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Jul 30, 2020

With human health including animal and vegetation health, being paramount, how can we organise a moratorium on Elon Musk and the current 5G satellite deployment?

That in their thousands they are being launched into low earth orbit and particularly over Australia and New Zealand, why the hurry and this continuing question ‘where is the independent health research?’

This was one of the most revealing yet shocking interviews that I have engaged in.

I talk with  barrister Ray Broomhall from Tasmania who is part of a group of 14 lawyers Australia wide. They have voluntarily come together to educate the Australian public to the 5G ‘health dangers’ and also to advise them of a way forward  to halt 5G towers and then bring a stop to this 5G deployment across their whole country. That no until ‘independent research and studies’ give this technology a clean bill of health.

NZ is also experiencing this same 'imposed' roll out of the global 5G network - with Government, Media and Telcos all in lockstep, to deploy it across the country.

Tim mentions that he had just come off the phone after speaking with Steffan Browning Ex Green MP who 'by chance' early one evening very recently happened to witness up in the early evening sky the deployment of a whole number of satellites and at first he was in awe of them as he gazed at this spectacle - and then he went into shock and realised that this was a violation and that this was not right - and so I asked Ray about this procedure of having 40,000 more satellites in near earth orbit constantly raking us with their wireless frequencies.

Ray says that Elon Musk is connected to even another company and he has just got approval from the International Communications Union as there was a world radio communications conference in Egypt last November in 2019. That NZ and Australia were party to this conference - and all agreed that Elon Musk now had approval to operate at the 60 gigahertz band. Which basically means it is a Free license type of arrangement where at the moment for wifi in homes - you can have it at 2.4 - out to 5 gigahertz - and the authorities have now increased it to the new wavelength band to 60 gigahertz. You will find that all smart technology will now have chips in them which will compliment the 50 gigahertz frequency that satellites will operate at. And you will find that wifi modems and mobile phones, laptops etc will be operating at 60 gigahertz as well. However Ray believes that Musk is actually going to add another 20,000 satellites and increase it to 60,000 in total.

Tim mentions 'they' are using the 'global commons' which is the upper reaches of the atmosphere to do what they are doing - but they have not got permission from both myself and Ray so how do they get this license to be able to 'overrule' the people down here on the surface of the earth?

Ray says this is what people do not realise, that there is legislation - particularly in NZ as we have the 'Outer Space and the High Altitude Activities Act of 2017 - which he says provided some sort of reassurance for NZ in regards to not only satellites but also in regard to high altitude platform stations and he say that listeners need to know that there is more than just satellites that are a concern - up in the heavens so to speak.

There is a thing called high altitude platform stations or HAPS or High Altitude Pseudo Satellites. These are not actually satellites as such but they are actually drones - which are about 80 metres in length - they fly around the 20 kilometre altitude mark in the stratosphere - so they are well above the clouds - they are solar powered but they are designed as part of the 5G roll out with all these 40,000 new Elon Musk satellites.

What they do is that they are each the equivalent to 1,800 towers and they operate in a 200 kilometres radius (and our Government and especially the 4th Estate our media TV, Radio and Newspapers in NZ are exceptionally quiet about sharing this critical information.) (No surprises here).

They are actually launching them from Australia from a base in Wyndham as well as from Hawaii and he says the corporations are 'rushing' to put up these high altitude platforms and that every 200 kilometres there is going to be one of these circling up in the air and they remain for about 3 months up there - then they are replaced with another. Whilst they then come down and land - get overhauled and revamped ready for the next assignment.

So it’s More than just Satellites

They are going to be operating at a whole conglomerate of frequencies - both high and low - from the one signal - from 60 gigahertz all the way down to your mobile phones etc like 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G - all combined - but not only sending data - but wireless power transfer as well. He says listeners need to know what this means. He says that in essence they are sending electrical energy down from these high altitude platforms ... so that our phones will not need to be plugged into the wall to be powered up. They will be charged automatically - by the airwaves - the electricity - like autonomous vehicles, plus other devices in your home thus eliminating power cords to the wall. Everything is eventually going to be powered, via the air.

So 5G is far more than what people realise. Our phones are going to be transmitters and receivers - and our modems meshed into the network that will be totally integrated into all the small transmitters on power poles outside on your street across all towns and cities - they will be ubiquitous - and basically the whole atmospheric envelope that envelops our planet will be one vast electronic 'cloud' of electronic data pulsing at increasing frequencies ...all at the same time - they will also be integrated into the macro system of the larger towers that we see dotted everywhere which he says they are erecting them in the thousands at the moment. So with overhead platforms and in a higher orbit satellites - this is all part of one integral unit - this is what 5G portends

So where is mother nature in all of this?

He encourages you to do your own research.

Ray mentions that the WHO in 2002 in a report on Microwaves and cancer said that Children should not be exposed to anything over .3 of a micro Tesla.

Now this is a magnetic field (we are surrounded by one of many).

Especially anything over.3 of a micro Tesla becomes problematic.

Listen to this broadcast as it is imperative that you make the effort - especially if you love your children and what could cause lymphatic leukaemia.

Some mobile phones operate at 6,200 micro Tesla’s - then things become very serious.

So there is a huge disconnect between what the WHO says and what is being put into children's homes.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
ARPANSA in Australia is the regulatory authority that NZ is part of in regards to standards. 

Listen to the conundrum of different standards between ICNIRP the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection - that Basically says that 100 micro Tesla is the public safety standard BUT ONLY FOR SHORT TERM effects. 

For long term effects the WHO recommends .3 of a micro Tesla - so there is a real problem here.

Yet in Australia and here in NZ, ARPANSA are following the ICNERP thus it's an issue here in relation to long term exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

That Ray's concern with his clients and his colleagues clients, is the huge exposure issue.

Oxygen depletion at 60 gigahertz - stating that when one gets exposed to 60 gigahertz research states it depletes 98% of the oxygen that it irradiates into - which is a real concern. Saying this is not a conspiracy theory and that dormant viruses are activated by electromagnetic radiation.

For Example: The Epstein Barr virus is asleep in all of us and when it's exposed to non ionising radiation - he says it becomes activated. Epstein Barr virus is 'herpes.'

He mentions vaccinations that the antibodies etc for vaccinations are made in animal embryos rabbits, chickens, rats, monkeys etc and if there is a latent virus possibly inside these tissues - in the vaccination, that is how it could possibly be transferred to humans. Plus we can see that the electro radiation can activate dormant viruses - and he is not suggesting that this happened in Covid - but there is a real concern that by exposing the planet and everybody to this radiation - that there could be more repercussions.

Listen. Wireless Towers in Australia - Doctors are now coming to the conclusion that these impose an extreme risk of harm to health and ARPANSA are aware of this...

That the Telco industry is following ARPANSA and are failing to listen to the medical practitioners and Doctors are saying that if people are exposed to this radiation. This is becoming a serious issue. Especially with regard to leukemia.

NOTE: There is not one medical practitioner that sits on the ARPANSA board.

They have a disclaimer - do a search and type up ‘ARPANSA disclaimer’ - you will find it says very clearly - that it is not set up to give health advice on electromagnetic radiation and non ionising bands etc - you best go see your qualified medical practitioner. They state it is only for educational purposes - ONLY.

Telecos - Being Held Up for Assault?

There is a Harassment Act 1997 here in NZ.

In Queensland the Law simply classifies that any person who applies force against another without that person's consent - that it's classified as assault.

