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Jun 22, 2017

Do you want to elegantly express yourself and feel empowered by having more freedom and really connect with people?  Plus, “Making Life Far More Easier, Fulfilling and dare we say it - Wonderful?”

Never before have we needed a greater range of communication skills to allow us to reconnect as family, community and a global society. To speak authentically and from our heart.

With the media polarisation of society, be it local or global - along with an education system that is constantly needing to encourage our skills in conflict resolution as well as reconciling opposing points of view, how are we going to become a more caring, unified and trustworthy society?  

New Zealand is often rated as one of the most peaceful countries in the world and yet has a very high rate of domestic violence and teen suicide -- both indicators that more can be done to give alternatives to beating up on ourselves and each other. 

Nonviolent Communication (Also known as “Compassionate Communication”) is one option.

It has been shared in this country and around the world in schools, workplaces, spiritual communities, social change organizations, and public workshops.  It helps develop the ability to empathize with ourselves and others, to express ourselves with both authenticity and compassion, and to transform conflicts into creative opportunities to connect even more effectively. 

It teaches us how to joyfully reclaim our freedom from "shoulds" and "have to's", discover what truly matters, and to improve relationships with ourselves and others.  All of these skills are vital for today’s changing world, where we are increasingly faced with the reality of our interdependence across cultural and political differences. 

Though NZers are a polite people, we are often not as forthcoming in speaking our truth because we do not want to hurt other people’s feelings or, are actually fearful of talking truth to power.

However the imperative is: that it’s not about being nice, it's about being real!

We here in this country - especially our men folk are basically a quiet, unemotional people (except when the All Blacks or Yachties are winning) and in general lack the vocabulary to express ourselves emotionally when in a situation that requires both presence, mindfulness and …  being vulnerable.

When we embrace Nonviolent Communication we find that there so many more tools to assist us to a deeper quality of our being - being authentic and speaking from our heart - from a space that is not encumbered with anger, frustration or poor self worth.

In our present busy and stressful daily life the imperative is, that we are now able to enlist the methods on NVC - to bring about a deeply felt shift in our response to both life, love and people and open up a new vista on how we approach existence.

Starting with the ‘macro’ big picture the USA versus the Soviet Union (now Russia) if we could deescalate the nuclear tensions then in 1990, why not now - today? Donald Trump has been for it!

Also, on the micro - how are you doing with your relationships with your family, sisters and brothers, or your loved one?  Are you stuck and have internal dialogue constantly gnawing away inside, because you find it to difficult to communicate or just lack the assistance in articulating your needs to ‘clear the air?’

From the macro to the micro - to reconciling differing points of view in our living rooms with family - to total frustration with the political system and your local political representative. - how can we de-escalate differences in our daily life?

This is what non violent communication can do …

But how?

How do we stop the war in our own heads and also beating up on our own selves and also stop the wars with the people that we love? - our wives, husbands and loved ones?

This naturally includes the work place, in team games and localised groups.

Plus how do we go for what we want and instead of to a place of fear and frustration and focussing on what we don’t want to - how do we go for what we want?

With NVC - Nonviolent Communication - it is a big piece of the how - a way to decouple yourself from conflict and use wise choices and tools to take a step back and then mindfully engage in coming together once again.

Tim mentions that with domestic violence very predominant - much of it due to lacking in able to express oneself intelligently - and by needing a larger vocabulary tool box in which to draw from. Also that having a sense of worth and valuing oneself so that we are not in a constant state of victimhood.

It is very important to being able to articulate and clarify how we feel and also ready to listen. These are not strong points in our society and many are to be found in the male of the species.  

Jean mentions she knows of a NVC practitioner who has worked with people who have physically abused their partner and he introduced NVC communication as part of his group intervention with them. This resulted in zero % recidivism rate - which is unheard of.

So how do you get past the thoughts and the blame  and so if we are angry at somebody and we go into our ‘habit thought’ it is THEIR fault that I am so unhappy - that we might want to punish them and beat up on them in someway - but that may be a tragic attempt to meet their needs for more happiness or more well being - it’s just not going to get us where we want to be.

Instead we want to teach people - we want to teach ourselves - how to go for what we really want.

So part of the how is to catch ourselves and step back … as to what is our intention here.  So do we want to connect or do we want to do the same old patterns of judging and blaming?

It will most probably get us more of the same so the first thing is the zero step - to ask ourselves what is my intention here?

Take a breath and take stock … to reconnect to ourselves - we do it with practice and tuning into our body and self connecting … am I noticing that my muscles are getting tense?  Is my voice increasing in volume - i.e - am I shouting …  Am I noticing that my voice isn’t getting higher? 

Sooooooo, what am I feeling?  Scared?  Angry? So what am I needing ….?  Some peace? Some power? Or a way to step back into well being … and am I at this moment, having power over my own self or am I - at the mercy of my habits - old thought patterns - my habit energies and I might be about to say the same old thing that I have said before … you idiot, why are you doing this … and I am just going to get the same results I’ve gotten before which probably will not be at all beneficial! 

So NVC gives us tools as to where to put our intention to get the outcome we really want and to really put our attention to connect with the person that you are committed to - then we are on the same page and then we may have some very different smarties as to what you want to see happen next.

This interview covers many instances of how we can clear old patterns and break new ground in understanding relationships. When partners learn to adeptly articulate their needs and express lovingly and mindfully their needs - play comes into it and repartee and banter can come into it as well.

The importance of all parties agreeing in the spirit of goodwill to find a way forward really allows non violent communication to come into its own where relationships flourish and everyone finds themselves on the same page.

Taking the ‘vibes up’ - communicating their needs - then singing the vibes up again at the end.

Non Violent Communication needs to be a skill that every person leaving school needs to embrace.  The need for peaceful relations needs to be championed continuously from the Prime Minister’s office all the way down and across our nation.

Jun 14, 2017

Klaus has just returned from addressing the highest body of the United Nations. The General Assembly - on Earth Trusteeship in April of this year.

He is a Professor of Law and Director, New Zealand Centre for Environmental Law, University of Auckland; Chair, IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law Ethics Specialist Group.

With all the mounting ecological challenges, climate change, melting tundra, ocean acidification etc - that face us today these are finally being acknowledged as the logical symptoms of a disease and Klaus reiterates this - a disease that is permeating our society as a result of economics gone mad.

As an extension of the Chicago school in the 1970’s and then policies by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher we are left with posing the question - who will look after the planetary environment?

That economics having been the main and in many ways the only fundamental agenda over the last 35 - 40 years that we (even ordinary NZers) are realising we are now in deeper trouble. That without factoring urgent ecological solutions and taking action - we are to experience environmental blow-back of increasing proportions.

We have been going backwards over this time especially as we have added another three and half billion souls to the planetary population. In doing so - the web of life ‘Nature’ - that embraces and integrates all the ecosystems that are layered over each other from the micro to the macro have been put under unprecedented stress. All due to the increase in mans dominating nature especially around deforestation and pollution at all levels - that has been so overwhelming that our planet’s biota, natural systems and feedback loops are unable to cope with the rapid changes that are upon us. It’s all happening far too quickly and our biosphere can not adapt fast enough in the time available. Thus, with multiple tipping points being reached the possibility of cascading problems is an extreme urgency that has to be addressed. Biosphere collapse has to be avoided!  

Today, business people in general when we sit them down and talk ‘one on one’ they will agree that the commercial sector are grabbing and extracting voraciously from the earth, however when they go back to their corporation they cannot or are unable to initiate change. The main reason being that the business world in general has failed themselves by still being ‘ecological illiterate.’ This being predominant in the extreme in the global political arena as well.

Today the concept of sustainability has so often been distorted, co-opted, and even trivialized by being used without the ‘ecological context’ that gives it its proper meaning. So, it is worthwhile to reflect about what “sustainability" really means.

What is sustained in a sustainable community is not economic growth or competitive advantage, but the entire web of life on which our long-term survival depends. In other words, a sustainable community is designed in such a way that its ways of life, businesses, economy, physical structures, and technologies do not interfere with nature’s inherent ability to sustain life. It may be also likened to ‘durable prosperity’ - that nature will last ad infinitum.

The first step in this endeavor, naturally, must be to understand how nature sustains life. It turns out that this involves a whole new conception of life. Indeed, such a new conception of life has emerged over the last 30 years. Called ‘The Systems View of Life’ it is grand synthesis of this new understanding of life.

Looking back.

Historical Limitations.

Klaus reviews Western civilisation over the last 3-4,000 years and though we as a Western material culture have ‘seemingly’ benefited hugely from our endeavours we have gradually committed so much ecological and cultural damage - that we are now belatedly realising that there is a limit to growth on a finite ecological - planetary system - that we are now teetering on overhang. 

When we go back to Greece the word oikos means household and nomos means management. Oikonomos, economy, is thus - those things concerning the management of the house or home as on our ‘home' planet - earth. Note that eco for ecology and economics also have the same root prefix. 

Thinking in terms of relationships is crucial for ecology, because ecology —

(as mentioned above - derived from oikos) is the science of the relationships among various members of the Earth Household. Many indigenous cultures embody profound ecological awareness and think of nature in terms of relationships and patterns.

Looking at what the Western model has brought to the world.

Dualism: Can be seen as another Western construct.     

The separation between the human sphere and the natural sphere. Where once we were connected to the earth - the wind whispered, the trees sighed, the brook gurgled and oneness within nature permeated much of life from as far back as neolithic times. We were embedded in natural forces.

That over time the academic Greeks started to quantify and measure and objectify things and dualism and ‘separation’ gradually came into being. We put up walls and insulated and isolated ourselves from the environment.

Anthropocentric:  human centeredness  - that we can measure everything through the lenses of human experience and that we only look at the environment for its usefulness.

Materialism:  the predominance of measuring any reality in the terms of matter as against energy or spirit - or the intangible. Having things and measuring success by ‘owning’ things and stacking them up all around us.

Atomism:  and our modern science where we are very proud “knowing all about very little and losing the ability to learn a little about everything” … A shift from a more general understanding to more precise expertise - and thus not seeing the larger context. Locked into reductionism and reducing everything down to the mini particle and eventual invisible energy packets.

Greed: when individuals and materialism come together and the so called ‘enlightenment’ - celebrating the idea of individual freedom - another European invention - (has a lot of good things going for it - like human rights and even democracy and so forth) - the dark side is individualism that came into being and - taking it all - with no limits becoming a norm.  This translates that one does not have a sense of collective interdependence and responsibilities anymore - and when you combine these with capitalism and materialism we see the 001% of the 1% express what they are doing at the top of the power structures of today.

This is what we have today. We have a great deal of separation - living in buildings doing our best to experience some sort of community yet people have in many ways -  just become consumers rather than citizens.

Economism:  that we measure everything through the lens of economic cost benefit analysis - time is money  - be it Local or Central government.  How much is that worth? How much did you win, how much did you lose?   My net worth is ………..

Add up the 1st letters of these 6 words and they Equal = DAMAGE

This European experience is totally out of step of non European cultures thus the need to heal our planetary systems and be more open to listen ….

We need to become citizens of the earth see ourselves as brother and sisters with other parts of our planet. We are in this together - so we need to know what is it like to articulate what it is to be human on this - our beautiful planet earth.

The necessity now is to have a Nationwide Conversation and talk about long term strategies.

We are all integrated within the web of life - even if we do not realise it - and with all biota.  However, with climate change upon us and the invisible membrane of our atmosphere that envelope’s our planet as the only barrier between us and deep space.

The imperative is to understand we are together - breathing in and out - this invisible barrier that is fundamental to our survival as a species. As Chief Seattle the American First Nation medicine man stated “whatever we do to the web of life - we do to ourselves.”

That we as humanity need to understand what the ‘global commons’ is and then how to honour it and respectfully work with it. This is when we learn to become ‘Ecologically Literate.’

Jun 7, 2017

Why were three courageous Australian Quaker grannies for Peace arrested by military police for blocking the road to Shoalwater Bay Military Base Queensland, in 2015?

BUT - That did not deter them. They protested again, at the super secret spy station - Pine Gap on September 2016.

Having enticed Helen Bayes into the studio, this interview covers not only the story of these staunch seniors, but also explains something of Quakers, and their peace testimony.

As part of Peace Convergence 2015 'Quaker Grannies for Peace' set up a tea table blockading the access road to Samuel Hill / Shoalwater Bay military base, which is used for the Talisman Sabre military exercises.

(Talisman Sabre is a biennial joint Australia-United States military exercise. It involves joint exercises performed by the Australian Defence Force and the United States Military across six locations in northern and central Australia, the Coral Sea, and in Honolulu, Denver, and Suffolk, Va., though the bulk of the exercises are concentrated at the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area, and other locations in northern and central Australia.)

Grandmother of thirteen, Helen Bayes explains why they would protest this:  "Our Quaker peace testimony from 1661 says 'We utterly deny all outward wars and strife and fighting with outward weapons for any end or under any pretence whatsoever.”

The grannies set up a table and chairs and prepared tea and cake in order to engage in dialogue with military personnel.

"Negotiation is not currently part of the war rehearsals, so we are drawing attention to this missing element," said Helen, " Yet it essential to achieve peace."

The Quaker Grannies said they came "with the conviction that a world of increasingly destructive weaponry threatens our continued existence and that nonviolent strategies are essential to our survival".

After being arrested by military police and handed over to local police, the Grannies were convicted, on July 14, 2015, of trespass, and fined $500 each, with no conviction recorded.

In 2016 “Quaker Grannies for Peace” set up breakfast on the road to Pine Gap, and invited military personnel arriving for work at the base to sit down with them.

The action was one of a series of events marking the 50th anniversary of the secret US military facility at Pine Gap, by groups advocating for the base’s closure.

Founder of the Quaker Grannies Helen Bayes said: “We are asking Australians whether it is appropriate for a foreign country to be operating a secret facility with no transparency on Australian soil; a base that may well be implicating Australians in wars that our government has not entered into.”

Located half-an-hour's drive south-west of Alice Springs, Pine Gap is one of Australia's most secret sites. It collects various kinds of data from the Asia Pacific and the Middle East, including targeting data for American drone operations and assassinations.

Partly run by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), Pine Gap is a key contributor to the global surveillance network ECHELON. (New Zealand’s Waihopai Spy Base is also a part of ECHILON, or Five Eyes.  It is a secure communication facility, located near Blenheim, run by New Zealand's Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB).)

Helen  Bayes is a Melbourne based English-born activist who won the Australia's Human Rights Medal in 1999.

She was born into a Quaker family in Northern England and migrated to Australia in 1966, at age 22. She has 4 adult children and 13 grandchildren. She holds a BA in Social Work and BA (Hons) in Social Administration, and had a 15-year career in the National and State Public Service in the areas of Social Policy and Community Services.

Helen resigned from the Public Service and set up an international child rights advocacy NGO called the Australian Section of Defence for Children International, and has served that organisation in Australia, in Geneva, and on the International Council for 20 years. Helen Bayes was awarded the Australian Human Rights Medal for this work in 1999.

Helen's concern for the rights of children grew into a fascination with early Quakerism. As Eva Koch Fellow at the Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, she researched the views of the earliest Quakers on the nurturing and guidance of children and young people. She was the James Backhouse Lecturer in 2002 (the Australian equivalent of the SP Gardner Lecture), entitled Respecting the Rights of Children and Young People: A New Perspective on Quaker Faith and Practice.

On a lighter side, Helen collects Quaker bonnets, one of which she is wearing in the above photo.



Quakers – who are they



You can about the book, “Dangerous Allies,” by Malcolm Fraser, (Australian PM from 1975 to 1983) which argues that the time when it was in our strategic interest to have a strong military relationship with the US is over, and that now Australia would be better off with a more independent foreign policy. (New Zealand too!)


and our Greenplanet interview with Murray Horton on why New Zealand needs an independent foreign policy:

This interview was sponsored by The Awareness Party

May 31, 2017

This is an inspiring story of dedication to clean up the NZ environment and create new jobs. The proverbial Kiwi win/win situation. Yet, Zero Waste has to be a NZ wide Government sanctioned mantra if we are to get on top of our pollution challenges.

Being a staunch advocate of recycling for most of my life that when talking to Warren, I concur that to get the Powers that Be to make recycling mandatory - nationwide - has to become an election issue - so as to show the younger generation that adults do care for our children’s future. 

Warren and friends have just launched the Great Kiwi Bottle Drive

Where the small town and community of Kaitaia in the Far North recycled 20,000 bottles and cans in 4 hours.  Exceeding expectations -

Where at the Kaitaia market - many people supported this ideal - with a very community spirited input.

Children were involved - many very young and it was heartwarming to receive their bottles and give the kiddies some money in return.

They filled a large curtain-side truck with empties. People cleaned up streets, roads, harbours and beaches and their uncles back yards and brought all the empty containers to get a refund.

Now this initiative is heading South to more towns and communities throughout the whole of NZ. Parliament being one of the stops.

With the idea of creating up to 2,500 plus jobs, savings for Councils, money for families and community groups. Including almost tripling our recycling rates with over 1 billion bottles saved from landfill, streets and our oceans!

Cash for container schemes - are going well around the world however NZ is lagging behind world opinion. Warren's team are about to change this!

Glass, aluminium and all plastic containers, plus the cardboard juice and milk containers need to have a deposit paid so that the loop is closed when they come back full circle to be either reused, or broken down and made into another item, or product.

‘Reuse’ stores are now popping up in communities here in NZ especially with clothes that have been outgrown etc.

Warren says that the police have mentioned that recycling depots helps keep kids off the street and involved in an active cause.

There is a very good Zero Waste program that Maori are involved in on marae throughout Aotearoa NZ.    


FB page has many members – and it’s about growing the awareness

We have to get serious with our waste!

Warren states that Recycling is not enough – that we have to embrace ‘product stewardship’ or 'extended producer responsibility' where the producer of a product has to be responsible for the whole life cycle of their products.

The New Zealand Product Stewardship Council

Has to be supported and understood.  

At present South Australia leads the way in Australasia with a very enlightened approach that has been in practice for over 40 years.

Waste in NZ Landfills.

Here in our country -186,000 cubic meters of space is taken up by bottles and cans etc thrown out in NZ each year.   

Nearly 200 metres high by 200 metres long and 200 metres in width.

All this is potential money, being thrown away!

Call to Action

What works around the world is “refundable bottle deposits”

Warren and team are pushing for a national deposit bottle scheme however, the packaging and beverage industry have successfully lobbied against one for 25 years … or more. This is why we have bottles, cans and containers scattered all over our clean green country image!

New Zealand would have had a bottle deposit system over 20 years ago if it were not for the packaging and beverage industry lobbying against it.

Also there is e waste – tires and batteries that have to be factored into dealing with this vexing  problem of waste. 

Little do New Zealander’s know that we already have container deposit legislation – that was under the Labour Government's Waste Minimisation Act 2008

Where the Minister can declare a product a ‘priority product’ for a product stewardship program – a mandatory one - like for tires, e-waste, batteries but the National led Government Ministry has made them all voluntary and it is not working  – because … Listen to this startling interview to find out the reason why?

NZ used to be ahead in so many sectors of the Environment and ecology -  etc , but now we are well behind.

Bottle banks – what happened to them?   Listen to this!   click on the half crushed and you can read:

"Compared to other developed countries, NZ has a vague and scattered approach to achieving zero-waste status. This website aims to help us recognise and address the problems before it is too late.”

What a whopper of a statement!

Nowhere in the world are they getting more than 40% without having a bottle deposit scheme

Recently at the last local government annual conference in support of DDS Container Deposit System - 90% of Councils agreed to have a deposit scheme set up on all waste containers here in NZ . Plus a recent survey of NZ said 91% of NZers wanted it.

But the lobbyists have been going around all the mayors and sowing discord …
The narrative has been twisted to suit the status quo - time and time again, we have government by lobbyists (Shades of the USA)

Lobbyists Undermining the Political Will.

Learn about how NZ breweries and Cola producers fight tooth and nail not to have a deposit system here in NZ and also Australia – (an eye opener)

Listen to the down right deceitfulness and lies in this battle against the drink giants as they target and discredit good honest people doing their best to enable a cash deposit to be gained from returning of containers after use.

Now Northern Territory in Australia has adopted CDS and also New South Wales and Queensland – so the whole of Australia is coming on board except NZ.

