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Oct 31, 2019

The poor today are always working long hours in menial jobs to pay off something that is continuously breaking down. In many ways they are being punished for being poor.


If you have a hot jug, fan heater, hairdryer, juicer, toaster, vacuum cleaner and other consumer white ware - with a bit of luck you may get two to three year’s life out of them - and then they are off to the landfill. 


This interview of Rex Weyler, is one of the original Greenpeace activists - when it was more a volunteer organisation - and they were true Rainbow Warriors - tells of the continuous battle on bringing humankind to become accountable and responsible for the wanton abuse and use of the earth’s critical resources. 


This below is Rex’s most recent article ‘Its a waste world’ that was printed in Greenpeace Magazine

A popular bumper sticker in the United States – typically seen on large vehicles, with giant wheels and vibrating chrome muffler pipes – reads: “My carbon footprint is bigger than yours.” This appears as a banner for the culture of extravagant indulgence. And wherever consumption is encouraged and admired, waste follows.

The world’s rich cultures are all wasteful, and not just because of excessive fossil fuel use. Even our modern electronic devices represent a massive waste stream. Last year, electronic waste reached an all-time record of 65 million tonnes.

Planned Obsolescence


Used bulb lamps collected by Greenpeace volunteers during the clean up at Bokor Island conservation area on Thousand Islands. © Dhemas Reviyanto / Greenpeace

Even modern LED light bulbs, for example, do not last as long as incandescent bulbs made a century ago. One carbon filament light bulb, at a fire station in Livermore, California, is still burning continuously after 120 years. Building things that last, and consuming modestly, used to be common human values. But that all changed with the advent of contemporary business models and modern marketing.

In 1924, three companies – Dutch Philips, German Osram, and US General Electric – formed a cartel, Phoebus, to shorten the life of light bulbs. Making light bulbs that could last 100 years limited their sales growth. They agreed on a thousand-hour standard, about three or four months of normal use, the historic beginning of planned obsolescence.

During World War I, the U.S. Treasury Department launched a frugality campaign to save resources for the war effort. Merchants, however, opposed the initiative. According to Giles Slade in Made to Break, US stores displayed signs such as, “Beware of Thrift,” and “Business as Usual.” New York retailers formed the “National Prosperity Committee,” with slogans like, “Full Speed Ahead!” and “Clear the Track for Prosperity!”

During the global economic depression in 1932, New York manufacturers circulated a pamphlet: “Ending the Depression through Planned Obsolescence,” the first known printed use of this phrase. An article in Printer’s Ink journal warned that the idea of durability was “outmoded,” claiming that, “If merchandise does not wear out faster, factories will be idle, people unemployed.” Paul Mazur, a partner at Lehman Brothers, declared that obsolescence, designing products to fail or wear out, was the “new god” of business philosophy.

In 1950s America, advertising firms learned that they could sell products not based on function, quality, or durability, but on novelty. Products were sold as “new,” “modern,” and “innovative,” whether or not the “innovations” offered any genuine value. The throwaway fashion industry was born on the notion that clothing “styles” allegedly changed every year, and that to appear “modern,” one must repeatedly buy new clothing. Ad agencies convinced popular journals to publish fashion sections to inform, or manipulate, the public regarding the latest styles.

Thus, the idea of well-made, durable products died away in rich nations, replaced by products that break, wear out, become obsolete, or go out of fashion. This trend has now seized the modern electronics industry.

E-waste and the cost of high tech


A small child sitting among cables and e-waste in Guiyu, China © Greenpeace / Natalie Behring

Since the 1980s, computers and electronic devices have made lives in rich countries more convenient and entertaining. Some observers expected that modern electronics would also make society more “efficient,” that computers would save paper and other resources. Those hopes, however, encountered what is known in economics as the “rebound effect“: Efficiency often leads to more resource use, not less. Human enterprise now uses six times more paper than we used at the dawn of the computer age, six times more lithium, five times more cobalt, more iron, copper, and more rare earth metals.

Mining for these minerals tends to be ecologically destructive and exploitive of human labourers. Due to increasing demand and low rates of electronics recycling, mining companies are now proposing strip mines on the ocean floor, a practice that ocean biologists say would permanently damage unique and biodiverse ocean ecosystems.

As computer chips got smaller, more powerful, and more energy efficient, the material and energy intensity of those chips increased exponentially. Since our computers require so little energy to operate, we may believe they are “efficient,” but we are measuring the wrong metric. To understand the high cost of high tech, we must consider the embodied energy built into our devices, our telecom infrastructure, server networks, and data centres. We also have to consider the sheer growth of consumption and the acceleration of waste.

According to Statisa, about 4 million cell phones are sold every day, over 1.5 billion per year. About 250 million computers are sold each year. The average lifetime of these devices is now about two and a half years. Manufacturers design in obsolescence, changing critical parts and marketing more fashionable, “improved” devices. We may marvel at social media and connectivity, but this level of consumption leaves behind a massive, toxic, and destructive waste stream.


Discarded computer monitor casings in a lagoon in Ghana. © Greenpeace / Kate Davison

Apple Corporation has become notorious for designing smartphones, tablets, and laptops that are difficult to repair or upgrade. These policies are not an accident or a necessity of technological advance. They are marketing decisions, designed specifically, like the three-month light bulb, to sell more products.

Between June 29, 2007 and November 3, 2017, Apple introduced 14 new iPhone models, one every 37 weeks. The company stopped supporting the first generation phones within three years, and continues to make previous phones obsolete and unsupported.

According to Jason Koebler at Motherboard, “Apple is trying to kill legislation that would make it easier for normal people to fix iPhones.” Apple designs products with proprietary parts that cannot be easily repaired and the company has actively lobbied against right-to-repair legislation in the US. According to a study, both Apple and Sony have blocked environmental electronics standards that would support repair, upgrade, and recycling.

However, Apple Corporation is not alone. According to a 2017 Greenpeace report, other consumer electronics companies are lagging far behind. Although Apple has made progress in the use of renewable energy they are “moving in the wrong direction,” along with Microsoft and Samsung, by shortening the useful life of devices. Samsung, Amazon, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi receive failing grades in every category, using toxic chemicals and dirty energy, making short-lived products that are difficult to recycle, and hiding the data about their practices. On the other hand, HP, Dell, and Fairphone are leaders in producing products that are repairable and upgradable.

Electronic waste has now reached over 65 million tonnes per year. Computers, screens, and small hand devices comprise about 22% of that waste, 14 million tonnes annually. According to a 2014 UN Report, Europe produced the highest per-capita electronic waste, over 15 kilograms per person every year. Asia generated the most e-waste, 16 million metric tonnes, followed by the Americas, 11.7 million tonnes per year. Since 2014 those volumes have increase by about 50%.

System Change

As with most of our ecological challenges, there are solutions, but the response requires more than marginal change. According to Deishin Lee, at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, “most waste is generated on purpose,” built into modern business models. Lee criticizes “output-oriented,” production systems that only consider the product. “Every output-oriented process,” she writes, “is designed to produce waste.” We can overcome this by shifting to input-oriented production, considering the value of all resources, how to conserve, and how to use resources effectively, with a minimum of waste.


Smartphone repair © RIcardo Padilla Roman / Greenpeace

Economist Tim Cooper, at Nottingham Trent University believes that a transformation away from planned obsolescence will require a “radical, systemic change.” In his book, “Longer Lasting Products,” Cooper suggests the change could be accomplish with economic policies to encourage minimum standards of durability, repairability, and upgradeability.

Quality goods, robust repair-and-servicing, and secondhand markets would result in more jobs and more economic activity for a given amount of resources. Cooper calculates that when consumers spend less on throwaway products, they will spend more for other services and investments.

In “Culture of Waste,” Julian Cribb, a fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering, describes how we could reverse the trends toward food waste with government regulation to limit wasteful practices, full-cost pricing and taxing, subsidies for good stewardship production, and with education. The 2017, Greenpeace Report, advocates similar actions to create closed loop, circular production, beginning at the design stage, with all companies required to design recyclable parts, easy repair, and a take-back program for all products.

Growth swamps efficiency

Everything we build requires energy. Wasteful practices waste energy. Although we are witnessing an unprecedented effort to develop renewable energy, we are failing to keep pace with growth in demand. Unless we address the growth of human numbers and human enterprise, we are destined for the natural results of ecological overshoot. We also need to phase out fossil fuels and redouble efforts to build renewable energy infrastructure.

