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Apr 11, 2019

She has dedicated a Facebook page called ‘Survival Movement NZ’ and invites everyone to come and participate.

This below is what Lisa leads with:


The world is in a dire state.

Climate change is lapping at our doors.

It is estimated that one fifth of the world’s population will become climate migrants, if they survive at all.

Global food security will be severely impacted. With food shortages, food prices spike.

There will be more floods, droughts, and forest fires.

Sea level rise will affect many places around the country and houses will become uninhabitable.

The world economy is unstable. At any time your local ATM could be shut and you could be unable to withdraw money. For how long you don’t know.

World trade could collapse as money markets fail.

If we don’t stop the widespread use of insecticides and herbicides the world will see an insect collapse in 100 years, which will cause the biosphere to collapse.. However our food supply will basically be destroyed at only a 75% loss.

How will we survive the next few decades if no changes are made to our lifestyles?

Lisa is asking us to get real and look at our uncertain future, and then do something about it.

What if?

Last year Lisa had no power for 4 days after a large storm hit Auckland and so experienced living with no electricity for that time. So she had to buy a BBQ, which she was able to drive and buy - so she was ok with cooking for those 4 days. She also had ready access to food and a generator to keep the freezer working.

But, what if a crisis was for a longer period? That it was city wide, provincial, or national? Fortunately Auckland has a gravity fed water reticulation system, from large storage facilities (with diesel generators as backup) - so water in most situations will get to everyone’s homes, as long as the economy is functioning.

If food in supermarkets runs out?

It is no good saying that you will be ok because you are off the grid or growing all your own food.

If there’s a major crisis there is the possibility of armed and desperate people coming in and taking all your vegetables from your garden and food from your house.  We need to have in place staple food and essentials in localised storage facilities that is readily accessible for the supermarkets in the city?

Lisa states that if NZ put in place a well thought out strategy and plan to deal what nature or the global financial system issues occur - then NZ is well placed to weather it out. The proviso being - that the political process is involved.

So what does one do to make us resilient and more self reliant?  We have to look at electricity, transport and food, especially food, and find efficient ways to get these items to people everywhere in the city and regions in the case of a major emergency or long term crisis .

Planning from both Central and Local Government.

This has to be planned for at both Local Government level and at Governmental levels. Lisa said contact both Local and Central Government and ask them what contingencies they have for this?  Local Governments are easier to contact and have influence as well as contacts in Central Government.

Electricity Needs

In 2017 - 82% of NZ electrical needs were from renewables

In 2007 Helen Clark when PM set a national target of 90% renewables by 2025. With wind energy to make up most of this increase. Which is exceptionally and good for our country. Making it exceptionally high by world standards.

Lisa mentioned if a category 5 storm hit Auckland we could be without power for several weeks as a huge number of lines would be down.

However she says the key to this is preparation and in Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania in the USA - they are factoring in their cities future to be more green and aware.

Auckland Council’s website is a page where you can leave suggestions for consideration  …. so she wants us all to support innovative ways to make Auckland (and New Zealand) resilient. However, there are some things that have to be done through Central Government as well.

Creating Money within New Zealand

Lisa wants the Reserve Bank of NZ to create money, not private banking, as in the NZ Social Credit Party’s financial policy. As a small country we might be able to get away with it, and not have the overseas bankers turn the screws on us. But, she said that if there was a crisis - all the major countries would be crisis too.  Supporting local banks and co-operatives is also essential

So we need to be aware and prepare.

Oil Needs

Tim - NZ has the capacity to extract both oil and gas. We need to have enough to keep every truck and bus running on NZ roads and Lisa mentioned back in the 1970's, with the oil problems, that we in NZ had carless days.

We have 3 months of stored fuel in the country as an emergency measure, but Lisa mentions no food is currently stored. Most NZ wheat is now is grown in Australia and processed there too. As Dr Janice Priest mentioned a few weeks ago in a GreenplanetFM interview Australian wheat is a strain that is heavy in gluten, whereas NZ’s previous wheat had far less gluten.

All of our rice is grown overseas - and Lisa says it's a big Achilles heel, that needs to be seriously addressed. Many other staples have to be imported rather than being grown here.

She mentions a TV series in Britain many years ago where a virus caused mass deaths and what few survivors there were had to scavenge and eventually fight for food and she says hungry people will fight till the death - that it was a very dark story - so why not prepare for the future especially as climate change may have unparalleled effects.

Transition Towns

Tim mentions 'Transition Towns' is operating in a number of places in NZ. - Originally it was set up in response arising from climate change, resource depletion and an economy based on growth.

Lisa says they at one level are fantastic but asks if they have solutions for a crisis in a large city.

Farmers Markets

Tim mentions that in the meantime farmers markets are a way forward and you can network from there and build relationships and have also sales of items other than food.

Community Gardens across the Nation?

We hear that the Manukau Health Board are involved with 75 community gardens in their area and there are a further 25 community gardens happening in the Auckland City area. This too is a good start to enable community to come together and meet and cooperate and collaborate. There are many different ethnic groups as wells cultures involved, being a great melting pot.

Living Economies - Is Very important

Tim mentions Living Economies - a NZ web site that can help anyone anywhere develop a system for your local community -  especially setting up a Time Bank as well as Financial Pools and creating Green dollars and they have all the connections for you - just go up to and you can download computer programs to set up a Time Bank for example. Learn about Local money (also known as local currencies or complementary currencies) which is an approach to trading using voluntary vouchers (like “green dollars”) or tokens (print or electronic) instead of legal tender (such as New Zealand Dollars).

Project Lyttelton have over 700 people with their time bank for example.

Project Lyttelton a very good role model  

We also learn that Project Lyttelton was very prepared for the devastating Earthquake that struck Christchurch in 2011 and they were pivotal in saving lives, because they had a telephone tree and so many people knew each other and being experienced in cooperation that the Civil Defence HQ recommend that all communities follow the way Project Lyttelton has gone about pulling the strings of community together.

Project Lyttelton received letters of thank you from the NZ Police, St Johns Ambulance, the Fire Brigade, the NZ Navy and especially Civil Defence, due to the fact they were able to mobilise rapidly and work tirelessly for the benefit of the community.

Neighbourly - Lisa says this is important for us to either be aware of and or join.

Get Through - is a New Zealand Government sponsored website giving pointers to prepare ourselves for emergencies and other contingencies with at least 3 days of water, 3 days with of food and other preparations, like First Aid kits, batteries for radios, etc . This is good preparation for storms or earthquakes.

We Need a Champion

It would be good to have a New Zealander of sufficient mana to champion the need for a secure long term future to both Local and Central Government. Please assist us in finding this champion.

Lisa also mentions what other future challenges there are.

Insect collapse - If we carry on the same agricultural and chemical practices scientists state that 100 years out we will be in a dire situation, so we need to stop using pesticides and herbicides. The drop in numbers of bees and Monarch butterflies is showing us we are taking down our future.

Note that there are no insects on your car windscreen or moths at night or when you do not draw the curtains or close the blinds. Why?

Get off insecticides Neonicotinoids is the number one culprit for the decline of bees.

Go organic but first transition via Biological and Regenerative agriculture.

Do a search in

Now that France has finally banned glyphosate and now Monsanto products. Can NZ follow?

Lisa mentions Auckland Council contractors are using glyphosate which is very problematic, but so are home owners and farmers. Glyphosate / Roundup is a disaster. It is contaminating our food and killing grasses and weeds where insect lavae live and birds feed, and is now found in our bodies owing to its prevalent use.

Sikkim in India goes organic.

The state of Sikkim gets a jump on NZ agriculture. Why can’t NZ follow?

Lisa also mentions possible economic collapse. Some people are keen to go self sufficient but how do old people and retirement villages survive such challenges. Not everyone is young enough or fit enough to grow their own food. What are the contingency plans for those who can’t do their own gardening, and if there is flood, fire or drought, growing our own food wouldn’t be much help anyway.

Tim mentions that all the parks and golf courses in cities can be dug up and put into gardens - realising that the golf course greens would be very chemically toxic. But, this could be doable in a prolonged emergency.

There were many other interesting subjects mentioned in this interview.

Lisa talks about strong visionary leadership that can direct what needs to be done to manage the future. She says we must prepare now and not wait until it is too late. She says a government Think Tank, or similar, is needed to study where this country is insecure.

New Zealand must be self sufficient in food, go local, and be prepared to cope not only with our own climate migrants, but with those from overseas.

Climate change will transform more than 143 million people into “climate migrants” escaping crop failure, water scarcity, and sea-level rise, a new World Bank report concludes. See here -

On Facebook - Survival Movement NZ - Lisa invites people to participate.

Apr 4, 2019

Nature is our teacher

Darren as a child was influenced very much by his grandfather who had a wide ranging understanding of farming in the rural sector of sun affected Australia, where water was a major priority as well as the need for trees and the protection they offered.

So this early education, became critical in his connection to nature and recognising what this hardy land produced. Especially his relationship to the Australian flora and fauna, and with the added factor that he was quite well read -  played a large part in his life when growing up.

He now sees his life learnings and that of the ‘Regrarian’ revolution as becoming the broad church of ‘regenerative agriculture’ - that focuses a wealth of attention on forestry (trees) and water. Added to this was that central Victoria, the region that he lived in happened to be the epicentre of organic farming.

Becoming Knowledgeable

During his calling, he has over the years given about 250 Regrarian courses around the world - in about 50 countries  - he calls himself as basically ‘a sink’ having been able to take in a huge amount of information as well as glean knowledge from the many people he has rubbed shoulders with. He says that this has been his intention as he feels that he has very good observational skills, which are very important - in that when we look at what a farmer is - they have to be very good at working the land, engaging in drainage, creating swales, tree visioning, fencing, crop rotation. Plus the need to observe the weather, wind direction, the movement of birds flying - aware of temperatures, barometric pressure, sniff the air, and feel the texture of the soil in one’s hands etc. It’s grokking every nuance of the natural world.

Internet a Critical Component of Rural Communication

Darren says that the internet now is becoming a very critical component in sharing not only ideas but connecting farmers over a huge distance and can constantly keep them in the loop as to very current happenings as they occur, especially sharing critical information be it drought resistant methods, or establishing innovative ways of feeding plants, including making compost or and humus in critical weather events and other untimely occurrences that may quickly appear.

He also says that the most successful pathways will be from farmer to farmer - sharing tips etc as opposed to going through a consultant or a Govt official - and the costs that are involved, can be heavily reduced.

He emoted that he and others in the movement are very excited that they can facilitate the rapid movement of information to assist farmers.  Especially producer to producer

Holistic Perspectives are Important.

Being involved in the ‘holistic land management movement’ and the methods of integrating with the ‘key line’ plan and design  - by the late PA Yoeman’s and by extension Allan Savory - has extended his observation and understanding of grazing cattle and ruminants.

He also talks about the holistic way of being able to self determine what you want out of your future and what to do with your land in relationship to the whole. He said you have to recognise where you are at, (and not at) how resourced you are internally and where your land is at. Is it broken in land, or is it ,say bush and scrub, with no fences, cattle races, drainage etc.

Restructuring One’s Life

He talks about debt and ratio that can lead to serfdom, if you are not aware as to how to handle this. Like, it’s about restructuring ones life.

These are practical matters that he sees and that farmers to be have to get a handle on - they need to be talked about and talked out.

10% of Australian farmers are now doing ecological agriculture but a good percentage are still waiting on the evidence as well as the market to change. This other 90% group find it difficult due to their debt to equity ratio as well as their inability to finance the transition - and if your soil is lifeless - this can be quite a challenge. Same for the availability of water.

In the US the biggest movement that has been identified is that there are 3 different strands of Regenerative Agriculture.

These are the Regrarians and Permaculture practices.

Then the Savory Institute with its holistic management system and then there is the cover cropping and soil knowledge - led by Gabe Brown -

The third still focuses on wheat, so the change is not as great as they can still use the tech that they uses - ie. harvesters and seed sowers etc.

For grazers the change too is not a big change - fencing being a important component - electric fence developed in 1936–1937 by New Zealand inventor Bill Gallagher.

But, for a cereal grower to go from non organic to organic that is a huge change and very challenging.

Darren emphasises that we have to be very honest with yourself around being self determined and have all the available information - to make all of your decisions from being very well informed. He does not want people to diss-enable themselves by making decisions that have not been fully understood and researched.  That the following generation on that land need to have the best possible start in this new land management system.

Keyline Method.

There are 10 points of Regrarian agriculture of which two have been added to P. A. Yeomans

One to 8 as the scale of permanence. Yoemans work not really holistic, but definitely broke into new territory that excuse the pun. was groundbreaking.

Other Topics Covered.  

Greg & Rachel Hart in there Southern Hawkes Bay Farm - that they are brave going outside the box - and doing a deal with Air NZ to plant trees and sequester aircraft carbon dioxide.

Darren maintains that NZ agriculture is very innovative by world standards.

European Farmers are Heavily Subsidised

Within the OECD - The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development  NZ farmers receive the least subsidies. Where as the EU farmers get 50% of their farm income from Government subsidies. This is why Darren is impressed with the resiliency of the kiwi farmer.

He also mentions that farming has entered a new phase of rural resettlement and it is happening globally.

Far more people are doing degrees and diplomas and as a result farming is increasing. With 7.7 billion people and 5 5 billion hectares of agricultural land = about 7,000 square meters for each person. However, one figure is going up and the is other going down, yet he says we need more people in the production of food, fibre and energy crops.

He mentions Harry Weir of KiwiTech International in Bulls, NZ as very capable - a genius in productivity - based around land, family, and society  

Nutrient dense foods Jairo Estrepo from Columbia and his use of Chromatography to give you a soil/element read out

Cost is about $1.00 a sample -  It gives you a read out about the minerals and living organism in the soil and can assess the mineral availability that comes from our food. Darren says this tech bridges both chemistry and biology and it’s an important tech to assist us.  That humans and their needs are more complex - and Darren talks to that. That new fertilisers are now being put together to address all sorts of soil conditions .

Darren talks with clients about honesty - it’s a big question - especially that we don’t use claims of others - unless you can verify by testing these claims yourself.

Key line plan - is a farm planning method that in Yoemans words - controls water which is to control a greater part of your agricultural destiny … listen

Even if you only get 8 inches of rainfall, Yoeman reckoned that you could survive on a farm - that’s a lot of acreage of water - what are you doing with it?

Dr Rattan Lal, who is known as the soil god from University of Ohio in the USA  - If we increase the soil carbon content by about one and half % in all of the world’s arable soils where we basically have the greatest influence - then that would draw down and sequester about 100 parts per million of Co2 which would bring us down to pre industrial levels - but have we the will?

In finishing Darren said that humans must start behaving like perennial species - not annuals - and look further ahead in time.

That we also can take agriculture into more innovative areas by doing novel seed coatings and adding mycorrhiza fungi mixtures to soils etc - plus compost teas …

My final question to Darren, was that seeing he is constantly on the land, does he get a sense of our planet as a greater being - like indigenous peoples do? And he said that yes - there is a far greater presence than is acknowledged by the so called Western understanding of the world - or words to this affect - have a listen - his answer will delight you.

Mar 14, 2019

Val who has been a natural healer for over 50 years has had her intuitively written song reach the last 10 finalists in the Global Peace Song Awards. Yet, she says it’s a collaborative work with her Canadian travelling friend Lorna Eastman and especially Cameron Barclay, of the Ten Tenors who agreed to sing ‘Peace to the World’. Also friend Paula Feather who wrote the music, which was arranged and produced by Mike McCarthy of Manuka Studios in Orewa.

This was a light-hearted laughing - interview - that was both entertaining and softly enlightening. Val in her natural healing practice has devoted her life to health, happiness and wellness.

Early Life

Val took up a nursing career but was unable to complete her training as she left to nurse her mother for the last few years of her life, who became critically ill as a result of a contaminated vaccine. She took her mother to Dr. Murdock Ross, a colour therapist who diagnosed her condition (with no background knowledge) as the result of the vaccine and by using colour therapy he assisted her mother where orthodox medicine was not able to help her.

Going back 60 years, colour therapy was a method of dispensing what is essentially sunlight and the colours of the spectrum to assist in healing.

This experience sparked Val’s interest in natural therapies. She became Murdock’s practice nurse and trained under his guidance.

Also, she studied reflexology and used this modality to alleviate her own migraine headaches.

Later on, with her husband she bought the hot mineral water thermal springs in Parakai near Helensville. For many years as an adjunct to her healing practice, used warm to hot water to sooth bodies and allow them to take in minerals to relax and heal the self.

All this time she was open to assistance from higher energies and when she wants assistance she asks and invariably - the answer and solution comes.

EAV 'electro acupuncture according to Voll.’

Professor Reinhard Voll from Germany devised this method to be able to measure human frequencies back in 1958 and Val experienced 30 years of practice with these machines - especially when she moved into Orewa House where she practiced for 22 years.

The EAV bio energy machine was computerized in 2008 - and things became far more extensive, not only does this technology scan every cell, it checks for chemicals and even emotions that affect your health then corrects the underlying imbalances.

People who ended up seeing Val invariably came by word of mouth (with no advertising) and so her relationship with her patients was far more personal.

As Val evolved her understanding of healing she became more known as a practitioner of frequency medicine ... because we humans though made up of cells, tissue plus blood and bone, we - at a deeper level of being - consist of a subatomic field of energy that vibrates.

Thus, Val is passionate about raising one’s frequency so as to oscillate to a higher and lighter level of being.

Writing a song for humanity.

Over the years she has realized that humanity is still challenged by the difficulty of living in peace and understanding. So in looking at the world today she intuitively thought that we needed a song to sing, that lifted our vibes and one that centered on the human heart and brought humanity together.

We now know that every word we speak, or sing and every thought we think has a frequency, and Val, knew she could make a difference in the wider world by sharing the frequency of Love and Peace in a song.                   

And from this intent she started to ‘download’ words that came to her in the middle of the night so she wrote them down and made them into a song, and with the help of her friends brought about a collaborative effort that is simply called 'Peace to the World.'

This song was entered into the global peace song awards and is now in the finals - out of ten finalists.

Cameron Barclay one of the 'Ten Tenors' agreed to sing the song with his beautiful voice.

If the song is successful Val wants to support the NZ’s Peace Foundation, which introduced the concept of Conflict Resolution to classrooms under the name of Cool Schools and guided by Yvonne Duncan’s work. There is a huge need for champions of this important skill - right across NZ and the greater world. Once learnt, the children will have unique and important life tools to then take home and teach their parents. The ripple effect will be a huge boost for World Peace’.

In this interview, Peace to the World is played twice and if you enjoy it and it lifts your spirit, we ask you to please vote for it.

