -     
Mob: (027) 281 5022

Jun 6, 2013

Who owns and who controls the media in New Zealand?

Covering: The historical perspective, from private and governmental control to privatization?

History of media, early Maori newspapers, wealthy family owned papers in main cities and eventually union owned newspapers. To print media today and by extension web sites.

Then radio and TV their evolution that along with print media is now basically in the hands of about 5 owners and an increasing concentration into fewer hands. Other than TV NZ and Radio NZ, virtually all large media is overseas owned.

  • Alternative media what’s happening?
  • The internet where is it going?
  • Censorship in the past and today?
  • Programming and are we being desensitised and programed?

Overlapping into telecommunications, via telephones, computers and morphing into electronic espionage and security issues.

How can we encourage NZers to look for optimistic and solution oriented community news?

What is the outlook on the future regarding mass communications and media, including electronic control, such as turning off transmitting capabilities of mobile phones in areas of public demonstrations?

Transparency in a free and open democracy?

Quick Synopsis:

Newspapers used to be only owned by the rich but along came the unions, like the Transport Worker and the Maori Land Worker resulting in a completely different news perspective for the under classes. What happened?

Michael Savage in the 1st Labour Government in the 1930s introduced radio broadcasts of Parliament that opened it all up for the commoner to become more aware and engaged.

Censorship was prevalent from the first NZ Conservative Govt and also by Labour when it got into power.

Introduction of Radio and then TV was all Govt controlled. Then pirate/private radio.

The 1984 change of government to Labour and the neo liberal policies of Roger Douglas were basically underwritten by the NZ Govts 'Department of the Treasury' and that changed everything.

Resulting in deregulation of broadcasting after 1989 that led to many changes, National Govt abolishing in 1991 all foreign media ownership restrictions in NZ, opening up to all main media other than TVNZ and Radio NZ being either off shore owned or controlled.

We learn that: The Fourth Estate, is based on journalists and news media to raise issues of public importance and to advance levels of public debate - and to create the resources necessary for social citizenship. This today in NZ is clearly failing us miserably.

That global information today is readily accessed here in NZ and due to the web can now be sourced from non Western perspectives, such as RT, Russia Today which has become the first TV news channel in history to reach 1 billion views on YouTube, and Aljazeera and its well heeled Arab perspective, are more open than say Fox, CNN and BBC World. But RT and Aljazeera also have their undisclosed 'other side' too.

The world wide web has still huge possibilities to expand including tweets etc

Social media and web access etc can expand our communication over broad networks and areas, however it cuts both ways with the ability for surveillance coming back the other direction in real time = being a double edged sword.

Finally, 'we the people own the airwaves across NZ' shouldn't there be a social contract that anyone who broadcasts on these invisible airwaves, also put community oriented programs and documentaries on to assist and educate the public on daily life and not at 1 or 3 am in the morning? For example, TV2 and TV4 at present to many 'conscious' people are trash and rubbish dispensers that can be perceived as fragmenting and making more young viewers lives more disconnected and dysfunctional. Are these stations in their present format serving the public good?

May 30, 2013

With Lisa Er.

Sponsored by

It is no secret that we are living in interesting and challenging times, and that we are in great need of not just innovative, but collaborative strategies for sustainability to address our planetary emergency head-on.

Nicole M. Foss is Senior Editor of the well-read website The Automatic Earth. Since January 2008, she and co-author Raúl Ilargi Meijer have been chronicling and interpreting the on-going credit crunch as the most pressing aspect of our current multi-faceted predicament. The site integrates finance, energy, environment, psychology, geopolitics and real politik in order to explain why we find ourselves in a state of crisis and what we can do about it.

Nicole is also an international speaker on global finance, energy and environment. She has lectured in hundreds of locations across North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and has made numerous media appearances in a variety of countries.

Nicole describes our financial predicament, vulnerabilities, and the end of economic growth.

She speaks of strategies for coping with the financial collapse suggesting that the way to survive will come from the ground up, in community initiatives rather than from the top down.

She describes the functions of money, why it matters that the financial system is about to have an accident, and the cycles of economic expansion and contraction and how at the peak of an expansion phase, it involves credit (giving value to human promises to repay).

Promises only have value if people believe the promises. During an economic contraction phase promises are broken and cease to have value which results in a money supply crash and economic seizure, like in the 1930s, increasing probability of a systemic banking crisis as we see now in Cyprus.

Solutions include a financial strategy of no debt, of holding cash and gaining control over our essentials of existence. Building up businesses with local supply chains and distribution networks is required.

Other basics of robust systems include community building, time banking, local currencies, building social capital and relationships of trust that all build resilience. Nicole says you can’t change the waves but you can learn to surf!

Prior to the establishment of The Automatic Earth, Nicole was editor of The Oil Drum Canada, where she wrote on peak oil and finance. She also ran the Agri-Energy Producers' Association of Ontario, where she focused on farm-based biogas projects, grid connections for renewable energy and Feed-In Tariff policy development.

While living in the UK she was a Research Fellow at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, where she specialized in nuclear safety in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, and conducted research into electricity policy at the EU level. She also has significant previous experience practicing as an environmental consultant.

Her academic qualifications include a BSc in Biology from Carleton University in Canada (where she focused primarily on neuroscience and psychology), a post-graduate diploma in air and water pollution control, and the common professional examination in law and an LLM in international law in development from the University of Warwick in the UK.

Nicole is in New Zealand to speak on “Limits to Growth and where to go from here”.

Her web site is

May 23, 2013

The Good News:
There is a big increase organics in NZ.
In past 3 years organic produce sales have increased by 25%, organic beverages increased by 80% and organic wine has quadrupled production.

Franklin organic farmers grass roots organization of 300 people are organizing themselves by taking back control of their food supply, establishing community networks.