In Qld applied force includes heat, light, electrical energy in any other substance or thing. So Ray says any electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetic energy comes under that interpretation/criteria

So technically that can be classed as assault.

YOU can get restraint orders against Telcos ...

Listen how doctors in Australia are using common sense mechanisms that are actually in place.

Check out Doctor Bruce Hocking … in an ARPANSA document.

Hear Ray talk on the brain's synapse activity can occur at 0.75 volts per metre.

Nerves can be effected at 6 volts and that the heart can be affected at 12 volts and be a serious health issue

You just have to Listen to this interview to grasp both the seriousness and the scope.

What To Do

Go to your doctor and make a statement. If concerned about self and children re exposure from this tower etc then ask the doctor to assess the situation and come to conclusion.

Ray says Doctors has stopped towers in their tracks

Listen to a case of 8 doctors who happened to be living in one street in Australia that were opposed to 5G - they had a community meeting with neighbours with 13 doctors attending in all - saying No - and they got the tower removed.

Ended up that Telco stopped the deployment of 2,500 small cells installations across Australia Physicians for Safe Technology

Have a peruse of their site.

Leukaemia is a big problem. Do your own research.

There are 250 different FB groups in Australia, discussing the deployment of 5G

Ray said that we need to Exercise the Precautionary Principle and have a Moratorium until independent research gives a 100% assurance that 5G is safe. (which presently, it is not).

Go to your Local Council especially in towns and small cities and educate them.

In Australia now forming a political party called NO 5G.

Regarding Satellites passing overhead insurance is needed for rockets leaving and also deploying satellites.

Listen to the last closing minutes of this video about insurance costs in space.

This was one of the most riveting interviews I have done on technology and the imposition of it on the human race.

We have to become really aware that technology does not need nature to work. You can see that on the Moon and Mars. However, we are all born of nature and that all biota within the biosphere require a balanced healthy ecology and environment for the web of life to homeostatically flourish and continue.

This is an exceptionally important interview for the health of the human race and all precious life on our planet.


Next Weeks Interview: Aotearoa Water Action

Who owns NZ's water?

What is the NZ commons?

Overseas Water Corporations are pumping away drinking water and paying virtually nothing for this ‘taonga’ - resource.

Who are they and who is allowing consent for this practice?

Jul 22, 2020

Find out that 10s of $Billions of holdings are hidden with direct NZ Government knowledge - so as to not be scrutinised by 'we the people.’

We first cover some recent history, and the stopping of economic imperialism here in NZ on the far reaches of what was once the British Empire.

However it's about Offshore Corporations being able to profit from NZ resources and labour and taking all their profits away overseas and not really investing in the NZ community at large.

For example, back in 1975 at the bottom of the South Island the Bluff aluminium smelter was built by the Rio Tinto Group an Anglo-Australian multinational and the world's second largest metals and mining corporation. This smelter was classified by CAFCA as the largest corporate bludger in NZ. They obtained cheap electricity from Governmentally owned power stations  - huge amounts -  at a tiny fraction of what a NZ householder would pay for.

Murray also stated that CAFCA has a clear message – that it does not take immigration as a reason for the  inequities of large amounts of money being taken out of NZ, as this can be easily hijacked and if you are not careful, slip into racism – especially if you are not vigilant.

The concern is foreign big business and their domination of virtually all aspects of the NZ economy.

Like land sales, banks, news media etc – but virtually any sector of the NZ economy you care to  think about is dominated by TransNational Corporations. They used to be called MultiNational Corporations – because they increasingly operate in a huge number of countries, a number of them so global that they are far larger than the NZ economy.

Oil corporations and Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft – the digital corporations – they are enormous and continue via software developments to expand their influence whilst encroaching on ours.

NZ Needs to Become Self Sufficient.

AIMs of CAFCA – that NZ should be a self sufficient economy and that if you are going to have foreign investment it has to be for the benefit of NZers not to simply for overseas investors to ‘fill their own pockets.'

For example; 2,000 workers at the Bluff smelter will be now out of work. Because it suits the Corporate interest to do that. That a corporation basically does not have a social contract or obligation and they are doing nothing to improve NZ's debt situation. Thus CAFCA considers them to be a net liability – not an asset.

He mentions also the film playing now in NZ called 'Island of the Empire' and it's about NZ’s military relationship with the United States that's been updated with Murray starring (my words) way back in the mid 1980's featuring journalist Nicky Hager, ex Green MP Keith Locke and his sister Maire Leadbeater. Plus ex Activist now Mayor of Invercargill - Tim Shadbolt.

Also mentioned, is the 30 year old campaign against the Five Eyes Waihopai - Echelon Listening outpost for the US - UK alliance – that vacuums up all our, (meaning your) - telephone calls, fax’s, texts etc etc. And then saves them for later.

Green Rush - Murray mentions the excellent Radio NZ research on who owns our land.

The four largest private landowners in New Zealand are all foreign-owned forestry companies. This superb research by Radio NZ is an eye opener.

The information comes from an excellent RNZ investigation into land ownership in New Zealand.

Using Land Information New Zealand data, Companies Office searches and other research, RNZ compiled a list of what is believed are the 100 biggest private landowners in New Zealand by area, not including the Crown and public entities (which control at least 28 percent of the land) or iwi (Maori).

Forestry – not the above radio NZ article which only focussed on land ownership and did not focus on leased land and that is more dominant. This is important to realise - that it is not what is recorded - but what is obscured or hidden.

Foreign direct investment (ownership of companies) in New Zealand increased from $15.7 billion in March 1989 to $121.7 billion as of March 2019 - almost eight times.

As a proportion of the total output of the economy, Gross Domestic Product, it has risen from 22% to 40%.

Statistics NZ data shows the countries where $100m or more in foreign direct investment was based as of March 2019 as being, in decreasing order: Australia, Hong Kong, US, Japan, UK, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, British Virgin Islands, China, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and France (though the investments from some countries have been suppressed). These accounted for 93% of foreign direct investment in New Zealand.. Australia alone accounts for 50% with $57 billion of the $113 billion total.

Murray continues, About You - the average NZ home owner.

The average house owner who owns less than 5 hectares of land and collectively owns about 1.5 % of NZ.

But, it gets worse - those who have around an acre of land with their house on it, such as Mum and Dad owned homes -  the total comes to 0.5% of NZ.

Large units of Privately owned land in NZ 

We have 4,600 people in NZ  0.1% of the total population that own half of the land owned by the 10 largest landowners.

Listen to this, because Murray says the present government is doing something about curtailing the sale of our land … Eugenie Sage, the Green, Minister for Lands ‘outside’ of Government (not invited to Cabinet meetings) has actually said No to an overseas buyer. The Transnational mining company Oceania Gold, who are mining in Waihi in the Coromandel (where there is a huge hole in the ground) was not allowed to expand its operations to buy more farmland so as to use it to dump more toxic waste – however she was overruled by Labour Govt Cabinet Ministers. In this case the Finance Minister David Parker who is basically at the top of the pecking order along with David Clark (also the Minister of Health ) who is associate Minister of Finance. Both overruled her.

However Murray states that since 2017 that this Labour lead Govt, of NZ First and the Greens has been doing something substantive to slow down the sales of land to overseas buyers.

The Government now has a watchdog type unit that is monitoring sales. Called the ‘Overseas Investment Office’  - you must first check in with the OSIO to see if you can buy … listen or better still track the links below this article.


$10,000,000,000 of banking profits from NZers annually - from 5 million people.