Voting is being done on FB and you are encouraged to follow the link below and vote for this song. 298310317702500

The song is now in the finals for the Global Peace Song Awards so the next stage is the public vote, which is judged on the number of 'Likes' on FaceBook and its outreach. The good thing being you don't need a FB account to vote.                   

Click on the link which takes you to the category “Classical, Opera & A Cappella”, scroll down to find the song. The finalists are in alphabetical order so towards the bottom, you will see Peace to the World.

Please help spread these Words of Peace and Love as far and wide as possible by sending a ‘LIKE’ on the link. The purpose is to raise awareness that World Peace is possible if we all play our part and be kind to one another. The saying 'Be the change that you would like to see in the World' is very apt here and you can help by sending this link to all your family, friends and contacts.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Valemma Wright, I have been a Natural Health Practitioner for 50 years, specializing in frequency medicine for the last 30 yrs. We now know that every word we speak, or sing and every thought we think has a frequency. I knew I could make a difference in the wider world by sharing the frequency of Love and Peace in a song. That is why I wrote ‘Peace to the World’, (which was inspired of course). Then, in amazing serendipity, (and given there are no accidents) - I met Cameron Barclay of the Ten Tenors. Cameron agreed to sing Peace to the World and put his heart and soul, along with his beautiful voice into raising the harmonic frequency of Peace and Love.

Click on the link below and please "LIKE"

‘Together we can make a difference.’

Thank you!!! Love and Light Valemma. 298310317702500

The next stage is the public vote, which is the number of likes on facebook and the reach throughout the world of the voting public. You don’t need to have a facebook account to vote. If you want to vote, then email and we will send you the link.

When are the winners determined?

Voting completes on the 22nd of April, a master number and Earth Day. The finalists will be announced in Los Angeles, on a date to be advised.

Congratulations, Valemma, I am going to vote right away. Now you listeners out there, all over the world, yes, do vote. Vote for Peace to the World.

Vote for the message of peace, carried on the beautiful voice of Cameron Barclay of the Ten Tenors.

Together we can make a difference.

Mar 7, 2019

Lisa, was the ASB (Auckland Savings Bank) Business Women of the Year 2001 and ‘Her Business Magazine’ - business woman of the year for the North Island 2001-2.

Liz, is a former TVNZ Presenter and Radio NZ host and prior to working in the Media, she used her law degree to practise commercial litigation and to teach the Law Professionals course at Auckland University.

Both Lisa and Liz have been immersed in current affairs, and in this passionate interview share some of their perspectives of what is happening in NZ today.

I enjoyed intervening these two very capable women who are prepared to offer a broad critique of where we are going as a country.

Lisa leads with the insect disappearance both local and global and what this could foretell. She mentions that our planet will survive, but we as a species may not and then goes on to say that we have to take action, by educating New Zealanders  of the issues. Liz talks about the lobbyists in NZ that convince the country to continue to use pesticides - that nature is taking the onslaught of a chemical assault and that we are witnessing the decline in so many health indicators - from human to the vegetable and animals that as she and Lisa as mothers - wanting healthy children have to become far more aware and then take action.

Liz cited a test report in Oakland California that located 14 chemical pesticides in all the people in the region - yet in one week when these tested people moved to an organic diet there was a marked decrease in the amount of chemicals found in their bodies. Stating that if we take remedial action and ingest quality organic food we can start to clean up our body.  She noted that chemicals increase the risk of autism, cancer, Parkinson’s disease and infertility. So our body is very responsive when commit to turn things around with an organic diet. Note detox’s are vital if one wants to speed up the cleansing of our body.

Liz, we have done well for centuries and millennia without sprays - so why have we been 'taken in' by chemical sprays?  Lisa said that the liver from NZ farm animals has to be destroyed as it cannot be sold for public or even animal consumption, due to the fact that it is contaminated with agricultural farm fertilisers and chemicals. Note: GreenplanetFM’s radio interview of Debbie Swanwick originally of Soil and Health mentions that huge areas of hectares in the Waikato are closed off due to toxic soils as a result of cadmium from super phosphates.

Lisa ups the conversation saying that she has just started a FaceBook Group called 'Survival Movement New Zealand' - factoring the possibility of biodiversity collapse and  preparing our country for all contingencies, at the same time keeping us free from pollution - including car and cow farts plus exhaust fumes (I left this in Lisa as it sounded funny and it was real too!)

Climate Effects.

Realising there could be larger storms etc including drought, floods and in particular factor food shortages in there as well. Especially later into the next decade.

Fuel - petrol and distribution of food across the country. (which we need to diversify as we can now grow most food here in NZ, except equatorial food.

Lisa mentions that NZ needs to find another agricultural or horticultural product to grow and Liz mentions that hemp could really be a major crop for NZ as the climate is ideal for this very versatile cash crop. She mentions - and Cameron Sims a dear friend of hers who is out there showing the way with hemp, health and environment. Be it 'hemp heart' or oil with 3,6 and 9 Omega fats.

Liz also laments the fact that the baby boomers of NZ had so many freedoms, free university, (no conscription) and with Tim concurring - there appears so much apparent selfishness today by many of the baby boomers. When we need to be getting alongside the 'millennials' and assist them to rescue, innovative and regenerate cool green ideas and ideals.

Need for Conscious Action from the Current NZ Government

Liz states that Jascinda Adhern, our new female PM could have come through with a clean broom with really fresh policies and she says that the longer we go, we seem to be watching a replay of Obama in America (hear! hear!)  - when she thought Obama would bring through a JFK moment (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) - (we all did) - but as we can see - nothing really came of Obama's presidency and he just more or less carried on like a Republican. Note, no one from Wall Street and Goldman Sachs - was prosecuted or jailed. etc etc.

Foreign Relations.

Venezuela comes up and Lisa says that the sanctions imposed by the USA has caused huge social problems and that is possibly one of the major reasons Venezuela is struggling with upheaval!  Liz then says have we not seen this all before a oil rich country that the US is going to rescue and turn it into a “democracy!” Caveat Emptor - let the buyer beware!

Neo Liberalism comes up for some conscious criticism and it does fall short when we look at the state of the casino economy that is being run from New York bankers, and London.

Business Matters

Lisa as a business woman always paid her employees above the minimum wage and that was near on 20 years ago when. For example, she paid the dishwashers $2.00 above the minimum wage.

Covering more suitable business models, remuneration that is fair, share ownership by workers etc. Cooperatives and looking at Trust banks, Mutual Insurance Societies,, Building societies, Trust Hotels, and farmers cooperatives - the big one today being Fonterra - while the NZ farmers now keep a very wary eye on it, so as it will not be hijacked, by moneyed interests.

Also money creation by private banks creating money out of thin air - by doing a simple computer input of the money that is required to loan a citizen. Lisa has done a number of radio interviews on this subject. (do a search)

This interview covers:

The Christchurch rebuild after the Earthquake. Many people are unhappy with what has happened.

Women run businesses. In most cases women have a duty of care that benefits society.

That employing unemployed who are emotional damaged is very challenging.

That we have a situation were we have an underfunded NZ educational system. This is an urgent challenge as the youth of today will be our leaders of tomorrow. 

Teaching self responsibility rather than victimhood. This was an important subject.

The teaching of 'garden to table' in South Auckland schools with children learning about food growing and preparation, is vital for healthy body and especially healthy minds.  

Ihamatao in Mangere - A present day Maori land battle to keep their land that is raging as you read this. As the land is being taken over by Fletcher building.


Pania Newton, Maori activist, doing her best to save this sacred Maori land that goes back to the earliest arrivals from Hawaii, with its rich and fertile soils and its deep Wairua, or soulful heritage for all Maori. The huge vision is to save this land from Fletchers’ developers and then to turn this whenua into a food forest, which can be enjoyed by New Zealanders of all ethnicities, and through which a sense of deep community can be built ...

Please sign up and register your support for keeping the land in Maori hands.

Health camps were situated all around NZ over 75 years ago that took in underprivileged children and fed and housed them well - and the kids could play and explore nature. We then to our surprise find that it was started by Liz’s great Aunt, Dr Elisabeth Gunn after World War 1.  

Underfunding health issues - especially with children was another concern that needs to be addressed in depth, across the whole of NZ.

Capital Gains Tax, NZ is one of the few developed countries that does not have a capital gains tax, especially with the buying and selling of houses.

Higher taxes were mentioned and agreed that there is room to tax the rich, where 60 years ago very well off people were paying 70 cents in the dollar tax and even more.

Neo liberalism and selfishness and Socialism - sharing and cooperation? Wa also broached.

Pulling together for the earth Papatunauku. (Maori for Mother Earth) Becoming aware that it's our Earth that is the provider of life. As our planet lends us a body, free air, free rainwater and until recently a free food chain. The realisation that we have become disconnected from the source form which we spring.

Transcending victimhood. This is a biggy. That there has to be far more loving relationships in parenting and modelling good values to our children,

Mike King - about youth suicide, that NZ has a massive problem with youth staking their lives, when in fact we have one of the best countries on earth in which to live and bring up children. But, due to NZ becoming a Neo Liberal experiment, surreptitiously implemented by Roger Douglas Minister of Finance for the 4th Labour Government in 1984. Then there was a resurgence  of Neo Liberalism continued under the Key government for 3 terms, ending in 2017.

Naturally, with the time constraints of one hour for this interview there was a great number of subjects that were never mentioned let alone covered. However, if we love our children it is essential that all adults of NZ need to be looking to address the serious challenges that are present in out 21st century society.

That these issues be addressed and that the changes needed, have to come up from the grass roots - from the neighbourhood and localised community.  It is only when we come together as family, friends, neighbourhood and community can we realise the dynamics of connection, innovation, cooperation and collaboration.

Consciousness and Spirituality.

Lisa, mentions that we have to become far more aware of our actions and consciously more cognizant of our choices for the future. Liz then asks about the deeper question of why are we here and what is our purpose in this lifetime? She then states her belief that we live beyond the death of our physical body, and Lisa concurs and I, as the interviewer jump in and agree with them both. This is a subject that I dearly want to do a program or three on in the near future. That the imperative is that all our decisions have to be conscious ones, and that for the future of our civilisation, service to self needs to fall away as we collaborate as a global family into service towards the whole.

At heart most kiwis, want a far better world to live in, especially for all children. However we have to realise that deep change can only happen when the people, lead - for when we do - that is when the politicians follow.

Note that when ordinary people across Aotearoa NZ came together in groups and small organisations and cooperatively worked together at a local level where suburbs, councils, towns, cities and regions finally enacted Nuclear Free Zones, that when they numbered over 67% of the population, then, and only then, did it give the ‘mandate’ to Prime Minister David Lange (of the Labour Party) the power to make it Law across the whole nation that NZ became a "Nuclear Free Country."

This ideal is slowly coming into being to NZ to become a GE and GMO Free country with all of Northland now classified as GE Free as well as the Hastings District in the Hawkes Bay.  Though new technologies like CRISPR – are being deployed to get around laws and GE Free areas.

Though this was not mentioned in this interview, Both Lisa, Liz (and Tim) know of, or are in some way supporting a move towards a "5 G Wireless Free Country" as the information coming from courageous scientists, and academics state that this technology is detrimental to not only human health but all biological health across all of nature - globally. 

When you listen to this interview of Lisa and Liz, you realise how fortunate that we have two passionate and compassionate women not only supporting this program, but also that as they live here in NZ they are dedicated to doing their constant best to ensure that we have a free, regenerating environment, community that will be here for all children and biota …

Feb 28, 2019

New Zealand was once a country of many backyard gardens.

Janice talks about how NZ used to be a very localised, cooperative community-orientated country that used to grow a lot of its own food. That many people had gardens and orchards and that today with urbanised living and houses squeezed on to small sections - farmers markets have become more common as urban people still want to purchase fresh food that is preferably organic as well.

She said that up until 1996 NZ was self sufficient in growing its own wheat, a good healthy wheat, like you would find in Italy as they as a pasta making country grow good quality wheat. However in 1996, Fonterra the NZ dairy giant took over the wheat fields and turned them into dairy and instead NZ now imports a more unhealthy wheat into the country as to fill our bread eating needs. This is when 'gluten free' started to really emerge. She says if we go to Italy they have a very clear understanding of wheat as they are a spaghetti, lasagne and pizza eating country and she said we need this type of wheat to grow back here once again. (preferably organic).

Educating the local public in Natural Health

Very early in her life Janice became a qualified naturopath, who assisted people to get well and who lived on a lifestyle block on an acre of land with her 4 children. She had lost her husband - and to supplement her income, used to have bus tours drop in to look at her herb garden because she had the Herbal Education Resources Centre which she still has today.

Janice also put on some small Health Expos and the media would show some interest - as she was self sufficient with her large organic veggie garden and orchard - doing her own preserves and baking her own bread and home cooking. However, due to her ‘different' life style she was visited by Social Services who came to her house one day because some unknown person complained that she was neglecting her 4 children's eating needs. Yet, though she had food that she could pick, prepare and cook, they noticed that her deep freeze did not have any ice cream, green peas and white bread - and because she did not have - what they called 'the basics’ - she was taken to court for medically neglecting her children.

The need for more Health Information lead her into Publishing

Keen to share her herbal knowledge Janice continued to give talks to community groups as well as church gatherings and youth clubs and so on. This was when, she began to notice kids turning up with inhalers and she realised that in a number of ways this is a world going unhealthily crazy. That seeing she had a corporate background she started a little newsletter and published more health information because in the mid to late 1970s to have a plate with many greens on was unusual especially for the standardised commercial NZ family. It was from these humble beginnings Healthy Options came into being - and when she focused on meditation etc Rainbow News became an additional holistic publication.

The Old Ways from Grandmothers

One of the main features of Healthy Options was about the old ways - Grandmother recipes, stories and cures were printed as they were being forgotten and also being whitewashed by the sanitised medical profession. Yet, today scientists are starting to track back and investigate old grandmother cures. Because over the last 3 generations or so, many of them have been forgotten yet they are a very rich repository of century old remedies that not only work they also have no side effects either. She also states that old recipe books were disappearing off the shelves and forgotten.

Even the NZ Women’s weekly magazine, up until 1975 always had home tips in it and the magazine thrived - however in those days women would go to their doctor and say that they were using some kawakawa or calendula on their leg - or whatever herb they chose and the doctor would rubbish them! As the allopathic medical (drug) model was what doctors had only been trained in. This was one of the critical reasons why Janice started Healthy Options.

So with Healthy Options and Rainbow News it was in many ways a networking arrangement that gave out all sorts of suggestions for simple living, and easy to use tips for a healthy body. These cures were for basic as well as even more chronic ailments. Also, that while moving around interviewing people and networking she would hear of or meet practitioners who had actually had their officers raided and all of their stuff taken. This being sanctioned by the Government. Listen

The Rise of the Medical Establishment and the drug culture.

Whilst the NZ media spent a good couple of decades rubbishing natural health (and organics too) - the Medical establishment was made to be seen as the truth - the way and the light! But, in reality it was just creating more drugs, more reactions and more health statistics - that dramatically increased.

This is when it became very noticeable that the pharmaceutical industry started lobbying politicians …

Natural Medicine then morphed into Alternative Medicine - that changed to Complementary Health and has now morphed again into Integrated Medicine - when once upon a time it was simply called Natural Health.    Listen to this little story ...

Natural Health = Traditional Medicine

Janice tells how this came about yet she mentions that all 'these names' actually are what the World Health Organisation calls - Traditional Medicine. As Janice says, that 80% of the world’s population still follow traditional medicine. That they will use their traditional medicine first before turning to drugs.

Being of Health Boards gives Janice an Overview

Janice mentions that she was also on certain boards that oversaw the natural health industry so she had an overview of what was happening especially who were the main players as well as the forces at play.

The NZ 'Round Table’ (of Top Industry Leaders) in researching successful businesses realised that with such a large number of New Zealanders taking supplements etc that if the National Government made laws against the 'natural health industry' - they would lose a huge number of voters - so they did a 180 turn and instead supported the industry here.

Fending off Australian Trans Tasman Harmonisation Control

Listen to this story on how we stopped the Australians from taking over our medicine regulations. This was a 12 year battle with thousand of people protesting (sound familiar?) Because the Regulatory Board was made up of big Pharmaceutical and medical appointees lock-stepped with MultiNational Corporations. This was the reason for wanting to conduct a ‘harmonisation proposal (between Australia and NZ).

Invoking an 1835 Aotearoa Maori Trade Agreement

In 2009 the Pharmaceutical Industry lost the chance to monopolise NZ - where they had been more successful in Australia - so they called up a meeting with the Trade Ministers and due to a particular 'trade agreement with Maori’ back in 1835 - NZ is now in a situation that the NZ Government can not make any legislative changes in our food and medicine. We are instead being influenced by other pressures - Listen

Becoming Aware of Industrial or Factory Food

Spraying of Round and Glyphosate - Bees are being destroyed.

In her practice today she is seeing malnutrition because New Zealanders are eating ordinary sprayed standardised crop food. Better known as Industrial or Factory food.  For example, broccoli and lettuce are very high in organic phosphates. Saying, for good health you MUST eat organic broccoli, organic lettuce and organic green vegetables. Also, they are a greens that the insects just love - hence the spraying of them.

The best quality food grown in NZ is Exported

Supermarkets - basically all the best food in NZ is exported. Supermarkets get the best of the 2nd grade and then the 3 grade usually goes to independent grocery stores (with a few exceptions)

NZ’s Unconscious Health Priorities?

Note that the top two commodities sold in NZ supermarkets are Coca cola - because it is often cheaper than water. But, it does give you an understanding of the consciousness or the lack of consciousness of the average New Zealander - hostage to both advertising and being a 'walking desire body.'

After those two we have bread - white bread and then ice cream following up. So there we have it. An unconscious consumer base self sabotaging themselves for short term indulgences. Yet gluten free products are selling more now as a result of consumers starting to become - more conscious.

Organophosphates are getting into our food chain and Janice says they affect our memory. Organophosphates are a group of human-made chemicals that poison insects and mammals. Organophosphates are the most widely used insecticides today. New Zealand fruit and vegetable growers are using three pesticides restricted in the United States. ... A fourth organophosphate, chlorpyrifos, has been banned for home garden, non-agricultural use in the United States but is widely used in New Zealand.Jan 13, 2005   (Taken from latest Google search).

Janice introduces her very powerful and compelling book: Ocean of Drugs - the demise of healthy options. She talks about patients who show up at her clinic who are taking up to 12 different medications.

For so many people today are awash in pharmaceutical drugs that to be healthy is really a challenge - because many people do not know what these particular drugs are actually for!  Plus the side effects are in many case very pronounced.