The following chart – prepared by Canadian energy engineer David Hughes, using data from the 2019 BP Energy Review – shows the annual growth in renewable energy compared to the annual growth in electricity demand. A great deal of this demand is due to wasteful manufacturing and sales practices. Two-thirds of the growth is met with fossil fuels. Furthermore, this only accounts for electricity. 83% of the world’s energy consumption is non-electric.


The only year that renewable energy growth exceeded demand growth occurred in 2009 during an economic recession. This chart reveals two critical pieces of our waste and energy challenge: (1) Renewable energy growth is not keeping pace with total energy demand, and (2) The way to turn this around is to end the expectation of endless economic growth. Some companies, such as Fairphone and Patagonia, have business models that account for slowing growth.

The idea that we should keep businesses growing by creating waste is no longer valid – and never was. We can employ more people by building quality products and repairing them. To reverse the trend of wasteful production, biodiversity collapse, carbon emissions that cause global heating, and general ecological overshoot, humanity has to embrace modest consumption and put an end to the era of extravagant indulgence.


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What is happening here in NZ?
Here in NZ we continue with this ‘business as usual’ attitude, superimposed over the whole country. It is ‘taken for granted’ and the NZ Government is basically none the wiser. They just continue to carry on as if everything is normal.

The NZ struggle to get recycling more efficient
NZ has not been able to get a deposit on soft drink or beer bottles, where once we had them. As a kid I used to be continuously walking up and down the main road collecting beer bottles as they were in those days just thrown out the window of cars. At the big rugby games at towns, dur9ng the curtain raiser prior to the main game, I was always able to collect enough coke and lemonade bottles to be able to buy a drink and a hot pie and have some change left over. 
Why has NZ not been able to follow the legislation as in the State of South Australia and in the State of Oregon in the USA.  Because, like all the other states in Australia and the USA - business interests in both these countries have overridden prudent ecological policies.  Time and time again the breweries and Coke cola with huge financial resources and well paid lawyers - have been able to stop a deposit with regard to recycling - in its tracks. Hence, the throw away mentality is still prevalent in NZ especially with the unconscious male macho way of life. 

Yet, it could be said that as an extension of the top of this article that stoves, fridges etc don’t last long too too, when compared to how they were built 50 years ago.
A person working at a local transfer station north of Auckland said - If it was not for the Warehouse - he would not have a job! (The Bargain was not necessarily a bargain)

Some of the other issues talked about in this interview was that big business is still calling the shots.
One of the issues is that businesses do not look at our planet as a complex living super system. They fail to see the biosphere as a homeostatic, self regulating system of trillions of living creatures that are all delicately balanced and embedded in the web of life.
Their (very limited) perspective is that they are on ‘a platform’ - that has raw products coming in (they are not interested in where these products come from or how they are extracted or gained) -  all they want to do is then push (highly packaged) product out onto the market. It also does not really matter how much pollution they produce in the process - hence various governments world wide - have had to enforce clean air and clean water standards on businesses to force them to comply.
This has been an ongoing ‘battle’ for over 100 years.
There is no thought of ‘nature’ in any business model.  Where as in America there is a remarkable treatise on this thought to come from a First Nations ‘Indian’ called Chief Seattle.     

Privatise the Profits and Socialise the Costs - This means putting products or services on the market and if they do not measure up, then society picks up the costs.  - Cigarette companies did this with cigarettes. They made money out of selling them but when smokers ended up in hospital beds - especially in countries with ‘free’ hospital care - it was those countries (the taxpayers) that paid to take care and treat those dying patients.

It  was the same when the Wall Street bankers in New York took insane monetary risks back in 2008 whilst still collecting ‘extremely inflated commissions and salaries’ - that they threatened to collapse the whole US and world banking system. That the US Government was then ‘forced’ to bail them out - with the US taxpayer taking the hit.
This same mentality is pervasive within the current business world. Privatise the profit and socialise the losses. That there is now such a devastating effect by having to clean up the global environment as a result of business practices that did not factor in a healthy future of the world’s children.

Cradle to Cradle  - and the Circular Economy
Cradle to Cradle was mentioned.
Cradle to Cradle is a design framework for going beyond sustainability and designing for abundance in a Circular Economy.
The Upcycle: Beyond Sustainability—Designing for Abundance is the eagerly awaited follow-up to Cradle to Cradle. Drawing on a decade of lessons, William McDonough & Michael Braungart put Cradle to Cradle®concepts into practice with businesses, governments, and people around the world.
Prof Dr Michael Braungart gave an interview on the subject of microplastics on 23-10-2018 in the ZDF news programme heute+. Car tyres are the main cause of the microplasty discovered in the human intestine, says environmental expert Michael Braungart. The main problem is the harmful pollution.

In the 1980s, Braungart dedicated his work to the environmental organization Greenpeace and beginning in 1982 helped to establish the chemistry section of Greenpeace International, which he took over in 1985. In the same year he received his Ph.D. from the University of Hannover's chemistry department. In order to develop solutions for complex environmental problems, EPEA was established by Greenpeace in 1987. Ever since, Braungart has been involved with research and consultancy for eco-effective products i.e. products and production processes in a loop, not only harmless to man or nature, but beneficial.

Time magazine recognized William McDonough in 1999 as a “Hero for the Planet.” In 1996, Mr. McDonough received the Presidential Award for Sustainable Development, and in 2003 he earned the first U.S. EPA Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award. In 2004, he received the National Design Award for achievement in the field of environmental design. In July 2014, Mr. McDonough was appointed as Chair of the World Economic Forum Meta-Council on Circular Economy.

Also mentioned was that we are reaching limits to growth and Rex and I touched on some of the major environmental challenges now affecting the biosphere.

Japanase built cars superior to American cars
It was quickly noted that when the Japanese car companies came to North America that it only took a few years or so for the American people to realise that Japanes cars were not only more reliable but they lasted longer. The planned obsolescent cars from Ford, General Motors and now defunct Chrysler were far inferior to the Japanese brands - hence their continued success in the US car market today. 

Apple in the US comes in for some well earned criticism in the interview.

That between June 29, 2007 and November 3, 2017, Apple introduced 14 new iPhone models, one every 37 weeks. The company stopped supporting the first generation phones within three years, and continues to make previous phones obsolete and unsupported. Listen - Apple are not your kind and caring corporation. They are a hard nosed business wanting to continually corner the market for their own ends. Listen to how they and Sony stopped legislation to not allow their products to be repaired.  

“Apple is trying to kill legislation that would make it easier for normal people to fix iPhones.”

A Global commitment to CHANGE …
Transformation away from planned obsolescence will require a “radical, systemic change.”  to encourage minimum standards of durability, repairability, and upgradeability. What's wrong with 10 years for everything over $4,000?
Having quality goods, robust repair-and-servicing, and secondhand markets would result in more jobs and more economic activity for a given amount of resources.
We could also reverse the trends toward food waste with government regulation to limit wasteful practices, full-cost pricing and taxing, subsidies for good stewardship production, and with education. 

2017, Greenpeace Report, advocates similar actions to create closed loop, circular production, beginning at the design stage, with all companies required to design recyclable parts, easy repair, and a take-back program for all products.

There is a limit to growth on a finite planet
There is a limit to growth - that if one becomes an astronaut or a cosmonaut - they see clearly from space - that life within the biosphere can only take so much.  That the increase in human numbers and their extracting and polluting practices is overwhelming the natural worlds ability to rebalance these intrusions because of the short time span.

Rex mentioned, that unless we address the growth of human numbers and human enterprise, we are destined for the natural results of ecological overshoot. We also need to phase out fossil fuels and redouble efforts to build renewable energy infrastructure.

France Under French law it is a crime to intentionally shorten lifespan of a product with the aim of making customers replace it. ... The French investigation is being led by the economy ministry's consumer protection agency. It follows a legal complaint filed in December by pro-consumer group Stop Planned Obsolescence (Hop).Jan 8, 2018

End of the line for stuff that's built to die?

A new French law demands that manufacturers display how long their appliances will last. Could this stop planned obsolescence – products designed with restricted lifetimes?

Apple investigated by France for 'planned obsolescence' - BBC News  - This is a Silicon Valley newspaper.

Also covered was Regenerative Farming and Biological Farming as a way to make soils more healthy and keep the soil from being blown and washed off the land. This farming method is most definitely the most important way to regenerate our land without using fertilisers.