NZ's Four largest banks in NZ are Australian - These four Aussie banks constitute an enormous chunk of the NZ economy (and who is it who owns these Australian Banks?  Do they have links back to the UK or the US? Follow the money ….

They are taking out of the NZ economy $10.3 billion dollars profit which is a substantial amount from less than 5 Million people. In the decade from 2010 up until 2119 they made $84.4 billion in profits out of satisfied NZers. Of which ¾ of this money left NZ.

We discuss how the ASB the Auckland Savings Bank, once a very successful ‘Trust’ bank was sold off to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia - which was then privatised by the Conservative Howard, Australian Government.

In NZ the many ‘Trust’ Banks that were here - were absorbed into Westpac of Australia. Only Taranaki and Southland remained sovereign. 

We learn that Jim Anderton of the Alliance Party managed to start Kiwi Bank totally against the wishes of Prime Minister Helen Clark and Finance Minister Michael Cullen of the Labour Party.

In 2019 we learned of ‘other’ tax havens such as the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Channel Islands which include Jersey and Guernsey, Dubai and United Arab Emirates and Island of Man – but the value of all their holdings have been suppressed as quote unquote – Confidential.

That the NZ government refuses to let this information out.

Listen ... we can go on becoming serfs in our own country or we can ask every political candidate why is this so?  Even Ex National PM John Key mentioned that NZers may become tenants in their own country. Not that he really made an effort to alleviate that.

We also learn in this interview, how Labour’s Minister of Finance, David Parker is now making it more streamlined for overseas investors to buy into NZ. This is a shocker.

Note that any purchase in NZ that is under $100 million does NOT have to go through any Government oversight – and they do not show up in the statistics!

Murray gives an example – if the Auckland Sky tower went up for sale at $99.999 million dollars and someone from Russia, China or America wanted to buy it – that sale would not figure in any of the NZ Government books – it would just go through as an ordinary real estate transaction. (hidden from Public scrutiny) So you can see that the present Government has actually taken the goal posts away from the field altogether. This being done in plain sight by our generously paid elected Representatives who have run away with their own agenda by refusing to represent the interest of ‘we the NZ public.’

Just like selling our house or a flat or whatever … but in Australia it’s considerably higher - they have a $520 million threshold – so the Australian public are being shafted too.

That all sales under that $100 million threshold, 'fly under the radar' and the NZ Government (your Government) for decades has been complicit in this. You would have to question that they are wanting to do away with our Sovereignty as a self-reliant nation!

Have a good focused listen.  This is an Election Issue.

In 2017 the Government put in certain breaks to stop certain countries coming in and bulk buying houses – Have a listen ...

Australian and Singaporeans can buy a house in NZ today or many, because of the NZ/Singapore Free Trade Agreement and the Closer Economic Relations (CERA) with Australia, respectively.

Note that recently the Australian Government convened a Royal Commission of Enquiry into their Banks (and the Insurance Industry) and have found very damning evidence of wrongdoing – but the NZ Government has declined to do the same – though the 4 largest banks in NZ are Australian owned. Which gives us cause to wonder …

We hear from Murray that over seas insurance corporations take in profits of $38 billion annually.

As there is an election here in September I asked Murray what questions we should ask Politicians in any public forum?

Every candidate be asked about* – why the Government rushed through the Temporary  Overseas Investment (urgent measures ) Amendment Act – so that any foreigner has to have it run by a Governmental National Interest Test.

This is to stave off in the situation that critical businesses and infrastructure cannot be bought out in a fire sale - if due to another Covid or other national disaster that collapse the economy  and then have a foreign entity or predator come in and scoop our assets up at a bargain basement price – an then exit the country …

Now most countries globally have done the same and in Australia too.

So* ask our political candidates to make this 'National Interest Test' - permanent – be it a farm or the Auckland harbour bridge – it has to go through that National Interest Test. Do you agree to that? That it be made permanent. Plus, to now make this to apply to transnational investors already operating in this country.

Murray said that the Bluff Aluminium smelter would not have passed this test – saying they are a bunch of bludgers – he said if the National Interest Test had been applied to all the overseas banks in NZ – they would have failed it too.

Also ask this question. Do you renounce the whole Neo Liberal Economic Model?
This will let you see who is independent or who follows the party line. 

Also mentioned that farms are being bought up and converted to pine forests – do we not need to keep the rural sector populated and have schools – villages and towns and the local infrastructure working sustainably - being robust?

Other subjects covered.
NZ sources so many of its medicines, pills etc from overseas - that a huge percentage come from India and this was compromised during the Covid lockdown - because we had all our eggs in one basket. The US too had 95% of its antibiotics sourced from China. Trump has certainly put a halt to that.

Rio Tinto of Australia and what they did on the island of Bougainville was totally lacking in a social conscience.

US Bases at Christchurch? It is exempted from NZ Nuclear Free Law, and NZ politicians will tip toe around it, trusting NZers will remain silent.

That NZ Legalised spying on NZ – by the J Key Government

The Global media program lies that NZ is an honest country, when it is definitely not.

Murray states that CAFCA is also for Progressive Nationalism Versus Globalism.

Wanting NZ to become as self sufficient and sustainable as possible.

To remind you all.

Find out that 10's of $Billions of holdings are hidden with direct NZ Government knowledge - so as to not be scrutinised by 'we the people.’

This is a giant scam and needs to become an election issue - and it will - with your help and assistance.

What I didn't get around to asking about:

Fishing companies in NZ.

TPPA.  Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.  Anything we need to know?

Water resources being sold off at a pittance to overseas entities. I have this link.

To Aotearoa Water Action     IMPORTANT.

Selling into NZ – Products from China that overtime deteriorate in quality.

I apologise to readers, in my listening and poor note taking and writing them up coherently. It's just too time consuming and then to reread and rewrite so that they make sense takes hours and hours. Trusting you forgive me as it’s all voluntary.

By clicking on the three below links you will be able to see the bigger picture.


Next Week’s Interview

Ray Broomhall

On the deployment of 40,000 satellites in near earth orbit that will facilitate global saturation of 5G wireless frequencies - everywhere.

The ramifications to human health, but more so to all biota in the biosphere.

What health professionals are doing to educate the public and Councils so as to slow down and stop invasive technologies that have not been ‘independently proven to be safe.

What we as families and community can do to protect our health and well being.

Jul 16, 2020

We consider the Government, the authorities and the schools to be sources of information … and it is very upsetting for people to learn that it is disinformation. So everybody has to now take stock and ask themselves “what do I believe?”

As today, across the English speaking world we are the moving target of an unremitting onslaught from global media. The majority coming out of the six US main corporate conglomerates with the British BBC carrying on the offensive, from the other side of the Atlantic. Feeding this out into the commonwealth of nations, from basically the same hyped up song sheet of fear, fraud and semi truths. It is becoming difficult to discern what truth is and what fiction is.

In this interview, Roy says that one of the things that he can point to universally is that during the Covid lockdown people had the opportunity to reflect on life and that is “how am I spending my time?”

What are my priorities and what do I really value and he says that on an individual level that this is a good thing.

If it took the lockdown to force everyone to put their phone down and stop and go through that exercise - he says OK - let's see that as the good coming from this lockdown.

And if it helps everybody come to the platform of a deeper understanding of themselves and a firmer understanding of their relationship with society and Roys says - he thinks this is a good thing.