Janice still has her own garden and grows much of her own food and she says we have to become very aware of what's happening across the spectrum and that todays chemical input is extremely obvious and that we must take steps to eat a clean diet of organic produce.

Especially as cancer is increasing at an astonishing rate - that we have to ask the question, why is this so and what am I eating and what are we doing to ourselves to cause cancer to manifest?  Especially that my body has rebelled against me.

There is so much more in this interview - that I realise Janice has a huge amount of knowingness on healthy living and choices that the imperative is to interview her again in the very near future.

This interview is a must for New Zealanders wanting to reset their health priorities and embark on a new regime of healthy options. To download and listen is only the equivalent of about 7 photographs.

For her Book - 'Ocean of Drugs' or Health Enquiries:

Feb 21, 2019

In this interview he powerfully articulates that what we take into our bodies can have a lasting effect and of the necessity and urgency to clean up our act - is an imperative.  

The old adage that ‘the greatest pollution we face is that which is between our ears’ - ‘is our thought process’ and that the sooner we recognise our situation, the sooner we will be able to clean up both our inner and outer world.

David is touring NZ over the next few months to share with all concerned the latest knowledge on natural ways to regain optimum health and remain that way for the rest of our life.

Some important tips and reminders are:

Organic food, especially veggies and fruit is exceptionally important.

No Fizzy drinks for children.

Kamboucha*  Tea is OK.

*Sugar is dangerous.

Fasting for adults is good for us all.

Watermelon juice fast – detox your kidneys as it is alkalising.

Rehydration is important as forty year olds and older are seriously dehydrated.

90% of David’s patients are dehydrated. He has machines that test for this .

Do not drink chlorinated fluoridated ‘tap water.’

Electronic Devices – don‘t use them before bed.

Turn your wifi router off at night before you go to bed.

David calls this sleep hygiene.

A good 7-8-9 hours every night.

Naturopaths in NZ devote 2 years to nutritional knowledge and if you get less than 70% in your exams you have to sit the entire course again.

Whilst MD’s in University have only 3 hours on nutrition, if they miss those lecture they do not need to repeat that lecture. Which clearly shows that food and nutrition are not a priority.

Aging gracefully

Every generation we are extending our life span by 5 years …

Zinc is crucial especially for men. Pumpkin seeds are important.

5 G wireless mobile phone clarion call.

Nine ways 5G and the IoT will harm humans, the environment, and Earth   IOT ( the Internet of Things)


  • Health – The robust and growing independent science shows harm to our health from microwave radiation
  • Privacy – The invasion of our privacy from the collection and mining of our digital data
  • Cyber Security -The fast growing and devastating cyber security risks
  • Environment – The harms to wildlife, particularly bees, butterflies and other pollinators
  • Energy – The huge energy consumption to produce and power a wireless Internet of Things
  • Brains and Humanity – The effects on our brains and humanity from humans increasingly inhabiting the cyber world
  • E-Waste – The astronomical e-waste that will be generated from connecting virtually every “thing” to the Internet
  • Conflict Minerals – 5G and the IoT will vastly grow our dependence on conflict minerals, which have brought about the death of close to 6 million people in poor countries eg Congo.
  • Ethics — Ethical issues arising from the IoT.  New human rights laws are being being considered; how should humans relate to robots and AI?  The blurring of what was once a clear


NB: If you need information specific to the proposed NZ 5G system it is summarised at this link:

2019 NZ Wellness & Anti-Ageing Health Plan launch

& Biomat Tour Feb-March 2019:

Proposed dates - changes may be made all number dependant, (minimum 20 people per talk to hire a hall)

NB all talks are 7-10pm, 120 min PP presentation with DH and 30 mins presentation from Dianne Keen with a cuppa herbal tea afterwards other speakers by arrangement.

$25 at the door, $20 pre booked on Eventbrite pages to be linked to this here:

Queenstown Monday 25th Feb 7-9pm – St Johns Ambulance Hall, Frankton, Queenstown

Christchurch Wednesday 27th Feb 7-9pm – Avebury House, Richmond, Christchurch

Wellington Monday 1st March 7-9pm – Quakers Hall, Moncrieff Street, Mt Victoria, Wgtn City

Auckland North Shore Monday 4th March – Browns Bay Community Hall, Sherwood Room, Browns Bay

Auckland East Wednesday 6th March 7-9pm – Anchorage Park Community House, Pakuranga

Auckland Central Friday 8th March 7-9pm – Ferndale House, Pink Room, Mt Albert

Kerikeri Monday 11th March 7-9pm – Turners Centre, Kerikeri central

New Plymouth Monday 18th March (after WOMAD) – venue to be advised

Waiheke Island Thursday 21st March 7-9pm – Waiheke Sustainability Centre, (ex Bowling Club) Mako St, Oneroa

In this ground breaking 120 minute presentation David has mapped out and distilled his 30 years of clinical practice into an easy to understand Strategic Wellness, Health & Anti-Ageing Plan designed to help you live longer, healthier and reach your wellness goals faster than ever before.

Utilising state of the art scientific measurement technology (QXCI / VLA / S3) coupled with ancient healing knowledge & wisdom (Yoga & Qi Gung / Tai Chi) gleaned from native peoples all over the planet David has brought together a unique and insightful Wellness & Anti-Ageing Plan that works. He has been very lucky to have studied over the decades with some of the top names in Natural Medicine worldwide and has distilled their knowledge into one unified workable Health Plan that will give you results faster than you dreamed possible limited only by your time & effort and health budget.

David has been taught by Masters around the world including Dr’s Bernard Jensen, Gary Gordon, Jonathan Wright, Gabriel Cousens, Christopher Hills, Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, and other Metaphysical luminaries like Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walch, Robert Kiyosaki, John Kehoe, David Duggan, Brian & Amy Murray, et al.

David’s search for knowledge & truth in medicine & healing has taken him to many places both physically and metaphysically. Most of his teachers where truly holistic in their outlook and wrote and lectured on medicine & healing, and modalities that don’t give serious side effects without the use of cyto-toxic pharmaceuticals. The areas covered in this presentation include whole food nutrition, herbal medicines, essential oils, dietary supplements, genomics, epigenetics and the new biology. It also touches on the science of quantum physics & deep healing. This enables people in the early 21st century to truly benefit from a blended approach to health & wellness that really can act to turn back the clock if you are prepared to give a tailor-made fitness & nutrition plan coupled with state of the art nutrition and the new stem cell enhancers a serious 6 month trial.

In David’s multi-media presentation, he will be covering:

  • Health, Wellness & Vitality Exercises, incorporating the Ancient 8 Brocades of Shaolin Qi Gung & the famous 5 Tibetans Yoga Exercises for physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Wellbeing
  • Specific Dietary information given to help slow the ageing process based on your Blood Type & Metabolic & BioChemical Types & Genetic readouts from Fit Genes testing.
  • Specific Anti-Ageing targeted Nutraceuticals & Cosmeceuticals from a wide variety of companies (not only one brand as no one does it all), Prema Life (Australia) / Metagenics / Nutra Search / FxMed / PacHealth / Nu Skin & Pharmanex / Cerule / DoTerra and of course Biomat.
  • State of the art Skin care and not just for the ladies either! Experience the use of Nu Skin’s fabulous Galvanic Spa and new Lumispa for in home treatments that really make a difference to your skin its feel and how it looks!
  • State of the art electronic diagnostic testing & analysis of the state of your health using QXCI/SCIO / Pharmanex S3 Antioxidant Scanner / Metagenics VLA & Quadscan / Specific Medical Blood Testing not done by conventional GP’s. The S3 Antioxidant Scanner will be available for scans before and after the presentation.
  • Learn what your personal Genetic Profile is using the special Fit genes salvia test from Australia and the USA. This is a cost effective way of knowing exactly what your personal risk of the BIG 4 diseases are (Cancers, CVD. Diabetes & Arthritis) and how to avoid them with personalised tailor made nutrition & herbal medicines.
  • Reduce your risk of the BIG 4 diseases according to the WHO (World Health Organisation) research uncovered that 85-90% of all Western Governments Health budgets were spent managing (not curing) the BIG 4:

1) All 11 types of Arthritis including RA

2) 3 types of Diabetes (DIM1 & 2) including Metabolic Syndrome (DIM3)

3) All type of Cancers including all organ cancers & blood & brain cancers

4) All types of CVD including Strokes & Heart Attacks (MI).

  • How to reduce Dementia risk the growing global epidemic, what you can do at home to prevent or slow it down with diets, herbs, supplements and addition electronic treatments
  • How to reduce Depression & Anxiety risk another growing global epidemic with simple lifestyle adjustments
  • The role of EMR (Electro-Magnetic Radiation) in health & ongoing wellness, this area is another totally overlooked by conventional western medicine. Do NOT hold a cellphone to your head, we tell you why! How bad is wireless communications? WiFi? 5g? Find out what the science says.
  • How to combine all this info into an Integrated Health, Wellness & Vitality Plan that slows down the Ageing process and keeps you happy and active!
  • A showcase of the best and newest naturopathic & health & wellness technology from around the world including the new plant based stem cell enhancers and specialised anti-ageing skin renewal products.

email: &

Dec 19, 2018

Author of seven books Nicky is NZ's foremost investigative journalist - covering - intelligence networks, environmental matters, politics and other issues. Whose books have both illuminated and shocked readers across the country as well as globally  - as we as a nation find out to our consternation - that behind the news, the bureaucratic systems and the political world - truth is hidden from the masses on a grand and vast scale.

He is the only New Zealand member of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.   Their website

A World First?

To people reading this from overseas it was Nicky who in 1996, essentially 'revealed to the world community' that there was a huge secretive global listening system in place that was ‘hoovering’ up all global electronic communications. Be it telephone calls, emails, faxes, web pages, Google searches, etc and now including texts, Facebook, postings, Twitter feeds etc, etc - all are being recorded to gigantic overseas data bases. This includes this posting you are reading - at this moment - (hi guys!)  

Echelon = Five Eyes.

This system was called 'Echelon’ now dubbed 'Five Eyes' and these ‘bases’ were and still are in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The Anglo American speaking world.

Though he was basically ignored in NZ, when the European Parliament heard about this they were initially very upset, especially the French and the Germans. So Nicky was invited to come to the European Parliament to report on his findings. However, to this day, this listening system remains in place as an integral part of the 'deep state’, to the degree that Angela Merkel the German leader, to her consternation, up until relatively recently, had her mobile phone tapped and all her private information recorded.

The interview:

The Police Raid

I asked Nicky if he feels safe in his home after the police raid in 2014 and the confiscation of his computers and files. His answer was that it was emotional disturbing - (listen).  

Yet, as a result, he received an 'extraordinary apology' from the NZ police afterwards - stating they should not have done it and that they won't do it again.

Then in mid-June 2018, he accepted the apology and compensation for "substantial damages" from  the New Zealand Police for the raid as part of their investigation into the hacking that led to the Dirty Politics book. The Police also acknowledged accessing his financial records as part of the apology settlement.

I asked, when the police have to pay up in instances like this, where does the money come from, us the NZ public? Which he agreed that basically it is us, the police are part of the Government that taxpayers finance.

Fortunately, Nicky had three top quality lawyers - who gave of their time to have the police, (who after 4 years) finally give an apology to him as well as make 'a declaration that they had acted unlawfully.'

He said he was very fortunate in getting the police to apologise. Because this might now stop them doing it to others who are far less resourced than him and his three lawyer friends.

In asking about society in general, Nicky states:

Most people believe in social services, pay their taxes and want to work for a better world for other people - and that it is only a relatively small number of people that muck it up on massive scale - by doing things secretly, unaccountably that no one knows what they are doing.

If journalists let the world know that they can do good quality journalism - this helps curtail people in strong financial and powerful situations from doing corrupt business and banking deals etc.

Investigative journalistic ideals work always towards a better world and how things can be right for a better future for children of today  and tomorrow and he says there are more of us than them - and by persistence and focus we can definitely change things for the better. Because there illegal practices are essentially ‘mucking' it up for all of us.  

When asked the question, about the lack of top quality journalists across NZ - and did he want to comment on this?

He said that there are a good number of very good journalists in NZ, however how the system is run, that it is very difficult to be published. (Listen)

To the question about the lack of quality news media - MSM?   He states that when scrutinised MSN are not fulfilling its function in a democratic society.  

When asked about Wikipedia - do you find that everything on it is factual and true? Especially about you, Nicky Hager, on your Wiki entry?

Nicky says he will never use Wiki, because if the topic is disputed - this is hugely  problematic - especially if there are different sides and interests based around money etc - then Wiki becomes less and less reliable.

Some Wiki pages have people with glowing information - they may be important in someone’s estimate - because so much  attention has been given to them. But we need to be very wary.

Do you get any feedback that certain entities go on to Wiki and change and edit the  narrative? Yes, this too is problematic.

Is there a secretive war going on Wiki?


You have written 7 books of these:


1 Secret Power    (See above)

This also covered the GCSB the NZ Government Communications Security Bureau that can and does listen to all NZ communications within NZ.

  • Tim mentions Oliver Stone the US film director and his movie  - ‘Snowden' - where it implicates the US Deep State, clearly interfering with the Government of Syria - when in fact MSM and the US media tells us that there is a civil war happening - which is clearly not true - Listen or watch the movie.  

2 Secrets and  Lies

Is about Timberlands West Coast Limited an exposé - in order to cunningly win public support for logging of native forests (old growth) on the West Coast of New Zealand.   (Not mentioned)

3 Seeds of Distrust

  • GE & GMO
  • The book tells the story of how the New Zealand Government handled the unwelcome news of contamination of corn crops with genetically engineered seeds imported from overseas.  NZ Officials succumbed to industry lobbying, quietly changed the regulations to “allow” contaminated crops and ‘managed’ the risk of politicians and the public objecting, by keeping the whole incident secret. The book is not about the corn but about the political management.

In this interview Tim mentions that contaminated seeds are still coming into the country especially over 168,000 tons of GE Soybeans, fed to pigs and chickens. Whilst the NZ Government / biosecurity are looking the other way. There is a lot more in the interview about other GE contaminants entering the Port Of Tauranga, having been rejected by China.

Nicky understandably (due to all his other many commitments) was not aware of this.

Tim asked Nicky about whole paddocks in NZ being sprayed with Monsanto’s glyphosate - causing untold hidden affects to the soil microflora and that when this information becomes known overseas  - that NZ’s clean green image has been sabotaged by their own farmers - what are the consequences for NZ exports? Nicky was not aware of this as this is only just now becoming known.

4 The Hollow Men

  • In November 2006 Hager's book The Hollow Men: A Study in the Politics of Deception was published. The book details a wide range of NZ National Party internal party documents including emails which were leaked by six National Party insiders. The documents were written by the party leader  Don Brash and a wide range of people associated with him.
  • The origin of the book was the exposing of the Exclusive Brethren and their secret funding of the National Party election advertising during the 2005 general election. (This subject was not mentioned either).

5 Other People's  Wars
The war on terror in Afghanistan and beyond has been the longest foreign war in New Zealand history, yet most New Zealanders know almost nothing about their country's part in it. For ten years, nearly everything controversial or potentially unpopular was kept secret, and obscured by a steady flow of military public relations stories.

  • Based on thousands of leaked New Zealand military and intelligence documents, extensive interviews with military and intelligence officers and eye-witness accounts from the soldiers on the ground, Nicky Hager tells the story of these years. New Zealand was was far more involved than the public realised in this crucial period of world history, He tells how the military and bureaucracy used the war on terror to pursue private agendas, even when this meant misleading and ignoring the decisions of the elected government.
  • "Nicky Hager has more knowledge and  understanding of the American intelligence world in Afghanistan both its good and it’s very  bad points than any reporter I know." Seymour Hersh, 2013

6 Dirty Politics
In August 2014, Hager published Dirty Politics: How attack politics is poisoning New Zealand's political environment, featuring leaked emails between National Party figures and right-wing bloggers. According to Hager the book aims to tell the story of "how attack politics is poisoning NZ's political environment".

Hit & Run - with Jon  Stephenson

  • In March 2017, Hager and fellow  journalist Jon Stephenson published Hit & Run: The New Zealand SAS in Afghanistan and the meaning of honour. The book explored the New Zealand Special Air Service's involvement in Operation Burnham, a retaliatory military raid on two Afghan villages, Naik and Khak Khuday Dad, in Afghanistan's Tirgiran Valley in August 2010. The NZ SAS soldiers had attacked a village while pursuing Taliban fighters following the death of a New Zealand soldier in a roadside bomb. According to Hager and Stephenson, none of the fighters were found but 15 civilians were wounded and six killed. The authors asserted that the NZ SAS actions could be considered war crimes and alleged a cover up by the New Zealand Defence Force.
  • Tim: Why is it that our elite NZ SAS special air service forces are used in Afghanistan? Is it because they are better than the US SEALs or because the US military is so over stretched in their world wide network of bases etc?
  • No, because certain elements within the NZ Defence Forces have expressly asked the US to utilise our highly skilled armed soldiers.
  • Listen   

  • Following the  formation of a new Labour-New  Zealand First-Greens coalition government after the 2017 general election,  Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Defence Minister Ron Mark announced in early November that they would hold an inquiry  into the allegations raised by Hit and Run
  • On 13 March 2018, the New Zealand Defence Force  confirmed that the location of an Afghan village mentioned in the book Hit & Run was the same place where the NZSAS raid Operation Burnham took place but maintained that claims of civilian casualties were "unfounded.”
  • On 19 March, the NZDF confirmed that the photos published in Hit  & Run were taken in the same location where Operation Burnham had taken place.
  • On 9 April 2018, the Chief Ombudsman Peter Boshier ruled in favour of the New Zealand  Defense Force's decision to withhold most of the information relating to Operation Burnham.
  • On 11 April, Attorney-General David Parker announced that the Government would be holding an inquiry into Operation  Burnham and the allegations in Hit & Run.
  • 9 IGIS Reference Group
    International Consortium of Investigative  Journalists

  • Read up on the Panama papers as well as the Paradise Files and you will see just how pervasive corruption is in much of the financial world.
  • On 16 April 2018, Nicky Hager was appointed as a member of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and  Security's Reference Group, an advisory group of journalists, lawyers, academics, and advocates that would scrutinise the legality of the actions of New Zealand's20 intelligence agencies, the NZSIS and GCSB.
  • Hager's appointment was criticised by the National Party's GCSB and NZSIS spokesperson Gerry Brownlee, who pointed to his previous criticism of the NZSIS.
  • Other questions:
  • Anything on who pay donations secretly to political parties? This to Nicky is a big deal. He states that NZ has to clean up its act regarding donations to Political Parties. This to him is an imperative  Listen
  • NZs foreign policy?  Trade with China, and defence with the USA. Is this a incongruent foreign policy?
  • Especially as Paul Buchanan the NZ security analyst and researcher intimated that it was actually a schizophrenic foreign policy. Listen

Tim says that as NZ is now in the US Alliance once again, playing with the most expensive and lethal of weapons, it was a different story when the NZ Government democratically announced its Nuclear Free policy, back in 1987. Once this happened NZ Army service men - on bases in the US were shunned through no fault of their own. Many cases of being ignored by US service people made life very difficult for the NZers as they disengaged under NZ Government orders. Example cited: whilst walking along corridors bases in the US as soon as any US servicemen saw the NZ counterpart walking towards them, they immediately opened up any door to their left or right and went inside closing the door waiting for the NZer to pass and then coming out ‘after the kiwi had moved on.’  This was very un ‘warrior like.’ A true warrior respects another warrior from the other side and vice versa. “ True warriors do have codes of ethics, which they follow.”