So there we have it
However, it goes far deeper than this.  Listen
This is a very important interview - on an imperilled planet that is awash with rubbish, toxins and the throw away society. That we have to ask the question - are we throwing away our future and our children and grandchildren with it? Time for decisive action, from the Grass Roots up. Not top down from the summit of the Pyramid of Businessmen and Bankers. This has to be where all ‘grassroots’ groups as in localised communities across every nation need to be brought into the conversation and also the planning and action.

Oct 24, 2019

Professor Frederick von Dreger, (former Chairman, Dept of Political Science, UPEI, Canada) retired, dissects media  'deceptions' and 'hoaxes' - and tells us that governments, universities, and the media have been obscuring the truth from the public - for decades.    

As a Conspiracy Analyst. - he states that Google and its offshoot Youtube, plus Twitter, and Facebook are constantly using algorithms to censor what we see and access in the Western world. 

Yet, awash with data and all sorts of information that we network, we trust that our understanding is accurate and that the wording is in fact the truth of the matter. All of this having to do with our sovereignty and liberation as individuals and at the same time desiring to unify us as a humanity which collectively shares the same aspirations.  

We are already involved in World War Three

Professor von Dreger says that at this moment we in the western world are now in effect experiencing a sort of "World War Three" - a massive conflict, not of direct physical violence but a massive chaotic series of battles of misinformation, disinformation, hoaxes and deceptions of all kinds in which we are now sadly and very deeply involved. This is mainly due to MSM (MainStream Media) including Universities and various professions and so on.

The US Intelligence Agency invented the term: Conspiracy Theory.

Professor von Dreger's overview is this: He says that people who look at what’s going on behind the misinformation and disinformation are often called 'conspiracy theorists' - so it's important  to look at the word and realise that it was 'coined' - invented - by the CIA after the assassination of President Kennedy. And the reason that they did this was to ridicule people who had any sort of suspicion about what had actually happened, and to persuade most people that the official story of Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone gunman is totally correct - whereas in fact the report issued by the commission set up to investigate the matter is not true. There were actually several people involved in the shooting of President Kennedy - and the people who have researched this have documented what that deception and conspiracy is all about.

So the term ‘Conspiracy Theory’ was invented and used to ridicule people in order to discredit anyone who is suspicious or directly opposed to the ‘official story’. Now people who are seriously investigating, researching and documenting what is actually happening have started calling themselves ‘conspiracy analysts’’ and Ayran as an 80 year old sees that more and more people are doing deeper research into events that have occurred which leave unanswered questions - especially looking behind the disinformation and misinformation that is being provided by the MSM as well as governmental and other 'official' sources.

Big Tech Corporations and their OverArching Control  

He states that this dis-information and mis-information is being propagated by major institutions - techno giants such as Google - and he emphasises the fact that Google, Facebook and Twitter - plus Amazon and Youtube are all owned and controlled by the same people. These very few people at the top thus have the capacity and the power to put out information as to what is going on - and they are the ones who are interested in what some would call "dumbing down" the population - but Ayran points out that it is more like 'confusing' the population with information which is partial and distorted, when not actually incorrect. 

Professor von Dreger said that we are seeing this very clearly since the advent of the expression 'Fake News' which came up with the election of President Trump. If you look back 4 or 5 years ago - this expression was not in the public vocabulary. He said that their reason for putting out Fake News by the Main Stream Media - CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post (owned by the 'so called' richest man on earth - Jeff Bezos of Amazon) and other major publications - is to cause confusion and chaos and as a result to increase their control over the population.

The major institutions in the 'System' are letting us down

What are these major institutions ? A central one is the present Banking conglomerate, one of whose major responsibilities is meant to hold and secure people's deposits and savings. That task is to a large extent not being carried out in favour of the population. Instead of doing that, the major banks are not only "skimming the cream off the top" but amassing it in their own hands. However, Prof von Dreger points out that people are increasingly awakening to the fact that these banks - such as the American Federal Reserve, the German Deutsche Bank, and even the Vatican bank - are in fact amassing vast wealth and therefore more  power and control in their own hands.

Psychopaths and Sociopaths

He then says that many of the people at the top of these banking and media conglomerates are, clinically speaking, psychopaths and sociopaths. The characteristic of such types enables them to use their financial power and political control to foment wars and all sorts of corrupt dealings, and still be able to sleep at night. He then says that he and I, (Tim) - like most of the rest of the population, could not do that.


He continues that these ‘families’ belong to certain family bloodlines - and that if he mentioned any names you would most probably recognise them immediately. Families and clans such as the Rothschilds - and similar ones that everyone has heard of - are obvious examples. He said he will not delve into names other than saying there is a very small clique - often called the Cabal, the Globalists - some call them the "Illuminati" - he just refers to them as the 'Big Boys' - that they are the people that are controlling the System and increasingly getting richer, whilst  the poor are continuously becoming more marginalised and poorer and that this has become very marked in the last 20 years or so.

Shrinking Middle Class

Thus the middle class are finding themselves being squeezed and more so - and are losing and struggling far more. This can be noticed with jobs disappearing, with fewer ordinary permanent occupations and only casual jobs - foreign people are being brought in to undercut wages - and off-shoring work by corporations to China etc where there is a  cheaper labour pool. This knock on effect makes the middle class shrink and become poorer and cash strapped..

What is the mindset of these psychopaths and sociopaths?

Then Ayran asks the question? What is it that makes the psychopath able to do this? He says that they come from backgrounds where they themselves in their upbringing have been socialised and brainwashed - or indoctrinated.  - So how do they do that?  

He gives an example of one such place where they gather - in this case Bohemian Grove which is in Northern California - with is a large 2,700 acres estate among trees where the rich, be it businessmen, politicians and persons of note - attend gatherings and have strange ceremonies. These ceremonies are weird - and he says there is clear evidence of this in the form of video documentaries, some of which have been published on youtube. It’s a very protected enclave - only invited members may show up - most are from the global as well as the American elite. Note also that very few, if any, women are ever present there. So what do they do?

They obviously hang out with each other and have a good time. One such ceremony is when they dress up in black robes - wear peculiar black hats and carry torches and stand in front of a 40 foot stone owl called Moloch in a ceremony called the - ‘Cremation of Care’ (listen) Evidently - even the elite have to go through a further process that even if you have any 'care' whatsoever about your fellow human beings - that has to be extinguished - and hence the name - the ‘Cremation of Care’ - and Ayran says - it is really deadly stuff. Listen.

Mentioned in this interview are the Bilderbergers, the Skull and Bones, the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission plus the Club of Rome, all of them being ‘closed’ societies where one can only attend or join through personal invitation by one or other of those who Ayran calls the members of the "Big Boys Club".

Nefarious Activities?

What is claimed in this interview is that this elite is involved in much of the drug trade - the opioids - which is a total calamity - particularly in the US. Also, human trafficking - including the sex trade - and that they are involved and associated with the pedaphila group. That the top pedophiles, the top banking and media people are all connected at other levels as well - in what President Eisenhower called the Military Industrial Complex. Prof von Dreger points out that this is an interconnected group of the elite and that these very same people are involved in a major ‘coup’ centred in the United States Government at the present time.

Donald Trump is now battling this Global Elite

What is conveyed in this interview is that certain military often called the ‘white hats’ have recruited Donald Trump to take down the so called global elite and controllers of banking, people trafficking and pedophilia.

That there is also a growing split in America - that people are being polarised - that even the Alphabet agencies - the FBI, CIA and NSA are split, including many agencies of which there are about 15 or 16, many of which most people have never heard of. All divided between the so called ‘white hats’ - the ones who want to restore the ordinary rule of law and the American Constitution - and the black hats or globalists whose objective is to bring about a New World Order to centralise all power and control in their hands. As the story told by Ayran continues - certain top operatives in these agencies along with the US military, particularly army generals who have been fighting endless costly wars that have destroyed millions of lives and used and spat out traumatised soldiers to be virtually left to survive the best they can  - have said enough. No more foreign wars and wasting trillions of dollars on other people’s wars, especially those caused by the US Neocons.

Military Support

Notice that Trump has on so many occasions had photos of him surrounded by military Generals.

The result being that - they supposedly asked Trump to assist them to restore the US Republic.

As the story unfolds these - top brass and others - approached Trump and asked him to stand for president in order to lead a massive movement to use all possible legal means to "take our country back" and restore the Constitution of the United States. Their objective being to restore legitimate government in order to protect all ordinary citizens and ensure a civil and cooperative society. Meaning a basically humane and basically peaceful country.

They went to Trump and said ‘we will support you so as to take the system down legally’ (by draining the swamp).

