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May 28, 2020

The COVID lockdown has been on many levels a ‘planetary catharsis’  Greek katharsis, from kathairein ‘cleanse’, from katharos ‘pure’.

As a GP working from his home clinic he was able to assess and help patients, but fortunately did not have any with COVID:19.

NZ’ loss of life has fortunately been low at 22 deaths. Life is slowly opening up again. But, Robin is now dealing with the fall-out from the lock down.

This interview starts quietly however it was not long before it ramped up and some very potent information was shared that reminds us that we are in many ways being overtaken by technology that far exceeds our knowingness. To the degree that those whom possess it and deploy it, lack the consciousness of what they are doing.

Thus the world has changed radically. Those with existing anxieties and depression - have increased and are overwhelming. This situation has affected our physical health and immunity due to delayed treatment which also causes more anxiety. 

Younger people in general have not been affected by COVID although there have been rare cases. Medical and nursing staff have been affected especially in close areas, where they are working with extremely limited social distancing.

Robin mentioned that due to the increased fear mode where we retreat into ourselves, even to child-like instincts - that this precedes the development of our rational brain that oversees everything. Our frontal lobe or cortex, can take stock of our emotions and in the face of fear we are very very vulnerable - especially if we do not have a great say in our current situation and we are locked away from being in any proactive role. That the majority of the population is very vulnerable, not so much now to the virus per see, but the control of the systems and also politics and corporations. And we are watching this unfold on a daily basis.

We are also seeing contradictions - Donald Trump not wearing a face Mask yet Dr Fauci and Dr Birx wearing masks and the latter are perceived as representing big Pharma and big Medicine. So there is this contradiction going on. Robin said it is important for peer reviewed studies among peers to get to the correct diagnosis and healing modality. We notice two days after this interview that the WHO has no interest in testing the viability of Hydroxychloroquine, because the WHO is invested with Bill Gates and his Foundation and is wanting to vaccinate the 7.7 billion humans who inhabit our planet - and to continue this for every over virus that may arise into the future.

At present there are a huge number of scientific papers coming out every day - especially in the US with contradictory statements and without complete peer reviewed processes.  As a result  the global public are now being exposed to a confusing amount of information - saying, wear gloves, masks and social distancing and another comes out equally - forcefully saying - that’s all wrong!

MSM Controlling the Narrative

Which Robin says is how we get the evidence and then peruse it to evolve the science - the problem we have is that MSM is presenting it in a black and white terms. They are presenting it the way - that their narrative wants to present it.’  They are not converting this information in a particular adult way  and that version can not be challenged  via mainstream media - they in essence control the narrative across all MSM, and that means any alternative viewpoints are not able to challenge them. Robin continues saying that they may think that they are protecting the public - but that is not the way to behave.

Professor’s Computer Model Gets It Wrong

Professor Neil Fergusson of London’s Imperial College ran a computer scenario - that freaked out the world - saying millions were going to die -  basically causing the world economy to shut off and go into lock down. The result is, we will be picking up the pieces for years to come as an impact of his over estimation. But, not only that - we see people who originally were supporting the lock down, disobeying the precautions that were put in place and instead openly flaunting the so called lock-down.

So there were two scenarios - one for the ordinary people who were doing what they thought was right, whilst the authorities openly abused the situation as per the NZ Minister of Health going on a cross town jaunt to ride his bike, as a local example. Same thing happened in Britain and even Barack Obama playing golf whilst Michelle was saying on TV - stay at home!

Entitlement and the Abuse of Power

This NZ Minister doing what he wished is a classical state of ‘entitlement’.  This Robin mentions is an example of narcissistic personality disorders and psychological  disorders - and these people are being exposed … and people are quite rightly asking questions about this!.

Universities in Bed with Word Technology Corporations

It has also been revealed in the last two weeks that London’s Imperial College has a sponsorship deal with Huawei the giant Chinese tech and surveillance corporation to the tune of 5 million pounds and they are in collaboration with other world major offshore tech corporations. Plus, we also know that Bill Gates and his Foundation have granted Imperial College US$ 30 million as of March of this year. So we are seeing within the academic circles the state of tertiary education - basically around the world, being dependent on technology corporations. That their narrative is how we are all going to be ‘guided’ and progressed into the 4th Industrial Revolution of AI and dependent on 5G wavelength and above. etc etc.    Scroll right down this post!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being Enforced on Humanity

AI, the Internet of Things, Social credit surveillance, cashless society, mining of human energy and thoughts for cryptocurrency.

This is being done by using specific psychopathic seduction techniques.

Robin goes on to say that it’s a steady progression across multiple disciplines, platforms and modalities and areas into an artificially intelligence controlled world. This is where both the billionaires of Silicon Valley and the Chinese from a diametrically different perspective are wanting to herd the human race towards and they are now not wanting to wait for 2030.

Totalitarian Tiptoe Happening Now

The totalitarian tiptoe is now a giant leap forward that has been sprung upon us over the last few weeks.

In other words humanity unknowingly are enveloped in a controlled ‘technical fog’ and we are on the receiving end of it all - Like it or not.

He quotes Naomi Klein who in dealing with a high tech corporation in Maryland in the USA , now sees humans as being ‘bio hazards’ where as (sterile) machines are not.

This is where it is all heading - and that is ‘human-less and contactless technology.’

It has become the Time of the Machines …

He goes on to say if you talk about the Corona virus and 5G in the same breath - you are shut down!

Yet, whilst the lock down all the tech corporations have been making hay while the sun shines. Because they can still work remotely and all the systems are virtually in place - plus fibrotic cables globally - so super fast media is at their fingertips. They have 24/7 ubiquitous global connectivity.

The Battle for the Soul of our Planet is Full On.

Meanwhile the battle for the soul of our planet has ramped up. It’s a hybrid of what Biblical Prophecy is about - and instead of arsenals of armaments and nuclear missiles - it’s the invisibles - it’s about frequencies and viruses and fear - that, which can not be seen.

It’s hugely psychological too. The dark is extraordinary deceptive and it is being fought out mainly in the USA. The Deep State have also been in bed with China too. Heaps of deception everywhere. In the UK there is the  77th Brigade takeover of the UK Government.

We are in an Existential Crisis on a Global Scale.

Robin says that those who are looking deep and doing the critical thinking - the serious homework and the serious research - are being gaslighted (another psychopathic trait) as being ‘conspiracy theorists.’

You have to listen to the interview - for as an Medical Doctor, Robin’s message is - we are being railroaded by huge tech corporations that are shunting us all into a giant omnipresent frequency cloud that is global in scope and we will be relentlessly bombarded and fried by untested frequencies coming at us from not only our ordinary surroundings like 5G towers but from satellites from space as well. Not only this, but because of our reluctance to look this challenge head on we are also not being able to get out in front of the narrative.

Because MSM shuts us out. As you will notice, we will never have this discussion on TVONE - TV3 , Radio NZ or the NZ Herald - because they are all connected to ‘vested interests’ that do not feel any connection to humanity, or biota or the natural world as such. Nature in many ways has no part to play in the world of AI other than as a dead backdrop to our daily drama.