Because of the big breweries and soft drink manufacturers!

See who the major culprit is … (No wonder I have not gone out and purchased their unhealthy sugar products for over 40 years.-  I was correct!  Tim)

Plastics in the Global Ocean!

Microbeads what are they?  Microbeads are manufactured solid plastic particles of less than five millimeters in their largest dimension. They are most frequently made of polyethylene but can be of other petrochemical plastics such as polypropylene and polystyrene.

Microbeads have become so ubiquitous that an estimated 808 trillion pieces swirl down American drains every day.

They are now floating in the water column everywhere at different levels – when containers fall off ships – toxic chemicals and micro particles of plastic are 10 or 20 times more than the amount of plankton in certain parts of the ocean – fish eat them …  This is a terrible story that needs action at every level of Government, in countries that have shores or outlets to the sea.

We are overloading our world and particularly the oceans with plastic.

Today many small groups in NZ are coming together and are putting in for waste and recycling contracts – most are holistic thinkers and co-operatives. They are community oriented and believe that by thinking locally they can achieve many good things for their localised environment. Raglan is one such community.  sign the petition – please …

I enjoyed this interview, because Warren showed what we the people can do and it was very enlightening because we now know where the challenges lie and that we need to commit to organise. By taking action we can bring about a major change in policy to get NZ up there as a leader in conservation, and environmental concerns.

May 24, 2017

We as a human race are just now becoming aware of the extraordinary healings that occurred through Bruno Gröning (1906-1959) which ushered in a new era of spiritual healing.  Bruno's teaching is a path to healing.

Bruno Gröning left behind the knowledge of how to absorb a natural healing power that can bring long-lasting health to 
every human being.

Back then and still today, healings of
 chronic illnesses that have lasted for decades, as well as of 
drug and other addictions, have occurred worldwide.

This is confirmed by numerous healing reports that have
 been carefully examined by doctors of the Medical 
Scientific Group and documented using medical evidence
 by independent physicians.

Doctors, psychologists and healing practitioners of the
 Medical Scientific Group regularly share their experiences
 through lectures, both domestically and internationally, in
 order to make Bruno Gröning's knowledge accessible to 
people worldwide.

Bruno Gröning, born in 1906 in Gdansk, was an unassuming worker who relocated to Western Germany as a refugee after World War II. Before the war he held various occupations, a carpenter, a factory and dock laborer.

Then, suddenly, he was the center of public attention.

The news of his miraculous healings spread all over the world. From every country came the sick, petitions and proposals. Tens of thousands of people made the pilgrimage to the places where he worked. A revolution in medicine loomed.

"Please, please do not be gullible! Today I say as I always do, 'You don’t have to believe what I say!' I do not demand it. But you have one duty: to convince yourself of it!'
Bruno Gröning

Trust and believe, the divine power helps and heals.

Lecture dates and further information:

May 17, 2017

I have known Robina for over 30 years, she is one of New Zealand’s most experienced Permaculture teachers. She is now an elder and is passing on the torch, sharing the taking on of roles, responsibilities, plus the methodology of a Permaculture educator and designer.

She has been extending the Permaculture philosophy of our social needs, the inner being and the ‘invisibles’ that link the web of life - on numerous levels.

Having a similar world view to Robina, Courtney too relates closely to indigenous ways of becoming more aligned within the localised environment.

Going beyond but inclusive of the the importance of the physical environment, they are looking at the social needs of both family and community, the inner being - our inner landscape and the ‘invisibles’ the agreements and codes of conduct - that we all embrace as we embed our being into  the web of life - on numerous levels.

Robina relates her story of taking Permaculture out into the world.

Robina tells of her South African Permaculture venture where the NZ High Commission at that time, assisted in financing her with putting in a Permaculture system.

The task in the late 1990’s was to change the school ground which were basically of sand  –  into a productive learning environment  along with Josee Le bel her NZ colleague.It was a dangerous assignment as they were the only two European people in that locality. Plus, Daniel Nepia who with Maori whakapapa – (bloodlines), was seen to be coloured.

This initiative just took off and now it has been replicated around South Africa and it now fairly well embedded as a practice or way forward or blueprint in future education within South African Government structure.

Robina says it was challenging … and that she also worked with squatter settlement leaders and totally redesigned from a permaculture perspective - permaculture values and permaculture principles – their squatter settlements that were predominantly tin shacks with shelter being basically knocked together  - but they could also easily knock them down again. So afterwards, when Robina’s left, they, through a participatory process redesigned everything and knocking it all down replaced the settlement along permaculture lines. These included gardens and water systems etc.  As an informal settlement.

Yet one of her more challenging assignment was in the first world and the United States. The Suquamish a Lushootseed-speaking Native American people, located in present-day Washington in the United States.  Where they were very marginalised and living in substandard conditions and in no way were representing their previous culture with many working and gambling in casinos. To Robina it was tragic to see what had happened to them. (The same tribe that Chief Seattle was once a leader.

Courtney Brooke

The need to know what the challenges are:

Courtney Brooke who comes from the South East of the USA, sees that the local population have increased urbanisation and that farms disappeared, thus people have lost touch with growing both veggies and fruit and it is beneath their dignity to get dirt under their fingernails.  

Thus they frequent supermarkets and get their polished apples with a sticker on never daring to go out and pick an apple off a tree, or worse - pick one up off the ground for fear that there may be a worm hole in it. (that they just will not cut it out and eat it, which is still good and fresh). Such is the disconnect from nature in the first world, because it is educated (programmed) out of us.

That many people in the USA  bees and wasps are bugs – no real distinction – get rid of them  - and weeds, as against plants. Weeds are often plants that are good, but just in the wrong place in many instances… some are invasive whilst others are medicinal and culinary.

That there is a major predominance of mono crops in America – one is known as a lawn. A prestigious symbol of how well off we are and our well manicured lawn of a mono culture (one grass type only) is another game that is being played out. For example if a dandelion plant pops up on one’s lawn  yay it is a medicinal wild flower – but if you are not aware that nature’s plants all have a medicinal quality and if you don’t have a relationship with the plant kingdom – then this is just another weed that upsets the picturesque beauty of the lawn.

This is where permaculture uses and values diversity on our planet.

As for permaculture in NZ – Robina says we are a humble people – who like to grow quietly about transforming their land. It’s like if someone stumbles upon a property and asks about it or talks to a neighbour who knows about it, and maybe asks  if they could see that property and with no fanfare it grows from people talking and sharing and after a while it gets on the map and the general public hears about it.

She says most people are quite grounded and eloquent and can readily talk about how they manifested their creation and often do not mind talking about it and sharing so as to inspire more uptake.  For example Robin and Robert Guyton   in Riverton the deep south of the South island and their food forest  - a plethora of fruit trees, among perennial herbs and native plants – are thriving.  This is where they value heirloom apples and pears due to the very temperate climate and at the autumn show many growers come and share all varieties plus grafted ones too.  She says that this is deep within the culture.

Also with Community Gardens Auckland Wellington and Christchurch having  many – Auckland having over 50.    

See Kelmarna Gardens and their seed store

Plus the Hamilton Permaculture Gardens that has a whole permaculture example among the beautiful floral landscape plus a microcosm of a backyard quarter acre section these examples are all over the country, but is not shouted out across the media.

Brendan Hoare and Richard Main’s names come up with what they did with organics at Unitec here in Auckland.

Courtney mentions that hui’s and meetings and gatherings that are nationally happening around NZ annually are really important in every province around the country - where issues are talked about and training courses take place.

Shwe says, people are turning up to see how they can make ‘broken systems better’ being that permaculture is a ‘solutions based design system’ that is where the movement is also heading – be it a landscape system or a social system.

It is like looking into the book of nature and perusing the underlying patterns that uphold intact systems and using that patterning and language to create  systems be it food systems, social systems, economic systems – what ever it is – a landscape system  - that mimic those patterns of nature in order to create functional systems that are honouring life, earth and people.

Robina Passing on her Experience

Robina, says that as an elder after 35 years at the cutting edge of the wave, that in passing on information to the younger generation she is finding them hungry, savvy and quick to embed the old earth wisdom. That by passing over the baton to our planetary youth they realise that we have to take sustainability to a new level of enduring prosperity and deep ecology.

That it is time to take stock and actively and consciously pass on the skills of regeneration to younger people who are ripe and ready and who Robina says has another blueprint than her. It’s like they have come into the world with a better knowing and the dedication to make a better world for them and future generations – in ways that she does not conceive of.

This being an intergenerational shift of wisdom deep knowledge and life energy.

Sun, seasons, wind, gravity, soil, tree belts, building materials, position, soil structure, microbes – and as a community etc.  

Courtney talks about that many people who also turn up to Permaculture gatherings is that they have land that has been broken down and they want to turn these around and make them far better and viable. Because Permaculture is a solution based design system – they are always looking at grounded innovation. Be it a land based system or a social system – they are looking at how nature works out these situations. Or As Courtney says looking at the book of nature and the underlying patterns that uphold intact systems.

What Robin says from her perspective of Permaculture these days - it's now Social Permaculture. Since the late 1970’s the focus has been on the landscape  - transforming the landscape into productive , functional; sustainable systems – and she says that the weak link has been the people, hence the evolution of a people component  and teachers like Robin Clayfield

in Australia and


Starhark in the USA


and Looby McNamara in the UK

(Plus Robina here in NZ).

This is by applying the permaculture principles of design and integrating it all into social systems – so that the can be really resilient. Check their web sites.

Invisible Structures

Bill Mollison the initiator of Permaculture also did a chapter on invisible structures – legal systems, how to communicate and how to do governance - to bring about sustainable communities, where you are land based as kaitiaki – care takers of land. Food production on the land and building soil fertility – having thriving children and families that are intact

Research global eco-village network. it’s a very good source of community resources and info – plus models of what to follow.

Sacred Earth festival  URL

What has happened since the Christchurch Earthquake - is that it is now being called “the edible garden city.”

Some Councils in NZ have sustainability as one of their platforms and  this is where Permaculture can back into their Sustainability Department and offer them their experience.

Robina relates to her work with Project Lyttleton - giving permaculture workshops nearly every weekend to the affected people of that city – and tells a very emotional story of her connection to the city of her birth – and that grass roots organisations may hold the key to that city.

Transition Towns also is mentioned as we deal with the increase of climate change and where it is going.

How do we mobilise a country to come together as a conscious ecological community at one and aligned with the land.

The subject of Nuclear Free Zones comes up as a grass root movement so does the ideal of having GE and GMO Zones as well and what are the catalysts to instil in people the need to take care of our children’s future.

Robina said pre Christchurch earthquake people in say supermarket queues talked about the weather – post earthquake -  the shift was immense – they showed deep concern for all people they stopped and talked with them – there was a level of commitment as they inquired caringly about each other.

What is the catalyst for rapid compassionate change?

What is it that will magnetise the community to wake up to their unity as the sharers of breath in our common future. Robina surmises – do we need an inner earthquake to snap us out of our dream spell of disconnection? So that we rise to the occasion of giving and or service to make the change that we at heart would love to witness and be part of. 

There is a big awakening around our planet – however many, though they are concerned and care are still not sure what to do and put their energy into.

So Robina says – what is your passion? Just go and push the edge and step out.  And if our intent is pure that in the spirit of goodwill, the world of nature and the ‘invisible’ does its part in coming in and just holding hands with us by opening up new territories and giving gifts and bestowing on us so much energy that you never look back …  - project around nz   SOS save our seeds. Documentary   Videos and short stories on this web site – global impact

Plus food forests growing in public places around the country

Courtney says she would dearly like us to become ancestors that future people will be proud to descend from … She also speaks so elegantly and in the flow with a youthful yet wise exuberance.

This was a delightful interview of Robina & Courtney  - lots of passion and emotion - the salt of the earth.

May 10, 2017

For over 45 years being on the leading edge of conscious change, Robert says “we now are leaving the Empire Era, that took over from the Tribal era, and we are now entering the Planetary Era”.

I (Tim) went to a weekend ‘Change Agent’ workshop back in 1999 in Auckland that Robert presented and learnt much - hence I am still enthused as of today. However Robert is now taking the deeper context of change to another more focused ‘local to global level.’  They are called ‘The 3 Harmonies.’

This below is an introduction to Change Agents, that leads into the Three Harmonies   

A change agent is someone who can bring a vision into a manifestation here in our physical life. Usually it is someone in a catalytic role. Often, they bring people together and help them focus on something as a shared goal and enable something new to be born.

It takes a certain amount of courage, because a change agent is doing things before everybody else says – ‘oh yes that’s a brilliant idea.’ Change agents need to recognise the value of some new approach and have the perseverance to shepherd it through to actual manifestation.

Note that not all changes agents are promoting change that you would approve of …

However the change that Robert Gilman promotes is with people who have a caring about what is happening on the planet, a caring for the earth and for its people and its species and who would like to be more effective in being able to manifest that caring.  

Robert says that they have this inner intuition that they are here in this time in history to make a difference. Yet they often find it challenging. Robert’s calling at present is to work with people who already in their hearts are oriented to making a difference and assist them to be more effective and joyous as change agents  

Today the collective unconsciousness is stirring as it recognises that humanity is in a tight situation regarding its collective planetary future.

Robert suspects that there is also within that ‘collective unconsciousness’ the realisation of opportunity for a truly brighter future. (Robert’s use of ‘bright future’ is totally different from the National party’s use.)

He feels that the long-term trends show we are closing in-on, within a generation or two, ending warfare as an institution.

This is only one of the changes that his decades of working in this field lead him to believe are in ‘the works’ .

Humanity has many challenges – the warming climate, species extinction, various social problems, etc. – that we have we have yet to solve. Robert has spent over 40 years studying and writing about these challenges and now feels that we already have practical, tested solutions to essentially all of them. The obstacles to implementing these solutions all come back to fear, fear that we have inherited from 5000 years of cultures based on maintaining everyone in a traumatized state.

For thousands of years the winning strategy for worldly success has been to Enforce the Three Dominations:

  1.   The domination within. Doing everything with will.   
  2.   The domination over others.
  3.   The domination over Nature.   

During all that time, visionaries and idealists have pursued a different strategy, what Robert calls Embody the Three Harmonies:

  1.   the harmony within.
  2.   the harmony with others.
  3.   the harmony with nature.

As appealing as many have found this approach, it’s not been a strategy for outward success.

Until now.

The long-term trends of cultural evolution suggest that we are currently in a ‘tipping zone’ where increasingly those who succeed in practical terms will be good collaborators who embody the three harmonies. Those who pursue domination will find themselves more and more isolated and unsuccessful.

With the goal of speeding up this ‘birth’ of the Planetary Era, Robert has developed an ‘adventure tour to the future’. Called Bright Future Now, it helps people deepen their embodiment of the Three Harmonies so that they can personally step into that bright future now and be more effective and joyous change agents in service to the Earth and its life. Bright Future Now is a 6-week online, highly-interactive process that integrates into the lives of busy people all over the world.

Listen to this interview and discover how deepening your skills of cooperation can speed up your own transition into the Planetary Era.

May 3, 2017

Can New Zealand become non Aligned? Can we as a small educated nation control our own destiny and become more independent and not be dragged into the military industrial complexes, war games - based on planetary control by the corporate elite?

CAFCA, (Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa) announces the launch of AIM (Aotearoa Independence Movement) and invites you to join them.

CAFCA is preparing to initiate and drive a nationwide dialogue to advance the case for a non-aligned Aotearoa based on policies of economic, military and political independence.

This is not a new thing from CAFCA - it has been part of their core issues since they were founded more than 40 years ago.

Murray Horton talks most knowingly about political history and current day issues that contribute to the founding of the AIM campaign.

Murray has been a Christchurch-based political activist since 1969 and is the Organiser for both the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA) and the Anti-Bases Campaign (ABC)

He is a University of Canterbury graduate, and has worked in a number of "real" jobs, the longest being 14 years as a Railways worker. His redundancy in 1991 was followed by his becoming the full time paid Organiser of CAFCA.

He says: “The advent of Donald Trump in the US provides an unprecedented opportunity to take a good, hard look at Aotearoa's place in the world.

And to ask the question - why are we still a loyal member of the American Empire?

As the old saying goes, you are judged by the company you keep.

CAFCA says it's time for this country to pull the plug, to finish the business started in the 1980s which saw us out of ANZUS; and break the chains - military, intelligence, economic and cultural, etc, etc - that continue to bind us to the American Empire.

Let's deal with the world on our terms, not on those dictated from whichever empire we happen to be a junior member of at the time.

Somebody needs to take the initiative and we're happy to do so.

“What is AIM? (Aotearoa Independence Movement.) It's a campaign, not an organisation.

What is a specific example of what being non-aligned would look like? An obvious one would be to get Aotearoa out of the Five Eyes spy network and close the Waihopai spy base. That would remove this country from being entangled in wars and spying that serve the interests of the US and and other countries, not ours. Another one would be to drastically tighten the foreign "investment" laws governing who owns our companies and land.

What will AIM do to "initiate and drive this nationwide dialogue"?.

That will be decided by the organisations and individuals that get involved in the campaign.

It is not about Donald Trump.

He is simply the catalyst who offers us a once in a lifetime opportunity to build this campaign and create a truly non-aligned Aotearoa.

We know that there are plenty of New Zealanders right across the political spectrum who are just as appalled as we are by what the world is witnessing going on in the US every day.

But it's not about whoever happens to be US President.

This is about the longer view and the bigger picture.

Nor is it "anti-American" (or "racist" or "xenophobic", for that matter).

We stand with the American people who are fighting back in their millions. We stand with them as we stood with them in common causes ranging from stopping the war in Vietnam to the invasion of Iraq and the failed attempt to impose the TPPA on our peoples.

The campaign has begun for a truly non-aligned Aotearoa. You'll be hearing more from us. We need as many people as possible to get actively involved” Murray Horton

See here for the Aotearoa Independence Movement’s website.

It includes Murray’s speech given at AUT Pacific Media Centre, “Time for Independence from a Crumbling US Empire.”

Previous Interviews by Murray Horton on       2014


This interview is sponsored by ‘The Awareness Party.’

Apr 27, 2017

Jonathan Cole is a Solar Engineer bringing innovative and new solar techniques and technology to New Zealand.

Right from his landing in NZ Jonathan noticed that the sky was so much more brighter here than he had seen in the Northern hemisphere – even from Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific the horizons were now unclear.

Noticeable for him on most occasions here were the clearly defined razor sharp horizon lines when looking out to sea. He has not seen anything like this for 15 years due to the massive recent industrial outpourings north of the equator. That for New Zealanders, the lack of atmospheric pollution is taken for granted whereas Jonathan is becoming used to witnessing a yellowish haze that blurs the horizon line when looking out anywhere in the Northern hemisphere. Even when he in an airplane at 30,000 ft it’s basically the same.

Whereas in the Southern hemisphere Jonathan states that there is a better chance for us in this hemisphere to have a healthy and comfortable life style, without atmospheric pollution - by introducing new clean steady state solar technologies

Though solar energy comes from a fusion reactor that could be very dangerous, however fortunately it’s situated 93 mile -s away journeying through space. So we are basically safe, and that the atmosphere of our planet essentially can act as a shield without causing us to much harm.

Due to the ozone level over NZ and the lower latitudes of the Southern hemisphere being thinner – more intense sunlight there is a higher number of watts hitting the ground per square metre - especially when compared to the Northern hemisphere – so it is a natural move for us in NZ to start utilising this solar energy to power up our country.

Germany is far closer to the North pole than NZ is to the South Pole – so if the Germans are the top global solar country, then NZ has a huge advantage and opportunity to take this to the next level. Jonathan says NZ can easily do this and it would be cheaper as well, due our closer position to the equator.


Pump water uphill … for night time gravity driven generation use.  Having a central storage dam that can be used on demand. Tesla’s name came up briefly as being able to tap into our planet as a spinning dynamo. Plus the large battery packs now becoming available.  

Jonathan then tells us that he has been working on stored energy for the last 35 years and it is not just sun light – it’s light energy that we can extract energy out of. Even when it is cloudy – light energy always hits the earth. So when there is light it can be turned into electricity.

He states he can store electricity in batteries that can now last 25 years on a solar system of his own design – and for the very few times that the days were heavily clouded – have a small generator just in case.