Because, if it is not done legally - if you can't proceed through the legal system by using the courts - the constitution - the civil laws - the next step is that you go to force. That beneath the law - if the law does not work - you get to force and what does force mean? People becoming violent - you are going to have an insurrection - you are going to have a revolution - you are going to have a civil war - So first - let’s endeavour to do this legally, and this is what they have been working at doing ... and that is why Trump is being attacked. First the Russian witch hunt - the Democrats blaming Russia for hacking the voting - which was found to be false -  no Russian collusion or any sort of obstruction of justice by anyone in the Trump campaign.

This was the clear conclusion of the Mueller Report - Trump's campaign was cleared of any wrongdoing. The next accusation was of racism - and that failed - that Trump is against Blacks and Latinos - but those groups have come out and said that they are better off under Trump’s economy. Next comes the Ukraine affair where Trump is accused of strong-arming the Ukrainian President by threatening to withhold military aid to the Ukraine if they do not give up information on Ex Vice President Biden and his son, Hunter, for his business deals with a gas company which has been paying Hunter Biden huge sums of money - essentially for not really doing anything, since he has no background or expertise in that field - and this current part of the attack against Trump has been going nowhere as well.

So what the Professor is saying is that we are seeing the mainstream media becoming more and more desperate in its attacks against the current administration in the United States and that we are at the cusp of, or near on to the outbreak of a civil war there - that we are on that cusp as of today.

Donald Trump was selected because he had the capacity of a very potent narcissist - and would be the only one able to bulldoze down the opposition. 

Tim mentions that after he saw the movie "Eyes Wide Shut" by Stanley Kubrick - who died very soon after he had completed it - that he started connecting the dots. That "Eyes Wide Shut" alerts people to the fact that rich American family members are invited to extravagant and elaborate functions  - and then blackmailed via drugs, sex and videotapes of their participation and activities at such events. Much like the recent scandal of Jeffery Epstein who recently mysteriously died whilst in prison. 

Neo-con wars - on a video posted on youtube and elsewhere, American General Wesley Clark immediately after 911 was told that the US military was to be used to invade Afghanistan - and that:

“We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off , Iran.”       (3 minutes)

This was a blatant move to control ‘other countries' destinies and essentially destroy them and take whatever resources they might have for the use of the Global Elite.

That the whole Bush family are also part of the ‘establishment’ that Trump has to deal with - and this includes Barack Obama as well.

As this story unfolds we hear:
That Donald Trump is basically an American patriot whose main intention is to restore the Constitutional system in the USA. Ayran's view is that even with Trump succeeding, there may well be a continuation of a system which allows for millionaires and billionaires in the United States, and hence a very unequal society. However, that will be a huge improvement on the truly insane criminal system that exist today. Even the very rich will be reminded by members of their own group that their success and survival depends on a content middle class in a reasonably civil and cooperative society.

See, for instance, Nick Hanauer ...... , a current American billionaire speaking on a youtube video on this issue.

Other snippets from this interview are ...

That Donald Trump is a bull and he is ramming the gate and that he is the first - of possibly several to come ...

911 the False Flag
Ayran mentions that 911 - was the biggest deception on the US people. He calls it The Biggest Elephant in The Room. Top people within certain secret service agencies in the American government and their allies in the private sector planned, managed organised and staged it, in collusion with Saudi Arabia and Israeli intelligence. One of the main reasons behind this was to have the US fight proxy wars on behalf of Israel, especially to contain Iran and subdue it, one way or another. 

Ayran does not go into it but suggests two of the best writers are:  

Christopher Bollyn "Solving 911 - The Deception that Changed the World"            This is a free download 

Rebeckah Roth - a retired US Flight Attendant, now a grandmother, who has written four 4 books as 'novels' to protect her sources, and is even now writing a detailed nonfiction account of exactly what took place in the American aviation sector on Tuesday the 11th of September 2001.

These are written as 'fiction' but she documents exactly what happened that day - using fictional names to protect her sources. She is living ever so quietly today - Ayran is somewhat surprised she is even still alive, given the extent of criminal actions and violence used by the Big Boys to silence opposition when it's deemed necessary. All the various 'false flag' events clearly indicate that. Rebekah's attention was first piqued by the various mobile telephone calls that were supposedly made from the planes, which she knew were not possible from their altitude and would simply not have been placed to their respective recipients. After she had written her first book, entitled "Methodical Illusion", more and more information came to her from various of her connections within the airlines where she was even able to get the passenger list and found that there was not a single Arab on any of those flights.  Mossad, the central Israeli intelligence agency is also mentioned here.

911 led to the invasion of Afghanistan and then the war in Iraq. That has rendered these countries as basket cases.

That then continued under the guise of the ‘Arab Spring’ and the destabilisation of the Arab and North African countries and the Eastern Mediterranean, where war refugees  from these countries descended on Europe. See above video re General Wesley Clark and his two revealing meetings with a Pentagon General. 

This has seen progressive countries like Scandinavia take in immigrants from war ravaged countries that now has Sweden taking far more than it can adequately absorb and it has as a result become known as the rape capital of Europe. Do an internet search.  

This combination of events which Professor von Dreger calls World War Three can now be seen operating on multiple levels, creating chaos and putting people against each other on racial, religious, colour and gender grounds as well as differences of income.

Ayran states a process that has been planned by these crazed control freaks and their allies is to create chaos, divide, split up and create insecurity in the population at large.   

Other Important Information in this interview.   

The Federal Reserve is not a US Government owned Bank. It is a privately owned bank, owned by the global elite - who dictate monetary policy to the American people and Government, in alliance with other central banks in various countries.

 This is a very critical 3 minute video

 Thus if we want to find the heart of the ‘storm’ - Washington is the place to look at - and it is still being fought out legally with courtrooms and lawyers fighting battling it out. Especially with attempts in Congress to impeach the President. 

At present the US marines have been put on alert so as to keep law and order.

The Supreme Court is being highlighted - especially in judging in a ‘constitutional crisis.’ as to how the ‘executive branch’ can act - i.e what the President can do by Executive Order or can not do among many other legal doings   

This also brings up who can be charged on sedition and treason - (listen) and that they could try people like ex CIA John Brennan for treason etc. The same goes for Ex FBI leader James Comey and Ex NSA leader James Clapper, plus many, many others. 

Justice Brett Kavanaugh comes up in the conversation as when he was asked at his Supreme Court confirmations - if the US Military could be used within the country under certain circumstances and what could be the outcome? For example, is the US army entitled to be called up and take over and try people, including American citizens, accused of crimes and then take ‘appropriate’ action.

Dr Steve Pieczenik is also mentioned - saying that certain people in Government are running their own agenda and accruing much debt in the process - and that the US public are paying for it all.           4 minute video

That there are politicians on both the Republican and and Democrat side involved in the current impeachment processes to use whatever means possible in their attempts to take down President Trump. The vast majority of Democrats who are still following Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and many Republicans, including George Bush Senior and George W Bush Junior, Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell and others of the old guard of the Republican party, are very keen to remove Donald Trump from office. 

The recent arrest of Jeffrey Epstein on charges of human and sex traffic and his involvement in pedophilia rings - especially using threats and blackmail on very highplaced people after flying them to his sex island on the Lolita Express - then his subsequent murder/suicide.This has now been taken off the MSM because it brought too much focus on Bill Clinton who flew there 26 times - plus Prince Andrew and even Hillary Clinton - shows there is a huge coverup by MSM - as it exposes the darkness to ordinary Americans -  of what the elite are hiding.

This is being directly connected to Donald Trump’s signing of the:

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

The recent ‘take down’ of convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is being linked to this ‘executive order.’ That when all the global pedophiles are eventually taken down - it will also collapse the higher strata of the globalist bankers, and other corporate heads - as they are all inter-linked in a hush hush - mum’s the word, conspiracy of silence.    

 Draining the Swamp

Trump stated he is going to ‘drain the swamp’. The swamp is essentially the in-house matrix that comprises the US government agencies that govern Law and Order - as they are in many ways an arm of the New World Order - in ‘lockstep’ with the US Justice Department that extends into the banking world of Wall Street and then the corporations that basically control commerce throughout the USA and then around the planet. And the Military Industrial complex is totally in there as well. 

Taking in and dealing with this data 

On a personal level Aryan asks us to be civil and polite - that we have to find ways to cooperate and get on together. That we listen to each other, share what is empowering and also what ‘we need to know’

Some links of Interest 

Robert David Steele Former CIA operator and white hat.   A very profoundexposé


Kevin Shipp interview: Former CIA Office, white hat and whistleblower:
By Greg Hunter ex CNN and Good Morning America.