This 4th Industrial Revolution is not just based on frequencies for ‘supposedly’ bettering our life - they are based on highly focussed data connections from machine to machine. Like the Borg. See Star Trek.

The human heart and aspirations are not factored into this - other than to seduce the unwary to the table and then be ensnared with this tech. Like your young ones with their flash new ‘smart’ phones.

Dr Robin say that when it comes out that these frequencies pose a danger to our children, our grandchildren and the unborn then it will be imperative that people understand - because when the human race does … it will never ever allow these wireless frequencies be deployed or used.

Calling out the Lies

But also … that all the tech industries lies that are being promulgated are not sustainable - so let’s keep going - let’s keep explaining and let’s apply the Precautionary Principle.

Governmental Double Standards?

As a result of this coronavirus we have seen enacted in the extreme - measures of closing down our country and confining us to our homes over the last two months. So why do we not apply the same precautionary principle to the ongoing increasing amounts of non ionising radiation - to a whole population in a way that is impossible to isolate ourselves from?    

That the powers that be - can not have it both ways. If we have the precautionary principle for the virus - then to be consistent we have to apply this to 5G as well.

Because there are increasingly more papers coming out exposing the dangers of this technology, than there ever was for the coronavirus.

We can note that MSM media have become very quiet about Elon Musk’s super status of putting up 33,000 satellites in geostationary orbit so as to rake and microwave our planet with 5 G frequencies. That journalist and their ilk today have kowtowed to money over content as well and duck any controversial content for fear of being pushed out of the gala tent. There are very few NZ journalists who will go hard against the government in power, for fear they will never be invited to the many lavish functions that are frequently put on. Like, not wanting to be excluded from the revelry. ;)

No Journalists in NZ prepared to stand up?

Robin mentions Mike King, a NZ comedian who was fronting for the NZ Pork Board selling products made from pigs. Well, someone got to Mike and showed him the horrendous conditions that pigs were living in and being exploited here in clean green happy NZ. When he realised the slavery and inhumane way pigs were being treated he courageously said enough and resigned.

Now where is that ONE JOURNALIST in NZ who will stand up regarding 5G for instance and state that they want to produce a balanced article on the  health dangers of radiation of wireless radiation - we only want one of two to do this and why is this not happening? Hello?

That virtually reality is coming. We have Siri from Apple and Samsung have Bixby…. plus Amazon has Alexa - sweet sensuous compelling voices … 

Holographic Assistances.

The New York Times is working to have news readers that are holographic that will read the news (or their version of the news.) - and do exactly what is programmed in them for today. Like have the correct intonations - show empathy in the right places, smile warmly when required - the timbre of their voice, sound caring - as this becomes the new normal. That this will be the reality and we will think the news reader is real and if she is pretty enough and he handsome as well - we will eventually fall in love with them - especially as they ever so subtly flirt with us and possibly sound more and more like our best friend.

We are entering a realm where humans are to be ever so subtly lobotomised out of the equation and artificial intelligence - takes over.

And this great leap forward has happened in the last 6 weeks - due to the virus setting the stage as to how to communicate with a captured fair stricken audience.

We are going to see a radical shift in the future for humanity if Silicon Valley and AI robots have their chance to get into the driver's seat, Trans humanism - where Soul is to be superseded by machines?

This will speed up the move into trans humanism they say, by 2030. But, they want to get it happening as soon as possible - the reason being ‘they’ want a captured audience who have lost their spiritual connection to a greater reality.

That with this AI tech, that trillionaires will emerge from this - hence the race is on …that 29 people even now, have more wealth than that the bottom 3rd of our planet's population.

That Mom & Pop shops will disappear now in this post COVID phase and big tech will have its robotic warehouses filling texted orders and the shift will be monumental. It has been semi like this for 30 years plus - in some countries  

Bill Gates vaccines for all 7.7 billion of us. Will we be further dumbed down with infotainment and ex-rated movies and subsidised cannabis? (Go and do you own research on 

Hydroxychloroquine -  Big Pharma does not like it as it is extremely cheap, even though it has been around for decades.

Every drug has a downside and an upside.

Trump when photographed wears no mask, whilst Dr Fauci and Dr Birx have masks and because they are the face of big Pharma, pull rank on Trump, because they are doctors.

Over the last 6 weeks of this crisis, doctors in the field in the US have come out on social media telling that many people who die of other

diseases are being tested for COVID and if they find any trace of COVID are pronounced that their death was attributed to COVID, yet they may have died of a heart attack or cancer. For this they are being banned. This is a huge scandal.* This has been found out and exposed in Italy.   

Also the medical model in NZ have Doctors consultations last about 6 minutes - when 30 minutes is not enough. This too is a scandal.

The Human Gut and our Alimentary canal.

The Human biome - has trillions of viruses in our gut - but balance occurs - we are an ecosystem of viruses, bacteria and fungi. They all live within us and they mutate and we would not be alive without these viruses. They are part of our makeup.  Listen to the story about the placenta virus - that without this virus - every mother would reject their baby.

We discussed that New York city in the US were having large losses people* Tim ventured because people are in a high rise city - there are very few gardens and thus factory and industrial food is eaten and it is often devoid of life force and vitality.


Regarding 5G and its effects there are so many cofactors and we need to be looking and researching all these things. But, so many are deferring to the WHO and WHO says 5G is ok.  There is even a conflict of interest with the Prime Minister's Science Adviser - Listen.

The Cashless Society

NZ, Australia and Sweden, are very close to switching to cashless. What are the ramifications?  NZ youth now just don’t carry cash and use EFTPOS and this is going to have huge adverse ramifications for ‘activists or anyone who goes against the Corporate and Government narrative.’  YOUR CARD IS DECLINED. Please go to the nearest Police Station, Listen

AI - Universities in NZ  Are eradicating the arts and philosophical departments, they have been cleansed of anything to do with higher mind and values. We are losing the higher arts.

Massey UnIversity here too.  The classics are gone including pure science and health science as well as the biological sciences and marine biology. All these to be replaced by an AI Innovation block. Huawei are involved in this ….that NZ in the future will be AI run with the Internet of Things

Robin says we are sovereign beings - we have to become super aware ASAP 

We will not be able to elect anyone to save us - as the system has all been set up - not in our favour.

The 4th Industrial Revolution however - can be cured with goodness - love and compassion - and common sense

We have to guide the machines to help us - also to not divide us …  Robin says not the other way around but essentially we need a conscious awakening

They - the Tech world, are exposing their lies very early in the game - so being alert we can see their plans

Next Week.

Glen Atkinson

His wish is to show how Living on Earth can be achieved in a friendly and cooperative manner, through working with our creations energetic organisation.

Glen Atkinson – an Artist who expresses through Astrology, Gardening, Homeopathy and Philosophy – has developed the agricultural and medical work of the turn of the century Austrian philosopher, Dr Rudolf Steiner, into a rational and secular approach of being with nature, while staying true to Dr Steiner’s energetic indications.

On 11th February 2020, he was conferred a ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ as recognition for ‘significant lifetime achievements in the field’.

May 21, 2020

In this post covid lockdown humanity is up for grabs. Whatever media can do to distract you and sew seeds of doubt and fear - you can be assured they want your attention and they want it all the time.