The NZ Frigate Te Kaha being birthed in Honolulu July 08 2012

The frigate HMNZS Te Kaha and tanker HMNZS Endeavour were taking part in Rimpac, the world's biggest military operation, but while old enemies Japan and even a Russian ship were are allowed into Pearl Harbour, the New Zealand ships were sent to Aloha Tower  - deep in the commercial heart of Honolulu. This was seen as being unfriendly, possibly spiteful, all as a result of NZ’s 1987, democratic process of not allowing nuclear armed or powered naval ships into NZ ports or waters.

Tim asked Nicky about the John Campbell Live  - James Clapper episode - here in NZ. Where in March 15th 2011 – Top NSA Spy chief, James Clapper, flies to NZ to meet with John Key and this was so secret it was not mentioned at all by the NZ Government -...

This country owes John Campbell and the Campbell Live team for explaining how this was exposed - that an aviation photographer at Wellington airport saw a US Airforce Transport plane on the tarmac and photographed it and then enlarged the photo to be able to actually see who was getting back on board - that it was James Clapper on his way back home. he had been quietly here in relation to security and Five Eyes and NZers knew zero about it. Note the Campbell live show critique went along political lines. The left said something is fishy and the right blew it off as a conspiracy.

Note as Clapper is 'deep state’ he has been accused of perjury back in the US .

March 12, 2013, during a United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence hearing, Senator  Ron Wyden quoted NSA director Keith B. Alexander's keynote speech at the 2012 DEF CON. Alexander had stated that "Our job is foreign intelligence" and that "those who would want to weave the story that we have millions or hundreds of millions of dossiers on people, is absolutely false…. from my perspective, this is absolute nonsense.”  Senator Wyden of the Select intelligence Committee asked Clapper, "Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?" He responded, "No, sir." Wyden asked "It does not?" and Clapper said, "Not wittingly. There are cases where they could inadvertently, perhaps, collect, but not wittingly."

This opens the question, does the spying facility in NZ spy on Australia and the Australians spy on the Canadians and the Canadians spy on the Americans - The US on the UK etc etc and on it goes, every country vacuuming up the other countries communications so that under oath, the intelligence officials can say they are not spying on ‘their own’ country?

So this was more than a very engaging interview.

What one comes away is that Nicky is straight down the line, my questioning could not sway him in any direction other than he told the truth from what he knew.

Though this was a serious interview there were a few little parts that made one laugh, mainly at the ludicrousness of it all.

Dec 13, 2018

We have all been birthed onto this planet and from our first breath our journey has been one that I would like to think, of being wanted, loved and that our parents and siblings make family life one of connection and joy.

Yet, has this ideal been materialised in your life?

Kathy tells of her experience having just over the last 10 years been available 24/7 as a midwife - of assisting around 500 human babies to be born into our realm.

She also says that there is an increasing understanding of new holistic preparatory  methods, that once the prospective ‘first' mother-to-be, educates herself (along with her spouse) major positive changes eventuate. This translates to attending advanced prenatal class etc, (prior to birth) that from then on - virtually every birth becomes so much easier. That over the hours, days, weeks and months every aspect of motherhood, becomes so much easier for both baby and mother - making parenting very satisfying and fulfilling.  

She mentions that in the current obstetric system 50% of first time births for mums are dramatic and traumatic - however when we add up the C section and also the instrumental delivery rate - this is what happens.

That any woman who are not fully engaged in their pregnancy - having too much happening in their life -  (yet still think that they are engaged), but they are not fully engaged - like get really focussed and engaged and get as much information about pregnancy so that when the time of the birth happens - that it a fantastic beautiful, wonderful birth - everything goes better.  

The enjoyment of feeding is better, the baby is thriving - virtually no post natal depression - the husband and partner are wrapped -everything just works better - everything flows in what Kathy calls the ‘cascade of normalcy’  -

She states that the Number 1 priority for the baby is:

    The safest, most kindest, most gentlest birth. (Listen to what is often said next)

    Mum’s to be - you need to quit work early if you can!  It is important to be rested and relaxed

    (we did not get around to soft nature sound or soothing music for the baby in utero …

Gold standard for mums doing part time work to 28 weeks and not working from 32 weeks   This always turns out better for the mother - listen

Working to 38 weeks is definitely not the way to go.

Eating - the big one is for mothers is to avoid food poisoning - this Kathy says is what it is all about.  Listen  - Fresh, organic,

Mothers milk and the magic of what it does. Listen

Baby be fed breast milk for the first 6 months - has all the antibodies and goodness for babies intestines.

Formula - very technically advanced now …

Though no colostrum, be it a mouse, a goat or a whale - because we are born with our intestines sterile.

The need for us all to be aware of the inherent goodness of mothers milk.

China Visit

Kathy talks about her last months visit to China of 1.4 billion people, where there are 400 million millennials in there 20’s and 30’s. That each year 17 million Chinese babies come into the world.

China is relaxing its 1 person policy to that of a 2  child policy - yet, with no welfare system available, the children as they grow older become aware of filial responsible for ones parents …of taking care of them in their retirement - getting an education and working is incredibly important over there. That child has 4 grand parents and 2 parents who have an investment in that child. Plus a respected hierarchy within the family - they still have strong Confusion values.

Kathy states that:

China in 10 to 15 years time will be a world leader in child birth and all things related to babies coming into the world?

Acupuncture is incorporated into their practices as well as traditional Chinese herbal medicine. This is happening here too  as we modernise obstetric care in NZ, with both acupuncture and homeopathy utilisation.

Topics covered included water births

Especially when it was first introduced in the 1980’s and water births need to be divided into 2 parts - one  water labour and 2 water births.

Labouring in water is good thing approved though the jury is still out in relationship to water births.

Other subjects covered is learning to squat - for assisting easy births. Most women in the developing squat to do many chores and thus are able to give birth easier due to the practice of opening their pelvis more.

Questions that ‘I’ did not get around to asking.

What was not covered was that certain Amazonian Indians continually pass their babies from mother to father to grandmother to grandfather to aunt to uncle back to the mother and around all the other relatives in the tribes  - so that the baby is so secure and at peace - that heart beats of different family member as well as energy given off is automatically sensed by the growing infant that some infants rarely have to crawl because they are always in some loving family members arms.

Not to use microwaved drink or food especially in plastic containers - even if approved as being microwave safe.

What are indigo children as well as rainbow and crystal children - (Very evolved souls).

Kathy’s Web site

Dec 5, 2018

I have watched John Tamihere from a distance, but became especially interested in his research on Auckland Council, when I read an article of his in the Herald on November 9th.

In the article John mentions Penny Bright’s ‘relentless requests’ for council to open its books. As Alan Preston and I have a petition now in parliament asking, in Penny’s words, “that the House of Representatives undertake an urgent inquiry into whether Auckland Council has failed to comply with the statutory requirements of section 17(1) of the Public Records Act 2005”, I contacted John to see if he would meet me.

Since meeting John, I have discovered a petition by Susan Wann that requests “that the House of Representatives conduct an independent inquiry into Auckland Council's performance, including financial accountability, and then pass legislation reforming Auckland's local government.”

So people are beginning to wake up to Auckland Council’s lack of financial performance and transparency, particularly around CCOs (Council Controlled Organisations) or Costly Creations as John has referred to them as.

Private procurement, or “contracting out” of public services, (formerly provided in-house under the public service model), is now often done under contract management. If there is no cost-benefit analysis which proves that privatisation is more cost-effective for ratepayers, then questions must be asked.

Both Susan Wann’s and my petition have been sent to the Governance and Administration Committee in parliament.

NZ law is very clear on the requirement for transparency in public spending:

Section 17(1) of the Public Records Act 2005 says:

“Requirement to create and maintain records

(1) Every public office and local authority must create and maintain full and accurate records of its affairs, in accordance with normal, prudent business practice, including the records of any matter that is contracted out to an independent contractor.”

John has discovered that $1.049 billion needs disclosure on via just 6 CCOs in the last annual reports. See his Herald article below where he also exposes the massive salaries of the CEOs of those 6 organisations. John says there is a need for whistleblowers.

John is very clear that people are waking to the fact that the Emperor has no clothes!

However he feels that we need to reset our culture. He says, “Kiwis are not stupid, they are waking up”.

He talks about the government’s next budget that is being called the Wellbeings Budget, where success will be measured by wellbeing. He is hopeful it will bring change.

He says supply-side economics has failed us and we need to acknowledge that. Supply-side economics is a macroeconomic theory arguing that economic growth can be most effectively created by lowering taxes and decreasing regulation and is often referred to as Rogernomics in New Zealand. After 30 years of it we have our profits going offshore and the gap between rich and poor has increased exponentially.

I asked John to imagine he was mayor, and what was the first thing he would do to rectify some of the issues we had raised. He replied, Clean the house”! He would like to keep democracy safe and one way to do that would be to appoint an integrity unit which in effect would be an ombudsman. Corruption must be addressed.

He spoke about recycling and homelessness, cycleways and a variety of issues.

He talked warmly of compassion and integrity and how we must not lose our humanity. Also democracy must not be retired to Netflix! Only 36% voted in the last local body elections and while some people don’t bother, others move house and so may not receive their voting papers.

John Tamihere Bio:

JT as is he is affectionately known - is one of Māoridom’s greatest enigmas.

Whether it has been battling in the political arena, where JT served two terms as a Government Minister or going toe-to-toe with iwi leadership over the rights of urban Māori, JT has never wavered from advocating for the rights and mana of his people.

Brought up by a rugby league loving Māori father and staunchly Catholic Pākehā mother, JT’s parents were a huge influence and encouraging force in his life.

Born 10th of 12 children, JT was the first to attend university, graduating with a double degree in arts and law.

In 1988, he was the youngest Regional Manager, Department of Māori Affairs and the youngest District Solicitor for Waikato Maniapoto Land District.

JT was appointed as CEO of West Auckland’s Waipareira Trust as Waitangi Treaty settlements with the Crown were being settled. But urban Māori were given no concessions or rights and JT, despite his own iwi affiliations, took the Wai414 Claim to the Waitangi Tribunal and later the Privy Council in London to address this injustice. The legal ruling of the Wai414 Claim recognised urban Māori under the Treaty.

That win catapulted JT into politics and he easily won the Hauraki Electorate for Labour, also appointed Chair of the Māori Affairs Select Committee. There was consensus that JT would become our first Māori Prime Minister, after winning the Tāmaki Makaurau seat in 2002 and promoted to Cabinet, that view seemed on track.

In 2005, JT left parliament, returning to Whānau Waipareira, where he has grown the organisation’s balance sheet by 90%, while establishing Waipareira as a local, national and internationally recognised whānau, who deploy services across an integrated framework.

He has also led the establishment of North Island Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency Te Pou Matakana. JT remains lead negotiator Ngāti Porou ki Hauraki and Chair of Ngāti Porou ki Hauraki and a Māori appointment on the Māori TV Board.

JT’s vision, leadership and genuine crossover appeal with Pākehā, has become a loss to politics but a major victory for urban Māori.



Here is John Tamihere’s Herald article, “Shine a Light on these Costly Creations,”

Lisa Er and Alan William Preston’s petition press release

Nov 28, 2018

The subject matter, of experimenting on animals that have no voice, gives cause to wonder what we are doing as a so-called civilisation.

Where does mindfulness and a duty of care come into it?
But more so - compassion?

Especially here in NZ where most New Zealanders have a cat or dog or a pet of some kind. But, it's a harsh reality when animals are treated with a certain disdain when money power and profits are concerned. Just look into the eye of that forlorn guinea pig in this graphic.

Tara is the CEO of the New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS) and having a degree in Zoology wants to do what she can to educate the public so as the animal kingdom is not exploited by both pain and money.    

On average over 300,000 animals are used in vivisection in New Zealand each year. These experiments are performed in universities, schools, polytechnics, commercial laboratories, government departments and ministries. The species used include hamsters, mice, rats, guinea-pigs, sheep, cattle, goats, birds, fish, alpaca, buffalo, cats, deer, dogs, donkeys, horses, pigs, and more.

Farm animals are experimented on to make them grow faster, have more babies, use their food more efficiently, or to change the quality of their milk. Plus, there are cruel genetic modification and cloning experiments going on that we the public have really no idea what’s happening.

From her studies of animals she says it is impossible to use one complex system to predict the outcomes of another complex system. Every animal species is different,

That her strong passion for valid science and her obvious strong commitment for animal rights - combined together has pushed her into her current role, where she has in a little over 4 years embedded her ideals into

Tara feels she wants to continue what Bet Everell did and work towards ending animal experiments in NZ. Betty Overell - was the person to really bring this issue to the public consciousness across New Zealand. When in 1989 she led a march to Parliament with a further Petition, signed by 100,640 New Zealanders demanding the abolition of all experiments on animals after obtaining affidavits from doctors all over the world who claim vivisection is medically and scientifically invalid.

Bette Overell is recognised internationally for her work in the new abolitionist movement.

So how is NZ progressing with regard to animal welfare?

A Brief History of Animal Welfare that influenced NZ

Henry Stephens Salt  20 Sept 1851 – 19 April 1939 (born in India, to British parents) who when in England, formed the Humanitarian League in 1891. Its aims were to enforce the principle that it is iniquitous to inflict avoidable suffering on any sentient being. Its objectives included the banning of vivisection as well as hunting as a sport. It was Salt who first introduced Mohandas Gandhi to the influential works of Henry David Thoreau, and influenced Gandhi's study of vegetarianism.

His views were reported widely, including in New Zealand.

There was a compassionate, philosophical article in the NZ Herald on the 11th June 1890 by Jon Abbott of St Georges Bay Road, Parnell  Auckland calling for a halt to the cruelty of Vivisection - yet his was truly a voice in the wilderness in those days.

New Zealand Organisations

Once it became clear that animal experiments were occurring in New Zealand at medical schools and agricultural research stations, anti-vivisectionists began to organise. The first anti-vivisection society had been set up in Auckland by 1930, and branches of the BUAV British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection were established in other centres by the 1940s. In 1944 the Council of Combined Animal Welfare Organisations (CAWO) was formed. This was a coalition of Theosophists, anti-vivisection leagues and the newly established Vegetarian Society, led by Theosophist Geoffrey Hodson. In its advocacy of animal welfare measures CAWO had much in common with the SPCA, but it had a no-compromise stance on vivisection.

In New Zealand there was some interest in the cause, and vivisection was occasionally debated. A few groups including feminist organisations and many Theosophical Society members  condemned it, but the SPCA members had a range of views from total opposition to reluctant acceptance.

Gains and Losses

CAWO was successful in campaigning for regulations governing humane slaughter, and the outlawing of the sports of hare coursing and captive pigeon shooting. However, its anti-vivisection aspirations were thwarted by the Animals Protection Act 1960 which, although it introduced many reforms, made animal experiments legal.

This Interview Covers

Where we are today in 2018

Vivisection Is Still Happening!

Today there are now many different models for learning about dissections without going out and getting a lab rat to dissect and cut up. That there are sophisticated as well as simple anatomical models here today and Tara says that dissections could have been halted yesterday.

Massey University Veterinary Department is seen as very progressive and up there as leaders - but Tara cautions by saying Massey in other areas still uses some highly invasive purposes, never-the-less.

But the Veterinary Clinical Training Room for vets has high quality mannequins of all different species to use. Even giant horse mannequins that can mimic certain disorders so that students can pick up and learn from.

They have fake dogs (robots) that mimic certain heart conditions that students can listen for also.

But there is not yet enough of this across NZ.

Testing Drugs On Animals

In this interview we learn that using animal studies, like testing drugs on them does not give in any way a true measure that these said drugs will have a positive effect on a human. This is a proven fact. Animals and humans are vastly different and cannot be used for predicting human outcomes. There are study after studies proving that experimenting on animals have no relationship to how these drugs will react on humans.

In 2006, the TGN1412 drug that was used, created the opposite effect in humans as it did in animals - and people were left with organ damage.

Thalidomide drugs were tested on animals with no side effects but caused tragic results in humans.

Other incidents of humans illness resulting from drugs that have been ‘successfully’ tested on animals have been discretely silenced. There have been many adverse side effects to people, but these results are gagged by confidentiality clauses where big Pharma - closes the whole subject down. This in itself is criminal where vast amounts of money is used to quash any negative results silencing the whole concern - to not even cause a ripple throughout society.

Otago University comes in for some bad vibes as not being conscious of animal rights or mindfulness - and are thus seen as dragging the chain in this regard. This is a result of blacking out all the windows of the animal lab on the 5th floor of the Hercus building in Dunedin, where on the top floor the animals are kept. Why blackout windows? - Animals need as much natural light as possible too.

Often, activists have to use the Official Information Act to find out what is actually happening

Tara says that it’s very difficult to get information especially as to what private companies are doing behind closed doors.

Other Topics Covered:

Support for stopping vivisection continues from within NZ with concerned public helping over long time periods, going back to the 1970’s and 80s. As this is seen as an ongoing important issue that many people contribute to - for their whole life.

Cosmetics testing on animals - Is now banned in NZ   

But not the ban on importation of cosmetics that have been tested on animals

Plus NZ has banned psychoactive substances being used on animals  - There was a huge rally all over NZ along with HUHA support:

There has been a  Ban on the - Draize test -  - a cruel test done normally in rabbits where chemicals are poured into their open eyes and on the skin of rabbits - listen

There has been a special children’s book written - called “The 6 Foot Rats" - presently in process to being sent to every school in NZ.

It’s an important and powerful educational tool disguised as a fun and colourful children's book, by local artist Rebecca Gibbs.

Also mentioned in the interview - Anita Roddick - founder of the Body Shop. The Body Shop was the first global beauty brand to fight against animal testing in cosmetics and was the first company to be certified with the Leaping Bunny logo in 1997.