Paul Craig Roberts
Ex Assistant Secretary to the US Treasury - under President Reagan and ex Wall Street Journal deputy Editor   


The New York Times - is the enemy of the people per Donald J Trump


SGT Report 

 Very clear and recent - Harley Schlanger

X22 Report 

There was little time for Ayran to comprehensively cover all the angles in this interview, in just 1 hour.

What is being communicated is that America has been ‘targeted' to lead the planet into the New World Order - where global governance is ‘ordained’ by an ‘elite' at the top of the pyramid.

However, even up until today, the USA has not yet quite become this ’so called’ leader That there are both Democrats and Republicans that want this NWO - has to be acknowledged - however from George Herbert Bush, Bill Clinton, to George W Bush and Barack Obama power has been ‘deftly’ consolidated by fewer and fewer people.(see how few media corporations there are, with now only six major players in the US. That with the media as their voice piece there was going to become eventually a ‘One World Government’, and with the people herded into smart cities where they would be more easily controlled.

This was supposed to be the future that Hillary Clinton was to eventually fulfil, but Donald Trump got in the way. 

However as more people do not believe ‘fake’ news - alterative media is taking its place. Yet, we have to be careful and discern to make sure that the alternative media is not skewing the narrative as well. That in a world where Google is now deftly hiding newsworthy information - through their algorithms - it is more challenging.  

As for Donald Trump. We see him everywhere in the media. He is vilified at every turn, especially by the worlds ‘liberal’ TV media - CNN, ABC NBC,CBS etc including the established digital media and press - globally - all essentially singing from the same song sheet. In so many cases he speaks his mind and goes off script - wading into delicate situations that often defies protocols and says things that do truly astound you. He also has made statements that are also are full on hyperbole and makes untruthful statements as well. All in his mind to fire up his electoral base and to push back whereever he can. 

Yes, he has walked away from the Paris Agreement on Climate change. Saying it has to be renegotiated - whatever that means?

He has stopped the US involvement from signing the - TTPA. Where as NZ did.

He has opened up Alaska to oil drilling. Upsetting all environmentalists! 

Cancelled the Iran Nuclear deal. There is another story around money and cash here.

Engaged in Peace efforts with North Korea. This has to be an excellent move.

Plus shifted the US Embassy to Jerusalem. To a howl of protest.

There are many things that he has done in the last 3 years.

Some say that for him to ‘drain the swamp’ he has to play 5 dimensional chess.

By opening up the Alaskan oil fields - he has temporarily appeased the oil lobby.

By shifting the US Embassy he has temporarily got the Israeli’s on board.

Yet all this time he is slowly rounding on the ‘dark side’ - to take them down.

Today, everyone is awaiting the report of the alleged Obama-era abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court, which has caused a delay in the conclusion of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz's investigation. This report is about Donald Trump being spied on after he announced his decision to run for the Presidency of the US. If this report finds in Trump’s favour, - this will mean that Comey, Clapper and Brennan are guilty of illegal acts and could face jail. But more so even Barack Obama. 

This whole Trump episode is ongoing - and this coup to get rid of him has yet to be exposed as MSM still has a grip on the American public - but is increasingly diminishing as people see through the fake news that is becoming more and more frenetic.

However, we must remember that he was voted in to find a way to work with Russia and not go to become even more aggressive with it - as Hillary Clinton was pushing for. 

Stay tuned - love him or loath him - some time in the future the truth will come out. Be ready for it.

Oct 17, 2019

It is becoming obvious that there is no recent ‘independent’ research coming out giving 5G technology - a clean bill of health. That undue health effects could arise from increased wireless frequencies have not been allayed. Meanwhile, having a little more time on their hands Grandparents across NZ are showing more interest in this recent technology and they are researching as to what 5G might portend.      

Why have there been no ‘independent’ health tests completed on 5G wireless technologies? That due to the NZ Government not requiring evidence of such tests, many of the NZ public are becoming concerned. Yet, highly qualified independent overseas scientists are saying that this new fifth generation technology ‘ups the frequencies’ markedly. So where is the research for its safety and veracity? In the meantime the elders, the older generation, who over their lifetime of experience and disappointment at the ethics or lack of them within both Government and industry are rallying for the future of their children and grandchildren.  As it is not only a health risk to humans, but also to pets, insects, especially bees as well as vegetation and trees in your garden and neighbourhood. The whole ecosphere could be unduly affected. 

As a result New Zealanders are asking where is the evidence for its safety. 

There are also more doctors than usual speaking out, as we hear in this interview

of Sue Grey a lawyer and specialist in emerging issues and Dr Robin Kelly a General Medical Practitioner who is seeing more patients who are in some way being affected by these emerging technologies.       

So why is it when new technologies are invented and new substances are formulated that in so many cases, there is no Law that states that these have to be independently 

tested and seen to be safe for the public to either use or be safe around.

With the steady increase in telephone frequencies from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd 

generation until the one we have now the 4th - these have been seen to be relatively 

benign - however the game has changed markedly now as 5G breaks through a new 

threshold and this is where the frequencies become more intense. 

Imposed Upon

Sue says 5G is being imposed on us without any explanation being given to the 

public when it is only assumed that it is safe - when the evidence is that it is not safe. Why are we not able to see this evidence published in MSM? Why are they so coy in keeping this information under wraps?

Yet Safe, Fast Fibro-optics is being laid out across the Nation.

That a little over two years ago the Government spent $2 billion for laying out a safe fibre optic cable system that has multiple high speed uses - and now they are imposing upon us 5G with so many unknown influences - that are virtually all not understood - or even known about?

Robin, said when he started as a Doctor he was told that the most important person is the one in front of you. That we should study all the science in the world and then adapt that to the person in front. We are not working for a third party - we are actually working on that one person in front of us.

This also means being an advocate for caution - which comes from the perspective, he had drummed into him early when a student Hippocrates statement that said - first do no harm.’  Which is the cornerstone of primary care practice.

But also to really examine, not only the science - but who is telling us the science  - what is the motive behind those scientists and what is the funding behind those scientists as well?  

Because over the last 20 years numerous senior editors of science journals have been increasingly stating their concerns about ‘conflicts of interest’ as many scientific papers may have big money and other ‘vested’ interests quietly pushing - in the background.   

 As a result, Robin is now very cautious when reading and assessing this information - and in particular the motives for such new medications and drugs and also technologies being ‘rapidly brought to market.’

Electro Hypersensitivity.

He has also seen an increase of people experiencing electro hypersensitivity to many things electrical. For example offices full of computers and linked technologies many of them wireless - so he understand that certain people become stressed or suffer headaches etc.  

Lack of Informed Consent?

Sue also mentions that there is a serious issue about the lack of informed consent

even around trees being felled throughout the neighbourhood to facilitate wireless signals getting through without hindrance. 

Usurping Nature?

Robin - explains that for the modern day human - nature is our healer - walks, rests, 

stress release - is the best form of healing our being. He sees time out in nature as our rehabilitation, but now he says there is a different ‘counter culture’ coming directly across our society, the complete opposite of natural wellness and well being

 that essentially says ‘eliminate nature and instead, live in an electro magnetic virtual reality.’ 

Feeding our Addictions?

Which is essentially saying - let us feed your addictions, plus let’s feed your dependence on technology to such an extent that you are going to do 5G at the expense of your health.

And as a doctor he finds this idea quite disturbing … stating he is not saying no technology, like most of us he likes technology too, but … it has gone out of balance completely. For example nuclear weapons. To the point that it is affecting the health of our young people - and it is influencing younger and younger children. 

Children First 

He says there are many very concerned physicians around the world who are advocates for children first and this is one of the drivers for his advocacy.

Sue says that science appears to be putting robots before people. 

As people we have feelings and needs and we want to be able to choose certain outcomes in our life and not be classified as units of currency - as a convenience for people who want to make money from us. Yet, our whole system seems to be being driven down this path.

That it’s only those with the money who can choose and it doesn’t really matter what 

people want and it is not really surprising that more and more people are experiencing 

mental health and anxiety problems and she says it is really concerning …

Living in an Airport Security Area 24/7   

Tim chimes in saying that airport security systems are an example of intense radiation. 

Note that workers at these stations only are in these concentrated radiation fields for 8 

or so hours a day - but whole cities and towns will be immersed in them 24/7/365 - 

where everyone is saturated in non ionising radiation. This includes insects, birds, pets and vegetation. 

Our Bodies Are Already Under Intense Stress.