The media are not here to empower us from an inner standpoint. Nor are they here to inspire us at a spiritual level - or that of soul. Reason being, is that we instead are being programmed to be walking desire bodies, to become consumers that will end up … consuming our life support systems.


How can we break the spell …? 




Governmental Laws

Freeing up who we in essence - are.

Kia Ora and greeting dear listeners, Tim from GreenplanetFM, here in Auckland in Nuclear Free New Zealand - Note that Nuclear Free was once a big deal. Yet, for some unknown reason it seems no longer?  

However, I am communicating and checking-in to see that you and your family are healthy, relaxed and well. That in particular you are well resourced both externally and internally and that your inner candle burns strongly in these very unsettling of times.


You may have wondered why has been somewhat quiet over the last two months - well it has been to gather information that is factual and empowering and in particular gives us a planetary overview as to what is happening in this profoundly eventful year - of 2020 - where I trust we have the clarity of vision to foresee the challenges and possibilities at this critical point in time, as we enter the third decade of the 21st Century.


To give you a heads up - I will mention a few pointers that I wish to cover during this program, so as to let you know what are the priorities of today’s show

Note, that as this is all voluntary, especially this write up by me, I invite you to understand that I am not a wordsmith or a radio jock, just an ordinary human being doing my best for a better world view and biosphere for all.




  • Is - of our unique perspective from NZ - being so far from anywhere - we are in many ways on the outside looking in - at all the events on earth. 


  • Then - this COVID crisis and Lock down - and the question - is this just ‘a very virulent’ flu virus that mainly affects the elderly and those with compromised immune systems?


  • Is this global COVID event - a pretext for an evolutionary shift and is a precursor to a new paradigm?  That the mass of humanity are confronting a gigantic change in perspective -  like mass ‘consciousness’ readying itself for a new interpretation on life?? ‘That it is more than a revolution - but a Paradigm shift’ - to a higher level of being?


  • That this crisis may have a darker motive-  being used by vested ‘global banking interests’ to ‘close down economies’ and get countries and people into more debt?


  • And, has the lockdown been used as a practice by ‘the powers that be’ to see how in the future they know how to accomplish a complete planet wide lock down of the global population, and their hand held communication systems too?


  • Does 5G play a darker role as it is rolled out ‘under urgency’ across virtually all countries, globally?  


  • But on a lighter side - that due to the lock down ordinary people have been able to meet their neighbours, and realise that we are surrounded by many good hearted and kind people we never knew. That we may be able to reboot the local and national economies with a sense of more cooperation, goodwill, relocalising and seeing our communities more from a grassroots and holistic standpoint.


  • That we here in NZ have an opportunity to lead by example in working with the land and nature in a far more conscious and regenerative way. That brings us into more communion with nature’s bounty.


  •  Is this crisis an evolutionary driver to compel us to recognise that we may be or are ... spiritual beings having an earth experience - and that it’s impelling us to grow into a higher level of being?


  • And what does this mean in relationship to our metaphysical connection to all existence. That at soul level - will this lead to an unveiling of a greater cosmic story?     


We are here today - all sharing of the same invisible breath that our planet and biosphere bequeaths all biota. Which I wish to address some of the many issues from a local to a global perspective - because we here in NZ may have a very different vantage point, being tucked away around the curve of our home planet - about four thousand kilometers away from Antarctica and a little over 2,000 kilometers from Australia. We are somewhat isolated, from any large land mass - to the degree that NZ is also the closest major country to the International date line - which means ‘we see tomorrow first’ - being 2 hours ahead of Australia - around 12 hours ahead of the UK and and around 16 hours in front of the USA - (depending on daylight saving.)


Hence our strategic situation - to be ahead of time. Though this may not necessarily mean that we in this country are ahead of the curve, we also could be seen as being ‘used as a localised experimental guinea pig in a living laboratory in a planetary wide social experiment as well’.  


Being so close to the International Date Line it could be said - from a science fictional point of view - we are already domiciled in ‘tomorrow land.’ That this may assist us in seeing differently - the status of our planet - be it from a geopolitical perspective, or within the homeostatic bubble of the biosphere - abounding and occupied with myriads of wildlife. But, more so -  seeing our planet as a colossal living superorganism, called Gaia or as Maori say, Papatuanku - and as David Icke once said to me - that our planet is a vast swirling - information field. 

That from our situation - we can realise that our world view may be very different, but it is only from a point of view of perspective. 


Remember our human body too is a mass of subatomic frequencies - we too are an information system, and an energy field within a greater universal - energy field. 


From this standpoint - where subatomic physics and biology coalesce - it is imperative that we learn and understand that humanity as we know it to be - are entering another paradigm, a new way of being - and that we are also coming to an ‘omega point’ in the evolution of our planet and civilisation. This was first advanced by Teilhard de Chardin, the evolutionary, trail blazing Catholic priest, who was ‘shunned’ by both the Pope and Rome early last century. His message is also translating to a spiritual awakening as well, that we all share the same breath and that deep down within our being we have realised that there is far more to our life than ‘to be born - to reproduce - and to die.’

This is important to dwell on. We are more than just following our animal instincts.  


Therefore, I wish to touch on this shift that is affecting us all - as we grapple with the reality of the world - a world that is changing so fast - and regrettably for many there is no eject or slo-mo button - because in truth we have to come to terms with what’s in our face - especially the corruption of the economic and political order that is in lockstep with unbridled media and fake news, and how we urgently need to discern truth from fallacy.


And its important - we owe it to our children and grandchildren - we definitely do …  and this is what I am hearing, especially since that smoke filled day of the 5th of January, 2020  when bushfire smoke blew across from Australia and obliterated the clear atmosphere of NZ - which caused many of my friends and acquaintances to question what we are bequeathing our youth and our young ones of tomorrow? 


Because at heart we all intuitively know that the way our industrial civilization has been intensifying and multiplying  - that the consequences of profit before people and future generations would in the end have us all - going over the cliff.

We also know that we have been living excessively and totally unsustainably. 

We intuitively ‘get it’ that our planet and nature can only take so much unconscious punishment.


So now we have had a breather - and this breather to many, especially for those living in cities - has been the clearest air that we have breathed for many, many years and even decades and longer  - we are now realising that what we have been putting into our body temple - our lungs has put our health at major risk, and the statistics globally give us ample evidence of this pollution, especially in China and India where the data has gone through the ceiling. 


So during this ‘virus’ time-out - ‘rahui’ (Maori for rest and recovery) can we reflect on this global current ‘event’ which has affected us all here in NZ, too. Though compared with other countries we in NZ have not experienced the suffering that many others are still experiencing. We are indeed fortunate.            


The Global Lockdown

Little did we know that the whole dynamics of our world view would alter, that over just a couple of days in March, we would all be virtually confined in our homes, flats and apartments - nationwide and in all Western countries (excepting Sweden).  But, that’s another story.


The Fear that Resulted

What I find is more than a little interesting is the amount of fear that has been generated as a result of COVID - raw fear to be exact. To the degree that I had a friend arrive at my place and though we have been close for 40 years - they definitely did not want to give me a hug, they thought that this virus was like the plague!  