China comes up as not focussing on animal experiments and cosmetics been sold into China. So China needs to be nudged into eliminating all types of experiments on animals. - comes in for a warm ‘shout out’ as it does not sell its products into China. Tara states that they are very good people who donate to animal groups that work towards freeing up animals from experimentation.

That today 100 million animals in the USA alone are being used in experiments  

Note that corporations who say they do not experiment on animals UNLESS required by law - means that they sell into China - that they are not walking their talk.

Dr Ray Greek is a global champion for the cause.

Why Animal Testing is Ineffective for Preventing and Curing Human Diseases.

The New Biomed 21 group are a more humane health organisation who bring scientists and institutions from around the world to work towards more benevolent ways of researching and testing products for human health.

Ricky Gervais - Comedian and well known world personality  -

Is one of the more stronger advocates on the world stage who speaks out on behalf of animals.

New Zealand Politics

Mojo Mathers - Green  - initiated the ban on animal testing for cosmetics in NZ

Gareth Hughes - Green  - is prepared to speak up on this issue too

Jo Luxton - Labour -  in the past rescued an ex lab rat


Unwanted Chickens are killed by a conveyor belt - especially if males and don’t lay eggs.

Chooks still in cages today - a horror story laying eggs for unconscious buyers - the chickens are bred and designed to be trapped in their own bodies and then in tiny, tiny cages to live and lay eggs as part of one large computerised, factory, industrial system. With no sunlight, rain or wind, or soil beneath their feet

Cows in NZ are expedient too. Whereas 60 years ago a cow would live to be 13 to 14 years of age - today they are basically exhausted at 4 and a half years old and so are sent to the freezing works. However, they are being experimented on too.  - listen

Vegan and Vegetarian choices - Tara is a vegan (and I myself, have not been a red meat eater or eaten poultry for 41 years.)

Also mentioned is Geoffrey Hodson who spent his last years living in NZ, giving lectures and sharing his knowledge.

Geoffrey Hodson. Was a clairvoyant who could see the dark 'thought forms’ above all freezing works or abattoirs across NZ -  he realised clearly that animals had a soul or group consciousness. As a Theosophist in those days - he understood that animals were sentient beings and needed to be treated with respect. He was one of the few people on earth at the time who could see through the veils of the world into different, higher realms.

A very thought provoking interview from a strong and articulate advocate that needs to be shared across greater NZ and beyond.

Nov 21, 2018

Weather forecasters and meteorological services are equally puzzled and in many ways shrug this off to 'climate change' and the increase of greenhouse gasses. Yet, some argue - this is an easy way out.

However, more astute researchers, albeit some amateurs among them are noticing many irregularities and are finding certain weather patterns incongruent with normal meteorological ones.  

Global weather systems are definitely changing, but so is the geophysical realm as well.

In this interview Nigel informs about some of the variables that seem to stand out as being very irregular.

He also talks about his prediction regarding the 2016 Kaikoura earthquake in the South Island of New Zealand.

Based around a supermoon and various weather patterns and ‘anomalies' that could not be explained and he tells how when he went to the NZ Met service to share his insights that they, in his words 'mocked him' when he tells them of his research .

He uses the example of boom box stereo in cars – you know - boooom booom boombth boooom vibration that shakes the windows and floor of your car in the next lane – and there are also other frequencies that can vibrate at other levels. With seismic testing (in this case for oil) and the added influence of lunar forces, tides and gravity etc he said that:

"These earthquakes are not man made - but man induced".

The interview covers new technologies from Tesla to HAARP as well as what the human race has to do to become aware. Especially that secret military budgets, are sucking up money that know one knows what it is being spent on.

Is Our Government Intentionally Hiding $21 Trillion In Spending?

Jul 21, 2018 - This column is co-authored with Mark Skidmore, a Professor of Economics at Michigan State University.

Also, that with such overwhelming information that we individually have to become 'fully resourced within.' That at heart we need to have a very strong determination not to allow these subjects to take us down. Having purpose and a spiritual resolve is an imperative during these tumultuous of times.

International Media

When the Earthquake happened in Kaikoura NZ on the 14 November 2016, Nigel received a lot of international media attention after his predictive Facebook post on 6th November. However, he talks of attacks on his character, both public and private. He said he just wants to know what’s going on in the world. He is just inquisitive to how nature and life works.

Note, Steffan Browning the ex Member of Parliament for the NZ Green Party mentioned that there was a large floating oil corporation ‘seismic’ barge situated off the East coast of South Island between Christchurch and Kaikoura around the time of the earthquake.

The interview covers Fake News but also a 'Heads Up’ to what may be actually happening.

Fake News is now a global phenomenon  – that much of the MSN news, especially beamed to homes in the US and Europe is based on fear and terror.

Mentioned also is the HAARP facility in Alaska – High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program  (do the research) plus other international facilities and more new advanced technologies that are now being deployed. Though not mentioned in this interview, researchers think that there could be 100 portable HAARP units being deployed globally. Not only in the USA.    link is below *

That the tech is becoming so advanced that we do not know what weapons are being used  - like space based weapons on orbiting platforms that are testing and using plasma technology.

Weather and Frequency Wars

When perusing photos of the sky zig zag patterns – and waves – can be seen plus seine waves – being curved and also sawtooth and triangular waves plus square waves  or half rectangle – showing very crisp lines between clouds and blue sky – and these he states are not natural cloud formations. That they are perturbed clouds that in some instances make the clouds look like waves.

He mentions that NZ could be influenced by 'frequency systems' based in Australia affecting our Tasman Sea weather patterns and NZ being possibly having/relying on a certain amount or quotient of precipitation. (rain) This statement was not pursued, however this information may become more known in the future. He said that there are many non disclosed weather experiments happening. That time has to be taken in studying the large number of weather photographs and the complexity of how these systems constantly flow in and out. Plus he is not privy to many photos as they may be censored or just not posted on the web.

Secret Projects

Also discussed are 'dark projects' – of the secretive military industrial experiments – using high orbit space base weapons - that there seems to be some 'Directed Energy Events' involved with California's wildfires – that many people are realising could be caused by certain factions testing their technologies.

Called directed energy weapons – is one of the new technologies and Nigel gives a run down that says that the use of lasers, particle beam tech, plasma weapons, microwave and a whole assortment of direct energy systems are part of the US ‘defence’ departments secretive experimental arsenal.   

It is important to know that weather warfare is not a new concept.

U.S. Military Wants to Own the Weather - › Science & Astronomy

Oct 31, 2005 - U.S. Air Force Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) satellites compared “lights at night” images before and after Hurricane Katrina disaster. ... In fact, military officials and weather modification experts could be on the verge of joining forces to better gauge, react ...

The Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction: "Owning the Weather" for ...

For years now steering hurricanes in certain directions has been high on the military agenda.

On the West Coast of the US there has been devastating forest fires in the town of Paradise and previously in Redding and there are still ongoing investigations as to what  were the really cause or multiple causes. That weather fronts flowing from west to east across the North Pacific ocean towards Canada and America seem to always be held back, as if hitting an invisible wall - that this ‘suspension’ of rain fronts are seen to be the cause of the droughts in California.

But is this at all credible? Who would believe such statements?

Then we talk about who would believe this – this is so dark that people just don’t want to know. Who would want to research such nefarious and subversive subject matter?  

We then covered how to understand this subject without being taken down or becoming depressed.

Becoming aware yet staying strong and well fulfilled within

So we talked about inner discipline – becoming well resourced so as to keep in our heart.

Also, to awaken people to the shadow side of life if we want to bring peace to the world especially for all children.

Nigel opens up to express how he sees existence - saying 'life is a game' – and we need to be one step ahead of the game – by knowing what is happening and that it is still unwritten. That we are the writers of the script – 'that we are spiritual beings having an earth experience' and so we need to always be beyond becoming a victim.

Honouring Activists

He tells of an award system he is developing called ‘Levelling the Playing Field’ honouring activists and being rewarded with recognition and prizes.

That when activists keep the subject matter in the public mind, eventually the Government will in the face of overwhelming evidence do something like ban certain deleterious activities  

Asbestos, thalidomide and DDT  - have seen to be detrimental to health and human life and finally become banned.

This was both an interesting as well as overwhelming subject to bring to the public consciousness. You will never hear national radio from all the differing stations across NZ discussing such a subject other than* to dismiss it or to contemptuously disparage it. However, with $21 trillion in the US been hidden from the public of that country, you would think that this would be an exceptionally subject that the media in NZ would want to bring to public arena. This is what we are dealing with today. Be it fake news (distraction) or censoring by omission which, is very predominant not only in NZ, but in Western media globally.

* - state that they are the most alternative radio station in NZ.   

And on occasions play radio shows to their central Waikato listening audience.


Facebook page – weatherwars international        Rick Duart     *

Dutchsince -

NOT MENTIONED We must always be conscious that the use of super computers to run scenarios is always a major fundamental in the secretive defence and space based as well as financial scenarios. These supercomputers situated in all major countries are being used 24/7 to work out ‘best case scenarios’ - or ‘worse case’ - depending on what devilish scheme or chain of events that are being envisioned.  

We also did not get around to mentioning the assault on the world whales and dolphin population – the cetaceans. The US Navy, but most probably other navies are using high powered sonar and other radar technologies to hunt for submarines silently submerged possibly half a kilometre down in the ocean depths. These electronic intrusions are having a horrendous impact on the cetacean population as they have such ‘sensitive hearing’ that they are picking up mans increasing technology interference that is violating their right to live unharmed anywhere in the earth’s oceans.

Nov 15, 2018

This farming method initiated by Rudolf Steiner is more than a profound holistic farming modality, as it includes organic produce, energising water, halting soil erosion, building compost heaps and especially its far reaching ways in pest management and control. But more so, human health and well being opens up spiritual qualities that allows us to recognise our connection between heaven and earth.

Peter Bacchus has been involved in biodynamics for over 65 years with an uncle going to Europe in 1924 to learn of this system, and then his father travelling to England to follow up on this in 1938. After the war returning to NZ, where he incorporated it into his own farm. So having been embedded in Biodynamics all his life, Peter has a wealth of information and knowningness as to its efficacy.

At heart we all know that the present global ecological situation is precarious, yet governments also are not focussing on the seriousness of the planetary environment. With huge swathes of tropical forests still being logged and barely a murmur. We are learning of habitat loss, acid seas, weather patterns gone awry - if we want to initiate change, we are obliged to make this happen at the grassroots level.

With Biodynamic farming, not only is Co2 sequestered into the soil, but so is nitrogen pulled out of the atmosphere to supplement plant growth. That the use of natural methods to pull down nitrogen, which comprises 80% of the atmosphere, is far superior to the ‘manufactured’ methods of nitrogen fixing.

in 2024, it will be 100 years since Biodynamics was introduced to the world by Rudolf Steiner.  Peter posits the possibility of Biodynamics engaging in a large global promotion of the many modalities that are embedded in this unique and sensible farming method.

Main Points:

Burying Cow Horns

In this interview Peter talks about the use of cow horns which are filled with cow dung and buried for a certain period. He goes on to say that with exact measuring and the addition of other refinements, this dung is added to water that is also quantified and then continuously stirred for an hour. After which, say for a local garden, one can take a brush like a hearth brush dip it in the solution and then flicked over the surrounding vegetation. Where tiny droplets land all over the foliage and begins a certain affect. That translates to healthy, abundant growth of said plants, vegetables etc

This is called 500 and there is another caled 501 that is made of ground down quartz until its molecular constituents is that of a powder.   Listen   

Water Energising

Flow forms to oxygenate water -This is a natural means to oxygenate water and entrain frequency back into the water. Covering memory of water etc  (see Viktor Schauberger) excellent for bring back to life effluent ponds and sewage waste.  Listen

Soil Rejuvenation

Earthworms activation occurs after the 500/1 preparations - Peter tells of worm casting that we so thick they were like a sheet over the ground to likening it to  spreading of marmite over a sandwich - it was so effective.

Soil bacteria and fungi and the imperative to include the microorganisms of the soil are explained as the foundation of all land use. Listen  

Financial Reward and the viability of healthy vital premium organic food.

It is a proven fact that biodynamics and organic food brings a far higher monetary return than industrial factory food that is chemically laden. More money can be made because quality produce fetches higher prices.

Demeter is the the Greek goddess of the harvest and presides over grains and the fertility of the earth. Although she was most often referred to as the goddess of the harvest, she was also goddess of sacred law and the cycle of life and death.

What is Demeter in NZ?

Demeter is a world wide certification system, used to verify to the consumers in over 50 countries that food or product has been produced by biodynamic methods. The Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association is the certifier in New Zealand. (The Association registered Demeter as a certification trademark in 1984.) Inspectors visit the operators (farmers and processors) annually to collect information about their methods. A committee of assessors then decides whether to grant certification. Most committee members are experienced biodynamic farmers and/or processors.

Nov 7, 2018

Richard is a former Major in the British Army’s Coldstream Guards. He embarked on a quest to find respite from the psychological injuries of war by walking the length of NZ.

As a United Nations peacekeeper, Richard spent seven months in war-ravaged Central Bosnia during the winter of 1993-1994.

He and his troops were tasked to deliver life-saving humanitarian aid to trapped and starving civilians. This meant negotiating with militia leaders- as well as criminals, warlords and their followers, some of whom were under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Their job also entailed protecting aid delivery routes, scouting for new routes and escorting UN and EU human rights monitors and war crimes investigators through volatile areas.

As well, they supported the numerous NGOs, such as Save the Children, Feed the Children, Medicin Sans Frontiers and Oxfam, by providing security and protection.

Richard’s rifle company came under fire from machine guns, mortars and shells. At times, they had to return fire within strict Rules of Engagement.

They also had to deal with “mission creep” as they maintained the balance between peacekeeping and peace enforcement.

All this was done during a severe winter and in mountainous terrain, on poor roads, with mines and IEDs (improvised explosive devices) an ever present danger and in full view of the international media.

At the peak of his command, Richard led about 220 men and women, including local interpreters.

He took his responsibilities seriously and knew that every decision could result in the injury or loss of life of those under his command. These responsibilities peaked when he and his men liberated and defended a besieged Muslim enclave in Maglaj.

During his tour of duty, Richard witnessed the worst that people can do to each other as well as many examples of courage and selflessness.

About six months after leaving Central Bosnia, Richard developed severe symptoms of post-traumatic stress injury.

However, like many servicemen, he considered mental illness shameful and harmful to his career. As a result, it took him eight years to seek professional help.

In this interview Richard talks about how PTSI develops in some people and not in others. He explains how the survival “Fight, Flight, Freeze” stress response hijacks the mind of the PTSI sufferer and how to release it.  

He explores how lack of sleep, nightmares and flashbacks erodes the health, energy and willpower of someone in the grip of PTSI.

This brings up the topic of suicide in the veteran community, and more broadly within NZ as a whole.

Research indicates that about 200,000 NZers think about taking their own lives every day.

The comedian, radio presenter and suicide prevention spokesperson Mike King says that around  2,000 people attempt it and a certain amount actually die by their own hand. (NZ has one of the highest suicide and self-harm rates in the developed world.)

Richard has long since left the Army. He is now a mental health counsellor on Waiheke Island where he specialises in the treatment of stress-related patterns of depression, anxiety and anger, including recovery from trauma.  

A dedicated community volunteer, he serves on the committee of The Friends of McKenzie Nature Reserve and within the Waiheke Island RSA.

He is actively involved in campaigns to help Waiheke Island become the world’s first predator-free and Dark Sky sanctuary urban island, as well as the campaign to prevent the spread of Kauri Dieback disease.

He is a keen proponent of eco-therapy. In this model, stressed out people heal themselves through activities that restore stressed-out land to health.

Richard founded the NZ charitable Trust, Walk Off War, to highlight and provide information about the recovery and prevention of psychological trauma, especially through connecting people with the natural world.

The idea for the Trust developed during a four month solo walk down the length of New Zealand a few years ago. Richard embarked on the hike to test the idea that nature immersion can cure modern stress-related maladies, including poor mental health.

Enroute, he discovered that walking in wilderness-  as our Stone Age ancestors did for millennia - gave him much-needed relief and healing from his war experiences. The beneficial effects lasted about two years and, with regular ‘top ups’, they continue to this day.

Richard says that even though the mental injury of war is painful and life-limiting, it ultimately offers a gift.

Trauma  can make us more human and understanding of others. It forces us to focus on what is truly important in life and to strip away unnecessary complications and possessions.

He also believes that when you are surrounded by beauty, bird sound, and natural colours, you can regain a profound sense of gratitude for what nature provides. It is our ancestral home and the source from which we spring. It is where anyone can walk off their war and step toward peace.

About Walk Off War

Walk Off War is a project with charitable status headquartered on Waiheke Island here in New Zealand. Initiated by Richard Margesson, Walk Off War aims to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for those on the front lines of public service.

Nov 1, 2018

There is no such thing, as ‘public’ transport in Auckland.

The trains, buses and ferry services are publically subsidised, but privately owned, operated and managed, passenger transport operators.

Auckland Transport won't reveal how many public millions are being paid to subsidise private passenger transport, on top of their private profits.

Their books are not open - regarding the millions of public monies paid to subsidise these private passenger transport operators.

Auckland Transport won't reveal how many public millions are being paid to subsidise private passenger transport, on top of their private profits. Their books are not open - regarding the public monies paid to subsidise these private passenger transport operators.

State Capture' is where corporate vested interests get their way, at the policy level of council or government, in order to get laws passed that serve their interests.

With whom are the policy analysts consulting, before legislation goes through the council’s machine?

These are issues that both Lisa Prager and Penny Bright have been exposing.

Here’s an example: Auckland Transport has appointed Shane Ellison as its new Chief Executive. Prior to 2011 Mr Ellison was located in Paris with Transdev where he was responsible for global corporate development and innovation. Transdev (previously Veolia) runs Auckland’s trains!

Agenda 21

Associate Minister for Transport, Green Party MP, Julianne Genter is married to Peter Munns who is principal economist for MRCagney that advises Auckland Transport on cycle ways.

Perhaps Auckland’s push to create cycleways, when our aging sewage system is polluting our harbours, shows an ideology that is not allowing for a balanced use of Auckland Council / Auckland Transport’s money but rather a determination to get people out of their cars. This Lisa explains is part of Agenda 21, which New Zealand, and Auckland, are signed up to.

Lisa is a bike rider and is not against cycle ways. However when they go through shopping areas and take parking from local businesses they are destroying community and people’s livelihoods. Shops lose custom and so close down.

Their landlords then have to sell their properties cheaply to developers who then build blocks of flats, says Lisa, and our Australian shopping malls will expand to accommodate the population.