Also, that he has never had a power outage with his solar energy system. i.e no stoppage or failures.

Clean Power.

This is a major benefit as well as eye opening information!

Solar energy also has a very good advantage in that it gives you very clean power – that there are no surges or spikes as it evenly distributes the flow from the battery to all the appliances that need power. As a result he has never had a light bulb burn out or a stereo stop working  or a washing machine or hot jug – because there is no surge or spike. This is where batteries and solar energy can save all your electrical appliances - from burning out. The unrecognised beauty of solar energy from batteries is that all appliances will last an exceptionally long time.  

In NZ where we have 230 volts they can spike up to ten times higher - up to near 2.500 volts when the power surges along the lines. These are instantaneous and just blow many appliances out. This can occur for example when a very large refrigerator compressor in a supermarket turns on – and there is a huge ripple along the power lines and the knock on effect – results in spikes and thus the appliances can get fried.

He said that where he lives in Hawaii, he is still on the grid, but may only take 1 and a half % of power off it, just to cover heavily cloudy days.

Meaning 99%  of electricity comes from the sun and the other 1.5% from the grid and in the USA, China and Australia this displaces an enormous amount of Co2.

Listen to Jonathan as he spells it out.  

He further states that he can produce a  solar energy panel that includes all the electronics  - a small computer and batteries that will last for 25 years for $600 US.  That is correct ‘everything’ lasting 25-30 years. What the electricity companies need to do is get in and do solar units too – there is good cash in this. Plus, they have the finance to further the research and paradigm, however they are suffering from stranded investment – being that they have already invested in their own future and have to now hang in for these next 30 years to extract whatever they can from their investment.


Costs Coming Down.

We may have plenty of hydro and windmill power generation here in NZ which is renewable – however solar is now delivering electricity at 8 cents a kilowatt hour – which Jonathan says is about a third of what we are paying here in NZ. Even with hydro power at 70% of power generation for NZ - it’s a high maintenance operation. Solar power has virtually zero maintenance in their operation. Now and then wipe the solar panels.

Today solar panels are being made with over a 50 year life time and inverters that change DC current to AC with a 25 year guarantee. Which mean if something mechanical happens to it, you do not have to pay to replace it.

Solar is all solid state – with no moving parts and no friction – virtually zero wear and tear.

Other Subjects Covered.

Cells that can come in rolls like wall paper and that you roll them down your roof. At present they only last about  5 years.

In the next 20 to 30 years - Worldwide there is going to be a huge percentage of electricity demand that is going to be met by renewables  - especially solar – mainly because it will outperform static combustible technologies including nuclear.

Transport of the future where practical – Tesla batteries  & long haul trucking by GPS navigation.

Lack of space for car parking in cities be it in the CBD or having room to park and house cars in a family of two adults and two teenagers in the city … No parking on the street?

More people will opt for more public transportation in the cities and hire cars from drop centres if one is urgently needed. In Munich Germany - electric BMW mini smart car 33 cents a minute swipe your Credit Card and get in and start driving – you finds the car by a smart phone App in a street station near by.

Air transportation is being designed as well with specific air corridors to keep some sort of order  - Germany -Lilium


Tesla - Elon Musk   – Hyperloop ground transport at high speeds

Listen to this conversation about transport that is electric, clean energy and silent


Part Two

The Human Condition

Especially a durable prosperity that goes a step beyond sustainability.

That human beings can exhibit the highest elements of our nature and have faith that the forces of lightness gain predominance and make things better. 

It is incumbent for us to utilise our creativity to improve the world or use it that ends up having so many negative consequences that future generations are having to pay for.

To be conscious of what choice we make when we wish to improve our world and planet’s biosphere.

People be trained in schools about consequences.

That corruption of our inner being is expressed in the outer world – because we have not listened and taken into account our conscience

Listen to the end of this interview to Jonathan as he opens up on taking us into conscious thoughts and conscious actions - as we bring more light to the world.

Apr 20, 2017

This soul brother is ‘out there’ he is prepared to give it a go for all that he is worth. Upfront and into it, and a courageous willingness to ‘have a go’!

Back in the 1990’s Rev Billy noticed a more overt method of marketing products that was being pushed into people’s lives and as a vulnerable consumer it engaged him by appealing to his status and power, good looks and youth – and he was tricked into it. And it kept turning his head.

Then somehow with the help of friends and teachers and the fortune of the luck of the draw - he decided to resist!  He was just tired of getting rolled over by the glam and whizz bang of seduction and the dazzle of neon super models when he walked through New York’s Time Square. So out of these circumstances he emerged out of the pavement - as a preacher on the Broadway sidewalks of Time Square.

And with help of some cohorts created a theology in which Mickey Mouse was the antiChrist. Then he placed himself in front of the Disney store and began to encourage and exhort people, that if they entered the Disney store and shopped - they would be sinning! You will have to listen to Rev Billy rage against the machine – ‘that they are all sweatshop products’ – and that type of preaching would go on for hours and hours . And he received all sorts of different responses  … and he got better at it. And he got what preachers got … your whoop – yes your whoop! …. And after some months he got his whoop up to speed and that he could preach at a thousand bored listless tourists, drifting like cattle and get them to consider to go into the Disney store - OR NOT.  And this is when Billy’s Ministry began.

It began in his own self-defence, but also a willingness to appear foolish and he encourages all his listeners (he laughs) to be foolish and we have to cross-over from that character that we have been ‘conditioned’ to be.

The American comedian Steve Martin in the movie “Leap of Faith” came up and Billy said that he was influenced in this role by comediennes, rock and roll and jazz. He would also go to Evangelical and Pentecostal ‘performances’ where there would be grandmothers passing out on the altar and people screaming  - and then he states that many of those churches were right wing in their content. So he turned off the content and just learned how to preach. Listen to Billy, wind up and show how it’s done!

Yet Billy did not really want to be a preacher, because he was brought up by abusive right wing Christian parents. However he in the end could not resist, because having the backup of a choir and great music made the message even more compelling. So when he really got good at it – the Church of Stop Shopping had to have a choir – and he found many people who agreed with his contention that consumerism is the devil – starting to sing his lyrics. – He doesn’t really know how it actually happened - he said he was lucky – it was a blessing  - out of the blue – it just became.

Surmising that it was partly persistence, stubbornness and the willingness to let go and be foolish.

Billy states that we have to be open to the mysterious and the earth telling us in whatever subtle ways we can perceive - that the indigenous peoples have been telling us from day one that consumerism and everything that it entails is not the way forward in our relationship to our great sustainer, our planet. It is not the indigenous people way to just make money and conquer nature.

Visiting Standing Rock in North Dakota

Listen to Billy tell us what happened up in Standing Rock in North Dakota where he took his Stop Shopping Choir and that so many other indigenous tribes from around our planet had converged in support of the First Nations of North America.  He finds himself with the Aotearoa NZ Maori and in particular their haka - he realised that they had a deep connection to the earth. Listen to here his tell his story.

He said all other tribes were singing water related songs that were so very moving – that he and his Choir started crying.

He mentioned that the songs seemed to have Beethoven’s 9th beat  - that he felt his life changing …

And right next to him and the Savitri D  were 15 Maori who when they dropped into their karakia (prayer) followed by a haka ‘it scared the hell out of Billy and his group”  … that knowing about other first peoples from around the world makes a huge difference to how he saw life.

That Rivers are becoming recognised as entities

He then mentions the Whanganui River  ( awa) as having recently been given living status and classified as an entity. This he said was wonderful and that other countries like India are following suit.

He sees that the reengaging with this knowingness, that the Whanganui river is an entity – shows that the global neo-liberal economy has a limit. That this emergence of such an event means that indigenous cultures can now take the higher ground in seeing that the earth is both living and sacred. See India recently passing legislation as well as what has been happening in Bolivia and Ecuador etc.

Billy sees this as an earth-aluya moment in our history -this is what we are waiting for  …

Billy states that he is very grateful for the leadership that has come his way. (It takes huge courage, especially in the USA).  He is grateful that the indigenous – earth peoples have survived the extraction and murderous ways plus the diseases of our European culture. To still be here as carers of the earth – that which lends us bodies in which to live, plus free air, water and until recently a free food chain.

We need to drop the old story of conquest and empire and consumers consuming our planet and allow the old stories of pre ‘city-state’ culture, to come in. That the word natural needs to been seen as far more sustainable than cultural and allow the earth to re-enter our consciousness.

Being mindful in one’s actions

Both Billy and Savitri D his dearly loved wife are very mindful and respectful of the lives of humanity and are very caring of how they language their connection both to people and our planet as a whole.

He intuits that the uprising on earth today is more than a message to him it is an instruction – that the earth is giving a signal to join her – in this uprising …


Then present situation in America and what leadership is required.

We have to come back to the living earth.

I then interview for 25 minutes, Savitri D - Billy’s wife and leader of the ‘Stop Shopping Choir’

The Church of Stop Shopping is a radical performance community of about 50 people.

Who are united around their values …

And recently they have been going inside banks to show their resistance as consumer activists. For example they even travelled to North Dakota to the Standing Rock - access pipeline. In super of the First Nation peoples.

Their strength is their creativity and communal energy which focuses on political activism, being radical earth activists with heart and soul.

Being earth oriented they look at natural systems for clues  - such as a healthy bio-system is diverse. They look for resilience in their human community as much as they do in their physical landscape – some would say a permaculture view – a very broad view of integrated designs of things.

Yet a lot of their work involves standing on police lines protesting … and doing it with song and hilarious preaching plus ferocious preaching too.  Disrupting the normal tone of protest – adding clever and artistic props that they make themselves. Plus, over the last 15 to 20 years they have developed a broad vocabulary to add to their protest and resistance – using every different strategy they can imagine. One continuous strategy is focus on climate change and to keep it in the public consciousness all the time.

This with keeping fossil fuels in the ground, trees deeply rooted and animals healthy … to reduce human chauvinism in its industrial effort to extract the last of earth’s gifts out of her. Is what they are here to protect.

Savitri says she and her troupe are wild people who live in the city – being the human wilderness of New York city.

And New York is the entry point of the USA and the road is unknown – but people show up as they find a way to divine a way to survive and make a new life for themselves.  As an artist it is very exciting but for an ordinary person too, just wishing to become financial stable.

Cultural creatives hare challenged to come together. As the arts now are becoming very commodified and institutionalised – and it is difficult for an artist to be political – as sponsorship option evaporates instantly – and has always been that way.

People in NY are in a hurry – but they are open …

Some of the protests were:

Singing about Monsanto and honey bees, neonicotinoids and pesticides, plus being pollinators where they dressed as honey bees – and the fact the the Stop Shopping Choir is so diverse that there are always creative input to their shows.

BP comes up for some attention … Marktown East of Chicago – is supposedly a cancer cluster area – so they went and sung to the people of that area – about capitalism and the extraction the fossil fuel industry – and these people are going through hard times so ‘the choir’ has to communicate with them in a gentle and respectful way – without undermining the value of what they have put into their own life – albeit working for a corporation that is basically only profit motivated.

That though in a hostile territory the payback was that they were very well received as they both educated and healed these workers by showing that they cared.

What are we to do?

Start sharing deep story with each other – being caring and insightful – be open to change and don’t get sucked in by mainstream media – it is not productive at all.

What will make people more active and engaged?

Community holds us up and supports us – community is powerful and capable of profound things – someone gets tired. But there is always someone having an up day and they come in alongside you and lift you up. Tend to your garden and nourish all your relationships.

Gather together to work with you affinity groups = people you know and trust and build strong cohesive relationships. It’s a long game and the challenges are not going to go away tomorrow.

Yet Billy states that in the USA things have never been darker yet things have never been brighter … yet we need Noble courage to stand up!

The present president is showing to the public face that the macho fundamentalism is bulldozing and extracting every last drop of what the earth can supply.

What was interesting was that Bernie Sanders presidential bid was largely an Occupy Wall St platform.

Apr 12, 2017

I really want to share this interview with you as it was a heartfelt eye opener for me as it showed that there are many people in our towns, villages and rural regions across NZ, diligently focussing on pulling the threads of community together - in many ways under the radar - at a grass roots level.

As a ‘systems thinker’ Anneleise Hall’s insights are invaluable to all people who are wanting NZ as a whole - to prepare itself to become far more robust, sustainable and resilient. With a fast coming future descending on us - we need to really commit to ‘conscious action!’ Not only for our biosphere and all biota, but especially for the sake of our children and grandchildren too.

Many years ago, Anneleise was working for a local newspaper in a small region on NZ’s West Coast where she basically had full control of the content of that newspaper and as she was there for many years she got an overview of the makeup of this small town and she noticed that after the extractive industry of logging was closed down and the subsequent good pay-out by the NZ government - it interested her how this small town responded to losing major income streams – and how they innovated.

So in putting together the newspaper she grew an awareness of other ways of entrepreneurship such as the West Coast wild foods event, which went on to a film festival then tourism and art  - resulting in boosting their own income and the local economy.

She ended up teaching young teens skills how to get a job and build up their self-worth that lead her into community work – then it was noticed that a lot of kids had fallen through the cracks – that if there was no sport, there was not so many options – so she started up a trust to get music into schools and the smoke free rock quest.

Because of the lack of interest in some of the challenges of the youth and the teachers of the schools unable to have the time etc, that she noticed another small town nearby that had a ‘green dollar’ group and they were having markets in the weekend and it was quite active. It was here that she enjoyed getting fresh organic produce that were traded – and use the ‘various credits’ for other things and people were building tiny houses and rebuilding buses as a sustainable community was growing up on her periphery .

Yet on the other hand, Anneleise still in her newspaper role, was harvesting stories from around the world of other small towns that were doing very exciting and innovative things to mitigate the so called perfect storm of global circumstances. With globalism creating massive change even if it was not necessarily in everyone’s awareness at that time – she said that she was just led there without really being conscious of how it would unfold.  

As she was in an industry where she was able to get all the news-feeds from around the world via news-wire and in doing so, receiving torrents of information that she could choose from. She was in a microcosmic situation of a little NZ town – looking out towards all the other towns globally in the greater planetary macrocosm – and how these towns were changing to meet the ever changing global circumstances.

One thing she became aware of just how creative people are and what is the potential when you start to think outside the square by creating real long lasting positive change – and this empowered her – in realising that these small towns and regions could really progress.

That when one town creates an innovative model – it gives other towns a blueprint and an ompetus as to how they too, can reinvent themselves.

Then Anneleise talks to the fact that she is a system – of breathing heart, lungs and this is her immediate ecology – and then in her family unit that’s another ecology and then her community - it is an even larger one – and all the parts interlink and interweave and if we are healthy, that little local microcosm is too. That there is a correlation that if our wellbeing as individuals is healthy, there is a very good chance our community will become one too.

Uncertainty and faster change affects us all

She noticed that the more uncertainty and faster pace of the world affected our levels of stress, depression and anxiety - plus fear of the future increased.

As a result of the changing global dynamics, she is also seeing more fragmentation and mistrust – as we haved moved away from our innate humanity and the ability to cooperate, when we as a species are really social creatures, and have been basically interrelating since the beginning of time. Whereas the current program that we are being inundated with is having the best, the brightest  always winning, “we have gotta have this” mentality  … and it’s turned into such a competitive mind-set that it’s now a case of the haves and the have nots. The winner and the losers and that can be seen nearly everywhere especially in the 2nd decade of the 21st century.

Yet in our hearts:

Yet in our hearts there is another thing happening, people are moving back to really basic ways of being, that she finds very exciting. That all this has been seeded over the last 30 to 40 years – that was quite fringe back then – is now becoming more and more mainstream as people look at a ‘time bank’ or green dollars and a community garden, a local food growing project, an energy project like a car pooling project  - all being ways to counterbalance the status quo. Especially as the resources on the ground cannot keep up. (i.e - be sustainable).

So when the Christchurch earthquake happened, over the hill in Lyttleton the ‘time bank’ that was set up was able to quickly jump into action and able to be utilised by the emergency services because they had their own telephone tree and were already embedded and known  throughout that community.

This is where PLAN B comes into it.

Project Lyttleton - cherry picked all the other pilot initiatives that were happening anywhere in the world, to see how they may be integrated into their localised situation

This is where Anneleise then noticed that the mainstream newspapers were not interested in printing any articles on ‘time banking’ – that Project Lyttleton Initiator, Margaret Jefferies could not interest these local corporate newspapers into covering this innovative method of enabling the community to become more resilient and self reliant. 

She noticed there are little pockets in areas where inspired people inhabit and come together – however how do you communicate with these people when the mainstream local newspapers do not wish to help you? (hint, they are not here to bring community together ‘they’ are here just to make money and keep the status quo – Tim

It took a while to build up the time bank – because the whole concept of throwing ‘money’ out the window and instead trading on ‘time’ was so new! “That one person’s time was exactly that same as another person’s time – so that every bodies time - is equal.”

That everyone has something intrinsic to offer and everyone’s time is equal.

Dr Edgar Cahn – Time bank guru:

It was a way to not use our national currency the NZ dollar, especially if we were short of cash and instead at a community level get things done with just a giving of one’s time.


Anneleise says that from a systems thinking process, it is a rich ecology where there is a much greater choice when the community engages in a community wide ‘time banking’ system. This is because there is an amazing range and depth of talents and skills plus expertise that when you connect into and access this community you have this goldmine of real knowledge and wisdom.  

That time banking is really a facility to go beyond our instinctive ‘modern’ mistrust of each other and start to rebuild both networks of community that Anneleise says, were once far more prevalent back in the past.

So the key here is to have some clear, accurate and balanced communication forms going on.

In the UK the Time Bank system expressed itself differently as the Government allied them to health centres – in giving assistance to old people in their homes and by helping out the elderly in their house, it meant that they could stay and live in their home longer instead of having to move to a retirement village for example. Also in Britain’s Prisons – (listen to hear the story)

The Non Market Economy

The ‘non market economy’ can be seen as up to 40% of the economy – like child care, care for the elderly, civic participation – volunteerism – all of this work is not contributing to GDP and it is not measured – yet it is the glue that holds our communities together.

So these activities are the foundation of our healthy human existence  - yet under our current economic measuring - they are completely ignored.

Love comes into it !!!       What is that worth?

Sustainability is a whole system – of many interlinking components that is inclusive of ‘closing the loop.’

Even the garage sale and car boot sale are parts to this whole. Where you are reusing and recycling things they are all integral to your community functioning at a social and at an economic level.

Having connection in your community is critical

Having a network of friends and kin is imperative!  (listen)

Healing was another imperative !

Transition Towns

Malicious propaganda via mainstream media like  sensationalism of war, terrorism, crime etc – we must not let it undermine our sense of community, undermine our sense of connection, undermine our humanity and our caring for other people  - and to where this leads us …

Systems thinking and healthy children growing up with healthy boundaries, that have healthy connections  to each other and our world – this requires a lot of modelling. Modelling what the adults are doing in the community. So if adults are heart centred and aligned with a very balanced intent – positive change can ripple throughout the community.

She mentions Bruce Lipton’s understanding of ‘conscious evolution.’  See

Finding that laughter and connection is in community.

Finding that little quiet place in nature or meditation – this is so essential to us in bringing us back to our basic humanity.

Letting go of stress, letting go of the negative media programming.

As a ‘serial researcher’ :)  … these are other things covered by Anneleise:

We do not know what will eventuate until we go out into the community and involve ourselves.

We need to commit to make things happen

There is a richness of people who have skills talents and gifts to share.

We need to get together – share ideas and rebuild trust  as well as rebuild a collective energy – where we work together in a cooperative movement and collaborate - as against competition

There is a document on – called ‘our story’ – which is like a blueprint or template, of what you can do.

Anneleise would also like to see a reduction of poverty and incarcerations, better health care, swimmable rivers – even a universal basic income … plus curtailing foreign land investments and what we need to do in regard to the election cycle.

Time banking and other community financial methods can be found on:   

An extremely vivid overview of someone who has thought deeply of how community comes together - 5 Stars. A must listen for NZers wishing for a greater cohesive community connection.


Apr 6, 2017

Australian Phillip J. Watt is an activist for individual and collective change. He does not mince words. His interview is a balance of wake up calls, and talking of positive solutions.

