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Oct 15, 2020

At the start, Jacques prompts me to say, have a pen and paper ready, stating not to believe all that he says. That he too, is endeavouring to work it all out, through intense research into old records and books on the web etc all about the ‘forgotten past. Saying that we have no understanding or even knowledge of what has come to pass.

Because things are not as they are and as a researcher of both historical events as well as new technologies that are released on today's society, we can not necessarily believe the status quo.

It starts with Tim mentioning his interview 5 weeks ago of Dan Hermansen - - and the United Tribes flag of 1835 in early NZ, keeping Aotearoa NZ ‘as a free country’ and that King William the lV would have Great Britain protect it. However that flag was cunningly displaced by the Union Jack at the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, in 1840 - that contrary to what the Maori chiefs were aware of, New Zealand basically became a colony of Great Britain. Hence Hone Heke, the first Maori chief, to sign this Treaty, cut down the flag staff 4 times due to his disgust in which this Treaty was being administered. 

That then, in the comments field of Dan’s interview was this - ‘The Auckland City Council is a Corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet - So Tim did a web search and we find it in Wiki’ -  

Also mentioned early in this interview was the British East India Company because it was an overseas extension of the British Government and was in many cases a ‘law unto itself’ where it cunningly introduced opium into China in 1825 that soon after, the Chinese addiction to opium expanded (to 4-12 million people).  So this opens the question who was this Company and who governed it?  As they had no apparent conscience. Yet, its flag was an ensign that was accepted by the British Government and Admiralty.   Adjusted for inflation, at its height, the company was worth $4.1 trillion. (Oct 17, 2018)  other searches suggest $7.9 trillion.

Jacques, says he has worked for the Central Government in South Africa and in Local Government here in NZ and is horrified at what he believes to have found!

Stating there are 2 fundamentals that are universal as it relates to the Law; in this case British Law.

They are:

1) Contracts &

2) Jurisdictions

Fundamentally all law is a contract

A contract aims to control the behaviour / actions of two or more parties.

Shortly after Jacques was born, the legal system in South Africa impelled his Dad to sign him away as a bonded surety to a ‘bankrupt franchise.’ Note that South Africa was part of the British Commonwealth until 1961 and rejoined again in 1994.

Unbeknown to his Father, while he thought he was doing the right thing, apparently registering Jaques birth, and signing the birth certificate, was actually signing a contract;

He made Jacques the surety to a bond in the ALL CAPITALS fictional name that the corporation had created to enslave Jacques for the rest of his life.

This Corporation?    This will come later …

ALL CAPITALS you ask? Yes, they use what is called Dog Latin, which is capitals or block letters. By the way, Dog Latin was used to trick and deceive back in the days when serfs could not understand what the more educated were able to control how Law was administered. Note The Latin alphabet started out as uppercase serifed letters known as Roman square capitals. Ancient Greek started off this way too.

And it seems the legacy continues to this day;

In the English language all capital writing is not a proper noun;

A proper noun is the name of a man or woman, place or physical thing;

That all capitalised name is not a proper noun and therefore not a name;

For example a name used for an individual person, place, or organisation, spelled with an initial capital letter, e.g. Jane, London, and Greenpeace. Often contrasted with common nouns.

Is it a lawful contract? No, because his Dad was never given full disclosure of what he was actually signing;

So the birth certificates of everyone are traded on the capital markets and heaps of money is made from them, according to Karen Hudes, former World Bank lawyer.  (do your own research).

‘Everyone includes people who are born in countries like NZ, Australia - and very possibly Canada, and the USA plus UK. Is India and Pakistan? Research it.

The Corporation establishes how much tax the child will pay over his or her lifetime and that birth certificate / bond is then traded on the capital markets;  

Who is this Corporation and why does it trick parents into doing this?

The answer to the why question is easy; control and trillions of dollars;

But there is also a sinister reason, which he will come to later.

But who is behind the Corporation?

His research has shown that there is one massive Corporation;

All the others are subdivisions of the main one;

The biggest sub-division is the United States

The corporation is known by a few names; Triple Crown; Tri-Regnum, Triple Tiara and Three-times Royal

The Triple Crown was started as a testamentary trust in 1302 pursuant to the Papal Bull called Unam Sanctam, the Holy Singularity / Sanctified Unity;

Pope Boniface VIII announced that he would depose King Philip IV of France if need be and issued the bull Unam Sanctam ('One Holy'), the most famous papal document of the Middle Ages, affirming the authority of the Pope as the heir of Peter and Vicar of Christ over all human authorities, spiritual and temporal.  (Bull = Decree or edict)

Underlying the trust, is a global estate. The Pope claimed he owned all land, all flesh and all, wait for it… souls!

All being part of the global estate.

But surely the Pope had no say over the affairs of England?

So did the Pope have control over King William the 4th when he said he would protect the NZ Maori Chiefs Freedoms in 1835? - even though the British were a Protestant country and had the largest seafaring Navy at that time. 

Well, this is where things get interesting.

So let’s go back to 1215 when King John was forced by the barons to sign the Magna Carta. What happened two years prior to that? Early on the 15 May 1213 King John went to the church of the Templars at Dover and there he knelt before Pandulph, the legate of the Pope, placed his crown in Pandulf's hands and took the oath of fealty to the Pope in Rome.

Fealty is a feudal tenant / vassal’s sworn loyalty to a lord, in this case the Pope.

King John also handed the legate a document stating that for the atonement of his sins against God and Church that he surrendered into the hands of Pope Innocent and his successors forever, the kingdoms of England and lordship of Ireland, to hold them henceforth as fiefs of the Holy See - the Pope.

Many believe that John ceased being King when he laid his crown at the feet of a foreign priest;   

So this is how the Pope claims he owns all land,

But how does he own all flesh and all souls?

Well, the ‘birth certificate’ is a contract remember? It is the commercial vessel which is floated upon the ocean of commerce. We are made to believe that that fictitious ALL CAPS name is our real name and as such we are made surety for the bond. But actually we have nothing to do with it and the so-called birth certificate contract is invalid because no full disclosure was given at the time it was signed or any time thereafter.

So they are tricking all of us into believing we have to pay taxes and fines and rates when really it is all deception. But, because we pay it we contract to the Corporation. When we vote, for example, we are contracting with the Corporation and giving it legitimacy. We are given the illusion of a democracy, but there is really no democracy. It is simply another deception.

How many believe that the Queen of England has anything to do with assenting to Acts of Parliament? Her title was changed and the Roman numeral of II removed and replaced by Queen Elisabeth 2nd If you don’t believe go and check out the NZ Governor General’s website. If a monarch’s Roman numeral, as appears in Queen Elizabeth II, does not appear in her name, they are no longer referring to her, but some fictitious entity.

However, due to the fact that no full disclosure was given to our parents when they signed the birth certificate, the contract can be rescinded, which means the Pope does not lawfully own all flesh and ‘souls.’

The key to remove ourselves from this contract is to understand exactly how it was constructed, so we don’t get ourselves into trouble when we rescind it.

The Triple Crown Corporation is made up of:

  1. The City of London in the City of London, which holds the land, law and banking and or monetary system. (Kensington and WhiteHall).
  2. The Vatican, which deals with the religious side of things and;
  3. Washington D.C. which was the completion of the Triple Crown, which is the enforcer / military might behind it.

All the established nation-states were trans-migrated into corporations, which are the subdivisions of the Triple Crown. That he believes includes NZ & Australia.

This was all supposedly done in the 1700’s - do your own research - it’s a quagmire 

Jacques says if you go to the Securities and Exchange Commission website you will find the NZ and Australian governments there, of which he has screenshots.

In NZ, most of our ministries, like the Ministry of Justice, NZ Police, Defence Force, Treasury, Ministry of Business Innovation & Employment, etc are all listed on the biggest business website in the world; Dun & Bradstreet as companies, with sales revenue. I have those screenshots too. So New Zealand and Australia seem to be very much part of this greater Triple Crown Corporation. - but do your own research as Wiki has been compromised for years. 

Jacques sent an Official Information Act Request to Justice Minister Andrew Little asking if the Ministry of Justice is a company. He has 20 working days to respond. It has been 2 months and still no response from the Minister. Why?

He has now referred the matter to the Ombudsman but found out that even the Office of the Ombudsman is listed on the Dun & Bradstreet website as a company with sales revenue of $6m.

The reason Jacques is making such a fuss about this is because in our legal courts he is convinced they are not practising Law. He believes they are controlled by the Corporation to monetise we citizens (or the slaves) - because last time he checked the Ministry of Justice sales revenue in one year was $395m.

Also if the Ministry is in fact a company, how can they administer justice, when there is a huge conflict of interest? How can a company or corporation be in charge of a country’s Justice system?

If the NZ Treasury is a company, how can it control public funds?

Our only saving grace, one would think is the old English Common Law but in 1986 the Constitution Act removed most of it. One has to wonder why?  - But, was this the full account of what happened?

And then in 1988 the Imperial Laws Application Act brought it all back. Since then many amendments have been made.  - Again this is so messy - what can we believe?

As Jacques has not had the time to investigate all of this yet -  He has brought together a few bright minds to assist him - this is ongoing.

You see the English Common Law includes Magna Carta which was designed to protect individual rights. But, the Corporation does not want its slaves to have rights.

Is that why when one becomes a barrister or lawyer or solicitor one has to swear an oath to the NZ Law Society and at the ceremony all have to bow to the judges? When you bow to someone they become your master. How can a lawyer fight one’s case properly if he is subject to his master. Some believe that lawyers are there to ensure you contract with the court. As soon as you contract - you lose your English Common Law and inalienable rights as man and woman. Then they can do to you as they please. Ask the Ministry of Justice about that and they refuse to comment.

If any of your listeners would like to support the work that Jacques is doing, or want to be released from this system, you can contact me on

So the point that Jacques has been endeavouring to make here, is that a system was created to enslave us for our entire lives; a system which subtly robs us of the life God (or evolution) (or both) - gave you and your inalienable rights. Jacques mentions it is also a system which now believes there are too many people on this Earth and that we need to be culled, through unsafe technology like 5G, vaccines, nano tech, chips that includes  ruining the income of billions.

That he has never consented to be controlled by this system and he does not consent now. Nor should you. He is preparing to throw off the shackles and so should you.

People Around the World are Waking Up to this Deception.

Jacques reminds us, if we don’t stand together the 1% will totally control us, because currently we have no rights. Look at Victoria in Australia. Do they have any rights? Look at how people are being grabbed by their throats. They have caused no harm to anyone, but are being treated worse than animals by the so-called police and no one lifts a finger. So Tim says - “NZers get serious and savvy and start to challenge the authorities on this and similar issues. This is what a participative Democracy is.”

We have been conned into looking after the ‘I’ when the ‘WE’ is our safety.

The Corporation does everything to isolate us from one another, so they can control the WE, because they fear us. They are after all the 1% and we are the 99%.

Jacques says … do yourself a favour and switch off the mainstream media. They spread what they are told to spread and will brainwash you into their narrative every time. If you want to get out of the system, you need to get rid of the propaganda.

In South Africa the Zulus refer to Ubuntu.

For me it means we are all connected and we all need each other to thrive and survive. We have to stand against those that want to harm us or rob us of Ubuntu. If we don’t we, as the collective will be taken, one by one, like the protesters in Victoria Australia and lose everything our forefathers fought so hard and died, for us to have.

In NZ we have Aroha and this too is a major statement of Love and unconditional Love that is the building block of Maoridom. 

Other points in this interview:

Sovereignty -

Australia has ‘Australia Day’ on the 26 January every year - this is when they ‘supposedly broke away from Britain.

America has Independence Day - the 4th of July when the became independent of Britain

 Where is NZ’s day of independence from Britain? Some say it was sometime in 1947.

On 26 September 1907 the United Kingdom granted New Zealand "Dominion" status within the British Empire. New Zealand became known as the Dominion of New Zealand. The date was declared Dominion Day, but never reached any popularity as a day of independence.

In 1948 New Zealanders became New Zealand citizens – before that they had been British citizens. New Zealand gained full legal independence when Parliament passed the Constitution Act 1986. In 2003 a new Supreme Court was created, replacing Britain's Privy Council as New Zealand's final court of appeal. June 20, 2012

When is NZ day proclaimed in NZ?  We do not have one … 

Gag Orders   - In NZ Local Councils will not let you speak out about certain information. Does this mean that even if you are a Member of Parliament in NZ that you are not allowed Parliamentary Privilege - to raise points that you think are of national importance?  What are Gag orders - do you sign them when entering Parliament?

Please look at the back of the NZ Passport - the North Island has printed on it NZ - whilst the South Island has nothing.

Maps of NZ for the last 70 plus years have always had an even spread of ‘New Zealand’ across both the North & South Island , but not so on our passport.  Why?

NZ IN 1967 changed their money from Pounds - to Dollars - a $100 bill was printed, yet though we have eliminated small coins we have not made a commensurate change by printing a $500 note - because NZers have forgotten that the $100 bill now is only worth $20.00 in 1967. That is an example of how docile and slumberous we have become - the bankers will most probably frog march us into a cashless society - sooner rather than later.  

That people are encouraged to research  Jordan Maxwell - Matrix of Power and what is Admiralty Law? 

That so much is happening that it is all hidden in plain sight. Yet, NZ society as a whole - seems blissfully complacent and unaware.

In 2003, I (Tim) took my class of language students to see Queen Elisabeth 2nd at the America’s Cup Village in Downtown Auckland. That I then found myself in the middle of a loud beseeching by two middle class men dressed in suits calling and addressing Queen Elisabeth ll of England. They honoured her as the Head of the Church of England and Defender of the Faith. They politely but forcefully asked her to outrightly condemn the Pope in Rome as the Anti Christ and in league with Satan - and that here I was 5 meters from the Queen and 5 metres away from the two men standing on some seats.  (this was more than astounding. Here they were still fighting the war between the Roman Catholics and the Protestants.)  

That Treasury here in NZ has a direct line to the US State Department - Why?

That Donald Trump has recently taken over the US Federal Reserve - which is a private Corporation - asserting US Independence from the City of London?

When Donald and Melania Trump visited London in June 2119 they both broke a major royal protocol rule by shaking hands with members of the royal family instead of curtsying and bowing. To top it off, in a ceremony In London in front of the trooping of the colour and pomp and ceremony Donald Trump walked out in front of the Queen - which signified that he was in command and that the USA under Trump had made a major break with the City of London. 

There have been whispers recently that Prince Charles in the last months has been crowned King to replace his Mother Elisabeth 2nd - so there are plenty of assertions flying around at present, that signify huge change is upon us.

Also that all the Lord Mayors of London have been Freemasons for something like the last 200 years, until Ken Livingston from the Labour party broke that spell … from 2000 to 2008. What does this portend?

When In NZ you receive a traffic infringement it is addressed to you in CAPITAL LETTERS  - why?  See above.

The Pope says we individual humans can not have a direct relationship with God - that we have to go through the Catholic Church?  Why? Because this is how the Church funds itself.    Where does this leave Protestants?

The United States Isn't a Country — It's a Corporation!   - if you want support against having to comply and have enforced injections against your will. Click

This was more than an intriguing interview. It was also a call to waken NZ journalists who have become so distracted by political in fighting that they have become profoundly lost in their own drama.

Next Week.

What is the soul, why has the soul been such an important part of human endeavour for millennia?

Oct 8, 2020

This insightful interview of Dr Simon Thornley of Auckland University again shows that there are good reasons for us in this country to question authority and then furnished with new, rigorous evidence - chart our own course.

During the COVID lockdown crises, NZ as a country hunkered down as a "Team of Five Million" as the Prime Minister called us. We essentially did what we thought was in the best interests for the nation as a whole. However, after a short time there came from the academic realm, another voice that said hold on a moment, the statistics coming in seem to be not telling the full story, so let’s take another look at what's really happening?

This voice was Dr Simon Thornley who courageously stated that the facts were indeed not clearly stated. He also noted that Professor John Ioannidis of the Department of Epidemiology from Stanford University in the US was finding the same slanted stats and later on - Prof Carl Heneghan of Oxford University, in the UK also noted this.

When Simon looked at the early evidence at the first stages of the lockdown - of who were in hospital or were very unwell the statistics showed people dying who were actually expected to die in a short while anyway - as a result of old age or other comorbidities - such as heart problems, cancer and other ends of life ailments.

The statistics that he was able to gather showed by far the majority of people who were dying were in the 80s to 90s. This was supported in a Sky News Broadcast on the 20th of September they said that …. Back in July a statistical anomaly was spotted which changed the way COVID 19 deaths were counted. Previously Public Health England included any death of a person who had previously had Covid 19 as a Corona virus fatality even if they had recovered from the virus and died of another cause - and the person who spotted that was professor Carl Hennigan from the University of Oxford - who has been quite critical of the UK lockdown, going a step further stating that the British PM was surrounded by mediocre advisors!

In the interview, Simon lays out the anomalies and says that we in NZ need to be cautious, protect the elderly in particular and open up the country which means schools as well.

There are a good number of profound points covered in this ranging interview and the big one is that this Covid is very much like a very severe flu. Saying that this virus is not as deadly as we had initially believed.       Simon on ‘Plan B’

The Interview:

Simon talks about when a virus kicks in it expands and reaches a climax at the top of the bell curve and then falls away. That is even with no intervention - saying that the virus eventually burns itself out -  this is what we call herd immunity.

This is the way we recover from 99%of virus afflictions - that’s basically it.

So he says that the strategy that needs to be on the table, which Sweden was discussing was ‘herd immunity’ and sheltering the vulnerable - we knew for example that people in rest homes, in hospitals, were very susceptible to the virus - certainly people over the age of 65 - much more than people under that age … so that was a reasonable strategy …and he (like me) got behind the NZ Govt’s initial response to protect hospitals and rest homes and avoid the spread of the virus in hospitals. However, Simon said that the response went further with slogans - like “we are going in hard and early” and “we are going to eliminate the virus” and he said we know that the hospitals were never under threat in NZ.  That even in the height of Covid - there was spare capacity.

Simon says that he sees that Covid19 has taken this ‘exalted status’ - and it concerns him - given its overall importance that in many ways there are many other important challenges within the health domain. Mental health and suicides which was mentioned towards the end of this interview.

We talk about Turkey and they locking down only the young and the elderly and having everyone between 20 and 70 stay at work and they had the same death toll - per % of population - virtually the same as Switzerland, even though the Swiss followed the conventional lockdown procedure.

Simon mentions that the Turk’s obviously were paying attention as to who was really at risk. Saying he is not sure about the young ones - the children and that his reading of the situation is that they are even at a lower risk of anything happening in terms of severe outcomes. Especially when compared with middle age people etc, that keeping the economy going seemed very sensible.

The Icelandic Experience  - In Iceland they tested a considerable number and they found many with - Asymptomatic infection - so people there were testing positive with Covid - but without symptoms - so that was crucial information as we initially thought that everyone with Covid had severe symptoms and were going to need hospital treatment and may end up being fatal.

So this was important - and there are big questions as to why - and the knock-on effect around our planet is - why the degree of lockdown when Iceland showed up anomalies and people with Covid - did not fall ill?  

Also Iceland opened up its borders and they seem to have readjusted their risk to some degree to the virus ….  That their tourism industries are recovering …Listen

Also talked about was the CVC in the USA and the rewriting of Covid deaths down to 6%. - you will have to listen

He states this ratio is of high interest and that is simply about the number of people who die of Covid and also who die because of Covid - stating there is a distinction there   … and he says the definition is INTERESTING - divided by the total number of people who have Covid and initially the WHO stated this was very important that this was high - much much higher than what we would expect for influenza - for example about 3.4% for example - where we expect influenza to be about 0.1%  or 1 in a thousand - so the WHO was saying - 3 to 4 in a hundred were dying compared to 1 in a thousand with flu - however listen to how Simon covers this and you will hear that the fatalities of Covid have been ‘dialing down’ more and more that they are now getting closer to the range of seasonal influenzas.

Listen as Professor John Ioannidis of the Department of Epidemiology from Stanford University is quoted as saying the fatality rate is about 3 in a thousand - the CDC is a little bit higher than that, at 0.6%  - so he says we are seeing a ‘dialling back’ of the fatality rate from the virus.

Note that the age of deaths by Covid in NZ is virtually the same as for normal or natural mortality as he compared this for the year 2019 Listen …    that the distribution was virtually exactly the same. as the ages of the people who had died with Covid in NZ.

Simon mentions that this virus is not as deadly as we have initially believed - (Listening to this interview is better - it’s only 22 meg) 

Prof Carl Heneghan Oxford Prof  - Watch - evidence based medicine - Sky TV interview

The Professor even states that “the British PM was surrounded by mediocre advisors”

That corona viruses and flu are seasonal - so listen

Love, connection and being with family and kin - is very important, if not imperative.

We hear that within the public health community there is a perception that by locking everyone down this is one-way they see as keeping us safe etc … like risk-free… by intervention -  but there is also a knock-on effect as there is a major loss of connection  - that people need to be with each other and experience love and family and warmth, plus touch being imperative for family and community.

But also stated is that we now know that locking down has very serious implications - such as in England - not only to the economy - but with Covid that people who are suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular to cancer, strokes - you name it -  are now not receiving the attention that they previously received as Covid has cornered everyone's attention.

Here in NZ 50,000 people have gone on the unemployment benefit and being unemployed takes away people's feelings of self-worth. Paid Employment is very good for mental health. Not enough money for decent food - results in poor nutrition and also poor thinking and decision making.

As a result, he says - the lockdown is going to increase inequalities in NZ.

The NZ Govt itself did an analysis through the Productivity Commission on extending the lockdown for another 5 days in relation to the costs and it was clear to the economists writing that paper that they came to the conclusion of  95 to one - compared to the benefits - and this is information that the Govt was writing itself.

But this information was eventually swept aside …  and it only came out through an Official Information Act Inquiry.

Govt insiders are thankful that there is another point of view addressing the Official Narrative.

Simon also mentions that he has had some contact with people in Government and they are glad that they are hearing another point of view - because they are concerned that New Zealanders are in many ways only getting a one-sided story.

This was startling - the PCR test is only about 70% successful.  Putting the swab up your nose.

That microbiologists had to battle the NZ Government from sending infectious patients being sent back to rest homes - this is a shocker … NOTE this was an important factor in NZ’s apparent success, in keeping infections at bay.


The frail and the elderly have never responded well to any vaccine.

That fast-tracking a vaccine still could take years - saying the Mumps vaccine was the fastest, being produced at 4 years.

That ultimately we will have to live with the virus - ultimately

Hydroxychloroquine - has had some good results, especially the latest Belgium study. But we still need more research. Yet, very recently seven States in the USA have given the OK for Doctors to use it.

This was a very exciting interview for me - because Simon had an understanding that was considered outside the conventional viewpoint. The only thing was that there was only a certain amount of time to cover these questions.

This 6 minute video gives us another insight.


NEXT Week's interview is not yet sorted - however we will be doing our best to bring you the best information we can. - Tim

Oct 1, 2020

Yes, there were smokestack industries and a lot of steam as the industrial revolution built up - but nothing in the way of man-made radiation what so ever.

At that time human biology and the Schumann resonance for our planet was roughly 7.83cycles and all biota on earth were all in harmony. It was not until the Soviets put a man in space that cosmonauts and later astronauts had to have a little power pack attached to them running this frequency because if they are removed from this frequency of 7.83cycles -  they will rapidly become very ill and eventually die.

So other than lightening and the Schumann resonance there was ‘nothing’ above this, so all the way up to invisible light there was ‘nothing’ and all was in harmony. But now we humans have almost completely ‘filled up’ all that ‘frequency’ range or space, with ‘artificial, mostly digital signals.’ Like being inside a ‘low powered’ microwave oven.

The Coming of Radiation

This all came about via the industrial revolution that leads to the so-called ‘enlightenment’ as we found the atom once again that the ancient Greeks had mentioned plus electricity and radio wireless and X rays etc and with it came the periodic table - the understanding of wavelengths and today we now have a multitude of ‘layered’  (ordered) frequencies all around us at present. This has resulted in many ways of an unrelenting (unknowing) technocratic industry that has built up, but especially over the last 30 years, with a ubiquitous global enterprise of using microwave radiation 24/7/365. However, what this rush has done is that it’s having a knock-on effect regarding health - to not only humans, our families, but to animals, and pets, plus birds, insects, and trees. 

Where it all started with innocence and unknowingness - since the end of the Second World War certain scientific groups even within the world's militaries have realised that there are consequences. That in more recent times the commercialisation of these radio waves has meant that a great amount of money can be made from exploiting this ‘medium’ hence the ubiquitous mobile phones as just one of the new technologies that are on the global market these days.

Yet we are falling very short of ‘independent research’ done to find out the safety of this technology, however, Paul does tell us how the military took this tech to such a level that it was deemed by the US and allies to be the way forward using /national security’ as the reason to extract as much operability out of this expanding realm. He also says that the industry itself conducts its own safety standards and critics say that this is like having the fox guard the henhouse.

And the big question we need to ask … w is why not enough safety information in the public arena?


He also mentions electricity which scientists do not have a full explanation as to what it is other than we can use it. Research the battle between DC - Direct Current that Edison used as against the - AC Alternating Current that Tesla brought to the world - that today powers every home basically on our planet. Yet, there is also such a thing as ‘dirty’ electricity and that is the radiation that it gives off - even in the average home today. Which is being ignored by the Electrical industry as well as Government and health officials.   

Paul says in his days at school, he is 62 now and when he went to school hardly anyone was ill. Maybe a couple of kids would pull their inhaler out after a run around the paddock, that was it. Now he challenges us to go into any school in NZ and check out the health of those children - stating that there will in all probability be over 50% having an issue.  

Dirty Electricity

Paul talks about a modern family home that he visited with various meters and found that it was overloaded with dirty electricity - that the two infants had been unknowingly living inside a wireless storm and were behaving erratically and waking up 3 to 4 times at night - even having video baby monitors. So after registering on his metres all the high amounts of radiation in the house they turned off the monitors and the power to the wifi and modem etc so that only the fridge was on at night etc - and within days the children became happy, healthy little infants. This shocked the parents - because they had no idea and this example is important no it is imperative for all parents to check out what is happening in our home and do it sooner than later.  Following Building Biology and Ecology guidelines are important. Especially for building a safe home. (this was an abridged piece here. Clock radios emit radiation beside your bed etc. - Listen

Meanwhile academics and so-called scientists defer to archaic guidelines as well as with the deployment of 5G - they fall back on the WHO, the same organisation that is run by Dr Tedros with all its contentious connections etc, to Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates and all that is COVID.

ECO - The word has been misappropriated

The word eco in new buildings is being abused - it is more about economy than ecology. It's a star ratings system etc - = how can we save money - but doesn’t encompass health … (where are you at the NZ Green Party?)  CFL light bulbs - compact fluorescent light bulbs have issues and now we have migrated onto LED lights - WARNING - not good for your health - as it does not give out a balanced spectrum of light. Do your own research ….’white’ is not a native colour for LED.

The human body is electrical - yes we are cellular, but we are also atomic and subatomic beings.

Humans are exceptionally electrical in our own bodies far much more than orthodox medical Doctors will be trained to understand or that the conventional medical system gives us credit for. (remember we are an energy field of atoms harmoniously oscillating in time and space in harmony with the Shumann resonance and this new technology of LED - is oscillating at exceptionally high frequencies - (you have to listen to this. These latest light bulb technologies are not good for your/our health

Paul says some people are more sensitive than others …  But at a basic level - we are biological beings and that electricity is part of our makeup at a subatomic level - so we are all being affected.

It, gradually over time decreases our immunity system - it erodes our health and vitality …  search GS meter Graham & Stetzer meters - check this out. 

People especially in the Western world are becoming more unhealthier - earlier - hence the increase of people now becoming electro sensitive. Being able to pick up the wireless wavs wherever there is intense radio waves or computer usage etc.

Working in an office full of technology - can wear you out over time …. especially in a city office block

Saying - Sitting with a computer beside your desk and cables with your feet touching them  - may be up to 10 or 20 or 30 volts - and that is very negative to your health  - day in day out ….

Also mentioned.

Solar power comes in for questioning as the ‘inverters’ are the problem - there is a huge output of dirty electricity - you have to be awake to where your inverter is put.  It is not biologically safe.  Shield it or keep it away from the house.

Microwave ovens are toxic ….  because the shear strength of the magnetron that is inside the unit -and then there is the poor shielding that is around it. (I, Tim have never owned a microwave oven.)

Mobile Phones

That now we have gone from 1G to 2G to 3G, 4G and going into 5G the tech corporations are becoming very clever and sophisticated as to how they pulse and modulate these frequencies … and they have had to do that to carry the increasing amount of data that they can now ’ship’ through the air waves - throughout busy cities, malls, sport and rock stadiums big events - where many people are intensely gathered - NOTE you/we are in the middle of it all.

So that the effect on our human biology is that the increased velocity of data - is becoming stronger and stronger and … even stronger - but worse and worse for the human inhabitants of this planet, not to mention flora and fauna and all biota inhabiting the biosphere.

Listen … that during the 2nd World War where radar played a huge part for the Allies in winning the war against the Nazis. It was when radar operators began to die due to the intensive frequencies that they were experimenting with.

But he said that this was not the first case of electro sensitivity as it all started in the 1890’s with the first case - when they started having telegraph along the railway lines that some of the telegraph operators began to become ill - Listen

Plus the old telephone exchanges where the operators connected all the calls by pulling and pushing in plugs to give the connection - they too were affected by electro sensitivity and became ill.

Unknown to Us

After the 2nd World War - the Russians said that this new technology of radar was quite harmful and they went one direction and the US went another way, with the Americans saying that military superiority was imperative, for both their communications and weapons. That unknown to you and I, there was quite a debate between both of these two countries ‘behind the scenes’ and even today the Russians standards are 100 x less than the Western standards - and China as well - which means their technologies in their countries are 100 times safer than what is being unleashed on the Western world. Which translates - that less is better for everyone's health, but we in the West are being ignored and overridden. Hence this radio program and all the 5G interviews are being done.

So that those two countries that are not known for good human rights have far more stringent safety guidelines for their own populations, than we in NZ and Australia - and the West have.

The Thermal Argument with 5G

Listen to how the heating or thermal effect was focussed on and never expanded upon - hence we have the fraught and cunningly employed idea that 5G only affects the skin - they based their standards on the ‘thermal effect’  on the largest organ of our body. Thus it has become dogma. That our NZ Govt and Health Department has totally bought into. (So it’s just not Covid)

You will have to listen as there is too much to convey.

The multi Governmental agency that overlooks this - note there are no Medical MD or biological professionals on these boards.

They are essentially all technocrats.

There are thousands and thousands of studies showing a biological effect - but all are being ignored.

In the US there have not been any in-depth studies of this issue for probably 30 to 40 years.

ICNIRP the International  Commission For Non Ionising for Radiation Protection

 - is a non elected old boy network - and is corrupt as they come.   www.icnirp  They are the insiders who make the rules

So now with a military standard, the US tech people have decided to make consumer devices - phones based on a military standard. Listen

In NZ the Building Biology and Ecology guidelines are slightly concerning at 10 microwatts per square meter and significant concern at 1,000 watts per square meter - but the NZ Government Standard is 10 million microwatts per square metre - so this is how much the NZ authorities care about NZers health. 

Testing of NZ Cell towers and in one instance in a residential area Paul got 200,000 microwatts per square meter. Saying - this is outrageous.

Listen to autism growing in the USA - 1970 about 1 in 10,000 and when it became more prevalent it became known as a rich white person's disease Then in the 1990s’ -  about 1 in a thousand about 5 years ago it became one in 50 and it’s now trending to 1 on 25.

But, what has happened since that time is cellular networks and microwave radiation and wifi etc has massively expanded over the country    listen …

To laptops - men and badly damaged sperm.  Plus cell phones in men's trouser pockets  Could this be the reason for the enormous increase in autism?

2020 hindsight is going to be too late for a lot of people … your choice … please network this to all your loved ones, family, and friends

The 4th Industrial Revolution

We are inside it now and it is ubiquitous

Listen and learn about the battle between the power companies and the Telcos - as to who is going to win the gateway to your home?   This is fascinating

5G is not here yet - we are being conned - it's only 4 and 3/4 G but they are saying that it is 5G and it is safe - don’t be conned.

The current 4.3/4 system has increased from 5 megahertz to 100 megahertz  yet cary 10 x more data - plus extreme fast speed - but there is only a certain amount of connections that they can facilitate per tower - so that means they are going to need  a lot more towers in the street. Like 20 times.

Don’t allow trees to be cut down in the cities and towns in NZ

THIS MILLIMETRE WAVE TECHNOLOGY IS 100% unproven to be safe.

The military is using 5G as a doorway to crowd control systems and as a weapon.

This is a new technology and satellites are going to be beaming down millimetre waves too.

The Bio Initiative Report - Paul says is good 

There is so much in this interview - but you dear reader have to now take the initiative especially if you love you children 

Next week's Interview is still being sought - as we are flying by the seat of our pants.

Kia kah and Aroha - Tim

Sep 24, 2020

Saying, let’s take it to the highest aspiration of the human level - where we do not see any differences - other than we are human beings living on a planet. Therefore, what is it that we have in common with each other? When we have more in commonality than we have differences.

Roy’s been living in NZ for 45 years, is the owner manager of the radio station and will be launching a renewed website in December - saying it’s imperative that we in NZ realise that we have huge amounts of possibility and potential, if we only realise our sacred connection with a greater reality.

I open up by mentioning last week’s interview of Billy Te Kahika as it’s the fastest growing political party in NZ and is getting much traction over Facebook and also our own YouTube,, and the web site. Roy then says that we want to express our high divinity and ideals, but we are forced to work at the coal face struggling for fairness - struggling for awareness and sharing - our what we are and what we are facing - but he says that as a single human being and spokesperson for a growing movement - it is a daunting task for Billy as a newcomer of lifting the consciousness of the people out of the differences and into the similarities and the unity - that is actually already here.

Roy says that we do not have to form a movement ‘because the human race is the movement’  - and we are all part of it.

Saying it is a matter of understanding of what we are going through and who we are - and looking at - what is our contribution - he says that we come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing - so what is of value is what we contribute.

So our contribution is going to be relative to our perspective of life - and the current perspective of life that is being propagated - is the perspective of selfishness - Consumerism, and having ‘things’ etc. That we are constantly being forced into the survival concept = nobody else has enough money, nobody has enough time - no one has enough friends, nobody has enough … of anything.  This feeling of having a restrictive standard of living - when the earth is abundant (by God’s Grace) - and where there is plenty for everyone - but it has been stolen by the few at the Top - to leave us with the concept ‘I have to look out for number one’ (An emergency siren goes off in the background of Roy’s house and neighbourhood - How synchronistic?) 

As opposed to ‘what can I contribute to everyone else?’ If you want to hear some words of ‘tough love’ - have a listen - there are heaps of insights and learning in this interview.  But, we are in a society that’s teaching us selfishness. That we have been conditioned and programmed to become selfish because we lack a deep connection to ‘self’ and to warm caring family values, as well as a spiritual knowingness.

He says we can look at the whole situation that is happening on our planet, geologically etc, our financial system -  we can look at a host of different things plaguing society - or under inspection by society - or altering right in front of society - but, all of these are temporary issues.

Listen - because he talks about what is developing in your consciousness?  Are you getting above you or are you constantly worrying about your survival?

Are you actually endeavouring to help others reach their divinity and become better beings? Are you supporting people with truth and acknowledgment and encouragement?  ONLY?  Or are you guilty of passing on information that is not knowledge? (think gossip and trivia).

He goes into the fact that there is a very small group at the top of the global heap and they are rewarding themselves at our expense as they are farming us. We are being played …and this will continue and become more constricting - unless we break out of our self imposed - dream spell.  Have a listen and become active …

Then we have ‘us’ …and our attitude is of co-operative compassion  … However - this cooperative compassion is being discredited, it has been abused, it’s been neglected, its been marginalised - at every turn - by those who control the food, the money, the gas, the communications (media) the information …

So it’s leaving people going - I don’t get it, because in their heart they see that they are being constantly on the back foot…. Have a listen  … Because an awakening is happening …

There are 50 or so different issues - that are all part of the same issue … it is imperative if you want to be freed up to connect the dots …

He goes on to ask - are we going to be divine selfless beings and care and share and help …. or are we going to fight and struggle and hassle over what we perceive to be as differences …

He says at present humanity's consciousness is changing … we are in the birth canal to ‘a great awakening’ - and Roy believes this …. and changing for the better …

But, huge segments of society will have to give up on what they have been trained to respond to or to do and let go - surrender … and accept what they knowingly and intuitively feel to be right.

That we cannot break up the family unit,  as our education is teaching us to obey and not to be curious and to question … they are trying to inoculate us with poisons - now working hours per day have been extended for many - including half of Saturday - pushing rubbish and ignorance on TV - causing more people to become dysfunctional and the community more fragmented - pushing contamination of the food and the water and the air  - ‘they’  are doing everything contrary to healthy human life and this is the Awakening that has to take place … this is the awakening that we can all agree on.

We do not have to fight the system - we just have to abandon it …and start a new one.