Mature trees are also being cut down. The whole cycleway project is ill thought out as shown in this article in Spinoff.

Lisa is also concerned at the spraying of glyphosate by Auckland Transport’s contractors – Fulton Hogan. The WHO has labelled glyphosate as probably carcinogenic but there is evidence that problems don’t just end there. Yet Aucklanders are having it sprayed on parks and berms all over the city.

Lisa Prager is an artist, sculptor, award winning documentary maker and proud co- owner of Garnet Station cafe/bistro in Westmere.

She trained as an actor in the late 70's at Theatre Corporate in Auckland, but left to become a political activist & pop artist.

Involved with Wake Up Auckland in the early 2000's she challenged Les Mills & Auckland Council's homophobic attitude towards the Hero Parade and homosexuality.

She stood with others against John Banks and the sale of pensioner/affordable housing and the actions of Auckland Council & Auckland Transport to transfer public assets into private hands.

She stood with others to fight the sale of airport shares, the privatisation of Westhaven Marina and the ideology behind the badly designed, unsafe, overpriced cycleways. Lisa supports a nationwide tree protection policy and replanting Native Bush not pines to fight climate change.

She is Currently Spokesperson for Occupy Garnet Rd movement.

This Link below explains the graphic on the top of the page

Oct 25, 2018

We only had 55 minutes to cover such a vast subject as there are many varying species in NZ. Having the largest number of different sea birds on earth - around our shores.

The number of introduced birds into NZ are many, including vagrants and migrants and the total number comes up to 435 different species. A vagrant is a bird that unexpectedly shows up – like the Laughing Gull that breeds on the prairies of the mid Western states of North America. Last year found in Opotiki in the Bay of Plenty.

NZ is the seabird capital of the world. 1/3 of seabird species on earth, visit or breed in our region

NZ albatross numbers are the highest on earth

NZ fairy tern now with only 40 in existence

51 NZ birds have gone extinct over time

Some Aotearoan birds may have become extinct due to disease from an introduced bird species.  

Yet, we have not had an extinction of an endemic bird since 1970  - of the Bush Wren

Kakapo flightless parrot numbers are 154 after dropping to about 45.

The Chatham Island Black Robin went down to a total of 5 birds and yet it recovered with adept human management  - now 250 - though - problems with diversity due to a small DNA base.

Little spotted kiwi – (only about 1900 birds now) where once there could have been millions.

There are 5 species on Kiwi plus various subspecies

That wild ducks can fly over 1000 kilometres and more.   

This is a good information - too much to list here so I encourage you to listen to this interesting interview as to what’s happening in NZ, what birds are increasing and decreasing - about offshore island sanctuaries, what pests are having to be dealt with and other ways about getting New Zealanders to become far more interested and involved.

Especially in how birds and their morning sound welcome the new day, and assist us with insect control, scattering seed and pollinating flowers.

Oct 17, 2018

With stress, depression and health issues nearly becoming the norm in our 21st century contemporary society - ‘there is fortunately another way out.’ This is by taking a sacred journey into the very being of nature, where it begins with stepping out of our daily routines, strict plans, work and ‘to do’ lists, allowing space for the great mystery to be our guide.

Osher River Oriyah is an intuitive healer, author, storyteller, performing artist, and early childhood specialist based on Waiheke Island. Michael Fleck is co-founder of Good Company Pacific Cultural Journeys.

Why do people go on retreats, pilgrimages, hikoi, and sacred journeys?  What is it that calls them and beckons them to step onto the sacredness of this path of the natural world and into places for deep healing and inner peace. A safe place, where we recover our essential joy and purpose, and at the same time, activate the healing of our mother planet? Yet more so, that behind the filmiest of screens awaits yet another world, and the question - who are our ‘hidden’ companions?

Osher who originally comes from Israel in many ways a desert country, went to the US and there met with Native American women who changed her perception about life – from the standpoint of recognising the natural world – where nature was alive!  And where nature held a key to her wellbeing, happiness and joy.

That also inside her she became aware of a great teacher that connected with her spiritual unfoldment within the new paradigm of love and unity. This being based on moving away from fear and into love whilst living in a day to day existence.

Michael – originally from the US, previously had taken Hawaiian elders and kahunas to Rarotonga for a Pacifica festival – and that it shaped his wanting to do the same through Aotearoa, by taking people out of the ordinary – beyond our everyday perceptions and intuitively tune into the vastness of natures process. To make a connection to this country and to see the natural beauty as being sacred. In particular, working with the group dynamics of everyone in that group ‘having an intention’ to want to ‘be together’ and be in a mindful state - to see and experience the sacred in everything. Thus lifting one’s state of being and allow one to ‘feel’ the subtle energies that most of us miss, that yet have always been embedded in nature’s beauty.  

That the participants over time during these journeys, in melting into nature, become inevitably transformed in mysterious ways and shifts their awareness to realise a spiritual connection especially to the land and mother earth.  Hence they are called sacred journeys. Nurturing us in a supportive group setting – all intent in growing their inner capacity to love and express newly realised joy.

Michael - In setting the field states; there are both man made energy fields and natural fields that surround us and a sacred journey is one where we step into the natural field of energies and for a small window in time, bathe our being in bird songs, insects sound, whispering waters and fragrant blossom scents.
He mentions insect sounds like crickets chirping when slowed down to the same correlation of a human life to a cricket’s life - time wise – the sounds of those crickets sound like angelic music. Gary Cook’s ‘soft wired’ up trees, emit much melodic like sound, too.

That we are totally surrounded by information 360 degrees and are inundated by the information age too, but we are missing out on the elemental kingdom.

Osher - Talks of her sacred journey into the unseen, that when she removed herself from the day to day basics of ordinary life and stepped over the threshold into the realm of the elemental world. Her journey was one of healing post traumatic stress from her mind to finally enter the heart and it open up a connection to become more at one to nature via the sacredness of this journey. Dropping out of the mundane – all her beliefs that she had - created fell away.

Osher tells of her connection to the elemental kingdom and what the Aotearoan maori call the Patupaiarehe or Tūrehu the fairy folk – listen

Of karakia - prayer, is very important to do when – visiting sacred trees, rivers, power points, situations, views, beaches, portals, and intuitively breaking out into singing spontaneous song.

In the shade of a giant kauri and having reverence for the forest giant Osher said she was told that the reason why the kauri’s were dying is because ‘the humans species vision is dying’ – due to disconnection from the grandeur and magnificence of nature and her exquisite beauty.

Michael - “We can empty ourselves of all that contemporary culture pours into us, and in that emptiness, we recognise the everpresent subtle rhythms and songs of the natural world, bathing us in refreshing innocence and delight.”

This is exceptionally important to acknowledge, as we need to soften and allow a warm and curious innocence to take place.

Osher - yes! And open to more play and playfulness – having been born in Israel, with its conflicts – Osher’s journey – finally into nature here in NZ softened and healed her heart and it softened to where she is now engaging with natures unfoldment and sharing this awareness with journeys into the natural realm of the forests, rivers and sacred places throughout NZ.

Seriousness has fallen away to be replaced with joy and laughter

Osher tells story of her contact with the elementals in Coromandel and that they save two songs with her  - Listen

In today’s world intuition has been replaced by thinking – the so called left brain – that is very linear and focused on detail such as measuring and quantifying, where as the intuitive opens us wider to a greater vision plus poetic inspiration …

Osher talks about the healing virtues of nature, of Gaia (Mother Earth) and from her previous challenges coming out of war torn Israel – that if she can through nature and song, heal her being - she openly states - that anyone can – all they need to do is take that journey into the natural realm, into the garden again. We just have to have faith that we can heal our being and once again find our heart and that when caressed by nature’s symphony of outrageous beauty – healing can take place for joy to burst forth – we  … just need to take that leap!

She mentions her up and coming sacred journey through the Coromandel that people can join. Plus the wisdom from the plant kingdom and plant medicine, that can be learnt along the way.

A Sacred Journey into Native Plant and Song Medicine

                                         November 7-11, 2018

5 different gifted people, giving 5 half day workshops over 5 days

Come and step out into the unknown ...

Contact:    Michael :
        Osher - FB - Inner Spring Or Healing Quest Coromandel

Oct 11, 2018

Last century, NZ became the first major country to become Nuclear Free. Thanks to the work of dedicated activists supported by thousands of ordinary New Zealanders we are still essentially GE & GMO Free today, too.

Can we quickly mobilise the populace, especially loving mothers, so as to empower all district councils, towns and cities nationwide to enact laws against the rollout of 5 G wireless networks?

The propaganda war is increasing exponentially as financially flush Telcos, like Spark, Vodafone and 2 Degrees - ‘spin’ the benefits of streaming nonstop media to our smartphones and target our unknowing youth.

All the while they are saturating the environment and us with intensifying frequencies from ubiquitous cell phone towers…Now they are planning to place new more powerful radiation-emitting “small cells” around 250 metres apart in our cities and towns.

Yet, we have not been told of the ‘health benefits' - as there are none!

On the contrary, knowledgeable scientists and health professionals have been warning us against this coming technology as the wireless industry has migrated from 1G to 2G to 3G and 4G. .

Now “Big Wireless” wants to introduce 5G and flood our neighbourhoods with even more wireless radiation whilst at the same time cancer and ill effects keep escalating countrywide. This is also now slowly overwhelming NZ’s ‘free’ national health system.

No, this is not a scare tactic - do the research yourself.

150 years ago - there was no microwave radiation other than extremely low levels from the sun and an occasional pulsar in space - coming in from millions of light years away.

Now we are metaphorically wading through a jelly of accelerating magnitude of microwaves and other artificial forms of electromagnetic radiation - and the general health and wellbeing of the populace has not been taken into consideration.

Nor has the health of nature, the biota within the biosphere such as animals and especially your pets, your cats and dogs - plus insects, bees and all trees and plants.

Where is the scientific evidence proving that this latest technology is safe?

It is known (listen to the interview) that the telecommunications industry along with broadcasting - be it TV or radio and in particular the relationship to ‘smart’ phones – had a huge amount of influence in the development of the current standards in NZ as to what sort of level of microwave and other wireless radiation is acceptable and where cellular phone infrastructure can be sited.

There was negligible input from people who were advocates for ‘human health’ involved in the process of setting NZ’s current standards.

This was an ‘inside’ job, almost completely focussed on how it would benefit the telecommunications industry and profits. What this means that essentially no consideration to ‘due diligence’ or ‘the precautionary principle’ was taken in relation to biological life - meaning we humans!

So how do we relay this information to ordinary New Zealanders when we realise that MSM, mainstream media, the Fourth Estate have reneged on their duties to inform you the public.

Well, just like the many loving mothers and concerned ordinary New Zealanders back in the 1980’s who did not want to be targeted in a nuclear war between the USA and the Soviet Union - when we had no say what so ever in the matter other than we were obliged to go and do whatever America decreed.

So thoughtful New Zealanders became activated and banded together over tea and coffee and gatherings or all manner of situations to convince local council, boroughs, towns and eventually city councillors to enact Nuclear Free Zones across the whole country.

That finally when around 105 councils across the nation representing about 76% of the electorate happened, it gave the mandate to David Lange, Prime Minister of the 4th Labour Government to make NZ - ‘Nuclear Free NZ.’ And be a beacon of peace to the world.

This continues to be followed up in relation to becoming a GE and GMO Free country as well. With Hastings/Napier becoming GE Free, and all of Northland now becoming the largest GE Free area in New Zealand.

However we have arrived at a crunch time.

The previous NZ National Government in realising that people power was still prevalent and that GE Free activists were writing submissions, signing petitions and attending meetings and gatherings to advise and invigorate local Councils - that ordinary citizens did not want this unhealthy biotech in their regions.

The Government took action. They decided to keep ‘control’ of the narrative by endeavouring to usurp the power of local councils, towns and cities from governing their own local areas and regions. The Government wanted to prohibit councils from passing by-laws banning GE and GMO’s. Fortunately the High Courts of the land sided with the Councils.

However, we cannot be at all sure how the present Government will react to such a powerful global technology that is omnipresent and in everyone’s lives.

Why? Because (with the exception of putting out a consultation which appears to have been basically intended to elicit feedback from the telecommunications industry) they have remained deathly silent all of this year!

So the game plan is to share this information as much as possible especially texting this to family members and talk about this at the table, when hanging out with friends - because there is an imperative for New Zealanders to come together, share, cooperate and collaborate and start the movement to make NZ a 5G Free Country.

There is a 5G information website for NZ which is

Oct 4, 2018

The pivotal story around Transhumanism is between those who believe in a soul or a spiritual connection to those who are essentially atheists and believe that once we die we exist no more.  Hence the need for people who do not want to die and cease forever, is that they continue their life by endeavoring to shift their consciousness into a machine or robot.

This interview neatly intersects with last weeks interview with Roy Harlow on Artificial Intelligence - AI - so if you enjoy this interview - you will really get a hit from Roys powerful interview.

This is one version of how Transhumanism is perceived:

The Transhumanist agenda is more than just Artificial Intelligence (AI), or robots taking over human jobs, or transgender restrooms at public facilities to accommodate an ever growing push for uniformity among the masses.

Transhumanism is Posthumanism. It is humanism with the optimism taken out, a movement that advocates for the transformation and the “advancement of humanity through technology” that runs the gamut from nanotechnology to AI. This paradigm is not limited to gadgets and medicine but also molds social, economic, cultural, institutional design, language, and the psyche.

To be clear, Transhumanism is a manufactured endpoint to human evolution…

Rosanne Lindsay, ND

This is the Technocratic viewpoint:

Transhumanism is a way of thinking about the future that is based on the premise that the human species in its current form does not represent the end of our development but rather a comparatively early phase.

Transhumanism is a loosely defined movement that has developed gradually over the past two decades.

Transhumanism is a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values.

Max More (1990)

The conjoining of man and machine?

Today’s technologies are becoming so much part of our daily life, many futurists and technologists see a time when humans will merge with machines, or is it that machines will merge with humans?  We already have heart pacemakers, artificial knees, ear pieces, teeth implants etc, whilst the list becomes longer each year.

So the gulf between “human” and “machine” is closing. Machine learning has enabled virtual reality to feel more “real” than ever before, and AI’s  replication of processes that were once confined to the human brain is ever-improving. Both are bringing technology into ever-closer proximity with the human body.

Bringing in Balance?

Regarding the human condition, there is a lot of focus placed on basic computational skills of our left frontal lobes - but it needs to be balanced by emotional intelligence which is part of our intelligence and in more common parlance our heads and hearts have to be working together - and that is true intelligence

What is Soul and what is Consciousness?

So, what is soul and what is consciousness? We need to extend this debate - hugely - what is the primacy of consciousness to the extent - is consciousness all there is?  That beneath the subatomic realm into the quantum field - does this connect at the deepest level into - consciousness? Sir Arthur Eddington said, ‘the stuff of the universe is mind stuff’ whilst Sir James Jeans said; ‘the universes was one great thought.”  

Robin mentions that we also need to consider that our intelligence also involves compassion, care and love and it is so important as we embark in this new era of the computerised realm and that we must not lose our humanity - which is hugely important for our survival as a species and our planet’s  survival as a habitat for biota, but we also have a responsibility of guardianship - as well as for our flora and fauna - and that is only sensible because they look after us.`

‘Out of the body” and “near death” experiences confirm that humans have a detachable consciousness. (Soul Travel?)

‘Out of the body’ and ‘near death' experiences are now experienced by more and more people  (as the world population expands)

We have to cover the important information of ‘near death’ and ‘out of the body experiences.’ as the information that the experiencer relays, after the event is incontrovertible There is now ample data on people from all cultures and all walks of life experiencing looking down at their bodies, be it a sports field, a car crash, a heart attack or stroke or being operated on in a hospital. The question then who is that ‘I’?

That from a standpoint of soul or a spiritual body signifies that even the non material or non corporeal body can ‘not only see, but remember as well.’

See Dr’s Raymond Moody, Kenneth Ring and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. Who have spent their life times researching this astounding subject. Then from the doubters viewpoint - that all people who say such things is that they were hallucinating and that the mind is playing tricks on them. Even though the people who were looking down on their bodies remember very clearly all the very concerned conversations that were happening as the doctors frantically worked at keeping their body alive. Telling them afterwards what exclamations were said and what particular actions and even mistakes were made. That upon ‘coming back’ - come out of it and they know it was ‘ Not time for them' - and they also never fear death as being the end.

After experiencing these paranormal events, they become infused with compassion as well as a knowingness that will never allow them to doubt - and that life after death is a certainty.

The ‘Precautionary Principle’

If we are going to be ‘smart’ about all this - we need to be cautious as to how machines ‘blend’ with humans - if that’s the right word says Robin. What about purpose, compassion and intent - what does it feel to be full and feel joy and fulfilment? Do we through our unknowingness allow certain things to filter into our consciousness - our ordinary day awareness - and conversely what are we finding out and also letting in. Are we conduits or walking antennae? Many mystics would agree.

Like when we are asleep or meditating. What are the processes? Like at one end of the colour spectrum we have infrared and the other end - ultraviolet - animals and insects perceive certain colours and hear certain sounds that are of a different frequency - yet we humans cannot.

So as we embark into augmenting what it is to be human into machines - we humans may be so unknowing especially of what is life and the ‘feelings’ of what it is to live, to have children and to die  That this all may be sublimated by the workings of an austere stark, machine intelligence.

The Transhuman Perspective

Covering Ray Kersweil of Google as one of the more out there proponents of Trans humanism - and his statement is about the great coming ‘singularity’ where computer intelligence will completely leapfrog/bypass human intellect and capabilities.  

Breakthroughs in biological engineering are coming so fast we can’t predict how they will develop going forward. Crispr, a new type of gene editing technology is transforming our ability to design and edit the genome, was completely unanticipated; experts thought it was impossible ... until it wasn’t. Next-generation gene sequencing is decreasing in price, far faster than Moore’s Law for processors. In many ways, bioengineering is moving faster than computing. Today most promising of nine broad approaches to mortality and aging are genome stability, telomere extension, epigenetics, proteostasis, caloric restriction, mitochondrial research, cell senescence, stem cell exhaustion, and intercellular communication. So with Silicon Valley awash with ideas and scenarios  - especially how to integrate nanotechnology into the human body, you can see the artificial excitement of Transhumanism as tantalising for those who either don’t believe in soul, or those that just want to tinker and make fast, big money.