Asking the question - what matters to me - Roy says - looking after ‘number one’ - but says that quickly gets old - we know that we can take care of ourselves and being born into this country offers us a great opportunity - ‘you are not for want’ - unless you are foolish about our resources  - but using these resources correctly - so that you make a positive contribution - not only to yourself - but to the whole human society - is really waking up to the ‘selfless’ side of reality.   

However, Roy says that we are all trained by the media and schools to be selfish - and he thinks that that is part of the transition that humanity must go through now. That we must recognise that selfishness has caused all of this - ‘them and us’ - mentality, and if we can come above that to a universal point of view - we can then put that to rest and all of us, individually and collectively - can achieve a higher conscious - perspective.

Coming Together as a Nation

That today, we still could be isolated in NZ for a certain amount of time to come and this interview covers how we in NZ need to come together and cooperate at grass roots with our neighbours, neighbourhood and community. However, Roy states that there is also a force that is trying to herd us - it’s treating us very much like cattle are treated - or lower animal species are treated. This force is stating that what we require is to be rationed or controlled - in what we know, including our freedom of movement - and our freedom of action and choice is all being controlled.

Multitudes of techniques are being involved here. You do not have to have a policeman on a street corner - the people in general will say, Hey! stop that - you!  That’s not accepted here! So that we have a trained society and we have an overview of force - we have a Deep State - that is trying to make us less than our potential. That if we are now going to be cut off - in that sense - not so so much from the rest of the world - but from independence - we have to stop and take a look and if I get my independence back - I am not going to surrender it again, because I now understand its value and I have learned how to use it for a better cause as well as a better level of understanding.

Tim says - Once freedoms are given away - it's very difficult to get them back.  That if we have our freedoms taken away by legislation - there has to be in it, a sunset clause - and a date where it ends and we have to have Parliament come to either continue that particular policy - or better, to open up our freedoms once again.

However Roy sees it in an inverse way - he says the freedoms and the Rights are already God given - this legislation is an artificial attempt to suppress what’s actually - already ours. 

Note every time the NZ Parliament is Opened there is a Prayer to God that asks and reminds all MP’s to be honest and fair in the NZ Parliamentary Process of Governance.

Stating, It isn’t that they are going to be given back - it’s we’re going to stop the false suppression. The Deep State and the Bankers and the Media who all work together to keep us enslaved - they are trying to make us think - we can’t change it. And that they have changed it, and it’s actually the other way around. They can’t change it - we have God given rights - their legislation voting 3/4 % or 50% or just over half or unanimous decision - this voting saying your rights are now gone - are an illusion. Saying this is something that they are trying to impose upon us - this is the narrative -  this is the disinformation narrative - writ - we have these independences - they can’t be taken away from us  - only if we succumb.

That NZers from the Grass roots - need to reclaim our rights.

Roys states - It’s not that they are taken away - you are just not claiming them. You are being made to think by this disinformation narrative that they have control of our rights and they award them to you and you should be grateful and we will take away what we want and we will return what we choose. - But, this is not true!  The rights are there, they have been there for a long time - many many centuries older than this Government.

Or any of the current Governments - This goes back to the Magna Carta - this goes back to Aristotle  - this is all the way back - God given rights have been recognised by intelligent men on the planet. That we today have artificial leaders - people who pretend to be leaders - saying - we can take your rights away and we can control you and we can educate you as we see fit - and we can financially enslave you!

That the ’system’ is actually trying to herd, operate - run us - control us.

But think of the people who recognise this - they will naturally unify - and turn against it.

We as a species - we are in a position where we have experienced much enjoyment - a level of economic achievement - however we are now on a platform of - having to survive as a species.  So who is going to lead us into a future where freedom is also one of the greatest disciplines that we must recognise and treasure?

We have to understand that the media - the politicians - the banks and their policies  - the perceived social authorities of our society. Such as when school will start - when it won’t - what you can do - your health and this and that and the other thing - that there are various foolish or innocent collaborators who believe they are doing the right thing - because they believe the narrative - but they are actively supporting a system that is taking away freedoms. Now - each of these categories are guilty of creating the same deception.  Listen to this interview - this gets interesting … 

The No Smacking Law for example - it was voted down by the people - a huge petition signed it from all over the country - but the Government ignored it. Our elected representatives - ignored it.

What this shows is that the Government our duly elected servants have stopped caring about the people’s opinion.  Why?

Because they have another agenda - that is averse to our agenda.

Roy says our agenda is to survive - to be helpful - to be honest - to be compassionate to be stewards of the planet - to be upright in our dealings and honest - as a standard - teaching our children not to lie - that’s what we want … - but the government is of so much disinformation - for chidden it is fuzzy in their mind - what is the truth - and when do I lie?

That the Gender issues that are messing up young minds - is all part of the same narrative.

That when people watch something on TV, hear it on radio or read it in a newspaper - this Mainstream news is all fed from basically one source. With tentacles that come from the Deep State. Thus there is no independent news now. The 6 main media Corporations in the US and the BBC across that Atlantic.

This is to confuse the population - to muddy the waters and come back to … divide and conquer …

  • GE
  • Disney
  • Time Warner
  • Viacom
  • CBS
  • News Corp

These corporations control as much as 90 percent of all the media in the United States. Consequently, this creates a sort of echo chamber in the media world, from television to radio to news.

While independent media outlets still exist (and there are a lot of them), the major outlets are almost all owned by these six conglomerates. To be clear, “media” in this context does not refer just to news outlets — it refers to any medium that controls the distribution of information. So here, “media” includes 24-hour news stations, newspapers, publishing houses, Internet utilities, and even video game developers.

The 7 corporations - are similar to the 6 banks that control money … whilst the WHO are working to control Health - and yet.. all of these are just one entity, at the top end of the pyramid.

We are being sold 2nd and 3rd rate food that we produce in our own country, here in NZ 

Roy says the needs of the people are being restricted to ‘we’ the people. NZ produces some of the best quality, nutritious food on earth - but it is all exported and we NZers get second grade food in our supermarkets and then there are smaller independent fruit and vegetables shops that get 3rd grade produce. We are being fed poor quality food and even substandard food, like last year's fruit that has been sitting in cool storage for 10 months - and we are not calling out the system and mechanisms that allow this unhealthy tactic to be used against us. So we have unhealthy elderly and children and this is a growing cost on our national health system.

We have oil resources onshore and offshore and we are selling that for a pittance - and buying fuel from other countries for a higher price.

Importing and exporting the same food items that are produced in both countries

We are being pushed and inserted into the Globalist structure where you don’t get to buy local food (Agenda21 and Agenda2030) - and we end up buying food from some place - elsewhere. Yet, local fresh food in season is best for health. But this is being done because governments get to ‘clip the ticket’ and the old saying ‘sending coals to Newcastle’ is where something is supplied to a place where it is already plentiful, and vice versa. That this practice is rife - globally - is total madness.  But, it is deliberately ignored by the captains of industry and all the major political parties. This practice is superfluous and unnecessary.

Farmers now are having to really struggle due to this madness - whilst the politicians look the other way.

This is why most children of farmers don’t want to become farmers - because they see their parents working their hands to the bone - 24/7 - so the children are forgoing the farm … meanwhile corporations circle like buzzards - ready through easy loans due to ‘connections’ to get their hands on low interest cash and buy up swathes of farms and the outcome - families leave the land and rural communities get depleted and the ‘managers’ with no stake or connection to the local community come in and run the farm like a corporate entity and extract every bit of juice etc out of the tired and over stretched soil.

However - Roy says that now even the corporate farms are in massive debt - and that they can be easily swallowed by the bankers - and taken into foreign ownership.