We have the capabilities and resources to reconstitute society on a natural sustainable platform - but we are being told by officialdom - no you can’t - you have to follow our system …

Because by following the system that is presently in place - leads to our demise

Roy says that when we are young enough we need to know that … we are spiritual beings having an earth experience …

But, the system we now have, has lobotomised this statement out of our vernacular - and the Churches have totally failed in this …

He also mentions that people have such poor memories they can’t tell you what and where they were a year ago - we have entered a time of forgetfulness - because in so many ways we are filling our minds with empty chatter and confounding trash. Roy says that this is the goal of ‘the system’ - to keep us all in irrelevance - with junk TV - macabre images of death and slaughter - and then we go to sleep and have all these images eat away at our psyche - and have a bad nights sleep - because we have programmed ourselves to let in dark images - hence the depression and with the youth - suicides it doesn’t need a ‘wheelbarrow engineer’ to figure this out.

This is not an accident - this is a deliberate program to stultify you and turn you against yourself. The system has a plan that is anti-human development and as we realise the air we breathe is contaminated, we’re drinking sanitised water with fluoride added, there is all sorts of chemical sprays on vegetables and fruit being factory and industrial food that we shop for in the supermarket, there is glyphosate now in the Auckland harbour. 5G wireless being enforced on us - and the list goes on - that 1080 is being broadcast over huge areas of NZ, that injections into our bloodstream are planned for all NZers and once we tie all this in and do the research - but not via Google we come to the inescapable conclusion that we are under assault by an anti human system!

The last 70 years has been an upping of the programming of us to not think - that is if we see an actor on TV wearing a white coat telling us to microwave our food and eat white sugar - this person is not a doctor - it’s an actor - we are being brain rinsed to believe everything on TV - now they are selling soft medications for headaches and the like - because we are not eating, fresh, vital organic food that has ‘life force’ and we are drinking chlorinated water and very possibly fluoride and we wonder why children are suffering from everything from immune deficiency syndrome to allergies and comorbidity of numerous sickness cascading over each other. Because our bodies cannot cope with a multitude of toxins flooding the system.  So we either shake ourselves out of our slumber and do something ‘mindfully health wise’ or wait until our health becomes so serious that we are weakened by habits and our unknownness, to allow ourselves  - to snuff out our inner candle and pass away ...

Other Subjects Covered

In NZ we have been miss-educating our children for two or three generations now hence more parents homeschooling their children as well as the increase in private schools most being Christian based.

Normalising Our Daily Life.

We are being homogenising society through media and education.

Think this  - and everyone thinks ‘this’ - then think that and their attention goes to ‘that.’ Buy ‘these’ and people reach for their plastic card.

Whereas Socrates in ancient Greece - use the Socratic method that up until recently in the Western world was to question everything. Today we are educated and schooled instead, to ‘obey.’

So that people think the way we live in suburbia and go home and watch the 6 o’clock news, microwave our processed food etc - that it's normal - they think it’s natural - because ‘so many people’ are now doing it ‘that consensus reality’ believes TOTALLY in the program.

Americans will go to the doctor with a sniffle and have been taking antibiotics for generations and now their immunity systems have deteriorated to such a degree - that they are on multiple medications - keeping Big Pharma bloated with financial earnings - because sleepwalking to a burger of pizza parlour for a coke and fries is the programmed thing to do.

But what is it that makes me feel good inside? This is what Roy asks.

How much Joy can I experience?

When was the last time I loved life?

Saying - this is the most momentous time in history for us to come together.

Showing respect for mother nature - by going and immersing yourself in the beauty of what nature offers … This is when the healing takes place. Being bathed in grandeur and splendour. Breathing it all in.

However we did dip into the waters …

The NZ Government, right at this moment is doing its best to control all water across NZ and taking it away from all Councils - why? Agenda21 - Agenda2030. He says we are being deceived by the way the Government is dealing with water in all its manifestations here in NZ. They are not addressing the NZ Public - there are no town hall meetings to address this important resource and its allocation.

Roy says that we in NZ do not have leaders that are protecting us and our resources. We just don’t have them - they have been programmed to obey don’t rock the boat - as well as to essentially hide and blend …

Saying Billy Te Kahika has a huge job on his hands to get ordinary NZers mobilised - because they have been disempowered by years of TV programming drawn-out political processes and on the physical level - eating lifeless dead food and drinking municipal water devoid of life force …

Listen Roy discusses talkback radio, as it unravels across the airwaves yet easily becomes contaminated with no heart fulfilling conclusion  … and especially the addiction of anticipation - that talkback is going to share some important knowledge and they draw it out and extend it - you go to the advertisements and come back and they change the subject and you end up being drawn out into a dead-end situation - so what people are addicted to is the anticipation, but you do not actually really get any knowledge … and resolution.  A lot of it could be perceived as basically a bitching session.

It’s like hanging out for a hit of heroin - and the system sucks and sucks and nothing comes that fills your being with hope, joy … or knowledge.

You May get a little information - but you don’t get any knowledge that will change your heart - change your awareness - change your values - give you support.  Saying it is a type of hypnotism …

That after 20 or 30 years now - people have little understanding of knowledge these days - yet, they are awash in unknowingness - having zero connection to history …

TV Radio and Written Media

Shortland St , Coronation St, Neighbours, Close to Home SOAPS - are mind control TV programming basically based on betrayal and revenge - it is a program to strangle the minds of viewers to become lost in a lost world - yet pay the advertisers handsomely for being the suckers that watchers are. There is no continuous stories of virtues, values and love or on open one's awareness of a greater reality.- just a cycle of wash, rinse - spin-dry and repeat of so many various crooked dark attributes peppered with titillation and clever camera angles.

We are programmed towards lower desires and base thoughts and feelings. To those who are aware - the human species is sliding down the chakras away from the heart and higher mind.

The riddle of the Sphinx on the Giza Plateau In Egypt, is mentioned.  It’s an animal body with a human head. Signifying that the ancient pre Pharaonic civilisation, in a time that goes back probably 10,000 years plus - left a reminder for humans - that we have to evolve from the lower animal mind to that of the human higher mind.

We also talked about ‘Out of the Body and Near Death’ experiences - to realise that we are not our body … that we have another spiritual quality that is eternal - like the soul. That people have to research this - because it is life-changing for the better.

All is God and Nature - that the human race in many instances have become disconnected from …

Being warm and supportive with each other … and this connection helps us to awaken …

That the Bible has been rewritten so many times that it has lost its meaning at some levels - and that it has been sanitised.

Tim speaks of an early St James Bible that his friend has that says in (Matt. 2:1)

And three Astrologers came from the East.    Then it changed to

And three Magi came from the East to now it is …

And three wisemen came from the East

Will the next re-write be

And three coca cola salesmen came from the East?

The Redline BIBLE       - This bible supposedly has words that are written in ‘red’ as being spoken by Christ. Though the context in which it is written is somewhat removed.

The Scofield Bible 

The interview continues about the great deception that has been happening in banking + all religions - so that many movements globally have now been infiltrated …

‘Infiltration instead of Invasion’ - through all institutions especially in America and the English speaking world - ’sleepers’ have been put in place be it Justice, Education, Health, Agriculture, etc etc   They are not here to lift us up to be inquisitive, curious and to ask questions. Do your own research.

What To Do

Walk away from the system … start your own.

Communicate with your friends and neighbours.

Farmers markets are good places to go to ‘get a feel’ for working and cooperating with good people.

Don’t buy fizzy drinks - Cola etc.( haven’t bought any for myself since 1977)

Source good fresh spring water.

Don’t buy fast foods. (I have not eaten at McDonalds or Burger King in my life) - so it’s possible.

Grow as much of your own organic food as possible.

Consider Homeschooling your children. 

Join a TimeBank, Green Dollars or a Savings Pool. 

Find reputable local products to buy.

Clothing - I buy quality second hand but occasionally from a new retail source (Farmers) - but no major labels.

Yes, we will still have to purchase petrol and all fuel stations are the same. This is a loss/loss situation

Buying computers and phones - just buy the best and most robust. We cannot win here. Apple is relatively reliable.

Furnishings - there are superb 2nd hand deals.

Purchase a good used car - Japanese are usually the most reliable.  

Housing and land - it’s challenging. Build in mud brick and alternative local products. 

Work within their system to build an independent system …  this is where we need to start talking with our friends whanau and family …

Remember that there is a greater intelligence embedded through the universe, that a higher being exists and we have been programmed to forgo and forget our connection to Source to the Creator or as Roy openly states - to God.

Roy’s Radio Station Website - with a new website in December 2020.


American Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author. 

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.”

Once we understand this is a Western World Phenomenon - we can start connecting the dots.


Next Week 

Paul Riddell - Radio, Wireless and Electrical Frequencies  …

What you can do to isolate yourself from increasing wireless intrusion.

Healthy living in today’s electro-smog?

Sep 17, 2020

This has come about because we know that our planet, and the biosphere are in crisis. We are intuitively recognising that our freedoms are being constantly eroded. Not only this, but mainstream media is either censoring by omission or only feeding us information that may not necessarily be true. Especially if espoused by the Government - who are elected to be our representatives, and expected to debate and clarify every point of view in an open forum so that both they, and we, are fully advised of all pros and cons.

This interview tells of the emergence of the NZ Public Party and Advance NZ via social media, why so many people have been drawn to it, and illustrates a common thread that connects so many concerned citizens of today.

Yes, there is a metaphysical strand passing right through this narrative and it all revolves around either control or freedom. Not freedom to do whatever we want to do, but in having ‘Freedom’ - we know that we have to be self-disciplined when given such an immense responsibility.

This interview is about the soul of humanity and its impact on the soul of our civilisation.    

The best way to understand this is by watching Robert F Kennedy Jr in Berlin 28 Aug 2020

Robert connects so many dots that it brings Billy’s focus into perspective. To such a degree that within the next 10 days Robert and Billy are going to engage in a live video discussion, together.


In this interview I asked, Billy can you please start off with a little karakia - as prayer is important as it supports clear, good thought, correct statements, and right action.

We talk of his wife Corrin and his three children, his Tamariki, and also of his surname Kahika being short for Kahikatea - this being the tallest native tree in New Zealand!  Taller than our mighty Kauri - As these trees can grow up to 60 metres high and given time - higher. So I say that he comes from a very important family tree, pun intended - or shall I say whakaapa. (laugh) He says it has many meanings - the expression to be a warrior and the expression of a leader - but quickly advises that he has no desire to be a politician or in Parliament and now he finds himself in front of a movement that he says is really not about being hungry or lustful for power - he at heart just wants to get on with his life, with his business, being a musician, having a little ministry with his wife and helping people. However these times that have come about now have compelled him to take a stand and air the concerns of many, many people of what we are seeing in relation to the behaviour of the present NZ Government. (but of previous Governments too.

He says he stepped forward as he found that there was no-one in the political landscape articulating what was happening and this compelled him to make a stand, not knowing that it would lead to the formation of the NZ Public Party.

Early Childhood

Billy grew up as an ordinary kiwi Maori New Zealander living in South Auckland in a ‘state house’ with his beautiful Pakeha Mum and Maori Father. Saying that he never really wanted for anything yet did not have a lot either. He says many people are still highly skeptical of how he could come from obscurity to leading the fastest growing political movement in NZ. Something that has never been accomplished before. That it is all about the message, the timing and what needed to be expressed in the public arena.

That a growing number of people have been in distress quietly thinking the same things but not having an outlet for their concerns, their thoughts and thinking. Some were upset, thinking that this lockdown situation that we are in - just could not be and Billy was able to amalgamate and aggregate people from across society that share the same concerns - and Billy was able to put a voice to it and unite it all and thus have such a message stream out across not only NZ but globally too. Because in his words - it is a true peoples message and a true peoples movement.

The Status Quo do not like Billy calling out the ‘system’.

As a result all the political parties, be it the major ones and the small independent ones in Billy’s words - hate what he is doing. Because he has noticed that NZ has been losing its sovereignty and independence over a long period of time.  (This subject will be dealt with at another time.)

He tells of his COVID 19 experience and because as a family man on a little farm went into lockdown a week early, because he genuinely thought this the prudent thing to do with what information that he had at the time. However over this period he started to see cracks in the Government narrative. Listen - it is best hearing it from Billy direct. (It is only a 50 meg file - equivalent to 12 photographs).

Because what he started to notice were incongruencies with what the authorities were talking about. Remember, he had had some experience as a military analyst and viewed information in a holistic way of thinking and as he said - he was seeing that these authorities had differing perspectives that as team players they did not add up to one coherent story.

Contradiction in the Narrative.

So being at home with more time on his hands he put a lot of effort into research and assessing the information and found too many contradictions to the degree that when during the course of the lockdown they deemed to say that there was the potential for people to be arrested and detained and face charges. He states that this changed the narrative - that we were dealing with a highly deadly disease - he says that we understand that if it was a highly lethal disease - everyone would happily lockdown. But, earlier on Billy had been hearing these other narratives from Stanford University in the USA and their Department of Epidemiology.

This was headed by Professor John Ioannidis -  and Billy noted that this was from an exceptionally well-qualified Professor who had ‘broken ranks’ with the corporate, health and educational world. His detractors said he misled the public and the US Media in lockstep all condemned him - because one, ‘he was his own man’ - and two the media, and universities are all part of the one mindset and that they need to follow the same ‘controlled’ narrative. Because he said that Governments globally need to relax - that it’s an overreach - saying don’t panic and it is not going to be millions and millions of deaths - that it is going to be within the range of the annual seasonal loss due to bad influenza.

This to Billy says is confirmed by the courageous Auckland University epidemiologist Dr. Simon Thornley who stated the prolonged lockdown is likely to cause greater harm than the virus to the nations long term health and well being, the social fabric, plus economy and education.

Agenda21 and Agenda2030

So Billy took this all in and then studied the United Nations, which he had been doing for over 10 years and all of its many different agendas and realms and he had himself visited the UN and met Helen Clark when she was number 3 there and to cut this short - that Agenda21 and Agenda2030 were in his eyes, problematic - because those that have made an in-depth study, as well note the buzz worlds of sustainability and green initiatives and the very catchy phrases of due care and the future of children living in peace and harmony - something just did not click for him.

NZ Prime Minister Commits NZ to Agenda21 & Agenda2030.

But what spiked Billy’s focus was that last September at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in New York at a presentation called GoalKeepers - NZ’s PM Jacinda Ardern had made a public commitment to the audience that she was going to commit to the full implementation of these two Agendas right across NZ and yet she has not made this statement on the front page of the NZ Herald or the first news slot on TV ONE, or TV3 or the lead story at Radio NZ.  So there was one short story for overseas consumptions whilst the hobbits back home in the Shire in NZ learned of nothing but a quick news brief, on TV to the acclaimed silence of every NZ Member of Parliament to this day. Hence NZers' growing suspicion. You must remember Agenda21 was signed in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil in 1992 under the watchful eye of George Herbert Bush, US President, Ex Chief of the CIA.

Billy maintains that these Agendas become a totalitarian agenda were without prior consultation with the community from the grassroots up, we are not being told what they are being implemented.  Because, it’s a top-down mechanism from the top of the pyramid to micromanage our planet - country by country, region by region, from villages, towns and cities that programme humans to be eventually asked, and ‘encouraged’ to shift from the rural sector into ‘smart cities.’  Yet this has not been discussed in town hall meetings across NZ or better still on a two hour TV slot with both TVOne and TV3 ‘simulcasting’ it to the whole country - calling on all citizens of NZ to tune into this nationwide debate and discussion as to what is Agenda21 and the best future possible for us, especially our children and grandchildren's future.

Told to obey, and not encouraged to consciously participate?

That our society would come under the aegis of protocols from above about where a human can live, breathe, drink, eat, watch etc. Would the United Nations declaration of human rights apply?

But aligned with the World Economic Forum inclusive of the Fourth Industrial Revolution - humanity will be herded into smart cities wherein Auckland for example saturated in a cloud of escalating 5G wireless frequencies we would be drinking water piped in from the Waikato river - being only tested for 100 different chemicals whilst upstream the catchment area brings in 10’s of thousands of farm, factory and urban roadside chemicals. Would we be allowed to grow organic food in both the back and front yard of our homes? Or, if not allowed, does that mean having to eat factory food and industrial food - devoid of nutrition, vitamins, minerals and ‘life force?’

Cashless Digital Society to be implemented.

In a cashless society which we are entering as you read - all transactions are tracked and everything is transparent. Agenda21 clarifies what we can and can not do with our land, what we can build, how we can build - what permissions needed.  How we educate our children, ‘medical sovereignty’ to make decisions for you and your family what water we can catch, or pump up from the ground.

Billy maintains all of the above is entwined in Agenda21. Yet, there are also many concerned people, and plenty of lawyers and learned people currently in litigation against the UN’s rollout for this.

Why the Secrecy of Agenda21 and Agenda2030.

Why are our leaders not talking about this and then asking for feedback?

Why does the community at a grassroots level know essentially nothing about this? (other than they are too busy surviving and keeping a job to learn more about this. etc etc.

When Billy collated and pulled all this information together and then went on FB and called to all who wished to hear - it went viral and here we are today - with a rapidly growing educated population - connecting the dots and realizing that there are two narratives running. An overt one and a covert one. That when Billy started talking via social media - it went like wildfire - and people started sharing and liking and responding and NZers up and down the country realised that this was how they saw it too … and were ecstatic that someone had come out and courageous said it for what it is. That there have been over 2.5 million people on Facebook sharing, discussing organising and as of now there are 65 party candidates and the list is growing.

The feedback to Billy, is that NZers - these being lawyers, doctors, media professionals - business owners - wealthy people, poor people - every level of society are very concerned with the secrecy of what is planned for the country.

So today we are wanting to know about the Prime Minister's implementation of an Agenda that she has not gone to the NZ people to inform and appraise them of.

He said that the AdvanceNZ team has been working on all the policies that need to happen - that they have very qualified people organising and overseeing what needs to be accomplished.

Needing a New Constitution

Personal Sovereignty as a God given right.

Get our over priced housing under control - take an entrepreneurial approach to it - not a bureaucratic  approach.

Address our everyday problems by encouraging ordinary people who see these challenges and address them and who are not groomed politicians - who are also not groomed to take the corporate line either …

He mentions not only our PM, but also the Minister of Health and the Minister of Finance as working for another Agenda.

There is so much in this interview for you dear reader, if you wish to know more you are encouraged to please download and listen. Yes it is long - but not as long as having to sit down and translate it word for word - believe me :)  ta - Tim

Other Points

The Government is closing down localism and grassroots endeavours - especially in the rural sector. Notice that they never mention organics and how we can become healthy. During COVID lockdown the PM did not encourage us to eat healthy non sugary food, drink good pure vital water (which you can not get out of the tap.)

Were you encouraged during the first lockdown to grow your own food to become a little more sustainable and resilient as well as fit and being in sunlight?  No, because the current Government is in lockstep with corporate food giants who only want you to eat chemically sprayed factory food.  It would be no different if it was the National Government, they have been infiltrated with the neoliberal discourse as well.

Because Labour is very engaged with centralisation of power out of Wellington, in wanting more Nationwide control. Then we have  Regional Control = Australia, Pacific islands and certain areas within South East Asia and then ...

Full planetary control?

Labour is going about this systematically. The National Party would also do the same - if in power.

But, Billy states we have to have a strong middle class - and this is being eroded.

What is stated here is that the Government is collapsing our economy and in doing so is racking up more debt, getting our country beholden to overseas bankers (who print money out of thin air) and so with the majority of Labour MPs not being business people and have not put their savings on the line -  they have no understanding of the challenges and risks of owning and running a business - and thus have very little connection to small business and the responsibilities, etc .

Over reach by the Government?

The COVID19 Public Health Response Bill.

The NZ Govt states it is the only single source of Truth that we had the NZ Police use their Facebook page to say - exactly the same thing.

The NZ Herald article last week stated NZ has now debt of over $800 billion from a population of 4.8 million people - and that we could be forced to sell off the NZ communities remaining few crown jewels - the Ports of Auckland and whatever percentage of the Airport we still own.

We pay around $45 billion dollars in interest alone without paying off the principle - to keep our debts at bay. Covid has cost us $240 billion already.

The internet censorship Bill that Tracy Martin of NZ First put through  - why did NZFirst want to do this?  The hate speech Bill has to be re-examined as well.

That Chris Hipkins Minister of Health stated that action could be taken against people who spread lies and misinformation about Covid 19.

Turkey and Switzerland  -  Switzerland followed the global lockdown and Turkey followed suit - but they kept the workforce at the jobs - that anyone 20 and under stayed home and 60 and over stayed home too.

They were able to keep Turkey running at a high percent and both at risk groups were taken care of. When compared with the Swiss their statistics were comparable - but Turkey was able to keep their country running and not depend on loans, to bail them out. 

Look at 6hr 25 mins onwards re covid statistics - very revealing  

And Sweden - they went for herd immunity and after a very traumatic starts with a large amount of Covid health problems and deaths (the elderely)  - they have now gained herd immunity and the initiator of this unique process has been sent to work with Dr. Tedros of the WHO to shape them up.

He went against consensus realitie’s buy into the fear and the course that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates trumpeted and came out of this to end triumphantly.

He said very early in the situation that essentially this covid was a very nasty winter flu and they have come out the other side and their economy is intact and taken not had to be bailed out by intentional banks etc - They did not buy into the Who and Its Ceo..

Billy Talks of a Trojan Horse and the  Bill of Rights in relation to a national emergency that the NZ Bill of Rights can be suspended. He states that should never be the case - because the elected politicians in Parliament are our elected representatives - to represent us - we the people.

He also queried why John Key paid $15 million to the discredited Clinton Foundation and that Jacinda Ardern donated $ 5 million to them in what has been found out to be a ‘pay to play’ racket. What is the procedure and checks and balances to allow a PM to make contributions of NZ tax payers money to an overseas foundation. Who gives the ok?

There is much in this interview when more questions could have been asked, but lack of time prevented this.

Finally - when we set up this interview - Youtube generated a random number sequence. This is what we got back. What was even more interesting was that for the first time in my 17 years in radio I asked an interviewee to say a karakia - a prayer.


Next week’s Interview


We do not know.

Have an enjoyable and insightful 7 days.

Sep 10, 2020

Are we also going to be a cashless society only, using digital currency that will all be tracked from all integrated banks to every person throughout NZ/Globally?

Phil opens up saying that had ‘we’ had the courage we would have had a reset back in 2008 when New York’s Wall St and City of London ‘Ponzi schemes’  started to fall apart - but the Federal Reserve cleverly manifested trillions of dollars to bail out the bankers instead of the ordinary people who needed it. Like 14 trillion dollars of liquidity kept them afloat. Which Phil states was the absolute wrong thing to do - we needed to have let them fail - clean up their messes and then given them strict new rules in which to operate under and to state that ‘you cannot continue to hang out pieces of paper and expect other people to buy them. That was the first mistake.

The 2nd mistake was thinking that the problem was solved. Because with all this financial liquidity injected into the market - a lot of Governments and central Banks thought ok -  that is a good job done and everyone went back to business as usual. However, it basically sent all the ‘problem gamblers back into the casino - with a new bankroll.

Now Phil says, we have got the same set of problems - overvalued asset markets - and too many promises to pay - on debts that can never be repaid. Which essentially has set up so many economies around the world to basically fall over at the slightest whiff on any headwind - and now we are in this headwind. COVID.

Like building up climate-related problems, COVID, plus countries in unrest and civil disorder in so many other countries that the financial system was not ready for this because it was already ‘running pretty much on fumes.’  So we are up against the same sort of reckoning of 2008 - but this time we do not have the luxury of having to pump limitless amounts of credit into these markets to get them to inflate again. So what are we going to do?

Phil says that there are a good number of players who are saying let’s get back to work and open up our economies etc   - get the money machines flowing and just leverage more things - sell more things and pretend this never happened (sounds familiar?)  All Phil can say to this - is good luck with that.

Because the reality is that people especially now during COVID are reflecting on the present situation and recognise that this is totally unsustainable and realise that we can not just keep on plundering resources and use the oceans and atmosphere for sinks for all of our waste products and not expect it to catch up with us. That there is now no going back - there is now a growing number of people who know that what we have been doing has to change - that we have passed through a one-way gate.

Does this reset mean we go cashless?

Cashless Digital Countries - who are going to go first? Sweden, Australia, Norway or Denmark?  Phil says that NZ is very close as we are a small country with a very well integrated banking system and that we have been practicing for some while having the first EFTpos card system on the planet - back in the 1990s we put this in place, and it was not that costly and it did not take very long to have it all mesh together with all banks using one EFTPOS machine all connected.

So NZ was the global guinea pig (like so many other technical test trials). Phil states that NZ is seen as being successful having a nationwide system that can essentially do away with cash using credit and Eftpos cards.

Phil then mentions that the New Zealand Reserve Bank a year ago sent out a survey form to ask what New Zealanders thought about cash.

With these questions:

  • Do you use cash?
  • How often do you use it?
  • Do you wish you used it more or less?
  • He says they asked a number of good questions.

And what the NZ Reserve Bank concluded was that getting rid of cash would be a bad idea.

But, if the big boys overseas said DO IT. The Reserve Bank would do as they are told? 

Listen around 10 minutes in:

Phil says that though we may have in many ways a cashless society - and though the Reserve Bank is wanting it - they will watch the situation and see how it all unfolds.

Phil says that cash is the only form of money in our broader economy that is not created as private bank interest bearing debt. This is a larger thing that people tend to leave out of the conversation. That right now 98 and a half percent of the money that is circulating and changing hands and is in transactions every day in NZ was originally created out of thin air by a commercial trading bank as an interest’s bearing debt. He says that the cash is kind of interesting because it is the only money that does not have that pedigree. It is the only money that did not come into existence through that original sin … of a mortgage or some other sort of bank loan. The reason this is important is because right now NZ’s private debt to GDP ratio is getting close to 200% - which means that the amount of money that is owed to banks and financial institutions is about double the turnover of our entire economy in a single year. Phil says most of NZ’s money comes into existence when people take out mortgages.

(Note:  I did not want to interrupt Phil - but this Labour Government and the previous National Government have been accepting around 80,000 new immigrants into NZ per year, and I wanted to ask - is this allowing the NZ Government to ride high on the influx of the many millions of dollars flowing into the country as a result of these new residents, bringing all their cash into our economy?  

Phil talks about the housing bubble as this is where most New Zealanders invest their money, and he asks - what will be the trigger when it pops? Because, he says - it’s on its way …

Hear about the stated policy of NZ’s Reserve Bank via ‘quantitative easing.’ They are able to print money ‘by offering it to trading banks’ as a backstop for all the lending that they want to do. The banks are very happy to do this - for by giving out loans this is how they make a profit - the interest on loans is the banks' income source (Note the 4 overseas major banks in NZ made over $10 billion in profits in 2018/19)   So naturally, the top strata of the NZ Banks (Australian owned) want to keep this game going as long as they can.

Also mentioned in this interview

Learn that the Govt is acting as a hand brake on the NZ Economy.

Why do we not learn who the overseas Bankers are, that gives the NZ Govt loans?  What bank? What are the terms? That the further you follow the money it has to go higher up the pyramid. Who are the people at the top?  There have to be families that benefit from all this money ‘going uphill.’ Who are they? Why the muteness?

That NZ debt is continuing to increase. Why the silence from ordinary MPs about this? Because each Party will not allow an MP to break ranks and ask that type of question. The Parties control (muzzle) their members - this is why Parties and NZ politics are increasingly seen to be opaque, stagnant, and moribund. 

That the NZ Government also does not invest its money where it would do the most good.

Not at the grassroots. Listen to what he says - our government is not consciously putting its money into areas where the community most needs it.

Digital exploitation is now rife on a planet that has already been exploited for its natural resources.  

Phil says that we have gone into overshoot in terms of what we are doing to the environment - especially freshwater and topsoil, and pollution in general. That now the only frontiers able to be exploited are the ‘virtual ones’ by taking advantage of this digital space - the virtual world. This is where we also have to be alert. If you are not savvy with the latest technologies and monetary systems, get ‘professional’ advice.   

Crypto Currencies and BlockChain technology  - a lot are virtual ponzi schemes and pump and dump scams are in this realm.

BlockChain is a very useful tech - we just have clean out the abuses - so it can be used for the benefit of society 

Can we prepare Locally and throughout NZ for a perturbation in the currency and cash realm?  

If the Western world went suddenly cashless - would NZ follow?

Steve says keep some cash handy all the same - enough to get you by for a number of days just in case a bank did go down.

He says we are still in the Neoliberal lens and that there are bubbles that could collapse and affect us.

New Zealanders invest and own houses as their investment portfolio - not in new business and enterprises - where overseas that are more entrepreneurial.

Becoming Self-reliant and resilient.  

It is very important for us to grow our own food where possible, especially organic because we know exactly what we are putting into our bodies. Plus, it is fresh and therefore our health is optimised and thus no visits to doctors

Tools to sustain us in case of breakdown or emergencies.
How do we keep money or ‘currencies’ working when cash becomes unavailable?

Steve describes how a ‘Time Bank’ works to show how good and easy it is to implement. That a time bank is a ‘chit’  that has a number on it - that has a value of ‘one hour’ and you can trade these within your community if someone can mow lawns and another can cut someone's hair or paint a house and trades with repairing a machine or furniture - these chits can be traded. You can have a small computer run the whole local community and it can have up to a few thousand ‘locals’ engaged to work this way. 

That you can download from the web programs like  ‘Community Weaver’ a dedicated  program - or Community Forge - or CES Community Exchange Solutions

A very good example of a community that is working with a Time Banks is Project Lyttelton in the South Island of NZ. 

To obtain more information on making your neighbourhood and local community more self-reliant and resilient go to: 

Links of interest:

Sweden is the most cashless society today.     4.12 into this short video of 12 minutes. 

Could there be against all expectations a ‘Global Debt Jubilee’ - where all sovereign debt is forgiven?

I had that in my question list,  but did not get around to asking for comment on this :(.


Next Week’s Interview:

To be announced.

Once it is recorded and edited and readied we will advise.

Thanking you,

Sep 3, 2020

Since this interview that took place on Monday 31st, we find that the CDC, the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention in the US have now stated that only 6% of US deaths have been from COVID19 alone. The other 94% had at least one other health issue at the time (or more) then along came the coronavirus that led to their death. This was basically due to their now weakened - immune system.

This fact has been known to many people like ‘silenced' frontline doctors and activists for some time now - but denied or censored by omission by MSM, hence the uproar today -  as to question how large is this coverup by the so-called health ‘authorities?’   

Tim covers this subject a little more at the end of this interview where he adds to this narrative.

With regard to this Interview:

It’s obvious that everything to do with vaccines, in particular, is difficult for all doctors - globally. The reason being is Big Pharma - as it controls both Medicine and Doctors, especially if they speak out on issues, specifically with alternatives or doubts. This is when the ‘controlled' Medical Association' will instantly 'strike Doctors off' from practising if they dare to question.

But … ironically the Russian/Putin vaccination is getting widespread condemnation and scepticism because it has been rolled out so early.

Note the majority of people that Dr Kelly meets, would be happy with a ‘safe' vaccine. They simply are not convinced by a rapid roll-out under Bill Gates" - no difference from distrusting Putin.  A ‘clean' vaccine with no embryo remnants or nanoparticles is what is required.

Masks - Dr Fauci in the USA. First, health officials said we shouldn't wear face masks. Now, many are saying we must wear masks if we want to protect the economy, reopen the country etc  … Mixed messaging for the global public?

Hydroxychloroquine & Zinc. The video touting Hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment for patients infected with COVID-19 quickly went viral, gathering over 15 million views on Facebook alone. YouTube took it down and NZ authorities do not call for it to be used - even though it has been around for 60 years. Donald Trump took it at the start of the crisis and you can see him at news conferences with Dr Fauci and others standing beside him all wearing masks. What gives?  Do your own research.

The Media - we have media news interspersed by openly deceptive advertising about all sorts of things. So the narrative is we are presented by fact/lie/fact lie. For example - NZer Sir Ernest Rutherford, who split the atom, is now lip-synching his approval of 5G. Our media is also dependent on advertising which is Machiavellian. When is TV lying - when is it telling the truth?

Questioning the Media?

The idea of open honest media is that because of the impositions on our lives and livelihood, we need our state broadcaster TVONE, TV3 and Radio NZ  to produce a daily 2 hourly advertisement free, balanced debate on the pros and cons of lockdown, the pros and cons of the Great Reset, the pros and cons of mandatory vaccination - not crappy dating reality TV, etc. 

We need to trust the public to make up their own minds armed with balanced information. In fact, if 'mainstream media' is to survive it must do this and not whinge about people getting their information from social media.

Media experts need to be retired from comments after 2 months - the reason being they tend to defend their original statements whether right or wrong. This is not healthy.

Media experts need to declare their conflicts of interest. This is exceptionally important.

Big Tech is now completely entwined with tertiary education and of course all mainstream media.

MSM is the propaganda wing of big tech (and big pharma.) The corruption has become ‘normalised' in NZ.

Big tech is completely entwined with the Royal Society, Callaghan Innovation, MacDiarmid Institute, and all Universities and media outlets. Deals with Huawei, etc have happened and the repercussions have yet to become obvious.

The Crown Entity status of Callaghan Innovation - a Govt/big tech collaboration. No matter which party is in, has to be far more transparent.

The planned Elon Musk brain implants without any knowledge of how the brain works have to be questioned. The theory that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of the brain - rather than the Hameroff /Penrose theory that our brain microtubules are foundries where the quantum world collapses - I.e we are filters of consciousness.

That by encircling the world with 100k satellites - and 5G - when we now know there is a circulating world microbiome in the troposphere.

How viruses and all life have coexisted for billions of years. How they are vital for life and integrated into our DNA. Mammals would reject their off-spring without placental retroviruses. This hits at the military narrative 'let's eliminate the virus'...the virus is bad, we are good etc.

Human unknowingness

So all this adds up to human arrogance - advancing while denying their ignorance. Ignorance of the workings of the brain, the lack of realisation of the interconnectedness of all things, the microbiome, Schumann resonances etc.

Selectively using the precautionary principle only when politically and financially advantageous - i.e why lockdown but no caution with 5G?

The State imposition and control of the patient/doctor relationship - and overriding of Doctors years of experience and clinical knowingness plus the doctors' duty of care when treating the individuality of the patient.

Metaphysical Understandings?

The last few moments of this interview opens up to extend into the holistic notion of soul and spirituality and that this COVID crisis - has through all manner of means, compelled people to question their very existence and why are they a human and living on this planet surrounded by time and space. That … at the very core of our being 'we can visualise our inner candle' that illuminates us to expound on the idea 'we are spiritual beings having an earth experience.' Worth pondering?

At the end of this enjoyable interview, Tim adds a little more about Senator Scott Jensen

MD - of Minnesota, who went to social media saying that COVID death numbers have been totally exaggerated especially for the elderly as these people were already suffering from other comorbidity ailments, such as heart problems and cancer etc and were in many cases near death. Yet, they were classified as dying of Covid.

Please note it is now very difficult to find the full video statement he made as Youtube and Twitter may have taken it down. Make sure that you follow this up, as he has since been censured by the Medical Authorities.   

Dear Reader - This is our time to stand for truth, especially in taking care of our children of today and tomorrow - as well as our biosphere.

Dr Simone Gold. The banning of her and Hydroxychloroquine. 

Making nonsense of the nonsense - satire


Next weeks interview is still unknown. Such is the ever-changing landscape.

Aug 12, 2020

There are two important historical dates in NZ, these are 1835 and 1840. With Captain Cook’s arrival in 1769 he put New Zealand firmly on the world map.

This then started a chain of events that to this day have yet to be satisfactorily understood or resolved by the elected representatives of this country.

King William the Fourth, 1765 to 1837 - the King of the British Empire, on learning that New Zealand  was possibly the last hidden land to be found and that it was the only country he knew of that did not have snakes, wanted to give it special status. In doing so he wanted to be the first Monarch to give a land that had been recently found its own independence and in doing so they would have his protection. This was a world first. No other Monarch had ever offered the indigenous people of any land their independent nationhood.

That during 1835, thirty four Maori Chiefs in the North of New Zealand came together and with King William’s support, created a new flag and this was important, because the world of that era had certain Laws that were based around the ‘raising of flags.’ That if a flag was raised on a landmass - that (from an Imperialist viewpoint) signified that, this land was now under the control of the country raising the flag.

With NZ’s presence now on seafarers charts, they began arriving in the early 1800’s as whalers, missionaries, traders for flax, wooden spars, as well as ex-convicts released from the penal colony of Australia, including adventurers from other nations. This brought about a calamitous impact on the resident Maori population who were here. Resulting in exposure to, alcohol, sex and disease, also dishonesty including firearms, and new technologies that basically devastated the tribal system that had been in place for centuries.

This was a time of upheaval for Maori.

Missionaries had also arrived to convert them to Christianity

The French, Dutch, and the British all had an interest to colonise New Zealand.

The race was on.

These seafarers from the Northern hemisphere continued to arrive and began violating rights in unaccountable, uncontrollable ways including violence such as the raping of native woman as no jurisdiction existed over them to control their actions. NZ was becoming a lawless land. One such statement was that a particular port Kororāreka was called the “hellhole of the Pacific”.

However, King William lV back in Great Britain, as the reigning Monarch wanted to control his subjects from criminal actions in a land where he had no jurisdiction at the time.

This resulted in King William lV commissioning James Busby, a British resident in New Zealand to draw up a Declaration of Independence, so that the native resident population could establish their own laws and govern themselves and this land independently. He also had learned that NZ had no snakes and this impressed upon him that this was a special country.