So what are the consequences for our global population?

Though there are 7.7 billion souls on earth, a web search says that about ⅓ of the earth’s population is/has been locked down, but it will be some time before we get the real numbers. 


Media Influence 

Meanwhile - with global communication at our fingertips and ubiquitous MSM blasting our sensibilities in all directions  - (whilst also coming under increasing scrutiny) - we can yet be further more distracted by the hundreds of thousands of social media postings ‘some very conscious and mindful’ - filling our minds with data - some of it conflicting, but there is some really good information and inspiration out there. … 


Time to Self Reflect

However as covid fatigue is also upon us we need to stop and reflect on - ‘why me, why here and why now?’

This to me is the time to ask ourselves - what is life all about?  More later in this article. 


A Global Catharsis?

Because we are in many ways ... going through a catharsis on a global scale - definitely in the Westen world - and … seeing we have been engulfed in consumerism, and materialism …  and its offshoot - planned obsolescence and pollution and that so many of us are just awash in ‘stuff’ - that includes debt and mortgages.

But, that’s only part of it. We have been sucked in and distracted by glamour, celebrity and titillation and … all that glitters - is definitely not gold.


So we are a little worn out as if we have been washed up on the beach and the tide has gone out … and it’s time to reorient our whole being to another way … we have to make a conscious choice or shall I say - it would be a good idea to start looking if not transforming our life to at least look at renewal and regeneration of who and how we can be.

So what is it that is going to change us enough to that of a happy, joyful, caring and compassionate creative being?


Well ...There are a number of things that I intuit are important ...

Because every baby born into this realm is an energy bundle of exponential potential - and that’s true, we are just that - energy bundles of exponential potential and we have forgotten this. 


Have we been programmed to become ‘gods of limitation?’

This is an important statement. Is our present predicament of helplessness and victimhood, due to unconsciously being programmed to become ‘gods of limitation’ and we have in many ways become self fulfilling prophecies, and locked ourselves into this body that we inhabit whilst all around us in every direction is both infinity and eternity. The whole universe in all directions is just coiling with suns through deep dimensions of time. And here we are ... isolated cases ... that if we could see with a higher more expanded vision - that we are all extensions of a global family. The human family, that we are a part of. 


The other thing that I touched on earlier - is we have let our ‘inner candle’ go out. Or worse … we did not even know we had an inner candle - this links us with a spiritual dimension that at soul level is integral with our relationship to the whole of existence. 


This is big.  


Ok - enough of the preamble …

Getting back to our day to day life, that we have been dealing quite intensely with over the last 8 or so  weeks. 

That what this invisible and stealthy virus has done is brought us into a new awareness of the hidden dangers of reality. Even though we have been dealing with unseen atomic radiation since Hiroshima and Fukushima and now with Covid in so many countries. But, there is also the continuing deployment of the 5G telephone system, globally - coming under the spotlight. We are truly being initiated into the Aquarian age of the unseen world. 


As Nikola Tesla stated - that when humankind starts researching the invisible - we will make more progress in one decade than in all of our history. Yet though every town and city on earth are powered by Tesla’s genius - we are still light years of understanding what he offered humanity.  So as an additional question? Do you really know much about Nikola Tesla?


New Stringent Laws Enacted by the NZ Governmen

Now today, we have the NZ Labour Government who were shoehorned into power by the goodwill of a minor party at the last election. They have enacted legislation under urgency - to basically take control of NZers lives -  like never before. This legislation gives excessive power to our Health Minister and the police: meaning ‘warrantless searches of our homes.’ Fortunately, this legislation has to be taken back to Parliament to be re enacted every 90 days - at least this offers some kind of sunset clause - that if we can eliminate the covid virus - then we can do away with this Law, we trust - forever. 


Never let a good crisis go to waste. This is a saying that has been bandied around over the decades by numerous people in power, globally - and if a situation requires drastic action, this was one instance. There was another one in the previous John Key Government, that was based on the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) that collects and analyses intelligence. The politicians who voted against this Intelligence Bill that was pushed through ‘under urgency’ - all voted for this one over the last week.    Yes, the very strange dynamics of politics. 

Invasion of the COVID virus.

Tim’s Note. During the SARS situation I flew into China from the 4th of July staying to the 22 August 2003 living in the Zhejiang Province during this time. I had entered Shanghai airport when officials wore masks and we were tested with a breathing apparatus at Customs. But, by the time I left the country these measures had been relaxed.  I also was in skype contact over the last few months with friends in their high rise apartment in the city of Suzhou around the same distance from Wuhan as Auckland is to Wellington and at first they were confined to their building, and had food ordered by email sent in, but prior to the 18h of April, for a week they had already been flying around China with no need to take drastic measures. It has been relaxed there ever since, so I was told.   


The COVID:19

There is still a big question that many more people are scratching their heads about. Is this a new dangerous virus or is it a more virulent flu?  One that affects the elderly more than children? Especially those with compromised immunity systems.


The statistics show that this seems to be the case - especially in NZ. However, I encourage you to do your own research and please don’t go to a Government website, or specifically a corporate website - find out from numerous different sources. 


Once Search Engines Were Independent

Just note that Google is not necessarily a friend of humanity and like its subsidiary, Youtube,  though they have some excellent information, which Google owns - these Internet mutations constantly use algorithms to sideline you if you question the status quo. Twitter is the same too. You have to be far more adroit in using the web to do your research. 


Why, because these Corporations are in league with the major media corporations being high up in the pyramid of power structure as well - they are there to control the narrative away from us waking up. 


New Zealand’s Response to the incoming virus. 

But first, let’s quickly look at how NZ became infected by COVID. What we find is that when the Government realised that this was a fast spreading, global viral situation the wisest move was to close off our country. They stated that they were closing off NZ’s airports, especially Auckland. But, the airport remained totally porous and passengers were not only shocked that NZ Biosecurity were MIA (missing in action) - they were ‘job smacked’ as the ‘NZ Herald stated’ -  of the abysmal and total lack of preparation and coordination of the border security systems. NZ just did not have any means of handling the thousands that were pouring back home through the airport and fanning out into Auckland and beyond. 


NZ Herald kept breaking the news!

It was the alertness of the NZ Herald that called this out - time and time and time again and they ran articles showing up the total ineptness and incompetence of our Government's liaison with border security. It is just plain luck and good fortune that there were so few returning NZers who had the virus. To be frank - NZ dodged a bullet.          


New Government Laws Enacted

So yes … where are we at present - as these are unprecedented times with unparalleled circumstances -  and ‘our elected servants’ in Wellington, New Zealand’s capital city, have finally enacted draconian legislation without due consultation with the electorate or the learned elders other than mirror the worlds global media which is essentially 6 bloated communication corporations in the USA , with a compromised BBC from the UK. Essentially all parroting from the same shrill song book. 


Which translates to - Keep the citizens on a very tight leash and if it means obtaining loans from overseas banks and adding more debt to the country and in particular for the younger generation to pay off - so be it. 