Phil is passionate about and dedicated to capturing and amplifying the much needed spiritual and systemic changes that characterise our emerging global culture.

Looking at the issues he says, “Some people still have no idea that there are people and families who have more influence in the direction of humanity’s future than those who work within the government apparatus. Yet of those who understand the power that both old and new money yields, many still find it hard to believe that the people who really run the show behind the scenes do not have humanity’s best interests at heart. To them I say, just have a good look around. Put aside the strong evidence of a Satanist ideology and pedophilic tendencies within the uber elite, and pay wise attention to not just the system itself, but the health and prosperity of the people.

First, the system. The money supply is a scam in which currency is created out of nothing, where the profits go back to those who create it instead of the people and their community needs. Food is tainted, as is water. Medicine is in general a toxic soup of adulterated elements too, which struggle to resolve the symptoms, let alone cure the fundamental issues. Now of course there are many natural ingredients that can be highly effective against the widespread dis-ease which permeates our so-called modern world, but they’ve been so effectively suppressed simply because the people would manage their own healing on a local level.

And that is outside of the desired control of those who are hellbent on their power trip of ruling the world. This theme is present through all of this, actually.

Then there’s the mainstream media, which is a monopolized mess of propaganda and hypnotism. Now it is true that you will get some truth through these channels, but in the most part, information that reveals the big realities, especially regarding the theft of various elements of the system, will not be televised for society’s benefit.

Each and every one of us has surely seen how the corporatized media works for their own interests, right?

Then of course there’s the government. Big money, through their lobbyists, ensure that macro policy design supports their agenda. Its crony capitalism on steroids with a political puppet arsenal that makes Pinocchio look like he’s just had a hit of truth serum.

Take for example Australia’s Prime Minister. As an ex-managing director of Goldman Sachs, which is a banking institution deeply embedded into the banksterism that exists today, his appointment is such a massive conflict of interest that it is dumbfounding that the Aussies don’t physically escort him out of Parliament house. To add the final blow, he is also deeply in the pocket of the pharmaceutical drug dealers which have literally killed millions of people, as well as destroyed many more people’s lives through addiction and increased sickness.

Yeah, sounds legit.

So what does the public education system do regarding all this? Well, it maintains and perpetuates this status quo, of course.

Enter the people. There are three S’s which characterize humanity’s internal world today, which are sadness, stress and sickness. Ask nine out of ten people and they’ll be either in one or more of these states, or simply completely disconnected from themselves and their purpose.

Contentment is rare. Common sense is uncommon. The authentic, empowered man or woman is nearly non-existent. Of course on the surface people seem ‘fine’, but peak into their lives and it soon becomes pretty clear that it’s whirlwind of bitterness, smallness, hatred, jealousy and competition.

That’s not to say that our fellow men and women aren’t mostly good-natured and caring, but damn we’re lost in a web of bullshit. We’re all part of this to some degree or another, but very few seem seriously motivated to get out of the sick race and genuinely surround themselves with good vibes and good lives.

Why? There are many reasons, but to simplify it, it comes down to indoctrination, ignorance, laziness and fear. People just don’t understand, and they don’t want to understand, because it means much more than just changing their lives. It also means authentically facing themselves and the outside world, which means completely redesigning themselves and their concepts of reality.

So instead, many people find solace in giving back in some little way without having to do the hard work. One example is giving money to charity, without focusing on the core systemic areas that would actually deal with the problems. It’s so unfortunate too, because many charities and foundations are very much embedded and even complicit in suppression of the truth.

After all, there’s no need for that organization to exist if they solved the cause they were fighting for.

In any case, the world we live in is not one of general health, happiness and harmony. Instead, we have sickness, sadness and stress. And that doesn't even account for the super S of scarcity, instead of abundance. So even if the ruling class genuinely had good intentions when it comes to the care of you and your family and friends, they’ve clearly failed.

Either which way, it looks like we’re going to have to step up our vibration of consciousness and sort this mess out for ourselves, especially in our own lives. Or not; I guess time will tell.”

Phillip J. Watt lives on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia. He is an activist for individual and collective change and has devoted his career to supporting this evolution. Phil best identifies as a truthseeker, writer, self-help guide, organic farmer and activist who has lived a life of self-determination and built a strong repertoire based in leadership, teamwork and seeking the essential knowledge and skills to holistically support himself, his family and his clientele.

Phil's written and film work deals with topics from ideology to society, as well as self-development. His love for spreading empowering messages evolved into being a leading writer for independent on-line media dedicated to mindful, holistic, progressive, well-informed and adventurous living. He is also an online and in person presenter of information relating to the truth and freedom network.

Phil is passionate about and dedicated to capturing and amplifying the much needed spiritual and systemic changes that characterise our emerging global culture. He has a background working in multifaceted areas including journalism, policy development, security, project management, social work, operations management and providing individual and relationship guidance. He also has the privilege of interviewing a variety of progressive leaders on his YouTube Channel.

Follow him on Facebook @ Phillip J. Watt, watch his interviews with an array of inspiring guests at 'The Conscious Society' YouTube Channel, read his latest work at his new website and visit his personal development website

This interview is sponsored by The Awareness Party

Mar 30, 2017

Dahr Jamail is the chief environmental reporter for - the large web-based news and current events site from the USA.

An award winning writer of books such as:




Dahr has been here in NZ checking on some of the key areas and tipping points’ within our localised ecology. The diminishing glaciers in the southern alps being very noticeable. The other being acidic oceans. Plus the strange weather patterns that are skewing the seasons of spring, summer and autumn.

A third of the permanent snow and ice of New Zealand’s Southern Alps has now disappeared, according to our new research based on National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research aerial surveys. Since 1977, the Southern Alps’ ice volume has shrunk by 18.4 km3 or 34%, and those ice losses have been accelerating rapidly in the past 15 years.

Same for the Northern Hemisphere

Methane in the upper northern hemisphere is outgassing from the melting tundra. - in Russia, Canada and Alaska.

Permafrost is decaying rapidly not only in the arctic but right across the top of these northern countries.

Is the science letting humanity down?

There are 2,500 international scientists that are doing projections and they always work to the lowest common denominator. They play it conservatively. This is a problem as many of these scientists are Government scientists and they are beholden to their employers for their pay checks  - they are frightened and will not tell the truth as it is.

The Great Barrier Reef

Looking at impacts of global warming and that the reefs wellbeing, recently in Australia and the Great Barrier reef is in trouble … remembering it is ‘an organism’ that due to human impact on the environment – we are causing changing environmental conditions that the reef is being ’bleached’ and there appears to be no end in sight. It is the largest coral event in the history of record keeping. The great barrier reef last year received over 90% of its entirety bleached with between 22% and 25% of it is now lost in one year.

Statistics are leading scientists to saying that by 2050 that 98% of coral reefs globally will be experiencing a ‘thermal stress event’- a bleaching event every single year.

25% of fish species are dependent on the life of a coral reef.

That if the water warms up on a reef and stays warm the coral dies but if it cools down again within-  around 6 weeks – the reef will recover.

Already in the Caribbean sea we have already lost 90% of the entire coral reef system. Dahr has also just come from Guam and in the last 3 years they have lost 50% of their coral. So that is how fast it is happening.

The question is, why are the public not receiving this information?

Why is it that in the US, the media is run by basically 6 major corporations all straight jacketed into the vested corporate military banking industrial model – that censors by omission or just gives out fake news - ad nauseam.

The situation today is very serious!

How do we empower people? And emancipate them from the shackles of apathy and the psychological ‘it’s all too much’ - subjugation?

It’s all about connection … to nature and the cycles of nature – until more people go out deep into nature and have connection that is truly intimate – until they get it that we are an extension of our planet we are going to be scratching to get enough uptake to be the change that we wish to see in the world.

Because if humanity does not step up to the plate then near term extermination will come upon us.

If we do not have a clear map to see what is happening – how can we make the correct decisions?

Darhs credentials of putting himself on the line!

Having been in one of the sieges of Fallujah in Iraq, Darh came back with PTSD ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ and came to meet Joanna Macy - who follows a Buddhist methodology in dealing with grief and loss and the psychological effect of tragedy - among many other ecological and peaceful matters. However he has been able come through this now, though it still has an affect on him. 

Dahr says that not receiving correct and truthful news is a huge problem and that he had to get out of corporate America to obtain news outside their sphere of control and influence to learn the truth and what was really going on.

He said that he realised that the lies and distortions that the US engaged in and that it was involved in an illegal invasion of a sovereign country and broke countless Geneva conventions. However, if he read information coming from the United Nations or (at the time) the ‘Guardian’ or the ‘Independent’ in the UK he got a very different understanding. But where do we go today to get concise truthful information?

The truth about Climate Change

For Dahr states that this on going climate change and progressive warming is going to be the most important of issues especially for each successive day for the billions of inhabitant of our planet, period!

Dahr says this is huge, we are losing the biosphere in chunks and he only covered coral in this interview.

With the massive increase and release of pollutants into the atmosphere changing its composition and altering the chemistry of the oceans that we supposedly evolved from - to realise that our oceans will experience a collapse in fisheries due to overfishing and loss of habitat. Because one billion people derive sustenance from fish that live in and around coral reefs – where are they going to get their protein? 

Look at the weather shifts especially the freezing weather winters in the North East USA. With massive fluctuations. Crops are being affected by this extreme situation – and bee pollination too.

In Africa.

That in the last 2 months the UN states there are four countries now experiencing famine.

Previously there has been a lot of grain sent from the US to Africa to provide relief - And he is not sure if this will happen under the Trump administration. (I did not get the opportunity to ask if it was GMO grain? Tim)  This is only one example of the knock on effect of food production that has to been grown every year to sustain so many lives.

When in Russia it was so warm recently that they had record setting, wildfires – thus the weather patterns has affected their grain growing and instead of being a grain exporter Russia have to keep it all for themselves – but the prices then go up – globally.

Dahr maintains that even the Arab spring is all related directly or indirectly to climate disruptions …

That it was a vegetable vendor in Tunisia setting himself alight – it was an act of self-immolation as a symbolic act because people could not afford to pay for food. Because of drought caused by climate disruption.  Dahr states that the same happened in Egypt – people could not afford to eat – Mubarak did nothing and this ignited a situation where he was overrun and his regime fell. Same for Syria – drought affected Syrian farmers that in the end walked off the land into the cities affecting the demographics with poor people igniting an insurrection that lead to Syria erupting in environment. (Tim, there was another component that I did not have time to question and that was a week after 911 in the US, where General Wesley Clark whilst visiting the Pentagon after the twin towers imploded – was told by another army general that the US was going to topple 7 other regimes in the Mediterranean arc - ending with Iran – that for reasons unknown - happened at the same time?). And look what it has devolved into now ….

Critical Information

Dahr, says that if there is one piece of information that he wants to bring home to everyone  – “that it is happening now!”

That we cannot fall back on the default that there is still time – or that we can mitigate it or there is still this window … that is is just not true that a lot of governments today (including the NZ government) are banking on this lie.

That we, (the governments)  refuse to jettison the fossil fuel economy because of all the strings that have entangled us into this all encompassing, octopus - that envelops the global economy.  And though Dahr, feels we are already too late, by jettisoning fossil fuel tomorrow – that would be a starting point.

Tim then says that NZ’s challenge is that we have no politician of note or business person of prestige - who stands head and shoulders above all the other leaders in their field - prepared to speak truth to power relating to the climate change that we are pretending will go away – this is mainly due to the complete disconnect from the cycles of air, water and food production that our planet provides us.

Dahr wants people to halfway through reading any of his books – put it down and walk out into nature wherever you may be – the park, among trees, out in the bush, wade into a river, hike a hill or mountain trail – to just surrender to the elements and drop out of our head and into our heart - that 12 inches of descent into our chest cavity to where our heart pumps oxygen around our body temple. Just make the connection to the sacredness of not only our body – but to the earth that supports under the soles of our feet. To be thankful and grateful that we have an ecology that nourishes us. More so that we are not yet being scorched by the heat of the sun’s searing heat, or being in a war ravaged village or city in the throes of terror.

So with an emersion back into nature – for only when ‘we’ - the collective ‘we’ realise our connection and for a moment in time breathing in that sacredness of that ‘presence of being’.

To reflect that, for example in the US at present – people will not be able to petition those in power to bring about the appropriate change.

People Power at Grass Roots is the Only Way Possible.

Changing from the inside.

We have to get in touch with our own grief to recognise what is happening. In Dahr’s case he had been to war ravaged Iraq and had 5 assignments and had been in Fallujah during one of the sieges and witnessed first hand a lot of US war crimes upon women, children, babies - horrible things

And when he came back to the States he was suffering from PTS - Post Traumatic Stress disorder that Joanna Macy, out of the US says - that we need to get in touch with our grief.  However Dahr was at that stage still extremely angry and did not know that he was in grief and couldn’t get in touch with anything as he could not feel much else. Then Dahr says that this, at another level is what so many people in the States are suffering from today - also - because of their exposure to yet another news flash of what preposterous things are happening within the USA be it economic, political, ecological or war.

When we need to look at gratitude and look at where we are, and the amazing place where we live – look at the good people that we have in our lives  and the things that we can be grateful for and secondly we need to look squarely and honestly to exactly see what is going on.  Plus, how progressed we are on theses destructive paths.

We have to realise that we have already lost large areas of ecosystems. Such as by 2100, Mt Everest may have hardly any glaciers on it.  Same for Western Canada the glaciers will be no more. Sci fi movies have not gone there yet, - however we are in it and with the recently rain and flooding in Auckland largest city, (March 2017) we are witnessing climate change first hand.

He says that we have to not only get it intellectually – but also be emotionally engaged – this is where we experience what we are collectively doing to our great sustainer, our planet. We need to feel everything that goes with this … the rage at the people responsible – the rage at our own blindness to it until now – the sadness at what is being lost and the grief and despair and the feelings of powerlessness as to what has been happening - and finally from this place we can start to see things a lot more clearly and finally reconcile with the fact as to what actions do I need to now take.

Listen to Dahr as he takes the next steps …

That it is not an intellectual discussion any more – he says we have all the data – it is how do we take that incredibly long journey from the head to the heart – 25 centimetres and this is where he is writing his book - on the state of our planet and biosphere.

Finding a place of solace – and cherishing that place and caring for it, and making sure it remains because what happens when that place is gone?  Then, what you can do to make sure that this natural beauty is here for the long term – our children … perpetuity  - it’s about what is offered to us freely - clean air – pure water – a healthy food chain …

Joanna Macy’s work … called ‘the future beings’ is an exercise. She breaks the workshop into half. With one half of the group are here in present day and the other half are 200 years in the future but the 1st assumption is that there are beings 200 years into the future and our planet has no more ice in the arctic – not much in the Antarctic and Greenland is basically a puddle  Ocean levels are 100 feet higher and parts of our planet look like Mad Max.  Sitting in front of you is a person who is huddled in a small community somewhere on our planet that is still habitable, endeavouring to survive as a species.

And to the group that is in today – we still have much of our biosphere basically intact – ice though retreating is still here in both poles and a good part of the great barrier reef is still present. But, what are you doing?

Listen to how Dahr responds when faced with confronting the refugees of 200 years into the future … Hint – a small act now can make a huge difference in the future – (A stitch in time saves nine). That NZ can be the trim-tab factor for our Planet – per Buckminster Fuller).

Intent comes up and following through on doing what is best for the greater consciousness – in bettering the whole … being fully alive.

Tim’s critique - At present there are collectively tens of thousands of scientists who know that we are racing off the cliff, however they are not prepared to put their money where their research is showing them.

They do not want to collectively put a miserly 10 thousand dollars, from their own well-off pocket into a collective kitty to enable a couple of million dollars be put into a greater fund for a number of really hard hitting, high quality documentaries that tell it - as it is.

But, more so to empower us to action as the seed of this living planet ‘Gaia’ and show that we can wake up and flower as a race if we only tapped into our inner potential. (See Tom Campbell GreenplanetFM).

Do we have to leave it up to a movie star, Leonardo DiCaprio, and his timely movie ‘After the Flood’ to wake up the world? What are these scientists doing with their money. What are these billionaires that seem to be a dime a dozen - what are they doing with their money? Why are they not financially supporting the evidence and doing the right thing?

I would also like to mention that NZer Kevin Hester was instrumental in bringing Dahr Jamail to NZ and it has been Kevin’s unrelenting drive to keep this urgent climatic subject in the news here in New Zealand.

What we are also up against:

Mar 23, 2017

John Seed = Deep Ecology = One of Australia’s most articulate communicators of, and about, the web of life.

John gets us in touch with the psychological dimension of our environmental crisis to get beyond the denial that most people greet the news - as to what is happening to our world – and if we are in denial about the terrible plight that our planet’s in –then our ability to celebrate the beauty of nature and the glory of the cosmos is severely hampered – because it’s resting on a very unstable foundation.

John’s work over many decades has been in collaboration with Joanna Macy from the USA. They encourage people to recognise that our deepest feelings of despair and anguish about what’s happening to our world, are an integral part of us being able to celebrate and glory in the wonders of nature and the wonders of creation. That if we are in denial and are unwilling to feel and to share our pain as to what’s happening to our world, then we are also unable to truly celebrate the beauty, that surround us.

This has led him to take people who are needing to be healed ‘on a journey’ so as to let them confront their hurt and fears and - from a  psychological standpoint reconcile and rectify the trauma that they are witnessing across the face of nature today. This is an Australian story of a seminal conflict between the forest industry and the conservation movement over rainforests in northern New South Wales.

Battle for Forests

The battle over logging the rainforests of Terania Creek in 1979 started the Rainforest War in New South Wales. Some claimed Terania Creek to be the last un-logged rainforest in Australia. The war was a clash of values and cultures, but three important lessons came about from this conflict. These being the influence of the media, the role of science and ecology, and the spirituality of forests.

This ecological battle started a process that saw the eventual closure to logging and reservation in national parks of 900,000 ha of native forest, or about one third of the productive State Forests of New South Wales.

This halted the logging and sparked the NSW government's decision to gazette the remaining rainforest in NSW as a National Park.

John states “that even though we won that battle there are so many other battles...and in lots of ways they got worse."

"We still find it really hard to imagine that it was the first time people actively got out and protected the rainforest."

However John soon realised that in spite of the success of saving that forest and the wildlife that abounded, in looking at what was happening all around our planet - for every forest that was being protected, a thousand forests were being lost. And he saw clearly that there was no way we could save our planet at one forest at a time.

Addressing the underlying Psychological challenge.

That unless we address the underlying psychological or spiritual disease that afflicts modern humans one that somehow allows us to imagine that we can somehow profit from the destruction of our own life support systems and that these actions are very enjoyable and rewarding for the participants - it would be of no particular significance to the future of the world.

So John began to study to understand why do we behave is such a self-defeating manner?  

He mentions:

Paul Ehrlich  

The famous American ecologist and population commentator who said “we are sawing off the branch that we are sitting on.”

Clearly this indicates a psychological problem no matter how much the timber in that branch might be worth – it can’t profit us to do this. And through this enquiry he came upon a philosophy of nature called Deep Ecology.

Deep Ecology:

And this is where he could understand why we were behaving in this way. Deep Ecology was coined by the Norwegian - the late Arne Naessæss the emeritus Professor of Philosophy at Oslo University who said the underlying all the symptoms of the environmental crisis was the illusion of separation between ourselves and that of the natural world. The illusion … and this has grown into anthropocentrism or human centeredness.

The idea that we human beings are the centre of everything. This view sees us being the crown of creation - the measure of all being … and that nothing has any value except human beings – nothing is intrinsic. Things can have instrumental value if they are a resource for us. But really, we do not look at life as being a web or, if we do happen to see life as a web – we are the spider in the centre of it.

We are still unable to understand the science of ecology and the wisdom of indigenous people reveals we are but one strand in that web and if we destroy the other strands we destroy ourselves.

Connection to the Earth via Ceremony

John’s workshops look to how most indigenous societies practice and reiterate the connection between human beings and that ‘all our relations’ are not severed. Every indigenous culture has ceremonies and rituals that allow the human family to celebrate our connectedness and to nourish that connectedness. And these ceremonies involve the entire community and the children are there and are watching and are learning this. Indigenous people have this knowing that we are rooted and draw energy and nourishment from the living earth and enact it with reverence for nature in all their ceremonies – so as to never forget their roots. (When were you last bare footed walking on the grass of the earth?)