That our body systems are already close to tipping points -  all variety of things are loading our immune system. Mental health - of worry, unresolved grief, chemical toxins, emotional toxins … are cause for concern - as our ‘free NZ health’ system is already overloaded.

Accumulating Over Time 

It’s a slow but steady accumulative assault on our immune system and our unique 

human body and the ‘wireless field’ is becoming more extreme and Robin says that when someone tips over through all manner of accruing circumstances - then comes the denial from the status quo - who will say - well it has nothing to do with us … it’s to do with some other problem in their lives …  - however it is to do with all of that - and everything has to be looked at in total. Yet, so many people will be running for cover - as people become more unwell and sick. However - the medical drug industry may actually be there to alleviate whatever ails them - as he says, that once deployed this wireless technology will become a tipping point (into deteriorating health) for many, many people.

The Law Society  wanting to understand ‘causes’ in relation to the Law of the land.

The Law Society Sue says, always looks at causes so as to get a greater understanding of Law. But, with so many inputs that have invisible energies - it is extremely difficult to pin, say a disease to any one particular technology or situation.

In ill health what are the technologies that may have caused your tipping point health collapse? Your cell phone? The cell towers outside your home - or the smart meter outside your bedroom or a number of computers in your office … or a combination of all those things - that coincidentally ties in with your dog dying last week. Or all the different factors that are going on.

And the Law just cannot cope with that at all. 

We need a whole new system of assessing risk - and science too is not very good at assessing risk either. As it was not designed to assess risk. It was designed to helping develop hypothesis’s as to how things worked.

And like the Law, it has it’s limitations - (Nikola Tesla)  “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

But we are not doing the research!

No Insurance Payouts?

Lloyds of London and the big reinsurers have stated that they will not pay out in the case of health problems as a result of 5G technologies. As the risk is far too big to quantify and assess. This has to be a wake-up call for the community at large. 

Then Sue says if this is the case with the big insurers - why has the Government not  come to this same conclusion?

In NZ because of the ACC law (Accident Compensation Commision) we can not sue our telco phone company - or the company who has a cell phone tower outside our window.  Listen

But ACC doesn’t seem interested in checking this out so as to make sure they are not liable either!

Doctors, who take on this profession in most cases do so because they have an affinity to want to care and endeavour to stop something happening before it happens. 

After studying this for a number of years - Robins is now concerned about the accumulative affects over the years … of increasing radiation. He says 5G will ramp everything up, however prior to 5G coming we are already experiencing damage - when we see the accumulated effects on health

Acting Minister of Health Julie Anne Genter of the Green Party, comes in for not wanting to look at the health effects, especially on children and the unborn etc  - she essentially washes her hands of the subject of 5G as just a new application of radio technology. Listen

Sue says we have to stop now with a ‘moratorium’ until we have proof that it’s safe -  as against rolling out until is is proved harmful.

Sue says we have to stop now with a moratorium until we have proof that it’s safe -  as against rolling out until is is proved harmful

Advisors telling the NZ Ministers - in many ways are controlling the narrative and withholding information - by … omission.

What comes over in this interview is that Government advisers seem to be following an agenda to roll out 5G and not acting in the public interests and protecting fairly the community that they are supposed to be acting for.

Other subjects covered:

In Cypress there is a committee on environment and children’s health   Listen

They are taking wifi away from pre schoolers as well as taking wifi out of children’s hospitals.

Ericsson, the telecom giant’s future vision is a $76 billion dollar industry based on health surveillance  - and everyone in their game will be on tap 24/7/365 - and your data will be accessed continually - every cell will be identified, plus every fright that you get from reading information like this - will register as a racing heart on their computer systems somewhere overseas - even whilst you hide under your bed.

MSM  = Main Stream Media - are now the tech industry - moulding minds with images and flash graphics now being a propaganda arm.

Laws in NZ need to be enacted to put onus on corporations deploying technologies and substances. 

Why is the burden always forced upon the public when new technologies etc are introduced into the environment?  

Why is not the proof of health and safety enforced by law on those deploying new tech and or substances ?

Lets see it is safe until it is proven to be dangerous is a farce … Cigarettes, asbestos, thalidomide, has caused so much harm, yet we the people have failed to vote in people as politicians to safeguard the public interest. 

It is all back to front - putting the burden on the public.  It has to be they who have to prove through an independent authority that their technology  and substances are safe.

The EPA Environmental Protection Authority in NZ have abandoned their post … Why is the Environmental Protection Agency not protecting the environment? - why is the Ministry of Health not protecting our health?

The NZ Health Act 1956. When you search up the function of the Ministry in relationship to public health and this shows you in Section A … ‘the Ministry shall have the function of improving, promoting and protecting public health’.

Why is the NZ Health Department not protecting public Health?’ 

The fact is that we the people have lost control of our Government Agencies. 

Robin says that there is a  lack of unity of head and heart  

Artificial intelligence - is just that - it is  Artificial and we have to recognise it is not real and will not be in our best interests as it does not have a duty of care.

That we have to stand up and say things Now …

What about the younger generation? how are they going to negotiate this technological electronic zone - especially with increasing suicides?

Dr Mary Redmayne in Wellington PhD completed her thesis on youth - intermediate age children and mobile phones.  She was horrified by the amount of exposure they were receiving Listen - re, brain tumours.

Also a recent 5G talk she gave. 

Not covered in this interview is once 5G is established globally there are to be 20,000  geostationary satellites put up in orbit to then beam down to our planet radiation to microwave all sentient life with data - this is so insane that it has to be halted.

We learn that all children born after the year 2,000 are called  ‘digital natives’ - yet what is their future to be? 

Sue - mentions that Midwives could talk to Mums to advise them of the challenges ahead.

This is a very important radio interview for NZers to listen and share ...

Share, share, share and lobby the NZ Government for a Moratorium - thank you.

Nuclear Free New Zealand - Why not 5G FREE New Zealand as well?   - FaceBook:  5G-Free New Zealand  

Oct 10, 2019

Tim opens that he knows mothers who are not allowing their young infants and children to be in the room during TV news. As it’s too violent and overwhelming for young sensitive minds. In today’s world, there is a need for them to play, acquire communication skills and keep their innocence for a little while longer. However Lisa, as a mother of 3 boys, thinks that around 9 years of age they need to understand a little more about what is happening in their world. 

The question then comes up - Where do you source your news from? Especially international news? - (Russia Today) good for what is going on around our planet, but not necessary as to what is happening in Russia. CNN is not necessarily good anymore. Lisa, mentions El Jazeera - has some good things, but we realise it too has its weak points. 

The Guardian - used to be relatively balanced but having a leftish viewpoint - that now having gone into the USA - has become very anti Russian so as to build up it’s US viewership.  Lisa said Guardian let Jullian Assange down badly.

The BBC did not even get a mention.

Lisa, says news today focuses on the head not the heart.

Though the Guardian has relatively good ecology and environmental coverage. We then went free form and covered bees, as being the proverbial canary in the coal mine - being susceptible to 5G wireless radiation and becoming lost and not being able to navigate back to the hive. This being linked as a result of increasing global wifi frequencies. Then there are neonicotinoids (and very possibly glyphosate) that are being used in the industrial, factory farming agriculture sector  

That bees provide so much - including health products as well as pollination for food.  Lisa emphasises that the birds and the bees plus the insect kingdom are going to be the proverbial mass canaries in the coal mine.

Lisa - saving insects due their drop off in numbers is very important - glyphosate yet again but also neonicotinoids  - a chemical that is used to coat the seed with this concoction and the plants grow up with this poison in them. This being deleterious  - now there are basically no insects on our car windscreens … no moths at night on our outside light. Insects are disappearing.

Superphosphate - leaving cadmium in the soil. NZ has a growing problem with too much superphosphate being spread across NZ farmland so as to speed up the growth of grass, but leaving a deadly problem in the ground. - cadmium a heavy metal.

We covered illnesses - and Jodi Brunning’s recent GreenplanetFM interview - where she talked about many diseases and illnesses, bad tummy - intestine problems, skin rashes and lack of sleep - all happening at once as in some sort of convergence - they have named it ‘co-morbidity’.  That these are unknown illnesses and there are increasing links to the agricultural chemicals we have in the food we eat and that are sprayed into our food chain.

Lisa said homeopathics - continues to work for her Tim talked about the British Royal Family and its continued use and success with it for 150 years, especially  in Germany and France. That it is deliberately maligned - but classical Homeopaths still being trained here in NZ.  That we humans are wave-forms - and so are homeopathic solutions.