Note, that we never learn as to ‘who are the ones we get the loans from?’ Not one politician will ever stand up in Parliament and ‘want to follow the money’ - and ask the question. But who is giving us this money?  Someone has to own this debt, there has to be ‘someone’ up through the levels of compartmentalised banks that reach on up into the pyramid of power, who actually owns this debt. Any guesses who it might be? 


What the awakening global public are fast realising is that the world corporations and banking institutions are all in bed together, and they have agreements to use MSM where it helps them concentrate power further up the pyramid of power. 


But, more of this later … at another time - but most ‘conscious’ people already have worked this all out.


So in this radio show I have some musical breaks to give us some easing up of the frequencies. Within the sound tracks the lyric content is my subtle way of letting us know that there is a way through this situation - that surrounds us. The song that I played was 48 years old - an old flower power song from the Moody Blues “We are living in a world of make believe.” I will put the lyrics down below.


Re Envisioning A NEW New Zealand

What has come of NZ during this hiatus or ‘rahui’ - to use a maori term - (to take time out, rest and regenerate) - is that many New Zealanders are wondering how can we initiate new economic and ecological ways of making our country far more successful, in that we be more aligned with the ways of the land that supports us with healthy food and sustenance, plus working together more as a community at the grass roots or relocalising.     


That, in this program I mentioned some of the radio content that GreenplanetFM has covered over the years, that mainstream media in this country have essentially shied away from, or mentioned it once, just to get it out of the way. This subject matter for reasons you will start to realise - is connected to showing the shortfall of both big business systems and essentially the degrading of our environment.


Regenerative ways of working with the Land. 

Most of you will know that a good portion of NZ arable land is under commercial management, so interviews were conducted with knowledgeable holistic authoritative people on how to benignly revitalise our agricultural sector which has the countries largest ecological footprint and also - value for money. This being to encourage the integration of new biological and regenerative farming methods, that are able to take the ‘chemical load’ out of the equation. Thus biological and regenerative farming is fast gaining momentum, not only here in NZ - but in South Africa and Australia but we can include the USA and Canada too. But, we still have a long way to break through critical mass.

This transition is now imperative, as the end product if we have to use such a word - results in healthy animals, soil, and rivers and that products are more nutritious and have a longer shelf life and being more wholesome. One of the most enjoyable benefits is that the farmer and workers become more healthy and attuned to nature at the same time - because they are working and co-creating with natural processes.  This conversion is also opening the door even more so to organics and biodynamics which means an even more discerning market and the proverbial win win situation.


This is a revolutionary shift for farmers and regenerative and biological farming are going to be the savior of the dairy industry here in this country, and at the same time it will take care of the land, the soil and the microflora, especially bacteria and fungi as farmers discover the hidden drivers and the deeper secrets of the soil. It is educating them into a sacred relationship with the land that they are stewards of.

This is really big as it brings into focus the ‘circular’ economy.


Permaculture Time

We have also covered many interviews on Permaculture - Which really has to be brought forward into the public consciousness. This is the Time of Permaculture. This ‘integral land management system’ out of Tasmania is based on the topography of the property, arc of the sun, wind direction and tree cover plus shelter belts, also water resources, gravity and trickle irrigation. Inclusive of the land, with ponds as well as swales to direct rainwater and terracing.  

This pioneering method is in many ways a ‘one stop shop’ - (for need of a far better description) based around the family home (accommodation) and barns and sheds to be in some ways the nucleus of a planned localised eco sphere of influence, with gardens and orchards and paddocks of animals and poultry in an integrated and multi layered way of farming, gardening and cropping. All this being a truly dynamic microcosm of the mineral, animal and vegetable Kingdom environmentally working in unison as one. The next level is tying in with marketing plans so that fresh produce can be accessed from the web and that distribution networks funnel this quality food to either villages, towns and cities or ready for export. Permaculture and horticulture could be a profound new way forward for NZ because it is essentially organic, so the food is from heirloom stock and is nourishingly, nutrient dense.    


Exploiting Fishing Numbers in NZ Waters.

There are a number of interviews on the state of fish in NZ coastal waters and these have all been real eye openers. NZ’s Exclusive Economic Zone, is the fourth largest area of ocean under its jurisdiction on earth. A gigantic area that is also part of the ‘NZ Commons’. Which means it is basically owned or under the care of the whole of the NZ public. This is overseen by our elected ‘servants’ in Parliament. They are taking care of it on behalf of us.

Are they doing a good job? 

Do you know if they care?

Or are our politicians just deferring to a Department within Government?  


Well, what we learn is that this fishing industry is controlled by about a dozen families and we are finding that the quota management system is failing us on all levels. This ‘quota management system’ billed as one of the most comprehensive on earth’ - is awash with poor governance, lack of oversight and vast waste. Here we are with the commonwealth of the oceans bounty to draw from and we are abusing this privilege year after year, decade after decade. So I encourage you to listen to any of the interviews of Scott Macindoe from Legasea - a very articulate communicator who by default is voluntarily doing the Government's work for them.


The Quality of Drinking Water.

We have conducted interviews on the fluoridation of NZ’s water supply, and the Professor Emeritus’s that have been interviewed have clearly stated that fluoride definitely interferes with one’s brain and that it is a neurotoxin that reduces the IQ of children. China has conducted studies and found that there is a considerable drop in intelligence. But, because it is a Chinese study Western medicine ignores it at its peril.  

However, fluoridation appears to have already done its damage because our politicians in Parliament and local government have no understanding of what’s in the water they drink. So until enlightened governance comes - this subject is a lost cause and the best we can do is suggest that families buy in fresh pure, vital water in large containers and make sure that their children drink only quality non fluoridated water, and preferably not chlorinated water either.  You can purchase filtration systems - however the costs can be substantial. These were excellent interviews, but no uptake, by the NZ authorities. 


As an aside, I once told the Radio Station Manager Terri Byrne that I didn’t want to be a ‘protest radio program’ - and she immediately countered by saying - well, you can always be an ‘activist radio program.’...  sigh ...


I wish to also cover a few more subjects of what we have previously aired - to enable you to extend your understanding of what we have been endeavouring to achieve in bringing these disparate but important subjects to public attention. 


Lisa Er did two very powerful interviews, one on Vaccines, with Bruce Lipton and that taken orally we get safer uptake, and this interview got the highest amounts of hits ever for GreenplanetFM because it is is a very contentious topic, especially as Bill Gates wants to vaccinate you for the Covid 19 virus and every subsequent virus that follows.


The other by Lisa too, is on 1080. This is the aerial poison dropped from helicopters across huge areas of NZ bush - as a means to kill and eradicate possums. But, by doing this NZ is using something like 95% of the world’s total production of 1080, and the agonising deaths of other animals that happen to eat the ‘baits’ is incredibly horrendous, and excruciatingly cruel - it is a shock to one’s senses. 

There is also no independent research on the effects on the micro organisms in the soil as a result of this mass poisoning - when we know through Newton’s Third Law of Motion - ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.’ That this is being totally ignored, to our peril, because these poisons enter into the many different water systems.  


Factoring Children into all Legislation that affects Their Future.


We have been extracting from and poisoning from the living earth Gaia to such a degree by taking resources that this is having such a knock on effect that it’s our children and grandchildren who will be starkly affected. 