Humans no need to be competitive, but cooperative relationships brings connection and happiness in community

Organics NZ are still committed to be the worlds first organic country but Bhutan, Bali and Costa Rica are far closer. NZ organic growers definitely want NZ to lead.

What we are dealing with:
Though our Government is not talking organics to the world, ironically the world is talking organics to NZ. Especially China and Taiwan and milk supply for example, and if our food is contaminated the Chinese will instantly halt buying, because they are wanting 'NZs 100 percent pure products.'

This superb, newsy, laughter ridden interview covers:

Nestles - its problematic partnership with Fonterra.

Fluoride - which is a toxic waste product in our drinking water.

Cadmium - across NZ farms, in superphosphate - impacting both our health and animals. Damages the liver and kidneys in cattle and sheep that these organs in lambs and cattle over 18 months old are not allowed to be used for human consumption … and are being used for pet food? - is there a connection with NZ cats and renal failure?

Plus, NZ cadmium rates are already higher that the maximum standards that they have in the European Union. This heavy metal is a time bomb in our farming sector and needs addressing. In Waikato where more than 160,000 hectares are contaminated to the point that would have been officially labelled as a contaminated site. It can no longer be classed as contaminated because changes to legislation in 2012 removed agricultural land from any contamination classification. A contemptible way to get rid of the problem, by our NZ Govt moving the goal posts.

Milk - there is a growing consumer demand for raw milk in rural communities, that's not stripped of its nutrient value of probiotics, when milks is pasteurized, homogenized, UV'd etc. Raw milk is especially good for children and our Government actually knows
this, but is reluctant to champion it.

Food Labeling - If you cannot pronounce a food - don't eat it, and keep away from processed foods and eat only whole foods.

Remember - food is medicine, drugs are not medicine.

Diets - why low fat diets fail.

Biotechnology - the constant allure of untold riches for big tech corporations, that our Government supports.

Christchurch rebuild - organic gardens booming and better networks and health outcomes ensuring the security of their food is growing communities here.

GE & GMOs - the continuing problems, the imperative of food labeling of contents and country of origin. GMOs pose a 59 billion dollar threat to the NZ economy and our Clean and Green image.

Irradiated food - especially from Caboolture in Qld Australia, that radiates, tomatoes, capsicums and mangos with Cobalt-60. (don't touch)

Buy local - grow local, eat local = fresh.

Hospital food - the need of fresh vital food so as to heal ones body of both sickness and wounds, but under successive Governments has been ignored, but more so under the present Govt.

Chicken cages - abolishing in 2023, but pigs in sow crates are doing better 2015.

Bees - decline as are the butterflies = GE and pesticides.

Keeping Auckland GE free - Pass local laws so that Ratepayers do not bear the costs if a GE outbreak takes place. Compel the biotech corporation to being responsible for their mistakes.

GE Agriculture - is a dead end culture in the final analysis.

Go organic, become healthy, get wise.

May 16, 2013

What is it that compels a very fit and energetic octogenarian, to come back to NZ for a visit to give talks and share his insights across the Auckland region?

From the NZ navy, to the police to a farmer who went into local politics for 6 terms and realized that we should NEVER allow more than 4 terms maximum as any more than this and you lose your enthusiasm, energy and panache.

Saw town planning become so restrictive and that produced the growth of bureaucracy.

Realised in the 1960s that it was not National or Labour but 'the system' that was wrong, where Social Credit offered another viewpoint around finance and economy, he stood at different times against Bill Birch and also Winston Peters and Colin Moyle.

Always pushing the envelope he owned a health store in Australia and then 'moved on'. What motivated him was he did everything because he wanted to see how he could help people.

As a farmer he used to kill his own animals for meat and states that fat on meat is so important as it helps digest the protein, and that it is imperative that we have fat on our chops or whatever. Same for raw milk, it is essential that it is raw as pasteurized milk destroys beneficial bacteria along with the bad ones and destroys enzymes essential for nutrient absorption.

But there is an organization called the 'Organisation of Food Protection.' He says it is a mighty force, and he attended the last conference of 2,500 people, comprising of the manufacturers of instruments needed for testing things, the bureaucrats, the microbiologists and the lawyers who want to sue the farmers for various infringements etc. Evidently, Governments worldwide are looking to this organization for advice.

They want to sterilize every food, which entails the destruction of all enzymes etc too. What Geoffrey noted as a visitor, that they are opposed to raw milk being available to people as a choice. Fortunately, California and some other states in the USA allow raw milk as well as in Europe where it is sold via vending machines. Also now in NZ's South Island.

Some of the Subjects Covered:
We must be able to have choice to eat and consume genuine foods that give us energy dense nutrition and that greens are so necessary for iron for our body.

Too many people today are anaemic due to a lack of minerals in the soil, due to incorrect farming methods. Biological farming being the new innovative answer.

Also, that magnets and magnetism has an untapped future in the growth and yield of plants and its affects on the soil in general.

That cadmium in market gardens in Pukekohe is frightening … (and throughout NZ). That Clean Green NZ is being compromised?

Soy comes in for criticism because it it is being linked to a thyroid issue and that iodine needs to be absorbed through the skin to offset this, best get good advice from a doctor, health practitioner, or naturopath first.

With changes to the chemistry of the environment men are growing larger breasts in the USA and are having to engage in breast reduction surgery because of the estrogen in soy.

Imperative to keep family farms in NZ. Corporate farms are always driving the bottom line, and thinking chemicals always to increase output.

Use of pendulum or divining rod, especially for children to learn how to use a pendulum so that they can quickly test to see if the food they are about to eat is good for them.

An exceptionally interesting interview that covers a wide range of health matters and life experiences by an exceptionally strong and vibrant 87 year old with much wisdom to share.

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