You have to take the time to listen - I am only 18 minutes into this interview.

He talks of Coke Cola taking so much of our water … all our logs go to China - with no value added - just logs with bark still on them.

 … and on and on and on.

Roy talks about businesses being suppressed by regulatory restriction. Stopping us from becoming competitive and prosperous.

Listen to him talking about the little business person - striving - but not being able to pay expensive compliance costs - whereas the Corporates can get free passes - a citation only - where the little person gets hit with costs - listen …

Regulations are against the little guy … we need to cut them.

When you listen to this interview - you will learn that the political process is following a plan - and at the moment it includes all Parliamentary Political Parties and they are following a plan that is dictated from above - from a non nationalistic platform - being the globalist mentality to take over we humans on this planet - and though these political leaders can talk convincingly - but … they are actually scripted. They are following somebody else’s plan …and if they instigate a plan against their populaces - they get rewarded - and really well.

The structure of our society is a pyramid - the controllers - ‘shape’ the agenda at the top and people on the bottom layer take the hit and do the hard yakker (work) and the middle and upper reaches of the pyramid are the corporations and they are the collaborators who collude with the top.

But from a higher perspective Roy says that from a Godly point of view - if we turn the pyramid upside down - the real people would be on top - saying the God loves the individual - all of us are his children as sons and daughters and he says that the people who are at the top of the present day pyramid are exploiters and says the Lord has no love for them.

Listen - Roy talks about strength and how unity is strength - and the controllers do not want an empowered ‘grass roots’ movement.

The interview mentions the numerous Laws that were passed under urgency during Covid giving the Government more power and that took away our rights, ‘without’ consultation. This is the problem when we let ‘our elected servants’ run away with their own agenda - because we have become so complacent and lazy and let them get away with what ‘they want to do’ or are … told what they need to do.

The NZ Constitution is being rewritten at this very moment - but there is no draft for ordinary NZ to see or have a say - it has been taken out of the hands of ‘we’ the people.

There is a Food Safety Act

In this legislation you can find that the Government has a clause in there that can, if the situation requires, bring a halt to local people from sharing food. In a case of salmonella for example - there is a definite and valid case for this - but could COVID be used in this situation as well?  Just saying ... 

People Taking Control at a GrassRoots Level.

New Zealanders as a people have to organise and the best place is to come together at Farmers Markets that are throughout NZ and these oases are nodal points for connectivity across the nation - and Roy says that the organisers of these events have a major responsibility in making sure that as a leader of society they have a very important role to play.

Farmers markets facilitate personal connections and bonds of mutual benefits between farmers, shoppers, and communities.

That every domestically made product or service has to be catered for at the farmers market so as to cross pollinate with all peoples who want a more healthier life for their children.

Note, that Socrates in Ancient Greece used to frequent the ‘agora’ - (an assembly and marketplace) so as to encourage, exhort and inspire people to question everything - it was his place of choice to frequent and to wake up people and get them thinking. This is how it needs to be in NZ today - from now on.

Farmers Markets  - to showcase all products and items made in NZ.

Let NZers make any product with their own ingenuity and creativity - not source anything from overseas and elsewhere. This is the time for novel products and resourceful invention. NZers have an extremely high number of patents per population, globally so this is so important for us to be innovative. It’s not about the organiser just getting a fee for a booth or sales site. It’s about instilling connection and unconventional brilliance in every market place in NZ where all the creative input from the surrounding area and region can come to a safe market place and make known what inspiration and processes and creations they wish to share.

Sell at Farmers Market under the criteria - Is this made here in NZ? You may be looking for an agent to sell your product or wanting a franchise etc etc - then this could be the place. Ask others who have high standing in the local community to verify good honest working relationships - so that goodwill and genuine trade can exist and be carried out.

Farmers Market Categories:

  • Organic gardening
  • Permaculture
  • Biodynamic Farming
  • Community gardens. There are 100 community gardens in Auckland at the moment.
  • Holistic Health and its many Preventative and Natural modalities
  • Transition Towns - following up on what this network has been championing for 12 years.
  • Food co-operatives. Buying in bulk enables discounts for groups of individuals. 
  • Op shops - Selling Second hand pre loved clothing’s or household goods
  • Time Banks + Green Dollars and Savings Coops  - Living Economies
  • Homeschooling Sharing tips and information in your area or region
  • Mens sheds. Repairing furniture and tools, electrical goods etc. Plus making furniture etc  
  • Women's cooperatives.  Knitting and baking for the community. Educating on child education etc.
  • Waste Minimisation and Zero Waste. Composting etc. Intervention before household items end up in a landfill
  • Car boot sales may also be facilitated.
  • Compassionate Animal Husbandry.  Taking care of animals and teaching techniques to milk, shear, breed etc
  • Grass roots activism - organising around a shared commitment to educate the public about an issue etc.
  • Fun.

Other Subject Matter covered in this interview.

NetFlex can be a great distraction for today's society, with so much titillation and seductive material to side track and divert minds from important needs and issues.

Transhumanism - For people who are afraid of death - trans-humanism is the new opiate and lifeline to transplanting your consciousness into a machine. Google has focused a lot of attention on this.

Those kids with no metaphysical or spiritual understanding have been heavily influenced into wanting to go into trans-humanism and be enticed into leaving their consciousness in the cloud and computer networks somewhere in hyperspace. 

Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides - For children growing up these are excellent easy ways to learn survival skills like 1st Aid, cooking, building shelter, lighting fires safely, teamwork and team spirit. Being honest and doing a good turn  

Talked on Zero Waste and many other subjects.

Including Tall Poppy Syndrome - how it is predominant here in NZ.

The Wayseer Manifestos - link as mentioned in the interview


That the ‘deep state’ has in many ways never allowed America to reach its potential and that it has been bled dry by constant wars and division.

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.”

Chris Hedges Pulitzer Prize winner on the state of America.

Roy finishes asking us to look into our heart to see what we want in this lifetime - and to look within for answers.

Next Week

Murray Horton

Who owns NZ? 

10 October 2019

The four largest private landowners in New Zealand are all foreign-owned forestry companies.

Foreign direct investment (ownership of companies) in New Zealand increased from $15.7 billion in March 1989 to $121.7 billion as of March 2019 - almost eight times.

As a proportion of the total output of the economy, Gross Domestic Product, it has risen from 22% to 40%.

Statistics NZ data shows the countries where $100m or more in foreign direct investment was based as of March 2019 as being, in decreasing order: Australia, Hong Kong, US, Japan, UK, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, British Virgin Islands, China, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and France (though the investments from some countries have been suppressed). These accounted for 93% of foreign direct investment in New Zealand. Australia alone accounts for 50% with $57 billion of the $113 billion total.

Jul 9, 2020

When asked about all the issues facing us he replies “what is our ecological relationship with each other and also with the planet as well?”

He says he comes at that - not as to be perceived as a narrow ecological radical - but as somebody who thinks he’s getting to the heart of the issue of ‘what are we doing with our life support system?’

He says he is very aware and cognisant of the trends - the downward trends and the degradation we cause to ‘that’ life support system. And therefore - what we also need to do to turn that around and that this action will affect every aspect of our lives.

That’s his essential focus and he states that he can take these issues down to (he trusts) to a very practical level and a here and now level - because it is ‘quite overwhelming’ … to have to think about the shear inter-dependence and the shear integration of all of these issues.