He gave the native chiefs three flag designs to choose from to initiate their ‘nation hood’ - and the Maori Chiefs chose their National flag. Called the United Tribes Flag.

The reason for the ‘Flag’ was that even in those days, International Law at the time stated that a country had to have ‘a flag’ to identify a Nation.

The Declaration of Independence was duly signed by up to 34 Maori chiefs on the 28th October 1835, at Waitangi in the Bay of Islands and a ‘new independent nation was born’ upon the raising of the chiefs chosen, King William lV royally proclaimed flag. There are differing versions of this. (In March 1834, HMS Alligator, was on hand (and fired the 13-gun salute) at the first hoisting of the first national flag of New Zealand, at Waitangi, Bay of Islands. This flag became known as the United Tribes Flag). *

The only flag of this land that has ever been ‘royally proclaimed.’

The new independent nations flag (which determines the jurisdiction of the land ) the Waka putunga Nu Terreni had a black primbrae around the saint George cross in the left top quadrant, signifying the British monarchs protection on the land, (a white primbrae, signifying the British monarchs protection upon the seas, admiralty law.)

This founding document,(the D.O.I) is the only document which has an associated flag that has never been lowered to change jurisdiction

The birth of our nation of New Zealand is 28th of October 1835.

Therefore the contention is that the Treaty of Waitangi ( TOW ) is not the founding document.

However, King William IV died in 1837 and thus was not alive to pursue the ideal of seeing NZ retain its independence as per the signing of 1835.

The Con

Dan in his research contends that Colonial house which is the East India Company, and the New South Wales Government of the time was/is a franchise. That it is an extension of the ‘City of London’ # and they wanted to colonise New Zealand in order to sell land to migrants.

Captain Hobson with his many cannoned ship, was commissioned to sail to New Zealand, to have a formal Treaty signed.

Which he duly carried out on the 6th of February 1840.

For what reason did the Maori sign a treaty even though they already had independence? Evidently this way, the British Crown# could establish colonial authority over an independent nation.

Yet Maori signed the Treaty. Note that Colonial House knew they could not lower the true jurisdictional Flag as it was the Kings ‘royally proclaimed flag.’

So a counterfeit flag was created that was similar to the DOI flag, but had 5 pointed stars not eight pointed, as in the blueprint of the chosen royally proclaimed flag,( the DOI) the Declaration of Independence.

The ‘counterfeit flag’ was lowered and the Union Jack was raised on the 6th February, 1840 that is now known as Waitangi Day.

Dan states it may as well have been a flag of Donald Duck, (because it wasn’t the United Tribes Flag).

He asks, what ‘lawful basis’ can the lowering of a counterfeit flag end the jurisdiction of the ‘founding flag?’

This is the reason for the Petition for a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the flag referendum. (listen to the interview).

New Zealand is still supposed to be an ‘Independent’ country, going back to the signing of that 1835 document.

Dan maintains that ‘We’ were, and right up until this moment are, under the lawful jurisdiction of the Declaration of Independence.

We never legally lost it.

The question then is, was the 1840 Waitangi Treaty jurisdiction lawfully executed ?

If not then, then they didn’t and never have had any jurisdictional right or legal entitlement over this land.

  • Dan* encourages you all to do your own research and when you listen to the interview - it gives cause for more questioning and research - however he does mention that there are some recent law cases here in NZ that have completely validated his statement - that these court cases will become more common knowledge over the coming weeks and months.
  • Watch this space, but first, listen to this whole interview.  

Dr Manuka Henare describes the events around 1835 and on to 1840.


Other references in this interview include two well known Maori spiritual leaders in 1870 and 1916 who when wanting to practice living together in a very large tribal family were arrested by the NZ authorities for wishing to live peacefully on the land of their birth.

Te Whiti-o-Rongomai III and his life and peaceful stand at Parihaka in Taranaki

Rua Kenana Hepetipa in Tūhoe Country, Te Urewera National Park. 


Next Week’s Interview

Is going to be a repeat, due to a 2nd Covid Lockdown, preventing me from travelling to the radio station. Am planning on doing them from home in the near future.

Aug 6, 2020

Niki says that most New Zealanders across a whole range of political opinions think that this is a significant problem and that we actually do not have enough clean drinking water in this country.

This statement is correct - in clean green NZ (hold your nose) she says there is an actual lack of good quality drinking water - and that local councils are having difficulty in providing fresh water for their communities. Plus, there is the added issue around plastic waste and these plants produce billions of plastic bottles over the lifetime of their operations.

She says it is a huge issue for everyone across the country.

That there is a range of issues:

Councils across NZ don't have a lot of money to remedy this situation.

A lot of Council water bores are from shallow groundwater.
To get higher quality water you have to drill deeper and that is an extra cost.

Nitrates, detrimental to health, that have dissolved in the water - cannot be filtered out.

Some Councils take water closer to the surface and treat it and the condition of the surface water determines the treatment it requires. This is a growing issue especially in Canterbury into Christchurch - but the big issue is nitrates in shallow groundwater - and that these cannot be treated. This is an increasing looming issue right across New Zealand.

Putting chlorine in the water supply to deal with viral bacteria etc is one thing but dealing with nitrates is a far more complex challenge. Being due to intensive farming over decades.

That we will have nitrates passing down through the soil and they will continue like this for decades - so it is a problem that we cannot get rid of quickly.

Water Going Off Shore.

Niki says her concern is that water bottlers are coming into NZ and taking away our very best water, our cleanest water, our deepest water. Thus local communities are having to fork out a lot of money to 'treat' their water  and potentially not be able to get healthy, clean, nitrate free water. Especially into the future and she says we have to think of the future because these bottling companies are being granted 'consents' for 30 years (because they want continuity of supply) as they are putting in massive infrastructure and they need that security - but it appears that no one is looking ahead 30 years - to the state of the groundwater, community supply or basically anything at the moment and essentially there are no controls and no thinking of future generations ...

Tim asked - who are making these decisions in NZ? Who is allowing these water agreements to happen - especially when the community is kept in the dark?

She says it is an interesting/complicated state of affairs, we have quite a few small water bottling plants and they do not produce a lot at the moment - but we are now having some larger companies coming into NZ.  Listen - this gets interesting ...

These corporations have been coming into NZ and talking with Government Ministers directly, such as NZ Trade and Enterprise - and supporting NZers who want to sell their land to overseas investors who want to bottle water and these Govt representatives have acknowledged doing this through their emails.

That NZ Trade and Enterprise - supports the sale of land. It has supported about 8 overseas enterprises over the years.

The NZ Taxpayer is helping finance these industries 

It is supporting 6 at the moment and the NZ tax payers are actually supporting water bottling companies (Just like the Film Industry is supported by NZ tax payer dollars)

Some overseas companies do need Overseas Investment Office consent.

Listen how there’s a number of tiers - with high end solicitors being engaged at the top by the overseas entities and the cash strapped communities and Councils at the bottom.

At present:

That Aotearoa Water Authority is in court with a Creswell Company at the moment.

Plus Otakiri, water bottling is taking 1.1million cubic meters from a deep water aquifer per year near Whakatane. Link.

That the NZTE brought the Chairman out to NZ so as to help him find the water he was wanting ...

So Niki suggests we need an entire country wide review to make everything transparent.

The NZTE's job is to help NZ businesses to Grow bigger, better, faster ... but it can also be a NZ business that can be ultimately owned by a foreign company. With the case of Cresswell NZ that wants to run the Whakatane venture as well as Cloud Ocean Water which is a NZ company which has just been taken to court by AWA Aotearoa Water Action, but ultimately it is overseas owned as well.

However recently (possibly due to NZ Community pushback) the NZAT have given up actively promoting water bottling to foreign investors. But, they will help a NZ land owner with a large water consent -  a water permit - to sell their land to a foreign investor.

Who are these companies? There are Australian Companies that are ultimately owned in Japan. That is Frucor Suntory   See:   

But the big ones Aotearoa Water Action are battling in court are from China.

Tim asks - shouldn't NZers need to know who is taking our drinking water offshore? Niki says it is more than this. It’s to see what impacts are on our aquifers, future supplies, what about the plastic - what are the recycling facilities overseas?  Because, NZ water is now packaged in plastic to go overseas. Are we basically exporting a plastic tsunami overseas?

The amount of NZ drinking water that leaves this country annually is a tricky one she says. In 2017, 28 million litres were being exported every year. In 2017 domestic use was about 158 million litres (packaged in plastic bottles)

Last year 118 million litres was exported.(See TVNZ) they did a documentary.

Local Push Back 

Some years ago, Ashburton in the South Island was going to have a large water bottling venture that essentially was going to sell some land called Lot 9, which had a large 'water permit' attached to it that gave ‘free’ access to huge amounts of water - to an overseas entity, but when people heard about this there was such a 'huge organised and fired up pushback from both the local and the NZ community that it was not allowed to come into being.

Lack of Local and Central Government Oversight.

Listen - Councils have no duty of care to put out to the community an expression of interest by an overseas company wanting to buy land and ultimately a water source. Thus commercial undertakings of NZ strategic interests have yet to be set in Law to make sure that we do not lose valuable resources due to the public not knowing what is being bought and sold. There is no obligation by the Councils in NZ to let the Community know about important issues such as this.

Note that if you have a water right to the land you buy and there is a huge aquifer underneath - there is no Law in NZ stating that you cannot suck it dry! There is no limit on the volume taken out. (Thanks to the NZ Government still remaining conscious)

Water is part of the 'commons' and Councils and Government can not charge for it, that can only charge for the council infrastructure to pipe it from place to place. Listen - Niki is a very good communicator.

Strategically the water bottlers are looking at aquifers close to ports. Like Cresswell NZ Ltd. Especially in Whakatane in the Bay of Plenty and there are 3 water bottling plants within a two kilometre radius. Also the Whakatane Council was actively promoting the bottling industry and used rate payer funds on marketing the good value of water bottling.

Maori Perspective.

Tim asks are Maori and Iwi not upset?  She says there are some Maori involved in bottling. One in Murupara was slated to start but it was abandoned because the iwi found that they were not going to have control of the water consent.

We have yet not grappled with Maori rights over fresh water as the sovereignty issue naturally has to be addressed.

Will we have to take our water, back from the company if our need in the next 30 years become urgent?  What is the deal?

OverseasTrade Agreements

Trade Agreements that the NZ Government have signed. What are the sticking points if we want to break such deals? What is the punishment etc if we renege on a Trade Agreement?

The cultural side is also important. Maori are deeply embedded in Papatuanku - mother earth - they see rivers as living entities they are an extension of the Wairua - just like the Whanganui River has living entity status sanctified by the NZ Government and thus many Maori are offended in the gross commercialisation of what they see as sacred and an extension of their tribal land and indeed the tribe itself.

Listen .... the Government is in some ways boxed in due to Trade Agreements - as well as land use - and they were not conscious further back in time to classify water and give it a special status in its own right. The Government and Councils do not grok rivers and land from a holistic perspective and due to linear thinking, were incapable of seeing the big picture - that in Maoris eyes, we are dealing with a living being and water for want of a better expression is an entity within Papatuanuku and is akin to 'her' life blood.

Other Subjects covered.

Canterbury water allocation for dairy farms - after a certain level of use is reached - then farmers need to then buy it. Via in this case  a company called Hydro Trader.

If you are in Canterbury and have a water consent to pump out water on your land. It keeps your land value high - even if you do not utilise it.

34 Billion Litres Per Year.

There is 34 billion litres of water per year that has been consented  - but at present only 118 million liters are being bottled so the bottlers are still only doing millions .... just know that the water bottle industry in NZ is according to Niki - is not regulated. That there are no specific rules around water bottling - (thank you NZ Parliamentarians.)

They are not classified in the RMA Resource Management Act or in the Policy statement for Freshwater Management -

We can now see how ratepayers become the meat in the sandwich.

A Royal Commission Required.

We in NZ need a Royal Commission to sort this out. But, not just by industry and lawyers - but also land holders, ecologists, water specialists and health professionals too.

Niki says we need to look at it from a holistic standpoint. This is a word and a concept, though first used 100 years ago by ex Prime Minister of South Africa Jan Smuts - it is still too intellectually taxing for politicians of today.

At present we are bottling water and shipping all these plastic bottles overseas - and leave this plastic for some other nation to clean up. We export our environmental costs, under the pretext that what we are selling is pure water - pumped out of the ground for free! 

Plastic bottles - in sun - lot's of micro plastics - children drinking from these bottles - health challenges etc

Niki says she doesn't want to see NZ farms dotted with water bottling plants.

Speaks out against privatisation of water - it has to remain public owned.

There is presently a court case against Cloud Ocean Water, who are extracting here in NZ.

This is a very important interview for all NZers - our adult bodies are composed of about 70& water, babies about 85% water. We need the best and highest purity for us all

We have to find out how land owners can obtain water consents and what is the process. That once a plot of land has a water consent - it has it  for life? 

Who is the person/ organisation who gives this consent to the landowner?

Can this consent be overridden?

How much does a water consent cost, if any? 

Jul 30, 2020

With human health including animal and vegetation health, being paramount, how can we organise a moratorium on Elon Musk and the current 5G satellite deployment?

That in their thousands they are being launched into low earth orbit and particularly over Australia and New Zealand, why the hurry and this continuing question ‘where is the independent health research?’

This was one of the most revealing yet shocking interviews that I have engaged in.

I talk with  barrister Ray Broomhall from Tasmania who is part of a group of 14 lawyers Australia wide. They have voluntarily come together to educate the Australian public to the 5G ‘health dangers’ and also to advise them of a way forward  to halt 5G towers and then bring a stop to this 5G deployment across their whole country. That no until ‘independent research and studies’ give this technology a clean bill of health.

NZ is also experiencing this same 'imposed' roll out of the global 5G network - with Government, Media and Telcos all in lockstep, to deploy it across the country.

Tim mentions that he had just come off the phone after speaking with Steffan Browning Ex Green MP who 'by chance' early one evening very recently happened to witness up in the early evening sky the deployment of a whole number of satellites and at first he was in awe of them as he gazed at this spectacle - and then he went into shock and realised that this was a violation and that this was not right - and so I asked Ray about this procedure of having 40,000 more satellites in near earth orbit constantly raking us with their wireless frequencies.

Ray says that Elon Musk is connected to even another company and he has just got approval from the International Communications Union as there was a world radio communications conference in Egypt last November in 2019. That NZ and Australia were party to this conference - and all agreed that Elon Musk now had approval to operate at the 60 gigahertz band. Which basically means it is a Free license type of arrangement where at the moment for wifi in homes - you can have it at 2.4 - out to 5 gigahertz - and the authorities have now increased it to the new wavelength band to 60 gigahertz. You will find that all smart technology will now have chips in them which will compliment the 50 gigahertz frequency that satellites will operate at. And you will find that wifi modems and mobile phones, laptops etc will be operating at 60 gigahertz as well. However Ray believes that Musk is actually going to add another 20,000 satellites and increase it to 60,000 in total.

Tim mentions 'they' are using the 'global commons' which is the upper reaches of the atmosphere to do what they are doing - but they have not got permission from both myself and Ray so how do they get this license to be able to 'overrule' the people down here on the surface of the earth?

Ray says this is what people do not realise, that there is legislation - particularly in NZ as we have the 'Outer Space and the High Altitude Activities Act of 2017 - which he says provided some sort of reassurance for NZ in regards to not only satellites but also in regard to high altitude platform stations and he say that listeners need to know that there is more than just satellites that are a concern - up in the heavens so to speak.

There is a thing called high altitude platform stations or HAPS or High Altitude Pseudo Satellites. These are not actually satellites as such but they are actually drones - which are about 80 metres in length - they fly around the 20 kilometre altitude mark in the stratosphere - so they are well above the clouds - they are solar powered but they are designed as part of the 5G roll out with all these 40,000 new Elon Musk satellites.

What they do is that they are each the equivalent to 1,800 towers and they operate in a 200 kilometres radius (and our Government and especially the 4th Estate our media TV, Radio and Newspapers in NZ are exceptionally quiet about sharing this critical information.) (No surprises here).

They are actually launching them from Australia from a base in Wyndham as well as from Hawaii and he says the corporations are 'rushing' to put up these high altitude platforms and that every 200 kilometres there is going to be one of these circling up in the air and they remain for about 3 months up there - then they are replaced with another. Whilst they then come down and land - get overhauled and revamped ready for the next assignment.

So it’s More than just Satellites

They are going to be operating at a whole conglomerate of frequencies - both high and low - from the one signal - from 60 gigahertz all the way down to your mobile phones etc like 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G - all combined - but not only sending data - but wireless power transfer as well. He says listeners need to know what this means. He says that in essence they are sending electrical energy down from these high altitude platforms ... so that our phones will not need to be plugged into the wall to be powered up. They will be charged automatically - by the airwaves - the electricity - like autonomous vehicles, plus other devices in your home thus eliminating power cords to the wall. Everything is eventually going to be powered, via the air.

So 5G is far more than what people realise. Our phones are going to be transmitters and receivers - and our modems meshed into the network that will be totally integrated into all the small transmitters on power poles outside on your street across all towns and cities - they will be ubiquitous - and basically the whole atmospheric envelope that envelops our planet will be one vast electronic 'cloud' of electronic data pulsing at increasing frequencies ...all at the same time - they will also be integrated into the macro system of the larger towers that we see dotted everywhere which he says they are erecting them in the thousands at the moment. So with overhead platforms and in a higher orbit satellites - this is all part of one integral unit - this is what 5G portends

So where is mother nature in all of this?

He encourages you to do your own research.

Ray mentions that the WHO in 2002 in a report on Microwaves and cancer said that Children should not be exposed to anything over .3 of a micro Tesla.

Now this is a magnetic field (we are surrounded by one of many).

Especially anything over.3 of a micro Tesla becomes problematic.

Listen to this broadcast as it is imperative that you make the effort - especially if you love your children and what could cause lymphatic leukaemia.

Some mobile phones operate at 6,200 micro Tesla’s - then things become very serious.

So there is a huge disconnect between what the WHO says and what is being put into children's homes.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
ARPANSA in Australia is the regulatory authority that NZ is part of in regards to standards. 

Listen to the conundrum of different standards between ICNIRP the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection - that Basically says that 100 micro Tesla is the public safety standard BUT ONLY FOR SHORT TERM effects. 

For long term effects the WHO recommends .3 of a micro Tesla - so there is a real problem here.

Yet in Australia and here in NZ, ARPANSA are following the ICNERP thus it's an issue here in relation to long term exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

That Ray's concern with his clients and his colleagues clients, is the huge exposure issue.

Oxygen depletion at 60 gigahertz - stating that when one gets exposed to 60 gigahertz research states it depletes 98% of the oxygen that it irradiates into - which is a real concern. Saying this is not a conspiracy theory and that dormant viruses are activated by electromagnetic radiation.

For Example: The Epstein Barr virus is asleep in all of us and when it's exposed to non ionising radiation - he says it becomes activated. Epstein Barr virus is 'herpes.'

He mentions vaccinations that the antibodies etc for vaccinations are made in animal embryos rabbits, chickens, rats, monkeys etc and if there is a latent virus possibly inside these tissues - in the vaccination, that is how it could possibly be transferred to humans. Plus we can see that the electro radiation can activate dormant viruses - and he is not suggesting that this happened in Covid - but there is a real concern that by exposing the planet and everybody to this radiation - that there could be more repercussions.

Listen. Wireless Towers in Australia - Doctors are now coming to the conclusion that these impose an extreme risk of harm to health and ARPANSA are aware of this...

That the Telco industry is following ARPANSA and are failing to listen to the medical practitioners and Doctors are saying that if people are exposed to this radiation. This is becoming a serious issue. Especially with regard to leukemia.

NOTE: There is not one medical practitioner that sits on the ARPANSA board.

They have a disclaimer - do a search and type up ‘ARPANSA disclaimer’ - you will find it says very clearly - that it is not set up to give health advice on electromagnetic radiation and non ionising bands etc - you best go see your qualified medical practitioner. They state it is only for educational purposes - ONLY.

Telecos - Being Held Up for Assault?

There is a Harassment Act 1997 here in NZ.

In Queensland the Law simply classifies that any person who applies force against another without that person's consent - that it's classified as assault.

In Qld applied force includes heat, light, electrical energy in any other substance or thing. So Ray says any electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetic energy comes under that interpretation/criteria

So technically that can be classed as assault.

YOU can get restraint orders against Telcos ...

Listen how doctors in Australia are using common sense mechanisms that are actually in place.

Check out Doctor Bruce Hocking … in an ARPANSA document.

Hear Ray talk on the brain's synapse activity can occur at 0.75 volts per metre.

Nerves can be effected at 6 volts and that the heart can be affected at 12 volts and be a serious health issue

You just have to Listen to this interview to grasp both the seriousness and the scope.

What To Do

Go to your doctor and make a statement. If concerned about self and children re exposure from this tower etc then ask the doctor to assess the situation and come to conclusion.

Ray says Doctors has stopped towers in their tracks

Listen to a case of 8 doctors who happened to be living in one street in Australia that were opposed to 5G - they had a community meeting with neighbours with 13 doctors attending in all - saying No - and they got the tower removed.

Ended up that Telco stopped the deployment of 2,500 small cells installations across Australia Physicians for Safe Technology

Have a peruse of their site.

Leukaemia is a big problem. Do your own research.

There are 250 different FB groups in Australia, discussing the deployment of 5G

Ray said that we need to Exercise the Precautionary Principle and have a Moratorium until independent research gives a 100% assurance that 5G is safe. (which presently, it is not).

Go to your Local Council especially in towns and small cities and educate them.

In Australia now forming a political party called NO 5G.

Regarding Satellites passing overhead insurance is needed for rockets leaving and also deploying satellites.

Listen to the last closing minutes of this video about insurance costs in space.

This was one of the most riveting interviews I have done on technology and the imposition of it on the human race.

We have to become really aware that technology does not need nature to work. You can see that on the Moon and Mars. However, we are all born of nature and that all biota within the biosphere require a balanced healthy ecology and environment for the web of life to homeostatically flourish and continue.

This is an exceptionally important interview for the health of the human race and all precious life on our planet.


Next Weeks Interview: Aotearoa Water Action

Who owns NZ's water?

What is the NZ commons?

Overseas Water Corporations are pumping away drinking water and paying virtually nothing for this ‘taonga’ - resource.

Who are they and who is allowing consent for this practice?

Jul 22, 2020

Find out that 10s of $Billions of holdings are hidden with direct NZ Government knowledge - so as to not be scrutinised by 'we the people.’

We first cover some recent history, and the stopping of economic imperialism here in NZ on the far reaches of what was once the British Empire.

However it's about Offshore Corporations being able to profit from NZ resources and labour and taking all their profits away overseas and not really investing in the NZ community at large.

For example, back in 1975 at the bottom of the South Island the Bluff aluminium smelter was built by the Rio Tinto Group an Anglo-Australian multinational and the world's second largest metals and mining corporation. This smelter was classified by CAFCA as the largest corporate bludger in NZ. They obtained cheap electricity from Governmentally owned power stations  - huge amounts -  at a tiny fraction of what a NZ householder would pay for.

Murray also stated that CAFCA has a clear message – that it does not take immigration as a reason for the  inequities of large amounts of money being taken out of NZ, as this can be easily hijacked and if you are not careful, slip into racism – especially if you are not vigilant.

The concern is foreign big business and their domination of virtually all aspects of the NZ economy.

Like land sales, banks, news media etc – but virtually any sector of the NZ economy you care to  think about is dominated by TransNational Corporations. They used to be called MultiNational Corporations – because they increasingly operate in a huge number of countries, a number of them so global that they are far larger than the NZ economy.

Oil corporations and Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft – the digital corporations – they are enormous and continue via software developments to expand their influence whilst encroaching on ours.

NZ Needs to Become Self Sufficient.

AIMs of CAFCA – that NZ should be a self sufficient economy and that if you are going to have foreign investment it has to be for the benefit of NZers not to simply for overseas investors to ‘fill their own pockets.'

For example; 2,000 workers at the Bluff smelter will be now out of work. Because it suits the Corporate interest to do that. That a corporation basically does not have a social contract or obligation and they are doing nothing to improve NZ's debt situation. Thus CAFCA considers them to be a net liability – not an asset.

He mentions also the film playing now in NZ called 'Island of the Empire' and it's about NZ’s military relationship with the United States that's been updated with Murray starring (my words) way back in the mid 1980's featuring journalist Nicky Hager, ex Green MP Keith Locke and his sister Maire Leadbeater. Plus ex Activist now Mayor of Invercargill - Tim Shadbolt.

Also mentioned, is the 30 year old campaign against the Five Eyes Waihopai - Echelon Listening outpost for the US - UK alliance – that vacuums up all our, (meaning your) - telephone calls, fax’s, texts etc etc. And then saves them for later.

Green Rush - Murray mentions the excellent Radio NZ research on who owns our land.

The four largest private landowners in New Zealand are all foreign-owned forestry companies. This superb research by Radio NZ is an eye opener.

The information comes from an excellent RNZ investigation into land ownership in New Zealand.

Using Land Information New Zealand data, Companies Office searches and other research, RNZ compiled a list of what is believed are the 100 biggest private landowners in New Zealand by area, not including the Crown and public entities (which control at least 28 percent of the land) or iwi (Maori).

Forestry – not the above radio NZ article which only focussed on land ownership and did not focus on leased land and that is more dominant. This is important to realise - that it is not what is recorded - but what is obscured or hidden.

Foreign direct investment (ownership of companies) in New Zealand increased from $15.7 billion in March 1989 to $121.7 billion as of March 2019 - almost eight times.

As a proportion of the total output of the economy, Gross Domestic Product, it has risen from 22% to 40%.

Statistics NZ data shows the countries where $100m or more in foreign direct investment was based as of March 2019 as being, in decreasing order: Australia, Hong Kong, US, Japan, UK, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, British Virgin Islands, China, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and France (though the investments from some countries have been suppressed). These accounted for 93% of foreign direct investment in New Zealand.. Australia alone accounts for 50% with $57 billion of the $113 billion total.

Murray continues, About You - the average NZ home owner.

The average house owner who owns less than 5 hectares of land and collectively owns about 1.5 % of NZ.

But, it gets worse - those who have around an acre of land with their house on it, such as Mum and Dad owned homes -  the total comes to 0.5% of NZ.

Large units of Privately owned land in NZ 

We have 4,600 people in NZ  0.1% of the total population that own half of the land owned by the 10 largest landowners.

Listen to this, because Murray says the present government is doing something about curtailing the sale of our land … Eugenie Sage, the Green, Minister for Lands ‘outside’ of Government (not invited to Cabinet meetings) has actually said No to an overseas buyer. The Transnational mining company Oceania Gold, who are mining in Waihi in the Coromandel (where there is a huge hole in the ground) was not allowed to expand its operations to buy more farmland so as to use it to dump more toxic waste – however she was overruled by Labour Govt Cabinet Ministers. In this case the Finance Minister David Parker who is basically at the top of the pecking order along with David Clark (also the Minister of Health ) who is associate Minister of Finance. Both overruled her.

However Murray states that since 2017 that this Labour lead Govt, of NZ First and the Greens has been doing something substantive to slow down the sales of land to overseas buyers.

The Government now has a watchdog type unit that is monitoring sales. Called the ‘Overseas Investment Office’  - you must first check in with the OSIO to see if you can buy … listen or better still track the links below this article.


$10,000,000,000 of banking profits from NZers annually - from 5 million people.

NZ's Four largest banks in NZ are Australian - These four Aussie banks constitute an enormous chunk of the NZ economy (and who is it who owns these Australian Banks?  Do they have links back to the UK or the US? Follow the money ….

They are taking out of the NZ economy $10.3 billion dollars profit which is a substantial amount from less than 5 Million people. In the decade from 2010 up until 2119 they made $84.4 billion in profits out of satisfied NZers. Of which ¾ of this money left NZ.

We discuss how the ASB the Auckland Savings Bank, once a very successful ‘Trust’ bank was sold off to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia - which was then privatised by the Conservative Howard, Australian Government.

In NZ the many ‘Trust’ Banks that were here - were absorbed into Westpac of Australia. Only Taranaki and Southland remained sovereign. 

We learn that Jim Anderton of the Alliance Party managed to start Kiwi Bank totally against the wishes of Prime Minister Helen Clark and Finance Minister Michael Cullen of the Labour Party.

In 2019 we learned of ‘other’ tax havens such as the Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Channel Islands which include Jersey and Guernsey, Dubai and United Arab Emirates and Island of Man – but the value of all their holdings have been suppressed as quote unquote – Confidential.

That the NZ government refuses to let this information out.

Listen ... we can go on becoming serfs in our own country or we can ask every political candidate why is this so?  Even Ex National PM John Key mentioned that NZers may become tenants in their own country. Not that he really made an effort to alleviate that.

We also learn in this interview, how Labour’s Minister of Finance, David Parker is now making it more streamlined for overseas investors to buy into NZ. This is a shocker.

Note that any purchase in NZ that is under $100 million does NOT have to go through any Government oversight – and they do not show up in the statistics!

Murray gives an example – if the Auckland Sky tower went up for sale at $99.999 million dollars and someone from Russia, China or America wanted to buy it – that sale would not figure in any of the NZ Government books – it would just go through as an ordinary real estate transaction. (hidden from Public scrutiny) So you can see that the present Government has actually taken the goal posts away from the field altogether. This being done in plain sight by our generously paid elected Representatives who have run away with their own agenda by refusing to represent the interest of ‘we the NZ public.’

Just like selling our house or a flat or whatever … but in Australia it’s considerably higher - they have a $520 million threshold – so the Australian public are being shafted too.

That all sales under that $100 million threshold, 'fly under the radar' and the NZ Government (your Government) for decades has been complicit in this. You would have to question that they are wanting to do away with our Sovereignty as a self-reliant nation!

Have a good focused listen.  This is an Election Issue.

In 2017 the Government put in certain breaks to stop certain countries coming in and bulk buying houses – Have a listen ...

Australian and Singaporeans can buy a house in NZ today or many, because of the NZ/Singapore Free Trade Agreement and the Closer Economic Relations (CERA) with Australia, respectively.

Note that recently the Australian Government convened a Royal Commission of Enquiry into their Banks (and the Insurance Industry) and have found very damning evidence of wrongdoing – but the NZ Government has declined to do the same – though the 4 largest banks in NZ are Australian owned. Which gives us cause to wonder …

We hear from Murray that over seas insurance corporations take in profits of $38 billion annually.

As there is an election here in September I asked Murray what questions we should ask Politicians in any public forum?

Every candidate be asked about* – why the Government rushed through the Temporary  Overseas Investment (urgent measures ) Amendment Act – so that any foreigner has to have it run by a Governmental National Interest Test.

This is to stave off in the situation that critical businesses and infrastructure cannot be bought out in a fire sale - if due to another Covid or other national disaster that collapse the economy  and then have a foreign entity or predator come in and scoop our assets up at a bargain basement price – an then exit the country …

Now most countries globally have done the same and in Australia too.

So* ask our political candidates to make this 'National Interest Test' - permanent – be it a farm or the Auckland harbour bridge – it has to go through that National Interest Test. Do you agree to that? That it be made permanent. Plus, to now make this to apply to transnational investors already operating in this country.

Murray said that the Bluff Aluminium smelter would not have passed this test – saying they are a bunch of bludgers – he said if the National Interest Test had been applied to all the overseas banks in NZ – they would have failed it too.

Also ask this question. Do you renounce the whole Neo Liberal Economic Model?
This will let you see who is independent or who follows the party line. 

Also mentioned that farms are being bought up and converted to pine forests – do we not need to keep the rural sector populated and have schools – villages and towns and the local infrastructure working sustainably - being robust?

Other subjects covered.
NZ sources so many of its medicines, pills etc from overseas - that a huge percentage come from India and this was compromised during the Covid lockdown - because we had all our eggs in one basket. The US too had 95% of its antibiotics sourced from China. Trump has certainly put a halt to that.

Rio Tinto of Australia and what they did on the island of Bougainville was totally lacking in a social conscience.

US Bases at Christchurch? It is exempted from NZ Nuclear Free Law, and NZ politicians will tip toe around it, trusting NZers will remain silent.

That NZ Legalised spying on NZ – by the J Key Government

The Global media program lies that NZ is an honest country, when it is definitely not.

Murray states that CAFCA is also for Progressive Nationalism Versus Globalism.

Wanting NZ to become as self sufficient and sustainable as possible.

To remind you all.

Find out that 10's of $Billions of holdings are hidden with direct NZ Government knowledge - so as to not be scrutinised by 'we the people.’

This is a giant scam and needs to become an election issue - and it will - with your help and assistance.

What I didn't get around to asking about:

Fishing companies in NZ.

TPPA.  Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.  Anything we need to know?

Water resources being sold off at a pittance to overseas entities. I have this link.

To Aotearoa Water Action     IMPORTANT.

Selling into NZ – Products from China that overtime deteriorate in quality.

I apologise to readers, in my listening and poor note taking and writing them up coherently. It's just too time consuming and then to reread and rewrite so that they make sense takes hours and hours. Trusting you forgive me as it’s all voluntary.

By clicking on the three below links you will be able to see the bigger picture.


Next Week’s Interview

Ray Broomhall

On the deployment of 40,000 satellites in near earth orbit that will facilitate global saturation of 5G wireless frequencies - everywhere.

The ramifications to human health, but more so to all biota in the biosphere.

What health professionals are doing to educate the public and Councils so as to slow down and stop invasive technologies that have not been ‘independently proven to be safe.

What we as families and community can do to protect our health and well being.

Jul 16, 2020

We consider the Government, the authorities and the schools to be sources of information … and it is very upsetting for people to learn that it is disinformation. So everybody has to now take stock and ask themselves “what do I believe?”

As today, across the English speaking world we are the moving target of an unremitting onslaught from global media. The majority coming out of the six US main corporate conglomerates with the British BBC carrying on the offensive, from the other side of the Atlantic. Feeding this out into the commonwealth of nations, from basically the same hyped up song sheet of fear, fraud and semi truths. It is becoming difficult to discern what truth is and what fiction is.

In this interview, Roy says that one of the things that he can point to universally is that during the Covid lockdown people had the opportunity to reflect on life and that is “how am I spending my time?”

What are my priorities and what do I really value and he says that on an individual level that this is a good thing.

If it took the lockdown to force everyone to put their phone down and stop and go through that exercise - he says OK - let's see that as the good coming from this lockdown.

And if it helps everybody come to the platform of a deeper understanding of themselves and a firmer understanding of their relationship with society and Roys says - he thinks this is a good thing.

Asking the question - what matters to me - Roy says - looking after ‘number one’ - but says that quickly gets old - we know that we can take care of ourselves and being born into this country offers us a great opportunity - ‘you are not for want’ - unless you are foolish about our resources  - but using these resources correctly - so that you make a positive contribution - not only to yourself - but to the whole human society - is really waking up to the ‘selfless’ side of reality.   

However, Roy says that we are all trained by the media and schools to be selfish - and he thinks that that is part of the transition that humanity must go through now. That we must recognise that selfishness has caused all of this - ‘them and us’ - mentality, and if we can come above that to a universal point of view - we can then put that to rest and all of us, individually and collectively - can achieve a higher conscious - perspective.

Coming Together as a Nation

That today, we still could be isolated in NZ for a certain amount of time to come and this interview covers how we in NZ need to come together and cooperate at grass roots with our neighbours, neighbourhood and community. However, Roy states that there is also a force that is trying to herd us - it’s treating us very much like cattle are treated - or lower animal species are treated. This force is stating that what we require is to be rationed or controlled - in what we know, including our freedom of movement - and our freedom of action and choice is all being controlled.

Multitudes of techniques are being involved here. You do not have to have a policeman on a street corner - the people in general will say, Hey! stop that - you!  That’s not accepted here! So that we have a trained society and we have an overview of force - we have a Deep State - that is trying to make us less than our potential. That if we are now going to be cut off - in that sense - not so so much from the rest of the world - but from independence - we have to stop and take a look and if I get my independence back - I am not going to surrender it again, because I now understand its value and I have learned how to use it for a better cause as well as a better level of understanding.

Tim says - Once freedoms are given away - it's very difficult to get them back.  That if we have our freedoms taken away by legislation - there has to be in it, a sunset clause - and a date where it ends and we have to have Parliament come to either continue that particular policy - or better, to open up our freedoms once again.

However Roy sees it in an inverse way - he says the freedoms and the Rights are already God given - this legislation is an artificial attempt to suppress what’s actually - already ours. 

Note every time the NZ Parliament is Opened there is a Prayer to God that asks and reminds all MP’s to be honest and fair in the NZ Parliamentary Process of Governance.

Stating, It isn’t that they are going to be given back - it’s we’re going to stop the false suppression. The Deep State and the Bankers and the Media who all work together to keep us enslaved - they are trying to make us think - we can’t change it. And that they have changed it, and it’s actually the other way around. They can’t change it - we have God given rights - their legislation voting 3/4 % or 50% or just over half or unanimous decision - this voting saying your rights are now gone - are an illusion. Saying this is something that they are trying to impose upon us - this is the narrative -  this is the disinformation narrative - writ - we have these independences - they can’t be taken away from us  - only if we succumb.

That NZers from the Grass roots - need to reclaim our rights.