For 30 years John has been developing methods and skills to move us from a social identity to an ecological identity.

This interview covers Wetko – the mind virus that has infected materialist man and what we need to recognise - to break free. That the First Nation American peoples - saw the very connection to Mother Earth when recently here in NZ one visitor put on a small campfire, a dry branch of wood and reverently stated “to all our relations” – that the tree is of life, giving us light and warmth as well as taking in Co2 and giving us oxygen back.

Everything is connected. We are all in a grand cycle called life and it is this wonder of the web of life that is threatened by our foolish behaviour today.…

The Council of All Beings

An experiential process of deep connection – That Joanna  Macy & John designed back in the mid eighties – and the book ‘Thinking like a mountain towards the Council of all Beings… translated onto a dozen languages  - Now in Mandarin

Originally Joanna taught “despair and empowerment “ and it is now called “honouring our pain for the world.”

Once certain boundaries are set – people are invited to share their deepest feelings of anguish, despair and horror at what’s happening to our world.

This is a rare opportunity because if anyone even hinted at expressing their feelings around this subject - under ordinary circumstances people instantly want to change the subject as everyone feels threatened when such feelings are openly expressed. But, as people are taken through this exercise – what follows is empowerment and we discover that (listen to the broadcast that John eloquently shows us a way out) - the end result is a celebration that then becomes possible!

Thomas Berry’s name is mentioned

A Catholic  theologian, who instead of focussing his attention on the Heavens to find God, became a geo seer –  studying  the Ancient Greek word Geo – where we get as a prefix …for geology, geography, geometry, geodesy, geopolitics  etc. Our planet.

The study of the earth … Is another way to see our connection to the earth in such another way as to experience a deeper relationship and link to the earth.  Poet who wrote the poetic introduction that John introduced us with at the state of this interview.

Also  Sister Miriam MacGillis of Genesis Farm that is dedicated to understanding the Universe and Earth as a single, unfolding process. That Genesis Farm offers diverse and innovative experiences that inspire a comprehensive approach to personal and social change. As a community facility it is open to all who are interested in exploring the sacredness of the land, their mission and their work.


Sister Miriam MacGillis created a process called the cosmic walk – and this is what John’s workshop will do on this coming Saturday night. (1st April 2017 at Kawai Purapura. See below) A spiralling story of the creation and the evolution of life. Which everyone participates in.

John then tells of his work in India, which as a country he says has given him so much inspiration to awaken his spirituality - that:  

Bruce Lipton’s name comes up again with his work in India around organics and farming.  and Bharat Mitra. This became a movement in organic and biodynamic farming methods that were developed and practiced. The founder's mission being to offer safe effective herbal products to the world and he is the driving force behind an organic revolution that started with ORGANIC INDIA and is now taking root all across India. 

Re forestation of the sacred mountain in South India

In 1988 John, who is a founder and Director of the Rainforest Information Centre (RIC) was asked to assist in the co-ordination of the Annamalai Reforestation Society’s project to green the sacred mountain of Arunachala in South India. Now the mountain reforestation has advanced a long way since then. There is a good collection of different organisations working together to ensure the the success of the project.

Land rights for the Poor of India. John has been assisting these people for some time.

In December 2015, Rajeev wrote to John that the campaign to establish land-rights for the Katkari and other Adivasis was finally bearing fruit and “will help resolve the insecure village land issue in at least 600 – 700 Katkari villages”.

The next steps are tree plantings to improve the fertility and productivity of their land. However, suitable native tree seedlings were not available and they are establishing a nursery “to ensure multiplication of diverse native plant species (fruits, uncultivated foods, vegetables, medicinal plants, fibre plants, sacred plants, flowering plants, natural dyes, etc)”

This interview of John Seed shows a dedicated man working for the earth.

Big Data Info:

Johns Itinerary for Auckland New Zealand 2017

For the best information go to


Mar 16, 2017

Sacred Economics and other thoughts – Lisa Er interviews Charles Eisenstein on Sacred Economics, and the world after Trump.

“The present convergence of crises––in money, energy, education, health, water, soil, climate, politics, the environment, and more––is a birth crisis, expelling us from the old world into a new.”

“When we must pay the true price for the depletion of nature’s gifts, materials will become more precious to us, and economic logic will reinforce, and not contradict, our heart’s desire to treat the world with reverence and, when we receive nature’s gifts, to use them well.”

“It’s a very ancient idea that the universe runs by the principles of the gift. That human life runs by the principles of the gift. And that in fact the purpose for our existence, the reason why we’re here, is to give. And that everybody has a gift that is important and meaningful, and maybe even unique and essential. It’s certainly true in an ecosystem where every species has an important function, and without that function, without that gift that it gives to the ecosystem everybody would be a little bit poorer. The system as a whole would be a little bit weaker.”

“And this is a new understanding that may be only 40 or 50 years old, in the west at least. A hundred years ago, or even 50 years ago, scientists thought that you could eliminate one species, eliminate in fact all the bad species, and make nature better. But we’re understanding now that every being has its gift to give. And this shift of perception hasn’t been integrated yet into our institutions.”

“Mainstream economics doesn’t really understand this. It says that human beings don’t really want to work. There’s a phrase in economics, “the disutility of work.” Human beings don’t want work, so we have to make people work with these incentives, this money that overcomes your natural disinclination to create, to be productive, and to give something to other people. You have to get something in return, otherwise you won’t want to do it. And it’s considered good that we have a system based on scarcity, that creates anxiety, that kind of forces you to work.”

“Money is just an agreement. Money only has value because people believe it has value. It is something that we create through our agreements. You can say that money is a story. It’s the symbols that we interpret in a certain way, and that means that they’re valuable. So why have we agreed to create a system of value that is the enemy of all of the beautiful things we want to do?

The paragraphs above are from Charles Eisenstein’s presentation, “Sacred Economics, money, the gift, and society in the age of transition.”

In this interview we covered the underlying causes of our current economic difficulties including the need for an attitude change about money, and the system, and how these both need changing.

Money is not a neutral energy. It has ‘scarcity’ built into it. It creates endless growth of the economy because more money needs to be created in order to support the growth.

We are not only reaching growth limits but we are reaching spiritual ones. There is a psychic limit to the cost of impoverishment of life when everything is effectively converted into money.

Charles answers questions on some of the most hopeful trends he sees today; his vision for a new economy; the key to transitioning to sacred economics;  and what can we do in our communities to contribute to a new economy.

On speaking about the new POTUS, Trump, Charles says that almost anything could happen in the US, including government breakdown, and creating a new constitution, or even extreme scenarios such as break away states,

You can find Charles’ bio on his web site :


This interview was sponsored by The Awareness Party

Mar 8, 2017

As many of you know Bruce Lipton is a world renowned author and a quantum - cellular biologist that takes evolution to the next level.

He offers the concept that the cell is a microcosm of the human body that we can understand how a cell works (one of the 50 trillion in our body) by making analogies with how a body works.

With all the magnificent machinery that we call the human body, there is no new function that's present in your human body that's not already present in every single cell. You have a digestive system, a respiratory system, etc, - so does a cell.   

The fact that we have become disconnected from our bodies has become legion as especially with Western males, who think they are bullet proof and abuse their bodies trusting that Western medicine will revive them with a cure to carry on.

That the human body can also be seen as a microcosm of our planet is another example of our connectivity. Our body is composed of air, water and earth minerals - so is our planet. That a human blood system is 3.5% salt - so are our oceans. Our body has a respiratory system, our planet has an atmospheric system. Our body has acupuncture meridians - our planet has ley lines.

However Bruce opens up in this interview by saying that we humans have to take note – that though scientists have been mentioning it for some time now – the hard cold fact is that our planet is into the 6th major species collapse – that as we have massively increased our population and ecological footprint, especially in the last 150 years– we have not recognised where this is leading us, and continually fail to heed the warning signs.

What science is increasingly becoming more shrill about is that the present loss of species is 1,000 times greater than the back-ground loss. Which means there are always losses, but these are infinitesimal because 2,000 years ago we would have had only about 500 million people max – living without machinery and technology. Now we are approaching gigantism - where with 7.5 billion human beings we are in many ways infesting the organism that supports us.

Our planet, Mother Earth.  

Now why would Bruce be bringing this to our attention, having written 3 bestselling books that have accentuated the possibility that we humans can evolve stupendously fast to become profoundly aware that we can - with much inner change and reflection - become super conscious planetary beings. To choose to wake up to the reality of what’s happening and evolve a ‘new knowingness’ based on cooperation and shared responsibility.  

He also mentions how the bio-web, or the web of life that embraces and underpins the biosphere is starting to show signs of imminent collapse … The great coral reefs that are bleaching globally as well as the fast approaching collapse of the ocean fisheries - that we are ignoring at the peril of our children.   

This rapidly approaching fisheries collapse is scheduled to hit by around 2048.  

Yes we have heard it all before – yet now we have a seasoned voice articulating the urgency. Someone who has a deep understanding of the evolutionary process and its downside.

Coral reef bleaching, he says is like, when we see life as a pyramid – everything at a lower level is built upon supporting everything at other levels above it. So if we drop out the lower level, then everything that it is holding up – drops out all the higher levels including us humans – and at present it is about to fall and  collapse.  

Geologist studying time periods call this the Anthropocene age.     

Anthropocene age is about humans … and what they are noticing is that the atmosphere, the water and the land is being altered by we humans - it’s being  called the human interference phase … which we are seeing in all the climatic / weather changes – bottom line we are facing the extinction of the human culture. This has also been induced by the thousand of atomic bomb tests, plastic pollution and massive deforestation of tropical forests, soot from power stations, concrete, and even the bones left by the global proliferation of the domestic chicken were now under consideration. etc.

We have two choices.

The two choices  are – to continue down the same road of growth at all costs towards extinction - and it’s looming fast – Science conservatively states by 2048 there will be no fish in our oceans  - 2048 – just over 30 years … due to three things:-

Overfishing – destroying breeding grounds and polluting the water.

We have known this for a while yet no one has done anything.

What do we do … because we can not delay ….

The other choice …

Bruce mentions the biological imperative and that it’s built into every living organism – that being ‘the drive to survive’ … all animals, birds, insects, fish - will flee if threatened  and when we translate this to the human condition today we are witnessing a global response from people that to many of them - ‘it’s not going well’ and the gut response from increasing numbers of them, are now reacting - ‘knowing that something is going on’ and this is ‘the collective receptivity.’ We know that at heart we are going in the wrong direction and that at present we need two planet earths to support our consumer levels of extracting of vital resources, minerals, oils, wood vegetation .

So we now have a situation of ‘America First and Bruce posits the possibility that the USA will be the first to collapse and break its structure due to its leadership … With a major monkey wrench being thrown into the system and waking people up everywhere - that everything is essentially dysfunctional!

The ‘new President of America’ is precipitating an evolutionary change – forcing people to push for change to a more evolved state .

But when positive fights a negative – they cancel each other out and Bruce mentions the metaphor of – using a positive wire and a negative wire - put them together and you get sparks and fire and you end up with a loss - loss situation.

We can go out against something and cancel our energy or instead coalesce our positive energy and ‘be for something.’

We can do fear and fight or flight or we can do GROWTH.

1% of disease can be attributed to a genetic issues … the rests are essentially psychological and what we are programmed with from the outside world. Plus of course environmental considerations. Coughs colds influenza, malaria etc   (seen 14 minutes 53 seconds into the interview after the introduction).

‘We are the environment’ – the Judeo Christian bible says that first there was an environment and then humans were dropped into the environment – but we grew and evolved out of the environment … we do not have domain over nature – we are nature ….

So when we are chopping down the environment we are chopping away at ourselves because we are an extension of the environment.  Self destruction and self sabotage are synonymous in our current paradigm and the resulting stress is a psychological issue.

So where we are currently at - is that we are inducing our own evolution. That we have caused our own ‘evolutionary driver’ - in the words of Barbara Marx Hubbard - to force ourselves to evolve to the next evolutionary level.

This is where Bruce’s book ‘Spontaneous Evolution’ presents us with a blueprint to advance conscious choices and make the jump to a new paradigm.     

In its 2016 July 7 issue the leading scientific journal, Nature, published a remarkable essay by Richard Conn Henry, professor in the department of physics and astronomy at Johns Hopkins University. The essay ran under this rubric:

"The Universe is immaterial-mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy."   As unusual as such an essay may be for a major scientific journal, what really interests us is that prominent physicists have been making statements not far removed from this for several decades, arguing, for example, that consciousness is a fundamental aspect of the physical world. And yet, right into our own day biologists, for example, have continued speaking as if the rock-bottom reality of the world consisted of little mechanistic devices of one sort or another. This is clearly the picture that philosopher Daniel Dennett has in mind when he tells us that evolution occurs by means of "mindless and mechanical" processes.

However beyond the quantum level, possibility is rich in potential and Bruce has been breaking into new realms in this arena for well over a decade.  

Children get programmed by the age of 7 that 70% of their upbringing is disempowering, self sabotaging and limiting. We need a new enlightened program that adeptly shifts the focus away from duality with a better choice of vernacular.

Can’t, won’t, shouldn’t - the usual suspects can be re-honed to offer other wiser word choices - so that instead of the child by the age of 5 experiencing hundred of versions of no, stop keep quite, you can’t do that, you shouldn’t go there, you won’t succeed - we get in along side them and offer them other ways at going forward. Have you endeavoured to see it this way?  Have you heard of …?  This is a way that I have succeeded in. etc

This is Bruce at his enthusiastic best - even when dealing with the overwhelming challenges that are facing us as a species. The aim for Bruce is not to evolve the individual into a new Einstein - but to evolve the race - the human race and we are running out of time and space to gift our children a healthy balanced and bountiful planet. - we are on the precipice!

Bruce then gives us a pointer.

When it comes to the Matrix the movie - if you still have a video store, you will find it in the Science Fiction shelves – Ahhhh Bruce says … actually ‘it’s a documentary!’  - yes that’s right! – a documentary!   We are in the matrix now and we have been programmed and the program is that of limitation.

If we wake up we can make an evolutionary jump!

This is Bruce in the flow - he states what is imperative and he articulates it in an entertaining way.

Possibilities await us - all we need to do is courageously question more, knowing that ‘we are also spiritual beings having an earth experience’ and that we have not only entered the quantum field we have always been embedded in it, but not known it. - That everything is consciousness as per Bruce’s recently joining Tom Campbell - in that we are all extensions of ‘the Greater Consciousness’ that Tom, a physicists - so adeptly explains.

We are the change and the sooner we embrace it wholeheartedly the sooner this extended profundity will shine into our life, bringing with it a far deeper appreciation of existence as well as a widening smile to our countenance.

An enjoyable interview with Bruce Lipton - quantum trooper and metaphysical teacher.

Mar 1, 2017

21st Century Physicians in looking beneath the Quantum field are rapidly realising that the universe is consciousness and that they are calling it a ‘Greater Consciousness’

Tom Campbell Part Two of his cultural tour of New Zealand

Tom Campbell PhD - from the US has an impressive career in applied physics. Having worked in military intelligence, reverse-engineering foreign technology, as well as in missile defence, including working on huge engineering projects for NASA - the US space agency - up until very recently.

Tom was brought up and graduated in science within the mainstream university system and then by chance found himself living only 45 minutes drive from a person called Robert Monroe. Monroe had been experiencing situations where he would randomly shift his awareness to where it would be outside of his body and he would be ‘on the outside looking in’ and able to float and project his awareness to different locations.

This has had some people labelling it soul travel, astral travel or plain ‘out of the body experiences’ and Monroe could not understand it. So he looked for some young scientists grounded in reality who had been basically educated that we live in a soulless and mechanistic world and that we are only a body with a mind that is inside the brain.

Monroe, who had now spent a lot of time experiencing these differing states of being of - out of the body - and shifting his consciousness to other realms cut a deal with Tom and the other scientist. “Study what I do and make sense of it in a scientific context and I will show you how to do what I do.” This started a relationship right up until Monroe’s death.

In this interview Toms says that at a subatomic level below the quantum reality we have to understand that everything is at its most basic level - is Consciousness.

That Consciousness in turn is basically information and where does this information come from? – It turns out that consciousness -  is an information system and we humans are individuated units of consciousness (like you and I).

We are chunks of consciousness that share information. That’s what you do if you are an information system  – so we pass information back and forth. As animated chunks of consciousness – we are aware – we know what we are doing -  but, what about this physical reality – what is it here for?

This is where I mention :

The four basic forces of nature are gravity, the strong force, the weak force, and the electromagnetic force. The theory of general relativity explains gravity, and quantum mechanics explains the other three forces. Right now, no one theory that everyone accepts can explain all four forces.

String theory is a theory that could become the "theory of everything”.

And questions like?


  • How large is the universe and how eternal?   The steady state Universe …
  • 528 hertz is supposedly to be the frequency of Love
  • No accidents in the universe ?  Correct?
  • Where does sound come into it?   Because sound vibrating on liquid or sand particles can bring form into being …
  • Is our universe part of a multi verse  like how a V 8 motor  sequence works.  
  • Akashic records?
  • Karma - the law of return?
  • Why can you not contact Robert Monroe now?

So there is so much to the makeup of reality.

What’s its purpose? And the logic goes like this … If you are an information system  - you have to continually reduce entropy … entropy is a scientific word that is a measure of disorder.  Entropy has a way of just happening – like things have a way of … like decaying, falling apart – things tend to become unorganised. Disorganisation happens over time – it just naturally does that even eventually those molecules will breakdown  - that’s called Newton’s 2nd Law of the Thermodynamics it says the entropy always increases, that taken to its final conclusion has - from the scientific mind set - that if we wait long enough our universe will end up only with hydrogen atoms and elementary particles  - that is what science says that this is what will be left - as everything will disintegrate.

However when we units of consciousness realise that we must slow down entropy we can consciously come together in a growing mass of shared consciousness and make a choice – follow the path of love or go down the path of fear. However, when the individual units of consciousness care about each other, are cooperative - they share – it’s about service to the greater whole - it is not about self.

Fear on the other hand is that you trust no one, it is all about self and you are always protecting your back. Because everyone is looking to take your piece of the pie. However even in these situations they may strategically come together to group and then start to plunder the ones that are alone – then they may work together to corner the market – (so to speak) and with them having turf wars it finally ends up with conglomerates merging together. That when we see what’s happening today with the giant mega complexes – corporate raiding etc and what has happened on Wall St, in the USA - we see the down side of reality not serving the whole.    

Where as the units that work together we have more trust – goodwill, shared success and growth and creativity. Like how can I help you – how can I help to better the whole. Which side is the better to involve yourself with? Especially for the future of children and it has to be the love side. The logical conclusion is that if you are an information system you want to survive – you need to lower entropy – the best way to do that is through cooperation it’s through being - Love. Caring about others.

Also covered is the feed back mechanisms  - consequences, learning … and we are in a entropy reduction trainer for consciousness – just like pilots go to an inflight trainer to learn how to fly an airliner.  Whereas we are also in a simulation - a virtual reality and Tom sees it as our mission to become love. To decrease the entropy of our individual consciousness and by doing so we reduce the entropy of the whole consciousness system – and we are a part (albeit small) here to evolve the larger consciousness system and to keep evolving …

Tom also states that Relativity and Quantum Mechanics can not work together at the level it is endeavouring to be understood. But when you see everything from a standpoint of consciousness being embedded in virtual reality - you are able to pull it all together.

See the double slit experiment.

This shows that our reality is not materialistic and not deterministic – it is probabilistic and particles don’t really exist – there is potential particles that obey the laws of probability – and that is how this world works .

Tom has devised 6 experiments that he wants University physics departments or any institute world-wide that do research on things that are ‘impossible’ as in minor miracles as they crack open the old thought form and bring through a new reality of possibility and that consciousness is behind it all.

What is happening today is the emerging consciousness that has been seen to be on the fringes of science and reality is now moving very quickly to the centre.

This interview covers with Tim bring up other subject matter  bush as:

Timothy Leary coming on stage in Los Angeles in 1988 and telling the audience that we are totally surrounded by information. That we decode this information and make sense of it.  He was an early up taker of seeing everything as being bits of information and data and frame it in those words

Captain Edgar Mitchell 6th Man on the moon –of The Noetic Sciences  was also at the same Expo where he mentioned he had had synchronised experiments with telepathy between him whilst on the moon and people here on earth and the results were very promising. 