The philosophical ramifications are huge with this current momentum of the fusion of science, technology with biological processes. However, will it be one we sincerely trust that will address societal inequities, the retention of the richness and diversity of our natural systems and indigenous cultures, rather than the somewhat simple and sterile dysfunctional futures depicted by many science fiction writers and futurists. We have to recognise that our navel, our belly button connects us to the magic of the past of spiralling DNA, the family tree and the lineage of species  and not only celebrate our diversity within nature - but to honour it and reconnect with the sacred in all of this. All the way back to the accreting gases and cosmic dust to the molten metals of an early forming Mother earth and before that - to stardust and the big bang, the so called ‘source of it all.’

5 G the Fifth Generational Wireless and Computer Network Technologies

5 G Wifi comes up again as a major component and enabler to AI and robots by numbers - allied to the internet of all things  - working on wavelengths in millimetres - needing antenna and relay stations every 50 metres or so - outside everyone’s house - connecting everything to everything - driverless cars totally under control - all ambulances given right of way and it is all under control. But, if you are a suspect - the driverless car could, upon a command, lock all the doors and windows and drive you to the local police station.

However with 5 G as most people have smartphones, we are all tracked and could be ‘corrected’ remotely - and sadly even our brain waves monitored. Yet, a spin will be put on all this to tell us how very helpful this technology is going to be. First the hand hold phone, then the glasses and the watch - then the body suit and finally the tiny implant under our skin. The ubiquitous use and interface with these technologies is going to be everywhere.

Meanwhile quantum theory entanglement - that every thing in theory is connected within the universal - or background field, is omnipresent yet little understood, is also present.

Back to 5 G - we will have faster download speeds - so that information is streaming in at us from all directions so that we find we are more than triangulated into a frequency storm of microwave data and information. So the health question is what effect is it having on our bodies?

But let’s have the discussion - let’s open this whole story of trans humanism and 5 G as they are essentially all connected - and bring all the information to the world public.

Transhumanists, virtually all being atheistic - see the total zenith - the hopeful evolutionary capacity - as being held in our heads and our brains. (note that the heart brain and the gut brain are definitely not included in this equation.)    

The Heart's Intuitive Intelligence: A path to personal, social and global coherence

Eastern Philosophies and Acupuncture

Robin talks about the process of emotions etc plus the Eastern philosophies and understanding of the human body - being energetic first and material second - like in acupuncture, that is connected by hidden meridians that Western Science still has huge difficulties with. That through meditation - and getting our brain out of the way - allows our creativity to come through.

That we need to be in a state of peace and compassion

Whereas transhumanists who do not appear to enter deep states of meditation and enter other deeper realms of consciousness - instead think that by marrying up to computer chips etc that by this technology - they will instead not miss out in other ‘aspects’ of life.  There is a wanting of more - before it is too late and they die - to then basically wipe their hard drive and end the program.

Another aspect is that in wanting to get people interested in this tech program is to have people dissatisfied with their life - to want more by way of a computer chip upgrade. And that sets the scene for addictive activities. See last weeks interview with Roy Harlow.

Hence the global encouragement for hand held machines and smart phones so that the youth become wedded to these technologies - so that they will not put them down - that they may pick them up hundreds of times a day - pearing in for a magic formula so as to find happiness and fulfilment.

Then you are convinced that you don’t need to hold it in your hand -and have it as glasses - i.e google glass, to Apple Watch on your skin and finally what about a little tiny implant - the size of a rice grain - that can hold huge amounts of information with heaps of up-loadable space - and if you do - you can receive benefits from certain other hi tech corporations - with big discounts to nightclubs and drinks or be able to jump the queue and get into a rock concert before most others. That may morph very quickly to rebates on home rates, no or lower charges for credit cards - all sort of methods to lure the unsuspecting into being chipped and unknowingly becoming like Manchurian candidates for the future.


Robin mentions that addictions are born daily out of loneliness and emptiness - we are never satisfied.  And it is the younger folk - who have missed out on any understanding of the great religions and spiritual teachings that will be targeted by AI and any compelling story about Transhumanism -  the selling point - ‘get it while it’s hot.”

All these scenarios.

The interview also covers Rupert Sheldrake and ‘phantom limbs’  and ‘feelings of being stared at from behind.’

5 G comes up again - many doctors are not satisfied that it is safe - whilst many professionals are relegating it to the field of not being important.  

We are not taking a precautionary - ‘first do no harm” - stand  - primum non nocere  

Is the Latin word that Doctors use.

It is the babies that will be the easily affected by 5 G plus Cats and dogs and bees to the bacteria on our skin.

5th Generation networks are a world wide deployment - being done nearly all at once

Cognitive dissidence on a massive scale is happening and an almost cult like behaviour ‘en masse’ is upon us. That we can impose this technology on our body and TOTALLY improve our lives as a result, is what we are being programmed with.

Robots are now in health systems in the UK talking to patients - devaluing the face to face communications between carer and patient.

Robin talks about ‘human inter-relations - as a doctor to a patient - and sharing a commitment to care - empathy.  However 5 G does penetrate the skin.

The proponents of 5 G say that it does not penetrate the skin very far - however they have a very poor understanding of the ecosystem off the human body - That our skin with billions of invisible bacteria covering us - and we are being irradiated from telephone towers 24/7  plus it is affecting our fertility.

Mothers Love comes up as well.

1984 and Brave New world - a fusion of these two stories is now taking place.  

Have a listen.

This article is not anti atheist per se - My parents were a cross between agnostics and atheists and they were very good, honest, warm, caring people. I have numerous atheistic associates and we by and large see eye to eye on many political, environmental and cultural issues. I interviewed James Lovelock of bringing to us the Gaia Hypothesis many years ago and he said that he was quite happy for his body to return to Mother Earth at the end of his life time, with no expectations of anything else. Tim

Sep 27, 2018

Whilst we, somewhat complacent, especially in the so called developed Western world, indulge ourselves in multiple distractions, Roy lays it out. That AI is virtually ubiquitous and is silently in the background data mining and collating our every move.

The concerning thing is that above the seemingly isolated corporations, charging you for your power, telephone and internet, your downloads, mortgage, rent and rates, plus groceries, and the credit card & EFTpos, banking chatter - of travel, hotels, bottle store, petrol and ‘incidentals’ - what is the ‘super computer’ above all this, beyond Google and the NSA - that’s tapping into it all - into a vast planetary omnipresent - database?

Roy nails it - as we have not been in the loop as to what the corporations have been doing with their technology - especially the Alphabets, plus the British, Chinese, Indians and the Russians.

Computers working in networks for the benefit of the business’s has been doing us well - however, when we give computers autonomy and they are programmed to take care of their own agenda - where will this lead to?

With the advent of algorithms and high speed super computing, the Americans have now jumped back into the lead over the Chinese - with computations of ‘mega billions’ a second - when independent machines can learn to self repair and more.

Registering global volume of calls, clicks and connections - networking on a global scale of all applications linking to a supergrid - the over intelligence - over the top of human knowing - is on its way.

We here at have made a huge effort to get you this information, however we do not have the manpower or the finance to transcribe this all for you. We urge you to just listen for 10 minutes - after that you will realise that you need to listen to it all and catch up on what you are missing.

Do the goals of the computers have the same goals as humans? This is where the challenge appears.

Note, that we do not know who to trust anymore because the economic machine is now too big to stop.

Look at where they are at in America.

Has the nation become stronger as a result of handing over individual power to an ‘outside authority?’

We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy. ~  

Chris Hedges The New York Times best-seller; Wages of Rebellion: The Moral Imperative of Revolt(2015); and his most recent America: The Farewell Tour(2018).

The imperative dear reader is to take the red pill and listen to this show. One of the best! 

Roy Harlow -

Sep 20, 2018

There is documented evidence into the unpredictability of genetic engineering. Yet there is mounting pressure for new gene technologies to be used with no regulatory supervision.

Gene editing is the genetic alteration of the natural world.

They are a stage after genetic engineering.

Whatever the size of a change made inside a cell, and some scientists like to say they are very small changes, how can messing with DNA be a safe thing to do, when we increasingly realise the connection between living things.

Organisms are self organising complex systems and so how can it be possibly safe to manipulate and mess with our food and animals?

Prominent International Advocate
Dr Jonathan Latham is a prominent international advocate for public interest science. He is co-founder and Executive Director of the Bioscience Resource Project and the Editor of Independent Science News and Director of the Poison Papers. He is recently been in New Zealand on a speaking tour.

Dr Latham holds a Masters degree in Crop Genetics and a PhD in Plant Virology.  He worked at the Department of Genetics in the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. He has published scientific papers in disciplines as diverse as plant ecology, plant virology, toxicology, genetics, and genetic engineering.

In this interview find out the difference between Genetic engineering and gene editing. What is CRISPR – (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) – and are there other types of gene editing?

What is the politics of food? How likely are the large corporations to say that gene editing doesn’t need to be included in food labelling?

Scientists can now harness gene drive mechanisms to control or alter natural populations. Is this safe?

The US’s secretive Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has become the world’s largest funder of “gene drive” research. Why?

Modified mosquitoes with gene drives on board are already being bred and tested in labs and some may have been released.

The Impact of Gene Drives
Given the profound impact that gene drives could have on species and ecosystems, their use is a highly contentious issue. There are concerns about the ecological safety of the eradication, replacement or enhancement of particular species of animals by means of genetic engineering. Communities and groups have differing beliefs about nature and its conservation or preservation. For those reasons, the rigorous testing and regulation of insects and other animals with gene drive systems is crucial.

Bioscience Resource Project


US military agency invests $100m in genetic extinction technologies:



A brief synopsis of the show

In this interview find out the difference between Genetic engineering and gene editing. What is CRISPR  (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) – and are there other types of gene editing?

What is the politics of food? How likely are the large corporations to say that gene editing doesn’t need to be included in labelling.

The US’s secretive Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has become the world’s largest funder of “gene drive” research. Why?

Scientists can now harness gene drive mechanisms to control or alter natural populations. Is this safe?

Dr Jonathan Latham is a prominent international advocate for public interest science. He is co-founder and Executive Director of the Bioscience Resource Project and the Editor of Independent Science News and Director of the Poison Papers.

He holds a Masters degree in Crop Genetics and a PhD in Plant Virology and has worked at the Department of Genetics in the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA.

Sep 12, 2018

With fluoride being a neurotoxin, there is now, in total, around 377,655,000 million people worldwide drinking artificially fluoridated water. This represents 5% of the world’s population. Yet, there are more people drinking fluoridated water in the United States than the rest of the world combined, with about one third to three quarters of the population now drinking it daily.  Trump that NZ!

Today 50% of NZ tap water is fluoridated, a whopping 73% of Ireland and 10% of England and Spain as well.

Science has known for a hundred years that fluoride suppresses thyroid function. Fetuses can be born without a thyroid gland at all but the mother will provide the hormone. The importance of the mother and what she takes into her body is very relevant.  Professor PJ Pop in the Netherlands - has a number of papers - and what is noticed is that there is reduced intelligence once the fetus is born.

Pregnancy, postpartum and the thyroid: isn’t it time to offer women optimal care?

Please listen to understand this crucial information.

Note that students studying water management or to become doctors were never told anything about fluoridation in University. So they pass through University, in a state of unknowingness about what is added to the water.

There is very little fluoride research on the human body

Declan - says he first came into the knowingness that something was awry with fluoride in 2006 - when he found that no studies or research had been completed on the human body,  other than the effect on teeth and bones. No other organs, or brain tissue or - anything.

Then in the US the National Academies 2006 report on fluoride and drinking water impelled the top committee who were responsible for this report, to bring together their top academics across the USA, from neurology, toxicology and dentistry to assess this data.  They then put together a list of close to 70 different areas that they needed studies to be taken, to fill the gaps of lack of knowledge for the effects of fluoride on people’s health.

Could Downs Syndrome be a result of exposure to drinking Fluoride in tap water?  

Declan goes on to say that Ireland has the highest ratio of Downs Syndrome on earth and these academics also posited the question of the possibility that it was ‘biologically plausible that fluoride exposure could result in Downs Syndrome.’ This was a shock to Declan.

Paul Connett talks about 52 IQ studies - the Bashash study funded by the US government - The National Institute of Health - as well as the EPA the Environmental Protection Agency  is a watershed moment  because all the other studies have come from India Mexico China and Iran - however our arrogant Western scientists just ignore these finding because… you know - they don’t make the grade …

And in this major study - all the criticisms of the other 52 studies that have been done over the years were essentially addressed.

Listen:  McGill, Harvard, Montreal Universities were all these top universities were involved. Etc etc

Now 50 papers have been produced on other aspects of neurotoxicity on elements like lead, mercury and so on.

A 12 year study by high quality scientists - they covered every single angle and every nook and cranny to prove that fluoride is toxic and has the potential to lower the IQ in children.

So the only thing left is for the politicians, the media etc to work out - what is more important for your Child?!

Healthy Teeth or a Healthy Brain?

Paul Connett, says brush fluoride on your teeth and spit it out - he says he is not anti fluoride just keep it out of your body interior.

Media Blackout?

Declan Waugh when learning of this study, followed it up and wrote to every newspaper in Ireland and radio station too - and did not receive one reply whatsoever - Even though it was a huge study!

There is basically a media blackout, even here in NZ - (we know that) hence - a.very small voluntary radio program - is filling the gap, essentially by default.

NZ’s one media response was that ‘Mexico’s fluoride levels are not relevant’ - (what does that tell you about the communicator of that statement?)  That Mexico does not rate as a country?

There was zero response to the rest of the science.  Yet, the Canadians in fluoridated areas - just last week made a statement that their levels are exactly the same as Mexico cities.

Listen to the tea drinking of NZ (Dr Mike Godfrey) - And that in Ireland one of the leading tea drinking nations per capita and that tea leaves are loaded with fluoride. That the leaves take up fluoride from the earth.

Paul Connett talks about how the percentage of people drinking fluoridated water iis affecting babies - listen especially of you are a mother with a loved one.

Drop in IQ in now a certainty.

Note that a drop of 5 IQ points would halve the number of very bright genius’s in our society and increase dramatically the mentally impaired.

What came across in this interview is that the NZ Authorities when aware of the dangers took lead out of paint - and discontinued adding lead to petrol - so why do they put fluoride in 50% of NZ’s drinking water?

Other information that comes from this interview.

Fluoride in beer - listens to these results !!!

Fluoride tap water to make up baby formula is -  a no no.

Green Party of Ireland was anti fluoride.

Over the last 5 or 6 years throughout the length and breadth of Ireland the City Councils - County Councils and Local Authorities - plus their political representatives have voted to stop water fluoridation - from Dublin City to Cork City, to Galway and the Government - still refuses to act.

Yet the first act in Germany’s reunification was to stop water fluoridation in East Germany

Informed consent - The need to know.

Informed consent is an imperative - especially in medicine - but NZers are not receiving the latest data - we are being denied the information by our elected representatives.

In medical school the amount of training in toxicology is known to be minimal.

NOTES: has two superb previous interviews by Lisa Er - one of Paul Connett & Dr Bill Hirzy on the Danger of Fluoride and another of Paul Connett that give a broad understanding of the issues.

The day I was contacted to do this radio interview - I was in Munich in Germany. Coincidentally I then found out - with a lecturer in water infrastructure in Bavaria. He is interested in our country and was talking up NZ’s clean green image to me - when I told him that we chlorinate our metropolitan water as well as actively push fluoridation of our water too - he was shocked!  The city of Munich has neither.

Question: Is there fluoride in NZ soda and soft drinks?

Sep 5, 2018

There are many myths about solo parents on the ’benefit’. These myths are perceptions that arise from stereotypes generated in public and private conversations.

“Myths often appear highly plausible, and they may even hold a grain of truth. But they far from represent reality and can cause lasting harm.

They allow the government and its welfare policies to be shielded from proper scrutiny and help explain why there is little public outcry as the safety net supporting many families and their children is progressively eroded.”

Child Poverty Action Group 2013

Myths such as ‘the benefit’ is a lifestyle choice, or sole parents are teenagers who can’t be bothered working, are very damaging.
In fact the majority of sole parents are between the ages of 25 and 64, and have had jobs, but need to be at home with their children for varying reasons. Just over 12% of sole parents are men.

In 2013 there were 234,000 children growing up in families on benefits and it is estimated that in New Zealand that one in two mothers will have spent some time on the ‘benefit’ by the time they are 50.

Read more myths and facts at the link above.

In 2017 the Labour Government announced a Families Package which has helped beneficiaries a great deal but unless we change the attitude of people generally, there will always be resistance against an empathetic government.

Housing is a huge issue for solo parents as Chantelle describes in the interview. Constantly having to move house puts families under stress and if children are constantly having to move schools, it disadvantages their education.

Chantelle Campbell grew up in West Auckland, where she still resides with her two sons. Chantelle has been raising her sons as a sole parent and has gained a Bachelor of Social Practice while her boys were younger, and now practices in the community as a social worker and community developer.

Chantelle is passionate about human rights, social justice and easing the challenges that sole parent families face. This has led Chantelle to founding, “Inspire Up Trust”, a charitable trust to support sole parents families to reach their full potential.

The e-mail for the trust is

Financial support is required to get a web site up and running for the trust. Please e-mail if you can contribute.

The two Facebook pages mentioned in the interview are “NZ Single Parents” and “Separation and Sole Parent Support”.

Aug 29, 2018

Whereas prior to the year 2000 we did not see such things however, especially since 2009, these trails are becoming far more obvious and this interview attempts to explain - why?

Why here in NZ and who would be involved? We see photographs of these in America, and they have billboards alongside freeways shouting out, “look up, they are chemtrails!”  “What are they spraying?” - Yet why here in sleepy little NZ, what is it - that's really going on above our heads?

Malcolm Scott is an experienced and qualified researcher recognised by the NZ Tertiary Education Commission. He has authored several research reports for various organisations and is currently working on a thesis about people’s perceptions and experiences of climate change and chemtrails.

In 2015 Malcolm began investigating correspondence with various New Zealand government agencies especially the Ministry for the Environment about the public reporting of alleged high altitude chemical aerosol spraying operations from aircraft in New Zealand. These are commonly referred to by the public as ‘chemtrails’ and since the late 1990’s - chemtrails have become a global phenomenon …

A great many middle aged NZers have been looking up into the usual clear blue NZ skies since they were born and have never seen - what they have been seeing since the early 2000’s and especially from 2009 onwards. These ‘long white cloud’ like extended trails can even go from near on horizon to horizon. They can stay there for a prolonged time before after some while, slowly spread outward to eventually become a cloudy haze.   

NZ Authorities Deny All Knowledge

Listen to how Malcolm has since 2015 been corresponding with the Ministry for the Environment, NIWA - the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric research, the EPA the Environmental Protection Authority, the CAA, the Civil Aviation Authority and also the New Zealand Defence Force   - And in Malcolms words, all of these organisations - one way or another - deny any knowledge or involvement with Geo Engineering - whatsoever in NZ.