Roys states - It’s not that they are taken away - you are just not claiming them. You are being made to think by this disinformation narrative that they have control of our rights and they award them to you and you should be grateful and we will take away what we want and we will return what we choose. - But, this is not true!  The rights are there, they have been there for a long time - many many centuries older than this Government.

Or any of the current Governments - This goes back to the Magna Carta - this goes back to Aristotle  - this is all the way back - God given rights have been recognised by intelligent men on the planet. That we today have artificial leaders - people who pretend to be leaders - saying - we can take your rights away and we can control you and we can educate you as we see fit - and we can financially enslave you!

That the ’system’ is actually trying to herd, operate - run us - control us.

But think of the people who recognise this - they will naturally unify - and turn against it.

We as a species - we are in a position where we have experienced much enjoyment - a level of economic achievement - however we are now on a platform of - having to survive as a species.  So who is going to lead us into a future where freedom is also one of the greatest disciplines that we must recognise and treasure?

We have to understand that the media - the politicians - the banks and their policies  - the perceived social authorities of our society. Such as when school will start - when it won’t - what you can do - your health and this and that and the other thing - that there are various foolish or innocent collaborators who believe they are doing the right thing - because they believe the narrative - but they are actively supporting a system that is taking away freedoms. Now - each of these categories are guilty of creating the same deception.  Listen to this interview - this gets interesting … 

The No Smacking Law for example - it was voted down by the people - a huge petition signed it from all over the country - but the Government ignored it. Our elected representatives - ignored it.

What this shows is that the Government our duly elected servants have stopped caring about the people’s opinion.  Why?

Because they have another agenda - that is averse to our agenda.

Roy says our agenda is to survive - to be helpful - to be honest - to be compassionate to be stewards of the planet - to be upright in our dealings and honest - as a standard - teaching our children not to lie - that’s what we want … - but the government is of so much disinformation - for chidden it is fuzzy in their mind - what is the truth - and when do I lie?

That the Gender issues that are messing up young minds - is all part of the same narrative.

That when people watch something on TV, hear it on radio or read it in a newspaper - this Mainstream news is all fed from basically one source. With tentacles that come from the Deep State. Thus there is no independent news now. The 6 main media Corporations in the US and the BBC across that Atlantic.

This is to confuse the population - to muddy the waters and come back to … divide and conquer …

  • GE
  • Disney
  • Time Warner
  • Viacom
  • CBS
  • News Corp

These corporations control as much as 90 percent of all the media in the United States. Consequently, this creates a sort of echo chamber in the media world, from television to radio to news.

While independent media outlets still exist (and there are a lot of them), the major outlets are almost all owned by these six conglomerates. To be clear, “media” in this context does not refer just to news outlets — it refers to any medium that controls the distribution of information. So here, “media” includes 24-hour news stations, newspapers, publishing houses, Internet utilities, and even video game developers.

The 7 corporations - are similar to the 6 banks that control money … whilst the WHO are working to control Health - and yet.. all of these are just one entity, at the top end of the pyramid.

We are being sold 2nd and 3rd rate food that we produce in our own country, here in NZ 

Roy says the needs of the people are being restricted to ‘we’ the people. NZ produces some of the best quality, nutritious food on earth - but it is all exported and we NZers get second grade food in our supermarkets and then there are smaller independent fruit and vegetables shops that get 3rd grade produce. We are being fed poor quality food and even substandard food, like last year's fruit that has been sitting in cool storage for 10 months - and we are not calling out the system and mechanisms that allow this unhealthy tactic to be used against us. So we have unhealthy elderly and children and this is a growing cost on our national health system.

We have oil resources onshore and offshore and we are selling that for a pittance - and buying fuel from other countries for a higher price.

Importing and exporting the same food items that are produced in both countries

We are being pushed and inserted into the Globalist structure where you don’t get to buy local food (Agenda21 and Agenda2030) - and we end up buying food from some place - elsewhere. Yet, local fresh food in season is best for health. But this is being done because governments get to ‘clip the ticket’ and the old saying ‘sending coals to Newcastle’ is where something is supplied to a place where it is already plentiful, and vice versa. That this practice is rife - globally - is total madness.  But, it is deliberately ignored by the captains of industry and all the major political parties. This practice is superfluous and unnecessary.

Farmers now are having to really struggle due to this madness - whilst the politicians look the other way.

This is why most children of farmers don’t want to become farmers - because they see their parents working their hands to the bone - 24/7 - so the children are forgoing the farm … meanwhile corporations circle like buzzards - ready through easy loans due to ‘connections’ to get their hands on low interest cash and buy up swathes of farms and the outcome - families leave the land and rural communities get depleted and the ‘managers’ with no stake or connection to the local community come in and run the farm like a corporate entity and extract every bit of juice etc out of the tired and over stretched soil.

However - Roy says that now even the corporate farms are in massive debt - and that they can be easily swallowed by the bankers - and taken into foreign ownership.

You have to take the time to listen - I am only 18 minutes into this interview.

He talks of Coke Cola taking so much of our water … all our logs go to China - with no value added - just logs with bark still on them.

 … and on and on and on.

Roy talks about businesses being suppressed by regulatory restriction. Stopping us from becoming competitive and prosperous.

Listen to him talking about the little business person - striving - but not being able to pay expensive compliance costs - whereas the Corporates can get free passes - a citation only - where the little person gets hit with costs - listen …

Regulations are against the little guy … we need to cut them.

When you listen to this interview - you will learn that the political process is following a plan - and at the moment it includes all Parliamentary Political Parties and they are following a plan that is dictated from above - from a non nationalistic platform - being the globalist mentality to take over we humans on this planet - and though these political leaders can talk convincingly - but … they are actually scripted. They are following somebody else’s plan …and if they instigate a plan against their populaces - they get rewarded - and really well.

The structure of our society is a pyramid - the controllers - ‘shape’ the agenda at the top and people on the bottom layer take the hit and do the hard yakker (work) and the middle and upper reaches of the pyramid are the corporations and they are the collaborators who collude with the top.

But from a higher perspective Roy says that from a Godly point of view - if we turn the pyramid upside down - the real people would be on top - saying the God loves the individual - all of us are his children as sons and daughters and he says that the people who are at the top of the present day pyramid are exploiters and says the Lord has no love for them.

Listen - Roy talks about strength and how unity is strength - and the controllers do not want an empowered ‘grass roots’ movement.

The interview mentions the numerous Laws that were passed under urgency during Covid giving the Government more power and that took away our rights, ‘without’ consultation. This is the problem when we let ‘our elected servants’ run away with their own agenda - because we have become so complacent and lazy and let them get away with what ‘they want to do’ or are … told what they need to do.

The NZ Constitution is being rewritten at this very moment - but there is no draft for ordinary NZ to see or have a say - it has been taken out of the hands of ‘we’ the people.

There is a Food Safety Act

In this legislation you can find that the Government has a clause in there that can, if the situation requires, bring a halt to local people from sharing food. In a case of salmonella for example - there is a definite and valid case for this - but could COVID be used in this situation as well?  Just saying ... 

People Taking Control at a GrassRoots Level.

New Zealanders as a people have to organise and the best place is to come together at Farmers Markets that are throughout NZ and these oases are nodal points for connectivity across the nation - and Roy says that the organisers of these events have a major responsibility in making sure that as a leader of society they have a very important role to play.

Farmers markets facilitate personal connections and bonds of mutual benefits between farmers, shoppers, and communities.

That every domestically made product or service has to be catered for at the farmers market so as to cross pollinate with all peoples who want a more healthier life for their children.

Note, that Socrates in Ancient Greece used to frequent the ‘agora’ - (an assembly and marketplace) so as to encourage, exhort and inspire people to question everything - it was his place of choice to frequent and to wake up people and get them thinking. This is how it needs to be in NZ today - from now on.

Farmers Markets  - to showcase all products and items made in NZ.

Let NZers make any product with their own ingenuity and creativity - not source anything from overseas and elsewhere. This is the time for novel products and resourceful invention. NZers have an extremely high number of patents per population, globally so this is so important for us to be innovative. It’s not about the organiser just getting a fee for a booth or sales site. It’s about instilling connection and unconventional brilliance in every market place in NZ where all the creative input from the surrounding area and region can come to a safe market place and make known what inspiration and processes and creations they wish to share.

Sell at Farmers Market under the criteria - Is this made here in NZ? You may be looking for an agent to sell your product or wanting a franchise etc etc - then this could be the place. Ask others who have high standing in the local community to verify good honest working relationships - so that goodwill and genuine trade can exist and be carried out.

Farmers Market Categories:

  • Organic gardening
  • Permaculture
  • Biodynamic Farming
  • Community gardens. There are 100 community gardens in Auckland at the moment.
  • Holistic Health and its many Preventative and Natural modalities
  • Transition Towns - following up on what this network has been championing for 12 years.
  • Food co-operatives. Buying in bulk enables discounts for groups of individuals. 
  • Op shops - Selling Second hand pre loved clothing’s or household goods
  • Time Banks + Green Dollars and Savings Coops  - Living Economies
  • Homeschooling Sharing tips and information in your area or region
  • Mens sheds. Repairing furniture and tools, electrical goods etc. Plus making furniture etc  
  • Women's cooperatives.  Knitting and baking for the community. Educating on child education etc.
  • Waste Minimisation and Zero Waste. Composting etc. Intervention before household items end up in a landfill
  • Car boot sales may also be facilitated.
  • Compassionate Animal Husbandry.  Taking care of animals and teaching techniques to milk, shear, breed etc
  • Grass roots activism - organising around a shared commitment to educate the public about an issue etc.
  • Fun.

Other Subject Matter covered in this interview.

NetFlex can be a great distraction for today's society, with so much titillation and seductive material to side track and divert minds from important needs and issues.

Transhumanism - For people who are afraid of death - trans-humanism is the new opiate and lifeline to transplanting your consciousness into a machine. Google has focused a lot of attention on this.

Those kids with no metaphysical or spiritual understanding have been heavily influenced into wanting to go into trans-humanism and be enticed into leaving their consciousness in the cloud and computer networks somewhere in hyperspace. 

Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides - For children growing up these are excellent easy ways to learn survival skills like 1st Aid, cooking, building shelter, lighting fires safely, teamwork and team spirit. Being honest and doing a good turn  

Talked on Zero Waste and many other subjects.

Including Tall Poppy Syndrome - how it is predominant here in NZ.

The Wayseer Manifestos - link as mentioned in the interview


That the ‘deep state’ has in many ways never allowed America to reach its potential and that it has been bled dry by constant wars and division.

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.”

Chris Hedges Pulitzer Prize winner on the state of America.

Roy finishes asking us to look into our heart to see what we want in this lifetime - and to look within for answers.

Next Week

Murray Horton

Who owns NZ? 

10 October 2019

The four largest private landowners in New Zealand are all foreign-owned forestry companies.

Foreign direct investment (ownership of companies) in New Zealand increased from $15.7 billion in March 1989 to $121.7 billion as of March 2019 - almost eight times.

As a proportion of the total output of the economy, Gross Domestic Product, it has risen from 22% to 40%.

Statistics NZ data shows the countries where $100m or more in foreign direct investment was based as of March 2019 as being, in decreasing order: Australia, Hong Kong, US, Japan, UK, Singapore, Canada, Netherlands, British Virgin Islands, China, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and France (though the investments from some countries have been suppressed). These accounted for 93% of foreign direct investment in New Zealand. Australia alone accounts for 50% with $57 billion of the $113 billion total.

Jul 9, 2020

When asked about all the issues facing us he replies “what is our ecological relationship with each other and also with the planet as well?”

He says he comes at that - not as to be perceived as a narrow ecological radical - but as somebody who thinks he’s getting to the heart of the issue of ‘what are we doing with our life support system?’

He says he is very aware and cognisant of the trends - the downward trends and the degradation we cause to ‘that’ life support system. And therefore - what we also need to do to turn that around and that this action will affect every aspect of our lives.

That’s his essential focus and he states that he can take these issues down to (he trusts) to a very practical level and a here and now level - because it is ‘quite overwhelming’ … to have to think about the shear inter-dependence and the shear integration of all of these issues.

Listening and Being Aware of Nature

Though we produce huge amounts of waste by the 7.7 billion human inhabitants - Rod says that if we ‘listen’ to nature and take our understanding from nature - it naturally knows, having embedded complete circular systems - so that everything that is used - is reused - everything that is depleted gets replenished - and that in essence is the living system that is the planet.

So if we make sure that we are working with nature and not against it - and we are making sure that we are giving these incredibly complex ecosystems the chance to recover - then, because we are taking the pressure off them - then these ecosystems become far more resilient and can deal with far more variation.

Rod says that these ecosystems can then become far more productive - so potentially they can support more people on the planet ‘as long as we are making sure we are doing everything in sync with nature.

Circular Economy

The ‘circular economy’ was mentioned as one of these concepts and Rod thinks it is a very helpful idea, because it’s a very important bridge between how we think about our linear system now, which is to extract things from our ecosystems in order in which to make and consume things. Often this causes more pollution - which obviously is a very negative thing to put back into the ecosystem  - or to incur loss of resources in that linear system. So he says how do we make sure that everything we do loops back so we make sure that we completely understand how to unmake everything that we manufacture? Stating that all the natural resources that go into what we make - can then be reused again. Or that human made resources and he says we have to be very careful of these - especially that we are working with nature and not against it. Like they are not building up, for example - heavy metals as a toxin in ecosystems. Eg. The heavy use of super phosphate in NZ has caused widespread contamination of farmland due to excess cadmium now being in the soil.

He also mentions our reusing and recycling things but also to repurposing items that we have previously used - to the nth degree so that we completely are ‘an integral part of the natural systems.’

Cradle to Cradle - came up - William Mcdonough and Dr. Michael Braungart and Rod likes this because it encapsulates in a sense, the life cycle that brings you back to where you started. So that you can start all over again. He said that this concept has been around for a while and has been applied to some extent by some ‘real champions ‘ but we have a way to go before all our human activity fits into that model and has ‘that’ right relationship. (essentially, there is a refusal by business and government due to having to change our whole consciousness to see that we are all part of a greater whole, and that all of nature has myriads of cycles embedded in it. 

We humans have yet to make the effort to understand it. Whereas indigenous people are totally surrendered to the cycles of life, being the seasons, moon cycles, tidal, ebb and flow and more subtle ones like the water cycle etc -spawning season etc  and see themselves as an extension of nature's process.  

Conscious Recycling

Tim then mentions that back in 1993 on Deutsch TV he saw a program where BMW showed off a concept that they were working on where computers were used to follow a blueprint of a vehicle being built from the basic constituent parts by robotic machines. e.g. chassis, engine, cab, windows + doors, then windscreen, wheels etc to lastly internal fittings - to finally that BMW being driven off the factory floor. Then what they showed was that say 10 years later or 15 years - (depending if planned obsolescence was still in vogue) the car would return to a designated factory and the computer program would be reversed and the robots would start taking out the internal fittings, the wheels, windscreen, then the doors + windows etc until the cab, engine’ and chassis was left and then these particular components could be reused, recycled or used in some other way. This was a perfect plan to bring the waste signature of a manufactured product to the smallest ecological footprint possible - but somewhere in this process hardened attitudes have prevailed - and this noble idea has been shelved.   

Initiating Change and Encouraging to Adapt, Modify and Transform the Way we Live and Work.

Rod also talked about how do we learn to encourage each other to change … and it is now very important since Covid19 became such a focus and influence on our lives. That the extraordinary statistic of our death rate in NZ was just over 2 people per million - whereas in the UK he said it is 900 people per million, which is 400 times our death rate. Latest 44,000. And we need to remind ourselves we have done well in NZ, but in the last month or so we have become rather fractious and anxious and he senses that we are shutting down to a degree, when his hope is that we can emerge out of the Covid Crisis and head of into a far better direction.

So Rod asks the question - how do we encourage people when obviously many people are struggling with so many things? That they may be unemployed, engaged in stresses and strains in the family and they are maybe worried about their health- and he is very aware of these important issues - and being able to support each other through this. But, needing to think and encouraging people to think how we might do things differently and better, is dear to him

However there is a lot going on:

He mentions:

The Aotearoa Circle and the late Sir Rob Fenwick - co founded with Sir Jonathan Porrit. Sadly Rob died in early March. (I was in touch with Rob some years ago for an interview and we just could not tie in a time.)

The Aotearoa Circle is composed of leading NZ businesses and Government Agencies, and the senior members of the entities involved. The central theme of this is about putting Natural Capital - i.e ecosystems as the centre of everything that we do. He says that rather conventional companies are starting to think in these terms. And he sees some real thought going on in the Circle as to what this future looks like.

Also here in NZ we had Vision Week - which a bunch of organisations got off the ground.  AnewNZ was mentioned. This link was an interview with Dave Breuer - the initiator of AnewNZ. 

Aotearoa 2020 vision and Rod says that we have all these good ideas going on - but we have a very tired and exhausted political system.

Politically - NZ is tired and exhausted

Rod proffers up the meme that rather than reverting to tribal politics i.e just automatically voting for the party that you usually vote for or identify with - but instead - prioritise in your own life and in your own thinking - what is important to you. Therefore finding the part that best aligns with that thinking, and it may not be your traditional party. So vote for the two top issues rather than your normal default tribal loyalty vote. He says this will be a big help in this coming election.

Transcending Party Politics - with a Long Term Societal Consensus.

Rod talks about the short 3 years election cycle so that in this short time, a Government can’t get things done - but … it also ignores the fact that the issues we are working on, are very long term so …

He says we need a very strong ‘societal consensus’ on what we are doing that can completely transcend the short term election cycle. Because, we could never have an election cycle long enough for a Government to really have an impact.

Grand Coalition of the Major Parties?

Rod talks about Ireland where they, after much talking with each other and a stalemate of some months, they have finally agreed to a ‘grand coalition’ of the two major parties. This he says is a very encouraging idea.

He said the Germans have had them too, and though they are very complicated to organise and keep functioning - Rod sees this as a good sign to see that society has a common sense and a common understanding of what needs to be done and a real strong sense of a ‘commonwealth’ and about what needs to be done for the common good. Wealth not seen as a narrow monetary and financial sense - but a common inner wealth that is embedded throughout society as a whole.

NZ becoming a Cashless Country.

Youth today are not carrying cash - so when will NZ become a cashless society? Sweden is supposedly 80% cashless. What are the benefits and what are the challenges. The financial records of a country will be instantly at the fingers of the Minister of Finance, as well as the Minister of Inland revenue. Far less counting of cash and printing and smelting of money. It will start to stamp out the dark economy.

Will this happen in NZ and virtually overnight? Tim proffers up a scenario to Rob that this could be very detrimental to ecological, health or political activists - in that if the ruling government at the time, does not agree with your democratic right to call out shortfalls in Government policy or even practices that could be deemed corrupt. What is to stop ‘them’ phoning your bank to put a stop on all your EFTPOS and Credit card transactions and you are caught 200 ks away from home, with an empty gas tank at 3pm in the morning? Where you find yourself marooned, running late and unable to travel? 

Rob says that there have to be safeguards specifically put in place like the ‘Bill of Rights’ - to make sure this does not happen. My retort, that I did not air is, providing we have a government of the people for the people. But, who is to say that a Government may, under ‘urgency’ pass through legislation in 24 hours - that makes ‘activists illegal’ and this comes under the umbrella of you being classified as terrorists?   

Blockchain and bitcoin was mentioned - but we never got into it as it’s a one hour subject in itself. 

The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution - basically followed on from the 3rd Industrial Revolution with transistorised technology and the start of computerisation in the 1970s and now it is ramping into a fully fledged omnipresent and ubiquitous presence planetary wide from near earth orbit to every area on the geosphere.    

 With the rapid deployment of 40,000 new satellites in geostationary orbit around our planet and with 5G technologies all working ubiquitously and microwaving our biosphere what are the health implications for humans, animals, plants and the microorganisms that are all interconnected for the health and well being of healthy biota?

Rob says that at the highest level he is in favour of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the cashless society too as it is only an evolution of human ingenuity. (providing that the controllers and bankers are honest and full of integrity).

Stating - that ecosystems have to have precedence as they are our life support system.

But, he is open about his concerns and stresses that there is nowhere near a strong enough connection back into the eco systems. So this has to be focused on. Stating, that it's not about remaking or reinventing ecosystems - but it is to make sure that what we do - fits in with them. And he says that we can then align with this.

He says with the integration of 5G it will help us hugely in being able to access and share information that will allow us to understand all the societal systems, communications banking transactions etc  as well as monitor all ecological systems and that as we become more complex as a civilisation there will be this need to have essentially real time info so as to keep the whole system in balance and operating coherently.

Rod said he has done some research and reading and he states that he comes down firmly - that 5G is Ok for us, health wise.

Stating that 5G is not a source of Covid 19 - (Which was never a health point in the discussion, as 5G has been going on for over 18 months - and Covid only hit us early this year - but this is where the narrative gets hijacked - Tim)

Transportation in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Electric cars - are not the answer for city commuting. Electric public transport can be. Rob states - we have to change our lifestyles.

London - has got on top of its congestion, with a big rebuild of its underground system - Plus New York too.

Copenhagen is a very successful city and In Brazil, Curitiba and mayor Jamie Lerner, was very innovative. 

Tim said we need campions - but Rob says we also need buy-in …. to get our transport system efficient so that people don’t have to ‘fall back on private cars’

The interview covers:


With the increase in population and people moving to cities. 

The individual = parenting - values and virtues - family values -

To bring children into the world is a huge responsibility and to validate them

Old people too.

Rod said that have always known that it takes a village to raise a child - but the system has fragmented.

Men's Sheds for retirees - this gets the men out of bed in the mornings and gives them a focus to build or repair things. Older women seem to cope more easily, and can crochet and knit and are able to converse more fluidly.

Old people have stories to tell of their varied experiences - listening - validating them - writing these stories for posterity.

Hospitals in NZ, many were given land by Maori - fresh food for patients  - today hospitals dispense seriously poor food and drink.

Living in Urban Areas

That there are 100 community gardens in Auckland - where all cultures can cooperate and grow fresh, vital organic food. Where they can share seeds, experience and recipes - and learn about each other's cultures and customs.

Globally in the future there will be 80% of people being urban dwellers  Growing food in cities is going to be important. Rod talks a lot about bringing back nature into the cities. This is where we need liveable cities. 

Biophilic Cities 

Birmingham - In Victorian times, the captains of industry way back believed in the Victorian ideal of parks and outdoor pursuits being really good for people - Birmingham has a large percentage of parks per population. Also the Cadbury Family started their factory there - being Quakers their venture with cocoa and chocolate - had very good worker relations - treated with respect and well paid - because Cadbury had a very strong social conscience.

Tim Asked the question in relation to NZ today.

Stating that the glaciers in the South Island are still melting and retreating.

That the seawater around NZ especially on the West Coast is warming.

Where are the Pillars of Society? The Civic Minded Elders, the Kuia and Kaumātua? 

Where a hundred years ago Civic pride and giving back to society was in many different ways, the done thing - today there seems to be a void.

However there is a trend for older people  to act as a mentor for our young people. Which is excellent.

Rod mentioned that he has been on NZ Town Hall meetings - online - to share and offer advice - which is a superb idea.

He talks about leadership saying that there are some very good community oriented people of all generations and describes this as being like ‘yeast in bread’ - that they are scattered throughout the community saying ‘we have some good ones’. I say yes, but not nearly enough.

Planet of the Humans, the movie that Michael Moore was the executive director of.

I, Tim said that it was an important documentary - as to me, who has been in the environmental movement since 1974 - it exposed many shortfalls in the environmental movement as well as some of their so called ‘champions - like Al Gore and Bill McKibben, who wrote an exceptional book - the End of Nature. Rob disagreed with some of the timings that were produced in the movies saying they were taken ‘out of context’ and that some of the data was dated.   

He said that the UK is producing more energy from renewables than gas, coal and oil.  (But, I forgot to ask about Nuclear, but the UK still has 15 reactors generating about 21% of its electricity as of 2020. 

Rob’s major criticism of this doco was that they focused on ‘that there were too many people on earth.’ That overpopulation was the cause of our troubles. But Rob said the human population is only growing at one percent every year, but consumption is growing at 3% every year. This is where we are putting huge amounts of pressure on our biosphere.

That our trading patterns have to change, where we in NZ can produce the same diary products as the Europeans - so why do we buy their cheese for example - when the only difference is basically the packaging and the label?  Distribution of food for example is another challenge, as there is also a huge amount of waste. However, we did not have time to discuss this.

That our population growth is projected to taper off at about 10 billion people. That is 2 more billion people coming into the world during this time. Another subject that we lacked time to speak about.

That we should remember that everything we do from now on, is to work with nature and not against it.

He mentioned that we need to stop strangling the natural world - or words to that affect - as without nature we can not exist.

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and though I have a good number of differences with Rod - he is an excellent interface of the need to realise that it’s our planet that loans us a body, free air, free rain water and until recently a free food chain.

That he is constantly among business people, industrialists, farmers and economists - and is the one who can gradually awaken them to the fact that we are dependent on our planet and nature that so delicately survives within the biosphere. The sooner we recognise this, the sooner we as a civilisation will acknowledge that we are planetary beings and a ‘global family’ awakening from eons of time to our true inheritance.

That of actually being cosmic beings - expressing through 3 dimensional bodies and sharing and breathing the invisibility of an oxygen system freely given to us by ocean plankton, trees and foliage from around our ecosphere.  Once this connection is fully realised - a major transformation in consciousness will occur and a new paradigm will be born.

Had we had time I would have liked to have Rod talk about Agenda21 and Agenda2030 and many other topics too.

Next time. :)

Next Weeks Interview

Roy Harlow

The Multi Tiered Disinformation Narrative that is Assaulting Our Planet and People.

Today, across the English speaking world we are the moving target of an unremitting onslaught from global media. The majority coming out of the six US main corporate conglomerates with the British BBC carrying on the offensive, from the other side of the Atlantic. Feeding this out into the commonwealth of nations, from basically the same hyped up song sheet of fantasy, fear, fraud and semi truths.

Here in NZ it’s’ the 'same old stuff’ as we as a nation forget we live on a planet. TV ratings decline whilst some disaffected citizens look for alternatives. As for our precious youth, country-wide, they remain hypnotised by minutiae and titillation on their smartphones, we increasingly wonder is there a way out of this dysfunctional and degenerating scenario?

What can we do?

Jul 2, 2020

In this interview with Glen, first we cover his new revolutionary ‘Periodic Table of Elements’ - that he has introduced to the world - that will have all physicists and chemists - globally exclaiming - “why did I not think of that!”

Glen furthers this ‘new paradigm’ that is upon us - by saying that as astrology is a fact of physics he welcomes any physicist to challenge this statement - but so far no one has stepped forward.

The global elite who control the world wide media use this media to put down astrology at every turn, Yet, behind our backs the establishment will always draw up a chart when their babies are born. Whilst these same ruling class will always check their chart or their countries chart before going to war or making a large incursion into a market, or change of government etc.

Thus they have contained and closed down the whole subject, that even academia and intellectuals shy away from it, for fear of compromising their occupation within the upper echelons of education and universities. (except in India).  

As Nikola Tesla once stated.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Glen welcomes input from physicists to look into this ancient of sciences to reinvigorate the debate on its efficacy.

In following up on this statement that astrology is a fact of physics - we have been told (programmed) that astrology is basically a witchcraft belief - and that ‘you have to believe in it’ - and he says that is not true at all. Saying that astrology is based on real things. Like the stars - that they are real things that are emitting real electro magnetic forces and we ‘live in the middle of this field’ of star force … and the old, but true saying that there are as many stars in the sky as there are grains of sand on the earth - and he says if we imagine that - then we have all these ‘beams of force’ that have been constant for billions of years that they create this sort of holographic energetic field and with that we have got the solar system moving - and we have this again like an atom - we’ve got the sun in the middle and we’ve got these sort of energetic magnetic spheres that in the atom will have the electrons all organised - whereas in the solar system we have planets that are ’sitting there’ spinning and condensing matter that has come from the sun but as they move around inside that magnetic shell - they change the form of that shell and so the star light that’s coming through those planetary shells are hitting different  ’tones’ - so it’s like the difference between C sharp and C minus - let’s say Mercury moves around its shell - it warps that shell and so the tone coming from that ’star force’ is altered as it comes through there - and that’s what we receive - we receive that electromagnetic variance on the earth - here. So as the planets move they alter their magnetism within our solar system - and matter follows magnetism - so as the magnetism changes - so does the matter change. 

So there’s a direct relationship between the movement of the planets and the effect on Earth.

Now within the ‘Biodynamic’ agricultural movement there are a few people who have done this work - but there is a particular book - called moon and planet - by Agnes Fyfe ( ) - and this group have been involved in a method called chromatography - where they get the sap of a plant and they ‘rise it up through blotting paper and then they rise up silver nitrate and then they expose that to the light and it develops a picture - and it shows us the qualities of the sap of the plant at the time it was picked. So she did these trials over many years and every so many hours. That what she found was the direct relationship between the movement of the planets and the change in the plant sap. So she showed this direct correlation that plants are completely affected by the movements of the planets. Glen stresses that Astrology has been doing this for 5,000 years and astrologers have been watching this direct relationship. Glen has been doing this for 40 years - that there is a tremendous body of knowledge of what is the influence of the various planets when they are in certain positions and in certain relationships with another planet. So he says there is a very ‘worked up science’ of these effects and, He emphasises - there is no belief here - this is a direct relationship between the state of the field of the solar system and what is happening on earth - there is no belief here.

In this interview: Tim mentions - that the global elite use astrology whilst publicly putting it down - and Glen concurs

Stating that astrology is a fact of physics and is scientifically true and we have a society that wants to base itself on scientific fact yet deny the very basic fact of magnetism and matter. So this is an immense hypocrisy that science is perpetrating on ‘we the people.’  Where he says they will use it - they know it works - it’s a fact of physics and then they come along and try to fool people that it’s all fantasy. He calls it a huge fraud that the scientific community are perpetrating.

Yet, Nancy Reagan wife of US President Ronald Reagan, used the services of Joan Quigley to assist her with helping her husband at many levels during his Presidency. In an interview, Quigley mentioned that over the next seven years, she issued guidance, for pay, that went far beyond mundane scheduling to matters of diplomacy, Cold War politics and even the timing of the president’s cancer surgery.

Glen says astrologers are endeavouring to bring consciousness into a very unconscious realm. He says the greatest next step in human development will be when everybody starts to use astrology and that now with and - all the information now is freely available to anyone with a computer. Stating that it is a very simple language based upon the 9 planets and the sun - (the moon being classified as a planet) there are only 10 planets in the whole game. So all the information now is essentially at our fingertips.

Please listen - there is so much information in this interview … far too much for me to type up … Glen talks about Venus and Mars and the times that they are in-synch and then the other times when they are in opposite situations - we get an understanding of how this all comes about - by looking at the position in the sky of these planets.

He talks about depressed people and what influences and planets can cause depression - that you may have three instances of planetary events influencing you over a very short period - but you can map out when this ‘transit’ passes - this, is a great relief. Meaning you are not going to be in a depressed situation for life. As all things must pass.

Glen talks about transits - and he also broaches previous lives or reincarnation as he expands on the vastness of this cosmology. That it is not just luck - that your birth chart is not just a bad lottery draw - it is actually a result of all of our past lives - be it a million or only a few …  stating that our spirit is this eternal being - that moves from one life to the next and every experience we have - it’s like we put a T-shirt on - like been there and done that!  So we wind all of this experience into and around our eternal spirit - and that becomes our sort of personality - and our psychology - and all of our neuroses - and all that is wound up in what we call the astral body - and he  says this is what astrology is. It is the theology of the astral body - and this is related to the planets. The stars are the spirit realm and the planets are what we call the astral realm - and all of our experiences from the past are accumulated and that is what’s imaged in the birth chart.

Now from birth we have the ability to alter that field of activity and it is through our will, if we have a habit that we don’t like - our will says I am going to change this - I am going to physically force my physical body to do something else - and in forcing the physical body the energetic body has to shift - the mater sort of alters the magnetism as it were. Rather than the other way round. And so by doing that 10,000 times we form a new habit - so we have forced our astral body into a change - so that is the point of life. So this IS the place that we have the opportunity to reorganise this energetic psychology that we have - and so the birth chart is just the starting place.

Listen - Glen talks about progression - he also says fortunately for us the planets in the sky are predictable - listen  ...

You choose your parents and country of birth too.

Quickly covered were subjects that you can research for yourself.

The rewriting of the Bible by Constantine at the Council of Nicea and the elimination of reincarnation out of the Bible.

He talks that we have reduced our understanding of who we are in the Western culture to that of body and a soul and God  - and now science has relegated our soul to the mind and the mind now is seen in many ways as delusional and we take drugs to close down or get rid of the mind and now we are basically just a body …

Some would say an empty body ...

There was a huge amount of information given. This is some of it, below.

  1. Partnerships very often have an earth sign with a water sign or an air sign with a fire sign. If we checked out Marriage Registers we would find that the statistics will prove that this can be statically supported to a certain degree.
  2. That when Mercury, the planet of communication is, retrograde - communications seem more garbled but as soon as Mercury goes direct - more flow and coherency happens
  3. That an early version of the St James Bible has it had written ‘three astrologers came for the East” but subsequent printings have been watered down /censored. To the extent that it has changed to ‘the three Magi’ and then changed to now it’s the ‘three wisemen.’ But, the Bible has been continuously censored …  will the three wise men end up becoming:  ‘the three coca cola salesmen?’ 
  4. The time of birth and the location are very important to obtain for a concise reading.

Questions that I never got around to asking were:

That Chartres Cathedral in France has the 12 signs of the zodiac as stained glass windows.

How does each planet have its characteristics embedded into their planet’s respective influences? 

Venus = love beauty feminine - yet Mars = war energy and is masculine.

I encourage you to listen - and then use the two astrology websites to get a basic understanding of what your birth sign is. Then find yourself a good experienced astrologer.

Next Weeks Interview is Rod Oram

Rod Oram has more than 40 years’ experience as an international business journalist. He has worked for various publications in Europe and North America, including the Financial Times of London. He contributes weekly to, Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon, and to Newstalk ZB.

He is a frequent public speaker on deep sustainability, business, economics, innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, in both NZ and global contexts. In Citigroup’s annual global journalism awards, Rod was the winner in 2019 in the General Business category in the Australia and NZ region for his columns in Newsroom on Fonterra; and he was the NZ Journalist of the year.

Nature is showing us the way. We must learn Covid-19's lessons for our relationship with the planet and help nature restore the living systems on which human life utterly depends, writes Rod Oram.

Jun 25, 2020

New Zealand as a small island nation, being so far from other countries stands out - alone.

Once a pioneer country pushing the boundaries of social change, science and physical acumen - it has also remained at another level comfortably numb and this interview addresses - to a degree, how could this be?    

Elandra, NZer  author of “From Stardom to Wisdom: Healing & Love Beyond the Spotlight”, and upcoming book “Voices & Visions of Our New Earth”, is an  international health and healing educator trainer and practitioner. She was a top Auckland University scholar, international prizewinning dancer, model  and actress who went on to a career including co-starring with Roger Moore and Tony Curtis in London’s Hollywood. Deeply unhappy  at University she frequently contemplated suicide; her longing for transcendent wisdom was met with academic intellectualism and  “tall poppy syndrome”. Later as a movie actress in the world of celebrity, fame and fortune she was horrified by her experience of the exploitation and addiction to money and power. Turning her life to yoga and spirituality, dressed in white, running a Californian ashram yoga center for 20 years, she again experienced how giving away  power  – in this case to spiritual devotion –  encourages the dark side of cults and spiritual leaders and gurus, for whom power corrupts, as they turn into self-aggrandizing power-hungry predators,  who get away with betraying, exploiting,  and abusing  hundreds of thousands.

After finding soul family in immersion in the Aloha Ho’oponopono Healing shamanism of Hawaii, her mission became clear; to expose how power corrupts, and to  encourage the choice for a life of purification of character – (rather than the lust for fame and fortune), leading to our culture’s addiction to the multiplication of wants and  toxic success. 

 She has a message for you today about the urgent need in NZ to begin to heal, once and for all, the Tall Poppy Syndrome.

Elandra's opening statement expresses overwhelming thanks and appreciation of what I (Tim) do as a host of GreenplanetFM, which catches me off guard and places me in a humble position…As an elder of our society feeling her graciousness, I reflect that this kind of acknowledgement is exactly what is needed for all of us,  to open the heart connection, to make us feel validated, and to feel part of a warmer and greater whole; a true  family and community that is welcoming and totally  supportive of each other.

So what is the Tall Poppy Syndrome and where did the term come from? It’s actually a shocking story. The specific reference to poppies occurs in Livy's account of the tyrannical Etruscan king, Lucius Tarquinius Superbus. He is said to have received a messenger from his son Sextus Tarquinius asking what he should do next in Gabii, since he had become all-powerful there. Rather than answering the messenger verbally, Tarquin went into his garden, took a stick, and symbolically swept it across his garden, thus cutting off the heads of the tallest poppies that were growing there. The messenger, tired of waiting for an answer, returned to Gabii and told Sextus what he had seen. Sextus realised that his father wished him to put to death all of the most eminent people of Gabii, which he then did!

Tragically what the Tall Poppy Syndrome has morphed into today especially here in NZ is that we have in many ways 'ducked for cover' and quietly put our head down to do life in a quieter 'kiwi way' - of not standing out, and worse still, making sure no one else stands out - through what has become an ingrained habit of justifying the heavy utilization of criticism and bullying in school and workplace. And worse, even viewing it as a virtue.