By 1948 the Rockefeller/Morgan Financial empires had already invested $800 million to manipulate pubic education in matters of health and pharmacology. Note; JD Rockefeller and his recently deceased 104 year old son David only relied on homeopaths to maintain their personal health. Ref. Heidelberg University Clinic Department of Psychosomatic Medicine Chief Consultants (Prof. Mitserlich and Dr Ruffler) opinion on Bruno Groning (24.10.51) BG-A 18 .

Neutrinos - instantly passing through all 7.7 billion of us.

Tim emphasised that there are trillions of invisible neutrinos zipping through us right at this moment, just under the speed of light. The come from our sun and all stars - passing straight through our planet and out the other side in less than nano-seconds. That nothing is solid - our body is in many ways a cellular hologram.

What do we do for our Great Sustainer?

Children are being brought up - to think that food comes from the supermarket - not really being taught how all of our food chain comes from nature - that we now have a sanitised media - sales are more important that growing your own healthy organic produce. (we acknowledge that not everyone has land on which to grow food).

Indigenous Connection

Lisa talks about indigenous peoples connection to nature and the source from where we spring. They know exactly where their food comes from.

Especially Maori and their connection - and their whakapapa - their umbilical cord linkage - following it back from their mother - through their ancestral lineage going all the way back to the 7 canoes (waka) that brought them to Aotearoa NZ from across the Pacific, supposedly around the 1400’s. They intuitively, sense and understand ‘connection’. Including to Mother earth - Papatuanku.

Where are today’s leaders in relationship to the future of children?

Tim asked about - where are the leaders of the world who are prepared to talk about the future of children?  In particular his asking, ‘why can they not factor children into all future legislation?’

Lisa - because of short term thinking and what is going to make them popular for the next election - only for 3 year terms (NZ)  She talks about that humans for some unknown reason do not ‘feel’ the future. Listen  Brain does not get it but the heart does.

What are we leaving for the future to sort out?

Greta Thunberg and the children of tomorrow.

David Suzuki’s daughter in 1992 - never got the media attention way back then at the 1992 Rio Conference - where her addressing the UN was equally poignant, how did it take so long?

We wish Greta had mentioned the fossil fuel use - that the US military are the record user of fossil fuel. 

But what about the $trillions being spent on the worlds military? - we could solve so many if not all of our ecological problems by diverting military spending into environmental action.

And if Greta could have also mentioned Fukushima in Japan - that is belching nuclear radiation into the Pacific - our local ocean.

(However as a young girl on the global stage it is a momentous task to be able to stand up in a public venue and talk from the heart.  Question to you dear reader, could you stand up and without notes talk to 2000 people plus?)

That there is plastic garbage in the ocean and that there are many other ecological challenges that are outside, climate change. 

Lisa, mentions that the status quo have got too much focus on money to want to move on climate change.

Other non polluting energy systems that have been silenced.

Tim - talks to other means - free energy devices that both Foster Gamble in the trailer to the - tells - that the tech is here. Dr Steven Greer agrees - however this information is being silenced by big money, the fossil fuel and nuclear power lobbies and over arching vested interests. 

Its called censorship by omission.’ 

Tim - that we could also work towards research into little black boxes that could possibly capture neutrinos passing through our planet and that as these neutrinos are now known to have mass - they may be very much like solar energy coming from the sun - hitting a highly refined ‘plate surface’ within the little black box that then catalizers an energy transfer into electricity.  But this concept too is not in the public consciousness, yet needs to be.

Being sanitised by MSM - and sanitised from academia and not let out in the public domain.

Lisa says that new ideas that do come out - will end up being taken over by a large energy combine, who will buy the inventor out with many millions and then that corporation will sit on this tech break-through - having no intention what so-ever of taking this new revolutionary concept to the market - or giving clean energy to the human race.

Serious Global use of Microwave Technology 

Lisa talks about microwave tech that is being used right up to this moment - HAARP technologies being mentioned and then microwave weather wars and how Mozambique was affected by a large tropical cyclone - a weather incident that culminated in yet another huge tropical storm that completely flooded a whole area where coincidentally oil had just been discovered. Resulting in the local inhabitants being forced to flee the area and then the oil corporation moved in. Lisa says is there a link? She also says people have to start talking about this - and doing one’s our own research. However note that Google in the last 3 years have been, changing their algorithms to hide information from their search engines and essentially censor anyone wanting to find out what is truly going on. This is a very serious matter for all activists but also mums and dads wanting to obtain more information so as to advise their children in the best possible manner as to what is happening and what we can do to change the narrative for the better.

Back to the News!

Tims asks the question; who is the person who chooses everyday what is to be on the news? What is the criteria from which they make their choice?  

Radio NZ was mentioned as having some good news (but I Tim, find it too conservative for myself).

Tim talked of young children unsupervised on the web - very dangerous and very seductive - keep them away from the dark web.

Trolling and blogs that are 60% true and 40% distortion …

Lisa says she uses her intuition with regard to a lot of information that she sees now on the web. As a woman she says what else can she fall back on, but to use her sense of intuition to divine the truth.

Q and the Qanon phenomenon comes up - and who is Q or they?

Are they are right wing conspiracy theory - even if they say that the Rothschilds are at the top of the heap - and that Israel is to be left to last - that Obama and the Clintons are going to face extremely serious charges in the coming future.

That Jeffrey Epstein being a Mossad agent was used to compromise people and leaders in high places and blackmail them so as to have them do what their new masters deem as necessary?

The fact that Greta Thunberg has hit the headlines has also wiped Epstein and his nefarious activities out of the news and the global narrative, has been noted - as well as taking 5G out of the public discourse too, is also noted. 

Censorship by Omission?

Donald J Trump and his Executive Order EO 13818 signed on the 21st December 2017.  Is it connected to Epstein being arrested and  jailed - being the first of many involved in people trafficking and pedophilia?

Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

To the many following this Executive Order they state that this is Trumps greatest initiative - the take down of human trafficking - that goes all the way up to the top of global (sex) trafficking and all the darkness that goes with it.  This is what the Epstein case was - just the top of iceberg - and he got eliminated - by who we do not know? - But Epstein has been linked as a front of the Mossad. If you saw Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut - you see how sex and blackmail closed down all the rich families to what is going on at the top of the upper strata of the West.  Who knows what is happening elsewhere? The Catholic Church and Cardinal George Pell being sentenced to jail - was this just ‘near’ the top of the iceberg too? 

5G - the Nuclear Free Moment for NZ? 

5G Vodafone and their 1400 towers. Lisa says people power needs to block the putting up of the towers as per her information of what was happening in the Coromandel. That these tower deployments need no authority to put up. They can be put up anywhere the teleco’s want with no public input - whatsoever. That means right outside your home dramatically dropping the value of your house.

Telecommunications corporations are now the largest corporate entities on the planet.

Lisa thinks that the Government will not do anything about 5G -  they are tied into the Agenda - so yet again it is:

Grassroots action for us all.

Notice how few letters to the editor questioning 5G get published in the NZ Herald? Yet, there is a gathering ground swell - nation wide.

Call to Action

October the 23rd October near Smales Farm Takapuna on - Vodafone Placard demo - staff have been told that it is nothing to be of concern - just an upgrade to 4G.

Stop 5G Placard Protest.

Where - Vodafone.

74 Taharoto Rd Takapuna


When – Wednesday October 23rd

From -  11.30am - 2pm.

Parking may be difficult

Buses to Smales Farm + two minute walk

Bring – placards opposing 5G

Get creative!

Hope to see you all there and please share.

The World Media always wanting to frighten us.

Nuclear war coming up in the narrative between Pakistan & India - there is so much turmoil being fermented as of now. 

Tim talked about how he was loosely affiliated in the early 1980’s with Beyond War a group in Palo Alto in California, USA.

The Beyond War Award[9] was created in 1983 and ran for eight years (1983-1990) to honor the great efforts of humankind as it moves to build a world beyond war. The award attracted national and international attention through the nominating and selection process.

  • Second Beyond War Award Ceremony 1984. The International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War received the second Beyond War Award. It was presented to the co-founders, Dr. Bernard Lown of the US and Dr. Yevgeni Chazov of the USSR, simultaneously through the use of a live satellite teleconference link or "spacebridge" between Moscow and San Francisco. This historic event was viewed live by over 75,000 people. Over 100 million Soviets subsequently saw the televised videotape. (Free Video at
  • Third Beyond War Award Ceremony 1985. The Beyond War Foundation presented its award to six world leaders, President Miguel de la Madrid in Mexico, President Raul Alfonsin of Argentina, Prime Minister Olof Palme in Sweden, First President Julius Nyerere (now retired) in Tanzania, Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou in Greece and Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in India, each in his respective country, at the same time on two-way television so they
    could all see and hear each other, and so the world could look on.[10] 

What World Leader stands out today?