Tom says that throughout most of the universities today, any  with a strong Physics Department you will find up to 20 - 30 % of the all physicists there, will be saying we want to look far more deeply into virtual reality and consciousness. Because that is where our next evolutionary step is taking us.

Today at Cern in Switzerland they are now looking at electrons as having the properties of charge and the properties of mass  - thats the way you represent an electron in a computer – it’s a point with the attributes of mass and the attributes of charge – if they look at an electron that way – there math will predict correctly how experiments come out. If they think of it as a little chunk of mass with a charge – they can’t get the right answer – because it’s just information and their experiments will not come out correctly. This is where we are today.

Also mentioned in this conversation is NZer Brian from Massey university who too is on the leading edge of the consciousness revolution – talking up ‘virtual reality’ very early in this millennium.

Covering mystics talking about reality from Shri Aurabindo to the Buddha seeing that this reality is illusionary – and Tom says this is about as close to saying that the reality we live in is as close to as you can get - to saying that this is a virtual reality.

Yes, mystics have understood this, for millennia and it is available because we are an individuated unit of consciousness and we can have unlimited access to this … because the internet has connected us into one simultaneous web of interrelationship.

That virtual reality is also sub set of something larger and must have behind it a greater consciousness – and when we surrender more and get out of our intellect and into our intuitive field – we see a larger consciousness as well as the wholesale emergence of spirituality and love making itself known.

Also covered

Holon’s Arthur Koestler that everything is nested in another archetypal system.

This can be demonstrated in the holarchic relationship (subatomic particles ↔ atoms ↔ molecules ↔ macromolecules ↔ organelles ↔ cells ↔ tissues ↔ organs ↔ organisms ↔ communities ↔ societies) where it expands …

Eco systems ↔ biosphere ↔ planetary ↔ solar system ↔galactic ↔ universal ↔ multiverse ?

each holon is a "level" of organisation, and all are ultimately descriptive of the same set (e.g., a particular collection of matter). The top can be a bottom, a bottom can be a top, and, like a fractal, the patterns evident at one level can be similar to those at another.

That had Alfred Russell Wallace been able to get his theory of evolution out to the world before Charles Darwin it would have shown far more cooperation within nature where animals and plants found certain non confrontational niches. Our culture today would not be so programed as in this - semi dog eat dog program we have been inculcated with.

This is how Elisabet Sahtouris sees a differing kind of evolution.  

Internationally known as a dynamic speaker and media personality, Dr. Sahtouris is an evolution biologist, futurist, professor, author and consultant on Living. Show’s that within evolution there is a lot of co operation.   Bruce too signals that cooperation within nature is seen to be a way through for the human race to solve its many challenges

Covering minerals evolving from 12 major minerals not long after the big bang to 4,000 plus today.

Civilisations evolving and devolving especially when there is fear involved.

Unity Consciousness:

Using the information that Tom is bringing here to NZ and spreading it across the nation - through fibers of light across the web that covers our country – to stimulate peoples interest in unity consciousness – and that we are seen as important energy bundles expressing our inter-connectiveness and aspirations for a far better future for all biota and in particular our children and grandchildren …

Tom mentions that we can not achieve it appropriately from the intellect – we must move our understanding down to our chest cavity and that is has to be fully embraced and felt from the heart – if we really want to initiate the much needed change that at soul level we have all been calling for.

Tim mentions that we are nearing what Teihard de Chardin the Jesuit Priest (that did not find favour from Rome) called an Omega point – where at heart  we as a humanity transform into a type of global group mind where we retain our own identity yet are able to surrender into a greater consciousness …

And that this momentum that we are in at present - is in Toms’ words – our destiny as a humanity.

The larger consciousness can also for reference – be called God, the Divine, Source, the Creator and we are an integral part of it. This larger consciousness system is also finite, (which I Tim found is a very interesting statement) its not perfect, it’s a real system that is evolving. It’s not a done thing - it’s an evolving system.

By expressing it this way – that is is a larger consciousness - it misses some of the dogma that we have either been programed with or held too zealously in our thought process.

This way you do not get tied to the dogma, nor the ritual. The larger conscious system just keeps on evolving so as long as it keeps on growing it will be eternal – making us as  eternal too - this is a cosmic win win – forever - and is our destination. 


The Universe is immaterial — mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy, - states Richard Conn Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at The Johns Hopkins University, Maryland   


Feb 22, 2017

Marla is a transformational spiritual medium who has been able to intuitively access heightened sensitivities within her own being allowing her to sense important information for one’s highest good. In some ways it could be described as reading the ‘information field’ that is the sum total of a person’s ‘wave form’ - or body. She is also able to access deceased loved ones in the same way.

She has come to Auckland, NZ to present her findings of how consciousness survives death, alongside Dr Robin Kelly author of the Human Antenna and the Human Hologram who lives in Auckland

In doing this she is making the paranormal - ’normal’.

Remember this statement by the greatest scientist ever to set foot on earth?

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”     Nikola Tesla

Marla’s receptivity to the invisible is able to bring healing and insight to anyone seeking deeper understanding about relationships, health, career, family, and spirituality.

So what do we call a person who has ‘certain’ abilities that mainstream science is reluctant to acknowledge? This is because, even today, our scientific apparatus is not yet refined and calibrated enough to measure the sensitivities of the invisible?

However, this new science is now including new vernacular and terminology to describe the way we decode information - that’s predominantly experienced as emanating data streams. Now we are more able to decipher and comprehend the invisible - and far more adroitly.

Today, we still have the word ‘psychic’ being somewhat thrashed about in the public realm - from over a hundred years, that when we look at the root word of ‘psyche’ it’s from ancient Greek and means soul. However, today we have psychologists and psychiatrists working with the human mental process, yet most are unable to factor soul into their understanding of the gift that is the human body.  

Marla has been involved in actively researching the psychic world and it’s hidden potentials for 30 years and has now a vast experience. She has also been studying and working with Tom Campbell, (interviewed last week on on the ‘theory of everything’) Marla’s joining Tom and his team for the first part of Tom’s Cultural Connection Tour here in Auckland.   

Marla states that it’s important to have our own experience and this way we will understand the ‘larger consciousness system’ which is another terminology now being used to describe the Universe, God, Source, the Divine etc. As this scientific expression sees itself free of the emotive loading that religions have claimed domain over.

She sees this ‘consciousness’ as being all information and uses her psychic capabilities to be able to receive, understand and share with others.

The Universe is immaterial — mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy, states Richard Conn Henry, Professor of Physics and Astronomy at The Johns Hopkins University, Maryland.   

Marla has 20 years of therapeutic studies and 18 years of life coaching along with her on going exploration at the Monroe Institute, the largest educational center in the US for the study of expanded states of awareness. Bob Monroe originally started off studying ‘out of the body’ experiences and the Institute teaches others to do that and more. She has also been trained in remote viewing that the US army uses (and that is another story) plus has volunteered her skills to various law enforcement agencies, by  tapping into the ‘larger consciousness’ passing on information freely - in the Latin term - pro bono public ‘for the public good’.

Today she spends her time helping people whose loved ones have died  to both reconnect and validate that we really do live/survive beyond death.Marla is able to hear, see and feel what those loved ones want to share with us.

She is also radio co-host on the large paranormal internet / radio network in the US.

Whitley Strieber’s’s, Dreamland. Where she interviews credible science and spiritual authors - people out on the edge. Whitley Strieber is a well known author of a series of books including, ‘Communion’ and introducing the possibility of having close encounters of the first kind with UFO’s and Extraterrestrial beings.


She like Tom Campbell says we have to lower our entropy which means consciously slow down disorder - retain more order by being far more heart-centred.

By explaining the new metaphysics in a new language it is easier for even hardline scientists to learn the new skills to access ‘the larger consciousness’ (the universe)  that they cannot only have success, but recognise what they are tapping into is God and as a result - do not feel threatened.

As with Tom Campbell, in last weeks interview - science is recognising that consciousness came before the physical.

See Eben Alexander MD

A renowned academic neurosurgeon, spent over three decades honing his scientific worldview. He thought he knew how the brain, mind and consciousness worked. A transcendental near-death experience (NDE), in which he was driven to the brink of death and spent a week deep in coma from an inexplicable brain infection, changed all of that–completely!

He was shocked to find the hyper-reality of that spiritual realm, which many had reported in NDEs. He has spent the last five years reconciling his rich spiritual experience with contemporary physics and cosmology. His spiritual experience is totally consistent with the leading edges of scientific understanding today.

Together, science and spirituality will thrive in a symbiosis offering the most profound insight into fundamental Truth, yielding unimaginable power. The keystone is in global progression of individual conscious awakening.

Marla also mentions Elisabeth Kubler-Ross - the Swiss Psychologists who in her life time interviewed 20,000 people who had experienced ‘near death’ and ‘out of the body experiences’.Though she had been deceased for some time - she met while Marla was experiencing an ‘out of the body state’ and who asked Marla to access information in one of her own Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s books giving the chapter and page number, that when Marla came back to reality - located and accessed that book and there on the page that she was given, was the sentence stating that “she firmly believed in life after death!”

Intent comes up yet again. If we have a consistently ‘honest intent’ and we ‘put out our needs’ to the ‘greater consciousness’ - we will be answered. Not necessarily for your wants or desires but you will receive what you need and what is best for you growth and understanding.

Dr Brian Weiss MD

Who today is is an American psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, and author who specialises in past life regression. His research includes reincarnation, past life regression, future life progression, and survival of the human soul after death.

As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. His skepticism was eroded, however, when she began to channel messages from “the space between lives,” which contained remarkable revelations about Dr. Weiss’s family and his dead son. Using past-life therapy, he was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career.

The interview covers many subjects  - of the changing social landscape of our world today. ‘If you want to make changes for the better - ask in a respectful way.’

We must learn to ‘forgive both ourselves and others’ - this brings about profound change and softens our countenance.

Touch is important especially when it comes to men, who are not in relationship and who are often alone or just hang out with other mates doing bloke stuff.

Peter Levine

Dr. Peter A. Levine  PhD in medical biophysics a doctorate in psychology. He has worked in the field of stress and trauma for over 40 years and is the developer of Somatic Experiencing. Peter’s original contribution to the field of Body-Psychotherapy was honoured in 2010 when he received the Lifetime Achievement award from the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP). That same year he also received the honorary Reis Davis Chair in Child Psychiatry for his innovative contribution to therapy for children and adolescents.


Beginning in the 1970’s, Peter’s explorations into how animals deal with threat led to the development of a method that is highly effective in dealing with the effects of overwhelm on our nervous system, called Somatic Experiencing (SE). SE is a clinical methodology based upon an appreciation of why animals in the wild are not traumatised by routine threats to their lives, while humans, on the other hand, are readily overwhelmed and often subject to the traumatic symptoms of hyper arousal, shutdown and dysregulation.The interview then progresses onto the state of play across the USA that has culminated in a new administration that’s changing the way people think - and are asking where is the future of our children and grandchildren going? Marla, as if ‘tapping into the collective unconsciousness’ of the American people expresses what seems to be an undercurrent rippling throughout that nation. That there is a major change agent in power calling out on so many levels. That the disposed, those who have seen jobs off shored, loss of homes and the thought of a benevolent future, have to now come together and initiate community oriented grass roots change with Non profit start ups. etc.

Furthering the interview: She states that ‘our people are our strengths and a ‘good leader’ intuitively knows this. That communities coming together must find innovative ways to support their leaders and empower them to do the very best they can and by following due process - also hold them to account.

She uses the analogy  of ‘a boil on our butt that we can’t sit down and be comfortable with’ so we need to act together for the benefit of today’s and tomorrow’s children.

When it was mentioned that ‘we need to love our neighbour as ourselves’ Marla says yes, - ‘however’ the imperative is to love ourselves first - so that we can be empowered and full, within our chest cavity. If we have no love in our heart, we need to seek support and help to change and inspire all who we come in contact with. Love is a force that emanates from our being, that penetrates the darkness and that can be ever so subtle in its affect on us - as when we feel it - it’s so heartfelt and unmistakably wonderful as we expand our being in a state of profound gratefulness and thankfulness.

In this interview, Marla along with Tom Campbell another remarkable change agent for a ‘greater consciousness’ is here in NZ to offer new insights and understandings about existence. That we live in a world that is shifting its compass points to allow people to realise that change is happening, and that we embrace it, remain calm and realise that we are part of a greater whole - that we all can tap into to change our lives for the better. For both ourselves and the greater community as a whole.

Another initiative Marla is involving herself is with how elders wish to share with the youth of today. Marla joins Molly Ireland a local study coach, - to offer a better way to focus for your children, empower them to navigate their way through life and assist their growth. So if you have any young ones between 13 and 18 years and would like to give them this opportunity -  Have them join Molly and Marla on Sunday the 12 March in Remuera from 10-12 noon and you can text Molly on 027 600 8605 so as to take this further.

She will be here Friday the 3rd  of March   7.30pm to 9.30pm Jubilee Building - Parnell Community Centre, 545 Parnell Road, with Dr Robin Kelly.


Plus Marla is on the panel of Dr Tom Campbell’s presentation on the 5th of March.

Note that Tom will be doing an introduction this Sunday.

Where: Parnell Community Center, Parnell, Auckland

When: Sunday Feb 26, 2017 from 1-6 pm

Cost: $75 US with high tea included (US$60 for GreenplanetFM radio listeners - use the discount code: RK60)


Feb 15, 2017

Tom Campbell PhD - from the US has an impressive career in applied physics. Having worked in military intelligence, reverse-engineering foreign technology, as well as in missile defence, including working on huge engineering projects for NASA -  the US space agency - up until very recently.

However as a scientist with an extremely enquiring mind he has spent 30 years plus of his life - researching - ‘out of the body experiences’ also known as ‘remote viewing’ for the Monroe Institute and studying especially the nature of consciousness and reality. And, he’s done this by remaining open-minded about these topics that include the placebo affect and statistically measurable power of intent, and lucid dreaming. All this is within this ‘theory of everything’ which he call His Big Toe - Theory Of Everything.

Yet, deep within the sub atomic domain of consciousness and quantum realms - reality also opens up to be inclusive of compassion, co-operation and love.

Since the end of the 2nd World War in 1945 and up until today - we have been taught through our education and the higher levels of learning (some will say programmed) - especially, throughout our universities - - that the universe is here, all by a - random fluke, that we are all here - by chance - that God, spirit and soul do not exist  and that we live in a mechanised machine -like universe and that scientific dissection has not found any soul or anything related to spirit and that our telescopes have not been able to find heaven or God.

This is the standard viewpoint of our institutes of learning on our planet today.  What you see is what you get.
If you can not measure it, whatever it is - then it does not exist. Or, it is just your imagination fooling you.

Subjects covered in this interview.

Tom talks about as a child being a ‘right brainer’ and a holistic perceiver when as a younger person he went into science so as to get a better grounding and understanding of what the building blocks of existence were. Yet, when gazing down into the subatomic world everything is energy packets and probability.

He says that the ancient mystics understood much of this and that even Buddha, way back, saw reality as illusion - that the Australian first peoples, the aborigine saw the dream time as an extension of this reality that we all inhabit. As they experience it from an intuitive level and not on an intellectual level.

That human soul definitely exists and is an extension of the greater ocean of consciousness …

That ‘Consciousness' came before the Big Bang ...

Virtual reality is the big scientific study as of this moment with 10’s of thousands of physicists researching this realm.

The overall message is for us to grow up, to care about others and not be so self centred … it’s all about cooperation  and caring - it’s - to love

This is where we are evolving to - that’s the mission of soul … that’s the mission of individuated units of consciousness

The Placebo Affect - what it is and that it works in so many situations.

BUT he says - be skeptical and disbelieving until you get the experience and then you becoming far more knowing.   
Tom is going to be here in Auckland at the end of this month giving presentations on his understanding of existence and reality. Big Picture stuff     Hundred of You Tube videos.

Tom Campbell will be presenting Consciousness in a Virtual Reality in Auckland at Parnell Community Center, Parnell, Auckland on Sunday Feb 26, 2017 from 1-6 pm $75 US with high tea included (US$60 for GreenplanetFM - radio listeners code:RK60)

On Saturday March 4th and 5th A Two-Day Cultural Connection Workshop at Auckland University of Technology.
Dr Robin Kelly from Auckland author of The Human Antenna  and The Human Hologram will be part of the panel on Sunday along with Marla Frees a psychic from the US - both representing different aspects of Tom's Big TOE. Tom will incorporate their views of reality within the context of a physicist's science view of our reality in addition to showing the similarities between the ancient traditions and culture of NZ and his MBT theory.

(A code has been created to allow listeners a good discount code: RK250 (US$250 with lunch included on both days) There will be no ticket sales at the door so all bookings must be in advance on Eventbrite.  


Jan 19, 2017

Rebuilding the decimated democracy - values as compass points.

Countering TPP and ugly sisters RCEP and TiSA - secret pacts to undermine the democracy.

TPP hangs in the balance.

The public opposition has been ignored by the government as it rushed to cement the TPP into the New Zealand Rulebook.

We await the attitude of the US President and Congress to cast the die. Will Trump allow congress to trump his campaign promise to stop TPP?

We cannot wait passively as our government is negotiating more of these corporate rights treaties; RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) and TiSA (Trade in Services Agreement).

RCEP is between the Asian economies led by China and India including Australia and ourselves. It has similar content as TPP and is negotiated in anti-democratic secrecy. Civil society is not informed until a final agreement is reached between the governments.

TiSA is between the advanced economies and encompasses services. See Wikileaks for leaked TiSA chapters which are about deregulating financial rules - it was deregulation that gave us the GFC (Great Financial Crisis).

We can work during the NZ general election campaign by seeking commitments from alternative government parties that they will withdraw from the TPP.

What do New Zealanders really want?

Greg has been consolidating the material he's been ​studying​ over the past couple of years.

He has been considering values as signposts to where the public mood rests.​

It wasn't long ago that the NZ Government asked the people about their values. It was a component of the Flag Referendum process of 2015/6. New Zealanders were asked what they stand for. The people offered 10,292 flag designs. They offered 43,000 individual contributions of what they stood for.

View the word cloud below of most frequent values expressed by the New Zealand public. Here is the image from the website.

Place Picture IN here of: many words  Like EQUALITY HISTORY FREEDOM that is in documents   - Thank you - Tim

None of the above suggest the TPP. Forty three thousand (43,000) people is a large sample of the 4.6 million New Zealand population.

The Flag Referendum process was advanced as a constitutional matter. Surely the Stand For values are an important contribution to the values underpinning our NZ Constitution.

Is New Zealand a democracy?

Are the people's values reflected in the Government's policy settings?

Greg says the obvious finding is that the New Zealand Government does not reflect the deep values of the people of this State.

It appears the values theme runs deep in the Kiwi psyche.

Colmar Brunton finds ethical values run deep

Recently Colmar Brunton published their latest Better Futures Report (November 2016) highlighting that values matter to New Zealanders.

Scoop reported that Kiwis are hot on global sustainability goals.

“Most Kiwis rate global sustainability goals as very important – especially those relating to social issues – according to a report released today.

The Colmar Brunton 2016 Better Futures Report incorporated the results of New Zealand’s first ever survey into the public’s attitude to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to which the Government signed up in 2015.

The 17 SDGs include a mix of social, environmental, cultural and economic goals such as no poverty, climate action, reduced inequalities, clean water and sanitation, decent work and economic growth and quality education.

Colmar Brunton Chief Client Officer Sarah Bolger says. "Between 60% and 80% of Kiwis rate each goal as very important. When those people were asked to name the single most important goal the top six in order of priority were: no poverty, good health and well-being, quality education, sustainable cities and communities, clean water and sanitation, and zero hunger.

It’s clear from this that New Zealanders care most about improving the day-to-day lives of others and there is a strong skew towards social issues in the top six goals.

In particular Kiwis think we need to do more towards achieving zero hunger, sustainable cities and communities and no poverty, as they believe our performance in these areas fails to measure up to the importance we place on them.”