Other than in the sporting environment, or in cases where somebody is famous, we remain subdued, and do not express appreciation for others, nor stand up for the virtues and values that most civil societies stand for. This means that anyone wanting to excel may want to choose to leave NZ for overseas pastures, or may descend into despair and depression (leading to NZ’s highest suicide rate in the world for youth and over 60).  There is no one to talk to; vital emotional support from family, community and society as a whole is non-existent or invisible.

Elandra mentions coming into Auckland Airport terminal every year (for over 25 years) and feeling this heavy contractive energy - of unshed tears, deep sorrow - (I Tim, when I was a steward for Air NZ returning from the US, be it LAX or Honolulu also really felt this constrictive and constraining energy when coming home - it was very heavy) but I did not mention this in the interview - because it was not about me!

She talks about  why NZ has the highest suicide rate for youth and over 60 years of age in the world. She talks about suppressed feelings,  held back deep grief and underlying anger that has not been (consciously) expressed and, with no place to share, unshed tears with no place to safely flow.

Of course the biggest picture perspective of all is that we live in a patriarchal society, an authoritarian driven society, where we are basically at war within ourselves through not valuing inner knowingness, inner authority and inner trust. But the world’s Zeitgeist is and must be changing. We have no choice now but to learn to value the indigenous ways of the honoring of the Earth, Nature, and intuition. We all had ancestors who knew how to live in harmony with the Earth and Stars… 

 In many ways - like the previous weeks interview of Paul Levy - the "Wetiko Virus" has taken hold of the general consensus here, the result being a major sense of lack of societal leadership by NZers in this country. Many even defer to others who have moved from overseas to now live here. Wetiko (Native American term for dark energy) is a mind virus that has in various degrees become surreptitiously installed in us all. 

Having done so it manifests as the “inner critic” that puts you down within yourself, and that in turn causes you to put other people down. Which erodes your self-esteem causing you to then also hide and shun friends.   

Elandra describes how in the process of healing her inner critic certain words came to her and she in shock wondered where they came from ... these sneering words inside saying - "You will never write your book,  Elandra – you’ve been trying for 30 years - just give up,  you pathetic woman. Why don't you just dig a hole and go die!"

So she wrote these words down, and she looked at them closely and then these words she heard - fell away - because - this mind virus - does not want its existence to be seen and acknowledged. Let alone going public by sending it to 800 people in a group! By overcoming the desire to remain ‘private’ it worked, now she has a voice inside that never says anything negative about herself and instead cheers her on saying "I love you Elandra”.

Tall Poppy Syndrome causes us to withhold love as well as withhold its expression - she says that in NZ withholding Love, and appreciation and expression has become a virtue! She sees this as the most insidious thing that is happening in this country, this is now "a very NZ thing!" There is also a sense of inferiority in the NZ psyche, plus defensiveness, making it difficult to mention these things… 

She says we have to change this attitude and fast.  So first we have to recognize it.  Also, Elandra tells of her counselor friends having young people (and all ages), show up exclaiming – “I don’t know who I am anymore!”  They have no real authentic role models – just films, pop idols etc.  This in spite of also the wonderful people in NZ  and those who do work with love to help people in despair etc.


This interview broaches much subject matter.

She talks about the USA being not one country but 50 countries all different from each other! They are called states but are 50 countries in ONE!  and these, each one, is mostly  far bigger than NZ – so how can you even compare?!  So with the reflection of this vast geography  there is a sense of  vast space, space and room  to expand your psyche and consciousness  (I concur),  and your  heart is big, ‘cos it has more room - and so she says that the Americans generally support the expansiveness of expression and the heart (Tim having lived there twice - I concur) So in USA it is different,  wanting to stand out is celebrated, supported, applauded and lauded!

 In NZ growing up feelings were not really in our vocabulary – most of us as children did not have parents who addressed  feelings - (I Tim, didn't know there was a different between thinking and feeling - I was unknowingly brought up that way). Parents are afraid of their children’s expression of pain and anger and will shut them up fast. Hear Elandra talk on 'when we were babies and tots' many of us when crying were not really supported and were told to keep quiet and close off to how we felt – listen

In NZ it is the status quo normal to suppress feelings, especially ones deemed negative. This means that speaking out your truth is not done. Withholding expression of truth of feelings – from self and others, (whether negative or positive), is highly dangerous to your health, indeed a cause and catalyst for many kinds of health dysfunctions.  It is actually taboo in NZ to be on talking about or expressing feelings, (I Tim concur). Especially about talking about suicide...

 There is also distrust of mental health and going to psychologists etc. and understandably ... because they are not trained with a full holistic knowingness of the human condition - they are in most cases all intellectualizing.  Remembering that 'Psyche' in Psychology and Psychiatrist means Soul in ancient Greek…but not fully recognized today.

 As an intuitive professional healer of over 35 years Elandra notices that psychologists in most cases are untrained to track where your pain or condition and feelings are - in your body. The conditions for healing to happen - safety and sacredness - need to be honored, and then the psyche/body can reveal itself, and can speak out.  The body actually reflects – it actually IS - the subconscious, and when “the field” is held with no agenda the body will reveal to the consciousness and soul what is happening and needed for healing. Then soul retrieval, coming back to balance and wholeness just happens, easily.

 Once we recognize these locked up feelings then we can deal with them – speak them out loud when alone, even shouting into a pillow – for natural  release and natural healing...Plus having someone to support you just by listening,  (with no agenda to fix heal and save)  just BEING THERE, presencing, that is a huge plus.

 Listen - how Elandra takes someone through a healing session...

 So there is a cure!  Since tall poppy does not like to be seen, acknowledging it openly is the cure ... and the beginning of healing. The more we let it be seen, let our vulnerabilities show, get together with people and talk and share love, the more the wetiko virus loses its grip.

 Elandra states that she has been a victim of 'Tall Poppy Syndrome' many times. But, by  hearing the inner voice saying to herself  'I love you Elandra' - this statement validated her and her heart to such a degree that it allowed her to raise herself above victimhood and feeling incapable and unacknowledged and seeing herself in a positive light. She says this is one way with dealing with not being able to cope etc. The continuous daily expression of love - is very important - Listen...

We have to love and appreciate each other. It's also so much about bigger interconnection, intimate and honest connection within the family and with neighbors and the greater community.

Acknowledge it! Address it, talk, feel feelings, share freely what works to heal this insidious cutting down mindset!  Rise up the spirit with continuous daily expression of love, appreciation and praise to everyone around you!  Empower love, big love called “awakened oneness awareness”, founded in authentic feelings and utmost integrity. 

The battle for self-love is for most of us the greatest battle we ever undertake, “the longest journey you will ever take is from your head to your heart” - because if we have no self-love (confidence and assuredness) - then we are a shrinking violet and some could say 'a victim.' But when we can accept and get inside ourselves and end up embracing all aspects of self, we can experience true love for ourselves (warts and all) – and then we generate an inner glow - our inner candle and this is when we become empowered and have a certain felt knowingness that we are more connected inside. Then we feel the oneness with our greater selves belonging to and part of nature and the greater world, plus the infinite dimensions that we are essentially immersed in.

 So we are more at peace within our skin and we are more self-confident and inner directed - because we are coming from an empowered loving inner self. This allows us to provide selfless service to those in need, and helping people expands your sphere of goodwill, and provides and spreads great joy. Which is the ultimate antidote to tall poppy, embracing it all within big love and joy!



Glen Atkinson:

Taking us to another realm Glen states that:


The global elite who control the world wide media use the media to put down astrology at every turn, Yet, behind our backs the elite will always draw up a chart when their babies are born whilst the elders will always check their chart or their countries chart before going to war or making a large incursion into a market, or change of government etc.

We have entered a new paradigm and ‘it’s a shake down trip.’ Old outmoded viewpoints are being superseded as we boldly enter the Aquarian Age.

As Nikola Tesla once stated.

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

Jun 18, 2020

Wetiko is an insidious mind virus that has installed itself in us ...

In this interview Paul articulates so vividly his profound experience - which has brought him into a knowingness that he fluently shares with us, to realise that there is a very dark side that can be surmounted.   You have to listen ...

Paul has a direct experience with wetiko - that also created so much suffering in him that it catalysed a spiritual awakening a few years later forcing him into a psychiatric system and he recognised that this dark energy was carried by his father as it is in one's psyche and this he said, nearly drove him totally crazy.

So he spent years studying, going to therapy, doing art, connecting with his dreams, studying Carl Jung, Buddhist practice, shamanism, studying alchemy - anything and everything that he could find to help him deal with the overwhelming suffering that he was experiencing.  He sees now that the trauma and the abuse and the wounding that he originally got from his father - that it was like receiving a transfusion of the Wetiko virus directly into his soul ... and he became very sick.

He said he developed a shamanic sickness - and being in his mid twenties he had no idea what was going on.

The thing that saved him was when he had a spiritual awakening - and he was so ecstatic because he realise that he was having a collectively shared dream and that it was more than like a dream but the experience we are sharing 'is a dream' - that as a result he became so excited and so enthusiastic at this awakening that it actually got him into deep trouble - and this is what got him hospitalised.

Yet what saved him was that we - all of us are immersed and part of an actual dream.

Quantum Reality

This then goes into Quantum physics and deeper into the realm behind reality ... Listen

That the act of observing this universe at this level - influences it - every time. This is important information.

Revelations from quantum physics are the medicine for wetiko - that we are able to create change for the positive.

'We - each one of us - , have this enormous creative power that if we are ''' more conscious'' of it - that we are literally creating moment by moment our experience - of ourselves and of the experience of the world  - but if we are not awake to that - well, that power in a sense boomerangs etc  ... and this is what is happening in the world at present - and that is what we are seeing writ large on the world stage - it's taking down the planet and our children's future with it.

An example of Wetiko is people supporting policies that are actually killing them - like GE, glyphosate, 5G etc

Another example of Wetiko - is that they accuse people of what they themselves are doing …

Kundalini Awakening

Listen to Paul tell of his 'kundalini' awakening - when he was 24 years of age and he describes it as going from a 25 watt bulb to a quadrillion watt bulb and he said he was lucky it did not kill him - the energy that he tapped into was tapping into the 'source.'(the universe).

Listen to how he experienced this awakening ... that in actual fact we are all creative by nature ...

We are unlimited when we break out of the dream spell ...

Whilst at the same time - all of the trauma that he had experienced was being un-installed in his operating system - but he was so unprepared for it ...

Hear of the physically impossible things that happened as a result of experiencing this heightened state of being - that when some very 'still' Buddhist teachers arrived and the 'field expanded' and that miracles happened.

We are part of a vast collective dream

He says that we are all having a collective dream - that we as a humanity can tap into the field and start co-creating a new reality in which we see ourselves as extensions of a new paradigm that we can 'dream' into being.

Paul goes on to say that when babies take their first breath in coming into this world - they are domesticated, they are indoctrinated, they are conditioned ... told what is right and wrong ... but when we become aware and shine our light, we are basically told - that is not OK - LISTEN

TO THE DEGREE that when we are told to close down - we internalise this in our head and end up becoming our own control system ... But now ... as we are doing it to ourselves - we can undo it.  Listen - there is heaps in here …

Wetiko is a daimonic or daemonic energy - not just personal ... but trans personal ...and archetypal and it can take over a human being ... it can literally possess someone ....

Wetiko he says is a quantum phenomena ...


Courage - he connects as the open heart of compassion ... he says to have the most courage is to have an undefended heart.

He talks of light - sometimes manifesting as a wave other times as a particle  - but I will leave this up to you to listen to this interview for yourself.

He sees Wetiko as a Revelation and we are Halfway through it.   

That the CORONA:19 virus is a lower dimensional reflection  of the Wetiko mind virus  - Listen

Wetiko is a multi dimensional phenomena

Other facets to this important interview

The CORONA virus is also impelling us to wake up.

Wetiko only has Power over us when we don't see it ...

In the Bible they talk about a ‘counterfeit spirit.’ It is an impostor and it - Wetiko is a vampire ... it’s the living dead and does not have a life of its own …

Paul says; We as humans are all shaman in training - but we just do not recognise this ...

We are in the birth canal as a humanity - on a journey to an ‘omega point …’

On this planet today, we are suffering from a sickness of diss-association in an increasingly polarised world and that this is happening inwardly and not only individually and collectively as a species - that from a dreaming point of view that this is an expression that there is something that's been birthed through us and we are simultaneously  the new being that is being given birth to - we are the mothers of the being and we are the midwives - we are all of it.

Paul talks of community which is an exceptionally important to the Tibetan way of life

Talks of quantum physics and dreams  and of our creative power.

We learn that in Tibetan Buddhism - all of life is a preparation for the moment of death - that you be open in anhearted compassionate state - and each day is sort of a microcosm of a greater fractal of that.

He says have courage and do not underestimate the power of compassion.

This interview really allows us to receive a greater understanding of the world that surrounds us and that actually penetrates us. Paul, as you can hear from the timbre of his voice, is in many ways an Adept, and articulates profoundly what he has experienced. We can learn much from this kind and passionate interview.

Any search on the web, or of youtube will bring up interviews of Paul.


Next Weeks Interview.

Elandra Meridith is a NZ raised international health and healing practitioner, the author of “From stardom to wisdom healing and love beyond the spotlight”, and upcoming book “Voices and Visions of Sacred Earth”. A NZ prizewinning scholar from Auckland University, and international prizewinning dancer she went on to co-starring with Roger Moore and Tony Curtis in London’s Hollywood.

While at university longing for wisdom and vision and finding only vapid intellectualism she frequently contemplated suicide. Later, as a movie actress  in the world of celebrity, fame and fortune she was horrified by the exploitation and addiction to money and power. Turning her life to spirituality, dressed in white running a Californian ashram yoga center for 20 years, she experienced how giving away your power and energy to devotion can help empower the self aggrandizing power-hungry guru in holy drag to betray, exploit and abuse hundreds of thousands.

After finding soul family in immersion in the Aloha Healing shamanism of Hawaii, her mission became clear, to expose corruption, what does not work, encourage purification of character instead of multiplication of wants, and to share freely the daily expression of big love, “awakened oneness awareness”,  authentic feelings and  sacred activism.

Jun 10, 2020

CHEMICAL WEAPONS moved from the battlefield to the farm field after World War II. 1080 is a WMD-Weapon of Mass Destruction!

SODIUM FLUOROACETATE: Sodium monofluoroacetate (or fluoroacetate), has the chemical formula FCH2COO-Na+, and is a highly toxic compound primarily used as a pesticide known commercially as Compound 1080.

1080 FLUOROACETATE IS EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS—1080 is classed by the World Health Organisation and the EPA as an extremely hazardous pesticide - CLASS 1A ECOTOXIN POISON. 1080 is a proven endocrine disrupter and impacts upon the body’s major organs. Just one teaspoon could kill 100 people.

The only sane and effective method of balancing ecosystems is to use the components of the living system to manage itself!  Because of its isolated location New Zealand is the ideal environment for a countrywide program of RESTORATIVE ECOLOGY to show the world that ecosystem management can ONLY be done by using nature's methods.

The Permaculture Principle "The Problem IS the Solution!" points to the fact that issue with the overpopulation of "invasive species" is purely caused by the absence of apex predators. The New Zealand owls and raptors are too "small."

The only viable method of establishing a self-sustaining, self-balancing ecosystem is to introduce one or more apex predators capable of keeping the pest species in check. The ultimate aim of Restorative Ecology is to set up ecosystems harmonize themselves without any human intervention.

Thus by introducing one or more owls from Australia to manage the indigenous Australian possums this would keep the population under control, while still providing non-poisoned meat and fur for the trappers...thus serving an elite couture industry.

A countrywide program to get school children to make owl houses for the Powerful Owl and/or the Barn Owl would get the next generation interested in ethical ecology and the health of their nation.

In every way...environmentally, physical and mental health, fiscally, morally, ethically, scientifically and socially the 1080 campaign is destroying New Zealand via the criminal use of a grotesque weapon of war!


WHAT IS IT:—Sodium MonoFluoroAcetate is a CLASS 1A POISON first synthesized 1896 by Belgian Frederic Swartz—Hitler was told it was too dangerous to use as a chemical weapon—1940-48 Monsanto buys patent and manufacturers it—The Wigley family business Tull Chemical took over patent and plant from Monsanto in 1955—New Zealand buys 90% of their production—America under Nixon banned 1080 in 1972 due to it killing the bald eagles. New Zealand started using 1080 for pest control by 1957.

WORST POSSIBLE POISON: 1080 is called a CLASS 1A POISON  because it is a chemical weapon that causes extreme suffering and death as it interferes with the energy production in the cells and halts aerobic respiration. 3% is metabolized to fluorocitrate which messes with the enzyme that run the Krebs cycle. Death is slow, gruesome and inhumane. It was used by Saddam Hussein against his political enemies. 1080 use in any country is not only terrorism against its human and non-human inhabitants.

CHEMICAL WARFARE: The NZ Government is engaged in a full on war against introduced "pests" which they say compete with and kill the native birds and other fauna. Their campaigns "Zero Invasive Predators" or "Predator Free 2050" speak to their intentions to keep at this chemical warfare—the end result of which will be the loss of the majority of native species and the brain damaging and disease of the human population. Even trace amounts damage mitochondrial DNA...In Whanganui where there is a 1080 factory "Orillion" and landfill for 1080 waste there are reports of retarded children, miscarriages, stillbirths and congenital malformations to the children of pregnant Maori women following aerial drops.

BAITS: The 1080 poison is mixed with cereal and green die and made into baits, which are aerial dropped from helicopters over the native bush, streams and water catchment. The baits kill everything either directly or by secondary poisoning as carnivores eat the insects, birds and herbivores that die. A farmer who lost 570 ewes following an accidental 1080 drop on his farm said that 6 months later sheep were still dying. Around 4,000 tonnes of 1080 poison baits per year are dropped on New Zealand, enough to kill 60 million people, & the quantity increases yearly. 100 tonnes of those spoiled and expired baits are buried in landfills around the country.

CLEAN GREEN: The Clean Green image of New Zealand is plainly under attack, as no other country is so fiercely killing both introduced and native species alike. Hikers report that after a drop the forests resound with the screams of dying animals and then they are silent...not even bird song. There is also the danger that sublethal traces of 1080 or its metabolites will end up in produce that NZ exports.

ALL ANIMALS SENTIENT BEINGS: In 2015 New Zealand also publicly declared that they recognized that all animals are sentient beings, and then they indiscriminately continue to kill them in the most extreme torturous way possible. Revealing a deep seated hypocrisy and performative contradiction.

CHEMICAL WEAPONS moved from the battlefield to the farm field after World War II. Chemical ecology and chemical agriculture are oxymorons. Systemic, nonselective, ecosystem-wide violent and inhumane poisoning of an ecosystem can never claim to be rational, sane or backed by “good science.”

“Everything is out of kilter in the ecosystems where it is used!” It creates “imbalance” in the numbers of living creatures in an ecosystem and is highly destructive to the life-giving quality of the soil and water.

YOU CAN'T BALANCE AN ECOSYSTEM WITH CHEMICALS WITHOUT KILLING EVERYTHING IN IT...including the forest and the microbiome itself. The restorative ecological way of reducing invasive species numbers is not to kill them but use them as a resource to feed the Apex predators. Thus supporting the ecosystem to balance itself.

NEED FOR LARGER RAPTORS: New Zealand is going to have to introduce at least one more apex predator species. The assisted migration of the Powerful Owl, Rufus Owl or Barn Owl from Australia and the distribution of specifically designed OWL HOUSES is the ideal solution to the 1080 debacle. This is a permanent self-sustaining solution which comes at very little cost to the taxpayer, with NO POISONING of the land and water.

LARGER APEX PREDATOR: As PEST species are used as food for both native species and STRATEGIC AMBASSADOR SPECIES brought in from neighboring countries to balance out the food chain. These ambassadors are generally a slightly larger apex predator introduced when the native apex predators are either too small or too few to control population numbers of the “pest” species.

NATIVE POISONS FOR BAIT STATIONS: There must be a worldwide ban on open-ecosystem dropping of poisons, that is just common sense, however that is not to say poisons couldn’t be used in special pest-specific bait stations using natural biological poisons which are not ecosystemic.  Scientists have found a natural poison that tests show can kill rats in 5 to 10 minutes. The New Zealand native plant TUTU (Coriaria arborea) is poisonous to stock, but doesn’t lead to secondary poisoning, this could be used in cereal baits for rats and possums.

GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM climate extremes and crop loss means that the Native Bush will become a vital resource to keep people alive and healthy as society is disrupted by the chaos of epic scale floods, mudslides, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, volcanic activity and famine.

MAKE LOVE NOT WAR: Need to change thinking from combat to waste not want not and compassionate conservation. The four guiding principles of compassionate conservation used in the 21th Century are: 1. First Do No harm, 2. Individuals Matter, 3. Value All Wildlife, and 4. Peaceful Coexistence via Trophic Level Management ensuring that all levels of the trophic cascade are well balanced so the so called problem of “invasive species” are NOT a problem but a solution!!!!


To encourage an international environmental legal movement, the New Zealand anti-1080 movement could set up a free homestay network system for visiting international environmental protection organizations, environmental scientists, ecology expert witnesses, lawyers, activists, restorative ecologists, doctors, researchers and PhD students interested in doing a thesis on 1080 use in New Zealand.

The BAN 1080 Homestay Network especially encourages experts in natural ecosystem balancing and restoration, biodiversity, terraforming, forest revival and permaculture designers who work on a countrywide and global scale. This Homestay Network will further the efforts to establish New Zealand as a showcase for the most advanced ecological principles, environmental right practices and Natural Justice.

The project would lead to the promotion of eco-education, ecotourism, eco-education and research, besides improving local livelihood and promoting ecoarchology and cultural values.

The most important and popular career will soon be as a permecologist OR permaterraformer ie: restorative planetary management.

Herbert Marcuse said in his book One Dimensional Man,  “The facile historical parallel with the barbarians threatening the empire of civilization prejudges the issue, the second period of barbarism may well be the continued empire of civilization itself.



 Sodium MonoFluoroAcetate was first synthesized in 1896 as a chemical weapon. It is a Class 1a Poison that causes extreme suffering and death as it interferes with the energy production or aerobic respiration of cells, ie: the Krebs cycle. Death by 1080 is slow, gruesome and inhumane. The chemical weapon aerial drops of the super poison 1080 throughout the New Zealand forests result in human death, mutation, cancer, miscarriages and stillbirths, plus the violent death of farm animals and pets. You simply cannot have a thriving environment if you are indiscriminately killing off the entire food chain down to the microbiome of the soil, and including the very native species you are trying to save.

Thus the New Zealand government will ultimately come to the conclusion that open ecosystem poisoning is not only an ineffective pest control method, but is pernicious, calamitous and maleficent. It is only a matter of time before the New Zealand conservation methods are going to have to emerge from the dark ages and a new age of regenerative, restorative, and balancing methods of ecosystem management are adopted. We have come too far in heart and mind to descend to such a degree of barbarity and cruelty.

Conventional industrial and governmental environmental methods have relied on dilution and dissipation for dealing with noxious byproducts of their activities. The progressive sciences however have proven that both dilution and biological degradation are faulty and inadequate to the task, when considering the profound subtlety, omni-dispersive and ubiquity of nature and natural systems. Bioaccumulation of noxious substances up an ecosystem food web ensures that dilution and dissipation doesn’t work.

Both government and industry can no longer continue on with their dirty business as usual when we now know about the hado effect of the imprinted water from Emoto, morphogenetic fields from Rupert Sheldrake, the fructification and spiral flow of water via the work of Schauberger, water and the life of the cell Gerald Pollack, quantum consciousness of Stuart Hameroff and that Healing is Voltage of Dr. Jerry Tennant, and the electromagnetic nature of existence, plus Bruce Lipton and epigenetics. All such advances in science point to the fact that we must change our methods of industry and governance and heal our relationship to the planet. Indeed we must change ourselves!

Biodegradation of 1080 is a joke as it kills the very micro-organisms that are said to biodegrade it. Even if it does degrade it still spreads the element fluoride over the entire country...and if they keep it up, it will continue forever until everything is dead, because poisonous control of ecological systems doesn’t work to control “pest species” in an open ecosystem. Rather ecosystems must be made proportionally symmetrical by synergistically balancing the tropic layers within the ecosystem. If they are unbalanced then human intervention requires that new species of apex predators (or other ecosystem partners) be introduced and established to balance out the predator-to-prey numbers. This is the only morally intelligent answer to the burgeoning numbers of so-called “invasive species,” (possums, rats, stoats, deer and wild pigs). We just have to “balance” the food web, not exterminate it, thus it is obvious that omnicidal poisoning is contrary to effective conservation and ecology. Advanced naturalistic, restorative ecology makes up for the problems of past human intervention and allows ecosystems to balance themselves, which results in maintaining both balance and the self-sustaining mechanism of balance.

Besides ecosystem trophic layer management, the only other pest control method necessary would be changing our ideological perspective from “pest management” to “resource management.” The Department of Conservation should be concerned with ecosystem resource utilization and these outlawed “non-indigenous pests'' are in fact highly nutritious FOOD for the native food chain. Plus they represent a back up survival food resource for humans during the upcoming Grand Solar Minimum Global Freeze. The hollow fiber of Possum fur provides extra warmth and lite weight to fabrics. Thus one of the most advanced and economically viable fabrics during the global chill of the Grand Solar Minimum will be high-tech clothing made from merino and possum hair. A NZ Grand Solar Minimum cold weather survival clothing industry for the global market would provide million$ and new right-livelihood jobs, while displacing those few criminal profiteering politicians, corporations and pilots who are presently terrorizing the nation and condemning their own souls to everlasting hell.

The alleged problem of “invasive species” is no longer a problem but a solution via Trophic Level Management ensuring that all levels of the trophic cascade are permanently self-balancing. In which these non-native nuisance species are used as food for both native species and strategic ambassador species brought in from neighboring countries to balance out the food chain. These ambassadors are generally a slightly larger apex predator introduced when the native apex predators are either too small or too few to control the “pest” species population numbers. New Zealand is in need of larger raptors and is going to have to introduce at least one more apex predator species to fill the top of the bush food chain.

The assisted migration of the Powerful Owl, Rufus Owl or Barn Owl from Australia and the distribution of specifically designed OWL HOUSES is the ideal solution to the 1080 debacle. This is a permanent self-sustaining solution which comes at very little cost to the tax payer, with NO POISONING of the land and water. Given the right components an ecosystem will take care of itself.Instead of teaching the kids to become psychopathic killers of helpless animals the schoolkids could be put to work building the raptor nesting boxes and tracking their installation in a national grid throughout the country. These bird houses must be made of natural materials, built to last and erected at the ideal height in the canopy for each particular species of owl.

Considering the Grand Solar Minimum climate upheaval and the catastrophic natural disasters which will be decimating wildlife populations for the next 30-70 years, compassionate ecology in association with the introduction of strategic ambassador species is the ideal method of self-sustaining ecosystem management - in a world thrown into chaos by epic scale floods, mudslides, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts and volcanic activity. Thousands of species will be on the move anyway due to shifting weather systems and loss of appropriate habitat, thus it is up to us “enlightened human stewards” to assist their migrations in ways that serve them and the existing trophic cascades.

The restorative ecological way of reducing invasive species numbers is not to kill them but use them as a resource to feed the Apex predators. Thus supporting the ecosystem to balance itself. The New Zealand government has much more urgent responsibilities than the ruinously poisoning of the country, making it uninhabitable for beast, bird and human alike. Establishing ecological homeostasis of organisms in harmonious connection with their surroundings requires working with nature instead of against it.

This Win:Win Ecology is an infinitely more intelligent, economical, safe and humane way of going about conservation in that it supports the health of the entire ecosystem and environment (including humans) and enhances the strength and stability of the global gene pool of valuable species. The four guiding principles of compassionate conservation used in the 21th Century are: 1. First Do No harm, 2. Individuals Matter, 3. Value All Wildlife, and 4. Peaceful Coexistence.

“Every time you try and improve on Nature by going against it you damage yourself, for Nature is your very being.” Anthony Demello

Intervention with a Class 1A super ecotoxin can obviously only bring insidious, dubious and ruinous results. The more poison they drop and longer this goes on, the greater will be the disastrous effects for the entire nation of New Zealand. Rather than a futile all-out war against nature, it is obvious that ecosystems can only be rectified and self-regulated using the methods of Nature herself. A restorative ecological management program must be undertaken in New Zealand, not just so that our “exports will be clean” but so that we can save the heart and soul of the nation.  Now is the time to evolve beyond corpo consciousness to more advanced and intelligent, Nature compliant methods of conservation, ecology and agriculture, for the repercussions of industrial barbarism are undermining the very foundations of civilization and our capacity to be human.

Towards that end, together we can imagine, experiment and manifest this advanced, innovative naturalistic emergent ecology that uses uncommon sense to rectify and redeem our human relationship to the earth, to the betterment of all and with harm to none. Thereby this restorative ecological renaissance speaks to the deepest of our inherent values and sensibilities, reconciling the fact that human beings are a small but crucial part of a vastly and intricately connected system of living and non-living things.

Jana Dixon, April 2020

Full 1080 Debacle paper found at:


Next Weeks Interview

Paul Levy - Wetiko

Paul Levy who wrote the book Dispelling Wetiko -- Breaking the Curse of Evil.

There is a contagious psycho-spiritual disease of the human soul, a parasite of the mind, that is currently manifesting itself in the form of unprecedented conflicts and crises on a global scale.

This collective psychosis or mental virus -- which Native Americans have called wetiko -- covertly operates through the unconscious blind spots in the human psyche, rendering us oblivious to our own madness and compelling us to act against our own best interests.

Wetiko distorts our perceptions by stealth and subterfuge, acting through us while simultaneously remaining hidden. Unconstrained by conventional laws of time and space, this 'bug' in the system deceives us by working with the projective tendencies of our mind to appear external to and other than ourselves. Thus, the conflicts and crises which threaten the collapse of political, social and economic systems, and perhaps even of the biosphere itself, are nothing less than a revelation of our own internal darkness, the side of our nature that we all too often deny.

Jun 4, 2020

Glen’s groundbreaking way of looking at the Periodic Table is by shifting one’s 2 dimensional view point to that of a 3 dimensional viewpoint. By making it a round, circular method. This elegant shifting of perspectives, now enables a new way to begin to ‘unlock’ the secrets of matter. In the years ahead all chemists and physicists will marvel at the simplicity of what Glen has achieved and ask themselves - "why didn’t I think of that myself?"

Around 330 BCE, the Greek philosopher Aristotle proposed that everything is made up of a mixture of one or more roots, an idea that had originally been suggested by the Sicilian philosopher Empedocles. The four roots, which were later renamed as elements by Plato, were earth, water, air and fire. Similar ideas about these four elements also existed in other ancient traditions, such as Indian philosophy.

So over time right up through the industrial revolution enquiring minds have endeavoured to map out the ‘constituents of matter’ for over 2,400 years.

Cut to today and Glen takes this formalised 2 dimensional rectangular layout and reconfigures it into a circle or 3 dimensional sphere. What happens is that one set of elements on one side of the sphere has ‘corresponding’ elements on the opposite side of the sphere. The old axiom ‘As above so below’ comes into play here. Just as in astrology, Libra is opposite Aires and Aquarius is opposite Leo and as Glen is an astrologer he sees everything as circling around us here on earth in a 360 degree perspective that is a 3 dimensional map of the localised star field.

Building on Rudolf Steiner’s Teachings

Glen has been working at very subtle levels based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner who though was an educator had a very profound understanding of agriculture - hence we get ‘biodynamics’ as a system of working with both the elements - as well as cosmic forces.

Using the ‘timeless maxim’ - ‘as above so below’ - and looking at the ‘structure’ of creation above us, we can get the pattern or model that we can use to look at us and the organization that occurs within us. So here we are living on a planet and out of it’s own life processes has created an atmosphere that concentrates oxygen and therefore supports life on earth. That our planet is sitting in a solar system with planets all rotating around the sun - sitting within the sun’s magnetic field and that field is like an onion with rings of magnetism and the planets run around on those rings and of course beyond that we have stars and our sun is a star and then we have billions of stars in our galaxy and beyond this we have billions of galaxies.

So the reality of where we are living is that we have this star realm, the planet realm, the atmosphere and then we have the earth.

So he says that there are 4 great dimensions that exist. Steiner says that all these four realms work in towards us - because all the stars are beaming ‘forces’ at us … like when we learn that there are as many stars in the sky as there are grains of sand on the planet - that we can have an image that we are living in the middle of an energetic hologram and that these stars have been beaming forces at us for billions of years constantly and where we are - we are held by this ocean of energy - and the sun within our solar system organises its own things and the planets organise their own things.

What Steiner says is that he uses Hindu lore saying that the star realm is ‘spirit’ - for the planetary realm he called ‘astral’ - for the atmosphere ‘etheric’ and the physical he called the ‘physical’.

So the 4 kingdoms of nature use those four ‘activities’ in increasing complexity - so the mineral kingdom is just the physical body and the plant kingdom has this growth and light so it includes the atmosphere and then the animal kingdom has movement and some degree of consciousness - which brings in the astral planetary sphere - and finally we humans bring in the star qualities and show up as our self consciousness.

Glen goes on to say that basically we are looking at everything as being a manifestation of just those 4 things. That when we bring this into balance we have health and if there is any imbalance within any of those 4 activities - we have ill health.

He says it’s a fairly simple game … but it is based on reality - the planets are real - the stars are real ....


Also mentioned were holons and we are nested holons in our planets biosphere and it is nested in the solar system which is nested in the galactic

And we have organs that are made of cells and the cells go down to molecules to the atomic and subatomic - that everything is integrated from the microcosm to the microcosm.

His Website has more detail.

Periodic Table of Elements

The Periodic Table of Chemical Elements that we have today that goes back to the so called enlightenment the 16 century  - and its rectangular shaped and is put together in so called family groups of elements. That there are 8 major groups of elements, then there are 10 groups of trace elements and then 14 groups of rare earth elements and in each family there is 7 layers some have elements in those manifest and other layers don’t. Now, Glenn has been studying soil science as part of agriculture - and you go down to where everything is atoms and atoms are these spherical balls of energetic activity.

Toroidal Spherical Form

Once something moves it starts to spin and it polarises and it creates this sort of toroidal form that has become quite common and the toroidal form is the pattern of existence - a sphere - everything is a sphere.   

We all have our energetic activity around us - so we are an energetic sphere or field and planets have an energetic sphere and everything is an energetic sphere - so when we are talking about chemistry and we are looking at this rectangular pattern and we think of an element, for example like calcium.

So what we have to do is create in our mind this nucleus with so many protons and neutrons and then two or three rings of electrons and some of those rings are not full - they can take more electrons - this becomes the basis of the interaction of the element. If a ring is not full it will go on to jump on to some other element to fill that energy lack and this is how we get the chemical interactions. So it is really an interplay of spheres - so we are forever making an adjustment between the rectangle and the sphere - and to many it is one of the hurdles of coming to grips with chemistry.

Why not draw this up as a Sphere?

So Glen thought - why don’t we draw this up as a sphere - but first of all why not start with a circle and start from there and the above three groups - the majors, the tracers and the rare earth - so they are different numbers.

So when we listen to music and Glens background in astrology informs us as well because in an astrology chart we have these different angular relationships - we might call them 30 degree relationships - 45 degree relationships and 72 degree relationships between the planets - and he says that gives you the idea as in music that there is a 3rd harmonic and 4th harmonic and a 5th harmonic - and just as the 4th in music is discordant - where as the 3rd is harmonious and friendly - so that’s what happened between the planets. So in chemistry there is a 4th harmonic in the major elements - because there is 8 of them. There is a 5th harmonic with the trace elements  - so this gave Glen the impression that they were different - they were running on these different sort of harmonics as it were - frequencies   - so he could see them as groups and if we start to get this idea that everything is a sphere and therefore a circle is one 360 degree slice of a sphere  - so we get that the circles resonate with the spheres - he says this is quite an important thought (come back to this later)

That every circle resonates with everything in creation. But in the development of the chemistry (it was well) we’ve got these three groups of elements and they can all be put on an individual sphere. Glen goes on to say what happens when we put something on a circle, that what we know in astrology is that we start getting these angular relationships - elements set opposite each other - they set at a 90 degree angle to each other  - a 30 degree angle to each other  - so what starts to happen when we put things on a circle we start to see relationships between the elements that aren't obvious in the rectangle. One of the classics in this is phosphorus and potassium set opposite to each other -  are seen on a circle and in agriculture this is one of our greatest issues - that originally when settlers started farming here - they realised they lacked phosphorous, so along came superphosphate - which in itself is a very good fertiliser and they piled the phosphorus in, but then they realised the potassium was not active - and so they thought to then just pile in the potassium - and so along comes potassium phosphate, potassium chloride and they piled that in and then all of a sudden they realised that they were locking up all the calcium in the phosphorus.

So this is one of the biggest dilemmas in modern agriculture, especially in NZ is that we have this excess of potassium and although the calcium and the phosphorus is sitting there in the soil - it won’t be released.

Then once Glen did his circular periodic table it became very clear that it was this excess of potassium that was blocking all of the phosphorus. So he made up a product that would suppress the potassium and all of a sudden out comes all of the phosphorus and then the calcium comes out a little bit later.