There is an urgent need to have within all NZ Government Legislation, a specific clause that calls for ‘Children and their collective future to be factored in all Laws that are passed.’  

‘This has to be Noted, prior to all Acts being passed into Law.  


Back to COVID

This radio discourse  goes on to discuss the current COVID situation and that the World Health Organisation has such a powerful role in dictating policy around our planet.      


That the World Health Organisation, is an off-shoot of the United Nations, yet the WHO has in turn has been virtually usurped by Bill Gates, a drop out from college who through his power and influence colludes with a Dr Tedros the Head of the WHO, to tell us that all 7.7 billion have to be inoculated against these viruses, by the WHO. 


It’s messy … believe me - but this is a global situation - we as a planetary civilization that is still endeavouring to find itself - have been mesmerized in a spell -  a malaise (for want of a better word) - that settled over the world around the year 2,000, and was exacerbated by what happened in New York on 9/11 and since then - humanity and society as a whole - have been on the back foot.


You will have to use the web to research what I written here.


I invite you to consider  for your web searches.  There will be better web browsers, however please peruse what they offer freely and see how this can protect your privacy - because Google has all your search results for the last 20 years, plus.

This from Breitbart, a conservative news website, which is not a website that I go to, states: Tedros Helped Beijing Hide the Severity of the Chinese Coronavirus Outbreak

On January 14, months after health officials are believed to have detected the first case of the virus in China on November 17 of last year, the WHO was promoting a Chinese claim via Twitter that there was “no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission.” Meanwhile, the disease was spiraling out of control. The WHO tweet came a day before the first case to reach the United States reportedly flew from Wuhan to the state of Washington.


Then we have a Nigerian viewpoint - I encourage you to research this more.


When we deep dive into Tedros’s back story, he has no degrees in medicine - just like Bill Gates the eugenicist yet they both want to control the destiny of the 7.7 billion human beings, who are alive today. 


Now a deeper dive into Bill Gates in India, where there is a growing backlash from Indian families that have children that have been adversely affected by vaccines that come under Bill Gates’s umbrella.

Given that the vaccination issue now impacts all families in America, directly or indirectly, you’d think it would have garnered more media attention when it was learned that vaccine champion and Microsoft founder Bill Gates refused to allow his own children to be vaccinated.

This admission came from the Gates family’s personal physician in Seattle, who was speaking behind closed doors with other doctors at a symposium last year (someone at the conference leaked the conversation, so the doctor himself technically did not violate doctor-patient confidentiality rules).

The doctor reportedly told his colleagues, “I don’t know if he (Gates) had them vaccinated as adults, but I can tell you he point blank refused to vaccinate them as children.”

So please use your discretion and research further.


Robert Kennedy Jnr on Bill Gate - gives us even more concerns.

RFK Jr.’s full comment follows here:

Vaccines, for Bill Gates, are a strategic philanthropy that feed his many vaccine-related businesses (including Microsoft’s ambition to control a global vac ID enterprise) and give him dictatorial control over global health policy—the spear tip of corporate neo-imperialism.

Gates’ obsession with vaccines seems fueled by a messianic conviction that he is ordained to save the world with technology and a god-like willingness to experiment with the lives of lesser humans.

Promising to eradicate Polio with $1.2 billion, Gates took control of India ‘s National Advisory Board (NAB) and mandated 50 polio vaccines (up from 5) to every child before age 5. Indian doctors blame the Gates campaign for a devastating vaccine-strain polio epidemic that paralyzed 496,000 children between 2000 and 2017. In 2017, the Indian Government dialed back Gates’ vaccine regimen and evicted Gates and his cronies from the NAB. Polio paralysis rates dropped precipitously.

In 2017, the World Health Organization reluctantly admitted that the global polio explosion is predominantly vaccine strain, meaning it is coming from Gates’ Vaccine Program. The most frightening epidemics in Congo, the Philippines, and Afghanistan are all linked to Gates’ vaccines. By 2018, ¾ of global polio cases were from Gates’ vaccines.

In 2014, the Gates Foundation funded tests of experimental HPV vaccines, developed by GSK and Merck, on 23,000 young girls in remote Indian provinces. Approximately 1,200 suffered severe side effects, including autoimmune and fertility disorders. Seven died. Indian government investigations charged that Gates funded researchers committed pervasive ethical violations: pressuring vulnerable village girls into the trial, bullying parents, forging consent forms, and refusing medical care to the injured girls. The case is now in the country’s Supreme Court.


And here:


US$4,000,000,000 has been paid out to people who have been affected by vaccines. Meanwhile MSM has remained silent on this. 

Yet the answer in the short term is:   

Hydroxychloroquine - Donald Trump has been taking it all the time and he never wears a face mask.


China told Costa Rica what to do:


(China told Costa Rica 10 days before the NZ kiwi health advisers told our country to lock down.) China in bed with Costa Rica?


China knew about hydroxychloroquine. 


“In Costa Rica we have been applying hydroxychloroquine since we had a meeting by teleconference with personnel in China who attended the emergency in the cities of Shanghai and Wuhan,” explained Ruiz.

That videoconference, offered by the Chinese Embassy in Costa Rica, ​​took place on the night of March 18. It included, among others, the director-general and the director of epidemiology of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (briefly as China CDC).

Despite the warnings around taking hydroxychloroquine to combat the symptoms of COVID-19, prescriptions in France have increased by as much as 7,000% in certain parts of the country since the pandemic began.

As reported by La Provence, a study looking at the 466 million French prescriptions written since the pandemic began in France, show a huge spike in doctors prescribing the drug. In the last week of March, for instance, over 10,000 people were prescribed hydroxychloroquine in Marseille alone.

So it is Now all in the Open. We have been conned


Donald Trump openly admits he takes hydroxychloroquine every day and you see him at outdoor press conferences maskless and all the others with masks on especially Dr Fauci whilst the whole world looks on. 


We do not know who to believe anymore!


So in essence we are being influenced by forces and energies that are leading us to feel Lost in a Lost World. This second song 48 years old by the Moody Blues - clearly lets us know where we are and what we need to be aware and conscious of.

Lost in a Lost World

The Moody Blues

I woke today, I was crying

Lost in a lost world

So many people are dying

Lost in a lost world

Some of them are living an illusion

Bounded by the darkness of their minds

In their eyes, it's nation against nation against nation

With racial pride


Thinking only of themselves

They shun the light

(Shun the light)

They think they're right

(Think they're right)

Living in their empty shells

Oh, can you see their bodies thrashing?

(So many people, so many people)

Crashing down around their feet

Angry people in the street

Telling them they've had their fill

Of politics, people who kill

Grow... the seed of evolution

(So many people, so many people)

Revolution everyone

It's just another form of gun

To do again what they have done

Let all our brothers come and get some

(So many people, so many people)

Everywhere you go you see them searching

Everywhere you turn you feel the pain

Everyone is looking for the answers

Well, look again; come on, my friend

Love will find us in the end

Come on, my friend

(On, my friend)

We've got to bend

(Got to bend)

Down on our knees and say a prayer

Oh, can you see the world is pining?

(So many people, so many people)

Pining for someone who really cares enough to share his love

With all of us so we can be

An ever-loving family

Have we forgotten who loves who?