The big countries with Nuclear weapons won’t budge on their weapons. 

Israel - has them in secret and ignores all calls to be more transparent. 

The Atomic Energy commission are sent into Iran and North Korea - but not Israel 

Survival Movement NZ on facebook  

Food secure and resilience - listen to Lisa explain what is happening on this facebook forum

 Alternative News   Roberts David Steele ex CIA  interviewed by an Australian who gets a good number of dark questions answered.

Oct 2, 2019

This interview quickly takes us on her journey of immersion into nature - one that has inspired her curiosity to want to embed the natural world in how she ‘felt’ - existence. She has a sense that ‘everything is connected.’

This has expanded greatly since coming to New Zealand, and learning how much the Maori language, embraces the natural world and that the word Kaitiakitanga - means guardianship and protection.

Her first understanding came to her as a child, walking and observing the bush/nature near her home in Australia. Then as an adult making a difference to her community, she started to glean how ‘as in community - as in nature’. She saw that we can’t disregard any of our spheres or scapes, especially our soundscapes. To do so is to ignore a fundamental part of our connection with our nature. We need diversity for harmony and health.  

So as a scientist and an agronomist lecturing in biology and its interconnections, she immersed her deeper self into nature the natural order and the web of all life. Here she found out about our inter relationship with the earth, and also the mineral kingdom and in fact - with all biota. That the vegetable and animal kingdoms were more than a symphony of living form, texture and pattern. But more - that everything is harmonically coupled to the natural ecology, and that within the biosphere there is an added frequency of sound that can both enlighten, heal and inspire. This is where Fiona is putting her focus today.

Becoming Educated

Fiona’s original training is scientific, having completed both a Bachelor of Agricultural Science at Adelaide University in 1986 and a Post Graduate Diploma of Agriculture at the University of Queensland in 1988.  She has worked as an agronomist, lectured in Biology, Botany and Environmental Science and worked for the Department of Conservation in Australia as an education officer. 

However, the more I delved into this interview the more I enjoyed what Fiona was conveying - as she migrated from her scientific self over to her artistic understanding of showing that in nature, everything is connected. The web of life is integral to our survival as a species. 

Originally from South Australia she as a child spent a good deal of her time connecting with the bush and biota of the hills that surrounded the city of Adelaide. That later in life, when she studied the soil and botany she realised that diversity was so important to retain the nuance and balance of nature.

The effects of ‘Development.’ 

She says that when man, takes out big chunks of the ecosystems - by broad spectrum spraying or even clear felling of trees or planting monoculture crops - we are taking a big slice of life and area - out of the natural system. However, to mitigate this later on - can become fraught with challenges. So to minimise this from the very beginning, would be a very good forward thinking strategy.

With large cities especially in summer in Australia, like Melbourne and Sydney they become ‘heat islands’ but when we go away out to the bush and get under the canopy of leaves  - we feel the instant coolness - hence we have to have trees in all cities … essentially greenbelts.

Fiona mentions that nature in the cities is very much seen as ‘lip service.’ 

Relationships - nature and community. 

Now living in Whangarei, in Northern NZ - she has been teaching - but she comes back to - ‘relationships’ and who we are as a community and how our natural world functions.

She belongs to the organisation - Child Friendly Cities as part of her work in Whangarei -  that if we can design a city that is safe and there are places for children to play and they get to experience nature - then that city will be healthy for everybody.

Connection and Purpose

If you are connected to something bigger than yourself and you have a purpose and you can aspire to something that brings you forth into the future - then life becomes kind of cool - because of the sense of belonging …


Working and Teaching With The Less Fortunate 

Today, In Whangarei there is a wonderful experiment of working with people who have in many ways missed out on belonging in an extended family - sort of way - and that through playing music and being part of an orchestra - so to speak - they see themselves as part of a movement that opens them up to joint harmonies and a sense of belonging. It is validating everyone for the part that they are playing in working in unison for the betterment of the whole.  Listen …

Fiona also integrates Natural Philosophy into her learning modality and that of Viktor Schauberger - known as the father of ‘water dynamics.’ Where the sound of trickling or running water can create a soothing natural ambience that allows people to relax into a realm where industrial sounds are left behind.


Fiona has cheerfully integrated the indigenous knowing of NZ Maori of Aotearoa. She also talks warmly about Maori and Māori tikanga (the Māori way of doing things) as in learning the language (te Reo) she is continually immersing herself into a very profound knowingness and connection that is also very holistic as well. She sees herself as being very privileged to participate and learn and receive a Diploma in Maori and see and experience this cultural gift in action. Be it in waiata (song) and poi dance, (synchronised use in each hand of a small ball on a string, - whilst singing) and weaving and carving.

She finds that Maori cosmology - lore and their very holistic understanding of their connectivity to Mother Earth - Papatuanku, has really opened up her world. Especially coming from a university education with its reductionist and mechanistic viewpoint of lifeless and dead matter.

That around our planet she said there are so many indigenous earth based cultures who have not only a grounded understanding of nature - but intuitively that can align with the ebb and flow of the homeostatic life force that is embedded within nature.

She says we have to make the effort by embracing and recognising and listening … to what nature is telling us. Especially Te Reo Maori (learning the Maori language) that since coming to NZ she truly finds how amazing the language is - that so much of Te Reo is premised on the living earth and Papatuanuku.

She endorses teaching Te Reo Maori in schools because it has such a profound connection with nature and the world at large - like Kaitiaki tanga. (Guardianship).

Fiona posits the idea that when we learn the Maori language - that as an oral language - it has another quality she finds lacking in English in that it goes beyond function as the English tends to do - and carries with it - and speaks to the heart - as well as function.

With Kaitiaki - it speaks to the being-ness of something - that English just cannot quite grasp.

She said that since coming to NZ she has grown more personally - that NZ because it is a verdant country, with more rainfall too - it can offer this quality, when you abide by natures ways.

That this growth via learning from the Maori language and of their cosmology of a living planet and the sacredness of nature - lifts her spiritually. That as a scientist she identifies with it wholeheartedly - especially in shifting from old thought patterns and family patterns and transforming her being and who she is in the world - especially in supporting her family and moving into the next generation.

Connection with the Giant Kauri Trees.

Kauri - wananga.(Learning)  Waipoua Forest Northland. The iwi - Te ara-ra, are ‘kaitiaki’ of the forest - that the Kauri tree, is also linked closely to the Maori creation story.  She encourages people to visit but first research Kauri before they even go to the forest ….

She talks about Maori Myth and why Kauri in some ways turns upside down the creative story.

Also the problem of Western society - medicine in using sanitisation to obliterate all germs and with that the good bacteria too. That as a society we are blanket killing so many single cellular bacteria - that it is all coming back to bite us solely because Western medicine is unable to understand the web of life, as above, so below. That the soil is a mass of micro-organisms of mega trillions - yet we ignore their benevolence at our peril.

She talks about being with children - that all we have to do is be who we are - not like someone else.  That in her learning about connectivity and collaborating and cooperating in a ‘wananga’ and an open classroom environment - wonders can happen.

Other Topics Covered 

Spending time deep within healthy old growth forest - how does it feel to immerse yourself in there among these ancient trees and the stillness ?    

What are the health effects when living beside a main highway - with car and truck sounds causing desensitisation and increasing stress levels …

Industrial society is programming us to tune out, become more desensitised and not allowing open doors and windows to let the wafting fragrances of flowers or bird song to enter. 

We as a society have to make sure that we have ‘rights’ to live inside a healthy soundscape, where peace can prevail allowing us to heal our being. 

She makes the statement: It’s not how do things look - but instead - how does it sound?

Maori have a way to learn from each other, its called: 

Tuakana teina where trained siblings teach younger siblings.

Older brother - teachers younger brother, older sister younger sister going on - or even sister - brother - called a scaffolding system of support. 

Other subjects covered.

Artists - what they bring, is they are a bridge from the unseen to the seen and the physical world. We need to encourage them.

Home schooling came in as a plus …. 

These was much more in this interview and I sincerely suggest that you have a listen to Fiona, who is someone entirely devoted to teaching and have children learn that we are all part of a greater community.