He said that these chemical relationships start to become very obvious once you see them in a circle.. He further states that once we have all these 3 different groups of elements on a circle - then we can put them on top of each other. Then instantly we can see which trace elements have a particular relationship to the major elements - so that there is an interrelationship between all these elements that is impossible to see on a rectangular pattern. So the rectangular pattern does not work, and is not real - because chemistry does not organise to a rectangle - it organises according to spheres . As in atoms …

Tim mentions that Pythagoras 2,500 year ago in Greece said that when we still ourselves and meditate it was possible to ‘hear the music of the spheres.’ That the planets each have a different musical note, because each one is a different size with a different rotational speed - hence they each give off a distinct pitch or tone. So in truth - the music of the spheres.  

The Circle shows the Pros and Cons of the Table of Elements

Huge areas of land in NZ are locked up because of cadmium - coming via the phosphate fertiliser - and cadmium is in the same family as mercury and zinc. That zinc as an element he says when sited on the circle is very prominent and sits very close to helping the etheric or the life processes work into the physical body. Saying we also know that zinc is a primary element that helps with fertility of plants and people. It is a primary health element. He says if you lift up the cadmium or mercury in an environment then it is going to debilitate the zinc and once this happens, it also immobilises the opposite element - which is manganese and there is an interrelationship between the two  -and manganese shows up in good seed development - that for plants to fully reach the end of their life they have to have good manganese up-take - so the zinc and manganese interplay in this fertility expression.

So by upping the mercury and cadmium it knocks out the basic fertility process.

Glen says that where he is living (he has recently shifted there) that it has 10 times the amount of phosphate in the soil that it should. That it causes trouble and it affects and debilitates many of the other elements.

That farms with high levels of potassium used to balance out the phosphate in the soil results in all sorts of knock on effect and the metabolic dysfunction has cows pooping liquid feces and that is not good. For the cow is not 100% healthy and the soil and groundwater is affected too. Too much potassium is very problematic.

He said the various knock on effects are such that it is now not uncommon for farms to have 25% of cows not being able to get pregnant. The costs build up when the veterinarian has to come out every day to artificially inseminate the cows.

Regenerative Farming is very sound for Ecology and Animal Health.

Regenerative farming came up - where it is a fast growing farming practice across NZ and does not have any chemical input. Glen says that in the area he lives in around Waipukurau there are a lot of sheep and beef farms that have not been able to afford to put on chemical fertilisers (that destroy the soil) and so regenerative and biological farming is becoming a growth industry.

He said that other than some thistle sprays and some weed drenching - the beef and sheep industry are moving a lot closer to organics now.

Also covered in this interview was the amount of urea that is being put on NZ farms too.

Huge amounts of urea being used on farms.

It is common that farmers can put up to 450 kilograms of water soluble nitrogen on the paddocks per year and this had Dr Mike Joy state.

That farms can run efficiently and actually do ok with only 35 kgs of soluble nitrogen per farm. He cautions too about ammonium sulphate on the soil, it kills all the worms and at that point cow dung will not break down - sitting there for months on end and that stops the grass growing …

Listen to this as Glen gives a good understanding of what happens at the back end of cows …

Farmers caught in a quandary that they have to let go of.

Hear of the dilemma around farms having shares in fertiliser companies - from which they gain a financial return, but with ‘over fertilising’ killing the soils and the micro organisms - other farmers are being impelled to move to low input biological and regenerative farming that doesn’t use these fertilisers.

OTHER subject covered:

Listen to Glen talk about the profundity of a circle  To the circle on the shady side of trees, on Bach flowers remedies. It’s all very profound.

Glen talks about corruption and psychopaths that we have embedded in the economic system and it is everywhere at all levels of society. That this has to be addressed.

About bacteria that bury into rocks. That soil microorganisms, the bacteria and fungi are so important for healthy land management and a vibrant biosphere. 

He mentions the NZ family company Bostock nz  One of the largest organic producers of apples in the Southern hemisphere. It’s in the Hawkes Bay the area where Glen lives and he says it is a growing organic and GE Free area - but there is still a large amount of spray usage today. :(

Glen says back in the 60’s and 70s we did not have the organic knowledge and track record  - but now we do. That NZ can really become a food producer of the highest organic standards and it’s a win win win for all.

Have we the will to bring about positive change?  This is the question. Glen said that he is more than happy to be part of this regenerative renaissance here in NZ.

Glen is presently looking at fungal control - lime sulphur a chemical is sprayed for black spot but it curtails photosynthesis for that plant and it's still a big problem in organic fruit, like grapes and stone fruit. He is having success with powdery mildew and various fruit rot. So he is still experimenting with organic ways to bring balance into combatting different dis-eases.  He is having some successes. 

Glyphosate spraying is now rampant throughout NZ agriculture.

In the last few minutes of this interview I ask him why there are large paddocks in many areas of NZ that are orange in colour and stand out like proverbial - marigold fields? This is when Glen let’s go.

Farmers are spraying their crops with Monsanto’s poison - glyphosate. It’s everywhere - it is a crime against humanity and a crime against nature.

Listen to these last few moments where he and I rip into the upper reaches of the Farming organisations that allows this wanton destruction of the NZ environment. These last few moments really let out the lies and corruption that is going on in NZ that is totally sabotaging and destroying NZs already tarnished image of a clean green country. Please - make the effort to listen and then network it to friends, associates and others.  

In finishing. I will have to get Glen back on radio very soon, because there were a few questions that I needed to ask him - which focus on the first 1/3 of the interview.  The tying in of forces affecting humans plus, to ask him to more easily explain that ‘within a sphere you can place a cube’ and that ‘within that cube you can place a sphere’ - down - Ad infinitum  - Just like the nesting  Russian dolls, babushka.


Next Week’s Interview

Jana Dixon

Jana Dixon who was  born here in Warkworth NZ, now lives in Boulder Colorado in the US. Jana is an independent researcher and author working on a variety of subjects such as natural health, permaculture, restorative ecology, the psychology of sovereignty, spiritual awakening and the design of Civilization Next.

Jana is particularly interested in the 1080 poison debacle having been a student for a couple of years at the "conventional" agricultural university "Lincoln College," in which research for the use of 1080 was conducted.

She is interested in biological pest control and favours the idea of the introduction of one of the largest animals into our NZ ecosystem as a way to control the 50 - 7 million possums in this country.

May 28, 2020

The COVID lockdown has been on many levels a ‘planetary catharsis’  Greek katharsis, from kathairein ‘cleanse’, from katharos ‘pure’.

As a GP working from his home clinic he was able to assess and help patients, but fortunately did not have any with COVID:19.

NZ’ loss of life has fortunately been low at 22 deaths. Life is slowly opening up again. But, Robin is now dealing with the fall-out from the lock down.

This interview starts quietly however it was not long before it ramped up and some very potent information was shared that reminds us that we are in many ways being overtaken by technology that far exceeds our knowingness. To the degree that those whom possess it and deploy it, lack the consciousness of what they are doing.

Thus the world has changed radically. Those with existing anxieties and depression - have increased and are overwhelming. This situation has affected our physical health and immunity due to delayed treatment which also causes more anxiety. 

Younger people in general have not been affected by COVID although there have been rare cases. Medical and nursing staff have been affected especially in close areas, where they are working with extremely limited social distancing.

Robin mentioned that due to the increased fear mode where we retreat into ourselves, even to child-like instincts - that this precedes the development of our rational brain that oversees everything. Our frontal lobe or cortex, can take stock of our emotions and in the face of fear we are very very vulnerable - especially if we do not have a great say in our current situation and we are locked away from being in any proactive role. That the majority of the population is very vulnerable, not so much now to the virus per see, but the control of the systems and also politics and corporations. And we are watching this unfold on a daily basis.

We are also seeing contradictions - Donald Trump not wearing a face Mask yet Dr Fauci and Dr Birx wearing masks and the latter are perceived as representing big Pharma and big Medicine. So there is this contradiction going on. Robin said it is important for peer reviewed studies among peers to get to the correct diagnosis and healing modality. We notice two days after this interview that the WHO has no interest in testing the viability of Hydroxychloroquine, because the WHO is invested with Bill Gates and his Foundation and is wanting to vaccinate the 7.7 billion humans who inhabit our planet - and to continue this for every over virus that may arise into the future.

At present there are a huge number of scientific papers coming out every day - especially in the US with contradictory statements and without complete peer reviewed processes.  As a result  the global public are now being exposed to a confusing amount of information - saying, wear gloves, masks and social distancing and another comes out equally - forcefully saying - that’s all wrong!

MSM Controlling the Narrative

Which Robin says is how we get the evidence and then peruse it to evolve the science - the problem we have is that MSM is presenting it in a black and white terms. They are presenting it the way - that their narrative wants to present it.’  They are not converting this information in a particular adult way  and that version can not be challenged  via mainstream media - they in essence control the narrative across all MSM, and that means any alternative viewpoints are not able to challenge them. Robin continues saying that they may think that they are protecting the public - but that is not the way to behave.

Professor’s Computer Model Gets It Wrong

Professor Neil Fergusson of London’s Imperial College ran a computer scenario - that freaked out the world - saying millions were going to die -  basically causing the world economy to shut off and go into lock down. The result is, we will be picking up the pieces for years to come as an impact of his over estimation. But, not only that - we see people who originally were supporting the lock down, disobeying the precautions that were put in place and instead openly flaunting the so called lock-down.

So there were two scenarios - one for the ordinary people who were doing what they thought was right, whilst the authorities openly abused the situation as per the NZ Minister of Health going on a cross town jaunt to ride his bike, as a local example. Same thing happened in Britain and even Barack Obama playing golf whilst Michelle was saying on TV - stay at home!

Entitlement and the Abuse of Power

This NZ Minister doing what he wished is a classical state of ‘entitlement’.  This Robin mentions is an example of narcissistic personality disorders and psychological  disorders - and these people are being exposed … and people are quite rightly asking questions about this!.

Universities in Bed with Word Technology Corporations

It has also been revealed in the last two weeks that London’s Imperial College has a sponsorship deal with Huawei the giant Chinese tech and surveillance corporation to the tune of 5 million pounds and they are in collaboration with other world major offshore tech corporations. Plus, we also know that Bill Gates and his Foundation have granted Imperial College US$ 30 million as of March of this year. So we are seeing within the academic circles the state of tertiary education - basically around the world, being dependent on technology corporations. That their narrative is how we are all going to be ‘guided’ and progressed into the 4th Industrial Revolution of AI and dependent on 5G wavelength and above. etc etc.    Scroll right down this post!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being Enforced on Humanity

AI, the Internet of Things, Social credit surveillance, cashless society, mining of human energy and thoughts for cryptocurrency.

This is being done by using specific psychopathic seduction techniques.

Robin goes on to say that it’s a steady progression across multiple disciplines, platforms and modalities and areas into an artificially intelligence controlled world. This is where both the billionaires of Silicon Valley and the Chinese from a diametrically different perspective are wanting to herd the human race towards and they are now not wanting to wait for 2030.

Totalitarian Tiptoe Happening Now

The totalitarian tiptoe is now a giant leap forward that has been sprung upon us over the last few weeks.

In other words humanity unknowingly are enveloped in a controlled ‘technical fog’ and we are on the receiving end of it all - Like it or not.

He quotes Naomi Klein who in dealing with a high tech corporation in Maryland in the USA , now sees humans as being ‘bio hazards’ where as (sterile) machines are not.

This is where it is all heading - and that is ‘human-less and contactless technology.’

It has become the Time of the Machines …

He goes on to say if you talk about the Corona virus and 5G in the same breath - you are shut down!

Yet, whilst the lock down all the tech corporations have been making hay while the sun shines. Because they can still work remotely and all the systems are virtually in place - plus fibrotic cables globally - so super fast media is at their fingertips. They have 24/7 ubiquitous global connectivity.

The Battle for the Soul of our Planet is Full On.

Meanwhile the battle for the soul of our planet has ramped up. It’s a hybrid of what Biblical Prophecy is about - and instead of arsenals of armaments and nuclear missiles - it’s the invisibles - it’s about frequencies and viruses and fear - that, which can not be seen.

It’s hugely psychological too. The dark is extraordinary deceptive and it is being fought out mainly in the USA. The Deep State have also been in bed with China too. Heaps of deception everywhere. In the UK there is the  77th Brigade takeover of the UK Government.

We are in an Existential Crisis on a Global Scale.

Robin says that those who are looking deep and doing the critical thinking - the serious homework and the serious research - are being gaslighted (another psychopathic trait) as being ‘conspiracy theorists.’

You have to listen to the interview - for as an Medical Doctor, Robin’s message is - we are being railroaded by huge tech corporations that are shunting us all into a giant omnipresent frequency cloud that is global in scope and we will be relentlessly bombarded and fried by untested frequencies coming at us from not only our ordinary surroundings like 5G towers but from satellites from space as well. Not only this, but because of our reluctance to look this challenge head on we are also not being able to get out in front of the narrative.

Because MSM shuts us out. As you will notice, we will never have this discussion on TVONE - TV3 , Radio NZ or the NZ Herald - because they are all connected to ‘vested interests’ that do not feel any connection to humanity, or biota or the natural world as such. Nature in many ways has no part to play in the world of AI other than as a dead backdrop to our daily drama.

This 4th Industrial Revolution is not just based on frequencies for ‘supposedly’ bettering our life - they are based on highly focussed data connections from machine to machine. Like the Borg. See Star Trek.

The human heart and aspirations are not factored into this - other than to seduce the unwary to the table and then be ensnared with this tech. Like your young ones with their flash new ‘smart’ phones.

Dr Robin say that when it comes out that these frequencies pose a danger to our children, our grandchildren and the unborn then it will be imperative that people understand - because when the human race does … it will never ever allow these wireless frequencies be deployed or used.

Calling out the Lies

But also … that all the tech industries lies that are being promulgated are not sustainable - so let’s keep going - let’s keep explaining and let’s apply the Precautionary Principle.

Governmental Double Standards?

As a result of this coronavirus we have seen enacted in the extreme - measures of closing down our country and confining us to our homes over the last two months. So why do we not apply the same precautionary principle to the ongoing increasing amounts of non ionising radiation - to a whole population in a way that is impossible to isolate ourselves from?    

That the powers that be - can not have it both ways. If we have the precautionary principle for the virus - then to be consistent we have to apply this to 5G as well.

Because there are increasingly more papers coming out exposing the dangers of this technology, than there ever was for the coronavirus.

We can note that MSM media have become very quiet about Elon Musk’s super status of putting up 33,000 satellites in geostationary orbit so as to rake and microwave our planet with 5 G frequencies. That journalist and their ilk today have kowtowed to money over content as well and duck any controversial content for fear of being pushed out of the gala tent. There are very few NZ journalists who will go hard against the government in power, for fear they will never be invited to the many lavish functions that are frequently put on. Like, not wanting to be excluded from the revelry. ;)

No Journalists in NZ prepared to stand up?

Robin mentions Mike King, a NZ comedian who was fronting for the NZ Pork Board selling products made from pigs. Well, someone got to Mike and showed him the horrendous conditions that pigs were living in and being exploited here in clean green happy NZ. When he realised the slavery and inhumane way pigs were being treated he courageously said enough and resigned.

Now where is that ONE JOURNALIST in NZ who will stand up regarding 5G for instance and state that they want to produce a balanced article on the  health dangers of radiation of wireless radiation - we only want one of two to do this and why is this not happening? Hello?

That virtually reality is coming. We have Siri from Apple and Samsung have Bixby…. plus Amazon has Alexa - sweet sensuous compelling voices … 

Holographic Assistances.

The New York Times is working to have news readers that are holographic that will read the news (or their version of the news.) - and do exactly what is programmed in them for today. Like have the correct intonations - show empathy in the right places, smile warmly when required - the timbre of their voice, sound caring - as this becomes the new normal. That this will be the reality and we will think the news reader is real and if she is pretty enough and he handsome as well - we will eventually fall in love with them - especially as they ever so subtly flirt with us and possibly sound more and more like our best friend.

We are entering a realm where humans are to be ever so subtly lobotomised out of the equation and artificial intelligence - takes over.

And this great leap forward has happened in the last 6 weeks - due to the virus setting the stage as to how to communicate with a captured fair stricken audience.

We are going to see a radical shift in the future for humanity if Silicon Valley and AI robots have their chance to get into the driver's seat, Trans humanism - where Soul is to be superseded by machines?

This will speed up the move into trans humanism they say, by 2030. But, they want to get it happening as soon as possible - the reason being ‘they’ want a captured audience who have lost their spiritual connection to a greater reality.

That with this AI tech, that trillionaires will emerge from this - hence the race is on …that 29 people even now, have more wealth than that the bottom 3rd of our planet's population.

That Mom & Pop shops will disappear now in this post COVID phase and big tech will have its robotic warehouses filling texted orders and the shift will be monumental. It has been semi like this for 30 years plus - in some countries  

Bill Gates vaccines for all 7.7 billion of us. Will we be further dumbed down with infotainment and ex-rated movies and subsidised cannabis? (Go and do you own research on 

Hydroxychloroquine -  Big Pharma does not like it as it is extremely cheap, even though it has been around for decades.

Every drug has a downside and an upside.

Trump when photographed wears no mask, whilst Dr Fauci and Dr Birx have masks and because they are the face of big Pharma, pull rank on Trump, because they are doctors.

Over the last 6 weeks of this crisis, doctors in the field in the US have come out on social media telling that many people who die of other

diseases are being tested for COVID and if they find any trace of COVID are pronounced that their death was attributed to COVID, yet they may have died of a heart attack or cancer. For this they are being banned. This is a huge scandal.* This has been found out and exposed in Italy.   

Also the medical model in NZ have Doctors consultations last about 6 minutes - when 30 minutes is not enough. This too is a scandal.

The Human Gut and our Alimentary canal.

The Human biome - has trillions of viruses in our gut - but balance occurs - we are an ecosystem of viruses, bacteria and fungi. They all live within us and they mutate and we would not be alive without these viruses. They are part of our makeup.  Listen to the story about the placenta virus - that without this virus - every mother would reject their baby.

We discussed that New York city in the US were having large losses people* Tim ventured because people are in a high rise city - there are very few gardens and thus factory and industrial food is eaten and it is often devoid of life force and vitality.


Regarding 5G and its effects there are so many cofactors and we need to be looking and researching all these things. But, so many are deferring to the WHO and WHO says 5G is ok.  There is even a conflict of interest with the Prime Minister's Science Adviser - Listen.

The Cashless Society

NZ, Australia and Sweden, are very close to switching to cashless. What are the ramifications?  NZ youth now just don’t carry cash and use EFTPOS and this is going to have huge adverse ramifications for ‘activists or anyone who goes against the Corporate and Government narrative.’  YOUR CARD IS DECLINED. Please go to the nearest Police Station, Listen

AI - Universities in NZ  Are eradicating the arts and philosophical departments, they have been cleansed of anything to do with higher mind and values. We are losing the higher arts.

Massey UnIversity here too.  The classics are gone including pure science and health science as well as the biological sciences and marine biology. All these to be replaced by an AI Innovation block. Huawei are involved in this ….that NZ in the future will be AI run with the Internet of Things

Robin says we are sovereign beings - we have to become super aware ASAP 

We will not be able to elect anyone to save us - as the system has all been set up - not in our favour.

The 4th Industrial Revolution however - can be cured with goodness - love and compassion - and common sense

We have to guide the machines to help us - also to not divide us …  Robin says not the other way around but essentially we need a conscious awakening

They - the Tech world, are exposing their lies very early in the game - so being alert we can see their plans

Next Week.

Glen Atkinson

His wish is to show how Living on Earth can be achieved in a friendly and cooperative manner, through working with our creations energetic organisation.

Glen Atkinson – an Artist who expresses through Astrology, Gardening, Homeopathy and Philosophy – has developed the agricultural and medical work of the turn of the century Austrian philosopher, Dr Rudolf Steiner, into a rational and secular approach of being with nature, while staying true to Dr Steiner’s energetic indications.

On 11th February 2020, he was conferred a ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ as recognition for ‘significant lifetime achievements in the field’.

May 21, 2020

In this post covid lockdown humanity is up for grabs. Whatever media can do to distract you and sew seeds of doubt and fear - you can be assured they want your attention and they want it all the time.


The media are not here to empower us from an inner standpoint. Nor are they here to inspire us at a spiritual level - or that of soul. Reason being, is that we instead are being programmed to be walking desire bodies, to become consumers that will end up … consuming our life support systems.


How can we break the spell …? 




Governmental Laws

Freeing up who we in essence - are.

Kia Ora and greeting dear listeners, Tim from GreenplanetFM, here in Auckland in Nuclear Free New Zealand - Note that Nuclear Free was once a big deal. Yet, for some unknown reason it seems no longer?  

However, I am communicating and checking-in to see that you and your family are healthy, relaxed and well. That in particular you are well resourced both externally and internally and that your inner candle burns strongly in these very unsettling of times.


You may have wondered why has been somewhat quiet over the last two months - well it has been to gather information that is factual and empowering and in particular gives us a planetary overview as to what is happening in this profoundly eventful year - of 2020 - where I trust we have the clarity of vision to foresee the challenges and possibilities at this critical point in time, as we enter the third decade of the 21st Century.


To give you a heads up - I will mention a few pointers that I wish to cover during this program, so as to let you know what are the priorities of today’s show

Note, that as this is all voluntary, especially this write up by me, I invite you to understand that I am not a wordsmith or a radio jock, just an ordinary human being doing my best for a better world view and biosphere for all.




  • Is - of our unique perspective from NZ - being so far from anywhere - we are in many ways on the outside looking in - at all the events on earth. 


  • Then - this COVID crisis and Lock down - and the question - is this just ‘a very virulent’ flu virus that mainly affects the elderly and those with compromised immune systems?


  • Is this global COVID event - a pretext for an evolutionary shift and is a precursor to a new paradigm?  That the mass of humanity are confronting a gigantic change in perspective -  like mass ‘consciousness’ readying itself for a new interpretation on life?? ‘That it is more than a revolution - but a Paradigm shift’ - to a higher level of being?


  • That this crisis may have a darker motive-  being used by vested ‘global banking interests’ to ‘close down economies’ and get countries and people into more debt?


  • And, has the lockdown been used as a practice by ‘the powers that be’ to see how in the future they know how to accomplish a complete planet wide lock down of the global population, and their hand held communication systems too?


  • Does 5G play a darker role as it is rolled out ‘under urgency’ across virtually all countries, globally?  


  • But on a lighter side - that due to the lock down ordinary people have been able to meet their neighbours, and realise that we are surrounded by many good hearted and kind people we never knew. That we may be able to reboot the local and national economies with a sense of more cooperation, goodwill, relocalising and seeing our communities more from a grassroots and holistic standpoint.


  • That we here in NZ have an opportunity to lead by example in working with the land and nature in a far more conscious and regenerative way. That brings us into more communion with nature’s bounty.


  •  Is this crisis an evolutionary driver to compel us to recognise that we may be or are ... spiritual beings having an earth experience - and that it’s impelling us to grow into a higher level of being?


  • And what does this mean in relationship to our metaphysical connection to all existence. That at soul level - will this lead to an unveiling of a greater cosmic story?     


We are here today - all sharing of the same invisible breath that our planet and biosphere bequeaths all biota. Which I wish to address some of the many issues from a local to a global perspective - because we here in NZ may have a very different vantage point, being tucked away around the curve of our home planet - about four thousand kilometers away from Antarctica and a little over 2,000 kilometers from Australia. We are somewhat isolated, from any large land mass - to the degree that NZ is also the closest major country to the International date line - which means ‘we see tomorrow first’ - being 2 hours ahead of Australia - around 12 hours ahead of the UK and and around 16 hours in front of the USA - (depending on daylight saving.)


Hence our strategic situation - to be ahead of time. Though this may not necessarily mean that we in this country are ahead of the curve, we also could be seen as being ‘used as a localised experimental guinea pig in a living laboratory in a planetary wide social experiment as well’.  


Being so close to the International Date Line it could be said - from a science fictional point of view - we are already domiciled in ‘tomorrow land.’ That this may assist us in seeing differently - the status of our planet - be it from a geopolitical perspective, or within the homeostatic bubble of the biosphere - abounding and occupied with myriads of wildlife. But, more so -  seeing our planet as a colossal living superorganism, called Gaia or as Maori say, Papatuanku - and as David Icke once said to me - that our planet is a vast swirling - information field. 

That from our situation - we can realise that our world view may be very different, but it is only from a point of view of perspective. 


Remember our human body too is a mass of subatomic frequencies - we too are an information system, and an energy field within a greater universal - energy field. 


From this standpoint - where subatomic physics and biology coalesce - it is imperative that we learn and understand that humanity as we know it to be - are entering another paradigm, a new way of being - and that we are also coming to an ‘omega point’ in the evolution of our planet and civilisation. This was first advanced by Teilhard de Chardin, the evolutionary, trail blazing Catholic priest, who was ‘shunned’ by both the Pope and Rome early last century. His message is also translating to a spiritual awakening as well, that we all share the same breath and that deep down within our being we have realised that there is far more to our life than ‘to be born - to reproduce - and to die.’

This is important to dwell on. We are more than just following our animal instincts.  


Therefore, I wish to touch on this shift that is affecting us all - as we grapple with the reality of the world - a world that is changing so fast - and regrettably for many there is no eject or slo-mo button - because in truth we have to come to terms with what’s in our face - especially the corruption of the economic and political order that is in lockstep with unbridled media and fake news, and how we urgently need to discern truth from fallacy.


And its important - we owe it to our children and grandchildren - we definitely do …  and this is what I am hearing, especially since that smoke filled day of the 5th of January, 2020  when bushfire smoke blew across from Australia and obliterated the clear atmosphere of NZ - which caused many of my friends and acquaintances to question what we are bequeathing our youth and our young ones of tomorrow? 


Because at heart we all intuitively know that the way our industrial civilization has been intensifying and multiplying  - that the consequences of profit before people and future generations would in the end have us all - going over the cliff.

We also know that we have been living excessively and totally unsustainably. 

We intuitively ‘get it’ that our planet and nature can only take so much unconscious punishment.


So now we have had a breather - and this breather to many, especially for those living in cities - has been the clearest air that we have breathed for many, many years and even decades and longer  - we are now realising that what we have been putting into our body temple - our lungs has put our health at major risk, and the statistics globally give us ample evidence of this pollution, especially in China and India where the data has gone through the ceiling. 


So during this ‘virus’ time-out - ‘rahui’ (Maori for rest and recovery) can we reflect on this global current ‘event’ which has affected us all here in NZ, too. Though compared with other countries we in NZ have not experienced the suffering that many others are still experiencing. We are indeed fortunate.            


The Global Lockdown

Little did we know that the whole dynamics of our world view would alter, that over just a couple of days in March, we would all be virtually confined in our homes, flats and apartments - nationwide and in all Western countries (excepting Sweden).  But, that’s another story.


The Fear that Resulted

What I find is more than a little interesting is the amount of fear that has been generated as a result of COVID - raw fear to be exact. To the degree that I had a friend arrive at my place and though we have been close for 40 years - they definitely did not want to give me a hug, they thought that this virus was like the plague!  


So what are the consequences for our global population?

Though there are 7.7 billion souls on earth, a web search says that about ⅓ of the earth’s population is/has been locked down, but it will be some time before we get the real numbers. 


Media Influence 

Meanwhile - with global communication at our fingertips and ubiquitous MSM blasting our sensibilities in all directions  - (whilst also coming under increasing scrutiny) - we can yet be further more distracted by the hundreds of thousands of social media postings ‘some very conscious and mindful’ - filling our minds with data - some of it conflicting, but there is some really good information and inspiration out there. … 


Time to Self Reflect

However as covid fatigue is also upon us we need to stop and reflect on - ‘why me, why here and why now?’

This to me is the time to ask ourselves - what is life all about?  More later in this article. 


A Global Catharsis?

Because we are in many ways ... going through a catharsis on a global scale - definitely in the Westen world - and … seeing we have been engulfed in consumerism, and materialism …  and its offshoot - planned obsolescence and pollution and that so many of us are just awash in ‘stuff’ - that includes debt and mortgages.

But, that’s only part of it. We have been sucked in and distracted by glamour, celebrity and titillation and … all that glitters - is definitely not gold.


So we are a little worn out as if we have been washed up on the beach and the tide has gone out … and it’s time to reorient our whole being to another way … we have to make a conscious choice or shall I say - it would be a good idea to start looking if not transforming our life to at least look at renewal and regeneration of who and how we can be.

So what is it that is going to change us enough to that of a happy, joyful, caring and compassionate creative being?


Well ...There are a number of things that I intuit are important ...

Because every baby born into this realm is an energy bundle of exponential potential - and that’s true, we are just that - energy bundles of exponential potential and we have forgotten this. 


Have we been programmed to become ‘gods of limitation?’

This is an important statement. Is our present predicament of helplessness and victimhood, due to unconsciously being programmed to become ‘gods of limitation’ and we have in many ways become self fulfilling prophecies, and locked ourselves into this body that we inhabit whilst all around us in every direction is both infinity and eternity. The whole universe in all directions is just coiling with suns through deep dimensions of time. And here we are ... isolated cases ... that if we could see with a higher more expanded vision - that we are all extensions of a global family. The human family, that we are a part of. 


The other thing that I touched on earlier - is we have let our ‘inner candle’ go out. Or worse … we did not even know we had an inner candle - this links us with a spiritual dimension that at soul level is integral with our relationship to the whole of existence. 


This is big.  


Ok - enough of the preamble …

Getting back to our day to day life, that we have been dealing quite intensely with over the last 8 or so  weeks. 

That what this invisible and stealthy virus has done is brought us into a new awareness of the hidden dangers of reality. Even though we have been dealing with unseen atomic radiation since Hiroshima and Fukushima and now with Covid in so many countries. But, there is also the continuing deployment of the 5G telephone system, globally - coming under the spotlight. We are truly being initiated into the Aquarian age of the unseen world. 


As Nikola Tesla stated - that when humankind starts researching the invisible - we will make more progress in one decade than in all of our history. Yet though every town and city on earth are powered by Tesla’s genius - we are still light years of understanding what he offered humanity.  So as an additional question? Do you really know much about Nikola Tesla?


New Stringent Laws Enacted by the NZ Governmen

Now today, we have the NZ Labour Government who were shoehorned into power by the goodwill of a minor party at the last election. They have enacted legislation under urgency - to basically take control of NZers lives -  like never before. This legislation gives excessive power to our Health Minister and the police: meaning ‘warrantless searches of our homes.’ Fortunately, this legislation has to be taken back to Parliament to be re enacted every 90 days - at least this offers some kind of sunset clause - that if we can eliminate the covid virus - then we can do away with this Law, we trust - forever. 


Never let a good crisis go to waste. This is a saying that has been bandied around over the decades by numerous people in power, globally - and if a situation requires drastic action, this was one instance. There was another one in the previous John Key Government, that was based on the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) that collects and analyses intelligence. The politicians who voted against this Intelligence Bill that was pushed through ‘under urgency’ - all voted for this one over the last week.    Yes, the very strange dynamics of politics. 

Invasion of the COVID virus.

Tim’s Note. During the SARS situation I flew into China from the 4th of July staying to the 22 August 2003 living in the Zhejiang Province during this time. I had entered Shanghai airport when officials wore masks and we were tested with a breathing apparatus at Customs. But, by the time I left the country these measures had been relaxed.  I also was in skype contact over the last few months with friends in their high rise apartment in the city of Suzhou around the same distance from Wuhan as Auckland is to Wellington and at first they were confined to their building, and had food ordered by email sent in, but prior to the 18h of April, for a week they had already been flying around China with no need to take drastic measures. It has been relaxed there ever since, so I was told.   


The COVID:19

There is still a big question that many more people are scratching their heads about. Is this a new dangerous virus or is it a more virulent flu?  One that affects the elderly more than children? Especially those with compromised immunity systems.


The statistics show that this seems to be the case - especially in NZ. However, I encourage you to do your own research and please don’t go to a Government website, or specifically a corporate website - find out from numerous different sources. 


Once Search Engines Were Independent

Just note that Google is not necessarily a friend of humanity and like its subsidiary, Youtube,  though they have some excellent information, which Google owns - these Internet mutations constantly use algorithms to sideline you if you question the status quo. Twitter is the same too. You have to be far more adroit in using the web to do your research. 


Why, because these Corporations are in league with the major media corporations being high up in the pyramid of power structure as well - they are there to control the narrative away from us waking up. 


New Zealand’s Response to the incoming virus. 

But first, let’s quickly look at how NZ became infected by COVID. What we find is that when the Government realised that this was a fast spreading, global viral situation the wisest move was to close off our country. They stated that they were closing off NZ’s airports, especially Auckland. But, the airport remained totally porous and passengers were not only shocked that NZ Biosecurity were MIA (missing in action) - they were ‘job smacked’ as the ‘NZ Herald stated’ -  of the abysmal and total lack of preparation and coordination of the border security systems. NZ just did not have any means of handling the thousands that were pouring back home through the airport and fanning out into Auckland and beyond. 


NZ Herald kept breaking the news!

It was the alertness of the NZ Herald that called this out - time and time and time again and they ran articles showing up the total ineptness and incompetence of our Government's liaison with border security. It is just plain luck and good fortune that there were so few returning NZers who had the virus. To be frank - NZ dodged a bullet.          


New Government Laws Enacted

So yes … where are we at present - as these are unprecedented times with unparalleled circumstances -  and ‘our elected servants’ in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, have finally enacted draconian legislation without due consultation with the electorate or the learned elders other than mirror the worlds global media which is essentially 6 bloated communication corporations in the USA , with a compromised BBC from the UK. Essentially all parroting from the same shrill song book. 


Which translates to - Keep the citizens on a very tight leash and if it means obtaining loans from overseas banks and adding more debt to the country and in particular for the younger generation to pay off - so be it. 

Note, that we never learn as to ‘who are the ones we get the loans from?’ Not one politician will ever stand up in Parliament and ‘want to follow the money’ - and ask the question. But who is giving us this money?  Someone has to own this debt, there has to be ‘someone’ up through the levels of compartmentalised banks that reach on up into the pyramid of power, who actually owns this debt. Any guesses who it might be? 


What the awakening global public are fast realising is that the world corporations and banking institutions are all in bed together, and they have agreements to use MSM where it helps them concentrate power further up the pyramid of power. 


But, more of this later … at another time - but most ‘conscious’ people already have worked this all out.


So in this radio show I have some musical breaks to give us some easing up of the frequencies. Within the sound tracks the lyric content is my subtle way of letting us know that there is a way through this situation - that surrounds us. The song that I played was 48 years old - an old flower power song from the Moody Blues “We are living in a world of make believe.” I will put the lyrics down below.


Re Envisioning A NEW New Zealand

What has come of NZ during this hiatus or ‘rahui’ - to use a maori term - (to take time out, rest and regenerate) - is that many New Zealanders are wondering how can we initiate new economic and ecological ways of making our country far more successful, in that we be more aligned with the ways of the land that supports us with healthy food and sustenance, plus working together more as a community at the grass roots or relocalising.     


That, in this program I mentioned some of the radio content that GreenplanetFM has covered over the years, that mainstream media in this country have essentially shied away from, or mentioned it once, just to get it out of the way. This subject matter for reasons you will start to realise - is connected to showing the shortfall of both big business systems and essentially the degrading of our environment.


Regenerative ways of working with the Land. 

Most of you will know that a good portion of NZ arable land is under commercial management, so interviews were conducted with knowledgeable holistic authoritative people on how to benignly revitalise our agricultural sector which has the countries largest ecological footprint and also - value for money. This being to encourage the integration of new biological and regenerative farming methods, that are able to take the ‘chemical load’ out of the equation. Thus biological and regenerative farming is fast gaining momentum, not only here in NZ - but in South Africa and Australia but we can include the USA and Canada too. But, we still have a long way to break through critical mass.

This transition is now imperative, as the end product if we have to use such a word - results in healthy animals, soil, and rivers and that products are more nutritious and have a longer shelf life and being more wholesome. One of the most enjoyable benefits is that the farmer and workers become more healthy and attuned to nature at the same time - because they are working and co-creating with natural processes.  This conversion is also opening the door even more so to organics and biodynamics which means an even more discerning market and the proverbial win win situation.


This is a revolutionary shift for farmers and regenerative and biological farming are going to be the savior of the dairy industry here in this country, and at the same time it will take care of the land, the soil and the microflora, especially bacteria and fungi as farmers discover the hidden drivers and the deeper secrets of the soil. It is educating them into a sacred relationship with the land that they are stewards of.

This is really big as it brings into focus the ‘circular’ economy.


Permaculture Time

We have also covered many interviews on Permaculture - Which really has to be brought forward into the public consciousness. This is the Time of Permaculture. This ‘integral land management system’ out of Tasmania is based on the topography of the property, arc of the sun, wind direction and tree cover plus shelter belts, also water resources, gravity and trickle irrigation. Inclusive of the land, with ponds as well as swales to direct rainwater and terracing.  