Considering both the Stand For values and the Better Futures Report leads generally to what people might consider of import in the coming year. My purpose is to use these values to highlight a potential 2017 general election agenda:

  1.  TPP -  (plus TISA and RCEP) grow the campaign. TPP if ratified by the US locks NZ in as our parliament has ratified, subject to an alternative government withdrawing..

Professor Jane Kelsey and It's Our Future propose ramping up the campaign against TiSA from 3 February.

The campaign is to gain commitments from parties to withdraw from TPP and to ensure that RCEP and TiSA do not undermine our domestic arrangements.

  1.  Questions for 2017 General Election;
  1.  How do we place TPP and trade and investment treaties into the election campaign? What is the long-term solution to democratise international treaties?
  1.  Is a Manifesto/Charter/Blueprint approach (2017 election and beyond) to these ideas a way of advancing our agenda?
  1.  The NZ constitution. Can we advance a constitutional policy that international treaties are negotiated openly and agreed in the parliament before signature?

There's a few initiatives to place the constitution and our status as a Constitutional Monarchy vs a move to republic. This won't be resolved in 2017 however there is a strong move to get the discussion going in a serious manner. I know there are a variety of perspectives on this, however it is critical we inform ourselves about possibilities and implications. To this effect the following might be of interest.

The following blog highlights some thoughts about the need to remedy some of our dilemmas: 

Professor Jane Kelsey and It's Our Future propose ramping up the campaign against TiSA from 3 February, see  

​Stand For Values are hosted here:  

Scoop published media release from Colmar Brunton 24 Nov 2016:

References for Constitutional reading:

The constitution book by Geoff Palmer and Andrew Butler, “A Constitution for Aoteoroa,” is of interest and leads to the whole question of what is possible with a discussion about constitutions. (They propose to accept public suggestions on their proposal till 30 September 2017, so it might occur in the midst of the general election.) 

Their website:  

The draft constitution that Palmer and Butler propose: 

Our current NZ constitutional documents are here: 

And the Maori report on the constitution is referred to here: 

and linked here: 

The Awareness Party Constitution: 

And the Icelandic Constitution story here:,_2010%E2%80%9313

This interview was sponsored by The Awareness Party -


Greg’s only income is from public donations.

To sustain Greg continue his work contribute to Kiwibank account:

Public Advocacy Donations Account

38-9017-0439360-00 - reference TPP roadie

Dec 22, 2016

Vivienne has been involved for most of her life in understanding how human consciousness and spirituality are intrinsically linked and how we humans can grow and become exponentially more knowledgeable of who we are. This is a landmark breakthrough

Being sensitive to our bodily responses.

Have you ever intuitively tuned into your gut when in a situation where there may be danger, or a sense of risk?  Well scientists have finally realised that there is a connection to a gut brain - and of course we have known that there has been a connection to the heart brain for many years now - when Joseph Chilten Pearce mentioned it 40 years ago.

Science finally makes the connection.

After many years of seemingly disconnected research, scientists in Australia have pieced together much of the desperate data on the human body to realise that embedded deeply with us all are specific organs of intelligence. This research has substantiated this gut brain and come out with a process called multiple braining and there is quite possibly more of these brains embedded in the human body.

Working with your brains them as against them where you get mixed signals.

Remember the statement I had a gut feeling, or I felt it in my gut. or My heart said Yes and my head said No!

There is a few minutes scientific practice that allows us to bring all three m brains to align together - where you will end up with a win win win situations because all brains will be synchronised and working.

With more research future findings that will probably show that the ‘vegas nerve’ will be a brain and possibly the 'reproduction system' will have a brain as well.

Plus a learned process to being able to align them …

So this is a new modality with plenty of room for far more research and develop it a lot further.

The practitioners involved in this new modality have a keenness to really advance this science into assisting the growth of consciousness.  

These ‘M braining’ trainers and master trainers - ask this question every day - ‘How can I be the most compassionate creative courageous self today?’

Compassionate being related to the heart, creativity, to the brain and courageousness aligns to the gut. Thus by first aligning all brains through a simple exercise they become far more congruent and intuitively there life processes tend to be more harmonious and successful, due to their ‘mindfulness’.

At present stress is a major escalating global problem and with it can come addictions - that we involve our self in, thinking that drink and drugs can give us some sort of temporary relief - then there is now an increase in screen addiction - people staring into screens including pornography and now more drama - distractions - and a big one - the lack of self love, especially for the young - they can give out to other people but they can’t receive love for themselves- there is too much self-depreciation to the extent that so many young people doing self harm to themselves  …

Dec 15, 2016


Next to climate change and what is happening within the biosphere, and the continuing societal unrest and need for peace, renewable fuel is the biggest challenge we face in our lifetime….. renewable transport fuel….  For us to commute, keep warm and lighten our night and our life - make no mistake there is not another challenge that will affect mankind as much as this.

Electric Cars, Trucks and Airplanes, wherever there is independent transportation -  are all part of this chain.

Recently with close to 400,000 pre orders for new electric Tesla cars with $1,000 down, equalling $400 million dollars this is enabling Elon Musk to adroitly bring the components together to out flank the fossil fuel industry and their captive car manufacturers. This bringing a new era of clean safe energy that will dissipate the dark shroud of toxic molecules from being the epitaph for our civilisation - by endeavouring to break free of ‘a sector’ of the 1%.

This technology and knowhow is actually here today, yet 99% of our planetary population don’t know it. Yet the 0.0001% of fossil fuel corporations, who do know it - don’t like it … because it is a disruptive technology and they stand to lose.  

We need an educated planet with the will to make the shift that we so urgently require.

Electric Vehicles.

Most probably, the best thing that ever happened was that the oil Corporations and their ‘compliant auto manufacturing’ Corporations, killed the prototype 1st Generation EVs  “Electric Car”  back in the late 1990’s. If this had not happened we would not have Tesla today as by doing so, this gave rise to Tesla Motors that is now disrupting the car industry … their goal is not to make expensive cars for ‘rich people’ - but to transform the ‘transportation economy’ to an electric fuel economy, powered by renewable energy.

The Nissan LEAF for example, is just a compliance car… a gasoline car converted to be electric. It complies with the laws in California, Europe and Japan, but the LEAF is not a compelling EV, the Tesla Model 3 is a very, very, very compelling car…. that happens to be Electric and silent.

This engaging interview covers:

The various Electric ‘EV’ type vehicles that are available here in NZ today.

That Whangarei, having the highest number of EV’s per capita in NZ is positioning to be the EV hub of New Zealand with the installation of five DC 50 kW Fast Chargers throughout Northland.

Why Tesla has got a jump on the field?  Silent - power - (please listen to the free download).

Today, Los Angeles is seen as ‘a city of electric vehicles.’  A large growing market for EV’s. 

The benefits beyond electricity and silence are:

The Nissan Leaf for example, has few moving parts, so less wear and tear and when it is service time, it has such a quick turn-around-time, that the company servicing the vehicle cannot make money because of there is little to go wrong. Whereas with an internal combustion engine, there are belts, spark plugs, filters, hoses, batteries, radiators etc etc. This is where conventional car service departments make their money. Nissan withdrew its Nissan Leaf from sale in NZ last year, because it was not a money maker for them. 

Driverless - This is coming - 10 to 15 years time all trucks and a large number of cars will be navigating themselves around a street or road near you.

Compatibility of charging stations. This is still being worked out just like the old VHS and Beta video recorder battle and Apple versus Microsoft. However there are ‘add ons’ and extra inter connecting cables that you can easily stored in the boot.

How long to charge?  Fast charge on the road 30 minutes.  The Tesla range is from 335 ks to 400 ks - with battery improvements continuing to improve.    

Battery pack on a Tesla can be changed if needed in around 2 minutes. 

Petrol milage versus electric milage ?  To get where you wish to go, the cost is equivalent to around 33 cents a litre of petrol.

Education is going to be the big thing and Joe mentions how schools are getting interested in showing their students 

What sort of Governmental support so far - what more could they do?  Please listen to the interview.

Air NZ has a growing fleet of electric cars with 76 as of March 2016. Saving about 65,000 litres of fuel per year.

The old fossil fuel lobby are very worried that electricity is going to encroach on their customer base.

What are the challenges?

Vector here in NZ has been a keen Tesla follower and are interested in large battery packs. Because power use in NZ’s cities,  surges especially in Auckland around 5.30 to 7.30 pm at night and other extraneous gas of oil generation is kicked in to cover this spike, now Vector are looking at deploying these large lithium battery packs to cover this contingency.

Tesla has moved its factory to where the lithium mines are in Nevada so that the supply chain is kept to a minimum.

Note that lithium can be recycled.

What sort of future do you see here in NZ?

What sort of future do you see for our planet?

We end with Joe, stating that we have to really get out and support this clean, silent energy and both talk and use this technology. The fossil fuel dinosaur is vehemently against it and like the electric car recall in the mid 1990’s where all but a few cars were were repossessed and crushed, the oil lobby could still do it again.

Once we embed electric cars into the public consciousness - this will be pivotal in bringing a paradigm shift into being on our planet. Opening up a totally new era.

A very intriguing interview with loads of optimistic and positive information.

Joe Camuso,  originally from the USA, having lead a very interesting life for himself and now he with a family has started New Zealand’s first electric vehicle (EV) taxi business and is a founder and shareholder in Blue Cars, NZ’s only 100% Electric Car rental company.

Dec 7, 2016

The financial system that is enslaving us gets its power from our passive consent. Money is created by private-sector banks out of thin air, and then we pay interest on that!


Each time a bank makes a loan, it essentially creates money as debt.

This system results in problems such as increasing levels of household debt and inflating property prices.

It ensures a rapidly widening income gap.

In New Zealand we are allowing our children to go into debt slavery!

First they have student loans; then they may have a mortgage, and then they are expected to save for their retirement.

If we continue with this system we will fail as a society.

In this interview Don Richards, co- founder of Positive Money New Zealand, talks with Lisa Er about the problems and the solutions.

Positive Money New Zealand began when Sue Hamill and Don Richards had the current debt based system explained to them in 2010, while watching, “Money as Debt”.  When they learnt that New Zealand operated under the same system - they customised the UK campaign to the New Zealand situation.

Don explains how new money is introduced into the economy by private banks as loans and is shown by water coming though the tap.  

As they create the money themselves, the only constraint is people’s ability to take on higher and higher levels of debt.  This created money distorts the property market and allows house prices to increase year in and year out, irrespective of demand.

Banks make enormous profits from money creation – more than $5,000 million dollars each year - $10 million dollars a day and most of that money disappears overseas.  Imagine what we could do with $10 million dollars a day.  It is a huge drain on our economy.  

There is however a bigger problem.  When people repay their loans, that money disappears from the economy, which is represented by money going down the drain.  

Loan money that is repaid to the banks cannot then be lent out again because as the original loan money was created from nothing it must return to nothing.  

In banking terms money is “destroyed” when people repay loans.  This is ridiculous and is probably what the former governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King, was alluding to when he said “Of all the many ways of organising banking, the worst is the one we have today”.

For our economy to work, more people must get into debt than get out of debt.

In times of recession, people take out fewer loans as confidence in the future declines, and more people repay their loans.  The banks also get nervous as their confidence in people’s ability to repay loans diminishes and they lend out less money.   

Governments make matters worse by introducing austerity measures, cutting back on their spending. This further reduces the amount of money in the economy, prolonging any recession.

When confidence picks up, people take on new loans faster than the old ones are repaid, banks become bolder and lend more and the government spends more, creating a boom.  This is the boom and bust cycle which is an artificial construct based on a flawed monetary system.

Positive Money’s Solution

The Positive Money solution would have the Reserve Bank issue our money supply debt free and they would take control of the tap.  

The money being introduced into the economy by the Reserve bank could be spent by the government on infrastructure projects such as hospitals, roads and bridges or new schools and the need to government debt would disappear.

Our government debt is currently $110, thousand million dollars and the Government pays Five Thousand Million Dollars in interest alone each year. This equates to 14 Million dollars a day that it does not need to spend.  

When you add the principle repayments that do not need to be made, the amount of available money is staggering.  Imagine what we could do with all of that extra money.

There would still be a place for private banks though.  While they could no longer create money from nothing, they would have to attract deposits from those willing to invest.  

In this way loans from the private banks, once repaid would be available to be lent out again, thereby putting a plug in the bath.  

The boom and bust cycles would smooth out and the available money in the economy would rise.  

With more money in circulation New Zealand would move from a low wage economy to a high wage one

Governments from the left could use the additional money to increase social services and provide a Universal Basic Income or pay off the student loan debt.  

Governments on the right could use it to pay down the Government debt and reduce taxes.  

We would no longer need to engage in risky offshore drilling or engage in fracking, or mining in our conservation estate to grow our economy – it would grow organically.  There would be money for free education, proper schools, affordable health care, a decent retirement income…

The International Monetary Fund paper that was mentioned in the Seven Sharp clip endorses a similar solution.  Here is a quote straight from the paper:

the benefits would be: dramatically reduced public and private (net) debt levels (because money creation no longer requires simultaneous debt creation), better control of business cycle fluctuations, complete elimination of bank runs, output gains of 10% and inflation can drop to zero without posing problems for the conduct of monetary policy.

Not only would the New Zealand economy thrive, individuals and families that are struggling to make ends meet under the current system would prosper.

About Positive Money New Zealand

Positive Money New Zealand is a campaign to move New Zealand from a debt-based economy to one that operates with a full reserve in which money has been issued debt-free and interest-free.

This will free the nation and its people from the crippling effects of ever increasing interest bills - that keep the majority of people on the debt treadmill.

The campaign is based on one that has been running in the UK called Positive Money - which started in May 2010 as well as a similar one in the United States called the American Monetary Institute - which began in 1996.

Positive Money New Zealand is now part of a global network of organisations dedicated to reforming our banking system.

About Don Richards

Don lives in Whakatane and is married to Sue Hamill - the co founder of Positive Money New Zealand.  He has two daughters from a previous marriage and became a grandfather in May 2011.


Don has worked in a number of key industries during times of significant change in New Zealand’s recent history.  He was employed by BP Oil New Zealand, working in their Retail Strategy unit during the deregulation of the New Zealand oil industry in the late 1980's.

He also worked for Standards New Zealand in the late 1990's as it grappled with the transition from state funding to the user-pays model.  In addition, Don worked for the New Zealand Dairy Board, leading up to the formation of Fonterra and beyond. Don then worked for BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand) for 11 years as their Quality and Environmental Manager prior to moving to the Bay of Plenty.  

He now works as a Director for Simple, Effective Solutions that offers consultancy services for Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management systems.

Don has also taken on a number of community based projects including organising clean ups of Wellington harbour which started in 1997 and continues to this day.  In 1999 he was awarded the title of Conservationist of the year for his efforts.  In addition, he organised street parties for his neighbours and ran a campaign to stop whaling in the southern ocean - called Friends of Tangaroa.


Links mentioned in the interview:

Bryan Gould article in The Herald.


The Secret of Oz

This interview was sponsored by The Awareness Party

Nov 30, 2016

I knew this was going to be an insightful interview, because Guy had already laid down the parameters of his argument: In just 10 years time humanity would become extinct on our planet.

In the intro before we went to air - I asked Guy if he was open to me looking at ALL possibilities and to even humour me in my indulgences.

So read on dear reader - this is a very unique interview and I will summarise what subjects I was unable to totally cover at the end.

I knew this was going to be an insightful interview, because Guy had already laid down the parameters of his argument:

That in 10 years humanity on our planet would become extinct.

Well, I am 12 years older than Guy and have heard statements like this before... but 10 years!

Then he opened the door to take him up on his following statement on his website: Nature Bats Last. (

As always, I’m open to alternative views. In fact, I’m begging for them, considering the gravity of this particular situation.

I was ready for Guy, but I needed another hour to be able to build out a more compelling case for a global shift in consciousness. Or to at least seed the ideal.

One of my first interviews (that I do not have a record of) was with NZ’s top scientist for 2004, Peter Barrett. At that time he was Director of the Antarctic Research Centre at Victoria University of Wellington.

In his acceptance speech for the Marsden medal for exceptional scientific achievement he stated: “We have to change our ways because continuous growth and business as usual on our planet, will cause us to become extinct within the next 100 years."

Well, the status quo in Wellington were not happy and he was asked to recant and offer up another statement, which he duly did, and stated: “the end of civilisation as we know it!"

That same year I also interviewed James Lovelock, instigator of the Gaia hypothesis, that our planet is a super organism. He too implied that we had reached a tipping point.

His two subsequent books The Vanishing Face of Gaia and The Revenge of Gaia were grim and pessimistic outlooks at what was happening due the sustained abuse and avarice that we humans have been engaged in, especially over the last 70 years in exploiting our great sustainer.  

He too said that we would not make it into the next century.

He said “Enjoy life while you can. Because if you’re lucky, it’s going to be 20 years before it hits the fan.”

That was early 2008, however he later stated in 2012 that he was an alarmist. He still maintains that by the end of this century 80% of the population will be wiped out.  

When hearing Guys pronouncement last week that "humanity would become extinct in 10 years time", I was already case hardened. As a ‘trooper’ it did not phase me - I was/am ready.

I've been steeled for this since 1975, when I read the Doomsday Book by a Gordon Rattray Taylor. This book covered the fate of what we as a humanity were doing to our planet.

In one nights reading it shocked the daylights out of me altering me substantially to this day.

His foreboding narrative of the future of Planet Earth painted a collision course with the death of humanity, into a morbid, lifeless, Martian outlook.

So I opened up with the recent Paul Henry morning TV3 show where ‘NZ’s loose canon and fervent denier of so many things’ was totally gob smacked.

For this was the first time of hearing of his 10 years death sentence to his future dreams, unfinished diatribes and indulgences. He was like a goldfish blowing bubbles, yet looking very closely at Guy, you could see his eyes intently staring out at the world.

The original 4 minute sound bite interview turned into a 10 minute one, as Paul wavered all breaks for advertising. He wanted more information about his starkly shortened future!

In short, Guy maintains that planetary temperatures are all locked in already. We have blown the thermostat of our planet and we can’t do anything now.

It’s like giving the command for an oil supertanker that has been at top speed to stop! This takes something like 120 miles or so to bring it to a complete halt, as its momentum is so powerful.

Guy encourages us to go back to the land, take action and protest this takeover, such as in South Dakota at Black Rock.

“It’s the right thing to do”, he says.

People today suffer from NDD or ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’. We have lost our connection and don’t know where much of our food comes from. Hence our lack of consciousness of our living planet.  

There are always consequences. Year after year we have failed to solve the problem of growth at all costs. Not to mention the poisons we produce due to extraction of resources from the bounty of the land we inhabit.

We have had the warnings time and time again and we took no action.

We have all been born into the situation to find we are now born into captivity!

Lack of Connection

Kevin says the 1% are not burdened with empathy, to care about what they do. It’s a huge social disconnection that when they make decisions, they hurt the world.

My question to Guy:   

Do you think we have sociopaths running the high end of our planet?

Yes, we have. He could argue that we are all part of the problem because we (in my words) have all become consumers, consuming ourselves and our common future.  That basically 95% of us always vote on our bank balance and what’s in it for Me?

Kevin then jumped in and stoically stated that he wanted to be the last person planting the last tree on our planet, before the lights go out. I then leapt in and said I would be there with him! Ready to eat of the fruit of that tree!

We are Slow Learners

Then I introduce the concept that:

50 Years ago we heard that we would destroy our civilisation possibly in around 100 years or so  -  if we did not change our ways.   

20 years ago they revised it to possibly 40 years

15 years  it was down to 30 years

Now Guy today is saying about 10 years to go...

It nearly rhymes with.

50 years ago the human race were only using 10% of their potential

20 years ago they then said it was  7%

5 years ago it was down to 5%

2 years ago it was we were only using 2% of our potential

So we are using less and less of our potential … to find out we're using less and less of our potential …

What is going to happen in 5 years time?

Guy jumped in and said yes, we have totally lost our way.

Changing the Whole Focus: From Disaster to Changing of Human Consciousness

Without grinding into what is actually happening …  temperatures rising, droughts, catastrophic events, etc. (I was even going to ask him about Geo engineering however our time was short and this is covered in my summary at the end.)