Aluminium, Barium and Strontium

Yet all of these organisations have received correspondence from the NZ public - and some of them have received quite detailed evidence - photographic and video evidence. Some have even received analysis of rain water concentrations specifically demonstrating aluminium, barium and strontium and even lithium.

That there is some very good research out of the USA by J Marvin Herndon  published in 2015 - about military craft flying in a grid pattern in California. That these aircraft are specifically modified and designed for aerosol spraying operations - so they fly a grid pattern backward and forward with aerosols that over the course of the day spreads out to in effect, cause a dirty grey sky haze. If you go on line there is a lot of material posted by US residents on what they are seeing in their particular region. Search Geoengineering.

NZ residents are posting to social media

In NZ it is nowhere on the scale that it is in the US, however NZ residents are still posting to social media almost on a daily basis. Also, they are sharing among each other and correlating what they see from different parts of the country and where certain airports are, including departures and arrivals.

Malcolm says that his correspondence with the NZ authorities is to establish what they know - and he said - “they know a lot.”

It’s about long trails from nearly horizon to horizon that hang there even up to a number of hours and gradually disperse, into a haze what is commonly called chem clouds - these are not simply emissions from jet fuel - there is obviously other chemical components and factors involved in this, where they remain and persist in the atmosphere  - that connect directly to the science of ‘geo engineering.’

Solar Radiation Management

Note that over the last 3 decades that there has been a massive increase into the research of Geo engineering particularly the notion of ‘solar radiation management’ - which is the idea of spraying chemicals into the atmosphere to increase atmospheric albedo that reflects solar radiation back into space.

This is to supposedly reflect sunlight back into space so as to alleviate ‘global warming.’

This is a huge technology that has been growing out of the USA for the last 2 to 3 decades and apparently is being applied to many other countries around the world.

Malcolm mentions and also writer Elana Freeland and her many books. see - or

Elana traces back to the early 1990’s to a CIA operation called Project Cloverleaf - do an online search. That it was a coordinated military operation since the late 1990’s (and in NZ the 2000’s)  it has appeared to have escalated into a global operation that Malcolm says it has now morphed into complicity with ‘civil aviation operators.’

In NZ many ordinary citizens are out and about and are taking photos because they are interested in strange cloud formations etc and are posting them online. It has been noticed that many of the aerosol trails photographed are from commercial aircraft - because people are able to use aircraft tracking platforms to identify aircraft.

Military Involvement

Military Aircraft turning their transponders off. (leaving no signature)

Malcolm has also found that there are some aircraft that are not visible on the - ‘on line tracking services’ - that identify aircraft. These are presumed to be military aircraft that are operating with their transponders turned off. Therefore they are not identifiable. As the military have their own rules they do not necessarily have to comply with the same regulations and that of certain civil operations.

So military operators use unmarked aircraft - i.e converted aircraft with no military insignia and they are therefore hard to identify, however reports on social media say they have been seen in parts of NZ.

Overseas involvement

In Malcolms video presentation he mentions the US has taken 100 Boeing 757s and converted them for aerosol operations and according to William Thomas in his 2004 book Chemtrails confirmed - he confirms that the military have done this.

They have bought up old Boeings and refurbished them for aerosol spraying. For possibly a global fleet that is leased out to certain overseas military organisations. However the military in NZ have declined any knowledge of such operations. Even though an Omega AC10 aircraft  Ex Dc10 - (with ties to Evergreen International) which is said to be a US military operation, was seen and photographed on the tarmac at Ohakea air force base in Palmerston North many years ago. Payload is 145 tonnes of liquid. What sort of liquid would this aircraft be carrying as jet fuel comes to NZ by ship?

Malcolm approached the NZ Defence Operations and said that as he was an Academic researcher was he able to take time looking at the aircraft that the NZ military have, like checking their log book and routes taken?  This way he could confirm that they have nothing to do with aerosol operations and they flatly said No! This was from Gerry Brownlee who was the Minister of Defence for the National government and he in this letter denied any involvement by the NZDF in military aerosol operations in NZ.

The interview covers:

David Parker the present Attorney-General of New Zealand who gave a categorical denial that there was no geo-engineering happening in NZ. He signed a letter stating as such.  

We are in a global experiment that is been conducted at altitude and also at ‘night time’ - to hide the activity of aircraft.

Is it going to produce more global heating or decrease global warming - professor Tim Lenton of Exeter University called this “an uncontrolled experiment.”

It is being done without ‘our’ informed consent - and is being executed by unknown faces further up the military industrial system.

It is weaponising the atmosphere - Elana Freeland - writes of weaponising space.

There is no public consultation in NZ

Watch US scientist David Keith - a head tripping geo engineer -  - and his infamous ‘free-riding on our Grandkids’ quote.

Massey University testing to gauge NZers awareness about Geo Engineering.     - Massey University Scientists talking it up? -  15th February 2014

The Massey article.  

That though there has been an increase in water/moisture in the atmosphere due to global warming - it cannot be used as an excuse that these ‘trails’ are a result of far more condensation etc. Because all these aircraft are flying in all climatic zones, seasons, times of day, pressures, altitudes and latitudes.

NOTE: In this interview we did not discuss as to how these spraying operations spray from the aircraft or how the liquids or whatever it is that is emitted from the aircraft - are stored on board. As photoshopping pictures can be too easily perfected. This dispensing subject will be left for a later interview.   

Things to do:

Write to the NZ authorities - every email or letter becomes part of the public record - this can be then connected to either a Parliamentary process or a court process - this procedure will be a public record that will substantiate what is taking place in NZ.

This is ‘people power’ the same kind of people power that enabled NZ to become Nuclear Free.

Checking your rainwater storage

If on rain and tank water do independent tests on your drinking water:  Hills Laboratories are qualified professionals -

Web Sites - run by NZer Clare Swinney & Jim Reece

The Swiss filmmaker Matthias Hancke worked on his first documentary OVERCAST for almost seven years. In 2007 he realized for the first time, that the man-made cloud cover was not a natural byproduct from aviation.     16th of August 2018.   

Geoengineering: An Interview with a US Air Force General ( Richard H. Roellig / interviewed by Dane Wigington ) where US General Charles Jones is also mentioned as being very concerned with what is going on. It is important to note that the US military and all Western military are “compartmentalised” - that they are only given certain information that is directly involved with their present station. They are kept out of the loop with all other operations - hence ‘they know nothing’ of other (secret) operations. This is standard practice, in all their operations and for that matter in banking too.

Edward griffin  -   Phd Scientist - video

Search for the US Air Force paper - ‘Owning the weather by 2025’ - stating that owning the weather is a force multiplier - The ‘original’ has been taken down off the web, but do a search - there could be other independent activists who have a copy.

1962 President Lyndon Johnson - raving about controlling the weather  - project Popeye over Vietnam

There is much more in this interview than written here, that it is imperative for you to listen to and make up your own mind.

The children of today and tomorrow are depending on you!   

This below is Malcolm’s excellent slideshow video presentation of 2017

Aug 22, 2018

Yet he humbly focus’s his life on a message of care and due diligence and then broadcasts it across the silent airwaves to anyone who wishes to ‘tune in.’

The radio wave ecological footprint is zero, but the message is huge - global in fact and Roy has no limits.


Mixing music, facts, anecdotes, humour and irony - RushFM finds a way to infiltrate your focus and enable you, if you want to take an in-breath, to recognise truth from fiction, fact from fake the whys and whats - of … how does a human being live on a planet and in harmony with all life?

Roy has clearly set out goals:

  • What is factual, what is encouraging and uplifting
  • We need solutions and we need to laugh at ourselves and that differences are OK – it's good to have differences
  • Concerns about sameness – the “same swamp of sameness” as if we are all being homogenised – and been put through a blender until all things are the same – with the resulting - “group think!"

Yet RushFM does not focus on politics as such because politics is so fraught with deception and Roy does not want to present anything that is untrue.

As politicians change their mind. Like before elections they say this is there goal - then afterwards they change the goal posts under the pretext that ‘we have had to reassess the situation’ we have new information … stances are at first Yes  – then 6 months later it is NO! Roy wants continuity of stated purpose.

Station Axioms

Truthfulness – fairness – compassion – a positive contribution – these a writ components to life – politics is not.

What do you stand for? – Roy wants thinking individuals – he wants to stimulate the natural inclination with the people.

Roy’s observation of people today on 2018 is that there is an underlying level of anxiety that is more predominant now than ever before  … listen

He says RushFM says things that catch people ‘on the edge’ … He wants people to express their feelings – yet as peacefully as they can - he says it takes endeavour to express oneself

Saying - “it’s easy to be hard but it is hard to be gentle.”

Also - that we have been programmed with being PC.  ‘Politically Correct’ so as to muffle our society. Not to question, be inquisitive and to wonder?

Then he talks Radio and Programs that he broadcasts.

Good high quality food, organic, non GE or GMO’s

Covering some of the major challenges of the 5 G Telephone Networks  – Fluoride and the mass medication of the community
1080 Poison – and the discussion comes around to poisoning of your adversaries – That’s what we are doing to the human race.

This ever so subtle poisoning is all being done by minute parts per million – but we are still being poisoned – by poisoning rodents especially possums – but the resulting leachate is ending up in our waterways. Listen  

Vaccines  that contain mercury and other substances like human cells. He mentions laconically - its cannibalism and has been introduced for years

Roundup and glyphosate sprayed on grass that is turned into silage and the cows are fed it – and then cows are milked that then goes to the factory … for mass consumption at supermarkets - and we ask why more people especially children are unhealthy?
Go organic immediately is the only current thing we can do.  

Any person from another world looking in at our farmers – would have to find them guilty of poisoning people through the produce that they grow.

Roy’s question – How can you be your best as a human? – Especially if you ingest something (food or drink) that reduces your capacity as a human.
Even though we know what we are doing is basically insane – how can we just brush it off and pretend that is is not happening?

But. he says - “if these subtle poisons do not kill you - they definitely dumb you down.”   

Professor Emeritus Paul Connett’s name comes up.
Who says in an ordinary society there are 5% genius and 5% idiots and the rest of society are in the middle but when we add fluoride to the water – it shifts the spectrum by 5%  - which means instead of their being 5% genius’s there aren’t any - and there are now 10% idiots in our society.

Polluted Water Systems
DOC - the Department of Conservation are dropping 1080 poison into the forests around Lake Taupo and the residue is finding its way via the catchment area into the lake and river system - the Waikato – that flows in the direction of Auckland to then be pumped into the Auckland drinking water supply – and the water is not been tested for any particulates or residue – and we wonder why at another level so many children have allergies?  Roy mentions that this 1080 has been filmed entering Lake Taupo. That some 14 communities source their drinking water downstream from its source – being Taupo, the largest city being Hamilton.

Now these 14 communities along this river dispose of their “treated effluent” back into the Waikato River as well!!   

Fourteen river bank communities are involved.

Not only this – but antidepressants plus birth control, heart medicine and a whole plethora of different medications are in this waterway – and just before the Waikato flows out to the sea – Auckland Council’s Water Care – pumps and pipes water up to Auckland dams to then pipes it to householders in the suburbs. That there are no steps taken to purify (filter) most of these medicinal residues out!

There is also a marked increase of estrogen in the water and Roy gives a tip for men – to take some fresh lemon drops in a glass of water every day – so that it removes the estrogen  and makes a man - a man again. Because the men are slowly feminising …

This interview goes on to cover
Cell phones  … hullo?  Hypnosis? What’s really going on.
People farming

Scalar waves   EMF frequency influences on animal brain wave patterns

Telephone towers have 300,000 watts  Our mobile phone only uses only 3 or 4 watts

This interview then goes right off the charts …

Listen it is well worth your while ...

Note that Doctors will never speak out against the profligate use of drugs, because the Pharmaceutical Corporations who control the whole industry - will have you struck off!

Dentists will not speak out against fluoride, because the corporate Industry is lock stepped with big Pharma - so Dentist remain silent.

Water Scientists also remain speechless in relationship to 1080 poison  - for fear of losing their job, due to pressure from higher up the system.

There is a lockdown on free speech in NZ –  the word ‘gag’ is commonly used to close down free speech and this is becoming predominant.

This interview is of an honest man doing his best to relay the truth

Aug 15, 2018

I have known Gary near on 20 years and he has shared startling information that unveils to us a secret land that stretches back many thousands of years to when other peoples roamed the seas and visited early New Zealand.  

The Vegetable Kingdom is Actually Conscious

Recently I was at Gary’s home in Katikati where he played live music directly from trees, where he was able to connect up to the leaves and the roots, technology - for these trees to ’sing' various ’songs’ that were quite melodic and beautiful. That this new knowingness  portends is that trees have a consciousness and that they can feel, see and even share beneath the ground with other trees including in various situations other species of tree.

Tree Blindness

Gary goes on to talk about ‘tree blindness’ and that it signifies a massive disconnect of the human species from nature and Papatuanuku - Gaia, the earth mother. To the degree that trees are just seen as a backdrop to society - just a background setting - that on a good day, may offer shade from a bright sun and on a bad day gets in the way of your enjoyment or view.  Trees are not really seen as living entities in their own right, and to many are just a commodity to grow, as a mono culture and harvest for money and material reward.

However more of humanity are awakening to this lost connection

However the mighty kauri that have stood for 2000 years and are venerated as forest giants like the towering Sequoia Redwoods of America do - when we take the time to sit or lie down on the ground beneath to look up - inspire us of the greatness of these silent beings who have witnessed countless generations of humanity that have come and gone.    

The music device that Gary has is put out by the Damanhur Community in Northern Italy -  however this work goes back 50 odd years to Cleve Backster and using bio feedback - etc

So the sound of music in plants has evolved over recent years.

Place a contact on the leaf and another contact on the roots - that perfects a circuit and that is then run through a middi system - a computerised midi system and this converts what the tree ‘gives us’ which is static electricity - or something similar to static electricity. This is then converted into musical note, not raw static and it becomes something that we humans can listen to and that is melodic and enjoyable - there is a flow - the music changes from morning to night on the same plant - and will change its song at different times of the year as well. -  Listen

Gary states that there are continuous little bursts of electricity going on inside all living things - from a blade of grass to an animal. That now there are many solo musicians, singers, jazz groups, and even small orchestras around our planet taking up this technology and integrating the sounds into their creative pieces.

Gary sees these collaborations with musicians and trees as a very enlightening way of opening up humanity to our connection to both the plant kingdom but to the natural world as a whole.


Gary then talks about plant consciousness and plant awareness  and he uses the term ‘Tree Blindness’ in that modern society has in many ways forgotten that trees are living beings - sentient beings - and latter day humanity now only see trees as a back drop or part of the background - James Wanders and Elisabeth Schussler 1998 American biologists were the people who coined this unfortunate term.

What is plant consciousness?

Gary talks to this and mentions:

NZ law protecting mammals as sentient beings - was a world first …

Back in the 1980’s the Japanese government passed law called Shinrin Yoku or Forest Bathing or Forest Therapy  - so that people can feel rested and at ease among trees and the local vegetation - and has become a cornerstone in ‘preventive medicine' in Japan - they find that it improves ones immune system.

That the Japanese Government really wanted its citizens to make use of its generous wooded areas for healing is a milestone in itself.

The translations is that just by walking through among the trees - you are bathing your whole body and being and also it is said - wiping your aura or energy field clean - as the greenery soaks up any energy that is holding you back and holding you down.

This is now been taken up in other countries as well …

Gary then talks about walking into the ‘bush’ - the forest - for a total immersion and the quietening of our mind and letting go of our thoughts - and then notice - what we hear, and see and observe what we feel  and if possible stay for a good 2 hours and yet you will feel the effects even after a short 20 minutes - so forest bathing is in many ways available to everyone.

That music of the plants is a renewed doorway to the nature kingdom …

The interview then goes on to tell about trees talking and even seeing and recognising their offspring. Listen

This then follows on with the soil connection - the mycelium - a fungus a fine network of fibres finer than the hair on our head - and they can connect tree to tree and or plant to plant - which is a symbiotic relationship

Then we hear about how this all works … plant sugars and sharing between plant root hairs etc

Then introduces the term the ‘wood wide web’  see Avatar the movie and his Pandora is all interconnected.

Trees are a community - and we humans have lost our connection to this oxygen and life giving community.

Plant & Tree Blindness - is again seen with human housing developments - scraping the earth of its topsoil and cutting down local trees so as to make the subdivision more in keeping with so called 21st century progress.

Trees are seen as a cash crop in forestry to be logged or to be used for building etc etc

Yet trees are the bearers of fruit and nuts as well, but more so, are homes to multitudes of insects, birds etc.

Maori and their Reverence for Nature and the Forest.

Maori - had/have a sacred connection - Karakia or prayer - if wanting a tree. A sacred tree selection for carving or to build a waka - canoe  this officiated by a Tohunga - (medicine man) to do the selecting for the tree to be felled.

Papatuanuku Mother Earth - Maori are intuitively plugged in - they know of their connection … whakapapa - their lineage used to be sung to all babies whilst in the arms of their whanau and hapu (family and tribe) - they know about connection.

In The Garden In Nature.

We learn that happiness induced inner chemicals in the human experience especially gardeners, uplift ones being. One doesn’t suffer from serious depression - because they are anchoring themselves in the soils and the richness of the earth with all its micro-organisms - the bacteria and fungi. Being barefooted is really good for you.

Getting our hands dirty and soil underneath our fingernails, plus fresh air and sunshine - increases out serotonin levels and joyfulness.

A soil bacteria - mycobaterium vaccae - triggers release of serotonin - and gardening becomes a natural antidepressant.

And Mike O’Donnell has always said - “we are not only gardeners of the soil - but we are gardeners of the soul as well”

Trees have a heart beat - as they pump water up the trunk and that trees can see and make out shape and colour that there are millions of cells on the external surfaces of that tree, leave, branches and trunks that - these cells are exactly the same as the human retina but smaller   published in the Nature Journal — listen

Trees  go to sleep at night …they have experiments with infrared time lapse cameras and it is noticeable. Shhhhh tip toe on your bush walks eh?

Kauri Dieback  …

Tanekaha tree  the ‘communication tree’

In the interview the books ‘Super Nature’ - Lyall Watson

‘The Secret Life of Plants’ - by Peter Tompkin and Christopher Bird are mentioned

Secrets of the Soil:

Dorothy Retallack  late 1970s - wrote the ‘Sound of music in plants.’

Bach came out tops, but Led Zeppelin didn’t do so well.

Elisabet Sahtouris - and the big picture … She is mentioned in this interview.

Gary Cooks web site:

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