This pioneering method is in many ways a ‘one stop shop’ - (for need of a far better description) based around the family home (accommodation) and barns and sheds to be in some ways the nucleus of a planned localised eco sphere of influence, with gardens and orchards and paddocks of animals and poultry in an integrated and multi layered way of farming, gardening and cropping. All this being a truly dynamic microcosm of the mineral, animal and vegetable Kingdom environmentally working in unison as one. The next level is tying in with marketing plans so that fresh produce can be accessed from the web and that distribution networks funnel this quality food to either villages, towns and cities or ready for export. Permaculture and horticulture could be a profound new way forward for NZ because it is essentially organic, so the food is from heirloom stock and is nourishingly, nutrient dense.    


Exploiting Fishing Numbers in NZ Waters.

There are a number of interviews on the state of fish in NZ coastal waters and these have all been real eye openers. NZ’s Exclusive Economic Zone, is the fourth largest area of ocean under its jurisdiction on earth. A gigantic area that is also part of the ‘NZ Commons’. Which means it is basically owned or under the care of the whole of the NZ public. This is overseen by our elected ‘servants’ in Parliament. They are taking care of it on behalf of us.

Are they doing a good job? 

Do you know if they care?

Or are our politicians just deferring to a Department within Government?  


Well, what we learn is that this fishing industry is controlled by about a dozen families and we are finding that the quota management system is failing us on all levels. This ‘quota management system’ billed as one of the most comprehensive on earth’ - is awash with poor governance, lack of oversight and vast waste. Here we are with the commonwealth of the oceans bounty to draw from and we are abusing this privilege year after year, decade after decade. So I encourage you to listen to any of the interviews of Scott Macindoe from Legasea - a very articulate communicator who by default is voluntarily doing the Government's work for them.


The Quality of Drinking Water.

We have conducted interviews on the fluoridation of NZ’s water supply, and the Professor Emeritus’s that have been interviewed have clearly stated that fluoride definitely interferes with one’s brain and that it is a neurotoxin that reduces the IQ of children. China has conducted studies and found that there is a considerable drop in intelligence. But, because it is a Chinese study Western medicine ignores it at its peril.  

However, fluoridation appears to have already done its damage because our politicians in Parliament and local government have no understanding of what’s in the water they drink. So until enlightened governance comes - this subject is a lost cause and the best we can do is suggest that families buy in fresh pure, vital water in large containers and make sure that their children drink only quality non fluoridated water, and preferably not chlorinated water either.  You can purchase filtration systems - however the costs can be substantial. These were excellent interviews, but no uptake, by the NZ authorities. 


As an aside, I once told the Radio Station Manager Terri Byrne that I didn’t want to be a ‘protest radio program’ - and she immediately countered by saying - well, you can always be an ‘activist radio program.’...  sigh ...


I wish to also cover a few more subjects of what we have previously aired - to enable you to extend your understanding of what we have been endeavouring to achieve in bringing these disparate but important subjects to public attention. 


Lisa Er did two very powerful interviews, one on Vaccines, with Bruce Lipton and that taken orally we get safer uptake, and this interview got the highest amounts of hits ever for GreenplanetFM because it is is a very contentious topic, especially as Bill Gates wants to vaccinate you for the Covid 19 virus and every subsequent virus that follows.


The other by Lisa too, is on 1080. This is the aerial poison dropped from helicopters across huge areas of NZ bush - as a means to kill and eradicate possums. But, by doing this NZ is using something like 95% of the world’s total production of 1080, and the agonising deaths of other animals that happen to eat the ‘baits’ is incredibly horrendous, and excruciatingly cruel - it is a shock to one’s senses. 

There is also no independent research on the effects on the micro organisms in the soil as a result of this mass poisoning - when we know through Newton’s Third Law of Motion - ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ That this is being totally ignored, to our peril, because these poisons enter into the many different water systems.  


Factoring Children into all Legislation that affects Their Future.


We have been extracting from and poisoning from the living earth Gaia to such a degree by taking resources that this is having such a knock on effect that it’s our children and grandchildren who will be starkly affected. 

There is an urgent need to have within all NZ Government Legislation, a specific clause that calls for ‘Children and their collective future to be factored in all Laws that are passed.’  

‘This has to be Noted, prior to all Acts being passed into Law.  


Back to COVID

This radio discourse  goes on to discuss the current COVID situation and that the World Health Organisation has such a powerful role in dictating policy around our planet.      


That the World Health Organisation, is an off-shoot of the United Nations, yet the WHO has in turn has been virtually usurped by Bill Gates, a drop out from college who through his power and influence colludes with a Dr Tedros the Head of the WHO, to tell us that all 7.7 billion have to be inoculated against these viruses, by the WHO. 


It’s messy … believe me - but this is a global situation - we as a planetary civilization that is still endeavouring to find itself - have been mesmerized in a spell -  a malaise (for want of a better word) - that settled over the world around the year 2,000, and was exacerbated by what happened in New York on 9/11 and since then - humanity and society as a whole - have been on the back foot.


You will have to use the web to research what I written here.


I invite you to consider  for your web searches.  There will be better web browsers, however please peruse what they offer freely and see how this can protect your privacy - because Google has all your search results for the last 20 years, plus.

This from Breitbart, a conservative news website, which is not a website that I go to, states: Tedros Helped Beijing Hide the Severity of the Chinese Coronavirus Outbreak

On January 14, months after health officials are believed to have detected the first case of the virus in China on November 17 of last year, the WHO was promoting a Chinese claim via Twitter that there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission.” Meanwhile, the disease was spiraling out of control. The WHO tweet came a day before the first case to reach the United States reportedly flew from Wuhan to the state of Washington.


Then we have a Nigerian viewpoint - I encourage you to research this more.


When we deep dive into Tedros’s back story, he has no degrees in medicine - just like Bill Gates the eugenicist yet they both want to control the destiny of the 7.7 billion human beings, who are alive today. 


Now a deeper dive into Bill Gates in India, where there is a growing backlash from Indian families that have children that have been adversely affected by vaccines that come under Bill Gates’s umbrella.

Given that the vaccination issue now impacts all families in America, directly or indirectly, you’d think it would have garnered more media attention when it was learned that vaccine champion and Microsoft founder Bill Gates refused to allow his own children to be vaccinated.

This admission came from the Gates family’s personal physician in Seattle, who was speaking behind closed doors with other doctors at a symposium last year (someone at the conference leaked the conversation, so the doctor himself technically did not violate doctor-patient confidentiality rules).

The doctor reportedly told his colleagues, “I don’t know if he (Gates) had them vaccinated as adults, but I can tell you he point blank refused to vaccinate them as children.”

So please use your discretion and research further.


Robert Kennedy Jnr on Bill Gate - gives us even more concerns.

RFK Jr.’s full comment follows here:

Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy—the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.

Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.

Promising to eradicate Polio with $1.2 billion, Gates took control of India ‘s National Advisory Board (NAB) and mandated 50 polio vaccines (up from 5) to every child before age 5. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian Government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and evicted Gates and his cronies from the NAB. Polio paralysis rates dropped precipitously.

In 2017, the World Health Organization reluctantly admitted that the global polio explosion is predominantly vaccine strain, meaning it is coming from Gates’ Vaccine Program. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, the Philippines, and Afghanistan are all linked to Gates’ vaccines. By 2018, ¾ of global polio cases were from Gates’ vaccines.

In 2014, the Gates Foundation funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by GSK and Merck, on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces. Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died. Indian government investigations charged that Gates funded researchers committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls. The case is now in the country’s Supreme Court.


And here:


US$4,000,000,000 has been paid out to people who have been affected by vaccines. Meanwhile MSM has remained silent on this. 

Yet the answer in the short term is:   

Hydroxychloroquine - Donald Trump has been taking it all the time and he never wears a face mask.


China told Costa Rica what to do:


(China told Costa Rica 10 days before the NZ kiwi health advisers told our country to lock down.) China in bed with Costa Rica?


China knew about hydroxychloroquine. 


“In Costa Rica we have been applying hydroxychloroquine since we had a meeting by teleconference with personnel in China who attended the emergency in the cities of Shanghai and Wuhan,” explained Ruiz.

That videoconference, offered by the Chinese Embassy in Costa Rica, ​​took place on the night of March 18. It included, among others, the director-general and the director of epidemiology of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (briefly as China CDC).

Despite the warnings around taking hydroxychloroquine to combat the symptoms of COVID-19, prescriptions in France have increased by as much as 7,000% in certain parts of the country since the pandemic began.

As reported by La Provence, a study looking at the 466 million French prescriptions written since the pandemic began in France, show a huge spike in doctors prescribing the drug. In the last week of March, for instance, over 10,000 people were prescribed hydroxychloroquine in Marseille alone.

So it is Now all in the Open. We have been conned


Donald Trump openly admits he takes hydroxychloroquine every day and you see him at outdoor press conferences maskless and all the others with masks on especially Dr Fauci whilst the whole world looks on. 


We do not know who to believe anymore!


So in essence we are being influenced by forces and energies that are leading us to feel Lost in a Lost World. This second song 48 years old by the Moody Blues - clearly lets us know where we are and what we need to be aware and conscious of.

Lost in a Lost World

The Moody Blues

I woke today, I was crying

Lost in a lost world

So many people are dying

Lost in a lost world

Some of them are living an illusion

Bounded by the darkness of their minds

In their eyes, it's nation against nation against nation

With racial pride


Thinking only of themselves

They shun the light

(Shun the light)

They think they're right

(Think they're right)

Living in their empty shells

Oh, can you see their bodies thrashing?

(So many people, so many people)

Crashing down around their feet

Angry people in the street

Telling them they've had their fill

Of politics, people who kill

Grow... the seed of evolution

(So many people, so many people)

Revolution everyone

It's just another form of gun

To do again what they have done

Let all our brothers come and get some

(So many people, so many people)

Everywhere you go you see them searching

Everywhere you turn you feel the pain

Everyone is looking for the answers

Well, look again; come on, my friend

Love will find us in the end

Come on, my friend

(On, my friend)

We've got to bend

(Got to bend)

Down on our knees and say a prayer

Oh, can you see the world is pining?

(So many people, so many people)

Pining for someone who really cares enough to share his love

With all of us so we can be

An ever-loving family

Have we forgotten who loves who?

(So many people, so many people)

Children from a family tree

That's longer than a centipede

Started long ago when you and I

Were only love...

(So many people, so many people)

I woke today, I was crying

Lost in a lost world

So many people are dying

Lost in a lost world

So many people, so many people

People lost in a lost world

So many people, so many people

People lost in a lost world

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Mike Pinder


Now for 5G

GreenplanetFM has completed many interviews on the dangers of 5G. Meanwhile the NZ Government - lockstep with the Telecommunication Corporations continues the roll out - unabated. 


"5G Microwave Effects at 60GHz

In 2001, Shigeaki Hakusui, then president of Harmonix Corporation, explained why fifth generation wireless technology was needed to reach the goal of creating smart cities. He said it would require bandwidth and efficiency to meet the data demand as the Internet moved toward mobile technology. That was two decades ago.

Hakusui noted that 60GHz was the true radiofrequency that would allow for reliable transmission of data, due to its “98 percent oxygen absorption” rate. That allowed for the invisible signals to be sent from point A and B, and back again on the same path. Super-efficient and a technological milestone.

“Since the presence of O2 is fairly consistent at ground level, its effect on 60GHz radio propagation is easily modeled for margin budgeting purposes. Also, the high level of attenuation from oxygen absorption makes even the worst weather-related attenuation insignificant, especially on the short paths where 60GHz systems operate,” Hakusui wrote.

He stated unequivocally that 60GHz would deliver the last mile efficiently, as the “oxygen absorption makes possible the same-frequency reuse within a very localized region of air space.”

"for every breath we breathe our blood transports oxygen throughout the core and extremities to the vital organs, heart and brain.

If 5G at 60 GHz frequency zips through the air, absorbing most of the oxygen, disrupting the electrons that bind 02 molecules that, combined with a hydrogen atom, form water vapor what is that frequency doing to blood cells, which consist primarily of water and carry the oxygen?

Does the disruption of the body’s biorhythm, breathing, and oxygen distribution begin to explain what happens to the people who dropped dead?

The Mt. Everest ‘Death Zone’

Studies of acute mountain sickness show that as climbers ascend in altitude, they hit an endurance wall from a lack of oxygen. “At 4500 m [14,764 feet], the real amount of oxygen in the air composition is only 12% diluted, which is approximately 60% of sea-level oxygen,” according to Brazilian scientists, who published a paper last year.

Higher up the mountain in the “death zone” of Mt. Everest, climbers die due to severe hyperbaric hypoxia, even with bottled oxygen, as their blood coagulates. In another view, altitude sickness starves the brain of oxygen.

-Ends        Ferratin.  Iron in the red blood cells, from bone marrow.  It all adds up.

So yes, there is a major health problem when it comes to 5G deployment and the oxygen absorption in the human body. 

The final part of this program offers the question, how does a human being living on a planet, break out of fear and entrapment?


In so many ways we need to return to the cradle of the spirit - this is our time. 


This last piece of today’s radio show was very short as I only had 55 minutes - so I do extend it here to just open up the story of our place in life.


There is ample evidence that at a subatomic level we are all energy fields oscillating at a specific frequency - within a planetary energy field - that in turn vibrates within a universal energy field.


And so in this solo show I took this time to remind us to journey in a more  inner direction to look at other metaphysical and spiritual viewpoints 



Is humanity lost in a lost world? Because we know that we are definitely struggling.

Have people, especially in the Western world lost their moral compass? 

Well if we spend trillions on armaments and not on citizen diplomacy it appears that way. 

Is it because we are looking outside of ourselves?

Virtually all sages, mystics, etc would say turn within.

Mostly what we are seeing on TV, and video is chaos, fragmentation and dysfunction. Same for radio and newspapers.

Our children are exposed to much of this?

What images and sounds do we take to bed every night, if we are watching a continuous diet of horror, the macabre and death?

How does our subconscious deal with this ‘programming?’

By looking without - we have forgotten to look within. What do I mean by this? 

Notice that fear has become so rampant - resulting in people being stressed, worried and unable to make sense of the world.

Poor sleep?

Poor health?

Poor relationships?

Poor work performance?


Yet, those with a faith seem to be far more ‘at home’ due to their belief systems.


Yet, how come the earth’s population has been gripped by fear? Why is this gnawing away inside of so many? 


Well within living memory, it’s been gradually coming to this point since - essentially the end of World War II.


After the war, the four main ‘English’ speaking countries that were the victors were America, Canada, Australia and NZ. Britain sort of re-built - but the other 4 were basically unaffected and just kept growing and in many ways unconsciously kept exploiting the situation and landmass that they were living on. 


These 4 countries were not invaded or war zones - and so they ‘quickly got back into the saddle’ and after some years of rehabilitating themselves, became consumer driven countries that increasingly morphed into what we have today - neo liberal everything - having in the 60’s feminism in tandem with Flower Power emerging kind of in San Francisco, and a burst of creativity and a momentary (but continuing) spiritual renaissance that carried into the 70’s and the emergence of ‘the Force’ in Star Wars in the late 70’s ‘we sort of’ carried on through with sex, drugs and rock and roll - to electronic sounds - through punk - to today thoroughly ‘dumbed down’  the male of the species in particular not present, but preoccupied - we are now awash in ambiguity and transgender everything and the kids distracted with gadgetary and the only thing they cling to is their mobile hand held that links them into the omnipresent ubiquitous AI - the global surveilence system watching our every move as a huge slice of society drink processed water, scoff factory and industrial food and get our fix from both risqué, videos and big pharma and piped in infotainmen, that purport to be the News.

Welcome to dystopia, where 1984 and Brave New World fuse together to purplex consensus reality.  


And amidst this increasing swirl - hope for the best.


In this whirlpool of consumers consuming themselves - we have danced away from the tradition of couples, waltzing and holding each other and whispering into each others ears - where we rocked and rolled with each other into the limbo then the twist of separation in the early 1960’s where the sexual revolution hotted up and we increasingly viewed the glamour of physiques, shouting over noise, looking out for the next ‘piece’ of excitement  where we now have at the basic level of day to day life nearly - zero clue as to what’s our spiritual inheritance and the metaphysical substance behind all form. And yes, there is Christianity, but also empty churches yet some revival at the fringes. (These Christian groups are keenly interested in the current situation that surrounds us and looking at prophecy and what are the linkages to what is happening in the USA?)  Especially the draining of the Swamp and the Qanon phenomenon).

But, with more and more choices and options the message of a deeper connection to a greater purpose for humanity and our reason for being is being lost in the smoke and mirrors that the media throw at us continuously.


“The purpose for existence is to find out the purpose for existence”  - but this idea has been virtually eliminated from the human discourse. 


We have been reduced to walking automatons - “garbage in and garbage out” - because we have all chosen ‘the blue pill.” 


Atheism takes over via Education 

With science pronouncing that God’s only a dead backdrop for our own drama - we find that a creator has been lobotomised out of the academic and intellectual mind, with the Hubble telescope finding no trace of heaven and doctors with high powered electron microscopes, failing to find our soul - the emptiness of being a 3 dimensional object hungering of the 5 senses is such that escalating suicides are the statistic that seems to allude to a country wide denial that this is sort of … acceptable - solely because of the pace of life that it is inevitable anyway - that there will always be plenty of wreckage in the fast lane as we entered 2020 and NOW it’s time to refocus.


But wait, there is more!

What about the Good News?


There is a way through this ...  


Once upon a time most human beings believed that there was a greater being, a Source, or Creator or a God of some sort. Indigenus societies have many myths and legends that cater for the birth of existence.


These fables tell of a birth or a creation of some kind.


Be it from Babylon, Egypt, Greece, or India or the Americas and Australia - Aotearoan-Maori, there was a spiritual force that manifested existence into being. That, there was a God force or ‘something akin’ that has eventuated with we humans, walking and living here on this earth in 3 dimensional form, yet each of us having an ‘essence’ or a spiritual connection to something greater.


The ancient ruins of civilization testify to the greatness of these epochs, especially the starkness of the Great Pyramid paradox on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. - right up until these current crazed and frenetic times, where separation from nature and the biosphere that supports us. Yet, many of us intuitively know - this is why we have to surrender … but to what?


Cut to today, where I live in Aotearoa NZ, we are in such a hurry that we  have turned our back on how this country was basically colonised (invaded), most recently by Northern hemispherians namely the British who supplanted their civilization/culture over the ‘so called indignous’ culture of the Maori, who had been in this land mass since around the 1400’s and that they can recall via their singing of their geneology (whakapapa) that goes back to the seven main canoes (waka) that brought them across the Pacifc to these shores. Today Maori still have a connection to the earth and recognise Papatuanku as their sustainer. Though our consumer society deadens this connection. 


Now today if you talk to an established NZ elder or someone within the Government bureaucratic  establishment  -  NZ is still recognised as ‘basically’ being a Christian country following the 2,000 year tradition that emerged out of Palestine/ Israel.


That the new colonial NZ belief systems and Laws were essentially based around Judeo Christinaity and English Law, the Magna Carta - and that our Parliament before opening would always start with a Prayer for all elected Representatives to be honest and commit to do one’s best for the highest good of all people. 

The premise of the prayers, would ask for God’s oversight and blessing and finish in invoking the name of Jesus Christ - because as previously mentioned NZ was from colonial times - proclaimed  a Christian country. (The word of Jesus Christ in very recent years has now been deleted from this prayer, due to the secularization of New Zealand’s present day culture. Plus, there has been a large increase in migrants coming into the country. These new arrivals have other faiths and neo liberal ways have endeavoured to cover for a wider spread of people, by not focusing on the use of the word Jesus Christ, when opening Parliament.


Meanwhile as surveys attest, it also means that NZers are increasingly turning away from a/their spiritual connection to a higher being or God. Herein lies the challenge/conundrum of why so many people are now either, too stressed, turning to alcohol and drugs, or lost in indulgences such as gambling, sex and other taboos among many other survival challenges.


That we have lost our connection to the source of where we spring.


So many people do not believe in anything now other than the material world of things and the physical form, such as financial success, being a billionaire, having celebrity and fame and other sorts of surface activities. 


Many would say we are lost in a lost world.


Here is the challenge.


A belief system premised on an unseen but present spiritual world intersecting and coexisting or overlighting this physical world,is said to not exist, especially to a growing percentage of people who would call themselves atheists. 


Having rejected any creation myth - which tells of God or a Creator who made the universe and is everywhere omnipresent - what we now have is a gigantic void, that the ‘big bang’ just seemed to happen. We are all here by fluke or chance, that a tree is basically a machine, same for a frog, butterfly and a whale.That we live in an inanimate world but when a present day scientist, like Dr Rupert Sheldrake steps up and asks questions about ‘Dogs who know when their owners are coming home’, or about phantom limbs after a loss of an arm or leg, or acknowledging the feeling of being stared at from a distance - other questions have to be factored in to make sense of a culture that has distanced itself from the subtle realms of energy and the unseen. 



However there is another way of seeing our connection to something that is greater.


An old saying - “that we are spiritual beings having an earth experience.”Is becoming relevant to more people.


Well for many people this opens up the game plan hugely, because other people from other faiths can easily comprehend this -  even at a basic level.


Being grateful and thankful … seems to be a precursor to recognizing that we are all connected as cells in a greater organism as in our planet being a colossal super organism - that has in turn - loaned us a body in which to live. 


Our Living Planet is being belatedly seen as a gigantic super organism. The ancient Greeks called her Gaia. See Jame Lovelock

 Our planet lends us a body, free air, free rainwater, and until recently a free food chain. What do we do in reciprocity?


Another way is to remind our children that we have an ‘Inner candle’ and that we all know that candles need oxygen. It is our planet and environment that  gives us oxygen. Here lies the connection where we can start to revere nature once again.  


In ending this I wish to talk about the soul.


The Greek word for soul is psyche 


But again we have lost our connection.


A psychiatrist is a soul doctor - but you will not hear them say that.

This is why we are in many ways - Lost in a lost world.

We have lost our way.


Out of the Body or Near Death Experiences 

Any study of ‘out of the body’ or ‘near death’ experiences will give you ample evidence that we are not our body. Our physical body which does act like a machine also has an ‘occupant’ a consciousness -  and there are 10s of thousands of studies where ordinary people have had ‘out of the body or near death experiences’ and came back.


These endless stories of people who have been in accidents and found themselves floating or hovering above their body whilst, hearing every sound ,be it of nature, of traffic or of doctors frantically working to keep their heart beating are throughout libraries globally. Yet, with the 26,000 universities around our planet there is very little to no interest in following up on the matter of why do so many people have these experiences? Where the learned academics and intellectuals have zero interest in this phenomenon and go out of their way to decry everything in relationship to such experiences. Arguing against the evidence that can be proved by what was recited after returning to their body or hospital bed. 


As a side note, I found myself on stage in front of a full house of 1600 people in the Auckland town hall in 1986, giving a bouquet and thanking Elisabeth Kubler-Ross the Swiss Psychiatrist. Who had spent a good part of her life interviewing up to 20,000 people who had encountered OBE and NDE experiences - confirming that we most definitely live beyond our body.       


It is only when we stop believing the unconscious ones who think they know it all, because they have a degree etc yet, have not studied such experiences seriously - we will then finally awaken to the fact that we are spiritual beings having an earth experience.


I end with a song that is over 50 years old by the Moody Blues … 


‘Have you heard’ Part 2 


PS, what will most probably be the most lasting in this broadcast are the 3 songs. Their lyrics and the imagery they let out will easily last for years to come - and by then I trust the human race will have made it gracefully into the new paradigm. 


Wishing you well and yes, we all will eventually be Red Pilled.






Ps - sorry for the meandering in this missive - there are so many possibilities, yet there has to be some kind of cosmic trigger to shift everyone to burst out of their present configuration. We are all presently in the birth canal to a new paradigm, and what could have been a more rapid process now seems to be a longer drawn out labour. All births are messy and there is always a lot of pain too. 

In the meantime we have to become self-reliant and resilient and trust that the good will come through, yet also plan for a hard landing.

Feb 19, 2020

This warm and caring interview of Molly who herself experienced the loss of her husband to suicide after just 6 months of living NZ, helps us understand the tragedy of males in particular - taking their own precious  lives. 

Molly Ireland 

Facing the Dark

A journey into suicide

Molly originally came from Alaska where it is 24/7 dark in winter and where she lived out in the tundra that in winter dropped to extremely cold temperatures below zero.

There is a lot of mental illness in dark winter latitudes. Be it in Scandinavia, Russia or Canada.  Called Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). 

Her husband Charlie was a talented movie editor - and after they got married moved to Los Angeles, where she realised that he had some health issues so they decided to come to NZ where life would be less hectic and because they wanted to come to ‘the land of milk and honey’.

Unfortunately, after 6 months here he took his life leaving Molly and 4 daughters to survive the best way they could. This heart breaking event took her on a path of soul searching as well as the path that she is on today, to help people who felt suicidal. Whilst at the same time  bringing up her 4 girls - the oldest being 12 and the youngest being 6 year old twins.

She tells of how she then decided to open up and talk about suicide and be open and candid about it - which in secular NZ is not the norm. She says that it was by being totally honest with herself and looking it straight in the eye and say - this is what happened to my family - how can I help others? Which really launched her on a pathway to health.

This included the way she talked to her daughters about Charlie’s suicide and that people came around and supported her in her open, honest approach. She also said that she was a Catholic by upbringing - that in the Catholic world, to commit suicide was to basically go straight to hell.  So there was a lot of shame involved and the challenge for a mother with 4 daughters was to face everything head on and create a new life for her and her girls. Even though there is a lot of stigma around mental illness today.

Molly talks about being vulnerable in NZ’s culture and feels that is is important that we talk out our feelings when a situation like suicide happens to us.

Like with Brene Brown in her Ted Talks - that we need to share more openly and we need to ask for help. NZers seem to not ask for help, however if they did, we as a nation would be much more aware and supportive of the mental health conditions in our country. That we are somewhat entrenched in being stoic and not communicating our needs to the large community.


Another important point in this whole conversation with Molly is the adage that goes back millennia but more recently to Teihard de Chardin - that says ‘we are spiritual beings having an earth experience’.

That our body is just a conduit for a higher spiritual presence.

We are all conduits, and that we have been conditioned to not understand what the meaning of being a conduit is. 

That when children come into the world they are also souls - here to learn and grow into the light for their own true selves.

In her practice as a ‘wellbeing coach’ - Molly has many children come to her and around 80% of these visitors to her practice are under 20 years of age.

The necessity to instil in them that they are more than their physical body of flesh, bones and blood.

That there is an essence, that though unseen - is like our breath that too, is unseen, but though invisible is a force that keeps us alive.

That many children today are under such strain and stress - that they see life as not meaningful, and thus suffer from total loss of meaning … 

In tossing out religion - but more so in our country, Christianity - ‘we have thrown the baby out with the bath water.’

There are thousands of instances of people having ‘out of the body’ to ‘near death experiences’ for us to realise that there is far more than we ever thought possible.

The fact that science has become so focussed on studying physicality - that they have not been unable to find God through the Hubble telescope or find the soul through the most powerful electron microscopes -  does not mean that God or a higher presence does not exist - is that we have not calibrated our measuring devices to a high enough degree.

We have to realise we all have set backs and down times - but this is all part off our growing and learning … and that after a fall, we have to climb back on our horse and carry - on wiser from the experience. Yet, still being able to love the world and love ourselves - which is a profound character building exercise.

That in reality we have untapped inner resources that once we know how to access our true nature we can get through most things … becoming resilient and inner resourced. 

Being there for your/our children and holding the (Loving) space for them to be who they are.

To be able to show up for our children in the best version of ourselves - every day.

Men and boys in particular in todays society do not have the vocal skill to express themselves. They are in need of a greater vocabulary and vernacular to express their feelings.

Your children are not broken-  they are struggling - your husband is not broken - he is struggling too…

Listen and hear how Molly shares her vulnerabilities and ways in which we can all share our vulnerabilities - especially once the ‘field’ is set …

You are not a victim - listen to how Molly shares how we can empower ourselves out of this limiting mindset and social stigma. 

With the highest youth suicide in the OECD - this makes NZ the land of milk and honey incongruent with its name tab.

More Governmental Attention to Empowering and Educating Youth

Molly wants to see more pockets of support beyond family and into the community and government at all levels - in health and education across the whole spectrum of what Government oversees including all institutions (prisons) as well.

Mike King’s name comes up and he is doing a brilliant job - however there needs to be far more support so that young NZers especially males do not resort to such desperate means as to take their own life - solely because they feel too ashamed or disempowered to call out for help and let people know of their plight.

This has got to change - all the hopes of Mums and Dads - dashed - because their young child who they held in their loving arms as a baby - has taken his/her life - because they had no one to relate to - this has to change - and this has to be addressed across the country - and to even be an election issue - headed - “What about our Youth?”.

This has to become a mainstream issue and a societal matter and we need to ask - what are the platforms to tackle this? That have to be in place - but are not there?

What are the structures that we need in place. Plus the importance of a nationwide conversation on this most concerning of issues.

With ‘boundaries’ becoming absent in so many homes, and ubiquitous TV violence and soft porn and titillation - what does it do to young open minds? 

Children and social media - 7 hours day per day - filling themselves with irrelevant ‘stuff” that lacks wisdom and depth. 

Molly asks, why can we not show the wholeness of humanity - our co-creative strength and resilience and of empowering and uplifting us all - by inspiring us to realise we are a global family with the capacity to grow together in support of each other.

We need to keep our children away from media that is terrifying and uncertain. Not left sitting in front of the 6pm news on a large TV screen. 

Missing in this interview. We did not mention web sites that kids go to and music that children listen to - and the lyrics that can drive children to suicide.

Mindfulness what is it and how can we be more encompassing of other people, especially children who need to feel safe and secure? 

We have also lost the ability to trust in something bigger than ourselves 

Mentioned was the Labour Governments “Wellbeing Budget” - This is to be a major game changer - because the well being of NZers is to be factored onto the NZ budget. - This is a follow on what is happening in Bhutan a small independent kingdom on the south-eastern slopes of the Himalayas.

Medically, there is no known gene for depression.

We as a community have to find community based solutions  as to why are our children committing suicide. The fact that NZ is a world renown sporting country - however we need to curtail the competitiveness and have as an option that you may only want to play for fun and relaxation.  

We have to have greater mindfulness as a society  

We adults have to model - balance - relaxed ways to our children - however, we have to work on ourselves first - make the environment safe for children to talks and share their feelings - as well as things that hurt as well.

Sir Peter Gluckman the Science Advisor to John Key’s National Government of three terms brought up the horrendous statistics of NZ’s youth society - however both the media and NZ’s politicians, across the board did not get in and support his query as to what were the causes of this tragedy here in NZ. In speaking with a senior person for mental health - he mentioned that this subject was possibly too shameful and embarrassing for the front pages of the news

An excellent interview for parents wanting to understand their children, especially if they find them withdrawn and uncommunicative.

Molly’s web site -

Molly Ireland 

Facing the Dark

A Journey into Suicide 

“We must always remind children that within them resides an inner candle. That the imperative is to keep this candle burning strongly for the whole of our life.” 

It's just been published on

 Facing The Dark: A Journey Into Suicide by Molly Ireland

On February 21st -28th, 2020 her kindle version of the book will go on sale on for .99 cents (USD) and all proceeds will go to Skylight Trust, whose CEO Heather Henare wrote the foreword to my book. She is trying to spread the word about this as far and wide as she can to raise money for this amazing Wellington-based organisation. Skylight was instrumental in helping her and her four I recover from losing her husband to suicide in 2007 after immigrating to New Zealand only six months previously. 

However now people will have to go to her website to support it:

Long story but Amazon (apparently at the request of the NZ govt) has blocked the purchase of my kindle version as of yesterday. You can buy it if you have an IP outside if this country but not here. This is a big problem for my fundraising. It also doesn’t make sense and I’ve spent 2 days trying to get answers from both Amazon and NZ.

We will continue with GreenplanetFM repeats for the remainder of February. Thank you.

Jan 22, 2020

There has always been a lingering question as to why is 5G being hyped up, as the panacea for all things with communications and especially the internet of things. That they must deploy NOW as soon as possible! Why the hurry?  

Claire Edwards has worked for 19 years in the UN in Austria as an editor on Drugs and Crime, anti Terrorism and especially worked on Space documents and the 'peaceful use of outer space' … which has a legal subcommittee and a scientific and technical sub committee and as a results she has a very good understanding of Space Law as well as some of the issues regarding space (which should be designated as part of the global commons).

What brought her to an in-depth understanding of 5G and its effect on human health is that in December 2015 the UN installed all along the ceilings in what is called 'public access points' in the UN International Centre in Vienna in Austria. These areas were for public use.

Radiation Exposure 'off the scale'

So she decided to take her radiation meter for measuring electromagnetic fields - and do some ‘readings' in this whole area.  She visited the conference areas, where they had these 'public access' areas that were for mobile phones - cell phone access and also for wifi access. In these conference areas they tend to have very high ceilings - and she found that the radiation was not that bad, but in the corridors where most of the staff worked - as these were very narrow corridors - with metal walls and very low ceilings above all these public access points - her meter would not even measure the exposure levels there, as it was off the scale!

So she contacted all the authorities in Vienna, as well - also the UN medical service in Vienna - and also the Staff Union - and staff representatives. She said that this needs to be looked into and that they bring in the Building Biology people in to find out if these levels are safe. She spent two years chasing this up and the result was that everyone ignored her.

She says as soon as the technology was deployed she became ill (hypersensitivity) - she was ill for 7 months with flu and colds continuously.  What she has found out since is that flu symptoms are nearly identical to electromagnetic radiation poisoning. Because it’s an environmental toxin.

Asking the United Nations Secretary General about 5G 

She did not connect this at the time - but as soon as this technology was activated - that is when she started to suffer health affects. However as no one would do anything about it, she decided on early retirement and it was not until a year and a half later that the United Nations Secretary General made a visit to Vienna - during which he addressed the staff and she was still able to, as an ex UN employee - attend his talk.

So she addressed the Secretary General Antonio Guterres as nobody else would listen - telling him that this was extremely dangerous and that something should be done about it.

She was concerned for the 4,000 UN staff who work at the Centre and that were being exposed everyday for 8 hours or so. The reaction from the Secretary General was to make a joke out of this. Which Claire felt was highly inappropriate. Especially as he is an electrical engineer and a physicist. Where previously he had actually taught about telecommunications technology early in his career. So of all people, he should (would) have known what Claire was talking about. Naturally she considers this negligence in the extreme.

Meanwhile the staff in Vienna have been exposed to this for 4 years and she has heard of people who have collapsed and died,  people who have had heart attacks, a phenomenal number of breast cancer cases. However, this issue is not being addressed.

So after addressing the Secretary General she wrote to the EMS Scientist Appeal of 2016 as well as well as the EU-5G Appeal of 2017 Stating that she has told the UN Secretary General of the dangers of 5G so he cannot say he doesn’t know now - because she has just told him.

What came as a result was that the professor of the EU - 5G appeal asked her to help them on the issue of Space, and she now has found herself assisting on a very committed level.

No understanding and adequate training in electromagnetic radiation

The universal problem that is ubiquitous today is that medical staff are given no training to understand what the health consequences and effects are from electromagnetic radiation. So they simply do not know. However, people in the emerging understanding of the consequences of electromagnetic radiation - actually have a whole history that goes back to the 18th century when electricity was first generated - and she says that we know what all the symptoms are. 

That electromagnetic radiation is alien to our biology - so it affects everything - it’s going to exacerbate every disease.  And she said you can not basically list them.

And the medical staff do not really know - so what will happen is you turn up at a hospital and say - Doctor I am having all these nose bleeds - or all of a sudden I am having all the headaches - Dr I have something wrong with my heart. Am I having a heart attack? Dr I can’t get my breath - I can not breathe … I have pain all over my body … etc tinnitus - these are common initial symptoms.

Heart problems? So they send you to a heart specialist. Tinnitus - to a hearing specialist  etc - however they do not know what is really happening. They do not see this as a “syndrome” - which is what it is. Because the medical people do not get training in it.

There are over ten thousand peer review studies - that the public do not get to hear or see.

Even though there are over 10,000 peer review studies of the effect of 5G - disseminating this information is a huge challenge. (When was the last time the NZ Herald or Radio NZ gave another side of the 5G debate?) However, Claire says that there have been over 28,000 studies - But the regulatory Agencies have been co-opted by Corporations and that guidelines have been set that are deliberately astronomically high.

For example - most of the world is using the ’so-called' safety guidelines of the International Commision on Non Ionising Radiation Protection.

It’s a Private Club

It is a little club in Germany - that under German law it’s actually a little private club. It operates under no transparency - no supervision - it appoints its own members, none of the members of the International Commision on Non Ionising Radiation Protection are medical doctors or environmentalists. These are technical people, who systematically dismiss all the science on the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation. As a result, they have set these ’so-called’ safely guidelines, so high - to give you an example.

Listen - to where in Sweden an apartment close to an antenna 10 metres away that to break the safely guidelines you would need 666,000 such antennas around this apartment in order to exceed those safety guidelines. (It’s a farce). It is like something akin to setting your speed limit for your cars when driving along the road at say a million miles an hour. You could never exceed these limits.

Also, regarding these International Commision on Non Ionising Radiation Protection 'guidelines is that a lie has been perpetrated. 

Military use of microwave radiation - as weapons

The American military wanted to develop microwave radiation weapons. This is all documented. They, put together and compiled a whole series of compendia in the 1970’s and the 1980’s of all the bodies biological effects to microwave radiation - because they wanted to develop microwave weapons. We have this information, because it has been declassified and a lot of these studies came from the Soviet Union. There were thousands of studies listed.  