I decided to beat a path to the inner self, to our potential as a human and what can we as a humanity do, seeing the situation in Guys words was so dire.

Albert Einstein said that we cannot solve the problems with the same consciousness that caused them in the first place.

Where do you see yourself in relationship to this Guy?  And he says he is all for it, but we have not done anything about it.

Next, Nikola Tesla said "when mankind starts researching the invisible he will make more progress in 10 years that he will have in the whole of civilisation".

Guy says that there is a lot that we do not know, because it is invisible and we have not learnt enough to become more evolved.

Tesla talked about the ‘luminous akasha’ as to where he tapped into Akashic Records .  Akasha is a sanskrit word that Buddhists believe in “a permanency of records in the Akasa” and “the potential capacity of man to read the same".

What do you think Tesla was saying here?   (listen to the interview for more)

We are one Molecular Unified Energy Field.

What about the fact that our planet is one unified molecular field that we are all connected - you to me in the gigantic sphere of atomic frequency - the air molecules between us, our bodies and this building is all one field oscillating at a particular frequency.

Guys says ‘that we are that.’

This is fact YES?  We are “one field".

We Humans are the Nerve Endings of Our Planet

I mention that James Lovelock says that we humans are the nerve endings for Gaia, Mother Earth and that when someone stands up in the Amazon with a sign saying “No more deforestation!” they are a nerve ending telling the world that the Amazon is wanting help.

Same for someone standing up in Palestine with a sign saying “We want Peace”. This again is another nerve ending communicating with all other nerve endings that we need to change, stop war and heal for Peace.

Well the planet is inflamed and the ones who are hearing the Earth’s call and feeling this calling deeply, are coming in with compassionate mindfulness to be a part of ‘her immune response!"

Guy says that he is open to a miracle - and that we need to ‘Passionately Pursue a Life of Excellence’  

We have the saying the ‘anima mundi' which is Latin for World Soul?  So for arguments sake we could be all connected at the energy unified field?

We share the one breath - all of us.

This is all unseen and is invisible.

Kevin adds that the Nuclear power stations in the US are still going and there are dangers of invisible radiation escaping. The US government has now extended the power station’s licenses by many more years. Even though virtually all have passed their use by date.

They are now extremely dangerous because the cost of decommissioning them is outrageously enormous.

The Japanese reactors at Fukushima are equally dangerous because they have been idle and out of action for 5 years.  They are now being recommissioned, and this is fraught with problems.

Guy says of Tesla and regarding ‘the invisible' that there is so much we do not know. He talks of 'dark matter' and that science is now recognising there are many other Universes other than our own. It’s a Multi verse.

And he says about a change of consciousness - is there enough time for a change of consciousness? … Mass consciousness?  He says he does not know, but is open to it for sure.

Also mentioned are Walter Russell (the American mystic) and Viktor Schauberger, who have seen into the invisible.

Schauberger, (known as the 'father of water'), was able to lie down beside rivers and ‘become one with them’ in consciousness.

Meditation was mentioned as a way of being able to find solace from the outside world as well as heal from grief, which is what many people are experiencing as we learn of the plight of our home planet, mother earth.

The conversation then moves to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross where 1600 people came to listen to her tell of her research at the Auckland Town Hall. She had interviewed 20,000 people who had had ‘near death and out of the body’ experiences that we were more than a mere body.

This was to extend the conversation beyond the limitations of seeing the world from a 3 dimensional world devoid of spirit or soul.

That there is far more to existence than this world of the so called 5 senses.   

I mention names like:

  • Drs. Kenneth Ring
  • Drs. Raymond Moody
  • Ian Stevenson University of Virginia

Who have all studied death and Guy agrees that death and dying plus sex are taboo subjects.

Also there are books like Super Nature - Dr Lyall Watson, prolific author of many books on life

The Secret Life of Plants and the Secrets of the Soil  by Peter Thompkins & Christopher Bird. These books on nature extend our knowingness about how ‘alive’ nature is.

And we are now running out of time, to extend our view of the human capacity to learn and grow.

Guy says that finding joy and to be open to allow joy to find us is so important. Find your tribe. Go back to grass roots working with your neighbourhood. Pursue excellence. These are the best things we can do at present.

Guy says that extinction is a natural process and we are in the 6th great extinction.

Kevin says, that now he knows his time is limited, it has freed him up immensely. He can do far more things that benefit the community that he is part of, on the island that he lives on. And there is no better time than the now.

Guys says, if we had made the change during the cultural or flower power revolution in 1966-67 it may have made a difference to the world if it had spread.

However, our children and grandchildren are not being factored into our future.

This interview covers many other heartfelt subjects and is well worth the listen as it is sprinkled with little gems.

In Summary:

So that was it, we ran out of time.

However, I also wanted to cover the other unknowing capacities of the human being such as:

The story of savants

There was the 'Mega Savant' Kim Peek, best known by the movie character he inspired the “Rain Man” played by Dustin Hoffman in the 1988 film of the same name. Fast absorption was no problem for Peek, who could just as easily read and memorise a telephone book as a compendium of Shakespearean plays. Kim could take in 10,000 words-per-minute reading two pages at a time—the left page with his left eye and the right page with his right eye.

If a human can do this, can not any other human, once we tap into that aspect of our psyche?

Then there was fire walking - Fijians and Indians in South Asia and their diaspora in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Réunion, South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore, who celebrate the Thimithi festival.

David Willey, professor of physics with the University of Pittsburgh, says he believes fire walking is explainable in terms of basic physics and is not supernatural nor paranormal. Willey notes that most fire walks occur on coals that measure about 1,000 °F (538 °C), but he once recorded someone walking on 1,800 °F (980 °C) coals.

Mind over matter?

What about Speed reading?

Anne Jones, six times World Speed Reading Champion told the Guardian media that most of the time, she reads at speeds between 800 and 1,500 words per minute. This is much higher than the average for a good reader given by  fellow academics, of 200 to 400 words per minute.

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was among the most intelligent U.S. Presidents and famous for his efficient reading skills. He would often take in an entire book before breakfast. If time permitted after dinner, he’d read through a few more before bed.

Then his relative, President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Inspired by his fifth cousin, Franklin D. Roosevelt adopted old Teddy’s auto didactic approach and taught himself to speed read. He began by fixating on two-to-three words at a time. He then pressed on to three-to-four, six-to-eight, and so on.

Eventually, America’s beloved four-term President could read whole paragraphs like ordinary folks read individual words.

Following in the Roosevelt’s footsteps, President John F. Kennedy made speed reading a personal priority during his tenure in the White House. With practice, he cultivated a rate of 1,2000 wpm, as he wanted to be able to read two or three books daily. JFK wanted his brother Bobby to learn to speed read, too, and the pair of Kennedy’s took classes together to that end.

So what is the capabilities of the human mind?  This is the never ending question.

I also had many other questions about some yogi’s in India that I wanted to talk about. Information that’s not publicised in the main stream media such as Paramahansa Yogananda and his astounding death.

ET Intervention?

Plus, in my pre-talk with Guy before the interview, I did even mention to him the ET situation. Captain Edgar Mitchell (6th man to walk on the moon) mentioned on Campbell Live here in Auckland in 2008 that the US authorities have bodies and that they have been studied. So there is most definitely an Extra Terrestrial equation that has to be at least discussed.

If our planet is in free fall and losing it and they have super energy technologies that can reverse all the heating and reflect sunlight back into space... They could have reason to push into our world, defying the prime directive not to intervene in another planet’s evolution, however again I ran out of time to bring this subject back up.

Post Thoughts on 10 years or not?

With the subject based on only 10 years to live as a species, I personally have another slightly optimistic opinion.

The Antarctic ice is close to 1.9 km (1.2 mi; 6,200 ft) in thickness and covering an area of almost 14 million square kilometres (5.4 million square miles) containing 26.5 million cubic kilometres (6,400,000 cubic miles) of ice. It will take a long time to melt, as it is in darkness and cold for 4 to 6 months a year.

And Greenland has a mean altitude of ice at 2,135 metres (7,005 ft). The thickness is generally more than 2 km (1.2 mi) and over 3 km (1.9 mi) at its thickest point and covers an area of 1,710,000 km2 (660,000 sq mi).  And yes there is the slowing down of the Atlantic ocean gulf stream too.

There are many, many other contingencies to play out before I adhere to Guys 10 year statement, though he has far more up to date information than I.

I remain confident that I am still going to enjoy a long life of a degree of happiness, bearing in mind we are in such a majorly critical evolutionary phase.

Yes, Geo Engineering!  I was going to ask Guy about what is happening about Geo Engineering. (

I see there is a large in-house disagreement between them and Mr.G Edward Griffin of  ‘What in the World Are They Spraying?’. However as this is still unclear - I decided against it.

Yes we live in very interesting times!

Nov 23, 2016

Creative Social Communicator with early history, first peoples and the awakening connection to the earth mother and the elements.

Today she is a celebrated filmmaker, producer and director covering the canvas of earth, water, and sky and the growing people’s reverence of Aotearoa and our great sustainer Mother Earth - Papatuanku.   

Early Years:

Born in Ōtautahi, Christchurch, whilst studying at Canterbury University she did the ‘poet rounds’ of local pubs with people such as Kerri Hume and other home grown celebrities.


Then when visiting a playwright’s workshop in Australia she realised that only 1% of the world’s playwrights - were women this then inspired her to fire up and write. She then had a play produced on stage in Australia and in Christchurch help set up the Woman’s Action Theatre.

Then for 8 years produced one play per year, ‘Mother Tongue’ being one of them and with the NZ Listener giving it an amazing review it ended up touring the country. Being based on the first stages of a woman’s life. Featuring chant, song, dance and scenes through different aspects of a growing woman – like Offspring – the first 6 months of the 1st baby – and then another of an older woman who was a successful gold miner in the West Coast - Buller region.

That Christchurch Ōtautahi is where Kate Sheppard, who initiated the vote for women lived and was buried there. Kate also tells of her unique connection to the 1st vote by women in 1893.

Nuclear Awakening

Then to working in Free Theatre and Court Theatre and then onto radio drama which she loves. One of these was called Charlie Bloom, about blowback from a French nuclear test in Polynesia which went from East to West covering Samoa and affecting the the Samoan inhabitants 3,610 km from French polynesia and Mururoa. This  bomb test was on the 12 September 1966. As a consequence of this test, called Betelgeuse, (named after the 9th brightest star in the night sky) in which a 120 kiloton bomb hanging under a balloon was exploded at a height of 600 metres in difficult wind conditions.

Not long after this Kathleen was living for a while in Hakano St, Grey Lynn in Auckland and there were many Samoans living in that street and there was a disproportionate number suffering from strange cancers and odd diseases then she found a book by Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW) and also the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research entitled Environmental Effects of French Nuclear Testing. This exposed what was happening,  including a  map of the rain-out hot spots and rain-out dry spots all over this part of the Pacific. This was when leukaemia sickness was spiking at one of the worst rates at that time in this region.

Her play was also broadcast in Australia and Kathleen’s parents were over there for a few days and just looking for a decent radio station to listen to, heard Kathleen’s  ‘Charlie Bloom’ being broadcast – just out of the blue and this is a theme that runs through her life – many magical moments of synchronicity.

Her most recent book is Earthquakes and Butterflies based on the Christchurch Earthquake and was played for a week on National radio here in NZ. Her book is a delightful, beautifully designed novel and photographic journal following Hone, Kara, Pieter, Hemi, Helena, Kay and Tess as they navigate their way through the tragedy of the Christchurch earthquakes.

"This is surely one of the finest pieces of writing to come out of the Christchurch earthquakes. Kathleen Gallagher tells, with deep tenderness and compassion, the story and spirit of all that the moving earth laid on the heaving doorsteps of Christchurch... Jane Hole,"Tui Motu" Nov. 2015,


The documentary Water Whisperers - Tangaroa the film – evidently, it just sort of happened. With no finances or major strategy, when some people came to her at the last minute and asked her to film a raft journey from Lake Sumner in the Southern Alps to the Pacific ocean, this was enough to pay for Water Whisperers – plus when it came to support with this production - she says “it just seems to show up!”

This vibrant environmental documentary explores the healing and recovery of polluted and fished out waterways, and the conservation of wild water places - from mountain lakes, through rivers and out into the ocean. Subtle, sensitive and beautifully photographed - it is a quietly convincing voice amid the clamour of our fast paced society. People from very different backgrounds stand together - being real about the challenges they face, they show us there are solutions as well as problems that we have to address. This is an eloquent and utterly convincing call for greater protection and care of New Zealand’s lakes, rivers, coastlines and oceans.

"This beautifully put together and refreshingly optimistic local doco is one of the most enjoyable films I've seen in months ... Seeing an eco-doco so informative, entertaining, light of touch and unashamedly Kiwi was a real treat ... Four stars, easy ... a very accomplished and compelling film."

Graeme Tuckett - Dominion Post, Wellington

When filming Sky Whisperers - Ranginui - she tells of a small number of large hawks or kea flying right in front of her car windscreen blocking her view that she had to stop the vehicle in a middle of a mobile phone drop-out area. Whilst stopped a very tuned in Maori friend phoned her saying she must come to where he was – as the film had to start from Lake Waikaremoana - stating that “ I am waiting for you!”.
She had not planned on including him in the film and so due to the ‘strangeness’ of the moment, she then detoured to where he was some hundred plus kilometres away even though they were going to another destination to start the film. So driving through a storm she arrived at Lake Waikaremoana where he was standing waiting for her and her team, still in the middle of that storm. Where she proceeded to interview him then carry on back to the original destination.

This fascinating environmental feature, calls us to a closer intimacy with our skies. Celestial navigators, climatologists, a Nobel prize winning scientist, biodynamic, Maori and radio astronomers, farmers, fishermen and business folk who observe the sky, the air, the stars, the moon and sun cycles. Together they show how we can establish a way of observing, living and doing business which results in non pollution of our skies.

Tau Te Mauri - Breath Of Peace

A fascinating story of effort towards global peace, featuring eight peace people of Aotearoa New Zealand - spanning some seven decades - peace walkers, petitioners, and folk in small boats and on the surfboards sailing out into the harbours in the face of huge warships. A unique documentary, embedded in the movement of aihe (dolphins), tohora (whales), kotuku (white herons), toroa (albatross) and with an original score blending contemporary waiata and traditional Maori musical instruments. This film tells the story of how Aotearoa New Zealand became nuclear free and anti-war. It is an inspiration for all people, young and old, and for peacemakers everywhere.

Conscientious Objectors:

The Peace People of NZ go back a long way – to the Chatham Islanders to Te Whiti go Parihaka in Taranaki - who it is recorded influenced Mahatma Gandhi in his expression of peace.

Jack Rogers and the few who remain alive today … then Mary Woodward – protesting against the bombing of Hiroshima.

Hautu Peace People of World War II

“Hautu is the story of two WWII Conscientious Objectors put away in the rugged Hautu detention camp near Tūrangi on the Desert Road south of Taupo and their supportive womenfolk who were living in Christchurch and on the West Coast” in the South Island.

Kathleen states that peaceful energisers come through in NZ, every decade and this ideal moves around the country as in George Armstrong up here in Auckland with the Peace flotilla and Bunny McDiarmid and her Greenpeace work. Especially with the Rainbow Warrior moving the people in the Marshall islands away from the radioactive island that the US atomic testers used and then sailed away from.

The bombing in Auckland Harbour and all the other important Greenpeace issues that are still with us today.

And Nicky Hager NZ’s top independent researcher and Kate Dewes - all have worked for decades, on peace issues, to bring more peace in our world.

Kathleens Home Turf

That Riccarton borough in Christchurch was the first Nuclear Free area in NZ. – That is where Kate Dewes lives and where Kate Sheppard once worked and lived. Deans bush there too. It’s a place of much change.

Trees in the seven hectare bush include ancient kahikatea, totara, matai and hinau. The bush is now protected by a predator proof fence and is home to small populations of the Canterbury tree wētā and great-spotted kiwi/ roroa. Before European settlement, Pūtaringamotu was a valuable source of food and timber for the Māori. From the bush they produced carvings and canoes, and preserved pigeons.

These trees, up to 600 years old, are the descendents of a podocarp forest established over 6,000 years ago. They are the sole Canterbury remnant of kahikatea floodplain forest and as such have national significance.

Haharanga – Healing Journeys. He Oranga He Oranga

Healing Journeys

Many of Kathleen’s friends got breast cancer and numbers of them died. She talked to people who had terrible prognosis yet had survived and she found that it was in the quiet areas  of  place and the space – that healing took place.

This inspiring feature documentary follows the journeys of eleven cancer survivors through - bone, bowel, breast, ovarian, prostate, brain cancers, Hodgkins and nonHodgkins lymphoma, and leukaemia - to better health. It begins where the boiling heart of the earth rises up to the surface. It climbs the mountain peaks, descends the valleys and flows through the bush and on out to sea, exquisitely blending taonga puoro - traditional Maori music, Celtic harp and flute, and contemporary waiata.

She found that when people shifted to a more conducive environment their health improved immensely.

That it was in the forest the ngahere the ancient forest  - the puawai – the blossom of the ancient forest are very healing in so many ways same for the way – running water swift flowing water helps cleanse - plus mirimiri  a rubbing motion this inspired her to do the film Earth Whisperers Papatuanuku.

Earth Whisperers  Papatuanuku.

Starring Rita Tupe – Tuhoi healer  Craig Potton EYEla  burgess herbal, herbalist, Gerry Findlay talks with birds Alan marks the botanist, hugh wislon who has a thousand hectoer  of regenerating forest  Jim ogorman organic farmer in Omaru  Charles Royal maori chef. Kay Backster Seed Saver Makere Ruka – Waitaha kuia.  This film went all over the world.  And going to the huge film festival in Abu Dhabi in the Middle East winning the Audience Award. Then around the world like wildfire.

Yet to obtain funding is a major task …

Then Water Whisperers Tangaroa

Following the water from Mountains down rivers and out to the ocean – to the Poor Knights marine reserve area. Including Leigh as the oldest marine reserve in the world.

Raglan Fred Lichtwark and Eva Rikards working on restoring nature in the spirit of kaitiaki went  from lowest to highest fish count in NZ shoreline waters. Riparian planting changed it all around increases of Eels (tuna) whitebait (īnanga) and over marine fish. A great success.

In this film there are lots of models for people to follow

Muscles farms out in the bay in Takaka were being affected by chemical and nutrient runoff from farmed land – So Landcare a Government Department brought the two groups together and after challenging times have sorted out!  A win win!

Actions for today!

Locking away huge areas to stop fish depletion and overfishing – Andy Dennis who died recently in Nelson states that half our bays need to be locked up all the way to the 200 mile fishing zone. He maintains that this would allow all fish to recuperate to the same numbers of fish, that were here when Captain Cook arrived.

Yes, there are still vested interests who oppose this concept other than wanting to lock areas away – yet, when fishing sanctuaries a put in place the long-term results is for everyone benefits.

This interview covers Te Urewera as a park now having human rights and the Whanganui River (awa) being classed as a living entity

This opens up the narrative about Papatuanku the earth mother as a living super organism. That includes our intimacy with Papatuanku as a living being.

Altered Realities

That things happen ‘in the moment’ and time can alter and shift, it is not necessarily linear which we usually see from a rational standpoint.  

In Earthquakes and Butterflies Kathleen states that time can also expand & contract - especially when major earth moments are happening.

The conversation then enters more non corporeal subject matter and the metaphysical connection to the land of Aotearoa.

She mentions when Leonard Cohen when he last came to NZ fairly recently, said “you live in the is place that is magical – yet you walk around it as if it is ordinary!”

Connection and intimacy with the land whenua.

Some years ago American First Nation peoples came to NZ to apologise to the salmon that swim and travel up the Rakaia River in the South Island (Te Waipounamu - The Waters of Greenstone) They wanted to honour the fish, because their rivers are depleted of chinook salmon today. These South Island salmon were brought from America to NZ in 1867. They then spent 4 days and 4 nights at the top end of the river singing, praying, dancing, talking and listening to the river.

Plus there other stories of Maori and kaitiakitanga - guardianship, protection, preservation or sheltering. Kaitiakitanga is a way of managing the environment, based on the traditional and cultural methods.

Listen to this fascinating interview of a creative, inner-directed New Zealander

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