Listening and Being Aware of Nature

Though we produce huge amounts of waste by the 7.7 billion human inhabitants - Rod says that if we ‘listen’ to nature and take our understanding from nature - it naturally knows, having embedded complete circular systems - so that everything that is used - is reused - everything that is depleted gets replenished - and that in essence is the living system that is the planet.

So if we make sure that we are working with nature and not against it - and we are making sure that we are giving these incredibly complex ecosystems the chance to recover - then, because we are taking the pressure off them - then these ecosystems become far more resilient and can deal with far more variation.

Rod says that these ecosystems can then become far more productive - so potentially they can support more people on the planet ‘as long as we are making sure we are doing everything in sync with nature.

Circular Economy

The ‘circular economy’ was mentioned as one of these concepts and Rod thinks it is a very helpful idea, because it’s a very important bridge between how we think about our linear system now, which is to extract things from our ecosystems in order in which to make and consume things. Often this causes more pollution - which obviously is a very negative thing to put back into the ecosystem  - or to incur loss of resources in that linear system. So he says how do we make sure that everything we do loops back so we make sure that we completely understand how to unmake everything that we manufacture? Stating that all the natural resources that go into what we make - can then be reused again. Or that human made resources and he says we have to be very careful of these - especially that we are working with nature and not against it. Like they are not building up, for example - heavy metals as a toxin in ecosystems. Eg. The heavy use of super phosphate in NZ has caused widespread contamination of farmland due to excess cadmium now being in the soil.

He also mentions our reusing and recycling things but also to repurposing items that we have previously used - to the nth degree so that we completely are ‘an integral part of the natural systems.’

Cradle to Cradle - came up - William Mcdonough and Dr. Michael Braungart and Rod likes this because it encapsulates in a sense, the life cycle that brings you back to where you started. So that you can start all over again. He said that this concept has been around for a while and has been applied to some extent by some ‘real champions ‘ but we have a way to go before all our human activity fits into that model and has ‘that’ right relationship. (essentially, there is a refusal by business and government due to having to change our whole consciousness to see that we are all part of a greater whole, and that all of nature has myriads of cycles embedded in it. 

We humans have yet to make the effort to understand it. Whereas indigenous people are totally surrendered to the cycles of life, being the seasons, moon cycles, tidal, ebb and flow and more subtle ones like the water cycle etc -spawning season etc  and see themselves as an extension of nature's process.  

Conscious Recycling

Tim then mentions that back in 1993 on Deutsch TV he saw a program where BMW showed off a concept that they were working on where computers were used to follow a blueprint of a vehicle being built from the basic constituent parts by robotic machines. e.g. chassis, engine, cab, windows + doors, then windscreen, wheels etc to lastly internal fittings - to finally that BMW being driven off the factory floor. Then what they showed was that say 10 years later or 15 years - (depending if planned obsolescence was still in vogue) the car would return to a designated factory and the computer program would be reversed and the robots would start taking out the internal fittings, the wheels, windscreen, then the doors + windows etc until the cab, engine’ and chassis was left and then these particular components could be reused, recycled or used in some other way. This was a perfect plan to bring the waste signature of a manufactured product to the smallest ecological footprint possible - but somewhere in this process hardened attitudes have prevailed - and this noble idea has been shelved.   

Initiating Change and Encouraging to Adapt, Modify and Transform the Way we Live and Work.

Rod also talked about how do we learn to encourage each other to change … and it is now very important since Covid19 became such a focus and influence on our lives. That the extraordinary statistic of our death rate in NZ was just over 2 people per million - whereas in the UK he said it is 900 people per million, which is 400 times our death rate. Latest 44,000. And we need to remind ourselves we have done well in NZ, but in the last month or so we have become rather fractious and anxious and he senses that we are shutting down to a degree, when his hope is that we can emerge out of the Covid Crisis and head of into a far better direction.

So Rod asks the question - how do we encourage people when obviously many people are struggling with so many things? That they may be unemployed, engaged in stresses and strains in the family and they are maybe worried about their health- and he is very aware of these important issues - and being able to support each other through this. But, needing to think and encouraging people to think how we might do things differently and better, is dear to him

However there is a lot going on:

He mentions:

The Aotearoa Circle and the late Sir Rob Fenwick - co founded with Sir Jonathan Porrit. Sadly Rob died in early March. (I was in touch with Rob some years ago for an interview and we just could not tie in a time.)

The Aotearoa Circle is composed of leading NZ businesses and Government Agencies, and the senior members of the entities involved. The central theme of this is about putting Natural Capital - i.e ecosystems as the centre of everything that we do. He says that rather conventional companies are starting to think in these terms. And he sees some real thought going on in the Circle as to what this future looks like.

Also here in NZ we had Vision Week - which a bunch of organisations got off the ground.  AnewNZ was mentioned. This link was an interview with Dave Breuer - the initiator of AnewNZ. 

Aotearoa 2020 vision and Rod says that we have all these good ideas going on - but we have a very tired and exhausted political system.

Politically - NZ is tired and exhausted

Rod proffers up the meme that rather than reverting to tribal politics i.e just automatically voting for the party that you usually vote for or identify with - but instead - prioritise in your own life and in your own thinking - what is important to you. Therefore finding the part that best aligns with that thinking, and it may not be your traditional party. So vote for the two top issues rather than your normal default tribal loyalty vote. He says this will be a big help in this coming election.

Transcending Party Politics - with a Long Term Societal Consensus.

Rod talks about the short 3 years election cycle so that in this short time, a Government can’t get things done - but … it also ignores the fact that the issues we are working on, are very long term so …

He says we need a very strong ‘societal consensus’ on what we are doing that can completely transcend the short term election cycle. Because, we could never have an election cycle long enough for a Government to really have an impact.

Grand Coalition of the Major Parties?

Rod talks about Ireland where they, after much talking with each other and a stalemate of some months, they have finally agreed to a ‘grand coalition’ of the two major parties. This he says is a very encouraging idea.

He said the Germans have had them too, and though they are very complicated to organise and keep functioning - Rod sees this as a good sign to see that society has a common sense and a common understanding of what needs to be done and a real strong sense of a ‘commonwealth’ and about what needs to be done for the common good. Wealth not seen as a narrow monetary and financial sense - but a common inner wealth that is embedded throughout society as a whole.

NZ becoming a Cashless Country.

Youth today are not carrying cash - so when will NZ become a cashless society? Sweden is supposedly 80% cashless. What are the benefits and what are the challenges. The financial records of a country will be instantly at the fingers of the Minister of Finance, as well as the Minister of Inland revenue. Far less counting of cash and printing and smelting of money. It will start to stamp out the dark economy.

Will this happen in NZ and virtually overnight? Tim proffers up a scenario to Rob that this could be very detrimental to ecological, health or political activists - in that if the ruling government at the time, does not agree with your democratic right to call out shortfalls in Government policy or even practices that could be deemed corrupt. What is to stop ‘them’ phoning your bank to put a stop on all your EFTPOS and Credit card transactions and you are caught 200 ks away from home, with an empty gas tank at 3pm in the morning? Where you find yourself marooned, running late and unable to travel? 

Rob says that there have to be safeguards specifically put in place like the ‘Bill of Rights’ - to make sure this does not happen. My retort, that I did not air is, providing we have a government of the people for the people. But, who is to say that a Government may, under ‘urgency’ pass through legislation in 24 hours - that makes ‘activists illegal’ and this comes under the umbrella of you being classified as terrorists?   