In 1973 the World Health Organisation - which is part of the United Nations - held a symposium of which the title was 

The Biologic affect and health hazards of Microwave Radiation. So this shows that there were and are biological effects.

Note that in 1976 there is a document emanating from the US military - stating - It's not desirable to have adequate public exposure limits - because this would impede the development of weapons and also impede the profit of industry. (The military Industrial complex).

Weapons Expert Barry Trower, calls this the saddest and most despicable document in history.

So this has all been suppressed (surprised?).

The International Commision on Non Ionising Radiation Protection insists that there are no biological effects and  that there are only heating effects. This is what is called the ‘thermal hypothesis.’

The basis of the thermal hypothesis means that if you simply hold your phone away from your body, it cannot be heating you - and therefore you are going to be relatively safe. This is not the case because these frequencies are alien to our biology and it will interfere with our whole bodies biological system because our body functions electrically. 

That exposing ourselves to microwave radiation is essentially killing our body. That is why the US military wanted to develop microwave radiation weapons - in order to kill!

Note that over the last 25 years with mobile phones and wireless technology we are now all immersed -  24/7 .

Insects and the effects of ubiquitous microwave radiation.  

Insects are being affected - so what about bees? She says the phenomenon of colony collapse disorder - that the bees are dying. She states that when Marconi was doing his experiments with wireless in 1906 around 90% of the bees on the Isle of Wight died. They brought in fresh bees and they too died within a week. So this is a known.

Claire has talked with various beekeepers and they have shared many different stories. One keeper when visiting his hives had bees swarm out of the hive and attack his mobile phone, because they felt the emanations coming off the phone. Another bee keeper said that he very quickly worked out that the bees were dying when he placed his hives in between two antennas. So he actually made a map of the area where all the phone antennas were and made sure that he never sited his hives between two phone antennas.

Safety Guidelines - Incongruent? 

The so called safety guidelines have been based on a 200 pound US military male - someone with a substantially sized body. With regard to the thermal affect - the smaller the body the greater the effect.

Therefore women are far more vulnerable to this. Especially children. Because children’s bodies contain more water - proportionately. Plus they have growing brains and their brains are always growing until adulthood. She mentions that a 2 minute mobile phone cal, with your phone near your ear will cause your blood brain barrier to leak. So children should never come into contact with a mobile phone. She says even computer use is detrimental, as children with their growing brains are especially vulnerable.

She states that there are reports of children in the USA who’ve been immersed in radiation who now have brains that are like senile old people.  

A scientist from the US - Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT has predicted that by the year 2025 every second baby will be autistic. That the smaller the body the more susceptible it becomes. She states that effects to the foetus in utero, could occur?   She talks about even small exposures causing autism and HDHD. Listen

In China, pregnant women are required to wear a protective apron to protect them from exposure to electromagnetic radiation. Plus the police even enforce the wearing of this apron.

But in the west we are never told about this exposure and remain oblivious to the consequences.

That even today some pregnant women find it convenient to use ‘their bump’ to actually put their laptop on and rest it directly above the foetus.

Bird deaths falling out of the sky.  The Hague in Holland . Listen 24 or so minutes in.

Coventry hospital in the UK - testing 5G for their ambulance service - and birds just dropped dead all around.

Regarding the elderly 

There is a huge wave of neurological disease and death manifesting in the western world  - are we entering a tipping point? She mentions the rates of dementia are escalating rapidly. Even dementia in people younger than 30 years of age. Listen.

Pacemakers could be a serious problem - especially stepping through metal detectors at airports. But, if we have ubiquitous 5G technology everywhere - what does this mean for people with pacemakers.

Satellites in geo-stationary orbit.

So with antennas every hundred metres and 53,000 satellites in geo-stationary orbit beaming down at us continuously from space - there will be no escape?

Effects on the human body 

This includes replacement metal body parts -  It could re radiate radiation deeper into one’s body.

Mercury amalgam fillings - could leak/

HEARING AIDS problematic  serious pain in the jaw when exposed to wireless technology.

Hence the precautionary principle has to be enacted in the meantime.

We are an experiment in a microwave oven - but actually we are now an experiment with the microwave oven door being left open.

5G is to going to supersede 3G and 4G - yet we are all going to be exposed by them all as they are all still going to be used. 

The accumulative effect of what all these technologies have caused over the last 20 years has yet to be measured. 

Also covered is the Schumann resonance and that of the earth at 7.83 hertz - but it has changed and now oscillates higher. This needs to be researched. 

Claire talks about the difference between 4G and what 5G Phased Arrays are. 

She describes a directional beam that is part of this technology 

Listen to this ...

That all the studies - 10,000 of them are being suppressed. 

Closed In-House Research. 

The Telecom industry finances its own studies and in doing so they muddy the waters … and though there are 25,000 plus universities world wide - there does not appear to be a University that is prepared to carry our ‘independent’ research. If an independent study of 5G on bees was conducted and the research was unfavourable against this new technology  - the University could very well lose its funding. 

Just like the same play book as tobacco and asbestos, there is a war going on to hide the research on new products and technologies less they never get to market.  

The truthful scientists can’t get published - and can also lose their tenure or and even receive threats …

Note: there is a race to deploy this technology before the public become wise to the dangers - hence the hurry.

Club of Rome

In this interview we also hear about the Club of Rome that started in  1972. It comes under the microscope with its report Limits to Growth. 

The common enemy of humanity is man.

In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.

The real enemy then, is humanity itself."


  • Club of Rome


That on  a finite planet there are limits to growth especially in the extraction of natural resources and the resulting pollution, however we also hear that the findings were used to skew the evidence to find a way to halt the massive increase in population. This is where social manipulation comes in and brings us to the present day where population pressure is now being subtly manipulated. This also includes eugenics  

The Club of Rome subsequently founded two sibling organizations, the Club of Budapest and the Club of Madrid. The former is focused on social and cultural aspects of their agenda, while the latter concentrates on the political aspects. All three of these 'Clubs' share many common members and hold joint meetings and conferences.

Club of Madrid:

Ex NZ Prime Ministers - Helen Clark and Jenny Shipley are members.

Note that there is a push to: take power away from ‘local authorities’ and the people. This is part of the strategy to consolidate power. For example dissolve all localise Councils and bring them under a larger umbrella organisation. E.g the ‘enforced’ formation of NZ’s largest super city - that of Auckland. 

To tie this all in to a more coherent understanding - there is a push by these Clubs to ‘influence consensus reality’ - however it is not being done ‘openly and transparently’.

That these organisations plus the United Nations have not come out and mentioned the ‘Precautionary Principle’ with regard to 5G is of concern to us all. 

This means that we are being herded down a particular pathway - that is treating us to not being recognised as ‘souls’ in a human body - but more so, just a collectivised mass of humanity that can be told what to do - without us ever being engaged in the process of co-creating and shaping our future and the destiny of our children and grandchildren. 

Finally Claire mentioned:      

Is the Stop 5G Movement Being Hijacked?

George Soros is involved. Where ever he puts his money  - there are major problems.

The only way through this is for us here in NZ is to build up locally and take our concerns and educate our local residents and Councils as to what is happening. We have to organise locally.

“We need to do everything from a grassroots level.” 

Note it is important that we do not align with as they have ‘another agenda running.’

 This below is some information on the telecommunications situation in NZ about how 5G fits into the picture here.

 First of all, to date the NZ government has ignored health concerns about 5G, seemingly preferring to take advice on health effects from a committee that includes people with telco industry connections.

The Minister of Health and the Minister of Telecommunications refused an invitation to meet with Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski when he visited NZ late last year. 

Unfortunately, the intransigence of key ministers in central government means that 5G is already operational in parts of NZ. 

Vodafone has been able to launch 5G in parts of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. It is using a 3.5 GHz band for this.  5G has been introduced to parts of some of the smaller towns in the South Island by Spark. Spark is using a 2.6 GHz band for this and the towns are Alexandra, Westport, Clyde, Twizel, Tekapo and Hokitika.

 Other than these areas, most of New Zealand remains 5G-Free. 

 There is a test zone in the Viaduct Basin in downtown Auckland where Spark has been (and probably still is) testing a 27 GHz band. Other than this, to the best of my knowledge, NZ does NOT have small cells producing this type of high frequency radiation. 

 A couple of smaller towns in the North Island have effectively fought off telco plans to build new cell phone towers and therefore helped to stymie telcos’ plans for 5G for their town. (They have done this with good community organisation and a lot of courage because in NZ, the regulations about cell phone tower placement are massively biased in favour of telcos – not communities –  if you want background information it is here:

 In NZ we are facing a situation where telcos are generally pushing wireless communications in general, in addition to hyping 5G.  Telcos are marketing wireless home phone systems to unwary consumers. (See this link: plus recently there have been a couple of  reports about telcos refusing to connect customers to the copper system:

Telcos here are also marketing “fixed wireless” internet systems even in areas where good internet is available via copper or fibre.  (See: )

The other issue that we are facing here in NZ is that in November 2018, the government passed legislation (the Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment Bill) that means that access to the copper landline phone system is going to be phased out in many areas of NZ . Fibre has been installed, largely at taxpayer expense in most NZ towns and cities (the roll out of fibre is ongoing).  See this link for a summary of the campaign against the Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment bill -

 In practical terms, the passing of the Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment bill means that in order to have a hard wired internet and phone connection, most NZers will end up having fibre as their only option as most of the population lives in towns and cities.  The 5G-Free NZ campaign encourages the use of hardwired phone and internet systems. See this link for details:

In terms of space-based 5G, there was a “consultation” in 2018 organised by Radio Spectrum Management NZ (which is a business unit of the government’s Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and SpaceX indicated its interest in operating 5G in NZ in that consultation. See:

NZ also unfortunately has a rocket launching facility on the Mahia Peninsula (the closest city to Mahia is Gisborne) where satellites are being launched including those with links to the US military/intelligence agencies.

 NB:  I do not have any information about whether the Mahia site is being used for 5G satellite launches but this is obviously a possibility and for obvious reasons many NZers are not happy about the use of the site for launching military-linked payloads – especially given the huge grass-roots activism in the 1980s that led to NZ being a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone… 

I trust this gives you a useful overview of the NZ situation.

For information about the rallies throughout NZ on the 25 January 2020 - please go to:

Dec 11, 2019

For decades he through his superb communication skills has brought together many local and seaside people across NZ to organise and come together - including Maori (mana whenua) - to advocate and campaign to ‘our' NZ government and the fishing industry for a more fairer deal for all people who love to fish. This has in many ways become a battle for the soul of New Zealand’s vast fisheries. 

The Supportive Players

NZ Angling and Casting Association
NZ Underwater Association
Yachting NZ
Plus many other clubs that are not affiliated to the sport fishing council - like
The Outboard Boating Club of Auckland. 

Since the time of Maori and over the last 250 years with the coming of the European the ability to catch fish off the seashore or in a small boat and bring home food for the family to eat and surplus for neighbours was just a standard neighbourly thing to do. But, Scott says that 'sharing of ones catch is a primary source of self esteem and self worth.'

Saying that this has an important part to play in our mental health as well. Of being part of a community and the sharing of goodwill. 

A local Ngāpuhi friend (from Northland) calls taking a bin full of fish to his neighbours as a ‘maximum mana enhancement’ - a situation when driving home after fishing to be able to stop and knock on the door of a kuia and a kaumatua ( wise elder woman leader and wiseman elder leader) - offering them the opportunity to acknowledgement that elder in the spirit of goodwill.  A fish (ika) and a gift (taonga) - Scott said he can not over emphasise this cultural importance. 

Today this is continued in a very innovative and sharing way   and

This is a sharing and contribution to allow people to receive a fish head or frame that still has a lot of flesh on it, and utilise it for food and a means to not waste any part of the fish.

Called the trifecta of respect … 

Respect for the animal - the fish that has given its life - respect for community  and fellow man and … self respect and acknowledging that you have done the right thing.

This cooperative initiative is making headway - and over 60,000 kilograms of heads and frames have found their way to homes that want fresh protein 

Scott says kudos goes to the Auckland Outdoor Boat Club for being the pilot for this to come into being and taking it seriously whilst committing significant resources to allow this to happen.

He also gives thanks to the Papatuanuku Kokiri Marae Whanau in Mangere, Auckland who’ve made many 100’s of collection trips to make this happen by distributing to families who really appreciate fish heads and need it as the health giving properties of fresh ocean fish are so beneficial.

Educating, Learning and Knowing.

Scott says - 'you do not manage fisheries - you manage people’ and to have them better understand what’s at stake and contemplate and consider shifting their attitudes, expectations and behaviours. He says if that is the measure of success - then he feels very comfortable where LegaSea has evolved to on that side of the ledger. 

Connecting with the wider community where food, health and goodwill combine together.

Scott acknowledges the leaders of the Ngāpuhi and Ngāti Whātua, Ngāti Kahu, Ngāti Kuri and Ngātiwai who have so generously shared their accumulated knowledge, their Mātauranga (can be defined as 'the knowledge, comprehension, or understanding of everything visible and invisible existing in the universe', and is often used synonymously with wisdom - over numerous generations. 

They have taken Scott and friends into their houses - whare and onto their marae - meeting area - over 20 times for overnight stays and 30 to 40 times at specific hui’s or meetings. 

They have taken Tauiwi – (people coming from afar) into the Maori realms or the phenomena of Manaakitanga (hospitality), Kaitiakitanga (guardianship and protection) and Rangatiratanga (often translated as 'self-determination or sovereignty). These being value systems that drive Te ao Maori (the Maori world view)

That only when one grasps the fundamentals of feeding of the visitor - to manaaki manuhiri - the obligation to take care of guests, do we deepen our understanding. ... listen 

All of this effort is driven by a sense of rangitiratanga - an aspiration to lead by example based on inherited knowledge ..

Scott said he is running with this statement - because he and the LegaSea crew are totally committed to restoring abundance of fish in our seas and ensuring future generations get a fair go.

Stating emphatically - There is no conflict in abundance. 

The NZ Quota Management Fishing System

Scott now turns his attention to the NZ Fish Stock Quota System that is creating total havoc within our fisheries. 

And he mentions that he is hardening up the language in relationship to this kaupapa - ( topic, policy, matter for discussion, plan, purpose, scheme, proposal, agenda, subject, programme, theme, issue, initiative.) 

As this present unsustainable fishing program that is overseen by the NZ Government - is leading us all in a race to the bottom.

That we in NZ have somehow or another - sold the lie to the rest of the world that we have some-how the best, world leading fisheries management system - has to be seen for what it is - a gigantic lie. 

He said we are on the way to an unavoidable end game ... 

Sustainable Depletion - how can we take as much as possible yet still just keep enough fish in the water until next year?

Our hapuka and bass are gone

Our trevali are decimated 

Our John Dory, Gurnard and Tarakihi stocks are ridiculously over allocated and yet, unable to be caught. 

Deploying Destructive Extraction Technologies 

Fishing boats are using the most sophisticated technology that man can devise - with the incredible power of GPS and sonar and military technologies that have been modified and co-opted and used to catch fish by industrial bulk harvesting, indiscriminately. - 

He states this is unacceptable. 

Trawling technologies seining and dredging especially the trashing of the underwater environment by dragging nets and bottom trawling - scooping up all kinds of sea life. This is destroying coral and other three dimensional elemental ecological life forms growing on the sea bed - in a swath of waste and destruction across huge areas of the sea floor. (Much like how they do it is tropical rainforests with giant chains pulled between massive bulldozers, levelling everything in between).

Then the net is all pulled in and suddenly it's all over - everything is crushed - shattered - nobody is there to count or mourn the loss of mega billions of tiny little underwater creatures - never to see there life out where they are.

Property Rights

Scott says it's because the industry sees property rights is the only way to go. Enabling industry to make decisions - have ‘happy' business - small government - let the market take care of big decisions, everything will be good in the water garden - what a lot of …    Listen ...

Global Commons

Tim brought up the words 'global commons' - that oceans actually are part of the global commons - owned by the people - with no one person having ownership of everything. The atmosphere is too plus Antarctica and Space.   

The Legal Legasea Fightback

Scott said Legasea has come about over a number of decades - as a result of having put in high quality submissions to Government - including legal submissions to the High Court the Appeal Court and Supreme Court - where the courts agreed with them and their interpretation of the Law.  Listen

Legasea’s aim: To take the rights of the sea first and not property rights that the fishing industry covets.

And no matter what Scott and the small guys did to share the abundance and bounty of the ocean - they came up against the same obstacle - this intransigent monopolist, industrial fishing machine.

A hand full of families - that have been granted at no charge the property rights - the quota from back in 1986 - (during the Rogernomics experiment) and more recently Mana whenua - Listen

Within NZ vast fishery area - the 4th largest on earth are over 600 different fisheries spanning 90 plus species - many that are never seen as they are deep water varieties.  

 He states that under the present regime that property rights are failing globally - so Legasea have developed an alternative system called 'rescue fish.’

He believes that this system has the certainty of rebuilding abundance, creating a healthy inshore commercial  fishing fleet, whanau (family) businesses small scale - ‘know your fisherman’  This is going to be the ‘catch cry' - he says you have read it here first.  

Know your fisherman - know how that fisherman goes about catching that fish, where, how etc  - know what regulations that he must fulfil and then buy that fish of them - and set up a relationship.

It also means that there will be a debt to the government as we will have to buy our own fish back - to buy out of this unfair 'quota management system.' Listen

He also talks to Manuwhenua - and to get them in a far stronger and equitable situation - again - back to the Treaty of Waitangi - and build up some goodwill.  At the very least give them the real rangatiratanga that they never secured under the existing settlement arrangement. Listen

Also Scott talks about having a 50% biomass of fish - this translates to there is always 50% of the fish of every species in the ocean. Present fishing systems are leaving a far lower % of fish in the water hence it is totally non sustainable leading to eventual collapse - Listen

Rahui, Rahui, Rahui,
To put in place a temporary ritual prohibition, closed season, ban, reserve - traditionally a rāhui can be placed on an area, resource or stretch of water as a conservation measure. 

Working Alongside Maori
Scott talks of the privilege of staying at a Marae in Waimate North in the Bay of Islands where Ngapuhi are going to do fish management in a far more holistic way - around sharing the abundance … Listen.

To re-emphasise
The quota management system - has failed us - having been based on property rights - that NZ was the first country on earth to do this and it is a failing system for 99% of the country and the people.

By definition it was an experiment - where the corporates ‘cleaned up!

The quota management system is owned by a dozen entities - who are monopolists and they are maximising the ownership and access rights.

(Tim here - Sadly far to much to write up - you will have to listen - astonishing stuff).

Scott tells about the infamous 1990 amendment where no select committee, no proper democratic process through Parliament - very dodgy MP Doug Kidd of the National Party said that the Legislation was a disgrace for Democracy …

Quotas today - they are paying over a million dollars a tonne for the right to harvest 1000 kilos of crayfish per annum.

Now there is also the conflict due to the falling of numbers of Maui dolphin and nets been used and it is really sad and messy - Listen.

Plus the weird marriage with the WWF with Stanfords and Moana fisheries - with a rescue  plan based on more snapper quota …

Start Anew
We have to start all over again.  

He says delete ‘quotas’ and go back to square one and a blank piece of paper and start again - ask what do we as a society really want?

He says we want responsible people catching fish with a maximum respect - treating every fish in order to achieve maximum value - no more dumping over the side, no more discarding because it was the wrong fish as required by the quota -  we want to see fisherman proud of the cameras on board to record the harvest - as well as around the ‘restraints' because its is all about goodwill. Listen

Legacy wanting significant resourcing in the people - simple kaupapa (policy, matter for discussion, plan, purpose, scheme, proposal, agenda, subject, programme, theme, issue, initiative.)

no profit in this - just restored abundance and a fair go for future generations 

Controlling the Game
About 10 families for over 50 years they have been plundering the fishery, at no charge, no resource rental, they are given 400,000 tonnes of fish a year from the NZ commons - there is no resource rentals

They pay a minimal cost recovery levy and for research that tilts the data more in their favour to take more fish as against reducing the take. 

Note: Having industry pay for their own research is always slanted in industries favour e.g Genetic modified foods, glyphosate and 5G wireless - so that it has to be always mandated to have ‘independent research.’

He encourages us all to join Legacy so as to support the ordinary fisher folk against the might of big money of the fishing cartel. 

Finally - join a club - any club - this is where you can meet people from other walks of life and learn more about society and of the various strands that connect across a broad swathe of the community and society as a whole. Become more knowing.  

If you are really capable - join a committee and work for the benefit of a greater organisation or greater whole.

There are very few people in NZ if any who have such a command of communication and knowledge of fishing stocks  than Scott Macindoe.

This superb interview of him gives you faith in the future of this country.

This is it until next year, where 2020 vision offers us the opportunity to re-envision where we as a human species - can create and shape a future. A conscious future that benefits all biota and children and grandchildren of tomorrow. This is what we hold dear to ourselves. 

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us all at in Auckland - tucked away around the curve in the South West Pacific in Aotearoa New Zealand - just 4 and a half hours from Antarctica, the vast ‘global commons’ that no country or person owns.  

Kia kaha and Aroha.  

Dec 4, 2019

This easy going, insightful interview of Will, elicits a feeling of knowing that throughout his life experience he has covered, 'both the map and the territory' and having published his remarkable book 'Now or Never' reminds one of Buckminster Fuller - that Will is committed to being a ‘catalytic educator and membrane extender.’

So having evolved out of the flower power generation of the 1960's  I ask Will about the town he lives in - Ashland in Oregon that has a general population of about 22,000 people. 

A Conscious Community Oriented City.

The reason why Will ended up in Ashland was that 17 years ago he was sitting in a hot tub at the local YMCA and overheard a conversation between some others 'soaking up' that was expanding on quantum physics. He said he learnt so much about the nature of reality in that short 10 minutes he said to himself - this is the town for me. 

He says that there are so many people there who are immersed in the study of consciousness - and the network of 'conscious' people never ceases to astound him. That there are many teachers of so many 'disciplines' as well as holistic health professionals - retired diplomats and that there are numerous people who could become very famous, but prefer to remain quietly silent, and just do life, integrating into and being in community. 

Many renown authors like, Neil Donald Walsh, (Conversations with God) Gary Zukov (The Seat of the Soul) and Jean Huston (The Search for the Beloved) - live there. That the town has a huge organic food-op that has over 20,000 members - that there are more members than people in the town ... that they are innovative and in the world of today - these people are aware - and as a community they are deeply concerned about the state of the world - they are active as well as 'participate in the community' and at the same time work to bring joy into their lives - other than despair ...

Not only that, Oregon, in which Ashland is situated, is the only state in the US that has a deposit on soft drink bottles and cans ... and Ashland's Police Cars have an insignia on the side stating 'Peace Officer' - not Police Officer   - this is very recent ... a rebranding - actually Will says that the Police Chief could easily be at home listening to our conversation and would without doubt keep up with this discussion ... as well as 'contribute a lot to it' - saying that he is a wonderful man. 

They have a citizens group that are very active around any abuse or violence in the area - and that do not have much ... there is a lot of attention being put on the homeless issue and poverty. They are a very proactive community and there are people who are retired who have a good amount of money - including giving and a lot of philanthropy and receive a lot of social support within the community.

In many ways Ashland is a 'microcosm' of how we would like it to be in the world.

A view of what is happening across America today.

I asked about the larger story of what's happening across the USA - he said what we are seeing now is the full extent of what is happening behind the scenes - invisibly.   It is now out in the open - saying it's not as if corruption has just started - and dishonesty in high places ... manipulation, deceit and lies and all we are seeing - is so obviously out in the open ... that this has been going-on for decades ... and even though a lot of Americans are embarrassed, disgusted, alarmed with what has been happening - they are also grateful that it has now come out in the open where they can now see it and now perhaps have a chance to deal with it.

He said that he had been to a concert that day - and a musical piece had lyrics that were grappling with the turmoil of the world. These rang so clearly to him when they san - "a mind at peace with all below ..."  

"a mind at peace with all below ..."   

He then said that it's not sanctioning denial - he said that he keeps up with the news and has various sources that he studies every day ... he feels that there is a skill to develop and be able to witness what is going on - and then develop our own activism to help - without having a disturbed mind  ...

The Quantum World and how it plays out in our daily life. 

Regarding Wills insights into the quantum world - it is really about exploring energy - Listen - sorry - regrettably I do not have time to write this all up. 

The observer effect - that at a sub-atomic level - if you are observing a situation - your are also affecting it - listen ...  so what you look at - you will influence what you see .... 

Also covered is - spiritual bypass and especially anger and rage  ....  Listen - very illuminating ...

Covering Barbara Marx Hubbard and her statement that today - 'we humans are in the birth canal to another reality or paradigm' ... to find that Will had lived in the same house as Barbara for a year and of the inner growth that took place during this time ... That she was an important world teacher around so many aspects relating to life.   

Will talks about our shadow - and the darker side of our nature that has us saying and doing certain things in our life that in so many ways is incongruent with who at heart we truly are ... Listen 

He talks about Ursula Le Guin - author of the Earthsea chronicles ...  gist ...being frightened and always running from the darkness of our own shadow - and then stopping and taking a courageous stand and facing it.  (I won't tell you what happens :))

Covering Anima Munde Latin for  - World Soul - we are all connected - Namaste the Hindu greeting - ‘I honour the light behind your eyes - I honour the God (Atman) within you.’

What is the saying - ‘I know where you are coming from’ ... what does that correlate to?

I sense that where you are coming from is basically - in essence ...

Question can we stop what we are doing partly through our day - at any random time and ask the question - ‘how much love do we have for ourselves and the universe/divine as of this moment?’

Can we discipline ourselves to not be caught up in the daily drama of our existence and separate ourselves momentarily and see that we truly are connected to a greater realm that is eternal and that we can be 'present' with? 

A recent poll in the USA found that 50% of the people who were polled did not have anyone to confide in. Will found this information heartbreaking. How have we come to this?

He further stated that we, he and I (Tim) were indeed very fortunate that we are surrounded by networks of people whom we could seek solace and share love with, of whatever is concerning us. This is very important.

We have to get back to being 'a human being' and not human doing ...

Will also talks about time travel - and that we are becoming time travellers - being present and then travel in the quantum field.  listen 

Within the quantum field - Will talks to dreams and the dream field and synchronicities ...

That our reality could actually be a dream just a different type of dream ....

That we are exploring a mystery or even 'the great mystery'  

That ultimately Life is a mystery ...

Though a teacher, Will states that he never sees himself as an expert - all he wants to do is draw out the genius that is within all students.

"The purpose of existence is to find out the purpose for existence ..." - comes up as a question that we need to be aware of through out our life.

What is required is 'to culture a field that inspires the genius to come out in everyone who is there ...'

To be able to listen 

To be very good listeners - Will talks to this - we have to be able to listen and show our intent to learn from the young ones.

"Noon day club" - pausing every day at noon for a short prayer or a mini meditation.

Will encourages us to set our smart phone alarm at 12 noon to give us a friendly reminder to remember who we are and that to give thanks and for-want of a better word, offer a blessing to the world.  

This idea has been around for a while - but is has somewhat tapered off and Will is resurrecting it again as a centering mechanism or a homing ...

He said more and more people are setting there smart phones for noon and when the alarm goes off - are taking time out to refocus ...

Some people have a little declaration. 

Wills is - "This is the moment - something wonderful is happening - I am creating the future with love ..."

He says this silently to himself, however if he is with someone and if they are willing - he says it out loud.

It is just to share a few moments of silence together and to feel ones energy broadcasting into mass consciousness.

Wills intention is to have millions of people to do this at noon every day around our planet in every time zone when the sun is at its zenith.

So that we get a pulsation of energy ...

And Will feels confident this can make a difference.

We all need to slow down to the speed of life - Life is not frantic ...

Simply slow down and enjoy being alive ...

And remember 12 noon ... 

Thus was a wonderful relaxed interplay. Will is a very easy to relate to having a vast life experience of teaching, writing and conversing with people from all walks of life. Being gregarious and amenable - he is committed to our world, its people and especially the children of today and tomorrow.

You can bring peace on earth, in one minute a day. Join the Noon Club.

Know that Love makes life worthwhile.

Imagine a life without love. Sadly, so many people feel a despairing lack of love, even some who are successful and surrounded by friends. Over 50% of Americans report they have no one they can confide in. 25% live alone. An epidemic of loneliness is sweeping the world, spiking suicide rates.

What can we do about that?

We can discover and begin using a secret weapon that we already possess. “Weapon,” of course, is the wrong word. Let’s call it a secret super power. I won’t make you wade through twenty torturous paragraphs before I reveal what it is (while trying to sell you something along the way … don’t you loathe that website technique?).

We can express love.

This is a massive subject and will be the topic of an ongoing series of articles I’ll pen over the remaining weeks of 2019. You’ll receive them as part of your free subscription to The Noon Club. My objective? To educate you in what I’ve come to believe is the most effective technique for bringing deep, positive change into the world, benefiting ourselves in the process.

Education is one thing, application is another. As you read, you’ll also be experiencing the three-phase learning process I’ve discovered for translating new understanding into new action. Ultimately, unless we act on what we learn we’re just swelling our heads.

So, how can we help those who desperately want more love in their lives? This brings us to our first lesson in love and from this point forward I’ll use the “you” voice because I want this to be a real conversation between us, rather than a theoretical discussion about a vague “we.” So, pour yourself a cup of tea, settle back in your chair, and enjoy this deep dive for the next 5 minutes or so.

Nov 27, 2019

Estimates of the number of slaves today range from around 21 million to 46 million, depending on the method used to form the estimate and the definition of slavery being used. The amount of money comes to about $150b. 

For those living in North America they will not use the term slavery, especially as so many American blacks are descendants of slavery and they prefer to use the word ’trafficking’.

As Kathleen is a Sister of Mercy here in NZ -  when working for the 'Year of Mercy' which was 2015, she and other people from 42 countries embraced a ‘theological reflection process’ and out of that they focussed on two areas - the degradation of the earth and the displacement of peoples. She was then asked by her congregational leader to be the NZ liaison person - to collaborate with people within the umbrella group - internationally. Where they use the latest technology available, including Skype to all connect up, and share resources and strategies.

Slavery has been present for Millenia 

As someone who has a background in Biblical studies - she has looked back through scripture and in the New Testament she says we cannot face the word ’slave’ and it is there so often - and it has been basically translated to the word - ‘servant' and by doing that it sort of obscures the words meaning. That people in the time of Jesus lived in the Roman Empire that depended entirely on slavery. 

Which she states is a hidden evil that is dominating our world today.

In New Zealand 

She says she was privileged to go to the 'Tip of the Iceberg' conference in Wellington in August 2017 and this was where they worked and collaborated with local people to raise awareness of anyone that they may think is being entrapped by certain business or working conditions.

This was lead by the NZ Government’s Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment - and that the US Embassy was involved as well.  A  Rev Chris Frazer (a Diocese of Wellington deacon for social justice) was very much behind it as well.

Also involved was the Wellington Anglican Cathedral. It was opened in the NZ Parliament by the current Minister of Immigration at the time.  The Honourable Michael Woodhouse and he was very supportive of the whole proceedings. It brought together NGO’s - non Governmental organisations, the NZ Police and she said there were an impressive number of people there. Many of them working at the grass roots.

Food Growers Association, Faith groups - from the Catholic Church and the Salvation Army including  Andrew Wallis CEO of the Anti Slavery organisation - Unseen, from the UK spoke - and though NZ has been at the forefront of having women vote, being Nuclear Free and being strongly anti apartheid as in South Africa - Andrew says that in tackling this crime NZ today is where the UK was 7 to 10 years ago.  So we have a long way to go to catch up with where Britain is currently at.

The reason is that in Britain they have the 'UK Modern Slavery Act' where every business is registered and annually must put in a report stating that they know the three levels where their goods come from.

Say it is a shirt - so who did they buy it from, where was it made and where was the cotton or the fabric grown? That at each level - they must prove that they are monitoring the product all the way. Thus, following the money to the source of the produce, is how everything is being recorded. This methodology was strongly focused on at the conference - especially by the NZ police.

If any person is ‘brought’ into NZ and is suspected of being involved in human slavery - first communications has to go through the Immigration Department (as the predominant victims are usually recent arrivals into NZ) - this she says is a very complex procedure even before it gets to the police. Where as, in the UK - it comes immediately under the Crimes Act.

The take-away from the 'Tip of the Iceberg' conference - was to get new legislation like the UK passed in NZ as soon as possible.

2016 was the First Conviction for Slavery in NZ

In NZ we have had very few convictions for human slavery in this country. (Most NZers have no idea that such a thing would exist in this country.)  

For the first time the NZ Police were able to convict a perpetrator of bringing 16 Fijian people to NZ with lavish promises but to then double cross and entrap them to become enslaved. See below link.

The NZ police said it took about 2,000 hours of work to get this conviction - being a huge time consumer due to the complexity of our Law. The outcome of the Conference was that we need to advocate for a change in the Law so as to have it upgraded and streamlined so as to address this horrendous bottleneck to rapid enforcement and justice.

This situation was only found out because the Fijians were allowed to go to church one Sunday and one of the congregation noticed how upset a Fijian woman was and went over to see her and ask her to come and have a cup of coffee and that was when the lady spilt out what was happening.

So Kathleen says that it’s imperative for us to be very alert and be mindful of situations popping up amidst us - because it is just below the surface and we need to know this.

Here is a list that covers points like:

If a person does not carry their passport, and do not know much about visas  - or they are not willing to say where they work or for whom they work for. 

Or if they are escorted to and from work and they state that they are working everyday and for long hours. 

If they do not know where they live or are fearful of giving the address.

That they have not been paid. If they hesitate as to talking about who arranged their contract or visas … if they are paying off large debt. Are there signs of self harm and they seem starved. 

Finally if the are young people and are absent from school.

So the imperative is for us to be mindful and aware of people - particularly immigrants, because had that lady at church not been crying and a parishioner notice and kindly offered to ask to help and assist - those 16 Fijians could still be enslaved today.

[What would their family in Fiji think when they were cut off from these workers here in NZ? It must have been very concerning for them.]

Other talking points: 

Stop the Traffic - Fuzz Kitto - who says that traffickers are really smart so we have to be smarter … traffickers are creative - so we have to be more creative … traffickers are organised - we have to be more organised … traffickers have smart systems so we have to have better ones. Traffickers disempower people - we have to empower people. Traffickers try to make people invisible -  we have to make them visible. Traffickers work across borders - we must work better across borders. Traffickers do more for less - we have to do more for less.

Remember the vehicle driver in Britain recently where a large number of Vietnamese people died in a container on the back of his truck. This type of trafficking is everywhere. We only hear about it, if the police or customs catch them red handed or in a horrific disaster as in this case.

Kathleen mentions the documentary film Blue Jeans about workers in sweatshop conditions and terrible pay and long hours  - where she mentions that NZ clothing firms have now closed and taken the business offshore to Asia. With the same ‘old reason’ - that it is un economic to run a business in NZ. Hence sweatshops produce cheap goods. 

Keeping the word ‘Slavery’ in the public consciousness 

The British want to always name it as Human Slavery - as against Trafficking - and horrendous as it is we are told that 12.5% of victims are in the sex industry and that the vast majority of others say 25% are children are slaves being under 18  and the rest are labour slaves.

Also mentioned were crew on ships coming to NZ ports, be it cargo ships or fishing boats and that many of the crew are found to be horrendously exploited. For with fishing boats they can be at sea for months on end and when they dock in NZ ports there is no real ‘haven’ for crew to go and enjoy ‘recreation and rest’ and she even states that though NZ has signed an agreement to offer up a place where visiting crew upon landing can find as a safe ‘location’ to reorient themselves - that has not been forthcoming. To the degree it was mentioned that the crew are often paid in US dollars and in Lyttelton she said there is no bank, they are for US$1.00 given change in NZ$1.00 - (one for one) which is totally immoral.   

Also mentioned

Kevin Bales a very courageous advocate  - Free the slaves - blood and earth - uncovers many dreadful situations around our planet - smart phones = mining rare earth minerals especially in the Congo.   He links the exploitation of the poor people to the exploitation of the earth.

Kathleen said with regards to paedaphile networks and sex traffic or organ harvesting etc - this was outside her field of expertise. 

Yes, the Jeffrey Epstein saga is the tip of the iceberg and there is a huge white slave trade going on that has lots of East European girls conned into applying for modelling careers outside of Eastern Europe and then once away from their own country are kidnapped and pushed into prostitution etc. 

Finally Tim mentioned the Executive Order signed on the 21st December 2017 by Donald Trump.

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption

Law & Justice

Issued on: December 21, 2017

By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) (NEA), the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act (Public Law 114-328) (the “Act”), section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 (8 U.S.C. 1182(f)) (INA), and section 301 of title 3, United States Code,

I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, find that the prevalence and severity of human rights abuse and corruption that have their source, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States, such as those committed or directed by persons listed in the Annex to this order, have reached such scope and gravity that they threaten the stability of international political and economic systems. Human rights abuse and corruption undermine the values that form an essential foundation of stable, secure, and functioning societies; have devastating impacts on individuals; weaken democratic institutions; degrade the rule of law; perpetuate violent conflicts; facilitate the activities of dangerous persons; and undermine economic markets. The United States seeks to impose tangible and significant consequences on those who commit serious human rights abuse or engage in corruption, as well as to protect the financial system of the United States from abuse by these same persons.

I therefore determine that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.

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