(So many people, so many people)

Children from a family tree

That's longer than a centipede

Started long ago when you and I

Were only love...

(So many people, so many people)

I woke today, I was crying

Lost in a lost world

So many people are dying

Lost in a lost world

So many people, so many people

People lost in a lost world

So many people, so many people

People lost in a lost world

Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Mike Pinder


Now for 5G

GreenplanetFM has completed many interviews on the dangers of 5G. Meanwhile the NZ Government - lockstep with the Telecommunication Corporations continues the roll out - unabated. 


"5G Microwave Effects at 60GHz

In 2001, Shigeaki Hakusui, then president of Harmonix Corporation, explained why fifth generation wireless technology was needed to reach the goal of creating smart cities. He said it would require bandwidth and efficiency to meet the data demand as the Internet moved toward mobile technology. That was two decades ago.

Hakusui noted that 60GHz was the true radiofrequency that would allow for reliable transmission of data, due to its “98 percent oxygen absorption” rate. That allowed for the invisible signals to be sent from point A and B, and back again on the same path. Super-efficient and a technological milestone.

“Since the presence of O2 is fairly consistent at ground level, its effect on 60GHz radio propagation is easily modeled for margin budgeting purposes. Also, the high level of attenuation from oxygen absorption makes even the worst weather-related attenuation insignificant, especially on the short paths where 60GHz systems operate,” Hakusui wrote.

He stated unequivocally that 60GHz would deliver the last mile efficiently, as the “oxygen absorption makes possible the same-frequency reuse within a very localized region of air space.”

"for every breath we breathe our blood transports oxygen throughout the core and extremities to the vital organs, heart and brain.

If 5G at 60 GHz frequency zips through the air, absorbing most of the oxygen, disrupting the electrons that bind 02 molecules that, combined with a hydrogen atom, form water vapor what is that frequency doing to blood cells, which consist primarily of water and carry the oxygen?

Does the disruption of the body’s biorhythm, breathing, and oxygen distribution begin to explain what happens to the people who dropped dead?

The Mt. Everest ‘Death Zone’

Studies of acute mountain sickness show that as climbers ascend in altitude, they hit an endurance wall from a lack of oxygen. “At 4500 m [14,764 feet], the real amount of oxygen in the air composition is only 12% diluted, which is approximately 60% of sea-level oxygen,” according to Brazilian scientists, who published a paper last year.

Higher up the mountain in the “death zone” of Mt. Everest, climbers die due to severe hyperbaric hypoxia, even with bottled oxygen, as their blood coagulates. In another view, altitude sickness starves the brain of oxygen.

-Ends        Ferratin.  Iron in the red blood cells, from bone marrow.  It all adds up.

So yes, there is a major health problem when it comes to 5G deployment and the oxygen absorption in the human body. 

The final part of this program offers the question, how does a human being living on a planet, break out of fear and entrapment?


In so many ways we need to return to the cradle of the spirit - this is our time. 


This last piece of today’s radio show was very short as I only had 55 minutes - so I do extend it here to just open up the story of our place in life.


There is ample evidence that at a subatomic level we are all energy fields oscillating at a specific frequency - within a planetary energy field - that in turn vibrates within a universal energy field.


And so in this solo show I took this time to remind us to journey in a more  inner direction to look at other metaphysical and spiritual viewpoints 



Is humanity lost in a lost world? Because we know that we are definitely struggling.

Have people, especially in the Western world lost their moral compass? 

Well if we spend trillions on armaments and not on citizen diplomacy it appears that way. 

Is it because we are looking outside of ourselves?

Virtually all sages, mystics, etc would say turn within.

Mostly what we are seeing on TV, and video is chaos, fragmentation and dysfunction. Same for radio and newspapers.

Our children are exposed to much of this?

What images and sounds do we take to bed every night, if we are watching a continuous diet of horror, the macabre and death?

How does our subconscious deal with this ‘programming?’

By looking without - we have forgotten to look within. What do I mean by this? 

Notice that fear has become so rampant - resulting in people being stressed, worried and unable to make sense of the world.

Poor sleep?

Poor health?

Poor relationships?

Poor work performance?


Yet, those with a faith seem to be far more ‘at home’ due to their belief systems.


Yet, how come the earth’s population has been gripped by fear? Why is this gnawing away inside of so many? 


Well within living memory, it’s been gradually coming to this point since - essentially the end of World War II.


After the war, the four main ‘English’ speaking countries that were the victors were America, Canada, Australia and NZ. Britain sort of re-built - but the other 4 were basically unaffected and just kept growing and in many ways unconsciously kept exploiting the situation and landmass that they were living on. 


These 4 countries were not invaded or war zones - and so they ‘quickly got back into the saddle’ and after some years of rehabilitating themselves, became consumer driven countries that increasingly morphed into what we have today - neo liberal everything - having in the 60’s feminism in tandem with Flower Power emerging kind of in San Francisco, and a burst of creativity and a momentary (but continuing) spiritual renaissance that carried into the 70’s and the emergence of ‘the Force’ in Star Wars in the late 70’s ‘we sort of’ carried on through with sex, drugs and rock and roll - to electronic sounds - through punk - to today thoroughly ‘dumbed down’  the male of the species in particular not present, but preoccupied - we are now awash in ambiguity and transgender everything and the kids distracted with gadgetary and the only thing they cling to is their mobile hand held that links them into the omnipresent ubiquitous AI - the global surveilence system watching our every move as a huge slice of society drink processed water, scoff factory and industrial food and get our fix from both risqué, videos and big pharma and piped in infotainmen, that purport to be the News.

Welcome to dystopia, where 1984 and Brave New World fuse together to purplex consensus reality.  


And amidst this increasing swirl - hope for the best.


In this whirlpool of consumers consuming themselves - we have danced away from the tradition of couples, waltzing and holding each other and whispering into each others ears - where we rocked and rolled with each other into the limbo then the twist of separation in the early 1960’s where the sexual revolution hotted up and we increasingly viewed the glamour of physiques, shouting over noise, looking out for the next ‘piece’ of excitement  where we now have at the basic level of day to day life nearly - zero clue as to what’s our spiritual inheritance and the metaphysical substance behind all form. And yes, there is Christianity, but also empty churches yet some revival at the fringes. (These Christian groups are keenly interested in the current situation that surrounds us and looking at prophecy and what are the linkages to what is happening in the USA?)  Especially the draining of the Swamp and the Qanon phenomenon).

But, with more and more choices and options the message of a deeper connection to a greater purpose for humanity and our reason for being is being lost in the smoke and mirrors that the media throw at us continuously.


“The purpose for existence is to find out the purpose for existence”  - but this idea has been virtually eliminated from the human discourse. 


We have been reduced to walking automatons - “garbage in and garbage out” - because we have all chosen ‘the blue pill.” 


Atheism takes over via Education 

With science pronouncing that God’s only a dead backdrop for our own drama - we find that a creator has been lobotomised out of the academic and intellectual mind, with the Hubble telescope finding no trace of heaven and doctors with high powered electron microscopes, failing to find our soul - the emptiness of being a 3 dimensional object hungering of the 5 senses is such that escalating suicides are the statistic that seems to allude to a country wide denial that this is sort of … acceptable - solely because of the pace of life that it is inevitable anyway - that there will always be plenty of wreckage in the fast lane as we entered 2020 and NOW it’s time to refocus.