Blockchain and bitcoin was mentioned - but we never got into it as it’s a one hour subject in itself. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution - basically followed on from the 3rd Industrial Revolution with transistorised technology and the start of computerisation in the 1970s and now it is ramping into a fully fledged omnipresent and ubiquitous presence planetary wide from near earth orbit to every area on the geosphere.    

 With the rapid deployment of 40,000 new satellites in geostationary orbit around our planet and with 5G technologies all working ubiquitously and microwaving our biosphere what are the health implications for humans, animals, plants and the microorganisms that are all interconnected for the health and well being of healthy biota?

Rob says that at the highest level he is in favour of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the cashless society too as it is only an evolution of human ingenuity. (providing that the controllers and bankers are honest and full of integrity).

Stating - that ecosystems have to have precedence as they are our life support system.

But, he is open about his concerns and stresses that there is nowhere near a strong enough connection back into the eco systems. So this has to be focused on. Stating, that it's not about remaking or reinventing ecosystems - but it is to make sure that what we do - fits in with them. And he says that we can then align with this.

He says with the integration of 5G it will help us hugely in being able to access and share information that will allow us to understand all the societal systems, communications banking transactions etc  as well as monitor all ecological systems and that as we become more complex as a civilisation there will be this need to have essentially real time info so as to keep the whole system in balance and operating coherently.

Rod said he has done some research and reading and he states that he comes down firmly - that 5G is Ok for us, health wise.

Stating that 5G is not a source of Covid 19 - (Which was never a health point in the discussion, as 5G has been going on for over 18 months - and Covid only hit us early this year - but this is where the narrative gets hijacked - Tim)

Transportation in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Electric cars - are not the answer for city commuting. Electric public transport can be. Rob states - we have to change our lifestyles.

London - has got on top of its congestion, with a big rebuild of its underground system - Plus New York too.

Copenhagen is a very successful city and In Brazil, Curitiba and mayor Jamie Lerner, was very innovative. 

Tim said we need campions - but Rob says we also need buy-in …. to get our transport system efficient so that people don’t have to ‘fall back on private cars’

The interview covers:


With the increase in population and people moving to cities. 

The individual = parenting - values and virtues - family values -

To bring children into the world is a huge responsibility and to validate them

Old people too.

Rod said that have always known that it takes a village to raise a child - but the system has fragmented.

Men's Sheds for retirees - this gets the men out of bed in the mornings and gives them a focus to build or repair things. Older women seem to cope more easily, and can crochet and knit and are able to converse more fluidly.

Old people have stories to tell of their varied experiences - listening - validating them - writing these stories for posterity.

Hospitals in NZ, many were given land by Maori - fresh food for patients  - today hospitals dispense seriously poor food and drink.

Living in Urban Areas

That there are 100 community gardens in Auckland - where all cultures can cooperate and grow fresh, vital organic food. Where they can share seeds, experience and recipes - and learn about each other's cultures and customs.

Globally in the future there will be 80% of people being urban dwellers  Growing food in cities is going to be important. Rod talks a lot about bringing back nature into the cities. This is where we need liveable cities. 

Biophilic Cities 

Birmingham - In Victorian times, the captains of industry way back believed in the Victorian ideal of parks and outdoor pursuits being really good for people - Birmingham has a large percentage of parks per population. Also the Cadbury Family started their factory there - being Quakers their venture with cocoa and chocolate - had very good worker relations - treated with respect and well paid - because Cadbury had a very strong social conscience.

Tim Asked the question in relation to NZ today.

Stating that the glaciers in the South Island are still melting and retreating.

That the seawater around NZ especially on the West Coast is warming.

Where are the Pillars of Society? The Civic Minded Elders, the Kuia and Kaumātua? 

Where a hundred years ago Civic pride and giving back to society was in many different ways, the done thing - today there seems to be a void.

However there is a trend for older people  to act as a mentor for our young people. Which is excellent.

Rod mentioned that he has been on NZ Town Hall meetings - online - to share and offer advice - which is a superb idea.

He talks about leadership saying that there are some very good community oriented people of all generations and describes this as being like ‘yeast in bread’ - that they are scattered throughout the community saying ‘we have some good ones’. I say yes, but not nearly enough.

Planet of the Humans, the movie that Michael Moore was the executive director of.

I, Tim said that it was an important documentary - as to me, who has been in the environmental movement since 1974 - it exposed many shortfalls in the environmental movement as well as some of their so called ‘champions - like Al Gore and Bill McKibben, who wrote an exceptional book - the End of Nature. Rob disagreed with some of the timings that were produced in the movies saying they were taken ‘out of context’ and that some of the data was dated.   

He said that the UK is producing more energy from renewables than gas, coal and oil.  (But, I forgot to ask about Nuclear, but the UK still has 15 reactors generating about 21% of its electricity as of 2020. 

Rob’s major criticism of this doco was that they focused on ‘that there were too many people on earth.’ That overpopulation was the cause of our troubles. But Rob said the human population is only growing at one percent every year, but consumption is growing at 3% every year. This is where we are putting huge amounts of pressure on our biosphere.

That our trading patterns have to change, where we in NZ can produce the same diary products as the Europeans - so why do we buy their cheese for example - when the only difference is basically the packaging and the label?  Distribution of food for example is another challenge, as there is also a huge amount of waste. However, we did not have time to discuss this.

That our population growth is projected to taper off at about 10 billion people. That is 2 more billion people coming into the world during this time. Another subject that we lacked time to speak about.

That we should remember that everything we do from now on, is to work with nature and not against it.

He mentioned that we need to stop strangling the natural world - or words to that affect - as without nature we can not exist.

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and though I have a good number of differences with Rod - he is an excellent interface of the need to realise that it’s our planet that loans us a body, free air, free rain water and until recently a free food chain.

That he is constantly among business people, industrialists, farmers and economists - and is the one who can gradually awaken them to the fact that we are dependent on our planet and nature that so delicately survives within the biosphere. The sooner we recognise this, the sooner we as a civilisation will acknowledge that we are planetary beings and a ‘global family’ awakening from eons of time to our true inheritance.

That of actually being cosmic beings - expressing through 3 dimensional bodies and sharing and breathing the invisibility of an oxygen system freely given to us by ocean plankton, trees and foliage from around our ecosphere.  Once this connection is fully realised - a major transformation in consciousness will occur and a new paradigm will be born.

Had we had time I would have liked to have Rod talk about Agenda21 and Agenda2030 and many other topics too.

Next time. :)

Next Weeks Interview

Roy Harlow

The Multi Tiered Disinformation Narrative that is Assaulting Our Planet and People.

Today, across the English speaking world we are the moving target of an unremitting onslaught from global media. The majority coming out of the six US main corporate conglomerates with the British BBC carrying on the offensive, from the other side of the Atlantic. Feeding this out into the commonwealth of nations, from basically the same hyped up song sheet of fantasy, fear, fraud and semi truths.

Here in NZ it’s’ the 'same old stuff’ as we as a nation forget we live on a planet. TV ratings decline whilst some disaffected citizens look for alternatives. As for our precious youth, country-wide, they remain hypnotised by minutiae and titillation on their smartphones, we increasingly wonder is there a way out of this dysfunctional and degenerating scenario?

What can we do?

Jul 2, 2020

In this interview with Glen, first we cover his new revolutionary ‘Periodic Table of Elements’ - that he has introduced to the world - that will have all physicists and chemists - globally exclaiming - “why did I not think of that!”

Glen furthers this ‘new paradigm’ that is upon us - by saying that as astrology is a fact of physics he welcomes any physicist to challenge this statement - but so far no one has stepped forward.