But wait, there is more!

What about the Good News?


There is a way through this ...  


Once upon a time most human beings believed that there was a greater being, a Source, or Creator or a God of some sort. Indigenus societies have many myths and legends that cater for the birth of existence.


These fables tell of a birth or a creation of some kind.


Be it from Babylon, Egypt, Greece, or India or the Americas and Australia - Aotearoan-Maori, there was a spiritual force that manifested existence into being. That, there was a God force or ‘something akin’ that has eventuated with we humans, walking and living here on this earth in 3 dimensional form, yet each of us having an ‘essence’ or a spiritual connection to something greater.


The ancient ruins of civilization testify to the greatness of these epochs, especially the starkness of the Great Pyramid paradox on the Giza Plateau in Egypt. - right up until these current crazed and frenetic times, where separation from nature and the biosphere that supports us. Yet, many of us intuitively know - this is why we have to surrender … but to what?


Cut to today, where I live in Aotearoa NZ, we are in such a hurry that we  have turned our back on how this country was basically colonised (invaded), most recently by Northern hemispherians namely the British who supplanted their civilization/culture over the ‘so called indignous’ culture of the Maori, who had been in this land mass since around the 1400’s and that they can recall via their singing of their geneology (whakapapa) that goes back to the seven main canoes (waka) that brought them across the Pacifc to these shores. Today Maori still have a connection to the earth and recognise Papatuanku as their sustainer. Though our consumer society deadens this connection. 


Now today if you talk to an established NZ elder or someone within the Government bureaucratic  establishment  -  NZ is still recognised as ‘basically’ being a Christian country following the 2,000 year tradition that emerged out of Palestine/ Israel.


That the new colonial NZ belief systems and Laws were essentially based around Judeo Christinaity and English Law, the Magna Carta - and that our Parliament before opening would always start with a Prayer for all elected Representatives to be honest and commit to do one’s best for the highest good of all people. 

The premise of the prayers, would ask for God’s oversight and blessing and finish in invoking the name of Jesus Christ - because as previously mentioned NZ was from colonial times - proclaimed  a Christian country. (The word of Jesus Christ in very recent years has now been deleted from this prayer, due to the secularization of New Zealand’s present day culture. Plus, there has been a large increase in migrants coming into the country. These new arrivals have other faiths and neo liberal ways have endeavoured to cover for a wider spread of people, by not focusing on the use of the word Jesus Christ, when opening Parliament.


Meanwhile as surveys attest, it also means that NZers are increasingly turning away from a/their spiritual connection to a higher being or God. Herein lies the challenge/conundrum of why so many people are now either, too stressed, turning to alcohol and drugs, or lost in indulgences such as gambling, sex and other taboos among many other survival challenges.


That we have lost our connection to the source of where we spring.


So many people do not believe in anything now other than the material world of things and the physical form, such as financial success, being a billionaire, having celebrity and fame and other sorts of surface activities. 


Many would say we are lost in a lost world.


Here is the challenge.


A belief system premised on an unseen but present spiritual world intersecting and coexisting or overlighting this physical world,is said to not exist, especially to a growing percentage of people who would call themselves atheists. 


Having rejected any creation myth - which tells of God or a Creator who made the universe and is everywhere omnipresent - what we now have is a gigantic void, that the ‘big bang’ just seemed to happen. We are all here by fluke or chance, that a tree is basically a machine, same for a frog, butterfly and a whale.That we live in an inanimate world but when a present day scientist, like Dr Rupert Sheldrake steps up and asks questions about ‘Dogs who know when their owners are coming home’, or about phantom limbs after a loss of an arm or leg, or acknowledging the feeling of being stared at from a distance - other questions have to be factored in to make sense of a culture that has distanced itself from the subtle realms of energy and the unseen. 



However there is another way of seeing our connection to something that is greater.


An old saying - “that we are spiritual beings having an earth experience.”Is becoming relevant to more people.


Well for many people this opens up the game plan hugely, because other people from other faiths can easily comprehend this -  even at a basic level.


Being grateful and thankful … seems to be a precursor to recognizing that we are all connected as cells in a greater organism as in our planet being a colossal super organism - that has in turn - loaned us a body in which to live. 


Our Living Planet is being belatedly seen as a gigantic super organism. The ancient Greeks called her Gaia. See Jame Lovelock

 Our planet lends us a body, free air, free rainwater, and until recently a free food chain. What do we do in reciprocity?


Another way is to remind our children that we have an ‘Inner candle’ and that we all know that candles need oxygen. It is our planet and environment that  gives us oxygen. Here lies the connection where we can start to revere nature once again.  


In ending this I wish to talk about the soul.


The Greek word for soul is psyche 


But again we have lost our connection.


A psychiatrist is a soul doctor - but you will not hear them say that.

This is why we are in many ways - Lost in a lost world.

We have lost our way.


Out of the Body or Near Death Experiences 

Any study of ‘out of the body’ or ‘near death’ experiences will give you ample evidence that we are not our body. Our physical body which does act like a machine also has an ‘occupant’ a consciousness -  and there are 10s of thousands of studies where ordinary people have had ‘out of the body or near death experiences’ and came back.


These endless stories of people who have been in accidents and found themselves floating or hovering above their body whilst, hearing every sound ,be it of nature, of traffic or of doctors frantically working to keep their heart beating are throughout libraries globally. Yet, with the 26,000 universities around our planet there is very little to no interest in following up on the matter of why do so many people have these experiences? Where the learned academics and intellectuals have zero interest in this phenomenon and go out of their way to decry everything in relationship to such experiences. Arguing against the evidence that can be proved by what was recited after returning to their body or hospital bed. 


As a side note, I found myself on stage in front of a full house of 1600 people in the Auckland town hall in 1986, giving a bouquet and thanking Elisabeth Kubler-Ross the Swiss Psychiatrist. Who had spent a good part of her life interviewing up to 20,000 people who had encountered OBE and NDE experiences - confirming that we most definitely live beyond our body.       


It is only when we stop believing the unconscious ones who think they know it all, because they have a degree etc yet, have not studied such experiences seriously - we will then finally awaken to the fact that we are spiritual beings having an earth experience.


I end with a song that is over 50 years old by the Moody Blues … 


‘Have you heard’ Part 2 


PS, what will most probably be the most lasting in this broadcast are the 3 songs. Their lyrics and the imagery they let out will easily last for years to come - and by then I trust the human race will have made it gracefully into the new paradigm. 


Wishing you well and yes, we all will eventually be Red Pilled.






Ps - sorry for the meandering in this missive - there are so many possibilities, yet there has to be some kind of cosmic trigger to shift everyone to burst out of their present configuration. We are all presently in the birth canal to a new paradigm, and what could have been a more rapid process now seems to be a longer drawn out labour. All births are messy and there is always a lot of pain too. 

In the meantime we have to become self-reliant and resilient and trust that the good will come through, yet also plan for a hard landing.