The global elite who control the world wide media use this media to put down astrology at every turn, Yet, behind our backs the establishment will always draw up a chart when their babies are born. Whilst these same ruling class will always check their chart or their countries chart before going to war or making a large incursion into a market, or change of government etc.

Thus they have contained and closed down the whole subject, that even academia and intellectuals shy away from it, for fear of compromising their occupation within the upper echelons of education and universities. (except in India).  

As Nikola Tesla once stated.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Glen welcomes input from physicists to look into this ancient of sciences to reinvigorate the debate on its efficacy.

In following up on this statement that astrology is a fact of physics - we have been told (programmed) that astrology is basically a witchcraft belief - and that ‘you have to believe in it’ - and he says that is not true at all. Saying that astrology is based on real things. Like the stars - that they are real things that are emitting real electro magnetic forces and we ‘live in the middle of this field’ of star force … and the old, but true saying that there are as many stars in the sky as there are grains of sand on the earth - and he says if we imagine that - then we have all these ‘beams of force’ that have been constant for billions of years that they create this sort of holographic energetic field and with that we have got the solar system moving - and we have this again like an atom - we’ve got the sun in the middle and we’ve got these sort of energetic magnetic spheres that in the atom will have the electrons all organised - whereas in the solar system we have planets that are ’sitting there’ spinning and condensing matter that has come from the sun but as they move around inside that magnetic shell - they change the form of that shell and so the star light that’s coming through those planetary shells are hitting different  ’tones’ - so it’s like the difference between C sharp and C minus - let’s say Mercury moves around its shell - it warps that shell and so the tone coming from that ’star force’ is altered as it comes through there - and that’s what we receive - we receive that electromagnetic variance on the earth - here. So as the planets move they alter their magnetism within our solar system - and matter follows magnetism - so as the magnetism changes - so does the matter change. 

So there’s a direct relationship between the movement of the planets and the effect on Earth.

Now within the ‘Biodynamic’ agricultural movement there are a few people who have done this work - but there is a particular book - called moon and planet - by Agnes Fyfe ( ) - and this group have been involved in a method called chromatography - where they get the sap of a plant and they ‘rise it up through blotting paper and then they rise up silver nitrate and then they expose that to the light and it develops a picture - and it shows us the qualities of the sap of the plant at the time it was picked. So she did these trials over many years and every so many hours. That what she found was the direct relationship between the movement of the planets and the change in the plant sap. So she showed this direct correlation that plants are completely affected by the movements of the planets. Glen stresses that Astrology has been doing this for 5,000 years and astrologers have been watching this direct relationship. Glen has been doing this for 40 years - that there is a tremendous body of knowledge of what is the influence of the various planets when they are in certain positions and in certain relationships with another planet. So he says there is a very ‘worked up science’ of these effects and, He emphasises - there is no belief here - this is a direct relationship between the state of the field of the solar system and what is happening on earth - there is no belief here.

In this interview: Tim mentions - that the global elite use astrology whilst publicly putting it down - and Glen concurs

Stating that astrology is a fact of physics and is scientifically true and we have a society that wants to base itself on scientific fact yet deny the very basic fact of magnetism and matter. So this is an immense hypocrisy that science is perpetrating on ‘we the people.’  Where he says they will use it - they know it works - it’s a fact of physics and then they come along and try to fool people that it’s all fantasy. He calls it a huge fraud that the scientific community are perpetrating.

Yet, Nancy Reagan wife of US President Ronald Reagan, used the services of Joan Quigley to assist her with helping her husband at many levels during his Presidency. In an interview, Quigley mentioned that over the next seven years, she issued guidance, for pay, that went far beyond mundane scheduling to matters of diplomacy, Cold War politics and even the timing of the president’s cancer surgery.

Glen says astrologers are endeavouring to bring consciousness into a very unconscious realm. He says the greatest next step in human development will be when everybody starts to use astrology and that now with and - all the information now is freely available to anyone with a computer. Stating that it is a very simple language based upon the 9 planets and the sun - (the moon being classified as a planet) there are only 10 planets in the whole game. So all the information now is essentially at our fingertips.

Please listen - there is so much information in this interview … far too much for me to type up … Glen talks about Venus and Mars and the times that they are in-synch and then the other times when they are in opposite situations - we get an understanding of how this all comes about - by looking at the position in the sky of these planets.

He talks about depressed people and what influences and planets can cause depression - that you may have three instances of planetary events influencing you over a very short period - but you can map out when this ‘transit’ passes - this, is a great relief. Meaning you are not going to be in a depressed situation for life. As all things must pass.

Glen talks about transits - and he also broaches previous lives or reincarnation as he expands on the vastness of this cosmology. That it is not just luck - that your birth chart is not just a bad lottery draw - it is actually a result of all of our past lives - be it a million or only a few …  stating that our spirit is this eternal being - that moves from one life to the next and every experience we have - it’s like we put a T-shirt on - like been there and done that!  So we wind all of this experience into and around our eternal spirit - and that becomes our sort of personality - and our psychology - and all of our neuroses - and all that is wound up in what we call the astral body - and he  says this is what astrology is. It is the theology of the astral body - and this is related to the planets. The stars are the spirit realm and the planets are what we call the astral realm - and all of our experiences from the past are accumulated and that is what’s imaged in the birth chart.

Now from birth we have the ability to alter that field of activity and it is through our will, if we have a habit that we don’t like - our will says I am going to change this - I am going to physically force my physical body to do something else - and in forcing the physical body the energetic body has to shift - the mater sort of alters the magnetism as it were. Rather than the other way round. And so by doing that 10,000 times we form a new habit - so we have forced our astral body into a change - so that is the point of life. So this IS the place that we have the opportunity to reorganise this energetic psychology that we have - and so the birth chart is just the starting place.

Listen - Glen talks about progression - he also says fortunately for us the planets in the sky are predictable - listen  ...

You choose your parents and country of birth too.

Quickly covered were subjects that you can research for yourself.

The rewriting of the Bible by Constantine at the Council of Nicea and the elimination of reincarnation out of the Bible.

He talks that we have reduced our understanding of who we are in the Western culture to that of body and a soul and God  - and now science has relegated our soul to the mind and the mind now is seen in many ways as delusional and we take drugs to close down or get rid of the mind and now we are basically just a body …

Some would say an empty body ...

There was a huge amount of information given. This is some of it, below.

  1. Partnerships very often have an earth sign with a water sign or an air sign with a fire sign. If we checked out Marriage Registers we would find that the statistics will prove that this can be statically supported to a certain degree.
  2. That when Mercury, the planet of communication is, retrograde - communications seem more garbled but as soon as Mercury goes direct - more flow and coherency happens
  3. That an early version of the St James Bible has it had written ‘three astrologers came for the East” but subsequent printings have been watered down /censored. To the extent that it has changed to ‘the three Magi’ and then changed to now it’s the ‘three wisemen.’ But, the Bible has been continuously censored …  will the three wise men end up becoming:  ‘the three coca cola salesmen?’ 
  4. The time of birth and the location are very important to obtain for a concise reading.

Questions that I never got around to asking were:

That Chartres Cathedral in France has the 12 signs of the zodiac as stained glass windows.

How does each planet have its characteristics embedded into their planet’s respective influences? 

Venus = love beauty feminine - yet Mars = war energy and is masculine.

I encourage you to listen - and then use the two astrology websites to get a basic understanding of what your birth sign is. Then find yourself a good experienced astrologer.

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